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I was born in Herington, Ks. In 1940. I graduated from El Reno High School, El Reno, Ok. In 1958. I served four years in Uncle Sam?s military: I traveled halfway around the world, and was a member of the All Navy Basketball Team. I graduated from Phillips University, Enid, Ok. 1965 with a B.S. In History and Physical Ed. I was a teacher and a coach for a few years. I worked for Prentice Hall Publishing Company for seven years: sales and marketing and author promotion. I graduated from Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary with a M-Div in Theology in 1980. I?m listed in Who?s Who in American Universities and Colleges: 1980. I have been madly in love with the same girl: Denise, for 49 years. We have two sons and five grandchildren. I?m a retired minister, except for my Friday Nights Jail Ministry at the Wayne County Jail in Monticello, Ky. I have self-published two novels: LOU?S DIRTY DOZEN (2007/2009) and recently, THE ROOKIE (2011). My novels can be found in nearly 2000 libraries scattered across the Southeast, South, Midwest, Southwest, and a few places in the East. I put them there via ?cold-turkey? calls to librarians. You won?t find them in the Retail Market because this market rarely, if ever, accepts ?self-published? books.


I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR      Helen Reddy’s Feminist anthem that was like a siren’s call for women of America to usurp man’s position in society was used as a sharp knife to divide our country’s political horizon. The … Continue reading

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NFL BRAINSTORMING SESSION CREATIVE THINKING      High up on an exclusive mountain top resort for the uber wealthy in America, in an opulent decorated very large Conference Room, sit thirty-two owners of a very exclusive business club: the owners of … Continue reading

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ONLY ONE BITE AT THE APPLE      Many years ago I had this Cinnamon colored cat, named Cinnamon. My wife brought it home from a dental office she was working with implementing her management program. For twelve years, he was … Continue reading

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PHONY PATRIOTISM      In one of my favorite movies: Remember the Titans, there is a scene where the All American football player and the ‘white’ Captain of the team, tells Denzel Washington, the coach, he wants a particular player cut. … Continue reading

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NFL SOCIAL JUSTICE PLAYBOOK      As America continues to dissolve into a cesspool of ‘far-left’ liberal/Communist racist drool, and the NFL/NBA, and only God knows how many other college/high school/ and Pee Wee sports coaches are doing little more than … Continue reading

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BUM of low quality that was bum advice that you got from that chat roomSynonyms bad, bargain-basement, cheap, cheapjack, cheesy, coarse, common, crappy [slang], cut-rate, el cheapo, execrable, gimcrack, inferior, junky, lousy, low-grade, low-rent, mediocre, miserable, poor, rotten, rubbishy, schlock (or schlocky also shlock or shlocky), second-rate, shoddy, sleazy, terrible, trashy, trumpery, wretchedRelated Words useless, valueless, worthless; indifferent, lackluster, second-class; brummagem, flashy, garish, gaudy, glitzy, kitsch, kitschy, meretricious, ostentatious, showy, splashy, swank(or swanky), tawdry; seedy, shabby, tacky; counterfeit, fake, phony (also phony), sham; supercheap, ultracheap In the Bible, the Apostle Paul writing to the Christians in Corinth. “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. I … Continue reading

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TWO AMERICAS      America suffered a deep wound to its underbelly recently as a youth black football coach of eight year old from Cahokia, Belleville, IL., encouraged by their parents, ‘took a knee’ rather than honor our country’s flag. Somewhere, … Continue reading

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SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: POLITICAL RAG      ‘CIVIL UNREST’ followed your ‘hit piece’ on the President of the United States, what next? I can’t wait to read your coverage giving your unqualified support tor Black Lives Matter and Antifa You and ESPN, … Continue reading

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A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER      Hillary Clinton’s ‘dog and pony’ book tour continues to churn up political bile that is little more than grandiose bilge consisting of lies, half-truths, and innuendos that make her look pathetic, mean-spirited, and like … Continue reading

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HILL      Pilgrims, in America, a pernicious disease is about to become a festering, blistering, maggots on a ‘gut-wagon’ plague, that if decent folk don’t recognize its harmful potential, and take all necessary steps to inoculate our citizens from this … Continue reading

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