????? He could have said, ?Boy, since there will be pointy-headed atheist scientist that will use questionable math and logic to lead you down the ?prime-rose-path to hell, I want you to know that I created the world: Ex Nihilo (out of nothing). He might have added, everything created has order and purpose. One day, some assertive, self-appointed know-it all (who actually knows nothing: Socrates will have it right) will introduce illogical thinkers to the BIG BANG THEORY of creation. To be a cult-like follower of this questionable type of intellectual thinking, one has to believe that disorder (random qualifiers) can produce order (systematic organization) without effort (intellect). If you care to spend a lot of wasted hours, bone-up on the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It will make your head pop and your mind glow from too much information, but you will no doubt end up with more questions about Evolution verses Creation theories. I need to stress the word: theories. A theory is something that can?t factually be proven using empirical data. The Atheist can?t prove Evolution; the biblical pilgrim can?t prove Creation beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt using known math and science data. If one ends up an Atheist/Evolutionist or a Biblical/Creationist, they can only get there via pure unadulterated blind FAITH. One has no choice but to leave all of his own personal bank-able knowledge at the edge of the river Styx or Jordan and leap into the waters that will one day carry them down to the watery-grave of a slug, a jungle filled with monkeys or to the heavenly shores of heaven, this is my opinion.

??????????? I could begin an apology (defense) for my belief in Creation that may well impress any erudite intelligentsia of science and theology, but it would leave one panting for relief from this intellectual endeavor. When all the information about Evolution and Creationism is put in the cauldron and the pot is stirred, one must use common sense to sort out much of life?including this conundrum. The BIG BANG THEORY claims that some type of combustible force of energy accidently exploded and all of the incredible organization of the known universe took place?over billions, if not zillions of years. Nothing possessing intellect was necessary to form the universe. It all happened from a ?Happy Accident?. The scientific fact that the placing of the Sun in so precise a distance from the earth if it was two degrees closer we?d all burn up, or two degrees farther away we?d freeze to death, seems to have escaped millions of peoples logic. If there wasn?t a Moon, all of the earth would remain under water because it controls the tides that go out and come in each day. It is simple little things that don?t have much meaning?right????????

???? My research shows the following about one who accepts Evolution as the answer for life on earth: If one takes the math probability of using a figure of 1 to the power of 180 plus a hundred zeroes (which is infinity when correlated by Mensa math people) for the possibility of the BIG BANG to have happened?ever, you can gain some perspective of the odds a gambler would need to make to ?cover the bet?. If one is an Evolutionist, they must accept that the brain, with an ability to make any computer seem dunce-like, was somehow processed over billions of years and can function as well as a normal person?s brain does today, yet nothing was lost-in-translation during this eon of time?whatever period of time one assigns to this ?process? time. Then you add the eye! If mankind was blind for say?a billion years, how did he survive?

??????????? There is the small matter about MATTER. Einstein, Sagan, and a plethora of other ?egg-heads? inform us that ??? MATTER is necessary for all life to have life. The one question they can?t and won?t answer: where did ??? MATTER come from? If divine intellect wasn?t necessary to being life, and MATTER is necessary for life, how did it suddenly become a commodity available for processing life? God?s word declares loud and proud: I AM always existed! EX NIHILO (out of nothing) is how the universe was created, by the great always existing I AM. The Evolutionist declare: God does not exist; God never created anything; it is impossible to assign any form of created life to Divine intellect. Then, they tell us that the BIG BANG THEORY processed all of creation with MATTER that they can?t explain its origin; plus they haven?t any explanation for its existence.?

??????????? The BONES PEOPLE: Archaeologist and Paleontologist have been digging up the past for thousands of years, and assign their findings to things that once lived millions and billions of years ago. Carbon dating isn?t too reliable more than 30,000 years. In all this time, they have never found one VERTICAL specie of evolution: bones of a cat/dog. In my humble opinion, they never will because it doesn?t exist. God created by divine fiat: perfect and instantly according to genus, specie and kind.??

??????????? Dear readers, I like to think God has a Daily Calendar for everyone he has created up in Heaven and each day we live he tears off a date, and we have one less day to live. Maybe when we have a particularly fine day witnessing about Jesus to the world, he puts a Red Star on it. I remember my elementary teachers often put a Red Star on the papers when we excelled in class. God knows, but we don?t know how many days are in our calendar. I do know when our days run out, the calendar is ZERO. He then calls us home?regardless if it is one day or 29,200.?

??? The main point about all of this Evolution verses Creation debate is just this: the soul never dies (Gen. 2:7). God?s breath that gives us his spirit (our soul) is what distinguishes a human from all other forms of animal life. ?Mankind gets to make a choice about how he wants his life to end?after kind words in a eulogy and some dirt is thrown on him, he is either going to live an eternity in Hell or an eternity in Heaven. The one salient fact I wish all Atheist would realize about life: either the believer or the non-believer is going to be right when life ends. If the believer is wrong, what have they lost by living the biblical principles and following in the foot-steps of Jesus? If the Atheist is wrong?dum de dum dum.

???????????? If you believe the story of Creation, you only have to provide a plausible answer for the definition of a DAY; add Divine Intellect and you have a fine recipe for a tasty spiritual treat: God created everything!

???????????? I will tackle that question next.

???????????? As I sign off, let me leave you with a simple little exercise you can conduct and challenge all of your Evolution buddies to join you in the experiment, concerning Evolution verses Creation.

???????????? The premise for the Evolutionist: Order can come from disorder without any intellect. The premise for the Creationist; no order can come from disorder without divine intellect.

??????????? Experiment:

??????????? Take some Tinker toys and build yourself any type of a three story building/house. Once it is built, tear it down into single pieces. Build yourself a simple catapult. Take the Tinker toy?s it took to build that building and place them into some form of netting that can be flung into the air by the catapult. As you are doing this?hour after hour, day after day, week after week etc., consider these two outcomes: The Evolutionist believes order can come from disorder without intellect. The Creationist believes order can?t come from disorder without divine intellect. How long do you think it is going to take for your catapulted Tinker toys to fall from the air and suddenly appear exactly as they did when you first built the building?

???????????? Until next time Pilgrim, this is Doctor Christian signing off. Ask your questions, add your ?two-cents?, and provide your pontification.

??????????? Ps. 150:6

About Ranny Grady

I was born in Herington, Ks. In 1940. I graduated from El Reno High School, El Reno, Ok. In 1958. I served four years in Uncle Sam?s military: I traveled halfway around the world, and was a member of the All Navy Basketball Team. I graduated from Phillips University, Enid, Ok. 1965 with a B.S. In History and Physical Ed. I was a teacher and a coach for a few years. I worked for Prentice Hall Publishing Company for seven years: sales and marketing and author promotion. I graduated from Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary with a M-Div in Theology in 1980. I?m listed in Who?s Who in American Universities and Colleges: 1980. I have been madly in love with the same girl: Denise, for 49 years. We have two sons and five grandchildren. I?m a retired minister, except for my Friday Nights Jail Ministry at the Wayne County Jail in Monticello, Ky. I have self-published two novels: LOU?S DIRTY DOZEN (2007/2009) and recently, THE ROOKIE (2011). My novels can be found in nearly 2000 libraries scattered across the Southeast, South, Midwest, Southwest, and a few places in the East. I put them there via ?cold-turkey? calls to librarians. You won?t find them in the Retail Market because this market rarely, if ever, accepts ?self-published? books.
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