??????????? Why write a blog, you may ask? Don?t all bloggers pontificate to meet their ego needs? Why do you think you have the wherewithal to write a blog? Who could possibly care a whit about what you think? Why should your opinions carry any more weight than mine or ?Joe Blow? who lives next door? Do you really have the learning to educate others about your blog topic? When others point out your gaffes, moronic-thinking, delusional ranting, and plain stupid logical thinking?can you accept the Castrol spiritual repartee and possibly agree to disagree without being disagreeable? Dear reader/spiritual pilgrim, I have given these questions, and many more some considerable thought and prayer. I have weighed these dirge-type questions and I can tell you?yes?I can handle the discord that will surely follow. In fact, I look forward to the intellectual jousting from my readers.?

??????????? First things first: I don?t claim to know any more than you do. I may not be as learned as you are. My use of knowledge, talents, creative arts (I?m a Word-smith), or ability to influence may be far less influential than yours. The one qualifier that will separate me from millions of other writers, I will seek to influence by writing; a majority of others, even more gifted, will only talk about it.

???????????? To get the ?hoity-toity? out of the way: I have a B.S. from Phillips University (1965), a M-Div (Theology) from Cincinnati Bible college/Seminary(1980), and I?m a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (30 years of experience). You will also find my name in the Who?s Who in American Colleges and Universities (1980). I have preached for over 30 years. I?m retired from the active ministry, except I have a Friday Night Jail Ministry at the Wayne County Jail, Monticello, Ky.

??????????? The purpose of my blog is to use God?s bible (to me it is inerrant/inspired) and to treat it in a reverent fashion as I work through the bible and ask God questions I wished he had answered for his believers to know. It is possible he has provided the answer to my question I just don?t know the bible well enough to recognize this truth. It is open for speculation and conjecture for all us who are going to heaven to know if we will know the answers to the thousands of questions we all have about how heaven operates and how we will fit in and how we will participate in the great eternal, don?t we? Will we just not need to ask any questions because we will just suddenly be imbued with all of the knowledge we didn?t have access to while in an earthly body? I hope not because it will spoil some of the fun I think we will experience if we don?t know but can ask at our leisure

??????????? The bible tells us that God is Omnipotent (possesses unlimited powers), Omniscient (possesses all knowledge: past, present, and future), Omnipresent (possesses the ability to be spatial; close and faraway at the same time) and Transcendent (he is qualitatively different in essence than all creation). ?Another way to look at this word: we may be the Pepsi or Coke bottle; we can never be the Pepsi or Coke. The essential essence can never be duplicated by a human because we are not Transcendently Holy. These are just ?three-dollar? words that tell us that God is different than any human?even Jesus when he was on earth.

??????????? If one accepts the above information as ?gospel?, which I do, then why didn?t he clarify a million things about his story for mankind: The bible? This ?dear-hearts? and ?gentle-people? is the gest of the purpose of my blog. I intend to journey through the bible and as I cover pertinent passages of scripture, I am going to endeavor to ask questions that I would like God to have already provided an answer for that I need to know, today. I invite you along on this spiritual journey. As a fellow pilgrim, please ask your own questions. I may not have the answers, but it will be an exciting journey to seek the answers. If we earnestly seek this goal, I do believe we will all become better equipped, like that which Paul describes in Ephesians 6: 10ff. We may truly become Godly men and Godly women that are effective ?salt-shakers? that will keep the sinful world from becoming more putrefied; and we will be beacons of bright lights for Christ that carry the potential to change the world we live in.

??????????? Since the New Testament is where Jesus appeared to mankind: the word became flesh, why didn?t I choose to start my blog with the New Testament rather than the Old Testament, many of you may ask?

??????????? My opinion, if one is to be an effective witness for Christ he must find the common ground to begin the social intercourse. When one attempts to use the New Testament scriptures to influence the unbeliever and point them to Jesus, if the unbeliever doesn?t accept the Old Testament God who created the universe, there will be little for discourse or debate.

??????????? A majority of people hold a belief in a ?god?. Seldom can they define or quantify this super-power thing they acknowledge but would rather not think about too much. It is something they get some comfort from and in a crisis, they seek succor from it.

?It is akin to the AAA program where each recovering addict is told to pick out there ?god? to cling to during the rough times ahead. I recall attending a few meetings in Cincinnati for a research paper I had to write while I was earning my M-Div degree, and one of the addicts had chosen a light-pole outside his house as the ?god? to focus upon when he had the DDT?s. That was an extreme, but it was his choice.

?You can?t hardly get there from here,? is an old saw people often say when they tell stories about getting directions from strangers and they end up more lost. It is the same for leading people to Christ, if they don?t believe in a creating God you won?t lead them to Jesus. Slugs and monkeys don?t fly with Seraphim, Cherubim and angels! If one is to begin to understand the purpose of the Old Testament, he must sweat the small details: be able to discuss the difference between Creation and Evolution theories. My opinion, the majority of believers are quite ignorant on this topic. It is our lack of knowledge about this subject that allowed the Atheists to ?highjack? our political foundation and drive the biblical God out of the public arena. Though both platforms are merely ?THEORIES?, the enemy has managed to convince the people of the world Evolution isn?t a theory but a scientific fact. I admit the subject is intimidating and the science about both theories often seems one is caught in a maze of ?circular-reasoning? that leads to a dead-end. This is why I have chosen this question as my first one to ask God

About Ranny Grady

I was born in Herington, Ks. In 1940. I graduated from El Reno High School, El Reno, Ok. In 1958. I served four years in Uncle Sam?s military: I traveled halfway around the world, and was a member of the All Navy Basketball Team. I graduated from Phillips University, Enid, Ok. 1965 with a B.S. In History and Physical Ed. I was a teacher and a coach for a few years. I worked for Prentice Hall Publishing Company for seven years: sales and marketing and author promotion. I graduated from Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary with a M-Div in Theology in 1980. I?m listed in Who?s Who in American Universities and Colleges: 1980. I have been madly in love with the same girl: Denise, for 49 years. We have two sons and five grandchildren. I?m a retired minister, except for my Friday Nights Jail Ministry at the Wayne County Jail in Monticello, Ky. I have self-published two novels: LOU?S DIRTY DOZEN (2007/2009) and recently, THE ROOKIE (2011). My novels can be found in nearly 2000 libraries scattered across the Southeast, South, Midwest, Southwest, and a few places in the East. I put them there via ?cold-turkey? calls to librarians. You won?t find them in the Retail Market because this market rarely, if ever, accepts ?self-published? books.
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  1. Christine says:

    As we proceed through Genesis can we talk about Genesis 6:1-2
    I have always wondered who these sons of God were and how they differ from the daughters of men. It has been explained to me that the “sons of God” were believers and the “daughters of men” were other people who didn’t believe. However, I do not know how or where this is supported in the Bible IF in fact it is. Can you clarify Dr. Christian?

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