Pilgrims, while I think black society should determine who wins the election, because they have the most to lose since they must know if Hillary wins, they will get what the Democrat Party has always given them: just take a gander at this poverty ridden class of people who have been misused, abused, and discarded by the Liberals…except every four years they come a calling with promises of change and utopia; but, nothing changes…except things grow more desperate for families to find success, the Left-wing’ of the Democrat Party: media, declare the White College educated women will decide who wins the election.


If this turns out to be true, what does America know about these power-brokers? What do believers know about them?


Since 1972, Doc Christian has been inside the ‘War-room’ of the Feminist agenda from the ‘get-go’: Prentice Hall Publishing Company, whom I worked for, had recently published a book written by one of the major dominos of the Feminist movement, and I was, I hate to admit it, and have asked Jesus to forgive me of my sin, paid to help her promote the book.in Florida. I arranged book signings and media interviews, and I was sitting in the back of the room while these nefarious women plotted the demise of America. I was one of those millions of naïve people who couldn’t fathom this motley crew would turn the world up-side down, tear down every biblical foundation, turn children against their parents values, mock the Bible and Jesus Christ, and usher in Same Sex Marriage championed by our corrupt Supreme Court…and against the majority of this nation’s wishes.


This generation of Feminist was the Nazi warriors. They introduced the hedonist, licentious, bacchanal, rid yourself of personal responsibility…at any cost, and go ‘find’ you, culture that ushered in ‘free love’ and hate any and all conventional restrictions of biblical morality. They popularized No-fault-divorce’, Latch-key kids, and the emasculation of America’s men.


Today, this voting block of women carry the scars of their mothers…those who were fortunate to be born and not aborted. What do you mean scars, Doc?


The majority of these women don’t have any association with biblical faith. The majority of them have been divorced twice.  Their children are confused, spoiled brats that are more hedonists, and are even more A-moral than their mothers.


They are highly educated, successful in business, but conflicted with loads of guilt for climbing the corporate ladder and losing their children to the world’s sinful playground. They are first generation ‘Nanny-gate’ women who can’t take the time to be ‘mom’, so they want the government to provide a safety-net’ for their children. They become their kids ‘best-friend’ instead of the best parent/mom. They like the idea of ‘time-out’ for children because it helps assuaged the feelings of guilt for neglecting their parenting duties which requires discipline and suffering for the parent to get the job done right.



If they have biblical faith, it is bastardized. They support abortion, ordination of homosexuals, and Same Sex Marriage. All is called an abomination by the Bible. Integrity and honesty are virtues that carry little value for them; and it is proven by their staunch support of political things that denigrate biblical principles.


Their children were reared with ‘privileges’ ordinary kids don’t experience. They give ‘lip service’ for those who don’t share this blessing, but they vote Party Politics over common sense solutions. They bemoan the plight of the impoverished, but, they stay anti-septic’ clean when it demands ‘rubbing shoulder’ with these less fortunate people.


Today, this privileged group have daughters that are A-moral, don’t have a clue about the Feminist Movement’s mannish bent…but endorse and glory in the ‘Skank’ culture provided by Beyoncé and her ilk that spews ‘raunchy’ from every Hollywood pore. The ‘early’ sexualization

of pre-teen girls is found in her videos and music. Her black society champions her ‘entertainment’. A tiny percent are Godly women one can find in Proverbs 31:10ff and they are estranged from these named above women.


While Doc accepts this historical view of these women, he rejects the touted outcome the media is declaring. The privileged women may influence the election, but, they won’t determine the winner.


Pilgrims, Doc’s opinion: America is in the mess we find ourselves in for one reason, and only one reason: people who have claimed they are ‘born-again-Christians’ have voted, consistently for the past five decades, for Jesus’ enemies: Secular Progressive Liberal Democrat Atheists who worked diametrically against God and his Bible. This type of Christian dishonored Jesus’ work on the cross with every vote to empower those who desire to remove freedom of Religion…especially biblical, Christian religion from the public arena of our country. If one pauses to view our country’s biblical landscape, can any deny God’s enemies have done a ‘bang-up job? If Hillary wins the election, this motley crew of Bible haters will finish the job!




One more thing! God help us if Hillary is elected because she is a woman. We did the same thing with Obama because he was black! Pilgrims, in case you might classify Doc as a hater of women, I’d vote for a woman like Margaret Thatcher in a heartbeat.


Doc Christian


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     The ‘Clinton’ political campaign of ‘dirty tricks’ landed a haymaker right on the libidinous Trump chin, and may well derail his Presidential aspirations, which would harm America greatly because our country won’t survive a Hillary presidency. With the appointment of one more ‘hate our Constitution’ black robed Atheist at our Nations’ judicial helm, the fruit of Satan’s Hell will be loosened, and Christians will need to run for cover or be persecuted by our government for reading the Bible, and seeking to live its moral tenets in a ungodly society of intolerant people.

They are claiming this latest chauvinist pig diatribe against women, especially white college educated ones, has doomed his election. History has shown these particular women have ‘cut their teeth’ on the bilge from the Feminist agenda that has destroyed the biblical foundation of men and women’s roles in marriage, and ushered in legally sanctioned Same Sex Marriage, and its less than normal ‘Gender/bender’ craziness that is against all that is holy from the Bible’s teachings.

While the lewd and crude language about women and sexual conquests, dubbed “boys locker room’ banter’, can’t be defended, and Trump should not try to, isn’t this the exact outcome the Feminist yearned for?  When the Feminist put their ‘play book’ into action, they championed women unshackling her libido, her family ties, forgetting her responsibilities to her husband and children, and jumping into the bacchanal life style. ‘Open Marriage’, weekend sexual bingo, lesbian love, mannish manners: profane speech, sexually, suggestive conversations, and…’girl’s locker room’ banter were some of the openly promoted goals. If they deny this is true, a little research about the ‘first generation Feminist Woman of the 1970s’ in many magazines will provide all the proof needed.

How did this agenda turn out? It depends upon how one calculates success and a big ‘W”. Feminist women rearing daughters to seek promiscuous sexual pleasure earlier rather later in her teenage years, enjoying ‘Rainbow’ parties in high school…or younger (chip off the old block), promoting sluttish behavior and providing money to buy their ‘brand, they helped the whorish behaving women artists, entertainers, musicians, and even the indefensible Kardashians’ become rich and powerful The things they cherished the most, became a reality. Now, because it is politically expedient, they want to demonstrate a phony feigned shock and awe and use a different morality scale to ensure Hillary is elected and Trump is embarrassed and publically humiliated. It may work!

President Obama has been ‘right’ about one thing in eight years: he announced our country is no longer a ‘Christian Nation’. Thanks to mostly college educated women, who have rejected Jesus Christ and his Bible, we are a Secular/Atheist country. If we don’t return to our biblical roots, we are on a fast-track to Hell

With the latest ‘bomb-shell’ expose’ of Hillary’s missing e-mails, now we know our entire political process has been corrupted. The President, the Attorney General, the FBI, and the Democrat Party have all colluded to compromise our criminal judicial process as they have made it legally possible for the high crimes and demeanors committed by Hillary to be ‘winked at’, and may help elect the most corrupt candidate as President in our nation’s history.

Bernie’s political followers should be outraged by his ‘cuckolding-treatment’, and his political surrender, that was also in this e-mail exposure. Free trade and free-borders .mark Hillary’s secret agenda, from her mouth to God’s, so none can deny nor deflect her intended political aspirations for America under her presidency. .

Trump’s foolish, sinful conversation can’t be excused or defended by any Christian/Pilgrim or moral thinking person. If he is as smart as he claims and wants America to believe he is contrite and mournful about his sin, he will speak honestly to the voters, and…first apologize to his wife and family. He needs to publically repent and seek forgiveness. He needs to tell the voters he is a different guy today than he was then, and he deeply regrets that his private conversations have become politically fodder that cast a poor light upon him and the Republican Party.

Speaking about the phony ‘out-rage’ being expressed by Republican ‘Trump-haters’, McCain for one of many, his moral indignation is proper for a Senator, but, though he is a great military hero, he is also a lying hypocrite telling the world he can no longer support Trump. Senator McCain, as much as any military man,  or officer knows all men  have been barraged by the type of ‘boys locker room’ banter’ as anyone. From my high school days, to college locker rooms, serving in a military barracks, or a ship at sea in the Navy, knows he can’t escape the ‘boys locker room’ banter, for in any group of men, there are always men like Trump who can regale an audience, not just a journalist seeking a lewd revelation, that willing entertains listeners about his sexual escapades and how ‘easy’ it is to put another notch on his ‘sexual conquest’ belt; and in Trump’s case, like all the beloved Atheist Rock and Roll bands of yesterday…and today, how women literally ‘throw’ their panties and self before the ‘holy grail’ of earning the right to brag they had sex with them… in the company of other women…who demand all the lurid details. If a woman was ‘college educated’ it just upped the ante of the art of self- braggadocios behavior.

The Senator knows his Commander of all the American and Allied military forces: Dwight D. Eisenhower, diddled his ‘private’ secretary and ‘driver’ all across Europe until after the Normandy invasion, so he needs to ‘come off his moral ‘high horse’’ and publically spend his ‘public out-rage’ for an all-out frontal attack upon a crooked corrupt Democrat nominee: Hillary, who has tarnished every government position she has ever touched, and the women her husband Bill touched, and remember, his job is to make sure CONSTITUTIONAL SUPREME COURT JUDGES are appointed by Trump and not Hillary.

Trump needs to look into the camera lens and ask the voters to please not lose sight of what is really important: first, if Hillary is elected, the certain addition of judges hostile to our Constitution and biblical foundation will be appointed to the Supreme Court, and America that people know and love will pass into history under her guidance. Second, votes for her will exonerate her for allowing our enemies to have access to our Top Secret and Confidential information that has put our nation at risk, and will fail to punish her co-conspirators:¨President Obama, Lynch, Comey, and other shady Democrat underlings. Third, the voters will reward her for jury-rigging her political opponents’ nomination failure…and capitulation.

To discover just how morally bankrupt the ‘college educated women’ of America really are, let’s put them to an integrity and intelligence test: If they owned the company, and many do, if they received a ‘blind’ resume from Hillary and Trump, who would they hire to help their company become more successful? THIS DEAR HEARTS AND GENTLE PEOPLE IS THE CRUX OF THINGS! They will help elect her, but they won’t hire her because she is a woman who has failed at nearly everything she has put her dishonest hands to. This alone should disqualify her to be the next President of the United States!

Pilgrims, I’ll close with this note. I was standing in line to buy some Kettle Corn at the Clinton Tn. Fall Festival Antique weekend, and the line was long and the business people were slow. I wear my ‘I love Jesus’ navy blue baseball cap everywhere in public, and it is adorned with a Trump/Pence button. We had a wonderful conversation about the many ills of our country, and particularly about the imminent election. He said, ‘’I’m going to hold my nose, vote for Trump, and go home and take a bath.” I told him, “Anyone who voted for Hillary, should heed the words of a well- known ‘kids’ Gospel song: Soap and water won’t wash your sins away. If you vote for Hillary, you’ll never be clean!

America could have a Perfect Candidate, but he died in 33 BC!

Doc Christian


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     The latest Birds and blooms, fall magazine has a story about migrating raptors that fascinate all ‘bird-watchers’. They look for ‘thermals’, which are rising columns of air that form when the sun heats up the earth to help them soar. If one applied this article’s information and used the word SON for sun, it portrays God’s transformation for us. Old Doc thought it was a fitting opening for my article

“The fervent prayer of a righteous man gaineth much,” James ensures all Pilgrims. I must admit I suffer way too much ambivalence each time I read this passage or spend time contemplating its veracity. I do this for several reasons I don’t care to discuss, but, God knows.

Scripture tells us that the angels in heaven rejoice when a new babe in Christ is born. Those of us who have been faithful to God and his Son’s work on earth, and we do believe the Bible is Divine, for our entire adult life, may still choke on the chicken-bone that clearly indicates the ‘child of God’, from ten years old, or the ninety year old ‘child of God’ an hour before one dies, receives the same inheritance Those workers in the vineyard that Jesus taught about had the same problem reconciling the fairness of this outcome. A hired ‘field-hand’ working three hours and he received the same pay as my eight hours! Preposterous!

My! What a wonderful mighty God we serve! Pilgrims, if it were up to us, this clear example of unfairness would never happen, right? Good thing for us God doesn’t pay-no-mind to fairness, just Righteousness.

I met this curmudgeon a few years ago, and he was some ‘piece of work’. He can regale you with stories about his past, including his stint in the military that highly entertains, but, I was quite sure left a lot of room for Pinocchio to puncture the frivolity.

He was in ‘Special Forces’, UDT (underwater demolition team), before the formation of the famous Navy Frogman forces…and he couldn’t swim. I know, it seems incredulous, but he was very good at blowing things up. He said he nearly drown, several time during his training. Really…who could have thought that, huh? Ha ha

Some of his stories raise the hair on one’s arm. He admits he should have been dead many years ago for all the ‘bone-headed’ shenanigans, and many of them worthy of a court-martial and brig time, he chose to be involved in. He can show you the scars and bullet wounds. His mantra: “If I knew I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”

From a ‘hard-scrabble’ youth to the halls of Penn State, he was a ‘self-made’ man, and a deprecating scholar of the ‘first class’. He blew hot into every challenge that came his way, and he found success, he says, “The hard-way.” Like the mythical Phoenix, he rose from the ashes of bankruptcy, twice, and found success in the demolition business. Why not? He was good at blowing things up.

Pilgrims, old Doc has come to the conclusion there must be a speck of curmudgeon in us, for we too possess a streak of rebellion that was designed to view God on the horizon, but not too close. I believe the walk for a man with God is filled with more potholes than women because our greatest need is respect. Walking and talking with God, on our knees, doesn’t seem a healthy way to know you have respect in the world.

One way a man accomplishes this task is to live your life recklessly and dare the God of heaven to halt you. Man often thinks God is going to interfere in his life and demand he wear a halo; and he just can’t allow himself to be submissive. If he does, he believes he may lose the best part of whom he likes. He may have been a ‘wild-ass’ of a man’ when he was young, but, older, he seeks a moral path, but uses just enough profanity to keep the ‘macho’ part he is most comfortable owning, and to let God know he is coming his direction, but, he prefers it to be on his terms and on his timetable.

I can attest to this sad truth.   It is true, Christians, who possess Sunday School Attendance ribbons that reach to their navel, often clash with these’ ‘Johnny-come-lately’ converts. Doc knows this is true. The very first rural church I served, it only took me a couple of weeks to get into spiritual ‘hot-water’. After my first sermon, an Elder approached me and let me know I was committing a sin because I used the NIV Bible to preach and quote scripture: King James Bible was the only divine Bible! After my sermon, a woman approached me and asked me to pay a visit with an elderly man she was caring for. She wanted him to accept Jesus before he died. I made a visit that afternoon. He was on his death-bed. He was ninety three. The woman and I read scripture, prayed, and he talked about his life of sin. His tears were part of his confession and repentance as he accepted Jesus as his Savior. He was too ill to move him to the church’s baptistery. She helped me move him and he was baptized in the bathtub. The woman came to the church’s Sunday Night service and gave a testimonial regarding this man becoming a ‘child of God’. She thanked me for helping her get him into heaven, for he died in the morning. The church elders didn’t rejoice. They chastised me for baptizing a heathen. They cast aspersions about the woman and her ‘care’ for the man. She never returned to the church; I was gone in a few months.

Spiritual ‘Russian Roulette’ is a dangerous game. Many people do win; but, many more lose. One never knows when God’s Life Calendar runs out of pages and runs out of time

You gotta love a curmudgeon that begins to change, before God rearranges, and they begin to witness to friends and family about the importance of eternity with Jesus, while they are still roaming around in No-man’s Land.

Pilgrims, if our heart is ‘hardened’, I’m positive God uses the events in our life to lead us to Him. Good or bad, it doesn’t make any difference.

For instance, I recall there was a family that once attended the church, but had suddenly stopped attending, and I paid a visit to their house and had coffee and a long visit with him concerning the family’s absence from our services. After a litany of excuses, he ‘kissed me out the door’. The next Sunday, while I was teaching a Sunday School class, in the midst, he and his wife burst into the room. He marched up front and began to confess sin and repent of his falling out of love with Jesus. He had a bandage on his head. His testimony: he and the family were on their way to catch some fish at a nearby lake, and their car was hit crossing an intersection. The other driver died; they were shook up, but alive and well. He was convinced that the accident and their survival were God’s signal and message he needed to get his life right with God. While I was serving that church, he and his family remained ‘on fire’ for the Lord.

The author, Calder, in his book: Men and Marriage, writes that men are ‘barbarians’, and God uses women to domesticate them. My curmudgeon friend has a unique ‘courtship’ story. His wife, second marriage for both, the daughter of a very conservative Scottish preacher and a ‘lady’ in every sense of the word, told him “If he didn’t marry her, he’d be the dumbest SOB on the earth!” He told me, “When she said that, he knew she was his kind of woman.” They are a ‘matched pair and both are eighty plus, and still madly in love.

He’s the ex-trained Navy military demolition bomb-setter and killer, hard as nails, strong as an ox, but she runs Marathons. She has been ordered by her doctor to ‘slow down’ on her running…so she just runs thirty miles a week! His problem with swimming when he served in the UDT Special Forces bled over into his civilian life: he rode a bike while she ran her miles. He could ride well; he just had a problem stopping. In the past, he had a few scrapes, but nothing serious.

I think he probably rides the bike like he drives his Lexus couple! I rode with him ONE time! Recently, he upgraded his bike. The new one was fancy and had its brakes system on the handle bars. I rode this type years ago and I recall how dangerous that brake system can be if you squeeze too much with one hand when making a stop. Now, he too knows this outcome!

He and his wife were out getting their exercise, when he tried to stop, quickly, and he was thrown from it onto the road. Somehow the bike landed on top of him. He was in a heap and hurt so badly he couldn’t get up. His wife, a half mile ahead, looked back and didn’t see him, and she became alarmed. She began to back-track. She said, “At first, I thought the vision on the road was a bear.” She couldn’t rescue him; he was too heavy to lift. Perhaps, this is where God intervened, because his accident was near a ‘guard-rail’. She suggested he scoot on his rear and get to the rail. He said, “In addition to my shoulder, hip and knee killing him with pain, he’s butt was rubbed raw before he could get to the railing. A Forest Ranger arrived, shortly, and he tried to give his bike away. He no longer has a bike!

I’m not sure, but, perhaps Pilgrims, God spoke to him while he was lying on the road. “Son, son, what a mess you’ve got yourself in,” I can imagine Jesus telling the curmudgeon. “Here you are eighty plus, to old and too weak to get up, and you been attending that church for over a decade and your still one more fall away from spending an eternity with the man in red tights. Old man, you could have landed on your head and died.”

Dear friends of ours and theirs, who used to Winter here at Lake Cumberland, he is a retired preacher, heard about his accident and they made a detour on their trip from Florida so they could visit him and pray for him. The curmudgeon’s wife, and us celebrated in worship, while he convalesced at home. Monday morning he called and told us the Good News: he had been baptized by our preacher in the lake. In great physical pain, he came home to be with the Lord and become a ‘child of the Kingdom’.

His voice was filled with emotion as he told me about this great event in his life. He did say, “Just give me a machine gun, and I’m ready to fight for the Lord.” He does have some ‘rough edges’; but, he told me the following Sunday, he stubbed his toe, badly, and he didn’t even cuss.”

Pilgrims, the Apostle Paul writes that we have enmity (hatred) for God while we are yet sinners. For me, this means we are all curmudgeons! Praise Jesus! He can and will bring all who call upon his name safely home. My friend and I will share eternity together for we have caught a Heavenly migrating thermal.

Doc Christian,


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Evidently, the deadly disease, Socialism, has afflicted Texas; particularly the Dallas Morning News for it endorsed the most CORRUPT AND DISHONEST candidate in America’s history: Hillary Clinton.


Too much Texas Tequila, being bucked off Mechanical Bulls onto their pointy-heads may be the culprit for the endorsement. Perhaps, it was spending time in Mr. Comey’s School of Logic. Doc Christian is gob smocked by their conclusion. Colin refers to her modus operandi as the Mafia


Doc is compelled to rebut this endorsement before the vote. 65% of our people declare our government is on the wrong path. With anarchy in our streets, Islamic killers murdering innocent people and blowing up our cities, cops are being used for target practice, we are experiencing the highest unemployment since the Depression, the Supreme Court has stifled religious freedom, and loosened all ungodliness, and our students can be given condoms but not a Bible; don’t forget Hillary and her party have championed this outcome, and promises she will deliver more of Obama’s results. Dear folks, I fear all of the blood and treasure sacrificed on behalf of our people will have been for naught


Since the days of Diogenes, honesty and integrity have been a scarce supply. If you throw Hillary and Bill in the mix, it is in desperate straits, not to mention the FBI Director. Do our citizens not care about Benghazi and the unfortunate events that led to unnecessary deaths because of Hillary’s incompetence and lies about the outcome? Do Texans/Americans not care that Hillary failed to safe-guard’ our nation’s Top Secrets by using a Private Server, that was hacked, and she treated our national security like her Facebook page? Do our citizens care our entire Intelligence program has been compromised? Do our citizens not care the Clintons’ compromised the FBI and our Attorney General? Don’t they care justice wasn’t served for Hillary? Do the voters not care money from Muslim countries ruled by dictators that operate with the draconian brutish Saria Law were some of the largest donors to the Clinton Foundation? Do women voters care if she gave tacit approval of Saria Law by taking their money? Do the Editors care if the Clinton’s turned our State Department into their own quid pro quo slush-fund money scam on the American taxpayers’ dime?


Hillary had to create a façade of lies during the FBI’s interview, built around her brain’s inability to recall past events, forty times, and that wasn’t under Oath…and this newspaper endorsed her to be our President! Can you guarantee your readers she won’t have another brain fritz?


The Editors Claim Trump is dangerous to the country, and he is a divisive force, mean-spirited, a bigot, and his policies will ruin America. He doesn’t have integrity and is a bully. Washington doesn’t even like him, and many of the party’s ‘blue-blood’s won’t support him. The Washington thing is true, the rest are political lies.


The Editors must be sniffing too much glue, because Trump is going to be our next President for precisely these reasons! Citizens of America want change, starting in Washington. We want Trump to blow up that corrupt place. Obama and his Nanny-gate administration, applying an uber Socialist agenda, has nearly ruined our country. Regardless of data one chooses to research, we are more MISERABLE and WORSE OFF now than eight years ago.  500 hundred murders in Chicago this year, Socialist/Communist ‘Black Lives Matter’ is killing cops, and Hillary supports this evil group fomenting anarchy in our streets. Trump has promised to be the Law and Order president!


Besides building the Wall to keep drug dealers and human trafficking whoremongers out of our country, and vetting all aliens who might wish to do us harm: Muslim Islamic jihadists, Trump offers hope and a way out of the ghetto hell-holes, with School Choice and a quality education the Teacher’s Union has failed to deliver Too many black people have been forced to endure this situation by their own benighted black politicians, who don’t care a tinkers-damn about them; but, they covet their votes.


The newspaper’s endorsement of Hillary will guarantee Socialist ideology will produce this outcome: “Keep America Last” verses Trump’s “Make America Great Again”.


America has had its fill of the Socialist ‘dung on toast’! When considering all the evidence, don’t forget: Trump is a PRIVATE CITIZEN, and Hillary was a GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE for 3 decades! One more thing: Hillary, Tax and Spend; Trump, cut taxes, spend less. National Debt: twenty TRILLION DOLLARS. Old Doc believes this newspaper or any that endorses Hillary has done a great disservice to its readers…and America.


Doc Christian



Ranny Grady

364 Eagle Creek Dr.

Monticello, Ky. 42633

606 343 0018

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     WOW!  My momma said there’d be a day just for me, someday; and, it came last week via the media’s shouts of hallelujah, as Hillary, called me out.

Hillary is exhibiting old’s Peters’ problem: until after Jesus had left the earthly scene, he couldn’t keep from putting his foot in his mouth when he tried to speak and influence.

The old gal is showing her age as she is flaunting ‘old-timey’ words. Deplorable isn’t a word one seldom hears today, but it certainly is a good one and it possesses great potential to do damage to one’s self-worth.

Pilgrims, I must confess that I was nearly hornswoggled when our dictionary-challenged- ‘word-smith’-population fell in love with a Despicable man with minions that tried to steal God’s moon, two or three times…so far.

With Hillary’s Democrat Stock  falling faster than the Market fell that dastardly day in October, 1929, or her nearly seventy year old arches, she has resorted to sorting out nearly half of our nation’s citizens’ and branding them as a ‘Basketful of Deplorables’

It has been several…years since old Doc sat in one of those ‘student desks’ that highly discriminated against people like me: Warlocks.  I had to learn to be a contortionist to write left-handed’ on a desk made only for right handed students. Perhaps, I might persuade those NFL players to take up my plight after that finish killing off the game as we Deplorables turn off their games, stop buying their advertised products, because they are foolish men protesting our Flag and openly supporting the murder of our cops, especially white ones. If our law enforcement people would just boycott the games, we could win this war in a heartbeat. But, I digress. I decided to refresh my intellectual bank…boy is it running in the red, and do a word search for the word deplorable. This is what I found!

Disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, inexcusable, unpardonable, deserving one’s loathing, wretched…”

I must admit, as I read those synonyms my eyes teared up some, and my emotions began to get the best of me. I’m telling you Pilgrims, I just couldn’t keep from doing a jig and jumping up and down and going a little crazy. If you can, give yourself a big pat on the back, do so for you are in good company. Hillary attacked us Bible-thumpers and her Creator, and his only Son, Jesus Christ because we know something she evidently doesn’t: Before we surrendered our lives to Christ, we were counted amongst the worst of the worst Deplorables.  Don’t try to deny it. You know what we all know: deplorable doesn’t begin to describe the sin in our lives, right?

Since Hillary has evidently given up her faith and denies she once was a believer in Jesus Christ, and made many decisions that demonstrated she believed the Bible was the divine word of God, I’m quite certain God considers her one of His DEPLORABLES

Perhaps, Hillary and Demas will be political ‘bedfellows’. Paul wrote he walked back into the world. Hillary evidently has too.

God’s Bible teaches you shall not murder; she supports the killing of babies: Abortion on demand. I’m positive God considers this a deplorable act: Gen. 9:6. Hillary champions and supports the Atheist/communist backed ‘Black Lives Matter’ hate-mongers who want to create anarchy in our streets and divide our people; and most harmful of all…she supports this group’s agenda to murder cops. Evidently, she has forgotten, among many things her ability to recall has failed her lately, if one lies down with dogs, one shouldn’t be surprised if you end up with fleas. She is in love with the homosexual agenda and touts the benefits of Same Sex Marriage. Years ago she was stridently against it.  I’m positive God considers her a deplorable for her political ‘flip-flop’ support: God condemns homosexuality and said it is an abomination for a man to lie with another man or a woman to be inflamed sexually by another woman: Romans 1: 15ff. The Apostle Paul wrote that a man that will not work should not eat (II Thess. 3:10), and he that refuses to take care of his family is worse than an infidel (I Timothy 5:8) I’m positive God considers Hillary a ‘Deplorable’ because she has championed unwed women giving birth to illegitimate children, and our foolish elected congress forces all working people, of all colors, to pay for these unwanted babies. The American Taxpayers get a ‘double dip’ at this unholy shrine of sin: it has to build new prisons to hold the boys//men who become criminals and become a plague upon our society, and especially their own black society as murder and mayhem seems to have no season or limits to how much human carnage lawlessness can do. Just ask the people who are stuck living in the gang infested hell holes: Chicago is the worst, and it is the home of our president, Obama.

One of the synonyms for deplorable is “unpardonable’ When one, like Hillary, touts the very public sins of heathens and seeks ways to demean those who choose to believe in a Creator and in the work of the cross Jesus Christ did, and to be a destructive force to rip all of God’s Bible’s historical foundation and influence from the hearts and minds of this nation’s people, I’m quite sure God considers Hillary DEPLORABLE.

From their days back in Arkansas where they ‘cut their political teeth’, and created one public scandal after another trying to satiate Bill’s sexual appetite, that matched that of President Kennedy, and she spent her time providing cover for her lothario, even when in the White House, and used her influence to use all means to ruin and punish the women he abused, her decisions and behavior has been LOATHSOME:  another synonym for deplorable.

Hillary’s incompetence and extreme carelessness, to our nation’s secrets safe from our enemies, and her duplicity in the deaths of many soldiers and Civil servants on her watch, and all the lies she has told and the stories she has fabricated to conceal her failures as a leader, leads old Doc to only one conclusion: for America, she is ‘damaged goods’ and her sins are politically UNPARDONABLE and too DISHONORABLE to be worthy of serving in our country’s most coveted and highest office: President of the Untied States.

In Romans Paul tell all sinners we are in this deplorable condition, and we don’t have an excuse. Regardless of the law we live under, we choose to break the law, thus we choose to sin. He also writes that all people have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

In Romans seven, Paul describes the daily struggle all Christians have with sin, and how often we choose to sin rather than do what pleases Jesus. He describes him as WRETCHED’, which is another synonym for deplorable.

If Hillary or any other person, regardless of color, can take a honest look at the ghetto ladened black society that she has helped create and nurture, that has many of the Slave Plantation’ earmarks of yesterday where people are solely dependent upon the “Master’ (our government) for its existence, via our bloated welfare programs, and not declare it is ‘wretched’, they must just refuse to ignore its shameful fruit. WRETCHED/Deplorable is an apt word to describe our major cities that have had black administration…for decades, and they often look and are much like war zones that are marked by poorly educated people, who have little incentive to work, and have a preponderance for drugs, and all types of criminal behaviors; that are too often made affordable via our tax dollars and its corrupt Welfare System. These black political ‘Masters” don’t care what happens to their people as long as they vote Democrat and keep them in power. The plight of these people has worsened under the watch of America’s first black President! So much for more Liberal progress, huh?

While Hillary and a vast host of Atheist, godless people promote their multitude of gods, starting with ME-FIRST, the Scarlet Letter she has tried to pin on Trump supporters with her cutesy BASKETFUL OF DEPLORABLES remark, she and her lemmings will one day find that their Creator has found them, not only Deplorable, but Despicable, too; and, perhaps, their names won’t be found in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

We proud Deplorables will be considered by Jesus Christ, PROUD ADORABLE DEPLORABLES, and fit for Heaven and eternity.

Pilgrims, I’ll close with this observation: I viewed, again, the 9/ll fifteenth year memorial celebration for our second ‘day of infamy’ as the Trade Center Towers melted into hot ash, our Pentagon was burned, and fifty plus patriots sacrificed their lives so those Islam jihadist couldn’t crash and burn the White House, as they forced their plane to crash when they overwhelmed the Satanic force from the Muslim world, and chose to die rather than give them victory. And, we have a number of knucklehead black athletes protesting our freedoms by sitting when our anthem is played! God help us!


Hillary calls us Deplorables Islamophobic because we don’t trust the Islam world to not want to kill us. You only need to read the Koran to know the teachings of Allah demand they do this if they are to rule the world and subjugate all non-Muslims. Regardless of what our elected political leaders want us to know and believe, if they were capable of doing it, Saria Law would be the law of the land in America. Many of their mosques are breeding grounds for future fanatics that are willing to blow themselves up to satisfy the teachings of the Koran and Allah. You don’t need to take old Doc’s word, do your own investigation and see if you draw a different conclusion.

In November, I pray all America’s voters vote and show the world that our country is filled with a majority of ADORABLE DEPLORABLES, and send Hillary and her gang, Colon Powell refers to them as ‘Hillary’s Mafia’, down to a resounding defeat. If we don’t, once again Pilgrims, Christians will be to blame for Satan’s victory.

Doc Christian


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Bigot | Definition of Bigot by Merriam-Webster



Full Definition of bigot. : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

Pilgrims, in the latest ‘dust-up’ on our Presidential Election front, bigotry/bigot has been honestly examined…by Trump and the Republicans. In my lifetime, this is the first time I can recall any Republican used the Democrat’s number one bigotry game plan that has garnered a near 100% of the black peoples’ vote. How about you?

How long has bigotry been rearing its ugly head in America? Umm, let me see. Since God created man or when the first Pilgrim set foot on Plymouth Rock might suffice for the proper intellectual answer. If you aren’t intelligent enough or curious enough to seek the correct answer to this perplexing question: who is a bigot?  It might surprise you.

From Jesus’ chosen disciples refusing to have anything to do with the hated Samaritans, and the ‘woman at the well, fearing the ruination of her personal reputation…she was a whore but worried more about the known bigotry that existed between the Jews and her people if she were to be seen in public with a Jewish man giving him a drink of water, and in public conversation,

Bigotry has ruled the world.  Since God created male and female and told them to multiply, bigotry and hatred has fueled World History! Since we are human, thank you lord, we are all BIGOTS!

Bigotry has bubbled overtly or covertly in America since its founding. People of all colors, races, and religions have a seemingly innate distrust jaundiced, prejudiced view of others behaviors, motives and actions.

While the idea of slavery is synonymous with history’s conquerors and people became booty as rewards for subjugation: it is estimated there were sixty million slaves during the time Jesus trod this earth, it seems that only in America has the blight of enslavement for people of color remained a stench in mankind’s nostrils, even though slavery has been a dead issue for a hundred years…legally.

According to Webster, today, one can say the majority of black American people are bigots because they have little tolerance for white people. Forty years ago, one could say that about white people.

Now, before any Pilgrim gets riled-up and calls old Doc the worst kind of bigot, it might do all of us good to learn about our history concerning slavery and bigotry in America.

Who were the people responsible for the introduction of slavery into our country? Surprise! Surprise! It wasn’t a white man. Slavery in America became a part of its history when black African Kings sold their conquered black enemies people as contraband to the ‘highest bidder’. They didn’t care what happened to these people as long as they didn’t have to feed and clothe them. The winners in battle culled out the best losers, the beautiful women and the muscular men, and got rid of the rest…usually by sword. White Dutch Slave Traders took them off the African Black Kings’ hands, and they both became wealthy in the process.

Biblical people knew this ideology was sin and we held a battle for the right to set men free. Much blood and treasure was spent to decide the outcome of this contentious debate about the right and wrong idea of owning people as property.

Few Pilgrims are old enough to have lived during the time of ‘coloreds only’ public drinking fountains and all white public schools. Doc has lived during this time in our history. I attended such schools. Further-more, I taught in a black ghetto high school before integration was forced into the school system in Oklahoma.

Trump has accused Hillary of being a bigot, and she has accused him of carrying on an association with the KKK leaders. So, her association with Muslims that preach and practice Sharia Law: genitalia surgery for girls, domination by men, limited public exposure, little education for girls, Honor Killings for sexual choices outside of marriage, CONVERTING TO THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION means death…and on her staff and the Clinton Foundation was a woman Huma Abedin and her mother who supported such horrible things. Trump, has anyone seen him at a KKK rally? Has he had such a person on his staff? WAKE UP AMERICA!! This is the type of leader you may be electing to the highest office in the world!

I recently heard a talking-head comment that neither is a bigot. That is a lie! We are all bigots! Even Pilgrims are bigots; but, we usually just hide it better than others.

Today, in America, our heroic law enforcement authority has become targets for mostly black bigots that created a world they don’t want: 60% of births are out of wedlock, but won’t take responsibility for its creation: a world filled with children and no fathers or means for financial support. They kill and destroy their own people and look for scapegoats to blame for their sinful choices.

I find it laughable that a majority of our black society…and especially our entertainment and sports idols ignore the true history of race relations in America these past seventy years. If their fate had been left up to the Democrat Party, they’d still be living in a segregated world. All of the Civil Rights given to them by our elected officials happened because nearly 100 percent of elected Republicans voted in their favor…and nearly all of the Democrats voted to keep them from having these freedoms and rights. Will any Pilgrim like to refute old Doc? Who will bet our present day History books teach our children these truths?

For decades, America had been making some fine progress creating a better racial climate where biblical principles were on display…until the Democrat’s political machine voted to remove the Bible: atheist Supreme Court Judges appointed by Democrats, and its influence upon our country’s moral foundation, and our willy-nilly, weak-kneed Republicans remained silent and powerless to keep it from happening. Pilgrims were asleep at the switch and our country was turned into a great train-wreck, spiritually.

For Pilgrims that care to debate Doc, I challenge you to do a historical ‘time-line’ research project and trace the demise of our country’s biblical roots to its satanic roots and you’ll find the Feminist Movement. Trace the demise of the black society to the women’s agenda that empowered black women and disenfranchised black males because our foolish elected congress supported illegitimacy in the black society that soon bled into a white one. Millions of black women, sans of a marriage, created a system of generational welfare families (women with children and the father is absent, and there isn’t a legal marriage in place) supported by millions of taxpayers who did not wish to support such a Slave Plantation system, but they didn’t possess the political will or power to keep it from happening. The political ‘Bully-club’, that was used then and continues today, was a White Race’s guilt for past bigotry against a black society.

While Doc doesn’t dare use a broad brush to cover all people, most of them are black, that have recently become an embarrassment to our country’s race relations, and have joined, intentionally or not, a racial hate group, funded by far left haters of America, and have influenced even Christians to join the crusade to create anarchy in our streets, and particularly in the black neighborhoods: Black Lives Matter advocates the murder of police officers, especially white skinned ones.

Led by the Democrats, but supported by Republicans, our congress has created a seemingly permanent ‘under class’ of people by giving them money so they can have just enough to live on where they aren’t challenged to find success and self-reliance. In Doc’s humble opinion, announcing to the world one’s government doesn’t think a certain type of people deserve better is the worst type of bigotry. Success never comes from lazy, undisciplined efforts! When a society provides School Lunches for eighty percent of all students…including ‘weekend’ take-home bags, the system is broken.

A bigot is someone who treats others as if they don’t possess value. Pilgrims, can any of you view this under-class’ of people and proclaim great things have done to change their lives? If Hillary wins in November, how will things change for America’s black society? Donald Trump is being labeled a Bigot because he doesn’t accept the status quo, and he promises to change the sixty-year old outcome…and it doesn’t start with our taxpayers’ money. He is being called a bigot because he is speaking directly to the Democrat’s strongest political base. He is called a bigot because he is speaking the truth about the political and social outcomes one finds \in nearly every Democrat led city in America. Despite trillions of taxpayers’ dollars, nothing has changed. forty percent of America’s black people live in abject poverty in ghetto neighborhoods; they live in war zones ruled by drug gangs, decent people fear for their lives, and their children are stuck in a Union controlled Education system that fails them at every level: less than fifty-percent of their children graduate from High School, and over seventy percent of babies born are by women not married. The Hollywood elites flaunt their immoral lifestyle where marriage is an ‘after-thought’, and often the country’s ‘under-class’ of, especially women, emulate them, but are doing it from ‘poverty row’ sub-standard’ money. Their lives end up ‘train-wrecks’, and society is blamed and left to pay the tab.

America’s biggest bigots can be found in its media. Weaned on the teat of the nineteen-sixties racial and war protesters that matriculated into our finest universities and most elite colleges, they became a boiling cauldron of Anti-American professors that filled innocent mushy-headed freshman with the world’s Socialist/Communist garbage…and sent them out into the world to do all the harm they could muster. So, today, they are using their nefarious skills to win a Presidential election for a candidate that fits their Atheist agenda to defrock America from its position of being the World’s unquestioned leader, incite a new brand of racial hatred (black verses white), incite public anarchy: support Black Lives Matter, and prove to the world that corruption at the highest level in our country isn’t something to be feared, but embraced: elect Hillary. Today, the majority of our citizens couldn’t pass an eighth grade school exam for promotion that was required of every student seventy years ago, and they don’t have a clue about our country’s history…nor do they care. They know more about our godless entertainment industry…especially Porn, than they do about God’s Bible or how our country saved the rest of the world from slavery and Nazi domination. This motley crew is our nation’s biggest bigots because they are totally intolerant towards biblical people…of all colors!

Trump is being called a bigot because he is a white man addressing black people with unvarnished truth! Hillary is a bigot because she and the Democrats like the political system that has the black voters just where they want them: poor, uneducated, ignorant about the world they live in, and dependent upon their largess with taxpayers money, and living in impoverished neighborhoods so they can be easily manipulated, as they continue to elect black Socialist/communist to manage black people.

When Doc was a boy, America was a terrible racist country filled with white people who feared and hated black people because they had black skin. We were a nation of bigots that put up every imaginable roadblock to success for black people. When it was necessary to interact and provide some form of equality in black society, it was always minimum and sub-standard. Their schools were often a building just a brick short of being condemned, and their teachers were poorly educated. Their libraries were a joke and their textbooks were often ‘hand me downs’. I know because this describes the High School I taught in.

Old Doc as often pondered what the black society would be like today if America had listened to God’s word? If God’s church in America had rejected the Feminist Woman’s model and embraced the Feminist Godly Woman’s model in Proverbs 31:10ff, and it had modeled God’s instructions about a marriage, and man and woman’s role in the marriage: Eph. 5:21ff, where the man is the spiritual leader of the family, how different would it be…not only for black people, but for all of America. How different would America’s childrens’ lives be?

My opinion, if America’s white society had empowered the black male, first, had lavished attention on him, provided education and job opportunity, he would have possessed self-respect, dignity, and courage to be leaders in the family, in his city, in his church, and in his society. Unfortunately for America, it chose the black woman who has created the gang infested, drug ruled ghetto neighborhoods no American should have to experience. These women reared boys with absent fathers, who were sperm donors that found they didn’t have a place in their society where they could find success and respect, so they built their own country: a gang world. Ironic isn’t it, the one thing the boys needed most to be successful: discipline, couldn’t be found in a majority of fatherless homes, but was readily available in a gang’s brutal approach to life.

WE ARE ALL BIGOTS! We are like ice cream: we enjoy thirty-one flavors. If Jesus Christ doesn’t return, in a hundred years America will be little more than a cultural melting-pot of skin colors and nearly all children will be some mulatto mix as white, black, brown, and yellow assimilate into a new skin color. Bigotry will still be alive and well on Planet Earth because it really doesn’t need skin color to move the sinful needle.

The question about who is a bigger bigot is left for Pilgrims to answer. Biblical people need to use their vote to honor Jesus Christ and his Bible. One party has demographic outcomes that can’t be denied…and they are sinful and shameful, the other party offers a radical change that they promise will produce a different and far better outcome. God knows the answer, Doc doesn’t.

Doc Christian


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The early morning light seeped into old Doc’s bedroom window. I slowly stumbled out of bed, gingerly stood up and waited until I gained my balance. My muscles ached as if I too had wrestled with God, like Jacob, all night. It had been a fitful night filled with both sides of the coin shouting things at me. There was a dramatic battle with God’s voice crescendoing into my ears, and my voice, trembling with fear, questioning his assignment for me.


Thinking my confusion was from my empty stomach growling graving a big bowl of Cornflakes, and some hot java, I hurried to the kitchen. “Me Too” was the short phrase that continued to run inside my brain as I pondered how God could send me on a spiritual mission and I wasn’t to utter a word…except, Me Too. “But, Lord, I’m a biblical man, and I know a lot about the Bible and Theology. I have witnessed to hundreds of people, and some of them have accepted Jesus’ plan of salvation; but, now, you want me to be a witness for you and I can’t say anything…not a word but, Me Too. His silence was all I needed to shut up. I thought, I wonder how long it will be before God and I discover I’m on a ‘fool’s assignment?


I opened my garage door to back out the Van. I noticed my neighbor lady scurry around picking up trash that was strewn in the alley. She saw me and smiled. I moved towards her, and began to help with the trash.


“I wish the good Lord himself would come down and snatch those punks up by the scruff of their neck and haul them away to the hoosegow,” she said. I looked up at her. “I’d like to catch them and march them right home and confront their parents,” she added. She wiped her brow, and looked at me. I’m tempted to get me a mean dog and sic him on them the next time they mess with my trash.”


Smiling, I replied, ““Me Too”.” We finished the clean-up, and I drove away. “God, that was a lucky break, this Me Too stuff,” I muttered.


A block before I exited our neighborhood, a ‘matronly’ looking woman was kneeling beside her auto trying to work the car jack.  I stopped to help. I put out my hand for her to hand me the jack. She gladly did so. I began to fix her flat. “I wish Harry was here,” she remarked.


Grunting to loosen the nuts, I smiled at her. “Me Too,” I said, and we both laughed.


Pointing to her flat tire, “I just bought these new tires last week,” she said, sighing. “The salesman told me these were the best tires my money could buy, and now look at this mess I’m in,” she continued. I nodded my head.


I’m tempted to go back there and demand they give me my money back,” she huffed. “And, while I’m at it, tell that lying salesman a thing or two about his guarantee.”


I put her spare tire on, put her ruined one in the trunk, and I opened her car door. She smiled, and thanked me. “I hope you have a better day than mine,” she said, as she got into her car.

I smiled at her. “Me too,” I said, waving good bye.


My cell rang and it was a woman’s voice filled with panic. I recognized Charlotte Brown, one of my oldest and dearest buddy’s wife’s voice. “Doc, come quick, Jimmy in the E.R. and isn’t doing well. He needs you; I need you.”


My voice was filled with emotion, I replied, “Me too.”


I was sinning all the way as I drove faster than the speed limit. Suddenly, it began to rain. Soon, it was a monsoon, and then it became a ‘frog-stabber’. I slammed my brakes, my heart jumped into my throat, and I said a silent prayer because I barely saw the man standing in the middle of my side of the road. In fear and rage, I honked several times for him to get out of my way. He took it as a signal to come to me. He opened the door and suddenly, jumped in.


“I live up near the hospital,” he said.


I laughed. I thought: Okay God, now you’re playing with me. The rain quit, the sun burst out, and there was a rainbow on the horizon.


This stranger lamented. “Not now God. Don’t send me a bow in the sky. I’m not in the mood to play your silly games.”


I glanced at him. Gunned the car and began speeding for the hospital. “Hey old man, you trying to kill us?” he asked. He laughed. “Okay then, go ahead and do it!” he shouted. I reached over and touched his shoulder, he pulled away. Silence filled the air.


His body began to shake and tears began to flow down his cheeks. He looked at me. “Why does he temp me so much? God won’t give you more than you can handle is a load of sh…Well, do you sometimes fail and you think God is out to get you?” I remained silent. “Has it ever happened to you?” He blubbered some. “I believe God can do anything.” He looked at me.


He made me nervous, and I thought about how close it had been for me to become his personal agent for suicide. “Me too,” I replied.


We drove in silence for a few minutes. “I lost my job today,” he confessed. “I was fired unfairly. You ever been fired? I’m tempted to go back there and tear the place apart…office by office.”


There were a million things I wanted to say, but couldn’t. I wanted to give him words of comfort and tell him about my past hurts and job disappointments when people you trusted left you ‘high and dry’ on a dangerous road to self-destruction; but, I just gave him a weak smile. “Me too,” I said.


He laughed. “You too? Isn’t it just awful how it makes you feel when people you trusted and thought were your friends, betray you?”


“I’m a good person,” he said. “I’m a smart guy.  I’ll get another job, right? I’ll show them! One day…” His voice broke, and he stopped talking. “I hope my wife loves me enough to help me get through this,” he added.


I stared at him for a few seconds, smiled, I said, “Me too.”


He pointed up ahead. “This is where I get off.” He reached for my hand, we awkwardly hugged. “Thanks so much,” he said. “You’ve been a real blessing for me. God knew I needed your wise counsel. I have a better perspective on my future. I’ll never forget what you did for me today. I’ll say a prayer each day that you can help someone like me. The Lord knows this world we live in sure needs people who care.”


I waved at him, and hollered, “Me too.”


“Okay, okay, it’s more than luck,” I said, looking up to the heavens.


I entered the E.R. hospital entrance and went to the desk to inquire about Jimmy. “Pardon me nurse, “I said to the woman behind the desk, “I’m here about Jimmy Brown. His wife called me and I’d like to see him.”


She said, “He went into a coma and he was taken…somewhere,” she smiled. “Let me make a call.”


Charlotte, Jimmy’s wife, called my name, and ran to me. “Come with me,” she said.


The nurse behind the desk said, “I hope your friend makes it.”


I smiled at her. I replied, “Me too.”


Sobbing a little, tears marked her cheeks, and her pulling my arm, we hurried to the elevator. “They moved him to the ICU unit on the third floor.”


Just before we entered the elevator, she stopped, threw her arms around my neck and we hugged for a long few seconds.


Smiling through her tears, “I’m so relieved you are here,” she said. He asked for you before he went into a coma.”


“Me too,” I said.


Dear Pilgrims,


You don’t need to worry about what to say during difficult times. Your words seldom mean much; but, your empathy: TLC will remain in the heart and soul of those you cared about. Keep it Simple Stupid works for God: Me Too.


Doc Christian












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     “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Proverbs 17:17

Yesterday Pilgrims, my wife and Old Doc made a trip to Nashville to take my brother to catch a plane so he could return home, Cedar Hills, Texas. He has spent the past two months visiting in our ‘little piece of heaven’ in Kentucky: www.ravens-nest.cc

I really needed for him to go home because my muscles in my gut need a rest. Even the good Book says laughter is good medicine, but, too much may be just on the precipice of harming one’s self. Non-stop laughter for two months is also about all the entertainment I can stand for this year!

Young folks can’t understand; but, old folks do understand how just about all in one’s life produces an opportunity to laugh or cry. I admit that once in a while a good cry does wonders for you, but laughter, usually at your dignity’s expense, is priceless, Laughter’s medicine can be a spoon full of joy whether one is riding a Stationary Bike on a journey that doesn’t have a destination, walking a steep hill that provides one’s body with an array of creaks, moans, grunts, sighs, heaves, and smiles as old bodies struggle to reach the summit one more day, and yes, even shouts of hallelujah for the damn hill has been conquered one more time.

Since my brain evidently works like Hillary’s: she said she had a ‘disconnect’ regarding her many lies about her e-mails, because my brain has so many infarctions I have earned the ‘old age’ moniker: Nat One: I have the attention span of a Nat. My younger brother: he turned seventy-three this month, was soon called Nat Two. A little later, my wife became known as Nat Three. She is the youngest by one year.

Cinema history has its Three Musketeers; Doc’s clan has the Three Nats.

Pilgrims, I learned the truth about this brother ‘adversity gig’ detailed in the book of Proverb’s early in life. My younger brother was afraid to venture out to our ‘Outhouse’ at night…so I often accompanied him…when I didn’t need to go. Wasps didn’t like to have a light shined on them during the night!

Pilgrims, Old Doc is writing this letter to send out a warning about the possibility a Pilgrim out there may allow one of the greatest adventures of his life to pass by because years ago there may have been hurt feelings or miss-conceptions about a brother’s relationship’s purpose to enhance one’s value within a familia setting; I know, I nearly was a causality.

Life happens and one can’t control where children are placed in a family’s life. I was the oldest boy; my brother was its youngest. As I graduated from High school, he enrolled as a freshman in the fall. When men are seventy-six and seventy-three, this time-span seems insignificant, but, when there is that span of time difference in children’s lives, it seems like an eternity.

As boys, he was ‘too little’ and often a nuisance to ‘hang with’ that I felt I was too often saddled with him to appease my parent’s wishes or assuage my sibling biblical conscience guilt. He wasn’t gifted with sports; I was. He had some major medical problems; I didn’t. I helped my parents by earning money to pay family debts; he was too young. These were my perceptions at I was headed for college on a Basketball Scholarship.

Until we both returned from serving in the Navy, we met one time in Subic Bay when our ships became part of the same West Pac flotilla, and he married, I was married, and we both had children and lived in the same city: Oklahoma City, did we have an opportunity to re-connect.

At the time, neither of us was committed to live a biblical life where church and worship was our first priority. We were moral men, but not Godly men. Golf was our relationship connecter, and we played weekly. In a short time, he realized he didn’t love his wife. His marriage went south and after a while he remarried. His wife had children and he also had two children, they never added to the family. He moved to California; I move d to Florida. It would be years before we were together again. Once in a ‘blue moon’ we would talk on the phone for a few minutes. My mother blamed his new wife for his divorce; I guess I thought that way too.

Our father’s death brought us together. We mourned differently. I was a minister preaching the word: I preached my father’s funeral message. I tried to witness to him; it didn’t go well. Later, he reconnected with his boyhood biblical roots and became a committed man for Jesus Christ; but, not then. It would be years later before I learned this wonderful truth about him and his wife.

Our mother never liked any of our family’s spouses, and especially those who were from a divorced situation. I realize now that she jaundiced me towards my brother and his second wife, and it colored my urgency to reconcile with my brother. I discovered, nearly too late, her prejudices were often unfounded and sometimes vindictive.

I want the world to know what a great guy my brother is! If for no other reason than he was willing to forgive me for being a ‘lousy’ one.

I want to thank Jesus for serving as our advocate…that is what is does best, Right? Six years ago we were invited and we accepted my brother and his wife’s invitation to visit. It’s not like we made a special trip because we were passing through Dallas on our way home from conducting business. It was a wonderful visit! They came for a visit the next spring.

Perhaps some Pilgrims have experienced a time when something unexpectedly happens, and when it does, your mind gets this tiny premonition of the future, and it makes you feel sad, this happened shortly after they arrived. His wife’s ankle failed her and she turned it, badly. She remarked she didn’t feel a thing. It was as if she didn’t have control over her muscles. My brother said she has been having a few unexpected falls…for no good reason. Despite her injury…that didn’t slow her down, we had a good visit and our fellowship was sweet and we grew much closer as couples…and as brothers. As they bide us goodbye, my brother promised he was going to have her to a doctor to get checked-out.

I told my wife I didn’t have a good feeling about her health, and I feared bad news was in the offing. I think many of us have had a ‘doctor’s experience where the diagnosis was given to us and the definition confused us and we looked for a ‘simple’ way to tell others what the doctor found. Often, it became a type of silly joke.

In a week we called to check on her, and my bother said she did see the doctor, but he wanted to do more tests. “You have not because you asked not, and when you ask, you ask with improper motives,” Jesus told us. We asked! We pleaded! We prayed!

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: ALS: Lou Gehrig’s disease is more than a mouthful…way more than a heart-full.

In the five years Linda, my brother’s wife, has been riding on a large harp and singing to the Lord, there have been a hundred times my wife and I have been watching a movie or a TV drama and its story is about a couple’s love experiencing death and dying, I would remark, “I hope Danny isn’t watching this show.” On his most recent visit, he told me when he sees those shows, he just sits and cries. He said it hurts, but it helps. Linda chose to go home to the Lord! She said she wasn’t going to be a ‘butterfly’: this describes an ALS patient that is alive but can only blink to communicate, and she refused a Tracheotomy, died a horrible death, and went home to be with the Lord for eternity. As my brother can testify, death only harms the living.

Pilgrims, it just sucks the wind right out of me when I stop to think what an incredible brothers’ journey of love I could have missed if I hadn’t taken the time to learn about my adult brother’s life. Perhaps, even more importantly, how void my wife’s life would have been without my brother’s love for her. He’s our Executor of our Wills and he has promised to take care of my wife if I should go home to the Lord before she does. I am his Executor of his will and he knows his home will always be ready for him when he needs it or desires to come home. My wife, Mrs. Nurse Goodbody, and old Doc can handle what life brings for my brother and me.

I have often contemplated just how many brothers in America are at this very hour existing in a state of ‘less than grace’ because one or both brothers have failed to seek love rather than indifference, forgiveness rather that possess the unrighteous ‘high-ground’ for words, deeds, and behaviors they have demonstrated to others, but draw the line for family.

The foul smell and taint from the gurgling, bubbling poison that continues to spread decay from the unforgiven sins, you and your brother continue to hold dear as if it were silver or gold that shuts out any tiny speck of spiritual light that might seep in and heal your soul. Tomorrow may be too late! You might get the bad news from the doctor. You might not even get to the doctor. Jesus is the Great Physician, he can heal you this very minute.

My fervent prayer for all brothers’ is that they may know the special bond and love I am blessed with!

Doc Christian


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Old Doc was in my local Kroger store the other day and I saw a woman I have known for a few years. She sang at one of our Church Community-wide Singsprations. Her head was bald as a Cue ball: she was recovering from the big C, and I wrote a letter about her courage and her witness for Christ. The local paper: The Outlook, refused to print it. I found her address and sent it to her. A few days later, she called and thanked me for the letter. We have been friends since. She spied my Trump/Spence ‘Make America Great Again button on my baseball hat: it has a red heart on it with the white lettering: “I Love Jesus” on its front and bill. She pointed to the button. “I like your hat and button,” she said.  I told her I was selling them for 2.00, but, I didn’t have many people buy them. “Do you want one?” I pointed to the button. Yes. I handed her the button. “Wear it proudly,” I said. She sort of stared at me, and I could see her ‘wheels were churning’. “Trumps the only answer for us,” I added. “I don’t know, Trump scares me,” she confided. I looked at her shocked, she smiled, a bit embarrassed. Why does he scare you?” I asked. “Oh, he says things,” she replied.


Pilgrims, I proceeded to give her a Political History Lesson, and when I was finished, she said, “You are right’’! Nothing could be scarier than four more years of Obama.” She pined on the button. “Remember, Christians need to wear it proudly,” I said as we went down different aisles.


Pilgrims, since that chance encounter, I’ve been doing some heavy-lifting: thinking, and there is no doubt America has become a country filled with weak-kneed milk-toast Political Fence Sitters. Christians, especially, have been straddling the Fence of light and darkness. Dreading the light and yearning for the darkness, but snagged on the horns of a great ethical dilemma that God’s holy bible has ingrained in their ‘taught’ conscience, since the early days of Sunday School, that taught them sin drives the entertainment wagon down the road with two forks: one turn leads to Hell, the other to Heaven. Any poll will tell you nearly all people want to go to heaven…but, they prefer a leisurely stroll through Satan’s ‘Redlight district, first.


This isn’t Old Doc’s imagination running wild it is God’s description of the nation of Israel’s open rejection of him as their God. When they chose sin rather than righteousness, he called them whores for chasing lovers: idols.


The Apostle John, in Revelation 3:15-16, writes about the spiritual charges Jesus has against the Church of Laodicea: “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”


God’s earthly church in America, that in the past had biblical men who wrote great documents that engendered the Creator steadfast to its people of the book: God’s Bible, that championed a spiritually ingrained conscience that produced ethical outcomes, has been replaced by an open rejection of the Creator of this world, his only Son, Jesus Christ, and their divinely inspired word, our Bible.


Led by godless, atheist Feminist agenda driven women, followed by weak, follow-a-long men who had their place usurped in the home, at church, and in society, have set the example of  how professing Christians have become little more that Fence Sitters.


Like the Babylonians that set up a two year siege around Jerusalem so they could starve the Jewish Nation until it surrendered and eventually turn them into slaves, in America, God’s enemies came and encamped our country with the idea of straining out the last vistage of the Bible’s influence. It began with Prayer…it has ended with Same Sex Marriage and a Transgender battle.


Old Doc wants to give those wayward Christians the benefit of the doubt, so he will just call them naïve when it came to recognizing what their votes for elected officials that held a dark dirty secret: they too wanted to see the Bible’s influence diminished, restricted, and removed from the hearts and minds of America’s children, so, they couldn’t see how harmful their political support for this type of Liberal Party-thought could eventually harm and change a once great biblical Nation, so, they voted for the Democrat Party.


It is too bad the good Lord didn’t spring that sharp barb wire between the legs of the Fence Sitters, perhaps, they would have been more cautious about trying to live a biblical life while balancing on a fence that was constructed with half-light and half-darkness. Jesus told believers we couldn’t serve two masters: Satan or God. In reference to a once great biblical country: America, He was correct, we ended up hating him and loving Satan


Ensconced in my ‘little piece of heaven’, nestled in the woods of Kentucky, when I go up top-side and mix and mingle with the folks in my neck of the woods, I think I have the same feeling the Creator must have felt when he couldn’t deny a people who once called Him their God have spurned his attempt to love them and to counsel them with wisdom only he can provide


The enticing ideology from the lips of self-anointed ‘Rain-makers’ and physicians promising healing from all manner of ‘self-made human diseases, which are sin, gave Fence Sitters ‘itchy-ears’ (The Apostle Paul’s words for religious non-religious humans seeking Nirvana while standing at the temple door offering sacrifices to any god so they wouldn’t be harmed) because decades of ‘Self-esteem’ failures couldn’t accept a God that would punish and discipline those he loved. Somehow, the personal sacrifice of his only son on a cruel cross didn’t count with the Fence Sitters.


Man made himself in his own image! Though he started with a one cell amoeba, doesn’t count with Fence Sitters. They are self-acclaimed Christians who call upon the Lord…when it doesn’t contradict their spurious brand of the Gospel.


When Jesus trod this earth, he chose to spit this type of believer out of his mouth. He hated Fence Sitters! Unfortunately, in America, that is about the only kind one can find.


Come this November, our Nation will discover if it is a country filled with biblical believers or Fence Sitters. America is in this quagmire of sin because Christians failed to honor Jesus Christ and defend his inspirited word: the Bible at the ballot box.


Old Doc closes with this note: Christians don’t kill babies; they don’t support any candidate that does.


Doc Christian





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Old Doc is certain Pilgrims that the original signers of the Constitution are turning over in their graves as they witness the new Traitors to America signing a letter pledging to stop Trump from becoming President…because he is too dangerous for our country’s future. The majority of them are ‘lifers’ in the Republican Party.


While the SSR media waxes eloquently how they agree with the fools, we of the New Political Revolution…Trumpeters, want America to know a ‘new day has dawned in the world of politics, and it will never be the same.


If these miscreants think they can still influence the outcome for the game of politics, they are in for a rude awakening. God forbid, Hillary should win in November…the Creator couldn’t possibly allow such a woman of such low repute…could He? Regardless…if Trump wins or Hillary steals the election, like Kennedy did, as ten thousand dead people in Chicago voted for him, and he vanquished Nixon, the Republican Party, in its present condition, has out-lived its usefulness. If setting Republicans failed to endorse Trump, their political careers are finished…unless they choose to run as a Democrat.


The new voice and face of the Republican Party will be able to run ‘local Dogcatchers’ as a candidate and it will be a landslide for the Trumpeters. We will punish…punitively, any Republican that tries to run on a different Republican stage.


The Bushes…that I supported and gave hard earned money to their campaigns have wounded me deeply. Old Doc has discovered…too late, he was a fool believing that particular type of Republican gang that couldn’t shoot straight’ was ever really interested in Making America Great. The entire world now can see the wolves clothing they wore while doing ‘sleight of hand’ tricks designed to make us think they really were working for the best interest for all Americans, and not just the moneyed ‘fat-cats’ in the halls of congress (where leech blood sucking Lobbyists prey on America’s citizens good will and pocketbooks), Boardrooms and Wall Street.


My opinion, these fifty Traitors to our Republican Party and to all of America’s citizens could teach Aron Burr a few lessons! Bush forty-one couldn’t be re-elected because he proved he didn’t know the definition of a lie; and when he lied to the citizens about raising taxes, he was ash-canned. Evidently, now all of these people have learned to love a liar!


Though Hillary is one of the world’s foremost liars, and has been guilty of treason for exposing our country’s most Top Secret confidential information, and has blood on her hands for the deaths of our secret Agent spies, these self-knighted’ enlightened people are deathly afraid that Trump will be careless with our nation’s secrets. I guess EXCEEDLINGLY CARELESS isn’t as bad…aka: Hillary’s track record. If this gang of ‘cutthroats’ can’t understand Trump hasn’t been guilty of any breach of security, while all of our allies and enemies know it is true regarding Hillary, why would they wish to vote for one that is so ditzy, incompetent, and EXCEEDLINGLY CARELESS…unless they have been ‘closet’ Democrats all this time.


As one staunch Republican ‘lifer’ that has been trundled through the muck and mire for decades by weak-kneed’ ‘milk-toast’ Republican elected officials…and we ‘played nice’…as our proverbial face was shoved in dung, I’m proud to see the party finally has a ‘fighter’ who will give as good as he gets!


In the aftermath of this group of cowards willing to play ‘rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic, as it sinks into history’s abyss, because they don’t like the cut of the jib of our next President’s sometimes ‘rough shod’ demeanor, let me sound the alarm and make it perfectly clear what this gang of blowhards want all American’s to know about them. In reality, I doubt seriously they do want us to know this awful truth.


For those ‘scardy-cat’ Republicans and biblical people who claim to honor Jesus Christ with their life, if you support these losers and support our enemy: Hillary and the Democrat Party, the following is what you support, and put a check mark by each one.


  • You want America to become a Socialist country where the government determines all of its citizens outcomes.
  • You wish to punish innovation and risk taking by business visionaries…and you want them taxed so they will seldom find success.
  • You want the government to control your Health Care.
  • You want your taxes to increase so you can give more money to the government because they are frugal and smart with how they spend the money.
  • You want your money to be given to any illegal…for any reason…and you are willing to build an addition on to your home to shelter them so you can help better provide for them.
  • You are overjoyed about the political direction America is heading.
  • You are thrilled about the religious direction America is heading.
  • You don’t think Education is being fairly judged by its critics…and you trust our government to do what is best for our schools and country.
  • You like the college climate on their campuses concerning religious and political freedom.
  • You support the election of more of the same type of Supreme Court Judges now sitting on the court.
  • You support more welfare for people who choose to live off your sweat.
  • You encourage and not discourage more Americans to be given more welfare.
  • You are very happy our Capitalist economic system will cease to exist, where merit isn’t rewarded and sloth is solicited.
  • You support the killing of babies and the marketing of baby parts for profit.
  • You like your tax dollars being given to Planned Parenthood.


  • You trust a liar… the FBI director said she was EXCEEDINGLY CARELESS WITH THE TURTH, and you are comfortable teaching your children it’s OK to lie.
  • Hillary has proven she is worthy of your trust because she has shown she has personal integrity.
  • You think a woman should be President.


  • Hillary’s personal and professional failures don’t deter you from giving her your support.
  • The fact the Clinton Foundation is a ‘charity’ and it gives only 10% of its money to charitable causes, doesn’t bother your sense of righteous indignation.
  • You are glad major Republican political players are supporting Hillary.


  • As a Christian, you don’t think it is anyone’s business who you vote for or whom you support…including Jesus Christ.


  • As a Christian, you don’t think the Bible has any right to play a part in your political life.


  • As a Christian, you are content with how the Bible has been treated by the Democrat Party for the past forty years.


  • As a Christian, you support Black Lives Matter, and you support the murder of white/black/brown/yellow and red skinned cops for political purposes.


  • As a Christian, you are okay with the Black Lives Matter being supported by the Democrat Party.



For the ‘gang that couldn’t shoot straight’ Washington ‘insider’ Republicans that want to derail Trump and our new political revolution, you can withhold your support, but you are only guaranteeing the sun has set on the ‘Grand Old Party’s backside. If Hillary wins, you will have the blood on your hands from the great men that chased a dream to secure freedom for this country’s people, as they gave the full measure of what they had to win freedom. Your support for a Socialist/communist regime that has been working feverishly for the past eight years to dismantle all their sacrifices, will present a fiat ac-compli’ whereby America will certainly be changed for the ever.


Doc Christian




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