Pilgrims, in America, a pernicious disease is about to become a festering, blistering, maggots on a ‘gut-wagon’ plague, that if decent folk don’t recognize its harmful potential, and take all necessary steps to inoculate our citizens from this horrific social disease, America may not survive..

Racial hatred and bigotry by people of color are forcing our nation to the precipice of doom because they have a loud vocal group of racists that seem very determined to bring about a complete collapse of white and colored people relationships. If you question my supposition, may I present the latest example?

Growing up from a boy to a man, there has been one colloquialism that has stuck with me. Regardless if it pertains to war, sports, parenting, religion, marriage, it fits like a glove: “Choose the hill you want to die on.”

Doc Christian is sending out an alarm…Five Alarm, to corporate giants, like Disney and many others, especially professional sports: NFL and NBA: If you choose to play the ‘race card’, then you are going to die on an Economic Hill.

Come now a very black, Feminist, uber far left loon Sports show announcer: Jemele Hill, who will soon be your ‘Poster…girl’ for having a ‘front-row’ seat at the unraveling and ultimate demise of your empires because she unabashedly believes that the majority of white people in America, especially the sixty millions voters that put President Trump in the White House, are ‘White Racists’. Imagine that! We Trumpers have gone from ‘Deplorables’ to White Supremacists, and we are all members of the KKK.

How far afield has ESPN moved from its fan base can be clearly delineated by who really is a ‘racist’ when you consider that Coach Ditka, and Curt Shilling were fired for public statements against PC crap that has killed America’s biblical soul, but racial dividers, like Miss Hill, who spouts hateful words against the President of the United States that was duly elected by a democratic process by over sixty-three million voters, is ‘given a pass’ Miss Hill can also announce to the world she hates white people, and they offer a ‘milk-toast’ mea culpa that is phony and filled with racial hypocrisy.

Corporate America that has proven time and again they are little more than race Toadies quaking in their boots from a select few  black folk that are determined to divide our country on race alone; and evidently, the titans of industry are okay with the idea of  being bullied and intimated by the threat of being labeled a ‘racist’ if they don’t march to the race-card drummer. What a hoot! Good for the Trumpers, we have decided to just turn off the scurrilous scoundrels pushing ‘black power’ and racial hate by refusing to watch their ‘dog and pony’ hate shows: Hill and her brand of people even support our hate America’s flag people. If you haven’t noticed, ESPN is hemorrhaging ‘green-backs’ to the point hundreds and soon thousands of people are losing their careers to feed the Social Monster, racist with a political agenda.

The question left to be answered: Will the majority of good black people in America decide that the blood and treasure that has been sacrificed in the past shall not be squandered on a group of ‘newbie’ disgruntled blacks that haven’t a clue what racial discrimination meant forty years ago. Many of them are standing on a pile of ‘green-backs’ that their gifts and talents produced from their efforts, while decrying America is a bad country that needs to accept their brand of Social Justice which I’m sure pleases all Communists in the world.

As old Doc watches this drama unfold in our country, I must confess I’m perplexed about the agenda and goals of this particular ilk of haters. What do they think their strategy is going to accomplish? If it is accomplished, what will America look like? What will it become? Have any of them thought about the ‘end game’?

Will America just re-segregate? If you insist on labeling me as socially unredeemable, then, it is certain I won’t care to associate with you, work with you, hire you, attend church with you, attend sports events with you, want my children to associate with you. And to make sure none could ever associate me with your brand of Anti-American demonstrations by your words, your actions, and your party affiliation, I must distance myself from you to protect my good name and my personal integrity before the world I inhabit for these very good reasons: you teach hate rather than love, you teach ‘me’ rather than us, you demand respect rather than earn it, you choose to be a liar while I choose to be a ‘truth-teller’, you believe you are a slug while I believe I was created by the God of this universe, you choose to dishonor America’s past while I revere it, you expect America to be perfect, past and present while I know I’m a sinner that will never be perfect, our country is filled with sinners and can’t be perfect because mankind is filled with hate, envy, lust, and greed: these ingredients is the mix that created and still produces the greatest country that ever existed, but you aren’t satisfied with the sacrificial outcomes because you want to reward sloth and stupidity, and I want to punish it.

The loons out in California are voting to become a Sanctuary State. Does this mean California wants to secede from the Union?? If any state decides they won’t obey our United States laws, then I pray our President and our government will issue an ultimatum…like the one that led to the Civil war that our history had declared was fought to decide if America’s people would be one Nation…under God.

Personally, I think that if that bankrupt state chose to secede, our Nation would be better off!

America, those who love this country…warts and all, regardless of skin color, if you want to win this ‘un-holy’ PC culture ‘hate America’ war, then just keep turning off ESPN and any other business that promotes a divided nation based upon race and the color of one’s skin. Please remember old Doc’s adage: If you lie down with dogs, don’t be shocked when you get fleas.

Pilgrims, Trump supporters, Trump haters, Red, Yellow, Brown, Black or white people, would be far better off concentrating on the only HILL that has ever mattered:

So the soldiers took charge of Jesus. Carrying his own cross, he went out to the place of the Skull (which in Aramaic is called Golgotha)

     There they crucified him, and with him two others—one on each side and Jesus in the middle. John 19:16-18

Jesus told the world he did not come into the world to condemn the world but to save it.

Doc’s opinion, if the people in America returned to its biblical roots, maybe, just maybe we’d be as color blind as Jesus. Oh! By the way, Jesus wasn’t white!

Doc Christian


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     Pilgrims… please take the time to read this post, if you agree, pass it on. If you are a Veteran, an American Patriot, or a Trump supporter, this is a call to arms for you and our country.

Did you hear it? A note to professional team owners: our ‘Tattered Old Flag is sounding the ‘death-knell’ for your sports.

There is a few of us Veterans still around that were willing to sacrifice our lives so future generations of American citizens might live with freedoms few of the rest of the world knows, or even dreams about.

The streets of Nagasaki and Hiroshima still have some of their citizens living today that suffered skin burns when the bombs fell. I know I saw these wretched souls while serving in the Navy, Normandy’s anniversary was recently celebrated: thousands of small white crosses marked the occasion. There are many Vietnam warriors not healed and still committing suicide, too often. The Iraq warriors are matriculating back into society, often with missing limbs, and today, a group of Islam terrorists plan to conquer the world by massacring, even children, in their way. In fact, they recruit children!

Now, come disgruntled, anti-American spoiled beyond measure, athletes who demand we respect their feelings about the past deeds of past generations, so they decide to ‘teach, mainly white, America’ a civics lesson: they refuse to honor and revere our ‘Tattered Old Flag’. They protest shouting: “Social Justice.” What this foolishness exposes is they don’t know anything about World History. The idea of Social Justice comes from the hellish bowels of Communism. I guess America is to believe these ‘justice fighters’ think our country would be better served with a Communist form of government.

For old Doc Christian, this is laughable and ill logical, from theirs or anyone’s view championing ‘Social Justice’, while expecting Capitalism to create a personal fortune for them by earning millions of dollars for providing goods or services, in this case throwing, running, or catching a football, or dribbling or shooting a basketball.

While we can’t and I don’t care to impinge upon any citizen’s right to protest and the right to express their opinions, I do care about people who live in America who think so little about its past sacrifice of blood and treasure they refuse to honor our dead.

My opinion, the owners need to be taught a civics lesson, too. If true ‘Flag waving’ Americans would just turn off their ‘Sports junkie’ gene for 2017 and 2018, I believe we will show how much we appreciate malcontents who refuse to honor our dead by saluting our flag.

By old Doc’s estimations, Trump supporters would be enough to bring the entire NFL and NBA to its fiscal knees. If others joined our crusade to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by forcing those who don’t love America enough to honor our dead and salute our flag to be exposed so our country can easily discern between these two groups, the social, financial, and political ramifications would be earthquake loud and destructive for anyone willing to ‘take a knee’ rather than salute our Tattered Old Flag.

Perhaps, I’m wrong and the welfare class and immigrants have the money to spend on casual pleasures. I’m certain of one thing… the Middle Class worker has been the bedrock financial support for these owners and their players. Now, that most of these workers have become Trump supporters, I do believe these stars and their wealthy owners will soon reach a point of no return with Americans that cherish our ‘Tattered Old Flag, and will turn our backs on those who don’t.

The questions still to be answered: Will patriotic America punish those who won’t honor our dead? Will the owners be willing to sacrifice the whole for the few?

Did the Patriots win their first game? Doc doesn’t know; he doesn’t care.

Doc Christian


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     In 1774, John Newton was a busy ‘slaver’ earning enormous amounts of money capturing or buying slaves and selling them to the highest bidder Thirty years later, he wrote the hymn, Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace!
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found
Was blind but now I see

When we’ve been there ten thousand years
Bright shining as the sun
We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
Than when we’ve first begun

Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come
‘Tis Grace has brought me safe thus far
And Grace will lead me home.

     Metamorphose can be a word associated with many things, but, for me it has its best association and definition in the world of butterflies. It describes the process of how one type of life becomes a completely different type of species, to the naked eye. From inception, the larva spins a cocoon and encloses it. During this incubation period, it begins a change of process that one day allows a new creature to drop out of the cocoon and fly away. The beauty of butterflies is often breath-taking.

Perhaps, God sees mankind as butterflies! He creates us via a process that only fools deny is not something ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ made. From inception, the embryo is in a type of cocoon not visible to the naked eye. While in this cocoon the process of giving life to a human being happens. After the growth process is finished, the beautiful baby: butterfly, drops out and astounds the world with its looks and potential. Note, not all butterflies share the same eye catching/fetching type of beauty, but, they are all butterflies.

Pilgrims, Doc’s opinion, I think our mighty God considers mankind as ugly and useless as larva in a cocoon in association with our sin that forced our holy God to separate from us. Perhaps, God considers our time of sin and separation from him as the larva in the cocoon. He has a plan for us that will guarantee the new specie takes flight. The guarantee comes wrapped in a gift shaped as a cross. It has red blood running from its summit to the ground. Bits of flesh linger from the body that was crucified upon it. Amazing Grace, that’s all there is. Wrath, disguised in the cocoon’s forgiveness process was replaced by the new entity: Grace (unmerited favor) became a living thing

Old Doc has learned the sage has always been right: “You can change people, but not much.”

In the hauntingly beautiful words from Newton’s pen, there is another truth in God’s economy: “With God, all things are possible; without God, nothing is possible.” Only God can look into the depths of a person’s hellish soul and gaze only upon what its potential will be. While the world saw John Newton as this evil, greedy, slave trader, Newton told the world that a storm on the seas, where he was sure he would perish, shifted cargo, moved by the violent storm, that sealed up a hole in the ships frame that saved him, his crew, and his cargo from certain death. Sometime later, he began to read the Bible. My opinion, just like C. S. Lewis, once the truth and power of the Holy Spirit penetrated his mind and heart, the awakening began. Once confirmed Atheists shackles were broken and the captive was set free, the metamorphose process was put into place. Thus, a slaver writes the greatest gospel hymn, and the writer pens some of the greatest stories ever told.

Perhaps, you can pen your metamorphose story that would thrill others? Perhaps, you are like the Apostle Paul, which in Doc’s opinion is the greatest story about a change in a man the world has ever known, one day you are supping at Satan’s table, the next you refuse to dine with him.

You may even be as cock-sure filled with righteous indignation your cause is the only one that possesses honor and truth, like Paul thought. One day, you hold the coats for people who commit murder: the stoning of Stephen, or you have a legal right to torture, jail, or kill people who claim to serve a ‘different’ God than you do, and you are busy doing this work when you have an unexpected encounter with Jesus, the God of the universe.

How does this plan for change for Paul fit the one you have experienced when you had your first encounter with God’s only son…as an adult?

One day, this highly educated, affluent Roman citizen was the ‘cock of the walk’ the ‘talk of the town’ for his reputation preceded him. He was this larva in the cocoon. He was blind and couldn’t see. Until he left the cocoon, he didn’t know what God expected him to be. On the road to Damascus his time in the cocoon was finished. When Jesus appeared to him and showed him what type of butterfly he was to become, his change was complete, but he had to learn how to live as a butterfly.

Old Doc knows that butterflies have many ‘food chain’ duties, but I like to think the main reason God gave them to us is to enrich the beauty in our lives. The magnificent array of colors that dazzle the eye, enlighten the soul, and spread joy concerning their fluttering and soaring for man’s delight never ceases to thrill and amaze me, and I suspect for most Pilgrims.

If one considered being in a cocoon aligned with living in sin, then sin weighs mankind down so much too often he just settles for being larva in a cocoon. It’s swarmy place where every day is the same. Like the scripture Paul writes in Romans 7:18-25

For I know that good itself does not dwell in me, that is in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.

          For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing.

          Now if I do what I do not want to do—this I keep on doing, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it.

          So I find this law at work: Although I want to do good, evil is right there with me. For my inner being I delight in God’s law; but I see another law at work in me, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within me.

          What a wretched man I am!

If the pillar of the Christian community can’t demonstrate he has changed, daily, what chance do mere Pilgrims have? If one has changed, how will anyone know? If you are a believer, how do you let the neighborhood know? Since you and I fail more often that we succeed in our demonstrations of faithfully witnessing that Jesus made a difference in our life, who knows this?  If the neighbor you have been praying for and asking the Holy Spirt to vex them so they will wake-up and allow Jesus to change their lives and final destination, and they ask you to tell  them how they can change so Jesus will be proud of them, what will you tell them? /Do you have a biblical blue-print’ you can give them?

Regardless of which side of the religious or political divide you find yourself, the one constant about your life is it will never remain static. Human life is in a constant flux of change: Change directions, change lanes, change numbers, change buildings, change restaurants, change banks, change investments, change marriages, change jobs, change churches, change political parties, change allegiance to a county, and change from being foolish to being wise. I’m sure each Pilgrim can add their own litany of things you have experienced about the changes in your life.

All Pilgrims have a biblical obligation to change from loving the world to loving Jesus more than the world. While the Apostle Paul struggles to change in the face of all Pilgrims enemy: Satan, the ‘good news’ is he also left us a ‘blue-print’. Romans 12:1-2 provide the Play Book.

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—that is your true and proper worship.

        Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will

is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

I recall my mother, each summer, using patterns of different dress styles from which she made my sisters School dresses. She would cut out the pattern and then have my sisters’ stand for her as she fitted the pattern so she could sew the cloth together and finish making the dress so it would fit properly and look exactly like the dress pattern she bought from the store. Once is a great while, the outcome didn’t match the pattern or the desired goal.

Pilgrims, God’s Bible has left us the pattern he expects all Christians to conform to so we will look differently, think differently, behave differently, choose differently, teach differently, and talk differently that what the people of this dark sin-filled universe do.

Do we do all these things far differently than the world? According to the most recent data that continues to be gathered about Christian lifestyles and Atheists ones, unfortunately, for God’s church and America, there is little difference, publicly or privately. It seems, when it comes to ‘offering our bodies as ‘living sacrifices’, we don’t visit the altar much.

Our teenagers are as sexually promiscuous, our divorce rate nearly mirrors the heathens, our used of crude and profane language is heard nearly as often, we spend our money in support for those who hate God, we belong to political parties that have chased Jesus out of America, and since the majority of professing Christians attend worship on a regular basis: once a month! And the heathens don’t attend worship– there is little difference, right?

Since most Protestant Churches don’t use the Bible as it guide, but as a ‘Book of Suggestions’, the world can’t see any distinction between churches that believe and teach truthfully the Holy Scriptures, so the world believes God’s Bible condones sexual sins all the way to Same Sex Marriage, and that followers are given a choice to kill unborn babies. Since our Church leaders are either too confused or too cowardly to preach and teach the Bible’s truth about the Christian life that demands we become a vocal, marching army for Jesus Christ in a heathen world, usually because of Party Politics, God’s church influence in America has been so diluted one has a difficult time distinguishing the saved from the lost.

God told his people to choose the hill you will die on; we choose not to take the hill! If we regained the fierce determination we had as children playing the game: King of the Hill, perhaps, God’s people in America could gin up some gumption to stop patterning our lives after the heathens

Pilgrim, until you change, the metamorphose is complete, are you really a ‘living sacrifice’?

Doc Christian


Way to go church! We have had 2564 new members since August 23 rd.

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     “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything—but I will not be mastered by anything….” I Corinthians 6:12

We were driving home from a Friday excursion to the fabulous Beaumont Inn’s Friday Buffet. For Corn pudding, Fried Chicken and Bread Pudding with sauce and as much whipped cream one can stand, one can’t find a better place to eat in Kentucky, and out of the blue old Doc’s Counseling Center was opened.

The woman began to tell her story about how she was a pain-addicted Opioid junkie. I suppose, like too many people in America, the addiction started with an injury to the back. For six years, her pain was treated with ‘pain killers’. After the initial doctor’s diagnosis and a written prescription for her pain, soon, she didn’t need to even make an appointment to see the doctor to get it renewed: she called; he faxed a new bottle of pain killers. Two years ago she had a major scare with her heart. She decided she needed to find a way to stop being a junkie. Today, she is no longer dependent upon any form of Opioid. She has never felt better and really enjoys her life, with some pain, clear eyed. “If I can do it, anyone can,” she said.

Up the street I live on, I have two neighbors, both on disability, who are junkies. They can’t make it through a day without ‘pain killers’, in this case, Heroin, four times a day.

The ‘Drug Cartels’ from Mexico, Central America, the Russian Mob, the notorious Mafia, and gangs from major cities from San Francisco to New York, including the evil MS 13 gang from a mix of Immigrants allowed into our country from uber compassionate stupid political wonks from Washington are now wide awake concerning our sinful dance with Satan’s playground: Opioid ‘Fantasy-land’ because ‘decent folk’ are dying in record numbers from drug overdoses.

The mere fact that the above named criminal enterprise groups have been preying upon America’s weakest and most vulnerable citizens for decades, and became super wealthy and so powerful they have corrupted our judicial and law and order systems, while destroying peoples’ lives with drugs, didn’t register outrage, as long as this criminal enterprise didn’t harm ‘decent folk. Ruining the lives of Ghetto people, using them as ‘mules’, prostitutes, pimps, and minimizing the ‘murder-culture’ to these people in these ugly neighborhoods, was an  acceptable expendable loss. The less there are of these types of people, the better off America is, right?

But, when the executive mother, the business accountant, our kids teachers, the preachers behind the pulpits, the coach on the field, the teenagers walking the halls of our schools, the politicians we pay to do our bidding, the bus driver, the cop on the beat, the star athlete; the star paid athlete, and our family members, elderly and teenagers…and younger, and my neighbors, fill up our Emergency Centers, and die on Hospital gurneys America gets ‘serious’ about people dying by their own hand.

Pilgrims, people of all ages are dying from self-inflicted drug overdose wounds. Their numbers have increased to the point our elected officials in Washington are ready to spend more of your money to nip this in the bud. Believe it or not, both political parties are in near agreement about the need to tackle this social disease; but, you can bet your house they won’t do more than spend tax payers’ money, bluster about its horror, pass some nonsensical rules and regulations, perhaps, oppress some freedoms, and get little done that actually might help people from killing themselves with drugs.

If only the experts and politicians would listen, old Doc’s personal experience might shed some light into this dark sinful horror. For more than five years I have been preaching and teaching at the Wayne County Jail, and I have yet to meet an inmate that was incarcerated for drugs, that didn’t confess that Marijuana was their ‘gate-way’ to drug addiction.

Today, our enlightened politicians and civic leaders are rejoicing about the tax revenue that public consumption of ‘Mary Jane’ by dope heads that will enrich their coffers. Never mind it will steal and destroy self-worth, wane the motivation to excel, distort and confuse  the desire to model the best that resides in us, and can’t keep the demons at bay, even while God remains on his throne and  in heaven

Doc’s prediction, in the near future, America will rue the day they chose to addict their own citizens with the sure-fire ‘gateway’ drug to a life of hellish demons and emptiness as more and more zoned-out stoned druggies ruin our country, families, children, marriages, and themselves chasing emotions rather than merit.

The question that needs answered: why do so many people find life so bleak that can’t find the courage to face it without a drug enhancing high? What messages have they believed that dulled and halted the light God put into them to seek the mark of excellence rather than slather and slumber in a mold of ‘victim-hooditis? Twenty, then thirty, then fifty passes quickly, and the majority of these opioid users will wake up one day, if they don’t commit suicide first, and discover life is just about over and they missed it.

Sure, there are many things these ‘potheads’ can point to so they can play the ‘blame-game’, but none should be blamed, regardless of how involved others might be in the death of stupid people playing Russian roulette with their life, only the one over-dosing has won the right to wear such a dunce cap.

Yes, Doc thinks many doctors should have the privilege to wear an Orange jump suit with numbers on the front for either being a part of the criminal drug enterprise or are too naïve, stupid, or indifferent to care how their writing too many prescriptions for pain for people that refuse to live with some pain, is harming them more than helping them. I know there are some legitimate health cases, but far too many cases are more about being ‘under-the-influence’…that leads to addiction, than helping a patient heal.

In the past couple of years, I have had two surgeries: Hernia and Hemorrhoids., twice . After the initial hospital surgery, I refused to use pain killers; I used ice and Tylenol. Did I do more suffering? Yes.  Was I clear-eyed? Yes.

These are Doc’s suggestions how our government and the people who are the addicts, and those who provide care for these poor wretched people hooked on drugs, might really help stem the tide on this medical self-induced epidemic:

  • Define the addiction for what it is. It isn’t a disease. A disease is something that happens that usually you cannot control. The Bible defines it as a SIN. Opioid addiction is a choice!
  • Heed the word of God: “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefor honor God with your bodies.” I Corinthians 6:19-20
  • It is about a philosophy for life. The majority of Opioid addicted people don’t believe they were created by the God of this universe. They have the mind set: eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you will die…and it is true, no one knows when they will die, unless they commit suicide. These wretched people are so emotionally drained and weak that the first major challenge in their life comes and they can’t handle it, so they use artificial means to dull their senses and they self-medicate to ‘make the world go away, change its colors, diminish its pain and emotional suffering, and most importantly, their reality, thus, their life’s outcome.
  • Even Pilgrims need to heed God’s word, Jesus said, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33
  • Our nation needs to punish those who glorify it! Hollywood, our music entertainers, and our media have done more to glamorize drug use than any other entities in America. Parents need to be accountable for what they allow their children to see and know. Our schools need to focus on the proper (biblical principled) teaching and training tools to discourage any type of drug use. Unfortunately for America, our States are moving towards more drug use so they are culpable for this epidemic.
  • Doc’s opinion, our government, our medical, our education, our jurisprudence, and our social services intelligentsia must not use our failed Welfare model to combat this scourge. It needs to use a common sense approach: punish that which harms America and its citizens, and reward that which helps it.
  • Personal and family (parental) accountability is the model to use. Yes! It is would be a harsh choice to implement; but, when a few hundred thousand citizens are directly responsible for this disaster among a country of three hundred thirty million, why should those citizens be on the hook for a very small percentage of irresponsible ones? If property and wealth were sized to help defray the cost of rehab, which has a very low success rate, perhaps, there would be a much greater emphasis put on personal accountability from the citizens and our government (especially our State Governments that are promoting drug use with its Cannabis protection) that would bring about some much needed legal outcomes for our country’s beleaguered tax payers.

Unfortunately for America, people who believe they were once a one celled slug that accidentally evolved into a ‘modern type’ human being’ rather than believing they were uniquely and wonderfully created by the one God of this entire world, has now become the majority of its people; and Atheists don’t believe they have any personal responsibility for caring for their body. It is just a ‘piece of bone and a ‘hank of hair’. It doesn’t possess a Soul that one day will either reside, for an eternity, in Heaven or Hell. Abusing your body with deadly drugs isn’t anyone’s business, is it? Doc wishes it were that easy: ‘no skin off my nose’, but Pilgrims’ have a biblical obligation to help as many as possible find love, peace, and grace with Jesus Christ so they too may live forever in Heaven.

This biblical challenge must not be ‘one sided’ where a person’s physical comfort and needs are taken care of; we also have a biblical mandate to rescue them from a hellish life of sin; and drug addiction is one of Satan’s best tools to use from his ‘Dark-Arts’ toolbox.

America needs to heed the words of the Apostle Peter: to the Elders of God’s church:

Be alert and of sober mind! Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.” I Peter 58-9

From the road from where I have come to where my vision is today, this Opioid panic is a fine demonstration of how America has gone from the mansion to the outhouse, emotionally, and because we have chosen to remain as a child rather than mature into responsible adults, we medicate rather than snap on our chin belts, and show courage in the midst of life’s challenges that nearly everyone is forced to suffer before they leave planet Earth.

Personally, I believe the blame can be laid at the feet of our ‘self-esteem’ educators. Many years ago, under the tutelage of the Feminist agenda, our ‘Nanny-Gate’ government chose to support the training of children by ignoring merit while high-lighting one’s emotional well-being. Now, take a look at any Cannabis city and you’ll find drugged-out, dropped-out, morally bankrupt people, of all ages, living in a fog of victim hood paranoia that render them useless to them and to the world they live in. Unfortunately for America, the hard working stiff and self-reliant people are forced to line-up with ‘pooper-scoopers’ to clean up the messes these people leave behind.

America’s leaders need to face facts about this Opioid Epidemic: you can lead a dumb ass to water, but you can’t make it drink. While we throw good money after bad, my opinion, how do we reward success? How do we punish failure? Should there be a limit to how many times ‘tax payers’ should be expected to fork over hard earned money for addicted people?

If the majority of these addicted people are morally bankrupt because they don’t believe in the use of biblical principles to discipline and guide their choices and behaviors, what will motivate them to want to be clean and sober? If our own state governments foment and help seduce weak people who use drugs to find a false sense of courage and wholeness, what is it pray tell our ‘physician heal thy self’ intelligentsia and educators are going to accomplish?

Doc’s prediction, after our government’s elected officials have thrown money at the Opioid problem, and we fail to identify it as a sin problem, this self-destructive group of citizens will prove to be too incorrigible, too unruly, and less than cooperative, and America’s supporters of drugs will win the war, and things will get much worse. By this time, few will care. WHEN A COUNTRY REMOVES THE BIBLICAL LINCHPINS THAT SAFE-GUARDED ITS MORAL COMPASS, A LIVING HELL IS BUT A FEW STEPS AWAY.

Doc Christian



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     Pilgrims, in our mad-mad world America now lives in, we have reached a new level of madness:  stone, marble or bronze has been declared as ‘dangerous’ to our citizens. The Civil War is being revisited and once again anarchy reigns on our streets. Promoted by racial hate, this time mostly by black people and the Democrat Party, a terrible retribution is being demanded for past associations with slavery in America. Thus, monuments and statues that have stood for nearly a hundred and fifty years are coming down. In some cities, government officials are casting the deciding votes, in others, criminals and hooligans are meting out the punishment, and they are simply destroying them.

If Doc didn’t have a clear understanding of our country’s history, and if he didn’t think this is a dubious exercise to appease haters that possess just a hair more intelligence than an imbecile,  some conservative people might say; “It’s about time.”

When it comes to the Civil War and slavery once again, these black racist and their rag-tag followers, Antifa demonstrate how ignorant they are about American History. Those statues were put up to honor war heroes by the DEMOCRAT PARTY, prior and after the Civil War. In fact, it  would have been very difficult to find a Democrat that wasn’t for slavery and States Rights.

The Democrat Party of today came from an embryo of the Southern Democrat Party: there were few Republicans in the south! Today’s political ‘whipping-boy’: KKK and various White Supremacists group were all Democrats. It was people like Hillary Clinton’s mentor and favorite Senator (she recently said this on T.V), Robert Byrd, from West Virginia, a leader in the KKK and Al  Gore’s ‘pappy’ who kept the black folk in their place.

Ironic isn’t it, since the days of the Civil War, the Republican Party has only wanted to empower and free the black man; the Democrats fought to keep him from enjoying the fruits of freedom; from my perspective, nothing has changed. The Democrat Party, via our Government’s Welfare system, has kept a majority of them on its plantation where they can control their voting rights. Talk about voter suppression!

President Trump wants to give them a ‘hand-up’ and help them find a way to meet success on the road to self-sufficiency via School Choice education, jobs, job training, improved law and order so they have safe neighborhoods, but the Democrat Party (the Resist at all cost) are scared to a point of sheer panic he might actually achieve those goals: If this were accomplished, they would lose their ability to manipulate black ghetto people, and especially their votes. The Black Democrat Caucus and the rest of the Democrat Party are comfortable knowing they are close by. They desire nothing changes: A hand-out’ suits them just fine.

Something for all black people in America to ponder, if the Republican Party made it possible for black people to integrate America, why has black society turned its back on the conservative party? President Obama had eight years to significantly change the ills that have consistently plagued black people since the Civil Rights Law was passed under President Johnson, yet, when he left office, the majority of them were worse off in any area one might name, outside of Hollywood and sports. What has their gratitude for the Republican Party been for rescuing their people?  In 2017, they want to kill President Trump! This evil announcement came from the lips of a black Senator woman from Missouri: Maria Chappelle Nadal.

So, today, the Democrat Party and their ‘hate-America’ anarchists are busy, finally, destroying the Democrat Party’s artistic handiwork…even up North. Since the majority of our nation’s signers of our Declaration of Independence were slave owners, I suppose we will need to trash Washington; perhaps, even change the name. After all, if you are going to erase and re-write America’s history, why stop with our first President:  George Washington?

When and will the majority of our citizens find the courage to demand our Attorney General  bring law and order for our country? When will the sane people tell the racist haters and  Communist sympathizers that we will no longer allow you to deface our nation’s history? When will we tell black society they can’t intimidate America’s white society any longer because we won’t allow the ‘race card’ and white-guilt to keep us quiet or in our place?

In the midst of this anarchy and evil and destructive hateful behavior by America’s enemies, Pilgrims can rejoice. While historic figures of our nation’s past mark the importance of what we have accomplished, sometimes it is about things all would rather forget, but, mostly revere, Christians don’t need to worry about having their statues or monuments torn down, do we? Do recall that after Jesus was crucified he was put into Joseph of Arimathea’s tomb? The Pharisees came to Pilot and begged him to seal the tomb so he couldn’t escape. Pilot had the tomb sealed and posted a guard.

Note to all Pilgrims: As badly as we might want it or think God should give it, none of us should think or believe God is particularly concerned whether America’s government is Constitutional or Communist. In fact, Christianity has always flourished the best when it is being persecuted by God’s enemies. You don’t need to take Doc’s word for it, do you own research. Since this is a truth from World History as well as America’s, it will be up to Pilgrims to help determine which type of government America will have.

After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb.

     There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it. His appearance was like lightning and his clothes were white as snow. The guards were so afraid of him that they shook and became like dead men.

     The angel said to the women. ‘Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Matthew 28:1-6

Pilgrims don’t have a statue to  be torn down by those who find him ‘offensive’, past or present times, do we?   Praise our mighty God and hallelujah for his only son, Jesus Christ who is a LIVING God!

Doc’s suggestion, and I doubt black people or the Democrat Party and their rabid supporters will listen to it, but, America needs to pay attention to President Lincoln’s warning: A nation divided against its self cannot stand. It took a bloody war between two types of America’s people to settle the issue. Will it take a second war to settle the divide between America’s people today?

Remember Pilgrims, Jesus said the same thing concerning us,  God’s church, and the world. Right now, my opinion, neither one is doing it well.

Doc Christian


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     The Apostle Paul writes about the Pilgrim’s need to be ready for war: ARMOR OF GOD:

Finally, be strong in the Lord in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” Ephesians 6:10-13

Pilgrims, he goes on to identify our Spiritual armor: belt buckle of truth; breastplate of righteousness; shield of faith; helmet of salvation; and pray in the Spirit at all times for courage to witness for Jesus Christ and his Gospel.

One of my favorite comedy teams: Laurel & Hardy, never failed to have a bold announcement sometime in the movie: “Ollie, this is a fine mess you’ve got us into this time.”

When old Doc surveys the political landscape of America in 2017, and I see people like Michael Moore being given free air time to demean and disrespect the President of the United States, it takes a heap of spiritual self-talk’ to keep me from wanting to help him lose about fifty needed pounds by sparing a few round with him. Though I’m seventy-seven, I still think I can take him! What did Paul write? Our enemy isn’t flesh and blood.” Oh!

Pilgrims, grab your Gideon’s big-boy’ pants, exercise your voice, like Joshua did when he gave that grand sermon to the Jewish Nation as he was passing into history, get out your David’s slingshot’ and practice hitting the bulls eye; and become a Prayer Warrior like Paul, because America needs Pilgrims to defend it from Satan’s clutches.

Satan is a very sneaky clever foe. His ‘dust-up’ bunnies direct our people’s attention to the obvious: hate, racism, and self-destruction icons structured around political thought that has as its foundation nothing that comes from the Bible, but from\ the very depths of Hell. Pilgrims, this is a place that even Dante couldn’t imagine.

While our country is seeking new ways to destroy our people using bigotry bombs that trigger emotions that run wild and so out of control the Alt-left wants to silence people they disagree with…and  be damned to our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Satan and Huxley’s  1964 have united to give all a real world nightmare: the Though-Police have arrived.

In Baseball, one of the cardinal rules for all players: “Don’t take your eye off the ball,” also applies to politics and spiritual things for Pilgrims.

HEALTH CARE ALERT! Ophthalmologists and Optometrists in America, our Congress, our media, and our business tycoons need your services to help President Trump Make America Great Again. Suddenly, unexpectedly it seems this collective group of people has become vision impaired. It seems only the President has twenty-twenty political vision because none of the other people were able to see that the recent racial violent struggle in Charlottesville contained two groups of haters: white and black.  The KKK and others of their ilk, and Black Lives Matter  and others of their ilk were responsible for a woman being murdered by a lunatic white man who hates black people. Our President astutely noted that these two hate groups came to this city to do harm. Odd, only President Trump noticed this and pointed this truth out to America. Odder still, only the myopically challenged group expressed our President was a liar and was an enthusiastic supporter of one group: the white supremacist, though he has consistently denied and disavowed he supports this racist hate group. Now, it is strange they deny that Black Lives Matter was actually in the streets of the city causing chaos and violence, yet, they accuse the President of being a loyal supporter of the white man’s group. Thus, they want America to believe that the KKK was the only party responsible for the melee. Doc’s take on all this is this gaggle of Socialist/Communist lovers are not only blind they can’t think with intelligence or common sense, either.

When society contains mutually evil forces: White Supremacists and Black lives Matter, who spout righteous indignation about each other, but each one possesses a sinister goal: KKK longs for yesterday where people of color were treated as sub-human’ and white people rule and dominate society; and BLM seeks to usurp our government and deconstruct our Constitution and replace it with a Communist form of government (they are financed by Socialist/Communist, Soros money), evidently, because they believe people of color will find utopia and there will be equal justice for all. Each person in their kingdom will be equal to everyone.

Pilgrims, this is one of many foolish ideas from past Communist Revolutions that have had unfathomable disastrous outcomes: One does not need to revisit Russia or Cuba, today, even toilet paper is in short supply in Venezuela; not to mention democracy. This is the latest Bernie/Warren dummies fantasy concerning a Socialist government. Don’t you just love it? Won’t it  play well on Broadway as a future attraction in America!

America is filled with loons that should be locked up because they think they can eradicate America’s history by physically removing objects that offend their ‘Game-world’ fantasy that will correct all ills and wrongs in our country’s storied past by wishing is isn’t true. How can one measure how politically correct America has become? When top business leaders of our nation proved to be little more than cowards in the face of this race based destructive re-writing of our history to appease sick minds wishing to stop and dwell upon the sins of the past rather than move forward and help heal and unite our country, you know we have reached  the depths of despair for a brighter future for we are choosing to remain in the vortex of racial hatred. Now, we have moved from the time of White racial hatred for blacks to Black racial hatred for whites.

Pilgrims are called to love those who hate them and even persecute them for the sake of Jesus Christ. We are also called to speak the truth in love. My opinion, most Christians will do the former, refuse to do the latter. We can pray for the strength to forgive those who harm us; but, to speak the truth about that harm is a public demonstration. Even our preachers seldom possess that type of courage.

As America is being swamped by Political Correctness, i.e. Google recently fired an employee because he had the audacity to suggest there is really a physical difference between a male and a female. The words of the Bible evidently don’t ring a bell for any of Google’s bosses:

So God created mankind in his own image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

     God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it.” Genesis 1:27-28

Now I know the tech guys are intelligent; but, only foolish fools contradict the God of science who created man and woman. He didn’t change the biology for progeny.

Pilgrims, when we remained silent in the face of sexual identity politics using our courts to bring judicial decisions against a Holy God, and Christians capitulated the biblical moral high-ground, how will it ever come back in America? If this pleases you, thank your ‘politically correct preacher and church leaders; if this displeases you, blame goes to all believers that chose to remain mute in the face of being labeled with names all are uncomfortable wearing. Never mind how uncomfortable that cross was to wear, right?

If you don’t change your light from a dull bulb to one that can be seen on a hill miles away, or you don’t shake your salt in copious amounts to keep America from spiritual decay, remember the question Jesus asked: What good are?

Pilgrims, must be clothed with the necessary Spiritual armor to please God and not the world. We must be ready to fight in our churches, fight in our schools, fight in our public streets, and fight in our courts with the truth of God’s word. We must face violent and hate filled political enemies and use every biblical means to defeat this hoary enemy that seeks to destroy this country’s biblical foundation and rip out every iota of biblical truth so that Atheist may control our lives.

My opinion, in 2017, God’s biblical church in America has very little dirt or dents in its armor from being in battle. Perhaps, what one can see is the yellow streak running down most Christians backs that the enemy has painted on the backsides of believers that fled the battle ground. Saddest part of all this is that we send out our children into the war spiritually naked because we refuse to mix politics and religion in our churches and sermons; i.e. the church refuses to take on Gender Identity Politics about boys and girls bathroom usage We refuse to write letters to newspapers or demand a voice on the School Boards agendas expressing God’s truths about sin and the moral values believers must hold dear. We have rightly earned the distasteful monikers: Silent Majority; now, we are the Silent Minority. Should we shout ‘three cheers’?

I fear too many Pilgrims wear Spiritual Armor for show, and they never intend to experience the heat of the battle field. I also fear that Trump Nation supporters fall into this category, often.

In a country where democracy reigns, Pilgrims are hard pressed to subdue the enemy anywhere other than the Voting Booth or one’s purse or billfold. In fact, Christians can accomplish more with their finances than the voting booth. All one has to do is take a gander at the Republican Party and recognize votes often don’t accomplish what is necessary or what a majority of citizens desire, right? On the other hand, I’m never going to buy another can of Campbell’s soup. I don’t care if its Chicken Soup is good for me or not! I pray that Trump Nation will seek out those businesses that chose to support President’s enemies rather than work to promote good paying jobs and help Make America Great Again. All of these business tycoons’ majority buyers are from Trump Nation. We possess the power to demonstrate that we control the future outcome of our nation’s economy. The Liberals in our country don’t possess the financial clout: i.e. half of their constituents are on welfare or other government aid. I’m quite positive these people don’t  have the money to buy the expensive items produced by most of the businesses that chose to support racist haters: Black Lives Matter or Antifa that is a Communist political front, rather than support their stockholders. My prediction, they will pay a heavy price on their ‘bottom line’. Just look at how the NFL has suffered! Trump Nation must keep the pedal to the metal: Boycott the NFL for the 2017 season!

Pilgrims, we must not forget that this war we must wage is about two competing ideologies: one from the past and one new from today. The first is a war to support, reclaim and implement a biblically principled Constitutional government structure in America. The second is a war to destroy those things and install a Secular Socialist/Communist Atheist non-Constitutional form of government in America. Which one will help? Which one will harm?

The bottom line for all Pilgrims and citizens of America come down to this one salient fact: You will choose to be part of the solution or part of the problem that plagues America’s future. Liberals hate America’s form of government; Conservatives cherish it.

If you call yourself a Pilgrim, but you support the Liberal agenda, then you are a worthless  warrior on God’s battle field.

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money {man} Matthew 6:24

For too many Pilgrims, you look disgusting! Quit going around naked!

Doc Christian






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     Are you kidding me! It takes Vice President Pence to break a tie vote to…just decide to have a debate about repeal and replace the failed Obama health care fiasco, shame on all of the supposedly August political body: The Senate. Our entire Washington Political organization needs to be blown up and these worthless (collectively) representatives should be tarred and feathered and put on a rail and run out of Washington. Does America need any more reasons to change our Constitution and implement TERM LIMITS?

Pilgrims, how can one measure the hate the entire Democrat Party has for a majority of our country’s people? Deplorables! That is a ‘piker’s word’ to describe the disdain and indifference this rag-tag political party has for America’s future success. To every man or woman in this Socialist/Communist-leaning ‘ hate America’s military, its flag and everything it stands for, that includes a burning desire to over throw our elected democratic process, and impeach President Trump…by any means, President Trump is right: this unholy place is a sewer that  in deed needs to be drained. Can Pilgrims spell Rid ix?

By the end of the week, President Trump should have already ‘hand-picked’ candidates to defeat Collins and Murkowski in 2020: the Trump Party will give them a political lesson about what happens to traitors and liars who betray their party and the party’s President by not voting to support America and the President’s agenda to Make America Great Again.

When will our ‘chicken-liver’ Republican leaders demand that our Intelligence agencies open an investigation into the corrupt Obama administration? When will a ‘Special Prosecutor’ be appointed to look into the Russian collusion: not the FAKE NEWS one about President Trump; but the real one that none can deny has already happened? When will Ryan and McConnell match that snake: Shipp with his incessant and unfounded Russian Collusion nonsense be matched by the Republican Party leaders as they do the political ‘dog and pony’ show until the Clinton’s get their just do according to our ha ha un-biased legal system, and a Congressional investigation is conducted.

Senator John McCain, who has brain cancer, came to the party’s rescue…and he proved that our entire Democrat Party are a bunch of skunks because they didn’t step up and allow a video  or a form of Skype to be used for his ‘present’ vote and his yeah vote, instead of forcing him to get off  his death bed and get to Washington…in the flesh. What kind of evil…ha ha supposedly compassionate people reside in that nest of vipers that want to do away with our Capitalist system and replace it with a Communist one?

When will our numskull Republican Party call a halt to this FAKE NEWS witch hunt being conducted by Muller and his band of hate Trump legal beagles looking for that sacrosanct needle in a haystack: Russian Collusion that doesn’t exist? Why did they run to the rescue of the Democrats to embolden and enable them to hamstring our President? Why didn’t they demand President Trump fire Comey after he proved he was corrupt and in the tank for Hillary by not given her a trial to prove her guilt or innocence? Six months into President Trump’s term and the only people that have had the size of their shorts checked out are Trump people. How about the corrupt Obama administration? We know Comey was a ‘leaker’, why not put him in jail? Why haven’t Brennon and Clapper been investigated for misleading our nation and providing cover for President Obama’s crooked people? Why hasn’t Loretta Lynch been investigated for obstruction of justice?

Republicans, the point old Doc Christian is making is he thinks you are not doing your job well. He thinks you behave as if elections don’t have consequences (wise words from President Obama) and you can choose not to support the people of the United States President without impunity. If you don’t get your heads out of your rears and jump on the Trump band-wagon, you are in for a rude awaking If you fail to do this, the Republican Party is going to pass into history, and be replaced with Trumpers. THE TRUMPERS PARTY! Doc thinks that has a good sound to it, right Pilgrims.

Jesus speaking to the political and religious leaders, “You brook of vipers, how can you who are evil say anything good? For out of the mouth speaks what the hart is full of. A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him. But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken. Matthew 12:34-37

Doc Christian


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     Pilgrims, Doc has never done an article that is designed to be a ‘fund raiser’ before because I just never felt it should be part of my writing ministry’s goals: evangelize the world for Jesus Christ; but, recently, I have changed my mind.

Radio, one of my favorite movies featured a mentally handicapped boy’s love for a radio to change the hearts and minds, thus lives, of people in his life. When you watch the story, you feel good while it is being told, and you feel whole at the end because it produced a goal people can identify with and are eager to share: love your neighbor as yourself never goes out of style.

Doc’s opinion, Christian radio, Gospel music, in this case Southern Gospel, possesses the potential to reach more of the lost than all of the pulpits in America. Its lyrics can reach out and can touch the sin of mankind with a depth few churches or pulpits do.

Who listens to Christian Radio?

It’s the ‘long-haul’ trucker speeding so he can meet his ‘honey’ at the next ‘Truck Stop’ and commit adultery…again. It’s the mother with a van full of kids, dropping them off at school so she can have the neighborhood lothario warm up the sheets in her and her husband’s Master Bed, before she meets a client at her law firm. It’s the drunk ‘having one more for the road’ before he goes home and batters his family. It’s the neglected woman driving to work thinking about the kind words that new salesman spoke to her, and she wished her husband would be as attentive. It’s the banker listening to radio as he sweats the audit and the missing funds. It’s the preacher ‘making house calls’ that keep a few women in his church sexually satisfied. It’s the teenage girl crawling into the backseat with a boy she barely knows. It’s the housewife drinking too much straight whiskey to drown out the monotony of her life. It’s the father wrestling with the idea of not filing his taxes or using false information gambling the I R S won’t randomly audit the return. It’s the teenager that is slowly being enticed to try drugs by his friends. It’s the man who sits in his car in his driveway for a few long minutes contemplating going in the door, one more time, to the shrew that lives with him or driving off, for good. It’s a politician waiting in a clandestine out of the way place waiting to meet people with a bag full of cash. It’s the grieving parents that just buried a child. It’s a woman that just read the letter left to seal the ‘goodbye’. It’s the single mother crying because the baby doesn’t have milk. It’s the prostitute lying prostrate across her bed nursing a bruised eye, and sobbing her heart out. It massages the broken heart of a parent with a child that has proven to be indifferent.

It’s a child singing along with “Jesus Love Me”. It’s a couple celebrating their fifty years of marriage, and they hum along with the song about loving Jesus: Jesus, the sweetest name I know. It’s the woman with the new promotion laughing and even shouting, to no one but her, about how blessed she is to have the Lord on her side. It’s the Pilgrim singing along with the song to help change one’s attitude, as the words encourage a different spiritual path. It’s the call to arms to defend the faith and it gives one the courage to be bold for Christ. It’s a chance to enjoy the reverie of times long past that marked your biblical journey in the arms the loving savior, Jesus It’s an opportunity to connect the song’s lyrics to a loved one, and it fills your cup to overflowing: I’m drinking from my saucer because my cup has overflowed. It is various children stories: Adventures in Odyssey, that teach biblical truths parents may not teach. It’s Focus on the Family with interviews and biblical teaching for parents, couples, singles, and children that will enable people to better navigate their world using God’s holy Bible as their ‘instruction’ book. It’s preaching that calls upon the Holy Spirit to do his job: give glory to Jesus Christ and convict the world of sin that leads people to confess their sin, repent for that sin, and accept the free gift of salvation offered by Jesus Christ, and are baptized to live an eternity with Jesus in Heaven.

Pilgrims, how often have you lamented you didn’t accept God’s call to a mission field? How often have you asked: What can I do to help the lost to know Jesus? How many times have you said: ‘I’d help if I only knew how? Can any Pilgrim deny having had those thoughts or desires?

Well! Fellow Pilgrims, old Doc has some GOOD NEWS to share, just for you! Doc wants to issue every Pilgrim or anyone who reads my article on Social Media to dig deep into your pocketbook and send…more than a ‘widow’s mite’, but about the cost of an expensive Starbucks latte, to the following address:

King of Kings Radio

Po box 1423

Somerset, Ky. 42502

This radio station recently purchased another station: WEKV (they have to change the call letters) out of Webster, Oh. and this new acquisition has expanded their market all the way down to  Huntington, W. Va.  So, now an additional half a million listeners will hear the Southern Gospel music and GOOD NEWS about Jesus Christ. King of Kings Radio is a listener supported station. I listen to it every chance I get! When I’m in my auto, I’m always listening to their programming.

Word Press, my blog, tells Doc he has 20,000 members (Doc’s church) that receive a notification each time I post a new article; and it adds a thousand or so new members each month; and this is what I want each member to do for the Lord…and old Doc: break open your Piggy bank; the one you have been putting coin into for a while, perhaps, years, turn it into cash, and send a check to King of Kings Radio to help them cover all the costs for this new purchase. The owner mentioned they had the money for the purchase, but not for the Legal Fees…lawyers are always uber expensive, right? If every member of Doc’s church sent three to five dollars…or more, to King of Kings the Legal Fees would be paid, with much to spare. The beautiful thing would be this: the owner said they wanted to buy more stations so the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST could be heard to an ever expanding listening market. MORE GOOD NEWS! It’s a beautiful thing, right?

Since new people continue to join my blog, and evidently, people are interested in what I have to write about. The test, for Doc, concerning how valuable my blog articles are for the witness of God’s Bible and the saving grace of Jesus Christ is just this: will professing blog (Doc’s church) members react positively to my call to sacrifice, a little, to greatly increase the opportunity for people to learn about Jesus as they HEAR THE SAVIOR COMING THROUGH THE RADIO? I pray it will.

If every member sent five dollars, Doc’s blog could give a gift to the King of Kings Radio station for 100,000 dollars!  We could be responsible for enabling the owner to purchase another station, in the near future. Don’t you want to be a part of this great mission? I pray each member does.

Please address it to the radio station, and put a note in it that lets them know it is part of a joint-effort from all Pilgrims that belong to Doc Christian’s Blog or any Pilgrims from Social Media sites, and put the information: Doc Christian’s blog on the bottom left of the envelope. THANKS! I’m starting the ball rolling with a check for 25.00. If you have doubts, pray about what God wants you to do.

You can also contact them:  800 408 8888

P.S. the station doesn’t know anything about Doc’s fund raising efforts from the Pilgrims. LET’S GIVE THEM A BIG SURPRISE!

If you have a comment, nay or yeah, leave it on the blog.

Doc Christian


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     When Pilgrims see the now politically defrocked leader: Hillary Clinton         … the head domino woman of the Democrat Party, using Social Media to show she is a proud member/leader of the NASTY WOMEN tee-shirt movement, that removes any doubt about the true nature of her character, every Pilgrim and non-nasty woman should fall on their knees and give thanks to the Lord of heaven she did not become our President.

When Pilgrims stop to ponder how close the United States came to being swallowed whole by the Atheist/Socialist/Communist faction in our country: hanging chad kept the climate lunatic Al Gore from putting his carbon foot print on our nation’s future; eight years of a racist baiting President Obama presidency that has left America with a ‘step and fetch-it’ racial set back we may never recover from, and Hillary Clinton losing the Electoral Vote in 2016, has given us more reasons to celebrate the Creator’s blessings that any could imagine, right?

Donald J. Trump was an ‘unknown’ quantity when it came to the game of Presidential Politics, and millions questioned his ‘fitness’ to be elected as our President. In fact, the Democrats and Media made it a ‘full-time’ job to convince our nation’s voters this was a fact and it was undeniable.

Since Diogenes’ light couldn’t find ten honest Media types, just as he struggled to find ten honest men in his day, we now know, as it applies to Hillary Clinton, she is not only dishonest, thoroughly corrupt, and possesses nothing but devious bones, and is truly ‘unfit’ to serve as our President, she is even worse than most Pilgrims first thought: now, she is a proud NASTY WOMAN.

Perhaps, using different terms and a different measuring-stick were used, but the Bible has always depicted NASTY WOMEN. One can attach any type of immoral, evil, decadent, bacchanal descriptive adjective to a woman like, JEZEBEL or DELILAH.  JEZEBEL was a hussy that collected, fed and clothed false priests that worshiped false gods and murdered all opposition; DELILAH was a modern-day Feminist since her behavior totally humiliated her husband before family, friends, God and country. When it came to choosing a wife, she proved Samson had a million dollar body and a ten cent brain.

The girl’s mother, Naomi Judd, from the hollers of Kentucky, must be embarrassed by her youngest daughter, Ashley’s prominence as the modern-day Feminist’s most NASTY WOMAN in America: Soon after President was elected, she gave voice to a godless horde of heathens that seek to breakdown and remove the last vestige from America’s once great biblical foundation during their protest in Washington, because Naomi was proud of God’s Bible. Perhaps, Ashley was doomed when she was born in California rather than Kentucky.

Judd isn’t the first NASTY WOMAN in America! I recall watching that rag-tag group of disgruntled women marching in protest against our newly elected President and my mind clearly saw Hanoi Jane. The Fonda, NASTY WOMAN, who was a traitor to our country…and wildly embraced by the far-left loons in and out of Washington…and even some Republicans. If you want some ‘light’ reading for your beach vacation, I recommend Jeremiah Denton’s book: When Hell Was in Season: It is the story of the torture and brutality suffered by our captured warriors during the Vietnam ‘conflict’’ (it was never declared a war) {It is also why I was never eligible for the G.I. Bill for a college education}. Jane Fonda hated the military and she arranged a visa and a visit to the enemy’s high command. This traitor dingbat returned home with a glowing report about the humane treatment they were giving to the captives. Jeremiah’s book tells the true story of how they heightened the torture on the warriors to get them to lie publicly about their treatment. The warriors blinked their eyes using Morris code to let the world know their mouths and minds were on different wave lengths.  She should have been tried for treason and shot!

If you love the sound of a vacuum’s noise doing its thing to complete an abortion: after the unborn baby’s head is punctured, the vacuum sucks out the baby’s brains to be put in a ‘Biological Waste’ container that all Planned Parenthood abortion clinics use for health and safety reasons for their staff: for the murdered baby, not so much; and, if you like the idea that aborted baby parts are sold for medical research and they go to the ‘highest’ bidder that earn the executives large bonuses, you are a really NASTY WOMAN.

If you enjoy concerts that have simulated live-sex acts, Madonna with her hunks, and you cheered when she said she had been thinking about blowing up the White House since Donald Trump was our President: telling the world she DESIRED to be part of a plot to murder him, you are a NASTY WOMAN.

If you make light of the beheading of Christian Muslims in Muslim countries, and you hate our President so greatly that you put on Social Media a mock decapitated bloody head depicting President Trump, which clearly demonstrates she’d like to murder him in Jihad style, as the mentally Trump-deranged diseased Kathy Griffin did, you are a NASTY WOMAN.

If you don’t care that Hillary committed treason by miss handling Top Secret Classified material that compromised our Nation’s security; lied about everything pertaining to politics for three decades, and conducted a ‘pay for play ‘ money laundering scheme for the Clinton Foundation out of the State Department during her tenure as head of that government position, if you gave your tacit approval  and public support for her hand in the murder of diplomats and military warriors at Benghazi because she didn’t want to hurt President Obama’s re-election chances in 2012,  you are a member of the NASTY WOMEN’S CLUB.

If your vocabulary contains more words of profanity than non-profanity ones, and you seem pleased to use them in public for shock and awe, you are a NASTY WOMAN.

If you have various tattoos that cover your body that clothing can’t hide and signify provocative symbols, instead of personal, discreet ones most clothing can hide, you are probably a member of the NASTY WOMEN’S CLUB.

If you drool over Women from the View you are a NASTY WOMAN! If your life needs a shot daily of Maher, Colbert, and Chelsea Handler you are a NASTY WOMAN.

If you can see the carnage from our major ghetto cities and barrios, where decent folk are unable to feel safe walking down their own neighborhood streets, where two-thirds of all babies that are born are from Welfare, unwed women, usually more a girl than a woman, and know that less than forty percent of the children possess a high school diploma, yet you support the Teacher Union controlled education and protest School Choice, you are a NASTY WOMAN.

If you support open marriage and bastard children… that are paraded in public, particularly by our Hollywood elites, rather than the ‘traditional’ biblical marriage, you are a NASTY WOMAN.

If you are so filled with blind-rage hate against President Trump and the Republican Party, and you are too stupid to recognize that the woman you are giving public support to: Linda Sosaur is a woman advocating Jihad against  60,000,000 plus million Americans as she seeks to replace our Constitution with the Muslim’s Sharia Law, yet, remain too dense to understand  how this outcome would help or harm women: if this happens, the Feminist Women would all be killed, or would bow their knee to Allah, according to the Quran (their ‘holy book’), you are a foolish  dimwitted NASTY WOMAN.

If you favor the ‘skank look’ for women that put your private parts on display, and encourage preteen girls to emulate you and adopt your moral code, you are a NASTY WOMAN.

If you hate the Bible and its principles that call for holy living according to the Creator of the world, you are a NASTY WOMAN.

If you believe Socialism/Communism economic policies are superior to Capitalism, and you favor a corrupt judicial system based upon bias rather than our Constitution…you’re not nasty, just stupid.

In the future, when you see women sporting these NASTY WOMEN tees, think about old Doc’s definition of a NASTY WOMAN.

One last thing! Mary Magdalene was once a whore and a prostitute, but, she believed in Jesus as the savior of the world and she is mentioned often in the New Testament as being anything but a NASTY WOMAN. Doc asks all Pilgrims to pray that every NASTY WOMAN would one day emulate Mary Magdalene and find peace on earth and in heaven.

Pilgrims, if you are searching for a model of a GODLY WOMAN, may I recommend you read Proverbs 31: 10ff

Doc Christian


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     First, Doc’s disclaimer! I’m not a doctor or any type of professional medical trained person. I’m not a politician or in congress. I’ve never run for an office, local, state or national…not even for the local dog catcher; but, I have lived seventy-seven years in America, and I have seen this once great nation chase after false gods and elevate man to a place God never intended him to be: irresponsible for his decisions, blame others for one’s stupidity, and expect strangers to support them regardless of how immoral, inane, and foolish they behave.


     The Constitution doesn’t guarantee anyone HEALTH CARE, neither should the government! If the government is going to get into the womb to the tomb business, I believe it should be ‘means-tested’. We need different types of health care for different types of people who have HEALTH CARE. Every citizen should have catastrophic coverage: i.e. birth defects, mental challenges. My opinion, people who reject a life style that will enable them to remain reasonably healthy, should be in a different category than those who embrace an unhealthy lifestyle. People who drink, use drugs, and abuse their bodies with food should pay more than those who don’t. People who exercise and eat sensibly are far less likely to need an excessive amount of health care that is very expensive.

It seems our congressional toadies are in lock-step to spend our money on drug addicts, many are three time losers. They tell us we have an Opioid disease crisis that will take several hundred billions of dollars to cure. Doc’s opinion, our nation has an identity problem that is all about defining the problem: We don’t have a disease problem, we have a SIN problem. You can sort out the problem and explore it, dissect it from A to Z from any medical or psychological vantage point, and it still boils down to a SIN. Abuse of drugs and alcohol destroys the body that the good Lord created.

We have a nation filled with people who have been taught, from grade school up, that they don’t have personal responsibility to live with the outcomes they choose. America’s taxpayers stand at the ready to bail them out, financially for it is their right to defy our laws: legal and moral based upon biblical truths, and it is our obligation to enable them. If this isn’t so, then why do we have a drug epidemic?

If parents/guardian/ or other family members have enabled and are duplicitous for addict’s addiction, houses, land, and personal property should be confiscated and sold to cover the cost of a family’s children or family members who become drug addicts. Our local, state and national politicians should not expect strangers to pony-up money to cover the sins of other people, unless they volunteer to do so. If one looks at our sinful, horrible enabling Welfare System, forced upon taxpayers, it easy to understand why we have a drug epidemic: Our brilliant elected officials, from both parties, for five decades have been unable to discern an undeniable truth: YOU PUNISH BEHAVIOR YOU WANT TO STOP; YOU REWARD BEHAVIOR YOU AGREE WITH OR ARE WILLING TO SUPPORT.  None can deny our congressional representatives have loved WELFARE! If not, then they would have refused to give money to sinful people who have been parasites: they take and demand more, they never give back, but complain about what they receive. They don’t have any ‘skin in the game’, but they demand to have an equal share to determine the outcome.

The ‘buzz’ word from congress is Medicare and Medicaid. They say that Medicare is going to be bankrupt in 2034. Medicare is for the Senior Citizen: death and dying. Medicaid was intended for the Widows, widows with children under the age of eighteen, and the disabled. Medicaid was never intended to provide for able boded people, even young adults.

Now, since a bunch of lunatic Progressive Socialist have been give power to control all taxpayers lives, and they have forced sensible, responsible, self-reliant people to provide for millions of people who won’t do themselves, our congress is grappling with the seemingly impossible task of how to provide reasonable health care for America, including those who don’t want the insurance and those who refuse to pay for their own health care, and its problem is they want a ‘perfect’ system…folks, it doesn’t exist.


  • Stop paying for non-emergency visits.
  • Non-emergency (life and death situations) usual sicknesses: mild fever, coughs, colds, sprains etc. are the people that must be sent to IMMEDIATE CARE CENTERS/CLINICS. If patients refuse to comply, he/she is liable for cost of treatment. Government will not pay bill!
  • Unless it is ‘life threatening’, stop allowing illegals to use hospital Emergency care,
  • Age of eligibility for children should be a max of 21 years. Longer than that, parents, society coddle slugs who need to become responsible adults, and not on the taxpayers dime.
  • Do not bail out insurance companies! Pass legislation for competition across state lines so business is forced to compete for Health Care dollars.
  • Establish tax Health Care Savings programs.
  • Do not offer any incentives to any Congressional member or its state to help pass the Health Care bill.
  • Reject OMB findings, they haven’t been correct in my life time. They have a built in bias for Socialist medicine.
  • Remove all regulations, mandates or fees associated with the purchase of Health Care
  • Allow groups or associations to form groups to negotiate with insurance companies, directly, to remove the ‘middle man’ expenses. Insurance companies will be forced to accommodate ‘Preexisting’ health conditions for these groups or will risk losing the business that will be profitable. The competition will keep the premiums and deductibles low.
  • Allow doctors and hospitals to post medical costs for consumers. This ‘stepping into the sunshine’ will create a new medical competition that will create a downward draft for all medicine and health care in our country. Consumer will know what medical costs are in an open competition for the Health Care dollars.
  • Force Congress and all government employees to have the same Health Care all American citizens are forced to live with.
  • The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” II Thessalonians. 3:10 Stop paying for people to be idle!
  • Stop funding the ‘killing machine’: Planned Parenthood (better title…Unplanned or no plans for Parenthood).
  • Pay only for one illegitimate child! Force sperm donors to pay for cost to rear a child or put them in jail: DNA will sort out sin and responsible party.
  • Stop ‘ambulance chaser’ lawyers from ruining our Health Care and Judicial systems with TORT REFORM: loser pays all court costs and legal fees. Doc guarantees our courts dockets won’t be clogged with frivolous law suits by corrupt people.
  • Repeal Obama Care! Let it run its nefarious course, and when it fails completely, wait until Schumer and Pelosi comes, with hat in hand’ to beg you to allow them to seek a bi-partisan fix for their past bad-faith deeds for a failed President: Obama health care program.

Perhaps, Doc’s final suggestion will give the beleaguered tax payers some relief from a bunch of nincompoops from both parties by telling them the Trump supporter are going to run their candidate against them in the next election: a politically incorrect Populist candidate that uses the Bible for guidance rather than a door-stop.

Doc’s Health Care plan isn’t a perfect plan; but, it is a plan with common sense and has the American people at the center of its implementation that would provide good care for less money.

Doc Christian


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