Our church’s preacher’s message was about why God allows anyone to walk away from him. He used Timothy II, fourth chapter to develop his message. I found it interesting he answered this question biblically, yet never mentioned the doctrinal Tulip that often creates heated exchanges and disrupts any opportunity to focus upon the most important reason for the answer for this profound question.


In the fall of 1958, I entered college as a freshman at Phillips University on a basketball scholarship. It was my first time away from my loving parents and four other siblings. Though the university had a reputation for its Divinity School, and its stated mission was to graduate students with a Liberal Arts degree and with biblical knowledge that would change the world for God. I soon discovered I was a ‘babe’ in the woods.


While most of the students seemed to have a real commitment to Christ, a few, I was one, were different and they stood out like a sore thumb after a couple of whacks with a hammer. While my buddies and I sought the solace of the local pool hall, this boy/man/child, from Missouri, Bob Dunn, was different. He walked his talk about the Bible and Jesus. It seemed all he did was study (he was an honor scholar), write, and read his Bible. He often ended up a part of our conversation, derogatory in nature, for we wondered what made him tick.


At different times, he invited us, me to stay and talk about the Bible. My freshman year I didn’t accept his invitations. During the summer, he stayed on campus, and I also spent time on campus. We would practice basketball drills, shoot around, and talk about our futures. I didn’t have a clue; Bob was going to be a doctor.


In reflection, I was one of a million Christian cowards, as nearly all young people, who have been reared in a Christian home are when it comes to demonstrating they are sold out on Christ. Secretly, I admired him. I wished I had his love for the Bible and his incredible faith. Everything about his life shouted:” I’m God’s man! Other than my church attendance at the students required twice a week chapel, and when home, my attendance with my family at our home church, little could distinguish me as “God’s man.”


Bob was bold with his witness amongst our team, and he often used scripture to make a point. He wasn’t the official Captain or one of the acknowledged ‘leaders’ of our team, but he was the most respected. As an old man, I know now it was because he had what we all needed and wanted, a righteous relationship with Jesus. The things of the world did not motivate him; but the mark off excellence to achieve great things for God’s glory did.


As the aged Apostle Paul lived out his last few days on earth, living in a prison listening for the Roman Executioner’s footsteps, he urged Timothy to hurry to his rescue. He needed certain things to ease his life and his mind. He wanted his coat for the cold nights in the cell, he wanted to see John Mark again, and he wanted his scrolls and parchment papers (we would refer to them as our Bible). In his remarks to Timothy, he noted that his once faithful worker in the ministry, Demas, left him. He said he did so because he ‘loved the world’.


Why does God allow Pilgrims to walk away? A popular movie had a very ‘catchy’ line in it…”Love never has to say I’m sorry.” This is the maladjusted world’s muddled emotional solution to this sin-sick world’s problem of handling a messy life. Pilgrims can ‘one-up’ them using biblical truth. “Ture love demands freedom.”


The analogy I have taught Pilgrims concerning why God allows you to walk away, is about you understanding how God’s plan of salvation works in his economy. If your neighborhood had a ‘bully’ who terrorized the kids, and you were faithful to him and followed his instructions, and you even allowed others to know you recognized him as your leader, if something happened and he was removed from the neighborhood, would your allegiance remain? No! Why? You agreed to support him so you didn’t suffer physical and emotional harm. When the threat was removed, so was your loyalty. The world outside your neighborhood may have thought you were a true friend of the bully, but you knew it was a lie.


God loves Pilgrims so much he is willing to allow them to change their minds and walk away from a once devout faith in his love. He knows if he has to be a ‘bully’ to keep you in his neighborhood gang, your expressed love for him is worthless. His great love is manifest only when you choose not to walk away. His love is then adorned in spiritual freedom.


Paul’s call to send John Mark to him is a significant call. It was young John Mark that chose to join Paul and Barnabas’ ministry, and midway the mission, he left and returned home. Barnabas wanted to give him a ‘second’ chance as they began another missionary journey. Paul wouldn’t hear of it; Barnabas and Paul ended their work together over the acceptance or rejection of John Mark. Reading between the lines, evidently, John Mark returned to the ministry and found favor with Paul. He walked away; he chose to return.


Little is known about Demas. It is significant that Paul names him in his last letter to Timothy, because he chose to leave his post. He left it for a specific reason: he loved the world.


A few years ago, our college basketball team held a 50th.Anniversary celebration. About half of our team came, with our wives, to celebrate. It was a grand time. When I met Bob, we hugged and it was like time hadn’t touched our relationship. I introduced my wife to him, and he introduced his wife, a dazzling looking much younger woman, to us. We agreed to dine together for the evening’s planned events.


The evening’s festivities was structured around talking about each player’s life so all could get ‘caught up’ on our lives. We knew this would be the last time would be together. We laughed and shed a few tears, as our lives unfolded before us.


My speech was about this accidental basketball player. I never played basketball until my junior year in high school. God intervened in my life because I grew six inches during the summer of my sophomore year. In April, I was a non-descript boy, with red hair; In September, I was the tallest boy in school. With the mentoring of my best buddy, who was named on Mac Donald’s first All American High School Basketball team the year after I graduated, and the privilege to play for the most noted Basketball Coach in Oklahoma’s history, and an incredible work ethic, in eighteen months I moved from the last man on the Junior Varsity team to honorable mention All-State in basketball my senior year. The team laughed at my story,  our coach agreed, and then I shifted gears.


Many were surprised to know I was a minster. I began to talk about the people that influenced my life from the team. I gave most of the kudos to Bob Dunn. I talked about his incredible mature faith in Jesus, and how I secretly wished I had it. I talked about our private conversations about how he was going to become a doctor and serve God’s kingdom. Bob seemed very embarrassed and I detected he was acting nervous. He glanced at his wife several times during my speech.


Afterwards, his wife came up and thanked me for the kind words about Bob. “He’s changed,” she said. Her remarked piqued my curiosity. “What do you mean, ‘He’s changed,’ I asked. “Bob doesn’t believe in God,” she replied. I looked into her eyes for a few seconds. “Bob’s an atheist?” In a whisper, “Yes,” she said. I laughed. “You’re joshing me, right? Bob Dunn could never be an unbeliever,” I stated. Tears welled up in her eyes, “I wished you were right. Perhaps, he will listen to you, Ranny,” she said, as her voice cracked with emotion.


Stunned beyond belief, I sought out Bob. In a few minutes, we were in a too heated exchange about his walking away from his faith. I asked him why? He said “Science taught him there is no God.” I didn’t reply for a few seconds. “Who taught Science there is no God?” I asked. He became defensive, our debate ended up with expressions of hurt and frustrations. I suppose I didn’t handle Bob any better than Paul handled John Mark on that first Missionary Journey.


The preacher’s message caused me emotional trauma as I couldn’t keep from the bitter/sweet reminisce of two college boys making different choices about God’s love. For many years, I thought my foundation was made of sand.  Until I was sixty-five, I thought Bob’s was made of rock. As I will continue to miss Bob in heaven, one day, I must reconcile myself to the truth, one chose to come nearer and find love that will last for an eternity; one chose to ‘walk away’ and will find torment for an eternity.


Bob’s wife told me he was a highly respected surgeon, but in the last few years he had suffered major heart problems, and he wasn’t practicing medicine. Bob had been a noted and highly respected doctor, until his heart failed. He had been named as one of America’s finest by the medical profession. He lived well and enjoyed the baubles wealth provides. None of those things are wrong, but Bob allowed the world’s trappings to put a wedge between him and his faith. He became a book of James descriptive man, a double minded man blown by the winds of self-professed enlightened people who are little more that vapid windbags clucking about things none have true wisdom of.




Pilgrims, are you still in love with God?  Does his only son, Jesus’ sacrifice thrill you? When you listen to Gospel music that announces his glory and praises his power and authority, does it give you goose-bumps? Are you thinking about choosing to walk away? Perhaps, you are ‘drifting’, and you are choosing to be tantalized by the seductive lure of sins plethora of pleasures that will take you from safe harbor as you drift, into the shark infested waters where Satan is waiting to sink your life-raft and devour you whole.


When it first happened, I’m sure Demas was unaware he was drifting. After Bob left college and entered Medical School, I’m sure he wasn’t aware he was drifting…until Satan confused his mind, changed the purpose of his goals, and probably challenged his ‘spiritual manhood’. He accepted the challenge and lost the war.


Pilgrims, don’t forget that the Devil is a crafty fellow. His game is rigged. When you think you are strong, he wins; when you think you are weak, he wins. Clothed in the grace of Christ is the only place he doesn’t win. Demas walked away, will you?


As I totter on into old age, my heart still holds out hope for Bob to become another John Mark. The most wonderful thing about our God is that his love is so unbounding and filled with a never ending reservoir of forgiveness, even though a Pilgrim may have ‘walked away’, you can always return. I pray that my friend Bob Dunn chooses to be another John Mark.


Doc Christian





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I’m concluding my sermon series on the Sermon on the Mount for my Friday night jail ministry, as I tackle Jesus’ call for Pilgrims to be salt for a sin filled putrid world (this week), and to be a light that can be seen so Pilgrims can lead the unbelieving world to bask in the pure light of Christ, next week.

With the Dead Sea as a well-known salt deposit by the people, Jesus ended his teaching with a call to action for his hearers. He declared his followers must consider their witness on his behalf as valuable as salt. Every adult in that audience could relate to this challenge because all knew how important salt was to everyone in the empire of Rome. Roman soldiers were often paid their (wages, the word “salary” came from the word salt), and it was often used as barter for goods and services by all peoples at this time in history. History is replete with wars and rumors of wars being conducted for the right to control salt. Beyond the culinary value of providing delightful taste to foods, more importantly it was necessary for curing meat. If salt wasn’t available to cure meat, it spoiled, became rancid and dangerous to eat, quickly.

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is not longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.”

Matthew 5:13

Pilgrims, did Jesus ask a ‘trick question’? Did anyone but him understand that salt can actually lose it saltiness? Okay, ole Doc may have a bit of a ‘trick answer’. Scientists report salt can lose its saltiness, but it is still a stretch. Unless salt loses its purity, it can’t lose its saltiness, but, if invaded by impurities (Boron, Magnesium, and Bromides) in a water solution, its taste will change. It will have a foul smell and a worse taste. It will likely make people sick…or wish they were.

It can also lose its saltiness when one’s health has changed and this illness has affected the ability to discern the taste of salt. The person’s ‘taste buds’ have gone on the fritz.

It seems about every Nano-second some Health Organization issues a warning about the use of too much salt in food, and its affect upon the health of people. I suggest these overly dramatic warnings might have seriously affected God’s kingdom on earth, because it seems less Pilgrims are using their salt to stem the tide against a constantly putrefying Sin-sick-world.

Pilgrims, I suggest biblical salt has stealthily been invaded by the corrosive impurities from a delight in sin. The Apostle Paul’s words for the Romans 1:24-32 echoes from every nook and cranny of our confused, in love with Satan culture.

I suggest that Pilgrims have shown their shakers are either running on empty, have become clogged, or just are not being used, because America continues to reject biblical light, and it seems to love the ‘glow’ of darkness. Why is this happening? My opinion, the Bible is a book of wrath and love for mankind. It isn’t a tolerant book, and we live in a society that demands tolerance. Pilgrims are evidently running for cover, for our voices are nearly silent on behalf of our Creator and his only son, Jesus. Atheists covered with sin-canker sores from serving the Devil, run amuck amongst us, and we cower in fear of being labeled a litany of names that only identify a heathen’s pleasure, a heathen’s disturbed mind that has been educated from a cesspool of rubbish, filth the world calls art, and from hack philosophers and scientists who can’t provide

simple answers to life’s most complex questions, but the Bible can.

Passive, feminized fathers have allowed feminized women to take their salt shakers away, and then an entire country bemoans the fact our families are failing because we can’t build prisons fast enough to incarcerate lawless boys who grew up without a father’s presence, without a father’s stern hand of discipline, or a father’s affection and love. The feminized woman’s solutions have been to discontinue the use of a salt shaker. A worthless and patently dishonest ‘self-esteem’ culture replaced a biblical foundation that stood this country well for over two hundred years.

If a salt shaker is used, because it has been so compromised by Satan’s impurities, the salt has lost its saltiness. A sin-sick world has grown accustom to the rancid smell of putrefying souls for little ‘curing’ of them has been happening in America for fifty years. It has harmed Pilgrims for we are at a point we have lost our ‘taste buds’. My opinion, evidently we can’t discern when salt is present…or absent.

When will Pilgrims be publically admonished by the heathen world because they hear, ‘That’s too much salt, anymore and I’ll end up being cured?”

Doc Christian



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In the rural area of southern Oregon, located near the Umpqua River, lie, Umpqua Community College, and October first, its 740 fulltime and 2,437 part-time students were waking up to another beautiful Fall day. Its interim president, Dr. Rita Cavin, was probably in her office ready to meet the day’s events.

The students arriving for the class in the Science lab, were a diverse, eclectic group of people taking on the day. One might say, “Things were ‘normal, possibly a bit mundane, as the school grind moved ahead another day.”

For one student, that formula didn’t apply. A mentally disturbed, recently discharged from the military as ‘unfit for duty’, Chris Harper Mercer, put his plan into action: he was angry, lonely, disaffected, and wanted the world to pay for his perceived lack of success. His mind had been twisted by Muslim association and terrorist propaganda, (this information was recovered when his apartment was searched, and his internet connection was found) and his hate for anything or anybody connected with the Bible and Christian religion. Evidently, he had become convinced his life would suddenly have value if he made a public statement, a lasting legacy the world couldn’t ignore and wouldn’t ever forget. He did!

He forced his way into the classroom in the Science lab, with a cache of weapons, and systematically murdered nine students and wounded many others before he was shot, wounded, and then took his own life.

The media reported this horrible carnage, but often failed to report why certain students were shot and others just wounded. It would be a while before the wounded victims would reveal, and the media would reluctantly report, when asked by the Satanist shooter, if they were a Christian, nine died when they answered in the affirmative.

What thoughts do you suppose ran through those student believers as they faced Satan’s man? “Holy God, I just came to school to get my degree. I’m never going to graduate, I’m never going to get married, have children, or become a doctor, nurse, lawyer, teacher, or live to see grandchildren. It’s not supposed to end this way! Christians are killed by terrorists…from places thousands of miles from Oregon. I’m too young to die for Jesus! Sweet Jesus, he shot Joe on my right, Jennie or my left, I’m next.” Who amongst us Pilgrims would have answered, knowing we were number nine?

At first glance, perhaps some Pilgrims consider the idea of martyrdom as some near-death- defying romantic act found in the pages of Church History, replete with torture on the rack and flayed skin, found on the shoulders of faithful warriors wearing togas and sandals. In the land of Muslims, black scarfs cover the faces of the Satan worshippers, as the heads of Christians are lopped off, then and now. Who could have spotted todays’ martyrs? Young people wearing ‘”Skinny jeans’, NFL jerseys, and any number of items from Under Armor or North Face are now targets of evil assassins marching on the orders from the Prince of the Air.

From all Doc Christian can learn about this tragic event, one remarkable fact rises above all others. The college campus doesn’t have an Inter Varsity Christian college chapter (perhaps, in the aftermath of this evil carnage attack, the President might seriously entertain the idea of inviting Inter Varsity to establish a chapter at the college), yet, in one class, there were a minimum of nine Christian students. I’d have bet you could travel to any non- Christian college campus in America and you wouldn’t find nine students who would sacrifice their life by choosing to be martyrs for Christ.

In my new novel, the main characters are tortured to see if they will recant their faith in Jesus, and to test the chip implants technology to control people and to erase their memories. Some pass, others fail and are haunted for this failure. Regardless of the outcome, their faces are branded for posterity. Christians have responded in different ways about the ‘mark of the beast’ scripture references, perhaps, the mark isn’t for Satan’s followers, but, for Christ’s. Might Christians in America one day wear a branded mark to signify they have been tortured for the sake of Jesus?

Pilgrims as martyrs! I doubt many have visited any business manager of a major Department store to complain about the lack of “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holliday” greeting being used for the celebration of the birth of Christ. I doubt many have gone to the local School Board and complained about the decision to discontinue the Christmas Play that informs the world about the birth of Christ. I doubt many have sent a Letter to the Editor of your local paper declaring your displeasure about the obvious support for the promotion of other religious practices while deliberately diminishing the nativity of Christ in the public square. I doubt many have resigned from the Democrat Party because they have consistently led the congressional charge to remove the Bible and its history from our schools, courts, and public arenas, while supporting those who would do so. I doubt many have told people there is only one religion, one faith, one baptism, and one savior: Jesus Christ.

From Peter, James and John, the extra Apostle, Paul, grafted in by Jesus as a missionary to the Gentiles, to famous names: Joan of Arc, Cromwell, and the many missionaries who lost their lives trying to convert Satan’s people, believers have died for Christ’s sake Martyrs, everyone, and they echo the words of Christ found in the Beatitude’s. “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Righteousness means a “right relationship with Jesus’. Jesus said it empathically, “It will take his righteousness to get a Pilgrim to heaven.”

Scripture teaches Pilgrims it is our duty to our savior to choose to die for him each day as we demonstrate the biblical principles we choose to live by are more important to us than anything the world has to offer. Do we believe this?

What we all can take pride in is that when given a choice to affirm or deny the deity of Christ, nine young students in Oregon chose to die with the name of Jesus’ on their lips. Might we all die as well.

Doc Christian



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If you woke up living in America and the bible’s history and its past moral influences had never happened, how spiritually dark would it be? How would it affect your life and its future? What would this country be like? If technology controlled you and your ability to succeed or fail, how would you like that? If you were suddenly one of a handful of people who secretly privy to America’s biblical history and its influence on its people, what steps would you take to change things?  What would it take for you to join a band of warriors to win back America for God? Would you care enough to sacrifice your life?

My new novel, THE THEOPHANY, SON-LIGHT RESTORED TO A DARK WORLD, takes on this spiritual task, and finds answers to these important questions. When you read my novel, you will find yourself as a warrior seeking ways to find solutions for God. This Mystery thriller will challenge your intellect in ways most Pilgrims have never been challenged.

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I’m not a doctor, but, I have discovered a useful idea for all Pilgrims who have a hard time swallowing pills. If you use ice water to swallow your pills, you can swallow five pills at a time, or even more. It works wonders with children. I don’t know why it works, it just does.






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Pope Francis recently made a trip to America and set ‘high water marks’ for jazzing up the citizens of our country. His adulation rivaled that of our greatest heathens, Grateful Dead, The Beatles, and any number of Rappers, even that of our esteemed President Obama. Since God’s only son, Jesus Christ, might be considered the world’s first ‘Rock Star’, as the people wouldn’t leave him alone or allow him more than a few stolen moments for prayer and meditation, as they brought their blind, lame, and diseased for healing, Doc thought it prudent to write an article addressing the provocative idea of God sending his own encyclical to the Pope, to help the man and the See of Rome to focus upon biblical truth, and to not allow his head to get too swelled…for the sake of his Roman Catholic constituents around the world, and especially in America.

Pope Francis returns to his Presidential Suite at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, sheds his royal accoutrements, and lies down for a well-deserved nap.

God: “Francis my boy, you’ve had yourself quite a day. Nice touch riding in that ‘smart’ car.”

Pope: “I need to have a warm soak for my poor aching arthritic hand. There is just too much fuss when I wear my white robe. When I agreed to accept this high honor, I didn’t know how much kissing, squeezing, and touching it would take, and my hand would cause me so much pain.”

God: “Well, when one is infallible, it is to be expected, I suppose. Francis my son, you’d be more comfortable in Denim,” a chuckle is heard. “You’ve been Pope for a little while, and after you had time to ‘settle-in’ and learn the Papal duties, a bit, I thought It would be a grand idea for you and me to have a chat.”

The Pope is startled from his attempt to get some much needed rest, and he sits up, wide eyed. “God, is it really you?”

“Jorge, it is I,” God replies. “For a boy from Argentina, you’ve come a long way, haven’t you? Your fawning media say you are Pope of the Catholic Church, and you hold the title ex officio as Bishop of Rome, and Sovereign of the Vatican City. Pretty impressive! I’d say you are eating high on the right end of the hog,” God coughs and murmurs.

The Pope puts up his hands, palms down. “It is a bit of a stretch, isn’t it?”

God: ‘Yeah, especially that sovereign part. Did you tell them there is only one Sovereign?”

The Pope’s face flushes, “I meant to. I think my old age failed me again,” he coughed nervously a few times.

God: “Speaking of old age, why do you Catholics insist on electing Popes’ that are at the age nearly all humans want to do, or are really fit to do, is retire? Be truthful, people near eighty often can’t recall why they entered a room, and they have to ‘retrace’ their steps to get memory back. They require a minimum of two, if not more, naps to make it through a day. I notice you evidently have mastered the art of the nap, even during your work day. Nice touch, but, you shouldn’t make it so obvious in public.”

Pope: “I’m not napping; I’m in meditation and prayer for the needy.”

God: “Paul was right, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,” he laughs.

Pope laughs. “I’m an old fool trying to fool you.”

God: “I’ve been observing you for a while and I am certain you need some biblical counsel. By the way, your first mass in Latin… nice touch, but, since Vatican II, unless your listeners were about your age, few understood what you were saying, right?”

Pope: “In hind sight, I guess it wasn’t my finest hour. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, especially the media. I wanted to make a Papal statement. I’m for the traditions long established by the church.”

God: “Which church, your’s or my son’s”? God remained silent for a few seconds. “Who gave you Romans’ permission to set up your own church? Clement didn’t advocate that, did he?”

Pope: “I, uh, I guess not. It was the fault of those pesky Greeks. They insisted on following nothing but the first century church’s guidelines. You know, those left to posterity by the Apostles.”

God: “Duh, you mean the ‘blue-print’ left to them by my only son and the Holy Spirit? That is why Paul wrote that there is but one church, one faith, one Savior. Tell me Jorge, what part of that original ‘church-planting’ formula didn’t the Catholic Popes’ of the past not understand?”

Nervously wringing his hands, “I can’t answer for them.”

God: “Did the Council of Nicaea, way back in three hundred and twenty-five A.D. certify Jerome’s Bible? That is the bible the Catholic Church has used for centuries, right? Why did it take Martin Luther’s Reformation to finally get my Word into the hands of your people?”

Pope: “I admit, we may have strayed a bit from the original plan the Apostle left the world,” but, nearly the entire populace was illiterate. Someone had to provide counsel from the original Canon.”

God: “Often, good intentions are nothing more than a rode paved to Hell. Where did the Catholic Church find the idea of a Mass for money, and how about this Purgatory, and money exchanging hands for a loved one ‘going up or down’…after they are dead? It sounds like a Ponzi scheme worthy of Wall Street’s finest flim-flam artists.”

Pope: “You can’t pin that on me,” he said. “It’s that Tradition, it’s hard to break, you know.”

God: “It’s the ‘indulgences’, I know. It keeps the parishioners seeking absolution from priests. Who has the power to forgive sins? In the scriptures, the word Pope doesn’t exist. He isn’t any more qualified to forgive sins than the plumber who attends a mass, is he?”

Silence for a few minutes. God: “Frankie my boy, I have a few other ‘bones’ to pick with you and your Catholic cohorts. What is this Ex Cathedra cooked up by you guys in Red robes? Why do you mislead your people and buy into this infallible/ not able to sin stuff? And to tell them you possess this ‘sinless’ ability when you are setting on your designated Throne! Shouting, God: “Don’t you read my Spirit’s words? ‘All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God’.”  God coughs a few times. God: “It galls me greatly to think a man (you are a man) who others call Pope, would dare espouse heresy, (you have the ability to be sinless when handing out Papal Edicts)…at any time). I forgive sins; my son, Jesus can forgive sins. You, nor all your priestly minions, you can’t forgive sins. You should be ashamed for concocting such a monstrous lie!

“I, huh, I, huh…it’s a tradition. I didn’t…”

God: “Francis, a lesson in church Theology logic might help you and the boys in Red. If any Pope can possess infallibility, when sitting in his Ex Cathedra designated Pope’s chair, how do you explain the shameful homosexual and pedophile cover-up by Popes’ (John Paul II) and his minions of Bishops and Cardinals for the past fifty years? They made decisions that were grossly sinful while sitting Ex Cathedra…right? They chose to become a part of the sexual scandal rather than be the ones that brought the correct biblical outcome: fire and imprison all of the guilty clerics. This means the Pope sinned greatly while sitting Ex Cathedra. Please, do the world some good, do your Catholic parishioners even better than good, and tell them the truth: you are a sinner just like they are, and you don’t ever have the ability to be declared sinless…by any religious body.

Pope Francis: “But, how do I change ‘tradition’? This ‘little’ lie has been in place since 1870. The holy fathers differentiated this idea of infallibility was only attached to the ‘office’ of the Pope, not to the man (Pope), but its interpretation has been ‘watered-down’ until the conventional understanding by Catholics, and the entire world is that the Pope is unable to sin while carrying out the duties of his Papacy on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church.”

God: “But your high-muckety-muck leaders know this isn’t found in the Bible. Peter didn’t say build the church upon my rock. He said, ‘Jesus said to build his church upon the rock (the rock isn’t Peter or the Catholic Church, it is my son, Jesus)..” Peter never said he had the ability or the divine right to forgive sins. He wrote that only Jesus had this ability. Why do you allow your church members to believe they must seek absolution for sins through a Catholic priest? Scripture teaches there is only one mediator between God and man, and it is Jesus.” I Timothy 2:5

What is this celibacy demand from your church? Since I created man and woman, and I instituted marriage between only a man and a woman, why has your church spoiled my creation? If all men and women, and all homosexuals disobeyed my creation order, how long would my universe last? Your Satan led sexual scandal in the Catholic church, and its deliberate cover-up…since your wrongheaded papal decree first came down the pike, has proven the Catholic Church has been in disobedience of my Word from the first day this edict was handed down. Paul said so in I Corinthians seven when he discussed a Godly marriage and explained my formula for a spiritually contented marriage. There isn’t a word about celibacy for the crown of my creation…is there?

Pope Francis: “I suppose I should call a conference and suggest the bishops and Cardinals entertain this change to a biblically correct position.

God: “It would be the first correct biblically position the church has made in a long time.”

Another thing, what is all this Inter-faith confab stuff? You act like my Church…your church is part of the United Nations, where some of the world’s greatest liars regularly gather to denigrate and mock me and my holy word. If you are attending this gathering of Satan’s friends and my enemies to hold a revival, bless you my son. If you are going to help fabricate the lie that all religions will lead you to Heaven and in my presence, then you are my enemy. John is very explicit when he wrote: the declaration of my son: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 When are you going to be less concerned with a Holy Mass and focus upon preaching about Jesus Christ crucified and glorified? Mary was the most blessed woman on earth, but she can’t get anyone to Heaven!” The Catholic Church has been a religious leader for centuries, but your church’s disinformation has led to a muddle-headed mixture and distortion of my Church, and of its basic principles to show mankind how they can have eternal life, and unfortunately, just look at the mess concerning my church on earth. Even, once the most biblically sound churches in America have become little more than a gathering place for the unrighteous heathens claiming they have the answers for serving God, as they exploit my holiness and my son’s sacrifice, and my word of truth for the sake of being Politically Correct. Did you find an iota in my word about Political correctness?”

Pope Francis: “Tradition is a hard thing to break.”

God: “Will you explain to me about this Social Gospel running amuck in my church in America and the entire world?”

Pope Francis: “It is a bit difficult to explain. It basic tenets are those that are meant to help people live a better life on earth as people provide for those who have less opportunity and less material things in life. You know, when Jesus talks about how people need to feed the hungry and clothe the less fortunate…even visit them in prison.” It’s found in Matthew twenty-five.”

God” It sounds quite biblical, but what is government doing taking from people who work and giving to those who don’t? My son said the world would always have poor people. Paul told the first century church that a man that wouldn’t work shouldn’t eat. During your travels across the world, do you preach this biblical truth? Christians are called to live my ‘Golden Rule’, but so do the people in need. They are commanded to do all they can to take personal responsibility and to stop sinning that often keeps them in poverty. Do the Social Gospel preachers preach biblical holiness, first?”

Francis, Clement and even Assisi didn’t associate themselves with godless heathens and they never mislead them to believe unsaved sinners were safe from the fires of Hell. Isn’t this is what World Religious Theology advocates?”

Pope Francis: “So, you want an ‘old time religion revival’? Smiling, “I suppose that would be a spiritually refreshing thing for the church.”

God: Refreshing! For the Catholic Church, that would be more than a ‘step in the right direction’ to please me and the Savior of the world.

One more thing before I go, why are you spending so much time, energy, and money on this idiotic idea the Heathens have cooked up, Global Warming? How silly you are to think you and this rag tag group of atheists can change my specs for the universe I created. I told you to have dominion and to subdue the universe so it would provide for mankind’s needs. I didn’t expect you to worship it. If you really want to preach about Global Warming and its horrible potential outcomes, and I don’t mean Polar Ice caps melting, begin preaching about the day my son Jesus returns to earth. ‘…But fire came down from heaven and devoured them. (unsaved people). And the Devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophets had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.’ When my son returns to judge this world, this world will be razed and as John said, ‘Then I saw as new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away…’ John. 21:1 “Jorge, then all will see a Global Warming all will be mesmerized by, and all will need to worry about!”

Since Vatican II, the Catholic Church has been a mess. Your financial and sexual scandals have rivaled those of your most corrupt Popes of the past. I suggest you begin focusing only on what you can find in my Holy Word. If the world loves you, you need to reassess your methods and implementation of biblical truth.

One more thing, why don’t you sans those white robes? For the people, white represents something sacred, holy, and you and I both know you are none of the above…no human is.

You show a great desire to be considered just a simple, humble man most comfortable amongst the ‘have nots’, they’d identify with denim best, don’t you think?”

Doc Christian



Five hundred new Pilgrims last moth! Our numbers are growing.

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I ship the book for 21.95 plus shipping

I wrote the first draft ten years ago. God knew, but I didn’t know about the public persecution and execution of Christians in America that would be happening today. It is a book you can’t put down; but you will want to. It is Incredible biblical truth that will scare you straight while highly entertaining you. It is an apocalyptic, cautionary tale about America’s rejection of a Holy Creator, his only Son, Jesus (savior of the world), and the Bible.



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I knew my wife was a creative visionary when it came to business, crafts, and arts, but I didn’t know she was smart enough to create a new word. At least, I can’t find the word on Google, and in Webster’s Dictionary.


I have often laughed at her use of this word, but lately, I have concluded her meaning of the word carries a powerful spiritual punch. My opinion, I believe her use of it would please Jesus.


We are blessed to live in a secluded forest area of Wayne County, Kentucky near Lake Cumberland, in Monticello. We have this incredible beautiful log home (which also serves as our ministry Bed & Breakfast: Raven’s Nest) nestled at the end of a very long and steep dead-end hill where we feed deer, turkey, and all sorts of other God’s creatures that like our corn. For the past two years, we have been walking that hill, twice, each day. My wife has Retinopathy and Type II Diabetes, and she has lost one hundred-twenty-five pounds since we started walking that hill. Yes, all those satanic chocaholic minions have been gasping and dying a slow death on that “D” hill for the past two years. “What can we do to discourage this old woman,” I can just hear the Carbo gang, as they realize her resolve is stronger than her carbo desires. Pilgrims, can’t you just hear the screams of anger and rage spewing out of Satan’s mouth as he loses his power over people he thought were captive to his charms?


The road is actually about three quarters of a mile; but, it’s incline, about forty-five degrees for the first quarter of a mile, requires great determination to climb…especially for people in their seventies. Not every day, but often, as my wife and I struggle to reach the summit, she will reach out her hand, I’m long legged and always a step in front, and say, “Pullerization, I need pullerization.” I reach back my hand and she grabs it and I help pull her along until we reach the summit of the hill where the road’s incline lessens, but remains a constant climb.


Recently, she commented this ‘giving a helping hand’ to someone you love’ is like the touch of my hand on her’s sends an electrical current to her body and especially to her heart that provides a ‘warm-fuzzy’ feeling that engulfs her for she needs a helping hand, just at the most critical time, for her our thighs feel very heavy and the back of our  calves sting as they too beg for mercy, and our energy is waning and needs to be replenished, she will reach for my hand.


As the man in her life, for nearly fifty-three years, I like it that she leans upon me, and that I have the stamina and the strength to give her what she needs. She doesn’t seek pullerization until she is nearly spent. As we walk, we often hold hands and that is a ‘good thing’ for our relationship, as we enjoy the intimacy and freedom of a silent expression of our love that enriches our life, daily. I think it is like the feeling of being surrounded by a serene calm peacefulness when you hear your beloved breathing in the middle of the night lying beside you.


Jesus didn’t use the word, pullerization, but, when I ponder how I relate to the Creator and Savior of the world, it makes sense, don’t you think?


Pullerization acknowledges help is needed. Pilgrims, none will see heaven if we don’t first know we are sinners on the way to Hell, and when we reach out our hand to Jesus, as we repent of our sins and surrender our lives, he grabs it and helps us move from death to life…eternally. In the throes of our spiritual birth, and when the pruning comes that is often so unwelcome, he is the Husbandman that comforts us and assures us that the ‘cutting away’ of our love for the world and our chasing after Satan’s sirens seductive call,  will eventually allow us to bloom as God intended.


When tragedy and disappointment arrive, we need Jesus’ pullerization to keep us from falling off the edge and we suddenly discover we have opened the ‘trap door’ to Satan’s lair, for we seek our healing in all the wrong places, rather than at the foot of the cross where ‘real’ healing happens.


When our hearts have grown cold and indifferent to our sins, and to the need to handle forgiveness in our lives, we need Jesus’ pullerization. His Holy Spirit can strike us to the ‘quick’ and He can change and rearrange us in our thinking, feeling, and behaving…if we will only surrender to Jesus.


Each Pilgrim can use Pullerization, and each has a different type of need. Only you know what it is. Doc implores each Pilgrim to think about the use of this non-existent word, and contemplate how it can revitalize your personal relationship with the Creator of the universe. If you do, who knows, you might invent a useful new word.


Doc Christian




I need Pullerization from the Pilgrims for the success of my two new books. If you are seeking a Children’s book that balances the joy of Santa for children, and reinforces the authority of Jesus Christ for the reason we celebrate Christmas, then my new book will do just fine.


If you grow more unsettled and even anxious about how this once great biblical nation continues to grow dark as it chooses to reject the Creator and embrace Satan, and you find yourself pondering the future of living in a country that persecutes Christians, you’ll want to read my new novel. It is an apoplectic cautionary tale about America’s future. People who are reading it tell me they are being biblically challenged in ways they never imagined. A ninety year old woman said, “I can’t put it down, but I’m so filled with anxiety I have a hard time reading more. She has only read ninety of the four hundred pages.

You can find it on Amazon!



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To an ‘old’ golfer, “in the wind” isn’t what you want to hear because you know your task to make a par on the hole has just become more difficult. In the wind, unfortunately, applies to an inmate I have worked with for several years to love Jesus more than him, but, he continues to serve Satan, as he chases drugs, skips his meetings with his Parole Officer, and when he is caught, will soon face a judge that will give him a few more years in jail,

The Japanese Kamikaze suicide pilots that dove their planes into American and its European allies ships, in a last heroic act of sacrificing life for the sake of the emperor’s victory, during World War II, were said to be a part of the Divine Wind Japan brought upon its enemies. Japanese legend tells of a great wind upon the seas that twice kept Kublai Khan’s Mongol horde from an invasion in 1281 A.D. The awful destruction left in their suicide bombing raids often enlarged this legend’s outcome.

Twice I have experienced being ‘in the wind’ where hold-up inside a house, in a basement, and another time in a four-legged bath tub with a mattress over my wife and children, I was certain the winds of the tornado would blow it into a thousand pieces, but thankfully, we were spared, both times.

I have been ‘in the wind’ on a Navy ship (Hector) on the China Sea that caused our vessel to take forty-five degree rolls, and I learned ‘first hand’ how powerful God’s wind can be in the midst of a great storm that lasted more than a day.

In the fourteenth chapter of Matthew, he records an event with Jesus, walking on the water, and how his disciple, Peter allowed the wind to keep him from doing the same. Pilgrims, I think it would do all of us good to peak around the corner of this scripture, because it possesses the Mustard seed syndrome about how the wind affects our lives.

In the story, Jesus had just finished a marathon event where he preached and taught thousands of people hungry for his truth. The sermon (all sermons are long if they are boring) must have been a doozy since it lasted past lunch. Jesus had compassion on the crowd, and he used a few fish and a few loaves of bread to feed a multitude of thousands. After they were filled, the crowd dispersed, and Jesus sent his disciples on ahead, out into the Sea of Galilei, while he withdrew and had time to pray and be spiritually refreshed. As the day was dawning, he began walking on the sea to catch up with his disciples. They were startled and terrified (no fooling) when they saw him. At first, they thought he was an apparition (ghost like figure) and they were afraid. Jesus hollered to them to quell their fears, as he identified him. Peter was the first to understand it was Jesus walking on the water. “Lord, if it is you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” Jesus: “Come,” he said. Peter climbed out of the boat and began to walk on the water to Jesus. “But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginnings to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately, Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said. “Why did you doubt?”

Pilgrims, I dare say all are in the boat, like the disciples were on the sea. All of us are in the boat and it has often been buffeted by storms and ferocious winds and we have been ‘sea sick’ and frightened to death.

People we love and counted upon disappointed us, and facing the reality of this awful truth knocked the pins from under us. We did the human thing: decided we’d use the ‘tools of the world’ to regain control of things that have gone awry, rather than jump out of the boat and seek Jesus. Jesus can calm the angry seas, but we stay in the boat so we can mull over the seething hurt that constantly floods our soul and feeds our desire to rectify things, on our own terms.

Phony prayers are offered to provide us with a modicum of biblical cover, for we are professing Christians, but we know that God’s way doesn’t provide the full measure of ‘getting even’ we think we desperately need to feel whole again. Like Peter, we too tell ourselves Jesus can’t be walking on the water, it must be a ghost. I know Jesus can do what he chooses, but in my case, it will take more than a miracle.

Pilgrims’ boats are all different, yet the same. I remain inside the boat because I’m afraid. I’m fearful others will find out my ‘religious house of cards’ possesses a white sepulcher filled with dead men bones. My wife is an adulteress, she mocks my biblical principles, and I’m left trying to keep my family together and shield my children from this awful truth. My husband told me he doesn’t love me anymore, and that he is gay. How do I carry on for my children? I’m going to be fired… soon… I’ve been stealing money from my company to cover my gambling debts. I ‘grounded’ my teenage daughter for drinking beer; I was ticketed for a D U I over the weekend. My wife took the kids to church, and I faked illness so I could sneak a peek at a porn sight. I left Sunday’s worship service in a huff because I was put-out the preacher’s message was about tithing, again. God just doesn’t understand the financial pressure I’m under. I really want to draw closer to Jesus, but, I need to ‘clean-up’ my act first. Some of our ‘social sets’ of friends think I’m narrow-minded when it comes to my faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ. If I try to witness about Jesus’ salvation I fear my faith may separate me from my friends.  My children resent my attempt to use the Bible as the resource for our family’s decisions about their lives. My spouse has threatened to divorce me if I insist on living a faithful life as a member of our church. I’ve been unemployed for many months and I can’t find a job that pays enough to meet our obligations. I thought God promised he’d do me good and not harm me. I trusted my government to not harm me, but, their corrupt political financial shenanigans left me nearly broke, and I can’t retire for a number of years.

There are two unchanging qualities about any Pilgrim’s life: unless you choose the right biblical choice, you will remain in the boat. Your entire life will be lived facing a threatening wind, and it may swamp the boat…and you’ll be cast into the angry sea. Jesus is standing on the water with his hand out. Will you allow him to catch you?

Doc Christian


Will Pilgrims help Doc tell the world about his two new biblically based books? Will they use their Social Media help spread the news? Will they buy the books to help support the publishing company? These are questions only Pilgrims can determine. Will you be a team player to help Jesus answer my prayers and reach the goal of a million people that will read my stories that God gave to me? Will you set aside a few minutes to pray for O’Grady Publishing Company’s success and its financial health? I want to convey my heart-felt thanks for any support you may render.


Ranny Grady




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For my Friday Nights Jail Ministry, I have chosen to preach a few messages based upon Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Matthew records Jesus’ teachings and Pilgrims recognize this particular venue as the Beatitudes. I tried to preach a message about being blessed if one is Poor in Spirit, last Friday, but, on inmate announced he was an Atheist, and didn’t think any just God would send anyone to Hell…if there was a Hell. Our discussion digressed into the undeniable truth that life consists of just two choices: one believes they were created versus a blob that somehow found land.


I’m not sure if the same inmate will return on Friday, he left feeling confident he had the proper perspective about God…God wasn’t in control, but, last Friday’s events have become a perfect segue for my sermon on mourning.


Since they had their own Wailing Wall, the Jew’s thought they knew something about this topic. They could even pay other Jews to go to the wall and openly mourning for them. I’m not sure how this payment for other peoples’ time lessened their personal mourning concerning the death of kin or family. Pilgrim, if you could hire someone to spend time at a designated Waling Wall, who would you send? Why would you send that person? Do they have unique qualifiers so you’d feel you were spending your money wisely? Perhaps the Catholics have a better system: families pay the Priest for a mass. If you want to move them from Purgatory a bit closer to Heaven, you call in the men in red. It will cost you more for the Cardinal. From my personal experience, not a living soul is qualified to mourn for me.


As a boy growing into a lad, I often recall my mother’s announcement: “Embarrassment is good for the soul.” It seemed this declaration quickly followed a clear example of my foolish behavior or sinful choice. In hindsight, I have to agree she was right, though it left me filled with chagrin. I recall a couple of times I suffered more than embarrassment for choosing a ‘fool’s path’. I broke my arm falling out of a tree I was told not to climb; I hurt my ankle and skinned up my knees when I took the ‘dare’ and jumped off the garage roof. “Good, serves you right,” was her anti-Florence Nightingale retort that forced me to ‘suck-up’ my pain so not to give her any more satisfaction. She was from the Forest Gump School of learning before there was a Forest Gump. “Stupid is what stupid does.”


Pilgrims, through all my childhood trials and tribulations, she never said “Mourning is really good for what ails you.” Jesus did!


I lost my father at age forty-two; I lost my mother at age seventy-one. Though I mourned my parents differently, who can mourn the passing of mother at ninety-nine, my mourning was profound for my father, and I was filled with joy for my mother. They crossed ‘over Jordan’ at different times, but they both will know the joy of Heaven.


Earthly mourning is a trip just this side of Hell. The emotional fire that rages and burns you until you are spent and weakened, is an un-welcome visitor to your often dormant memories that are kindled and suddenly greatly enhance each failed moment in that relationship. Every human relationship consists of failure. Death often conjures up the worst scenarios and the living grapple to adjust to a person in their life being ‘missing in action’. The more rancor filled the relationship was the greater our pain and suffering become. It is true, ‘time heals everything’, but at what cost?


Pilgrims, I have come to believe that mourning is God’s ‘car wash’ because it forces one to face the unvarnished truth about forgiveness, or the lack of it. Our tears of joy, regret, shame, remorse, and pain wash the windows of our soul, and it clears out most of the filth and grime lining its walls. The Bible tells us that Jesus wept, and he didn’t need forgiveness.


Since the Garden of Eden, God has added mourning to a human’s life as part of the punishment for sin. Pilgrims, it is then natural for all mankind to mourn. Most of our mourning comes after death. Maybe we’d be better off emulating Jesus. He mourned for the living and the dead (Lazarus), and the Nation of Israel.


While earthly mourning is an occupational outcome for every person, I want all Pilgrims to focus upon the real meaning of this significant declaration. Our mourning is noticed by God when we show pain and sorrow for our willful disobedience. In humble submission for our sins, we acknowledge, like Isaiah, “Our righteousness is as valuable as filthy rags. Our ‘goodness’ isn’t worth a shilling. Hallelujah! When Pilgrims fall on their knees asking a holy savior to forgive them for their wickedness and their cavalier attitude about their ‘just being human’, for all sin and fall short of the glory of God, and begin to build their personal Waling Wall, then David’s words may fit their (our) sinful position.


“When I kept silent, my bones wasted away

through all my groaning all day long.

For day and night

your hand was heavy upon me

my strength was sapped

as in the heat of summer.

Then I acknowledged my sin to you

and you did not cover up my iniquity.

I said, “I will confess

my transgressions to the Lord”-

and you forgave the guilt of my sin. Psalm 32:3-6


I believe too much mourning, from an earthly perspective, isn’t a spiritually healthy thing for Pilgrims to do. Death is final! Life is only for the living. My opinion, God has given us hearts that contain more than one compartment, and he has designed us so we can love again, love life again, and still cherish what he allowed us to enjoy as earthlings.







My opinion, God wants us to constantly mourn because our sins sent his only son to the cross to die for those transgressions. When our sins cause us to mourn for our failures to live a holy life, and it pains us to the quick, God is pleased. He knows we are in the proper position in our relationship with Jesus: humbled, submissive, and yet empowered by the Holy Spirit to tell the world about this Savior, Jesus Christ, who changed me into a soldier fit to battle Satan and his minions. In conclusion, I think we can all agree, mourning really is good for what ails us.


Doc Christian






The early reports from people who are reading my new books are very encouraging. They love the ‘family’ story about Christmas, Santa, and its only real purpose: birth of Christ. “The illustrations are amazing,” they tell me.


“After reading the first few chapters, I was upset and sick at my stomach, I had a hard time thinking about my country being filled with such evil people,” is a common retort. My intent is to have the reader filled with anxiety, sadness, fear, and loathing for what Satan has done to America these past eighty years as the Bible is being legislated out of this nation’s life.


When the Theophany (Cinnamon colored cat) is introduced, the readers immediately fall in love with this cheeky feline. “I laughed out loud,” are common comments. You will too when you buy and read my book. You can buy a signed copy from my website, or from Amazon. PayPal is available. First Christmas is 15.95; The Theophany is 21.95.

Please pray for my books success! Please help me tell the world via you media networks. Like me on Facebook; follow me on my Facebook page.



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What is the ‘sign of the Apocalypse’ for Pilgrims in America? For at least a hundred years various charlatans have used the bible to predict the ‘seconding coming’ of Jesus Christ, and all have been proven to be liars and con-artists. While I too don’t have any biblical proof to pinpoint this event, I’m sounding the alarm that America has become the ‘fetch and carry’ water-boy for Satan, because it has openly rejected the Creator of this universe.

The apocalyptic tale about the incinerating demise of the Jew in Germany during World War II has come full circle in America, and will soon be playing on Broadway. The question? How did a handful of Nazi’s nearly control the world? The answer…when the Nazi’s came for the Jews, I didn’t protest because I wasn’t a Jew…by the time they came for the Poles, there wasn’t anyone to protest with me. I died in the furnace…too.

In the past decade, when I have written about how the atheists of America will one day arrange the persecution of biblical people, many, including Pilgrims have thought I was a tottering, delusional lunatic. “Ole Doc’s off his rocker, this time,” was whispered.

A few years ago, my oldest son declared, “Dad, you take this religious thing too serious. Lighten-up, people don’t want to hear this ‘gloom and doom’ stuff. Not everybody can be like you about the Bible.” This came after another one of my idiotic biblical pronouncements, like, “One day, in your life-time,  if you remain faithful to Jesus, you are going to experience biblical persecution.”

Doc was wrong! I should have said, in my life-time.

I wonder what part of the  First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States  the Supreme Court doesn’t understand?

Amendment I

     Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

     In addition, the constitution foresaw the bubbling up of tyranny on the horizon, by our government officials (I think our judiciary qualifies) for they also included the Ex Post Facto Law for American citizens.

     Nevertheless, opposition to ex post facto laws was a bedrock principle among the Framers. In The Federalist No. 78, Alexander Hamilton noted that “the subjecting of men to punishment for things which, when they were done, were breaches of no law” is among “the favorite and most formidable instruments of tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson noted in an 1813 letter to Isaac McPherson “the sentiment that ex post facto laws are against natural right.”

     Where do biblical believing citizens go to find redress from a government that ignores the law? What if they make up their own law?

     Can anyone deny that Davis won the election for her political position before the five blind (to our Constitution) judges made new law about Same Sex Marriage? When she took her oath to uphold the laws binding Marital Licenses, her religious faith wasn’t part of the equation. She took her oath in good faith. Might Pilgrims conclude our government chose to punish her with a violation of the Ex Post Facto Law because she chose to exercise her religious convictions that are diametrically opposed by our government’s new law for Same Sex Marriage. The Polygamy marital ‘band-wagon’ is just down the road! NAMBLA is waiting in the wings! Never happen, you say. Hide and watch is what Doc predicts.

     For Doc, the political intrigue in this mess is just how did a ‘born-again’ speaking in tongues, conservative dress and manor professing ‘Bible-thumper’ died to self and alive by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, earn the savory reputation of a ‘wayward’ woman that could give the ‘Woman at the well’ lessons on choosing sin as a lifestyle (written about by our Democrat media, who conveniently left out the part she is a Democrat), and yet, become the Democrat Party’s ‘favorite gal’? The second question I’d like to have an answer for is how did a Republican Party fail to keep her from being elected? Did all the Evangelical Christians not vote?

     Kim Davis isn’t my ‘ideal’ candidate to be ‘carrying the water’ for Pilgrims, because she is a close kin to the ‘woman at the well’ Jesus met. After exposing her ‘dirty linen’ , he sent her home and told her to stop sinning. She left the well a changed woman, and her belief in Jesus changed her entire Samaritan village. If a Pilgrim is willing to go to jail, forfeit her job, and become public fodder for ridicule, all in the name of God the Creator, Jesus Christ his only son, and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, because she believes the Bible is inerrant and declares homosexuality a great sin, who can deny her sincerity or her repentance? Doc’s next question? Why is she in the Democrat Party?

     While the atheist immoral are chanting: “hypocrite’, concerning her faith in the Bible’s teachings, and her sin, none can know or fathom the other-worldly idea of God’s grace. I admit, I still don’t understand it! Unmerited favor is from heaven, not earth. Faith and repentance doesn’t have an expiration date…as long as the human is breathing. It seems our people are always looking for a ‘great’ deal. Jesus Christ offers the best deal one will ever find! Kim Davis, evidently wandered along a number of ‘dead-end’ roads, but says she found the ‘narrow road’ in 2011. Jesus can judge her, you can choose to, but shouldn’t because all are going to reach heaven via faith in the Lord’s love, mercy, and sacrifice.

     Are my Pilgrims so naïve you believe this is an isolated event, so you will remain silent? Pilgrims, this is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Our government will soon become God’s enemy is ways few can imagine. Unless all Pilgrims decide to defy our five blind judges, in mass, and dare our government to incarcerate all believers, things will progressively get more dangerous for Christians. The appetite of the Creator’s enemies to mock his holiness and deny his Bible’s influence upon America is unquenchable.

     When our nation’s founders wrote the Constitution, I don’t think anyone of them would have foreseen the day when its government might pass for the Anti-Christ the Bible teaches about. Perhaps, we believers have always had it wrong, we looked for an individual, is it, instead a government?

     I don’t have a biblical ‘crystal ball’, but, ten years ago when God came to me in dreams and he gave me the story I just published: The Theophany (Son-light Restored to a Dark World), he knew this was the right time for the story to be told. It is a work of fiction, but, it portends what might happen to America if the history of the Bible and its influence upon a country were removed (chip implant technology erases peoples memories about the Bible). Just how dark would the souls of its people become?

     Pilgrims, put on your biblical armor, we are going to need it! Pilgrims will soon  have to agree or disagree with Jesus’ declaration: …”Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and render unto God what is God’s.” How many Pilgrims will become a Kim Davis?

Doc Christian


you can find me on my Facebook page…O’Grady Publishing Company



     Pilgrims, if you want to teach your children about the real purpose of Christmas, then buy my new children’s book: Grandpa’s Magic Carpet & The First Christmas. You can order signed copies  from me, or find it on Amazon. Tell your local library to add my books to their collection. If you use your media network to help me reach a million readers, perhaps, Jesus has already planned for you to be a part of this goal


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Our media world is filled with images intended to influence Pilgrims to buy certain products that are designed to enhance one’s life. Children act like adults, adults like children, and companies make millions titillating the senses of people that have credit cards burning a hole in their pants. Recent surveys tell us that the average family has nearly fifteen thousand dollars of Credit debt.

Since our Lord told us to be wary about spending our ‘treasure’ on the wrong kind of treasure (that which  is temporary and time erodes), for our choices reveal where our ‘heart for God’ really lies. Ole Doc wants to redirect your spiritual attention to fulfilling Paul’s instructions to Timothy: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set the example for the believers in speech, in life (conduct), in love, in faith and in purity. I Timothy 4:12


     Wanted, people who carry an unfamiliar aroma (“For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.” II Corinthians 2:15). If your aroma carries with it a stench that is usually associated with the poor of the world, it will enhance your employment opportunity. I want people who have ‘thick-skin’ (“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.” Matthew 5:11). If you can show a ‘Selfie’ where you are protesting abortion,  or you are laughing when you are called a ‘bigot, a homophobe, or a narrow-minded ‘Bible-thumper’, you will score points on your testing for employment. I need people who are no longer suffering from thirst, (Jesus said, “…but, whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst…” John 4:14). Please arrange to take a picture of you giving a cool cup of water to someone in Jesus’ name. You can score extra points if it’s associated with handicap people, especially children. I like people who are considered ‘odd’, and like it ( …Jesus declared, “I tell you the truth, unless a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” John 3:3) . Your chances of getting a job with my agency will be greatly increased if you bring your Baptism Certificate.  Last, but not the lease of importance, I like people with ‘beautiful feet’ ( “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:15). Relax! If you have bunions, warts, a ‘fungus among us’ on your toenails, have high arches or flat feet, or have a weekly pedicure and Fire-engine red color on your nails or chewed-up nails, all will be given the same consideration for the jobs. Because of the ‘nature of the beast’ in the modeling industry, the  agency prefers models that are beautiful women and handsome men, but candidates may be pudgy as the Pillsbury Doughboy, fat as ‘Fat Albert’, and skinny as Olive Oil. Though Satan wants you fat, you’ll get a ‘pass’ with my agency when you come for an interview.

     Assignments are available, immediately, all over the world. Expenses paid by agency, but don’t expect any ‘frills’ (think Mother Teresa’s’ expense account). Transportation provided,  we will provide all your needs: a slow boat to China or a dependable burro to carry luggage. Please BYOB (bring your own bedroll.

     If you are hired, you can throw a dart at map of the world, including the United States, to choose some of our ‘choice’ places to work for our client. Even a blind person can throw the dart and hit any number of viable targets: ghettos filled with a teeming mass of poor and disadvantaged people hungry for more than food or clean water, though few are aware of this need. It will be your first priority to help them realize this void, and show them how the need can be filled.

      Please submit resume for agency’s perusal. If you are offered a position, and you accept  my offer, you will start work one month from the hire date. Agency suggests you take this time to get into shape for the rigorous labor that lies ahead of you.

Doc suggests that you do biblical exercises that will build up your flabby abs that are easily apparent when prayer and scripture is missing from one’s daily schedule. Think ‘up downs’ to strengthen you knee muscles because working for my agency will require massive amounts of prayer on bended knees. Drink hot beverages to massage your throat muscles so your increased shouts of “Praise Jesus” and “Thank you Lord” won’t tax your vocal cords too much, as you demonstrate to our clients the proper way to give thanks to God for his grace and mercy. You might try to memorize the books of the Bible. This intellectual coin might spare you some embarrassing moments when you witness to our clients about Jesus, and you fumble around trying to find the right place in the Bible for your reference point.

Now Pilgrims, send in those resumes. I love beautiful, stinky feet.

Doc Christian

I’m pleased to announce that O’Grady Publishing Company has just released two new biblically based books that all Pilgrims will enjoy. Please visit my Facebook page, and help me sell my books via your media network. God’s enemies are at the door and Pilgrims can keep them at bay by reading spiritually inspiring stories. You can buy signed copies from me, or purchase from Amazon. www.ogradypublishingcompany.com. You can read synopsis for each book on my website.

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Our preacher started a new ‘sermon series’ Sunday, and it is a spiritual challenge for our church: SET THE EXAMPLE. His scripture came from I Timothy 4:12. “Don’t let anyone look down on you because of your youth, but set the example for believers in speech, in conduct, in love, and in faith and purity.”


Paul’s mentoring of Timothy, as a young pastor, I’m sure came from his life experiences. When I served on a ship In the Navy, I often would see posters on walls, bulkheads on ships… that warned about keeping a filter on a sailor’s mouth. The posters read, “Loose lips sink ships”.

These declarative statements were used during World War II, and they were directed at the deadly U-boats of Germany that sunk many ships loaded with valuable cargo for the war effort, including civilians.


James writes that the ‘tongue’ is an untamable item, and it is like a wild fire that can’t be contained. Though very small, it is equipped for evil only God’s knows and Satan cheers about.


As a lad growing up in a boy’s world I thought ‘salty language’ was my rite of passage into manhood, but, I chose seldom to curse; but I did curse enough not to be considered a ‘weirdo’. As a teenager and as a young man, I delved further into the art of profanity, as my Boatswain mate often called it, during my time in the Navy.


Though I demonstrated I had a talent for ‘salty’ language’, I never used God’s name in vain or Jesus Christ’s; but, I did slander everything else in the Profanity Dictionary. It was very sinful, and I deeply regret it. …”For the heart speaks what the heart is most full of.” Luke 6:45 James says the same things differently, when he ask the question. “Can a well bring forth fresh and salt water at the same time?”


Pilgrim, when did you stop using profanity? Oh! You haven’t! When will you? What will it take for you to stop?


I read about an uber pink socialist college professor that took state money for teaching a class about the value of profanity in one’s life. Its class title was something like…Profanity as a core value in history. The germ of its supposedly enlightenment was cursing allowed one to be free from traditional shackles that inhibit freedom of expression, venting of pent-up frustrations, and a smoother path to self-actualization.


Just walking through my local Walmart or stopping at my local service station for gas, makes me suspect the entire country has taken this professor’s class. Just when I’m positive our American culture can’t slide farther into the slime of public profanity, across both genders, Hollywood proves me wrong. Our youth and young adults lap up every morsel of this filth and beg for more.


In my boyhood days, swearing was always in the air…until a girl entered our area. Out of respect for the woman, seldom did a boy openly use profanity she could hear. Today, it is often the girl that has the loudest unfiltered ‘potty-mouth’.

What is it about the names of God and Jesus that man has decided they can profane them, without impunity that the world condones, seemingly without much embarrassment? Do we use the names to try and show the depth of our feelings? Several times I have ended up playing golf with men that are very profane, especially when they miss a short putt. Too often I just ‘suffered’ in silence; but, in my latter years I openly confront this assault upon God with phrases that ‘praise’ the Lord for good fortune while playing. Sometimes, I have suggested the man that can’t putt start sending up praises rather than curses. Perhaps, we profane God to openly demonstrate to him how disappointed we are with our outcomes. A few times, we may even use profanity to deflect the blame for our own ‘short-comings’.


If our national news would broadcast that your name had been chosen to be used for just one day as America’s favorite swear word, might the entire country change its attitude about slandering the holy names of the Creator and his son, Jesus,. For the next twenty-four hours, every time one chose to use profanity they’d shout out your name in frustrated anger…or just for the hell of it. Would you laugh it off? Would you try to just turn it out? Would you turn a bit paranoid when you allowed yourself to contemplate a profane people used you as a ‘curse’ word  a billion times in one day. That estimate may be on the short side. If you knew there was a ‘lotto’s’ chance that your name would be next, would you grow anxious? Would you lose sleep?


Many Pilgrims may be ready to announce: “It wouldn’t bother me one whit.” Oh really!


A high school Social Studies teacher made big waves a few years ago when she conducted a sociology class experiment that taught students and upset parents’ hard lessons about life in the fast lane. She asked her classes if they’d like to take part in a sociology studies experiment about human behavior under stress. They all thought it was a ‘cool’ idea, and all eagerly accepted the challenge. This was the formula: blue and green eyed children were segregated from the brown eyed ones. In the class room, they were forbidden to talk to the brown eyed children, Brown eyed children were given preference for seating, but it had to be segregated. The teacher often ignored the hands of the blue and green eyed students, but always chose the brown eyed students to speak and provide answers. Test scores indicated the brown eyed students received higher grades. The first couple of days all these changes were handled with a ‘grain of salt’ and the students enjoyed the challenge. By Friday, the end of the experiment, the brown eyed students displayed an obvious air of superiority. This attitude had even filtered out into the halls of the school, and these two types of students had begun to conduct divisive behavior. The blue and green eyed students began to display a lack of confidence. Disagreements were just one word away from a rumble.


The results of this experiment even surprised the teacher. It took several days of honest discussion to regain a normal class atmosphere, and for the students to acknowledge how their behavior mimicked the treatment they had been given, through no merit of their own. Pilgrims, what say you? Do you think it would affect you if the entire country used your name for just one day as their favorite swear word?


Since God’s Bible declares that using his name in vain bothers him, I think it would bother all Pilgrims if your name was inserted instead of Jesus’.


Then next time you swear, or are angry or mad enough to swear, shout your name loudly. The outcome may shock you. Oh yes, perhaps ‘little ones’ are not only watching…they are listening to every word you say.


While I never condone the use of foul language, one time I heard a story where foul language was used, and it seemed almost sublime. Friends of ours tell the story of their courtship and marriage with the details of his marriage proposal…actually it was her proposal. It was the second marriage for both. She told him: “If he didn’t marry her, he’d be the dumbest S.O.B. walking around on planet earth.” He told me that when this genteel, southern Tennessee, daughter of a preacher, gal sinned, he said that, he knew he had found the right woman to marry because she obviously was smart enough to recognize a S.O.B. when she saw one. They are both eighty, they have been happily married for nearly forty years.


Pilgrims, let us heed James’ words. “Above all my brothers, do not swear— not by heaven or by earth or by anything else. Let your “Yes’ be yes, and your “No,” no, or you will be condemned.” James 5:12


Doc Christian






Please visit my O’Grady Publishing Company Facebook page and read all about my new books I have just published. They are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and stand up and cheer

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