Pilgrims, if you could send a list of things you desired our new President would do in the first one hundred days, what would you write? These are mine, and the reasons why they are on my list.

  • Rescind all government and military orders that restrict freedom of religion. Allow the preaching and teaching of the Bible in our military.
  • Use and encourage the use of MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  • Stop all taxpayers’ money being used for military ‘transitioning of Gender’ recruits: 250,000. A pop! Remove all Gender recruits from our military. Fire any officers who refuse to comply.
  • Rescind all Gender rules and regulation concerning our Federal Prison system. It is so foolish and ugly, you don’t want to know.
  • Remove all legal edicts for our schools and government rules and regulations about Gender Identity.
  • Appoint and add new Constitutional Judges to the Supreme Court. This would give America a majority for a strict interpretation of our laws governed by what is written in our Constitution rather than judges using mystical legal ‘mumbo-jumbo’, made out of ‘whole-cloth Socialist imaginations. Doc suggests Ted Cruz is the right man for the job!
  • Repeal Obama Care and give our people a better, cheaper plan. Ask Pelosi to read it before she votes!
  • Round up all known illegal criminals: drug dealers especially, and deport them. If they refuse to go, or our A.C.L.U ites seek to use our courts to stop it, put them on a plane and give them parachutes, flyover their country of origin and push them out of the plane.
  • Close all Sanctuary Cities! If they refuse, cut all federal funding. America must know our government won’t knowingly allow lawlessness to go un-checked without suffering the consequences for lawlessness. If our colleges and Universities choose to join these lawless places, cut all funding until compliance is assured.
  • Commence building the Wall and don’t allow any nepotism from any elected or appointed politician’s kin to be in the bidding for building it. Hire your own vetting people.
  • Restore Biblical marriage and strike down Same Sex Marriage. Allow Civil Unions for homosexuals.
  • Close our borders to all people originating from Muslim countries for an indefinite period of time. If we can find a way to vet these refugees, then make a decision with great intelligence and deliberate, sober judgement on a case by case basis.
  • Share your plans for rebuilding our inner cities and decaying infrastructure with the people of America. Share the vetting and bidding process, too.
  • Demand all government departments present a cost and spend analysis report be on your desk in one thirty days. Demand they defend their outcomes! Send in your own ‘efficiency experts to investigate each department so you will be armed and ready to debunk the department’s outcomes that will be rife with waste, sloth, and fraud.
  • Reinstall Presidential, using new technology, ‘Fire-side chats’, monthly to give the people an accounting of where your leadership is headed and what you expect of us.
  • Rescind all Executive orders and remove all obstacles for energy independence. If necessary, use our military to get the job done.
  • Restore the National Prayer Breakfast. This will send a signal to the world America once again is relying upon the Creator of the Bible for guidance and blessings.
  • Continue the Clinton Foundation FBI investigation. Our country can ill-afford our State Department being used for private gain and foreign nations having undue access to its National Security… If the Clinton’s don’t face the consequences of the law, how many other ‘sham’ charities will arise?
  • If the anarchy from Communist funded money doesn’t cease, use the National Guard and Military to restore order. Any threat upon the life of our new President, treat it as duplicity to commit murder: a call to assassinate the President: put them in prison and throw away the key. Investigate and expose funding and ideology of the racist hate group: Black Lives Matter.

Doc Christian

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I was born in Herington, Ks. In 1940. I graduated from El Reno High School, El Reno, Ok. In 1958. I served four years in Uncle Sam?s military: I traveled halfway around the world, and was a member of the All Navy Basketball Team. I graduated from Phillips University, Enid, Ok. 1965 with a B.S. In History and Physical Ed. I was a teacher and a coach for a few years. I worked for Prentice Hall Publishing Company for seven years: sales and marketing and author promotion. I graduated from Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary with a M-Div in Theology in 1980. I?m listed in Who?s Who in American Universities and Colleges: 1980. I have been madly in love with the same girl: Denise, for 49 years. We have two sons and five grandchildren. I?m a retired minister, except for my Friday Nights Jail Ministry at the Wayne County Jail in Monticello, Ky. I have self-published two novels: LOU?S DIRTY DOZEN (2007/2009) and recently, THE ROOKIE (2011). My novels can be found in nearly 2000 libraries scattered across the Southeast, South, Midwest, Southwest, and a few places in the East. I put them there via ?cold-turkey? calls to librarians. You won?t find them in the Retail Market because this market rarely, if ever, accepts ?self-published? books.
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