Old Doc recently saw the uber sophisticated etiquette mogul Martha Stewart interviewed on Fox News. If Martha knows what’s good for her, she had better distance herself from her latest dog sniffing repugnant black thug: Snoop Dog

I wonder if she realizes she is in danger of being branded as an advocate of violence and evil: her latest business partner is a former killer: drug dealer that ruined untold thousands of lives…the majority of them black people caught in the hellish vortex of black ghettos in America that he crawled out of, and found success with filthy lyrics that advocate treating women as whores and the killing of cops…for sport, while recruiting young black men to disrupt the white world he calls White Privilege and White Supremacy.

No wonder the ‘cesspool’ known as Hollywood is imploding from its worship of Hefner’s bacchanal Sodom and Gomorrah life-style for it preens and provides adulation for wretches like her latest Dog: pooper scooper: the rap star Snoop Dog. How long will it be before Martha provides comfort and aid to the Harvey Weinsteins’ and Kevin Spaceys’ of the world? If an association with Snoop doesn’t give her pause and courage to denounce anyone in her social set that advocates the murder of the President of the United States, I doubt anything will.

Another madman stepped into a church and murdered more than two dozen people and wounded another twenty or so in Texas, yesterday. Once again, America is at a loss for words to find a solution to stop these mass killings

While the far-left loons cry ‘Gun control” and the Republicans defend guns and freedom provided by our sacred Constitution, neither party is close to providing the solution for this hateful carnage in America. If only our country’s leaders and its ‘movers and shakers’ would listen to Old Doc, he has a sure—fire solution. In fact, the solution to all of mankind’s problems has always been the same answer: RETURN TO THE BIBLE; START USING THE BIBLE’S PRINCIPLES IN OUR COUNTRY’S DAILIY OPERATIONS; REJECT ALL MAN-DRIVEN SOCIAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ‘FOOL’S GOLD’ KNOWLEDGE, AND SEND SATAN PACKING TO PEDDLE HIS PERNICIOUS WARES IN SOME OTHER COUNTRY.

The Bible says it so eloquently: Therefore, I urge you brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.

     Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:1-2

Pilgrims, old Doc remembers a time in our country’s history when America had the mind of the Bible imprinted upon its heart. Everywhere children went the truth and goodness of God’s word was already there: school days commenced with reading of scripture, followed by prayer, and the pledge to the flag; prayer preceded any school activity or special program; the name of Jesus was heard and given praise; sin was treated as ‘sin’!; personal shame and humiliation was part of a child’s proper training; and swift punishment was handed out for willful disobedience; and children weren’t considered wise as adults. Contrast this biblical model with the one our foolish parents of the past five decades have used!

It makes me weep when I see what has happened to my country! Until recently, people like Martha would have never been caught-dead with the dregs of our society, let alone a killer of innocent people and children, like Snoop Dog. I don’t have a clue what his given name is.

If the rogue, corrupt Special Prosecutor, Mueller can raid a private citizen’s home in the middle of the night looking for nefarious deeds, why can’t our Secret Service tear apart anyone’s life if they publicly advocate the murder of our country’s President? If this is ‘protected speech’, God help us!

Since Martha earns her billions from the ‘high-fliers’ on the income bracket, she probably won’t suffer much monetary damage for keeping her Pooper Scooper Dog by her side; but, Middle America should punish her as severely as possible; Trump supporters should have nothing to do with her and her brand, and black society should shun their rapper who has defiled nearly every aspect of their children’s potential greatness with his hate and violence advocacy.

Pilgrims, perhaps, Martha and Snoop Dog might help change America back to a place where people once could agree to disagree without being disagreeable, including the murder of its President if they would encourage all people to do the following:

The Apostle Paul writing:

Finally, brother and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–   think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received from me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:8-9

Pilgrims, the problem with God’s people in America is that we treat this country as if we belong to a nudist colony:

Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devils’ schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground and after you have done everything, to stand. Ephesians 6:11-13

Perhaps, America’s problem is twofold: the godless people don’t believe in Satan and his power, and the believers don’t think they need protection from Satan’s power. Thus, our country is an open invitation to Satan to prowl as he pleases and devours all who refuse to put on God’s armor to extinguish his fiery darts that wound and capture silly, foolish people who believe they were a slug verses created by God.

Just as God told Lots wife to flee Sodom, Doc is telling Martha to flee Snoop Dog. If you don’t, you might end up worse than a pillar of salt.

Doc Christian


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     Pilgrims, old Doc is plum perplexed. I’ve been trying to figure out what President Trump’s Attorney General is doing, has done, and is planning to do to help Make America Great Again.

After witnessing his little tete a tete with our preening Intelligence Congressional Committee last week, I’m an having my suspicions raised that this man fits the phrase I recall a couple of men that worked with me on a 9:30 P.M to 5:30 A. M. shift at the Rock Island Rail Road repairing and replacing ‘trucks’ for freight cars, that loved to Coon Hunt. I recall some of the details they taught me concerning Coon hunting, and the one I remember the best: “That dog won’t hunt.”

It was a way to define what was wrong with the dog for Coon hunting. Often, it was because it was ‘gun-shy’, and behaved in a frightened manner, was lazy or just not bright enough to do the job that was required to ‘tree a Coon’.

Sadly, because I do think he is a good man, and obviously a man of great integrity, I still think he is the wrong man for the job.

When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.”

Proverbs 29:2

All citizens in America now know that the Obama and Clinton administration was corrupt to their rotten core! Personally, old Doc believes that our great and only God, the creator of this universe gave America a ‘second-chance’ gift with President Trump to stand in the gap and help America move back to its biblical principled, Constitutional valued self.

He signed on for the job and in the first couple of weeks he became a ‘dog that won’t hunt’. While the jackals: Media and Democrat Party had set a fowler’s net for President Trump, before the powder was dry, he flinched from the battle and recused himself from the war. He didn’t even enter the battle! It was like a self-inflicted wound that rendered him useless for providing a defense of his President in this Russian Collusion sham cooked up by these hateful enemies on the Left.

Old Doc considers his personal integrity the most valuable wealth he possesses; but, before I refuse to defend any attack against my integrity, you can bet my accusers must provide truthful, legal evidence before I flinch under the glare of interrogation by people seeking to ruin me.

For the good of our President and our country, Doc’s thinks Mr. Sessions should resign. If and when he did resign, these benefits would be made available to our President and his agenda to Make America Great Again:

Even before the recent revelations concerning the undisputed corruption that took place during the Obama Administration’s regarding the Intelligence and Justice Departments that ran a political ruse hoodwink-operations on the American citizens by selling Russia twenty percent of our Uranium: its basic use is atomic/nuclear, while allowing the Clinton’s to use her State Department as a ‘personal’ Slush-fund’ pay for play that compromised our country’s intelligence and future ability to keep our enemies from having and using nuclear weapons on America.

Since it was Sessions ‘recusal’ that set in motion the following political disaster:

  • With the counsel of the recused Attorney General and the newly appointed, acting Attorney General, Rob Rothstein, they sent their recommendation to President Trump to fire the FBI Director James Comey, which he did.
  • Comey then leaked confidential and secret conversations between the President and him  that he gave to a close college friend that, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, was published by the New York Times…an open and avowed enemy of the President.
  • President Trump’s political adversaries inside the Democrat and Republican parties, acted as if they had the Executive privilege to have a say in the firing! Hello Senator Mc Cain! They demanded an explanation. Personally, I would have told them it was none of their business. I have the Constitutional legal authority; that is all you need to know.
  • These same enemies demanded he acquit himself to their satisfaction.
  • These same enemies called for a Special Prosecutor: out of the legal woods came a close Comey ‘legal beagle’ friend: Robert Mueller, the former Director of the FBI, and he began his Russian Collusion ‘witch hunt’.
  • How can there be? After a year of Mueller’s Demonic driven Democrat filled attorney posse legal pack, turning over every rock and dead carcass to find a jot or tittle of evidence about a Russian Collusion, plus a howling pack of thousands or millions of Media ‘hate-Trump’ minions doing all they can to help Mueller nail President’s hide to the Impeachment Wall, none can find any legal evidence.
  • Despite this Democrat conundrum, President Trump’s enemies, inside and outside of Washington, are behaving like the three monkeys: see nothing, hear nothing, and say nothing about Judicial Watch’s expose’ of the FBI cover-up for the Obama Administration’s Uranium One deal where the main characters in the Trump Russian Collusion investigation are now named as the principal players in this corrupt political payoff deal. We now know the FBI, under the leadership of the Director, Robert Mueller, Rob Rothstein, Comey, Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, and his successor, Loretta Lynch, plus a host of either naïve or corrupt, elected Congressional officials were duplicit in allowing these band of cut-throat brigands to help one of our strongest enemies have control over a large deposit of uranium to do with as they pleased.
  • The FBI, under the direction of Mueller, had used the now ‘gagged’ FBI agent to get the necessary legal evidence to convict the Russians and its American cohorts: businessmen and Lobbyist, for different types of corruption. . If our elected officials and our Secret Intelligence agencies fail to protect America’s best interest, don’t they earn the title of TRAITORS?
  • After this dark deed was finished, a Diogenes’ FBI recruit came forth and volunteered to help expose this corruption; The Obama Administration put a legal gag order on the man and threatened him with prison if he ‘spilled the beans’
  • .Fusion GPS,, the ‘fake news’ producers of the salacious dossier on President Trump that helped gin-up hate and suspicion against our President, that emboldened the Democrat’s political ambition: Impeach the President, has recently taken the Fifth in their appearance before our Intelligence Committee. While our anemic Intelligence Committees are toothless, it seems, the Special Prosecutor should be able to tear their lives apart and summon a Grand Jury that will allow the citizens of America to know the depth and breadth of the Political Corruption that was done during and after the 2016 Presidential Election. Now we know the Clinton’s and the DNC paid for this salacious piece of garbage, sick your legal dogs on them. I’m confident they can be treed.

Mr. Sessions, sir, your job is to listen and heed the Apostle Paul’s words:

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.”  Ephesians 5:11-12

Note to Attorney General Sessions from Doc Christian, see if you can learn to ‘tree a Coon’.

These are Doc’s recommendations:

  • Announce that in the light of the recent Judicial Watch’s, court mandated information that proves Mueller was part of the Uranium One collusion with the Russia deal: The FBI and the Obama administration hid this information about the Uranium One deal from congress and the American people, you are rescinding your recusal, and you are informing the President that you are firing the Special Prosecutor, and will open an investigation into his part of the Uranium One deal.
  • Since it is now known that Hillary had control of all money decisions, thank you Donna, you will appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate every corrupt thing done by the DNC and the Clintons that proves they colluded with Russians for Dossier on President Trump.
  • You will instruct this legal beagle to hone in on the corrupt Obama regime.
  • Since Rothstein was also part of this cover-up, you are firing him, also… Since there were others in the FBI debacle, they too are fired.
  • Announce that you are opening a full scale investigation into the Uranium One deal, and it will include the Clinton’s, Foundation.
  • You are opening an investigation into James Comey and his handling of the Clinton decision, which includes his leaking of confidential information.
  • You have lifted the gag on the FBI Diogenes’ informant, and will open an investigation into why and how this gag order was done. FINALLY! THANK YOU!
  • You have issued an order to stop all Federal funds for any Sanctuary City.

You can make a speech that includes the bold statement that you are doing this so that America’s people will know that Justice may have been wearing a blindfold’ for the past eight years, but, no more. Your justice department will guarantee that there is only one type of justice in our courts.

If you won’t or can’t do these things, then please help President Trump Make America Great Again by resigning.

Doc Christian

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     Like sand in an hour class, memories drain time and suddenly, life in the fast lane reminds all that life is really simple and boils down to one word: love

Death is always peaceful…for the loved one gone; but, lingers for the living until time once again brings peace.

Gus, the companion and one I could confide in, regardless of circumstances, location, or times of day or night, was always there at the beckon call. Life may have filled me with too many expectations, often left unmet, but I could always count on him to brighten my day and give me confidence about my value.

The old man I’m, it seemed unlikely he’d be my mentor, but nary a man ever had such a subtle teacher about the really important things of a man’s life: he was eager to meet each day; he changed my moods, when needed, so the day became not only a walk for health, but a walk to praise the God of heaven for gifts he seemed to acknowledge better than I.

His curiosity piqued mine and often he seemed to give me a lesson about the appreciation of God’s creatures, great and small, as he frolicked in the woods enjoying each meeting with a challenge to befriend or defend, all the while being overly protective of me.

Snow covered ground sparked the ‘zest and pep’ residing in him, and the beauty of newly fallen snow was always fit for his special type of ‘tracking’ ‘snow-man’. His sound echoed throughout the woods and we felt alive as the crunch of God’s earth was clearly felt as we took a brisk walk and I talked about life. Never did I have a better listener.

It seemed as if he had found the long lost ‘Fountain of Youth’, and his rascal-like behavior seldom allowed my mind to speak to my heart about days ahead that would prove to be a challenge I wasn’t sure it could stand or Jesus could heal.

Try as I might, as hard as it was to refuse to acknowledge what I couldn’t ignore, the dawning of Gus getting old and decrepit, as I was, the undeniable truth of old age fell upon us both.

The ‘Old Gus’ made an appearance, once in a while, just enough to cheer up my soul and we could both be young again, for a short walk.

‘Father Time’ gets us all. Love is sometimes bliss; sometimes Hell. Love often leaves just memories, like foot prints in sand, but, they always leave an imprint on the heart and the soul.

Nursing, shots, and TLC still couldn’t win the battle or the war. My time is drawing nigh, and Gus’s has arrived.

Our gait is slow, our achy joints are real, and a departure is probably more than my poor old heart can stand. I’m confident Gus will be brave to the end; I can’t say the same for me.

He said he didn’t mean to call my house; he made a mistake. My preacher friend listened as I told him of my chore. I asked him if he believed that dogs go to heaven. My breathing came easier when he said one day you’ll see Gus galloping again in God’s heavenly green fields a blaze with flowers to smell, creatures to chase, and me, once again frolicking with Gus.

Ed Gleason’s beloved dog: Gus

This tribute is written for my Christian brother that lost his companion last week.

Ranny Grady


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     Pilgrims, the Cultural War is heating up, and the RED—WHITE—BLUE Americans need to ‘double-down’ and keep the pedal to the metal until we defeat this political ‘stink-bomb’ that has the potential to engulf our country’s clear-eyed, clear-thinking, personally responsible, personally accountable, biblical-believing citizens, and throw them upon the ash heap of the world’s Communist murder-for-control dictators of history.

RED—WHITE—BLUE Americans are in the ‘fat’ of it, and we will determine who wins control of our country by what we are willing to sacrifice. Today, our battle field is the NFL; and soon it will be the NBA or a litany of other professional and college sports programs.

By chance you are dazed and too confused to sort out the stakes involved in this war, allow Doc to enlighten you.

Our present test is whether Americans that love this country, respect our flag, are thrilled to sing our National Anthem, and honor our dead warriors…and yes, support our nation’s President, will determine the winner by our strident refusal to support our enemy. Doc, who is our enemy? Any person living in America that refuses to honor it; any person who refuses to respect the past sacrifices of our dead warriors that gave us our freedoms guaranteed by our beloved Constitution, any person who would murder our protectors and defenders: First responders and cops, or advocate the murder of them (Hello Democrat Party supporters of Black Lives Matter).

SOCIAL JUSTICE isn’t a word that has its roots in America! Did you know this? It is a bastardized interpretation many on the Left claim comes from the Bible. That too, is false. The genesis is from Communist Revolution Theology. If anyone cares to do the research, you will discover what Doc already knows: This term was used by revolutionary thugs and murders to gain control of peoples’ lives. Modern day Cuba and Venezuela are prototype case studies for any intellectuals that care to differ with Doc. The first thing these corrupt killers did to allow their Communist regimes to flourish was to disarm the citizens. Do Pilgrims find it disconcerting and alarming that our government, particularly the Far-left and Democrat Party wants to erase our Second Amendment rights to bear arms? These Communist regimes confiscated the citizens guns under the pretext that this would guarantee people could live in peace and harmony and provide a safe haven for their children. As soon as the guns were confiscated and the people were powerless to defend themselves, their lives became a living-hell.

Is it a coincidence that the ‘Poster-child’ for the NFL’s social and economic march to oblivion is a Communist lemming supporter: Colin Kaepernick wore a Communist tee sporting Che Guevara and wearing colorful socks that called for the murder of cops: Black Lives Matter, and depicted them as pigs? I don’t think so!

From the most recent news reports, what started out as a ‘supposedly’ protest against cop brutality, like most insidious diseases, particularly political ones, has metastasized into Gender Identity Politics that now includes choice of bathrooms.

My question for the NFL owners: collectively, are you really this naïve and stupid that you’d let a group of mostly poorly educated football players, the majority are black, ruin your game and your financial futures to bring about Communist ideology? A suggestion from old Doc: invite Burgess Owens and James Brown into your locker rooms and let them speak to the hearts of your disaffected players.

You foolish men and women are listening to the wrong voices. The Jessie Jacksons’ and Al Sharptons’ of America will lead you down a race-card playing ‘race-baiting’ political quagmire road you can’t escape. The now disgraced sexual predator, Bill Cosby, became a piranha to the black Liberal political machine because he recognized how harmed his people were by following this hate-whitey’ race jargon to be the only tripe being heard, while refusing to own the responsibility for the sinful social mess it has become by rejecting the common sense idea for personal responsibility and personal accountability. You need to listen to black folk like: Herman Cain, Larry Elder, sheriff Gates, Burgess Owens, Jim Brown, and Secretary of Housing, Ben Carson to name a few, that recognize that our black society has been conscripted by Marxism Theology.

Don’t you know by lending your support to these disgraceful, disrespectful players to our cherished flag, anthem and traditions, you have just jumped into bed with Black Lives Matter, a communist funded hate America and hate America’s law and order people? Don’t you know that you have joined with Antifa: a Communist funded group of thugs that use violence to suppress those they disagree with? Don’t you know you have publicly lent your support to Same Sex Marriage and have openly dissed Biblical Marriage?

Don’t you know you have alienated all Red States people? You have lent your support to political people who would remove the Constitution from our political framework? For you and the NFL, of cardinal importance, you have alienated the core of your financial support: the once Blue, now Red States supporters: Middle Class workers of America, and with your ‘beer-light’ type of pride in America, our Flag, our dead warriors, and our National Anthem  is going to cook your goose. My prediction, because of your failed patriotic leadership the NFL and the NBA, PLUS ANY OTHER SPORTS PROGRAM THAT FOLLOWS YOUR LEAD, THEY WILL NEVER ENJOY THE SUCCESS THEY ONCE DID.

Doc’s observation: in America’s sport’s rear-view mirror is looming: the outcome of our failed immigrant policies: in a decade, Soccer will become the number one fan supported sport. The NFL’s failure to run its business as a business rather than another government failed Social Conscious/ Social Justice political abyss, where owners have a set agreed upon rules and regulations to operate a very profitable enterprise, they behave like Feminized women where feelings trump common sense.

The NFL owners need to become acquainted with a very interesting man: PETER KRISANOW. He is a black man that possesses the raw data that debunks the entire SOCIAL JUSTICE political platform. He is also a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Anyone can Google his name and watch a You Tube interview he recently did with Fox’s Tucker Carlson.

The one undeniable truth is that until a large percentage of black society changes its social fabric from dependence upon America’s citizens, of all colors, to foot the bill for their lifestyle: Welfare generated by our stupid government officials that reward sloth and mediocrity, promiscuity, and help promote victim-hood, while supporting the criminal element among them that terrorizes decent folk, nothing will change. As long as they continue to politically support corrupt black and white Democrat politicians that rule their ghettos, and don’t want them to succeed because they would reject the government’s Slave-Plantation’ womb to the tomb Socialist agenda, and disrupt their control of these poor wretched people trapped like rats, being forced to live in these terrible places, nothing can or will change.

These several hundred NFL players that are mad at the world and are willing to even kill their sport for selfish reasons, and they refuse to accept responsibility for creating what they call SOCIAL INJUSTICE: I would guess over half of the demonstrators have been part of the problem: reared by single mothers on various types of welfare, without a father in their life, and were once part of a gang that terrorized their fellow black neighborhoods. They were reared by Grandma or Aunties because they mothers were Crack-heads or stoned on other drugs, and were reared in a home with five or more brothers and sisters that didn’t share the same blood. The political ‘kicker’ in all this is that the now hated ‘White Supremacists, President Trump supporters,’ in America worked like slaves to pay for the welfare checks that were sent to their mothers’ each month to keep these players alive.

Roger! If you and your fellow owners are really serious about changing the perceptions of your players’ view of America and their gratitude for their freedoms, start by working on Doc’s Self-Actualization program: I call it Pattering. This is the formula: Insist that each protesting player or sympathizer from the team sit down and write their Life Story. Once the stories have been written, hold a week-long conference for all NFL players and owners and read the stories. After this is finished, put a plan together to change the narrative outcome in black society. Once this is done, then you can take those lessons learned to the rest of America:  I am confident from this embryo will come a changed Social Conscious for our country.

Doc’s suggestion, dust off that once used old book lying around the house, and use the Bible as a handy reference and research guide for directions.

Pilgrims, RED—WHITE—BLUE Americans, we must decide who will win the war that is raging in our country. If we fail to meet the ‘call to arms’ NOW, it will be too late. Might Old Doc make a suggestion? Let us gather strength and wisdom from the book filled with wisdom: the Bible.

The Apostle Paul’s letter to the spiritually and socially inept church in Corinth can give us a ‘blue-print for victory.

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.

     Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air. No, I strike a blow to my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize.  I Corinthians 9:24-27

Pilgrims, and all Deplorables, the war we are raging against America’s enemies will require the type of disciplined training Paul writes about. While his and our first concern should be what happens when we die? The question for America we will answer will be what happens if we fail to win?

Doc will leave all with this historical fact: providing for the poor has always been an expected part of a Christian’s walk. It is a biblical mandate; it isn’t in association with any government largess. At the time Jesus walked the earth there were no democratic governments. The ordinary citizens didn’t have a say in how the government was run. There weren’t any voting booths.

The first century historian, Josephus, estimated there were sixty millions slaves in the Roman Empire.

Doc Christian

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     Helen Reddy’s Feminist anthem that was like a siren’s call for women of America to usurp man’s position in society was used as a sharp knife to divide our country’s political horizon.

The loud ferocious voices coming from Hollywood and the entertainment industry that promoted this godless chatter, fifty years ago, and recently outside the White House, led by the arch loud mouths: Madonna and Ashley Judd, spurred on by oldies but goodies, the Traitor, Jane Fonda, Meryl Streep, and her ilk; but, with the latest sexual scandal developing before America’s eyes about the ‘Sex for Play’ (Casting Couch), sleep your way to the top, by past and present movie queens, throws a lot of smut upon this bunch of Sexual Predators ENABLERS that in the past possessed the right to call themselves Feminists.

They like the loony-toon NFL Anthem protesters that have been exposed for what the protests are really for: Doc’s opinion: racial animus towards white people, and especially our white President, Donald J. Trump. If it was about SOCIAL JUSTICE, wouldn’t they be in the ghettos of our major cities, protesting the criminals that have enslaved the black people trapped living in these terrible places? They have proven they are disloyal citizens to this country!

In the same way, now, can’t women of America cast their suspicious eyes upon the once thought to be the guaranteed super iron clad bastion of strong Hollywood women to hold the Feminist banner high for all to see, and none can now deny that their roar was little more than a intimidated squeaky kitten’s ‘meow’ when it came to defending ‘equal rights’ to choose whom they would share their sexual favors with. In the face of being loyal to the Feminist cry for equal rights and equal opportunities in the business world, they capitulated to serve their own immediate selfish goals: sold their bodies and silence for a promise of future rewards. Can anyone say there have been little more than glamorized ‘Three Dollar Bills?

Like the NFL protesters, who are guaranteeing that the next generation of college stars will face a vastly different economic future, because white America is going to stop supporting these disloyal players that think little about showing disloyalty with their protest of our Country, flag, and Anthem, all feminist should feel their most noted leaders have failed to demonstrate loyalty to their cause for personal and selfish reasons, and the entire movement will suffer a decline about its perceived power, socially and politically.

I’m willing to bet my house that if you scratch under the skin of the Black Entertainment industry, you’ll find many Harvey Weinsteins’!

Strep, Fonda Hillary and Bill, the Late Night Comedians, and the Democrat Party, plus a cast of thousands of Hollywood stars are lying through their teeth that they didn’t know this sexual predatory culture didn’t exist in Hollywood. It has been known for decades that one of the major reasons JFK’s old man, during the Depression, invested money in Hollywood was so he could have access to hot chicks.

Only the God above knows how many young women spent time upon the ‘Casting Couch’, perhaps, it fits both genders, and those who weren’t rewarded, but sent packing, had to live with the ‘self-loathing’ that is always associated with being forced to do something against one’s will or principles…for the rest of their life. Perhaps, even worse, having spent time on the ‘Casting Couch’ with an animal lower than a pig in slop, rising to new levels of success, and having this creep bask in the limelight your talents created. These abused women, more than any, know that Mae West’s ‘cutesy’ remark: “All that issue over a little tissue,” was a lie, because one’s personal dignity is never a ‘little issue’. Is it?

This type of sinful behavior…according to the Bible’s record about mankind and sin is prevalent in every corporate structure in America, including our government officials. In certain corporate businesses: tech companies, kids and family entertainment parks, and even a noted soap company, it is a homosexual predatory culture, and conservative, especially religious/biblical employees are squeezed out or even fired for no cause

The sexual abuse and harassment culture in the business world has been around since God created man and woman. Contrary to what the Political Identity crowd would have America believe, the Feminist Agenda empowered the predators. Years ago women, especially in public, were treated with respect. Since the Feminist demanded they be treated like men, the entire panoply for social discourse has been coarsened to the point Hollywood can’t make a movie that doesn’t include the most salacious portrayal of the worst values in mankind.

Especially the ‘far-left’ denouncers of all things biblical ‘hand-wringers’ are now searching for a solution for this sexual scandal…wink, wink.

Doc’s suggestions, why don’t the NFL protesters and the Hollywood Feminist wonks get together and make a pack that they will seek to stop fostering a culture of violence and sin, by teaching future generations that depicting actors and actresses in the most dehumanizing and immoral portrayals of sinful people harms all in America. The black NFL players can visit the hood and teach the boys that sexually and physically abusing women, and treating them in a degrading manner, which is what happens today, is wrong, and it doesn’t produce men but cowards.

They could petition the Congress and demand that the Ten Commandments be brought back into our school rooms, and our teachers could teach them to their students. Doc has a hundred different ways America’s sexually out of control society could change to guarantee productive useful citizen would graduate from our schools and become successful citizens.

The political enemies of our President and our country can say whatever they want to about him; his leadership, and his supporters, but none can label him a HYPOCRITE. In the world of Hollywood, the Democrat Party, and all the Socialists/Communists lemmings in America that protest nearly everything the Deplorables hold dear, that label; HYPOCRITE, is one none of these Hollywood types can ever escape.

If it weren’t so sad, it would be laughable that those who claimed the moral high-ground’ have been shown to be weak, social and political cowards.

Jesus Christ said it best to describe this ‘Casting Couch’ crowd: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

     How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye, when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?

     You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Matthew 7:3-5

Pilgrims, remember this the next time you see the news reporting about these degenerates preening their non-existent moral superiority before the world at their delusional ‘self-promoting’ awards programs.

Doc Christian



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     High up on an exclusive mountain top resort for the uber wealthy in America, in an opulent decorated very large Conference Room, sit thirty-two owners of a very exclusive business club: the owners of an NFL franchise.

The Chairman of this club addresses the members. “Hey guys, Roger has out done himself this time with his ‘Think outside the box’ creative assignment.” He laughs, “I mean…this is a real hoot.”

An owner shouts, “Get on with it, I’ve got my jet warming up.”

‘Okay, okay, don’t get your knickers in a knot, he expects us to devise a plan that will do the following:

  • Move the NFL from the most watched sport on T.V, so it lags behind Baseball.
  • Create an advertisement environment that will cause our sponsors to cancel their ads.
  • Have our players disrespect our Country
  • Have our players choose not to honor our flag
  • Have our players refuse to stand with their hand over heart when the National Anthem is played and sung.
  • Have our players choose to politically challenge the President of the United States when he declares the owners should fire any NFL player who refused to stand for the Anthem.
  • Have all players and owners lock arms in defiance to show whom has the political will to denounce America’s football fans, and all RED—WHITE—BLUE patriots.
  • Support the players until 40% of the fans no longer watch the NFL.
  • Allow the employees to dictate the rules and how the owner’s business should be operated.
  • Encourage the players to display the ‘Black Power’ Sign while the flag is displayed and the Anthem sung.

One of the owners’ stands up. “This is crazy! We are wasting our time. Maybe we need to rethink his new contract.”

Another owner, “This is pure nonsense! This would never happen, and it could never happen; we wouldn’t allow it,” he shouted with great frustration.

A group of owners gathered around the owner of a California team, “Your boy Colin, he is the reason Roger assigned us this foolish assignment,” they said, pointing fingers.

An owner spoke up. “I suppose Roger will expect us to have our players wear those ratty looking tees with Che Guevara on them.”

Another owner, “Yeah, and have them wear those butt-ugly socks to the knee with Cops depicted as Pigs”. Laughter filled the room.

In mass, the owners bolted the room. “The hell with Roger, no one in the NFL would be stupid enough the try and ruin our game, Right? RIGHT ON!” The owners shouted.

Pilgrims, even Watson thought it was ‘elementary’. An American citizen is either proud of our Country, loves our Flag, is thrilled when the Anthem is sung, or?????????

Take old Doc’s advice: turn off the NFL, NBA or any other sport, college, high school, or even Pee wee games until America gets a public apology from all players that keeled, locked arms, and disrespected our dead heroes.

If you are a President Trump supporter, ‘show the NFL players who is the leader of the free world, and don’t come back until there is a public apology from every teams protesting players.

Doc Christian



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     Many years ago I had this Cinnamon colored cat, named Cinnamon. My wife brought it home from a dental office she was working with implementing her management program. For twelve years, he was an egocentric indifferent to anyone’s needs cat, and he basically was a pain in the rear. He would be in the room with you, but he wouldn’t allow you to pet or hold him. I’m not sure how it worked out this way, but during his life we lived in two houses that were adjacent to either a very heavy thorny thicket plot of ground or a corn field. I left the garage door open just enough so he could prowl at night. Whether it was the thicket or the Corn field, he evidently didn’t possess a normal cat’s compass: On several occasions I had braved the thicket or the field to retrieve him from his hoary messes. His cries for help nearly woke the dead, and embarrassed me. His odd behavior also left me pondering if he wasn’t just ‘play-acting’ and he was never in peril or ever actually lost; he just wanted to torment me and make me look foolish rescuing an animal that didn’t need rescuing. Occasionally, he would bring a dead mouse and leave in on the steps leading into the house from the garage.

Pilgrims, in light of this story’s history, the following is true! As he was approaching his thirteenth birthday, he had become more stridently indifferent and obnoxious towards me, and often refused to even sit in the same room I was in. At the breakfast table, I announced: “I have decided to get rid of the cat.” I didn’t even use his name. He suddenly appeared. I addressed my remarks to him. “That’s right! I’m going to get rid of your mangy carcass. You are good for nothing but to eat my cat food and sleep twenty hours a day. You don’t have any emotional needs and you certainly don’t love anybody in our family.” My wife laughed and told me he isn’t afraid of you; besides you’ll never do it.”

The next morning I was in my office working on a sermon. I was busy and lost in my preparation when Cinnamon came into the room and jumped up on my lap. I was in shock, and I tried to ignore him. “Once in twelve years won’t save your ornery hide,” I said. He moved from my lap and sat on the computer keys, and began to cry loud cat sounds. Un-nerved, I got up and he took off ahead of me. I followed and he went to the living/den area and jumped up into my large recliner. He looked at me and dropped his head and closed his eyes, as if he were going to sleep. I picked him up, sat down, and he snuggled next to me. We had a short nap.

For the next seven years, until I had to put him to sleep, we were buddies, and he was a lovable cat to people.

The ‘rest of the story’: when Cinnamon was nineteen, he began setting off our house alarm system with his shrieks of noise. I took him to the Vet and he told me he was suffering from Adrenal failure and was having heart trouble. He went to cat heaven. At that time I was writing a weekly column for the Rushville, In. newspaper: The Republican. I wrote a eulogy about the life and death of Cinnamon for my column. For weeks, ‘Cat lovers’ sent cards of condolences; sometimes they just dropped by and left them on our front porch. Usually they were signed with the owner’s cat’s paws.

Pilgrims, I share this story to help me prove a salient point about loyalty…from man or beast. The day I issued an ultimatum to Cinnamon to show loyalty or he was out the door, he had ONLY ONE BITE AT THE APPLE. He had a choice to make, and I’m grateful he made the right choice, for me.

For old Doc, this contest of loyalty to one’s country, flag and anthem between NFL, NBA, all professional, college and high school protests should be treated like I did my cat. ONLY ONE BITE AT THE APPLE is all you get. If you show the world you are an ingrate and are too blinded by racial hatred or political animas to honor our country’s dead warriors, you are despicable in my eyes.

When my wife brought Cinnamon home, my youngest son claimed him, and he often would keep the cat up in his bedroom. He would have the cat sit on his chest and he wouldn’t allow him to leave until he was ready for him to leave. I recall scolding him about this bad behavior, but more interestingly, I recall the petulant, incensed look emanating from the cat’s eyes as he was forced to obey his master’s will.

The NFL  kneelers, lock arms team players, and even the dolt owners intimidated by a bunch of Socialist/Communist supporters for people of color, mostly black showing open disdain for our country, flag and anthem remind me of Cinnamon being forced to behave. They all are petulant, ill-willed participants desperately wanting to give our president and his Deplorable supporters, the ‘big finger’. They really want to demonstrate their visceral divisive hatred for white society.

If any of them deny this is true, then why didn’t this protest happen while America’s first black President, President Obama was in office? If they had protested when he was the leader of our country, couldn’t he have led them into their choice of ‘promised land’? Together, they could have wiped out our country’s drug and gang killing machine; together, they could have implemented new educational systems that could have kept sixty percent of black kids from not graduating from high school; together they could have influenced black society’s entertainment industry to move away from dehumanizing core values of morality and decency, and stop lending support for every salacious type of pleasure and self-gratification that steals one’s integrity and spoils one’s soul; together, they could have encouraged President Obama to put America’s black people first before illegals, and to carry America’s flag and be its standard bearer for the world to see rather than apologize for its history of greatness…despite its obvious failures. President Obama could have taken the opportunity to school them in World History and show them the evil of all Communist governments that have ever ruled. Then, the NFL wouldn’t have died from Colin Cancer {I stole that from someone on the net}, and wouldn’t have had to watch as the world’s Communists leaders cheered for him, (I added that to the quote).

Now, the economic challenged NFL wants to ‘sing a new song’ and the owners feel like they have been forced to run a mud slogged gauntlet for malcontent racists: when you choose to honor the wrong ideas and the wrong people fostering them, it always ends badly. Look at what has happened to the Democrat Party under President Obama and Hillary’s watch!

Doc’s opinion, if our Republican Congress will get their head out of the rears and gain a clear perspective of what the political horizon looks like, they will build the wall, pass illegal and legal immigration laws that will protect our National Security, the jobs market for Americans, and send most of the non-loyal illegals home where they are free to protest their country of origin governments by burning their flag and demonstrating against their…often Socialist/Communist leaders…like millions of, especially, ungrateful young illegals, are doing on the streets of America. When the Trump voters vote out of office those who oppose President Trump’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN agenda, and replace them with his loyal supporters starting in 2018 and following to 2020, it just might be possible for our country to begin the return to the Founding Father’s basic principles: beginning with the biblical ones.

Old Hickory shouted: “Don’t shoot till you see the whites of their eyes.” RED—WHITE—BLUE Americans should shout: “NFL, NBA we have seen the color of your flag and heard your SOCIAL JUSTICE marching song, and America doesn’t like it.” Loyal Americans, Trump supporters, any others that are fed up with the ‘status quo’ in Washington, we have fired the first salvo across the bow; we have them on the run. The NFL’s attendance is down 30%. We can crush those who aren’t proud of our dead warriors, won’t respect our flag or anthem, by continuing to turn off our T.Vs. We can use our pocket books and contact the advertisers. Our end goal is to have a public apology, on the field or court, with the malcontents in attendance, and our President and Vice President in view, when the apology is made.

October reminds Doc of the Halloween parties I was privileged to attend while growing up where Apple Catching Contests were held for a nice prize. Apples were floating and bobbing in a large tub filled with water and you had to try and catch an apple using only your teeth. It was a difficult task, but worth the effort if you managed to bite it just right.

My opinion, I believe the august NFL and other professional sports businesses, including our Sports Media are bobbing for apples, and they have ONLY ONE LAST BITE AT THE APPLE, before they suffer an epic failure at the hands of America’s citizens that brazenly fly our Flag, Salute our dead warriors, and proudly sing our National Anthem.

The question of one’s loyalty can even be seen in scripture. After Paul and Barnabas finished their Missionary journey, their success was so evident, they thought it would be prudent of them to rest a while and then revisit the churches they had planted.

Barnabas wanted to take John, also called Mark, with them, but Paul did not think it wise to take him, because he had deserted them in Pamphylia and had not continued with them in the work. They had such a sharp disagreement that they parted company. Acts 15:37-38

Old Doc has recently filled his weekends with college football, and especially watching the best golfers in America win the President’s Cup. The roar of USA, USA ,USA that reverberated all over that golf course gave me chills…not the NFL’s heartburn.

Doc Christian’blog/wp-login.php

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     In one of my favorite movies: Remember the Titans, there is a scene where the All American football player and the ‘white’ Captain of the team, tells Denzel Washington, the coach, he wants a particular player cut. It was once a buddy of his; but, he missed a block, on purpose to register his angst against playing with Negro players, and their star quarterback is injured and out for a long time. He told the coach, “Sometimes, you just have to cut a man for the good of the team.” The coach agreed to do what the Captain wanted, but, he warned him he would be accountable for the decision.

It turns my stomach when I see, on the news, pictures of black, brown and even white football players taking a knee to protest our Flag and National Anthem for SOCIAL JUSTICE Reasons. Since I no longer watch the NFL, the only news I get is from Fox News.

Talk about marching around the rim of the abyss where the fires of hot burning Patriotism burns seeking opportunities to erupt like a volcano, comes the Red—White—and Blue citizens of America carrying Old Glory, and all opposition will surely suffer defeat in its wake.

Old Navy vet Doc Christian has a message for the players of the NFL: locking your arms renders it impossible for you to stand with your hand over your heart. Your solidarity to support Communist/ group think just won’t cut it. None can deny their great SOCIAL JUSTICE leader, Colin, openly champions Cuba’s dictator: he wore his tee; none can deny he hates cops and agrees with the Communist funded BLACK LIVES MATTER haters: he wore their socks depicting cops as pigs! Commissioner and owners, kneeling, none can deny your players traveled to foreign soil to disrespect our FLAG and our ANTHEM. The NFL needs a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting: NFL IS A GAME, OUR FLAG AND ANTHEM IS LIFE!

Old Doc Christian just had an epiphany, why don’t we send Colin to Cuba…or Venezuela…or his choice of Black African countries that he would have an easy time flourishing as a regime puppet mouthing their propaganda. According to him, he’d be infinitely more comfortable living in one of those ‘Resort-type countries.

From my view, the Feminist Agenda has done a complete number on the American male for the past 40 years to the point he can’t hardly go to the bathroom without a posse…like women do for emotional support. Locking arms, isn’t it like everyone gets a ‘Participation Trophy’?  The idea of merit is never a part of the equation for who is a winner and who is a loser. In case the NFL, NBA or any other type of sports program needs a ‘road map’ to discover who is will be classified as a Winner or a Loser in our Patriot’s Game, just take a gander at OLD GLORY, and watch who respects it.

Since a large percentage of the players do not agree with the malcontents, but, they don’t have the gonads to demonstrate their integrity is tied to their personal self-worth, by speaking out, regardless of who likes it or not. As a veteran, I just can’t imagine being in a Fox hole with a guy that stands against everything you are willing to die for! This also relates to being on an NFL team with a guy that chooses to disrespect our flag, our Anthem, and our Nation. In my day, as a non-feminized man, that man would be shunned, isolated, and told since he wasn’t a proud American, we wanted nothing to do with him.

The ‘dark hearts’ have been on display for the NFL. Regardless of what the NFL may or may not do to shore up their rapidly leaking ship, proud Patriots know that any NFL gestures by this group of ‘group-thinkers’ really can’t stand for our flag because they don’t care about White America and its proud tradition for honoring our flag.

Coach Tomlin of the Steelers wanted to solve the problem about a total disconnect with America’s people and football fans by dissing the Flag: by just not having the team on the field during the anthem and honoring our flag. I didn’t think the NFL was comprised of ‘cowards’; but, evidently, I was wrong.

Doc’s opinion, this question about respecting and honoring our flag is going to bite the NFL players in their economic butts and when sponsors and T.V. networks are forced to negotiate NFL rights, that are going to be minuscule, in the future, they will perhaps, build a statue to honor the Communist loving Kaepernick.

I will never watch an NFL game until or unless America receives a ‘heartfelt’ apology from the NFL and its protesting players. I cancelled my Sports Illustrated magazine, today! If the NBA or others sports teams disrespect our flag, I will never watch their games, either.

It boggles old Doc’s mind to think just how ignorant the players are about American History or World History. Those dumbed- down, poorly educated protesters were so stupid they disrespected OLD GLORY in London, England Hey numbskulls! You honored the country that oppressed America! England had a ‘thriving’ slave trade that produced salve work for more than THREE MILLION black slaves: that is far more than what America had before the Civil War.

I think President Trump supporters could fix it up so you can use your Passports and just stay in England. I’m sure you’d be much happier there

Pilgrims, in the midst of all this phony outrage about the need for black SOCIAL JUSTICE, none should lose sight of the agenda that is in play in America, aided and abetted by the Communist agenda that wants to not only disrupt our governmental processes, they want to replace it with Marxism and create a ONE WORLD Communist Theocracy that will eventually enslave America. Those who dismiss this as foolishness need to, yes, study World History, past and present.

My opinion, any “mea culpa’’ that comes down from the NFL heir autocracy should be highly suspect on its merits. When you choose to dance with the Devil, as the NFL will soon learn, paying the fiddler can be a real burden.

Doc calls for all RED-WHITE and’ BLUE Patriots to not watch the  games, don’t buy the sponsors products and services, and those who support President Trump and America’s flag and anthem stay the course! America’s greatest need is to sort out the Patriots from the pseudo phony ones.

Doc’s opinion, Jesus left America a biblical model we must learn and teach future generations: Its implementation importance? Just the future of America.

Jesus, speaks about Christians being loyal to his Kingdom, and he teaches a lesson America must heed concerning our respect, honor and support for our flag and Anthem

Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.

     But, whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.

     Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For is have come to turn

          “’a man against his father,

          A daughter against her mother,

          A daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—

          A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.”

          Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me, is not worthy of me;

          Anyone who does not take-up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me.

          Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

          Matthew 10:34-39

Pilgrims, if you substitute America for Jesus!!

Doc Christian





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     As America continues to dissolve into a cesspool of ‘far-left’ liberal/Communist racist drool, and the NFL/NBA, and only God knows how many other college/high school/ and Pee Wee sports coaches are doing little more than pouring gasoline on a simmering fire, as a minority of black society is choosing to return to the ‘good old days’ of racial animus of five decades ago.

With the new racial justice poohbahs: NFL/NBA: Aaron Rogers, Le Bron, Popovich, Cuban, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and at least 231 black players of the NFL, perhaps, before you move forward to take America back to a segregated world, you stop and do some honest reconnoitering, military style, and educate you and your lemming supporters about the hate driven, absolute truth of the False Narrative concerning COPS…especially White cops, targeting blacks…for racial ‘sport’.

If any of you numskulls took the time to sort out ‘truth from fiction concerning these racially motivated charges by political power hungry people, and hate-America loons, you would find sane, honest, people: like PETER KRISANOW, a representative from the U.S. COMMISSION ON CIVIL RIGHTS, who was on the Tucker Carlson show last night) debunking all of the lies coming from the minds and mouths of these SOCIAL JUSTICE ‘speak with forked tongue’ people.

The following information is available for anyone to see!

For the past thirty years all crime rates have been declining…until 2016. Since the trumped-up False Narratives: Ferguson/Baltimore, there has been a spike in violence and violent crimes.

In a country of 320,000,000 people, give or take a few, in New York, Blacks are 2/1/2 times more likely to be killed by white cops, Blacks are 2/1/2 times more likely to commit a crime, 35% more likely to commit a robbery; 38 times more likely to commit murder, and 51 times more likely to be involved in violent shootings, that may or may not lead to death. In addition, Black cops are 3.3% more likely to shoot black criminals than white cops. White cops are 72% less likely to shoot black criminals than black cops.

According to Mr. Krisanow and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, these two racial incidents produced what they called, The Ferguson Effect. Because of the increased Media {politically motivated against President Trump} coverage and public support for un-vetted racial truth concerning these black/white cop incidents, all police personnel are 72& more likely to carry out Active Policing on behalf of the poorer neighborhoods in America, especially black ones. Also, political politics has played a major role in less vigilant Police work: Obama’s edict to restrict the rules of engagement with criminals, mayors and other elected officials: Charleston, Charlottesville, St Louis, to name a few, which order law officers to ‘stand down, have stoked the racial divide in America.


The Cu de Tata? Since 2015 there have been more murders in black society than all of the soldiers killed in the Iraq War. 90% of the murders have been BLACK ON BLACK KILLINGS.

Now, come the pristine, pure as the hem of Caesar’s wife’, NFL. Since 2000, the NFL players have a criminal record that looks like this:

  • 855 players have been arrested
  • 215 have been charged with DUI
  • 96 charges for domestic violence/ brutalizing women
  • 99 charges of drugs
  • 71 arrests for assaults
  • 2 murders

With these factual data points in place, Doc Christian wishes to suggest the following for all sports programs and any ‘far-left’ racial baiting media or politicians that are serious about healing the racial divide in America.

Hire Peter Krisanow to a high paying Civil Rights position so he can visit with every sports program: NFL/NBA etc. to provide truthful counsel for all of these misguided Social Justice Warriors. He will provide unvarnished truth and help them separate ‘racist ‘truth from fiction

As a collective body of Social Justice Warriors, they can visit the many ghetto black society’s ‘hell-holes, and seek an audience with the present elected city officials and demand they create a bi-partisan’ playbook for eradicating the drug gangs, public prostitution and pimp business, confront the Labor Union Controlled education system and demand all black kids get an opportunity for a good education by supporting School Choice (something every NFL/NBA player has for their children) and Charter Schools that will force the lazy, incompetent teachers and administrations’ to compete for tax payers school funding.

Since many of these professional players came from gangs, they can lead a consortium of influential Social Justice Warriors to help the cops to know who the criminals are and help to put them behind bars. They can use their considerable influence to change hearts and minds about America being an unjust country.

They can become educated and visit our schools and conduct forums that will teach students that knowledge about America’s History is vital for its future greatness. They need to know the Constitution, Bill of Rights, seek knowledge about our government and how it is was designed to work. They can support our system of Law and Order, and teach students to respect our Flag and our Anthem, and show them why not doing so will harm America’s future greatness.

With the unveiling of a Social Justice myth by Mr. Krisanow, perhaps, America can lean upon scripture: “Speak the truth in love.”  I recall the words of Mr. King: “Free, free, thank God I’m free at last.” Doc’s opinion, If this law and order debacle can be approached with ‘truth’, maybe we can find a way to heal the racial breech in our nation, and we can all learn to love our Country, love our Flag and love our Anthem: it is the one ideal that possesses the spiritual power to unite rather than divide.

Doc’s opinion, the answer never changes! America’s problem can be solved if it allows Jesus Christ and his Bible to guide our thinking, behaving, and decision making.

Doc Christian,


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of low quality that was bum advice that you got from that chat roomSynonyms badbargain-basementcheapcheapjackcheesycoarsecommoncrappy [slang], cut-rateel cheapoexecrablegimcrackinferiorjunkylousylow-gradelow-rentmediocremiserablepoorrottenrubbishyschlock (or schlocky also shlock or shlocky), second-rateshoddysleazyterribletrashytrumperywretchedRelated Words uselessvaluelessworthlessindifferentlacklustersecond-classbrummagemflashygarishgaudyglitzykitschkitschymeretriciousostentatiousshowysplashyswank(or swanky), tawdryseedyshabbytackycounterfeitfakephony (also phony), shamsupercheapultracheap

In the Bible, the Apostle Paul writing to the Christians in Corinth.

I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial.
I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive.

     No one should seek their own good, but the good of others (AMERICA} I Co. 10:23

Mr. Webster provides America with a long litany of words most people use or has used to communicate their disdain for certain types of people. This list of definitions does not include those a ‘Family Newspaper’ might not include.

So, now here comes Le Bron James, the erudite, sophisticated, pontificator basketball player who sets on his billions of dollars he earned dribbling a ball…since he was eighteen, and he makes a pronouncement that the duly elected President of these United States is a ‘BUM’.

      President Trump hasn’t been in office a year, and despite a united corrupt Democrat political machine doing all it can to find a way to impeach him, America is enjoying a business revolution because he used his Executive Pen to undo just about all of his predecessor’s business and job killing Executive orders…that harmed the black people most of all. These are a few of the ‘Bum’s accomplishments since he has been in office: a million plus good paying jobs, major corporations committed to build new factories that will hire Americans, of all colors, to make and sell American made goods and services, the Coal industry is up and running, again, the oil pipeline is transferring our oil for our cars and factories to hum once again, oil exploration is again in high gear. the Stock Market is at a record high and any investor, pension funds, have seen a dramatic increase in retirement programs, FEMA and all other government programs have been successful meeting our nation’s monstrous hurricane and flooding disasters needs for our unfortunate people with professional skill and advanced planning, our President has restored our National leadership before the world’s most august political entities, and has unified the world against the nuclear war mongers: Iran and North Korea, AND FOR SIXTY THREE PLUS, AND GROWING RAPIDLY EACH DAY, MILLIONS OF PRESIDENT TRUMP SUPPORTERS HE MAY BE A BUM IN SOME AMERICANS’ EYES, BUT HE IS OUR HEROIC ‘BUM’ that will guarantee America remains focused on ONE FLAG, and one CONSTITUTION.

     Pilgrims, the one question I’m most interested in learning the answer for is: why now has the sports world decided America is an unjust place that requires a public protest for Social Justice, and they use our one unifying symbol: OLD GLORY, the flag and our anthem to carry out an ill-advised, Doc’s opinion, Social Justice protest.

If anybody surveys the political and social landscape from which these protesters are standing upon, why in 2017? Why didn’t it happen in 2012-2013-2014-2015? I mean, did this perception of Social Injustice just appear in 2017? Were the social justice issues they are protesting about not clearly evident in those prior years? Why did it just happen in 2017?

Wasn’t black society having their own criminals commit unspeakable crimes against black folk: 80% of all crime is black on black. Wasn’t the black student drop-out rate the same, as too many black people reject a White-man’s education? How greater has the drug, prostitution, and pimp population grown in the black ghetto neighborhoods since 2017? How many more Generational Welfare Families have been added to the taxpayers’ debt since 2017?

The coach of the NFL team, Coach Tomlin, tried to keep politics out of the equation by keeping his players off the field until our anthem and flag ceremony was done; he failed in his mission, as one of his players, a white man, defied him and went out and stood for the flag. Do America’s citizens need a clearer and better defined example for what these protests are really about? It is designed to divide our nation into racial groups where black folk can publicly demonstrate their disdain for white people, isn’t it? Wrongheadedly, they have lumped all Trump supporters into one political cauldron of Whiteness, and they have issued a challenge to people of color to support their agenda or suffer the consequences. They demand ‘Group-think’ and ‘Group behavior’! For them, it begins and ends with the American Flag.

A note to all NFL and NBA, or any other sports programs, the political ‘Cat is out of the bag’ and all of this protesting is nothing but a racial hate white America agenda. NONE OF THIS NONSENSE WAS DONE WHILE A BLACK PRESIDENT SERRVED TWO TERMS! One would think that these protests would have been infinitely more effective if they had carried them out when America had a black man as President. He would have been capable of doing good things to help these miss-guided Social Justice warriors accomplish their agenda. But, no, they didn’t say a word; there wasn’t a peep from their mouths about ‘Social Justice’ demands. They didn’t take a knee, they didn’t wear Communist tees. WHY?

Even old Doc can track an elephant in snow: President Obama was a black man; President Trump is white. The issue about our flag isn’t about Politics; it is about race…and nothing else.

Speaking in football language, since the DEPLORABLE ‘BUMS’ elected Donald J. Trump as America’s president, the Trumpers, not necessarily the Republican Party, have gone on the OFFENSE. Our ‘Bum’ is doing what we expect him to do governing America. We are people of the Constitution and law and order. We don’t want to kill our cops; we want to honor them. We are going to elect Trump politicians and fire those who don’t support his political agenda. We are going to use those Democrat voters you once had locked up: blue collar voters, against your Socialist/Communist government agenda and bury you in the next election. When and if our Republican representatives: House and Senate, fail to support President Trump, we are going to elect new people who will. This is a new Political Revolution not bound by political party, but by  an America First agenda. It may be, but doesn’t need to be, exclusive, for it can be comprised of people of all races and colors. The only requirements: SUPPORT FOR OUR CONSTITUTION, SUPPORT FOR OUR LAW AND ORDER PERSONNEL, AND RESPECT FOR OUR FLAG AND ANTHEM.

So, professional and even college sports, get ready for an economic war! If you dis our flag, you are our enemy. We are going to make a concerted effort to hurt your bottom line so much you’ll rue the day you chose to support those who are willing to show contempt and even hate for our nation’s flag. Personally, I didn’t watch an NBA game last year; I haven’t watched a NFL game this year. Truthfully, I do miss the games; but, I’ll not sacrifice my principles:  AS A PROUD VETERAN (NAVY), IF YOU DISRESPECT OUR NATION’S FLAG, YOU ARE SOCIALLY IRREDEEMABLE IN MY EYES.  Old Doc prays that all ‘BUM’ supporters will join me in this war.

Le Bron, old Doc would like to know: Does a ‘bum’ build a Real Estate Empire? Does a ‘Bum’ hire, train women and men, of all colors ,and help them achieve the America Dream? Does a ‘Bum’ donate a million dollars to Hurricane relief? Does a ‘Bum’ serve this great nation for a dollar a year? Does a Bum’ fight every day to keep America’s Capitalist system, that has made you filthy rich, churning in high gear rather than support a Socialist/Communist system that would strip you of your possessions and wealth and give it to those in power that they deem worthy?

Would a ‘Bum’ disrespect his nation’s flag and kneel when it passes and the National Anthem is sung? I’ll leave that question for you to answer, and on behalf of America sixty three plus million citizens they would like an answer.

Doc Christian


If Pilgrims, Trump supporters, or just love America people want to commence the economic war to teach valuable lessons to millionaires who disrespect our flag and anthem, here are the companies that sponsor the NFL.

Pepsi, Dairy Management inc, Bridgestone tire, Gillette/head and shoulders, Od Spice, Proctor and Gamble brands, Verizon, Barclays, Papa John Pizza, Castrol oil, Anheuser Beer, USSA ins.,Bose, Court yard by Marriot, Xbox, Quaker oats, Tide, Lenovo computers, McDonalds, SAP, Microsoft, Cover Girl, Zebra Technologies, T.D. America, Extreme Networks, Nationwide, Hyundai, Dannon Yogurt

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