Ensconced in my log cabin nestled in the foothills of Lake Cumberland, as I just celebrated my seventy-sixth birthday in July, and the imminent Presidential Election’s outcome will seal America’s direction: back to the Constitution and the Bible or towards the Communist Manifesto, it gives me pause to reflect upon the history that has passed by my life.


Pilgrims, since the majority of our citizens, and especially the aliens of the past thirty years, and most of today’s media ‘talking-heads’ never experienced the historical ride, I thought I’d let you go on a journey with me. As a lover of American History, a college degreed student of World History, as a teacher of American History, and a keen observer of politics, I’m well qualified to be your guide.


First, a little resume work. As a boy I grew up in rural Kansas and lived there through my Elementary school days; then, I moved to rural Oklahoma and graduated from high school. El Reno.


Before I was married and had children, I earned a college degree in History, served in the Navy and traveled to half the countries in the far-east. After I was married, I taught school and coached, I taught in a ghetto high school before integration was forced into the Oklahoma schools, and after they were integrated. I was a Sales/Marketing rep for a major publishing company, and later, I earned a Master of Divinity and preached the Bible for over thirty years.


As a boy and teenager, I can clearly recall…Hillary can’t recall much…every school day started the same way: Scripture was read, our teacher said a prayer, we stood for the Salute to the flag, before our first class commenced. Our first class was a short one, it was our Homeroom class. In Junior High, the Homerooms competed quarterly for the prize of an ‘all you can eat pancake breakfast’ at our best restaurant based upon our Sunday School Attendance at our church of choice.


As a boy, I can recall…Hillary can’t recall her criminal treasonous misdeeds…listening to the adults make declarations regarding what could never happen in America.


Morsels and tidbits: You never have to worry about the Bible being taken out of our schools; Christians will always have prayer in public;  Christmas will always be celebrated in our schools; there will never be a day where an American won’t salute the flag, the Supreme Court will always protect free speech and religious freedoms; women will always choose ‘motherhood’ over business; Taxpayers will never pay for abortions; teachers will always protect children; the government will never give money to those who won’t work; Homosexuals will always remain in the ‘closet’; Biblical Marriage will always be the foundation for American families; churches will never allow homosexuals to preach; A boy could never be a girl,  no Americans would ever  consider electing a known lying corrupt dishonest candidate for President are some of the most strident claims  that have been proven incorrect.


Grimes’ Fairy Tales have all become ‘dark’ ones!


Pilgrims, how did this happen? Surprise! You can’t blame the Atheists. This ‘hates the Bible, Jesus Christ, and God the Creator happened on American CHRISTIANS’ watch. Our cocky over-confident, self-assured selves took our eyes off of Jesus and allowed the enemies of God to infiltrate his church and his earthly Kingdom in America. We were asleep at the wheel and Satan and his evil doers ran us into a ditch so deep believers are convinced they can’t be rescued.


With each vote for Socialist/Communist minions’ from the decadent Democrat Party…from the past twenty years, these heathens have dismantled a once great biblical Nation’s: America, foundation, and replaced it with a godless one that seeks to replace everything in America that points to its past uniqueness and greatness with a goo of Global Warming’, celebrate gay-pride//Gender/bender, hedonist, mock the flag, disrespect our laws and Constitution multi-cultural illegals, that care nothing about our heritage or the blood sacrifice that was made for these Visigoths to create anarchy in our streets and schools.


Light, which is Jesus Christ, and the Bible’s principles are the only qualifiers that will fix our problems, and it has been rejected as a ‘possible’ remedy by a majority of our citizens.


America’s churches are filled with members that look upon this devastation, wring their hands and emit loud laments, but still vote their Party Politics, and empower God’s enemies, while denying they are the problem.


Christians in America emulate the children of Israel as they were great sinners and openly rejected Jehovah, but, refused to accept the blame for the horrible consequences they received from God’s wrath.


Pilgrims, in old Doc’s humble opinion, if Hillary wins the election, it will be a clear signal that Almighty God in heaven is about to unleash the fury of his wrath upon America and the Christians are going to suffer the most. If and when it happens, none of the Liberal believers have any room to complain. Unfortunately, those who never politically supported the enemy will also suffer the coming wrath of God.


Did you hear the deafening ‘silence’ from a majority of our churches pulpits on Sunday? I’m sure God did.  In the not so distant future, if Hillary wins, America’s biblical people may experience Martin Niemoller’s poignant words from his Nazi occupation that I paraphrase: They came for the Catholics, but I wasn’t a Catholic, they came for Jews, but I wasn’t a Jew, they came for me, a believer in Jesus Christ, and there wasn’t anyone to protect me.


At this point in America’s history, all any believer can do is pray. James indicates the fervent prayer of a righteous man gaineth much. Perhaps, God will hear our prayers and change the outcome of the election and America’s future.


Doc Christian


About Ranny Grady

I was born in Herington, Ks. In 1940. I graduated from El Reno High School, El Reno, Ok. In 1958. I served four years in Uncle Sam?s military: I traveled halfway around the world, and was a member of the All Navy Basketball Team. I graduated from Phillips University, Enid, Ok. 1965 with a B.S. In History and Physical Ed. I was a teacher and a coach for a few years. I worked for Prentice Hall Publishing Company for seven years: sales and marketing and author promotion. I graduated from Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary with a M-Div in Theology in 1980. I?m listed in Who?s Who in American Universities and Colleges: 1980. I have been madly in love with the same girl: Denise, for 49 years. We have two sons and five grandchildren. I?m a retired minister, except for my Friday Nights Jail Ministry at the Wayne County Jail in Monticello, Ky. I have self-published two novels: LOU?S DIRTY DOZEN (2007/2009) and recently, THE ROOKIE (2011). My novels can be found in nearly 2000 libraries scattered across the Southeast, South, Midwest, Southwest, and a few places in the East. I put them there via ?cold-turkey? calls to librarians. You won?t find them in the Retail Market because this market rarely, if ever, accepts ?self-published? books.
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    Dear Pilgrims,

    Tell us why you voted for the candidate you voted for. Did it Honor Christ?

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