I recently visited our Constitution to familiarize myself with this incredibly prescient document. My most salient curiosity was to read where it said Government was to establish religion and hand down edicts that would provide guidance for the Nation’s people concerning what was legally allowed and forbidden by our Supreme Court…not our elected Congress.

As Andy Griffith exclaimed in his ‘world-class’ movie of humor: No Time for Sergeants, ‘Surprise, Surprise, Surprise,” he told his Sergeant King, when he had electrified the toilet seats, and when the Colonel came for inspection, he had them seats stand at attention. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the Constitution stated that our Government was forbidden to establish any form of religion…and American citizens were given ‘total’ freedom to worship any god or biblical God without interference of the ‘Founding Fathers’ or its system of laws. Why, old Doc was nearly knocked off his wobbly pegs when he didn’t find nary a word about that Atheist, fire-eating avenger of all things biblical, the ACLU. I wonder how it has wormed itself into the very fabric of any discussion about the rights of Christians to conduct their lives according to their biblical beliefs found in the Bible, and assuredly zero wording about how our Obama regime has used our nation’s treasure to force their ‘likes and dislikes’ concerning what God’s word allows, encourages, and forbids for all believers. Pilgrims, none of our present-day Same Sex populist, Atheist- agenda is mentioned by our Constitution, Bill of Rights, or any other Sacred document our Nation was founded upon..

Pilgrims, I know old Doc can have a brain-hick-up from time to time, for I often find myself in our Pantry wondering why I’m there, but, even my ‘pea-sized’ brain can figure out our Atheist elected leaders and their cohort appointed ones in our Supreme Court, have not just strayed afield a bit, they have created dictated rights and privileges, not found in it. They aren’t jurisprudent scholars; they are ‘world-class FICTION writers. They put to shame any War-games thugs, or sinisterly evil ‘Mad-men’ intent on destroying the world.

In my novel: The Theophany, Son-light Restored to a Dark World, when the enemy gains control of America, and erases all history of the Bible from the citizens’ memories, the first thing they do is carry out a mass execution of the Supreme Court judges. Why? They easily recognized they haD become corrupt and the most powerful force in the country. Their immediate mission was to make the people fear them more rather than their legal system’s appointed supreme power brokers.

With every edict, that often suppresses the majority’s will, our Supreme Court dishonors our Constitution, spits upon our ‘Founding Fathers’ legacy, and ignores our rights and privileges guaranteed by this sacred document. What is the response of God’s people in America? Sadly, it is the same one that has been in place for fifty years. Don’t mix politics and religion! When I come to worship Jesus, I don’t want to be told how to vote. Jesus didn’t care… why should I?

In a short period of time when old Doc is on his way to prison with the few other believers in America who won’t bow down to the dictates of our Supreme Court, as they declare the Bible is ‘Hate-speech’, and all references to the Socialist’s/Communists’ most dear political agenda plays out: Abortion on demand, Same Sex Marriage, soon to be added: NAMBLA, and all gender sex ploys that will evidently even declassify all Pedophilia, biblical people will be given one last choice: Serve Jesus Christ and live by his principles, or chose to serve other gods, who serve Satan. While the Muslim terrorists are plotting the demise of our Nation, our court system and party politics may well beat them to the punch.

Pilgrims, I have come to a conclusion about how ‘so-called’ Christians aided and abetted the demise of a biblical foundation in America. For five decades, they not only separated Church and State, they forgot that living a Christian life has little to do with one’s job; it has everything to do with one’s life. Pilgrims forgot their job was just the superficial public persona. God and fellow believers cheered for all manner of professional business people who provided a public environment that left little doubt about this business’ love of Jesus. The workers that make things and repair them so they work better as they conduct their business spaces where Christ was welcomed enhanced each and every task. A sense of pride should be evident when anything biblical is manifest that possesses the tiniest opportunity to present Jesus’ cross so that salvation may not only be offered, but accepted.

For decades, Liberal Christians have lived in a delusional world believing they could support godless political wonks whose great desire was to bring about the demise of a Nation’s love, support, and dependence upon a biblical God. Their votes for local Liberal power-brokers ensured one day America would consider the Bible fiction, not conducive to its lust for all things Atheist, and not harm the kingdom of God on earth…and particularly, it evidently seldom crossed these mutton-heads as they pulled or marked the ballot to elect the arch enemies of a holy God,  one day it would come back to bite them as none of these types of voting Christians can avoid the blame for what has happened to America… and what old Doc is certain lies in store for the faithful, as believers are persecuted for their faith in Jesus.

As old Doc searched the document, I looked for any specific reference to a separation of CHURCH AND STATE. So, what do you think I found?  Several references, a handful, a couple, nope, not one was found. This piqued my curiosity and then, I thought: it is quite difficult to find this Church/State idea when the Founding Fathers couldn’t fathom how a man/woman could possibly live their lives with a neatly compartmentalized decision-making process, bereft of using the Bible’s truth to guide them when navigating one’s personal life, so the idea of a country’s legal system demanding people do such a stupid thing, never occurred to them it would one day be the ‘law of the land’. Hello Liberal Christians! Welcome to the loony-tune biblical world of Oz!

It doesn’t matter if I’m planting flowers, writing my blog, dinning out with my bride of fifty-three years, making a transaction at the  bank, looking for my golf ball in the woods, singing during Sunday worship, preaching a sermon to the inmates on Friday night, shopping at Walmart for my food, buying ‘Feed corn’ for the deer and other animals we feed, daily, voting for candidates, debating anyone about any facet of politics or cultural societal differences, listening to music or paying for my entertainment, you can’t separate me from my Bible and my faith. Every decision I make, and I’ve made some stupid ones, believe me, is filtered via the use of biblical principles. Cesar and the State don’t matter. I obey Cesar, not because the State demands it, but, because my Lord Jesus expects it. My life is both my job and the entire total of the life I live. Pilgrims, is this how you manage your life? If you don’t, how do you choose to honor Christ with your life?

My government, headed by the ACLU, demands I live my life in absolute separation of CHURCH AND STATE. What chagrined me most about this legal edict is that they, who are godless heathens and promote the religion of Atheism, aren’t expected to do the same. People of no faith and no god demand those who have faith in a living God and his only son, Jesus Christ, conduct their lives as if both are on equal footing for living life. Our corrupt elected Congress and President and Supreme Court Judges evidently don’t see how ludicrous this expectation is. For either camp to accomplish its stated goal, all have to become liars and people who possess little if any integrity. In the light of these two vastly different approaches, ideologies about man’s purpose and origin, comes the evil, sinful Visigoths that demand they be given the right to structure my life, instead of allowing me to let Jesus take the wheel.

I can’t speak for other Pilgrims, but they can take my life, put me in prison, and steal all my worldly goods, but they can’t separate me from my God and they can’t force me to live my life in an illogical, heathenistic culture that demands all things in my life be Church/State

Unfortunately, I’m well aware that most Pilgrims have ‘walked the biblical fence’ concerning this edict, and God the Creator is missing from America’s most sacred public venues…from the White House to our Nation’s Court-house-steps, to the halls Congress and nearly every place of public education.

In the past, inwardly, most Pilgrims ranted and raged in \dissent, but, remained silent, and then pulled the lever that supported God’s political enemy and we helped those creatures to mock a holy God and demean Jesus’ sacrifice, by helping those who would do the ACLU’S bidding by approving of their actions…with our support of a political party that fought for the demise of a Biblical Nation.

Johnny Paycheck became famous with his song: Take this job and shove it. Old Doc wishes that all Pilgrims come to this resolve:  the idea of CHURCH/STATE is a myth akin to the Lock Ness Monster, and should be treated as such. It is a figment of the Socialist/Communist imagination.

There is one caveat, Pilgrims must know that being a biblical person means their life will be Godly; it also means that this permeates their job.

Doc Christian

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     While Moses was away up on Mt. Saini listening to Jehovah’s instructions concerning how he was going to lead the Israelites to the ‘Promise Land’, the people in the camp thought he tarried a bit too long and they decided to build an altar and put up their own gods. The golden calf sure looked ‘pretty’.

Jehovah finally ended his confab with Moses and sent him down to his people carrying stone tablets with the Ten Commandments written on them by the very finger of the Creator.

Before Moses reached the bottom of the mountain, he knew something had changed. A bacchanal celebration had broken out…and Aaron, Moses’ brother was the ‘leader of the band’.

The Bible records that over three thousand Israelites were killed (executed) that day as they chose to continue to defy God and Moses. Ummm, do you suppose the God of love might have a ‘jealous bone’ that shows from time to time?

Shirts or Skins! When I was working my tail off to make the ‘starting-five’ on the Varsity Basketball Team during my high school years, I wanted to be one of the five that wore Skins…no jersey. It was a clear sign that you were one of the best players.

As old Doc surveys the present day political situation in our nation, he can’t help but think about the distinctive difference between ballplayers wearing a practice jersey on none at all. From all I can ascertain, too many Pilgrims have become biblically confused about which team they are on. In the light of this scriptural travesty that may well hand an easy victory to God’s enemies in November’ Presidential Election, I thought it incumbent of me to shed biblical light into a dark hole where Satan’s henchmen reside.

First, I want each Pilgrim to remember a Cardinal Rule. When all else fails, read God’s Ten Commandments, and read Thomas’ Paine’s pamphlet: Common Sense.

Regardless of how ‘fuzzy-wuzzy’ one might be about the Trump Presidential nomination, all Pilgrims will be faced with a choice that will either honor God or honor Satan. While there are many things that gall old Doc about the Republican’s nominee, every believer, in order to honor Jesus Christ, must do their own due-diligence before a vote is cast. While many Washington elites are in ‘sack cloth and ashes’ about the ‘peoples’ choice, for they are about to discover the sage advice Thomas Paine wrote before our Country was officially a country, the government is for the people and they hold the power, a political…and I pray a biblical revolution is about to happen in America…if Pilgrims heed God’s instruction book and vote for him and against his enemies, it will happen.

Now wait just a minute, I’m a ‘card carrying’ Christian from the church where Deuteronomy Skaggs preaches. How dare you question my Christian credentials, I can hear the moaning and groaning…can’t you?

Old Doc is going to make this voting decision simple for all Pilgrims. The Commandment said thou shalt not kill (better translation is Murder). Hilary’s Gang wants Abortion up to the very hour or minute of birth. When conception happens, does not matter to these Atheists. Yes, many will claim they are Bible carrying people. Doc suggests that too many people carrying a Bible don’t know why they carry it. Take the Hillary gang. The last time we saw a Clinton carrying a Bible was when Bill went to confession about that intern ‘server’. None of them even pretend to be a part of that biblical scene any longer. If you cast a vote for Hillary, you are in support of killing the unborn! I recently posted on Facebook and article that science has proven there is a halo-like affect when the sperm meets the egg: the ‘little’ big bang, if you will. It definitely defines when life begins. For Pilgrims, it proves something miraculous happens, when God gives mankind a soul

If you support the Hillary Gang, you also support rewarding sinful behavior, for most abortions are for unwed girls that chose to fornicate without a care about its consequences. You also don’t think it necessary to hold the ‘sperm donor’ accountable for the baby’s life…or for ending it.

Worst of all, you approve of our tax dollars spent on America’s Abortion Mill: Planned Parenthood. You also support this criminal enterprise’s marketing of baby body parts, as a journalists ‘sting operation’ exposed , recently, showing corporate America and Planned Parenthood doctors and executives wheeling and dealing for profit as they coveted parts: lung, heart, and brain,  that are being sold for research, and I guess, implants. How sinful this ‘Art of the Deal’, evidently, they are using Trump’s knowledge to get the best deals, can be measured by how our legal system is now working to try and imprison these Anti-abortion journalists for exposing Planned Parenthood’s depraved behavior to the world. Your vote for Hillary adds your hallelujah! A hundred million babies have had their brains sucked out during Doc’s life-time.

God’s Bible is filled with instructions about how his people are to accept deviant people who love the un-natural Homosexual life style. The Apostle Paul also writes about how the homosexuals have embraced a life that is forbidden by the Creator. Doc surmises it is just simple math: unless a male and a female have sex, you can’t propagate and multiply, can you? The Pilgrims must answer the question: if it is just another ‘choice’, what happens to the human race? If you embrace this sin when you vote for Hillary’s Gang that champions this cause, how can you honor Jesus Christ? How deviant you ask? Our government, and Hillary’s Gang is about to unleash their Atheist hate God’s Bible, when all else fails, attack upon State’s laws and economic structure as they force Pilgrims to endorse their ‘bathroom agenda’, where males with penises can share a bathroom with your daughters in our schools, and women without them can share the bathroom with the boys. This is Hillary’s Gang’s agenda. It is already in their Presidential Platform. She has already spoken openly about it on our national media. “It is the right thing to do,” she touts. Unless you haven’t read God’s Bible in the recent past, you may not know God considers this an abomination! Don’t take Doc’s word for this truth, check out the scriptures: Gen. 19:1-11, Lev. 18:22, 20:13, Judges 19:16-24, Romans 1:18-32. From these scriptures, there isn’t any ‘wiggle room’. If you are claimed by the blood of Jesus, and you believe the bible is inerrant, then you cannot use your Christianity nor God’s bible to disagree with God about your ideas and your sense of ‘fairness verses Gods’  edict about deviant behavior and choices.

Trump may not agree with this biblical declaration, but it changes nothing! You are either Skins or Shirts!

Pilgrims, this Hillary Gang is responsible for our new Same Sex Marriage law that now forces Pilgrims to accommodate them and to give your public, tacit approval.  In Romans one, the Apostle Paul warns about Christians approving those things the Creator calls sin. Do you understand this equation? They aren’t satisfied with their legal victory from a corrupt, mostly Atheist Supreme Court, they want to force us to bow down to their sin and help rejoice in it. The fight about the LGBGT bathroom agenda is just the last salvo across biblical peoples’ bow. When God’s leaders, once again act like Ostriches, God’s enemies’ next target will be NAMBLA. For Pilgrims who are too naïve for their own good, it means that homosexuals want to have a legal right to conduct a sexual relationship with young boys. If Hillary’s Gang wins in November, Pilgrims can look for this to become law. The ‘Chicken-Hawk’ society is just a vote away!

When Joshua led the Israelite nation into the Promise Land, God told them to slay the entire enemy. Once they were in military control, they rejected God’s instructions. Rather than obey God, they welcomed the enemy, they inter married and had children with the women. They were a thorn and a plague upon the Nation that led them into bondage for four-hundred years.

While Doc isn’t advocating any harm or evil be done to illegal aliens, we need to demand Trump’s political agenda address foreign people, living in America be forbidden to fly another country’s flag in public for a celebration or a protest. If it is flown, it must have Old Glory waving above it. If any person refuses to honor our flag, they should be deported immediately. We don’t need some half-baked jury-rigged court system to assign innocence or guilt. If one is seen in public honoring their native flag, it’s a done deal. Send them home! It is the least proud Americana can do to honor the blood and treasure we have spent on foreign lands to rescue people from evil. If aliens aren’t proud to live in America; they need to be sent home where they can fly any flag they choose…if they dare.

If Pilgrims cast a vote for Hillary’s Gang, you approve Communist political groups like Black Lives’ Matter. It is financially supported by Soros, a Socialist/ Communist that desires to destroy our economic system of Capitalism. Their goal is to be a racially divisive voice that stirs up racial hatred where there is none. They seek government anarchy. This will be accomplished when citizens fear the law keepers and attack their attempts to keep citizens safe from criminals. If you vote for Hillary’s Gang, you lend your support to political pimps like Al Sharpton and his ilk that is a ‘bottom feeder’ on any racial divide that can be conjured up against a white society.

If Pilgrims cast a vote for Hillary’s Gang, they reject God’s scriptures about a Godly Marriage. Eph. 5:21-ff, and Proverbs 31:10ff. You embrace the Atheist Feminist agenda that is so confused it casts support to a woman who stood by her man while he diddled a variety of beautiful women, in a very public manner, not his wife, rubbed her nose in his adultery, and convinced her to care out vicious personal attacks upon the women that claimed he raped them, all in the name of Party Politics.

The Apostle Paul wrote that any Christian that refused to take care of his family is worse than an infidel. He writes to the Thessalonians that a man should not eat if he does not work. Solomon gives a descriptive look at a sluggard who is too lazy to eat. If Pilgrims cast a vote for Hillary’s Gang, you whole-heartedly support the forty plus million people on welfare who won’t work and don’t have educational skills to work…but they can make a trip to the mailbox or bank monthly to pick up the money our tax dollars provide…which, regardless of party affiliation, evidently, tax payers don’t have a vote, yea or nay. Thank you congress! This is one of many reasons why we need Term Limits!

Pilgrims, I’m upset that we don’t have a ‘biblical candidate’ that can pass a spiritual litmus test, but we don’t. What we do have is an extremely stark difference between a Socialist and a Capitalist. If you vote for Hillary’s Gang, you believe government can solve our Nation’s problems. You believe if you remove personal responsibility and accountability for one’s choices in life as they pursue happiness, peoples basic needs will be met…by your tax dollars…and if you throw enough money at every problem Washington can solve any problem. You don’t mind that your tax dollars will be spent to support ‘dead-beats’ that continue to propagate generations of welfare people regardless of how much money is spent. It is estimated over 40 Trillion dollars have been spent since 1960. I think this is a very ‘low-ball’ figure.

Hillary has a plan to create jobs! If it hasn’t been in association with a State or Federal Government, she has never created one job. Trump has created tens of thousands of public jobs for people of all faiths, colors, and nationalities as he built a business empire. If you needed a job, who would you want to interview with to get a job?

Hillary’s Gang has already diminished your religious freedoms and trashed our Constitution. If you vote for her, our Second Amendment will soon be replaced and create a society where ordinary citizens will be unarmed and helpless prey for the increasingly violent criminals who live in America. The unknown mystery for Doc:  how can a black society continue to support a political machine that has created an underclass of people that has endured years of ‘black on black’ crime that enslaves its people: eighty percent of all crime is committed by black criminals?

If you vote for Hillary’s Gang you are in agreement with having ‘open borders’. ISIS will love that! In fact, they are already enjoying this foolish blunder. Only God knows how many Muslim terrorists are plotting our Nation’s demise.

Teachers are on the march and are withholding their services in Detroit. If one surveys its present education outcomes, the kids may be better off if they don’t teach. If you vote for Hillary’s Gang, you agree that the Teacher Union has been a boon for America’s public school children, despite the fact our students are nearly the lowest rated students in math and science in the world! Plus, you like the idea that too many lazy, incompetents can’t be fired, but you can.

Personally, I know that God doesn’t really care if America is a Socialist or a Capitalist country. The cross of Christ burns brighter and possesses the power of influence during times of persecution. Doc is a proud jingoistic American, and it makes a great difference to him, and I pray all Pilgrims, whether this country moves farther away from its once foundational biblical roots and closer to a Communist ideology and one that will openly punish dissenters. If Pilgrims aren’t aware, New York now levies fines, up to 150,000. For each breach of Transgender etiquette: refusing to address the IT with their preferred new gender name, at work. Doc isn’t making this stuff up!

I’ll close with this last enjoinder. The biblical future in America is wrapped in NINE BLACK ROBES. The next President will probably get the chance to appoint two or three SUPREME COURT JUDGES. It seems idiotic, but the most powerful nation on the planet is controlled by nine ‘unelected’ people. The judges now in power don’t honor our Constitution, so they continue to create laws that don’t exist, and most assuredly were never intended to be law by our nation’s founding fathers, and are edicts that are against the majority of its citizens and an impingement upon States Rights. If Hillary’s Gang wins, all biblical values will cease to be a part of this country’s social fabric, as they are presently just hanging on by their interpretation of God’s SUGGESTIONS.

Pilgrims, if old Doc’s apology hasn’t challenged your spiritual resolve to honor God’s Bible and his Son’s sacrifice on the cross, America is doomed to become a Third-world country.

Doc Christian

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     At the ‘check-out’ line at our favorite grocery market, I sure Pilgrims are often highly entertained by the magazines covers offering all the latest ‘dirt’ the Tabloid Media can dig up on the world’s ‘rich and famous’, usually emanating from Hollywood…that often are just fabricated lies to entice us to buy their ‘gossip rags’. Each is shown with some beautiful woman in a pose, dressed in as little as the law will allow, letting the world know they are dressed up and certainly have an important place to go.

Pilgrims, I must admit that I’m of the generation just after Noah’s, evidently, because this ‘modern’ church dress isn’t one I fancy. In fact, I’m not enamored by our entire country’s daily work dress. I’m from the ‘old school’ where untidy and unkempt were quickly associated with lazy and disorganized ‘stinking-thinking’ behavior. ‘Dressed-down’ Fridays have proven to be a disaster for the management of people to move from ‘good to great’ because the business world has forgotten R H I P. I believe our Military is quickly traveling down that misbegotten road.

I guess it is just old Doc on his ‘band-wagon’ again spewing out complaints a mile a minute about the good old days of yesterday, but when I read in the book of Leviticus about God’s ‘dress code’, which included conduct at his altar, and what Moses was instructed to do for Aaron and his sons, as they carried out God’s incredibly exact Priestly duties to roll back the sins of the nation of Israel on the Day of Atonement, I can’t help but winch when I think of how are modern day preachers approach God when they are prepared to deliver a message from his holy book to help believers live a more holy life for Christ. Is he pleased when preachers dressed like a ‘Truck Driver’ with a long-haul load to California, present the word? Is God pleased when a congregate, that wears an Armani suit on work days, attends worship in shorts and flip-flops on Sunday? I know dress hasn’t anything to do with one’s salvation!

Have you noticed how the media has subtly changed its ‘dress code’? Evidently, the Feminist touch has been replaced by an attempt to be much more ‘lady-like’. Seldom does one see even a 7 doing the news or even a sports program. Evidently, a 9 is about the least grade that is acceptable today. The ‘pants’ woman is about to pass into history when it comes to our ‘newsmakers’ telling us about the news. The Feminist highly promotable fat woman is passé. Oh you’ll find it in Hollywood, but in the real world joy about obesity is always proven to be a crock and a monstrous lie.

Only in our government will one find an open acceptance of obese people while its Surgeon General spends millions of dollars teaching its citizens about the dangers of obesity. Nothing has changed since Adam and Eve. Next to a marriage’s finances, obesity in a marriage is one of the major reasons for divorce because physical beauty, or lack of it, leads to infidelity in a marriage which leads to the divorce. A man’s sex organ is his eyes!

Evidently, corporate America has re-discovered the advice found in various books about the wisdom of ‘dressing for success’. Despite their need to be ‘Politically Correct’, they can’t deny this information’s truth: color, style, beauty, and body language greatly affect the intended message. Any message delivered from a background that encapsules the framing of the messenger that enables the listeners to focus upon one’s eyes and mouth enhances the ability of one’s message to impact its intended listeners. This is why a dark suit or dress in combination with a white background and a colorful scarf or tie presents the optimum opportunity to hook the audience. It is why a light blue garment is attractive when ‘working the room’ where one seeks to have people trust them and like them. It is why a brown suit prepares an environment where people consider equals works best. It is why bright colors on women help them get a man’s focus and attention. It is why pants for a woman in a business setting don’t set well with men. If you doubt old Doc, when those business men and women of corporate America choose people to advertise their services and products, why doesn’t their Spokesperson wear those pants?

A leader who doesn’t look, speak, or behave differently than other Pilgrims, often misses the intended mark because we don’t want to follow someone like us, we want to invest our allegiance into someone we believe is capable of leading us to places we don’t dare go, or have the guts to dream we can arrive at that place on our own. Like it or not, our preachers possess the ability to take us to those often intimidating places. Certainly, God’s Word is the fuel that makes it all possible, but even Paul said those who bring good news have beautiful feet.

Various data research says 6,775 people die each day in America. How one dies doesn’t really matter, but many would differ with Doc. If one is gracious, according to the latest church research, about forty-six percent of Americans’ claim to be Christians. If old Doc’s math is right, that means of the people who die each day, fifty-four percent are dead heathens. Thousands of people dressed up to say ‘goodbye’.

A number of years ago, a story about a unique type of burial made ‘Headline News’. A blonde, obviously dyed, seventy-five year old Texas woman made quite a stir when she insisted she be buried in her Caddy convertible, with the top down, wearing her expensive, gaudy jewelry, mostly diamonds, to prevent any of her ‘blood sucking kin to get their hands on her property, plus, to her way of thinking, she was dressed in style.

It is amazing the amount of money humans spend for burials, often to make a statement, which the world will little note nor long remember. I wonder if God laughs at our shenanigans. Physical death is the person’s journey that ends usually at the point in the road that warns about a Dead End. I’m positive God laughs at Satan when a believer dies.

Pilgrims, I recently heard a song about an old man dressed in his ‘Go to Heaven Meeting Clothes’. While on earth, he wasn’t a persnickety man or dresser, but he insisted he be dressed in his ‘Sunday Best’ because he was going to see his beloved wife and family. He wanted to make an impression on her, and make it easy to spot his arrival.

Of the millions of people in America that die each year, a majority of them will be dressed up and no place to go. History will mark them as possessing little utility, and perhaps, they will be good worm food for God’s creatures.

Pilgrims, who says that God doesn’t possess a good sense of humor? The majority of this world serves idols and promotes false gods…and when they die, they will discover they are all “ Emperors’ without clothes. Spiritually naked and exposed, Stan will laugh at their foolishness. While God will get the last laugh, I think he will mourn.

“For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable and the mortal with immortality. When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with the immortality, then, the saying that is written will come true, “Death has been swallowed up in victory.” I Co. 15:53-54

Pilgrims, have you picked out your ‘Go to Heaven Meeting dress? Dress right!

Doc Christian

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Pilgrims, I had to visit an ENT doctor last week to get the wax cleaned out of my ears so my Hearing Aids function better, and my wife’s life does too. We arrived a few minutes early, and after an hour passed, I asked the doctor’s Receptionist why the delay? He was at the hospital and was running late. “There goes today’s schedule,” I said to my wife, and we laughed. We are retired and seldom do we have anything so important a delay ruins our day. The Reception Room was filled with other couples. We could have been crumps; we chose to fill the room with laughter. Today, I can’t recall the things we laughed about, only that we laughed often as we spent time in communication. Since we have been married for fifty-three years, I’m sure much of the laughter was at our expense. Traveling as an ‘Alien’ in an ‘Out-of-body’ experience, for the first time through Old Age, we have discovered laughter helps a heap. When people can laugh at their wrinkles and dark spots, their sudden awareness of hair mysteriously disappearing (my plight at seventy-five), while choosing to reminisce about the young virile man and the ‘drop-dead’ gorgeous young woman, who can still turn Old heads, at seventy-one, finds that a ‘Spoonful of laughter’ makes God’s medicine go down much better.

We received stares and I could just hear the wheels turning in their heads. “Why don’t they shut up, they are disturbing me, this must be their third marriage, they are giddy, wished my husband laughed with me, wished my wife looked like her; I’d laugh too, I could listen to her laugh all day.” Perhaps, it was only in my imagination.

While our bodies continue to breakdown at a rapid pace, well, it seems so, our ability to laugh and enjoy one another’s company has greatly increased our capacity to love more deeply and become more devoted to one another. They say it takes eleven face muscles to frown, and it takes twelve to smile…so God expects us to work a little more to smile. I think it is part of his spiritual-health program, don’t you?

Pilgrims, the Creator knew this. Proverbs 15:13 – A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken. Genesis 21:6 – And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh, [so that] all that hear will laugh with me. Proverbs 17:22 – A merry heart doeth good [like] a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

I confess that each day I watch the news from around the world and I see little to laugh about. America is a land I no longer recognize for it grows more evil and godless each day. It remains a land of opportunity, but those newbies want you and me to provide them a living so they can pursue happiness…whether we choose to lend a helping hand or not. Our government agrees!  It shills out our hard-earned money to provide for them. Soon, our Presidential Election will be determined by those who support the government verses those seeking a change in Washington’s ‘business as usual’. I suppose one side is going to get the ‘last laugh’.

Pilgrims… look on the bright-side, if God Almighty made Sarah laugh at ninety, evidently, the Creator intends for his people to laugh until your calendar reaches zero.

Science and God never disagree; scientists and God often disagree, but, lately, the medical profession has made a ‘leap-of-faith, and joined God’s side about the benefits of laughter for his crown of creation: human beings. Hospitals are becoming more Holistic in their approach to healing the human body from all manner of ills, and belly-laughs are one of the doctors favorite prescriptions. While the good Lord knew all the time, researchers have discovered a good dose of laughter lessens stress, relives tension on the hormones, improves neurochemistry, settles the heart and boost the immune system.

Depression suppresses the immune system the hormones epinephrine and cortisol are quickly reduced when laughter floods the body.

The writer, Norman Cousins, in his book, “Anatomy of an illness as Perceived by the Patient”, calls laughter ‘Inner Jogging’ because a loud ‘belly-laugh’ gives every system of the body a good workout.

While my wife and I may have made ourselves a nuisance in the doctor’s Reception area, and neither can recall what we laughed about, both clearly recall the wonderful sounds we made that filled the air with joy. “We were the only couple that spent the time talking to each other while we whiled away a few minutes of the remaining minutes our Maker has left for us to enjoy,” my wife duly noted as we left the doctor’s office.

This past week a young couple from our church, still working on a marriage gone bad, ended it. He claimed she had betrayed his trust. He strangled her and threw her down a well.

Life will always be filled with tragedies and we will get a choice of how we trust God. While the pain may take years to subside, laughter is one of God’s best prescriptions. Pilgrims, choose wisely

One last thing about laughter, daily, Satan is in constant laughter as God’s created beings reject a holy God and his instruction book about living with integrity, and increasingly fall deeper into sin and self-degradation. Can’t you hear his howl? One day Satan’s laughter is going to cease. His laughter is going to become only sorrow, fear, pain that never ends, and Jesus Christ will have the last laugh. As the sage has said well, “He who laughs last laughs best.”

Pilgrims, when did you last laugh so well that you could feel your body being healed…physically and spiritually? It may be time to put on our ‘jogging shorts’.

Doc Christian




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     Old Doc recently submitted a query to our Restoration Movement’s most read publication about printing a couple of articles that I have previously posted on the blog, and I was told they wouldn’t print them. They classified my work as ‘negative’ and they were only going to print positive things about a Christian’s walk with the Lord.

Of course old Doc would love to write articles that were only about joy, sunshine, praise, and ‘happy’ times in God’s kingdom in America, but all Pilgrims know this won’t win victory for Jesus. Since we live in a Democracy and have a Republic form of government, where we hold elections to send our representatives to Congress to vote for our majority voice, and elect a President to be the ‘boss of all bosses’, and they appoint Federal Judges…and our Supreme Court Judges, and they hold the future of our country in their powerful political hands, and the biblical people haven’t fared well with the non-biblical outcomes that have been handed down as if they were divine-fiat.

I suppose there have been ‘IT GIRLS’ throughout the ages. According to scripture, Sarah and Bathsheba must be counted in that number. I suspect, ole Adam thought Eve was one!

Norma Jean Mortenson became the most famous IT GIRL and proved once again people from the wrong side of the tracks can still find success and fame. She also proved that despite all her God-given blessings, without Christ the rich and famous are more likely to ‘crash and burn’ than all of us sevens. Why do Pilgrims think she became the most famous? Discounting her iconic pose with her white dress being blown up as she stood on a New York grate that became Calendar frenzy for teenage boys and adult men? I think scripture captures that answer well. Marilyn’s physical beauty was molten hot with sultry sexuality…and men’s ‘sex button’ is visual. To King David, Bathsheba fit the bill for the IT GIRL of his time.

I’m not sure how Pilgrims will assess this article as it seems a bit awkward, perhaps, too prurient in nature? Old Doc has done this for a purpose. Scripture teaches Pilgrims that God created man and woman, and gave them the pleasure of passion and sex for the marriage’s spiritual health, as well as its physical one…and to multiple so the earth is replenished.

While most Pilgrims played ‘Rip Van Winkle’ for the past forty years, and America changed from a strong Patriarchal Society into a weakened Matriarchal one, and the Atheist Feminist agenda rejected the Bible as ‘hate speech, and our wussy  mostly white-men Congress worshipped at this godless goo altar, the Bible was removed from our country, Prayer was removed from our schools, colleges, and Court Houses and jury rooms. Christian, especially women, flocked to the ballot box and voted for heathens as they swamped our biblical culture into a mind-numbing submission.

The IT Factor has become more fashionable in today’s lexicon. One can often hear one say that don’t know how to define the word, but when they see it, they know it. I’m thinking this terminology is akin to the Supreme Court Justice, Potter Stewart’s declaration about Porn: “I know it when I see it.” This past Christmas season the little blond haired girl that played Dolly Parton in her ‘Coat of Many Colors’ story had that IT Factor.

Unless you have been away on a mission to Mars for the past year, you have to be aware our heathen culture has embraced the usage of a new meaning for the word IT. This IT is different than anyone imagined. This IT comes express travel via the compliments of our Atheist homosexual crowd…and our feminist ‘Nanny Gate’ culture that has reared psychopath bullies with ultra-thin-skinned ‘you offended me’ children because you dare to disagree with me attitudes.

My opinion, like it or not, Pilgrims are going to be forced to accommodate and support the new IT in America. The first level and all other levels of sin and degradation of God’s greatest creation: Man and woman, unless you want to be fined or imprisoned.

In my life time, in my home, in our Outhouse, was the only place one could find a ‘restroom’ without a sign: Men or Women/Boys or Girls. Even though the Outhouse was a two-holer, I figure my parents didn’t feel any need to mark it Men and Women…it only had one door.

The introduction of the word IT in America demands that we don’t dare offend the homosexual crowd because we find the past idea of marking men’s and women’s bathrooms as sane and logical actions to provide necessary facilities and privacy, out of step with the Sodomites who want all signs removed so the Gender/Transgender crowd (actually it is a tiny  percent of citizens) aren’t offended since they are so confused about whom God created.

I pray that all Pilgrims will be ready to storm the local school Board of Education and demand they reject this foolishness and refuse to take the signs off the restrooms and refuse to allow the Gender-benders and Transgender leaders to change thousands of years of hygiene protection for children. This bacchanal political juggernaut is steamrolling State Government with economic blackmail. Atheist, secular Fortune Five-hundred companies are in support of this heathen culture and are openly against anything biblical. You can look for this same crowd to demand our Federal Government use its monetary clout to force states to accommodate these Sodomites.

Unless all Pilgrims unite and are willing to openly enter the fight, these enemies of God will steam-roll believers, and soon, the Bible will be considered “Hate Speech’.

Do Pilgrims really want a society where men with penises spend time with our young girls in our IT marked Restrooms? Evidently Georgia does! North Carolina is being punished and economically blackmailed…it doesn’t. This state’s government refused to allow it. Most of the major music bands, i.e. Springsteen is leading the way as they have cancelled scheduled shows in North Carolina, until the signs come off the restroom doors. Pilgrims, this debauchery nightmare isn’t in the future, it is now.

Are Pilgrims aware that all of our sacred documents are under attack and this same group wants all mention of gender removed from the writings. It seems ludicrous and beyond any sane person’s or Nations’ imagination, but, it is on the horizon and will one day take place unless Pilgrims refuse to allow it to happen. Our votes can derail this pagan event. With one vote cast by every Pilgrims, we can chase all of these congressional supporters into retirement.

If the corporate world can use economic blackmail to create an IT society, Pilgrims can keep it from being successful by conducting our own economic blackmail: boycott Christmas shopping and refuse to purchase their heathen goods and services for the entire month of December. Would you choose to be a part of the solution?

Doc Christian



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     They call themselves the Millennials, and our Government gives them legitimacy. They are a generation spawned from the second generation Feminist. They are the offspring of the third generation of Peacenik parents. They are the first generation of children since the Supreme Court became politically tethered and morally corrupt and a Law unto themselves.

The godless Teachers Union spit them out of our Public Education System providing proof America’s public schools are nearly unfit to educate children for it too has been corrupted by a godless ideology that champions sin and rejects the only solution to the mess it has created: Biblical Principles.

Next to dumb animals, the Millennials have the highest form of America’s ‘higher education’ learning, yet remain bereft of any true wisdom. They do not fear a Holy God. They possess so little ‘common sense’ they won’t come in out of the rain…even in a Hail storm. If any Pilgrim disagrees, spend a few minutes and view it as they demonstrate their heads are filled with Socialist/Communist propaganda, compliments of the Beatnik Generation educated fools who nearly worship at the feet of Mao, one of the world’s greatest ‘Butchers’.

It would be amusing if not for the fact they are dangerous to America, to the future of our country, and to God’s church on earth.

Ridden through the foul stench of the Feminist agenda for the past sixty years, America’s children have climbed out of the gutter of a heathen led agenda not fit for consumption or any purpose driven utility, and an avowed enemy of the Creator. Strained through the mush of ignorance that abounds in every nook and cranny in a once proud biblical nation, it seems this godless goo has evolved into a people who don’t understand anything about our country’s magnificent history; and, what they do know is being rewritten to suit one’s personal interpretation …so not to offend anyone. It is okay to offend God! In fact, it is encouraged…from the halls of congress to the elected leader of America.

The Emperor Nero blamed the Christians for the burning of Rome. He was the world’s Bully, and he used his communication network to ravage God-fearing people. History has been replete with such tyrants. Hitler and his murderous Nazi regime bullied the world as it took on the task of ‘ethnic cleansing’, and it was America’s biblical foundation that compelled it to right wrongs and save those who couldn’t save themselves.

My opinion, if the past few generations of youth had to face World War II, it would have failed miserably in defeat. Citizens of America have lost their first love: love of country and its absolute uniqueness from all others in the entire world. It has been replaced by multi-culturalism that doesn’t pledge allegiance to any place or thing. Aliens have come to its shores and are feeding off its ‘milk and honey’, but, care little about America. One day soon, other flags will fly above Old Glory, and our citizens will consider this proper because they desire to be amongst the leaders of the World, but not the ‘leader’. Jingoistic is anathema to the new citizen of this country.

College educated youth facing the reality of life have decided Socialism/Communism is the best way forward for America, and Since their history professors were mostly of the same ilk, they don’t know or have any appreciation for why America’s economic structure is the finest in the world, and that Socialism has failed in every country that has chosen to implement it. They are so ignorant, thank you Public School Educators; they don’t understand tax payers don’t owe them anything to ease their life. They are responsible for their personal outcomes. When in school, they were taught that thinking they were ‘something special’ was all that mattered…regardless of their merit. Socialist philanthropists gave money to enhance this myth instead of politically demanding our education system change so each student could compete for success. Our Congress operated our education system as if merit was a ‘bad thing’, and that sloth was the goal. I’d say they have succeeded beyond anyone’s imagination. We import foreign talent for our Tech industry.

Christians shouted their disapproval, locally, but then voted Atheist/Socialist into congress and elected them to run our country, so they would be considered ‘Politically Correct’, and loved by the world.

An un-elected new ‘bully’ on the block wearing black robes arrived upon the scene and began to destruct our nation’s biblical foundation. Our biblical leaders did little to discourage, and continued to vote into office Socialist who empowered the reconstruction of our once sacred Constitution, while creating laws Ex Nihilo, and now we have Same Sex Marriage…and only God knows what is coming down the pike.

What all Christians can be sure of is change. While America’s Christians couldn’t get enough people to fill a girl’s high school gym basketball game, sixty of America’s Fortune Five Hundred club could bully into submission State governments to pass the LGBG (lesbian/gay/both genders) law or face a boycott on their state’s economy. Perhaps, it  is only a pesky handful of biblical people who will one day be very upset that their children will be accosted by confused gender boys invading their daughters’ restrooms, or adult predators finding ‘easy pickins’ in restrooms that don’t distinguish between male and female. Welcome to the Sodom club, Georgia! Who and how many will soon join this Madman Club?

What do you suppose it would take for all Christians…who actually believe God’s word is divine, to send and edict to our States’ government elected leaders and demand this law be rescinded…or we won’t celebrate Christmas with any gifts that are manufactured? We will just boycott Christmas and celebrate the birth of Christ without any worldly accruements?

The change is going to be how Christians are treated, by our legal system, our public persona, and our loss of religious freedoms are under a attack…and will soon disappear in America You can’t have two competing entities vying for the same power positon. Godless Socialist/Communist ideology will tear to shreds all things pertaining to a biblical foundation. All who support this biblical foundation will suffer, greatly.

Regardless of the type of noted biblical sins one can easily find in the Bible, our government already forces Christian to subsidize them via our tax dollars. Soon, our tax dollars are going to be used to imprison Christians for living for Christ.

Who could have ever imagined that America, a country founded by God fearing people who sought the freedom to evangelize a new world for Christ, would one day become the New Bully that would spend its treasure to keep God out of the public arena and demand its followers support what the Bible is against?

Come Lord Jesus, come.

Doc Christian

Thank you Pilgrims for your wonderful support of my recently published books! Not!

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     The recent Democrat speech made by the party’s front-runner’ boldly included a pitch for the passing of the LGBG law. Well, it was responsible for the Supreme Court’s edict for Same Sex Marriage; why not include the Lesbians, Homosexuals, and Gender/Transgender crowd. Though God’s Bible declares this an ‘abomination’, Christians have been going to the polls and voting into power Atheists and Bible haters of all stripes for sixty years, why change now?

Since Christians, who profess they love God, his word, and especially Jesus, have consistently cast votes that have undeniably mocked God as they championed the Feminist agenda, welfare for fornication, open usurpation of the role of man in God’s family and society based upon a pagan formula, while ignoring the wife, mother, and ‘Business Woman’ of Proverbs, and gleefully embracing the disappearance of the Lady of yesterday, and cheering wildly for the modern-day public skank that dots our entertainment landscape, and for the more uh-hum, progressives, has bled into God’s church in America.

Christians may wring their hands and think about purchasing an extra supply of ashes for their sackcloth because the evil fruit discovered by Abraham when he rescued Lot in Sodom has moved its stench to America’s door-step.

While the biblical haters were lying awake at night fomenting plans that would one day bring about spiritual destruction to a once great biblical nation, our church leaders were seeking ‘safe harbor’ from the cultural tsunami led by an army of godless women seeking power to ‘turn the world upside down’. If that sounds familiar, those comments were used when Paul and Silas preached Jesus Crucified, resurrected and glorified in Ephesus and people quit buying all those idols the Silversmiths made.

Under the guise of correcting the Bible’s commands for the assigned roles in a marriage, by God, the utilitarian idea of ‘Equality’ for women, and the absolute removal of any idea of ‘submission’ to Jesus or a husband, became the mantra for the Feminist Movement to ensnare Christians…women and men to reject God’s counsel and embrace those of Atheist women. The Apostle Paul became a ‘Woman hater’. The lion’s share of the New Testament was found demeaning to women and totally unacceptable for any decent human…especially a woman…even Christian women.

Amidst some biblical protests calling for Christians to reject this heathen theology espoused by Feminist gargoyles, the majority of church pulpits remained ominously silent. Particularly, young married couples looked to the church leaders for biblical guidance, and none came forth, which created a sense of confusion about which ‘voice’ calling for fair treatment for all of God’s children should be heeded. These confused Christians didn’t hear it from our church pulpits: God has never been concerned about ‘Fairness’…only ‘Righteousness’.

My new novel about believers in America coming out of spiritual darkness after regaining their memory of the history of the Bible, as the enemy used chip implant technology to erase it, is a apoplectic, cautionary tale for Christians in America. The difference, as I see it, is that in my fictional story, believers didn’t have a choice; but, Christians, for the past sixty years, had a choice and chose to allow the Bible and prayer to be stricken from our schools and all government backed institutions, which included the Ten Commandments. We voted to have nine unelected people to bring us Same Sex Marriage, to God’s shame and ours. God’s enemies took away our Christmas and gave us “Happy Holidays” Just one collective demanding voice from America’s Christians could have prevented it. God wasn’t running for President, so we supported his enemies as they demeaned and mocked Jesus to the point Muslims are preferred rather than people of the Bible in America.

Recently, a carpenter delivered a couple of large shadow boxes to be hung up so my wife can display her antique collections. He is a member of a Baptist church…for sixty years. I asked him about his thoughts on the Presidential debates. I’m a Democrat, but I vote for the man.” I replied. “So you’re okay with the Supreme Court’s law about Same Sex Marriage?” I said. No! “Your party is,” I said. He answered. “I only care about the local elections. I don’t pay any mind to what happens in Washington.” This beloved is the disconnect many Christians possess when it comes to separation of…no not State and Church, but, separation of Political Party and Church. It isn’t any different in my church…or, I’ll bet in your church.

To even the un-trained eye, every type of sin and evil is manifest in a public way in our nation, and the majority of its citizens are out of control cheerleaders for Satan’s outcomes.

Perhaps, it is part of God’s plan to punish America for rejecting his benevolence for over two hundred years, as he is allowing the enemy to grow bolder and stronger while Christians grow weaker and more timid. He has done it in the past, right?

When the LGBG law finally becomes law, it may be the time that God loosens his grip on America that once favored his Son, and all believers will be cast into a season of persecution in this country…led by the Christians own government, that will last until Christ comes again.

In my opinion, this outcome will produce putrid fruit sooner than any believer can imagine. Remember beloved, our ‘just desserts’ have been earned because we chose to have the kind of America we deserve.

Ranny Grady

364 Eagle Creek Dr.

Monticello, Ky. 42633

606 343 0018

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Romans 15:13

     As a boy, I hated it when our church members often recited a ditty about the month of April. “April showers bring May flowers.” April was the most exciting month of the year! Every ‘true’ baseball lover knows that. Spring Training for the Major Leaguers had already commenced by April. Baseball, God’s greatest gift to a boy, the sounds of a bat against a ‘round’ horsehide, chasing fly-balls under a warm sun, and going home from practice with grime and dust all over you made the ‘ball-player’ in you come alive.

Those April showers challenged my patience with God because each time he sent rain it usually forced our team to cancel baseball practice. In my mind, I could picture our farmers dancing a jig, and those showers came and not only brought beautiful flowers in May, but prepared the fields for planting and sent forth hope for a great harvest.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Today, this very hour, many have come to worship with a sense of hope that a particular outcome will soon happen. It might be a reconciled relationship, a promotion for a brighter future, or perhaps, it is to celebrate an announcement for marriage or birth. It might be to find closure for a loved one’s death or your strength to live with a divorce.

Jesus invites his people around his table to remind us he is the God of hope. I’m convinced he left this act of worship for believers so each time we partake of the Lord’s Supper it will be a bold witness of our belief that we one day won’t need to possess hope, for his work on the cross has replaced that need with assurance.

Come now, repent of your sin and refresh your Spirit as you partake of the emblems that represent his sacrifice. Eat the bread and drink from the cup that represents his bruised body and his blood. When we commune with our Lord at his table, will you emulate the little boy in love with Baseball, as it made him ‘come alive’ with hope for another chance to play the game? After sharing communion with the Creator, will your fervent fire to serve Jesus make you ‘come alive’?

Dear Pilgrims,

This is one of many Communion Meditations I have written this year. I hope to have them published. Please pray for my goal.





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     I heard a tapping, then a rapping, and I awoke with a startled feeling. My breathing was rapid. Then, I heard, “Come.” I rubbed my eyes and then, I saw a hand beckoning me. I timidly reach out, and my eyes were wide open and I felt the strong grip, and I felt safe.

“Pilgrim,” he said. “Lord,” I hesitatingly, replied. “Yes, it is I,” he said. “Your brow is furrowed, the light in your eyes are dim, your countenance droops, and your mind wanders, often. You need a good old spiritual ‘shot in the arm,” he told me. “Come, walk with me.”

‘But, It’s dark, one can’t see a thing,” I protested using my simple logic. “You don’t need to see, you can just listen.” It was a crisp spring morning and the chill of the frost crunched beneath my feet. “Remain silent and don’t move,” He ordered. I wondered where the moon was for it wasn’t shining. “There, did you hear it?” Jesus asked. No. Then I heard the clear song of many birds greeting a new day. “Did you hear the Whippoorwill calling?” No.” I heard the woodpecker,” I replied. “They love me, the birds you know,” He said. “Ah, spring! They are busy building nests. I gave them the blue-print. Don’t you find that interesting?” I said, “It’s one of a million reasons why I believe you are God,” I replied, and smiled at him.

“Hurry, we must walk rapidly. I want to reach the summit of that high hill so we can greet my Father as the sun greets a new day. Marvelous beauty beyond compare shines it warmth upon God’s creatures to show he cares. Don’t you agree?” ‘I’ve met the Sun rising upon Pikes’ Peak, and it is as if heaven was just a stone’s throw away,” I replied. “Wow! That high up, you probably thought you could just ride a cloud to Heaven,” he chuckled.

“And, if there was snow on the ground, I’d make a Snow Angel,” I laughed. Suddenly snow fell. “There it is…show me,” He said, laughing. I gingerly knelt and rolled on my back. Feeling quite silly, I began to make one. “No, do it this way,” He said, and he began to make one and roll over and make another. His laughter echoed and it was as if the entire mountain came alive. “Sadly, making a Snow Angel is as close to Heaven as most people ever get,” He said. We sat up and looked at one another for a few seconds in silence. “By the time a child reaches puberty, often the path of sin and pleasure have already become the Mill Stone,” he sighed. I felt embarrassed. Softly I said, “My nation’s people don’t care.” He chuckled. “Even a blind man can see that, right?”

“Come, I’ll show you what breaks my heart.” Suddenly, we were amidst a cacophony of sounds and smells’ foreign to me. Filth and squalor, and screams of hungry babies and children drown my heart with first-hand misery. “Why so much poverty, famine and want,” I asked him. “Why are we in foreign lands when there is nearly as much need in my own country?” He coughed, and held his nose. “There are different types of poverty, though all come from the same source,” he added. “How so?” I asked. ‘This poverty comes from a type of sin and evil these people can’t control or rise above. Slaughter-house rulers value life as little or nothing as they brutalize and control people, considered of less value, by cultural tradition, ignorance, false gods, or violence. Poverty in your land is usually from sins of sloth. People, who have never been expected to learn how to fish, seldom learn how to fish. The other countries keep their people in poverty so they can control hearts and minds. Your government rewards sloth so they can control votes, which provides power and gives certain individuals authority. Regardless of its intended outcomes, all come from the same source: Satan.” I saw a tiny tear fall from his right eye. He held out his hand, “Come, let us walk some more.”

He laughed. “Do you hear that laughter?” he asked. The playground was filled with children playing games, testing skills and strength on the Monkey Bars, chasing a couple of butterflies, boys wrestling, girls challenging boys to a race, and others sitting on the ground in groups of two or three. “Children at play always make my heart glad,” I replied

He sighed deeply. “It seems impossible to explain the world’s choice for a ‘death-culture’.” He glanced my way. “Oh it’s nothing new. In Abraham’s time parents offered their children on an altar.” My voice cracked, “Today, my people kill them before they can even be offered as a sacrifice to a false god,” I added. He said, “It happens every time Satan offers a choice. Abraham’s and Moses’ generations chose to please self…and for good measure offered up a child to appease gods they feared.”

“Today, my people don’t fear any gods. As long as they aren’t inconvenienced, killing a child doesn’t seem to prick a conscience.” He coughed. “So it seems. Satan now uses children to carry bombs. Children have always been used for exploitation purposes. Satan never sleeps, does he?”

“Come,” he said. We entered a tall steeple church. Even our breathing seemed to echo. “A house of prayer…my Father’s house,” he said. “Yes, it is a place where children learn about how to live in the world without falling in love with it,” I said. “Evidently, your country’s people are slow-learners,” he said in a whisper. I think the Holy Spirit’s light is being slowly doused, don’t you?”

“My government is doing the work of Satan, that’s what I think,” I replied. He moved his hand around the room. “The ‘dimmer-switch’ is one’s choosing,” he said. “This church has chosen to follow man and not God for it refuses to call sin….sin, and rejects the Bible’s biblical truths if it conflicts with a world’s view of how Theology meets mankind’s needs.”

“Do you mind if I ask you a question?” He smiled. “What was it like walking up Golgotha’s Hill?” he replied. My face flushed and my eyes opened wide in amazement as he showed me he knew my question. “For starters, it wasn’t a road I chose to travel. I’d have preferred a nice long walk, like we are doing now, but, my Father had other plans.”

“Thank you Jesus!” I blurted out. He laughed. “Before you ask, it was a long three days. When I walked out of that dark cave where Satan was, I was greatly relieved,” he said, smiling.

“You were relieved; I was given birth. Satan wanted to abort. Thank you Jesus,” I whispered.

“I must go,” he said. “The time is soon approaching and I can’t miss the big celebration. It will soon be Sunday. All of Heaven is busy.”

“Will you come again so we can take another walk?” He squeezed my hand. “I’m always looking for a good excuse to take another walk,” he replied. “It is just a matter of ‘child’s-play’, you just open the pages to my book, I’m always on call; if you please, we can walk every day.”

I laughed. “Silly me, why didn’t I think of that,” I muttered.

Doc Christian,



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     As old Doc has a ring-side seat at the implosion of the once great Republican Party, and the established…do-nothings claw tooth and toenail to keep control of the power base they have usurped from the conservative lemmings for the past five decades, I wain mournfully for what America has lost during my life time.

Since most Pilgrims are still confused about the Dredd Scot decision or the Roe verses Wade, and still trying to figure out how the Berlin Wall came down, the Republican Party, like biblical churches of all stripes, are traversing the same land-mine filled wilderness seeking the warmth of a sun-lite path to end up with a desired goal.

For the Republican Party, a victory that will entrench the established poohbahs and ‘business as usual’ will be the modus operandi for the Washington elites to miss-manage our lives. They will continue to feed us Pablum that taste worse than Caster oil and makes us more ill than we already are…especially spiritually.

For God’s church on earth, our pulpits remained silent as godless, heathen cultural wonks seduced the leaders, and the Atheist Feminist movement curried favor with the women under the guise that the Apostle Paul hated women because he wrote that a wife should be in submission to her husband…in everything. The cultural pressure of going against this hateful group was more than church leaders were willing to do, and in many cases, their political leanings kept them from presenting a united-front for God’s biblical truth. A cowardly, confused cleric hid behind their pulpits and in five decades, men disappeared from the face of God’s church and were replaced by women. This model became the preferred model and America is now a Matriarchal Nation.

Unless the pattern is broken, once again, women will elect the next President. Women vote more consistently than men. Women are collectively, now, more heathen than at any time in our country’s history, and they openly reject biblical truth…and embrace an amoral lifestyle. Same Sex Marriage, abortion on demand, and children out of wedlock no longer matter to their cultural jones.

The carpenter workman helped put up two huge glass encased boxes so my wife could display many of her antique collections, and not have to dust them so often. He is a wonderful man, attends worship every Sunday, ‘walks his talk’ for Christ; but, he is a Democrat. I asked him a series of questions about the political platform his party espouses, and he agreed with me that he doesn’t agree with anything they support that the Bible agrees with. He said he didn’t care about what Washington does. The only thing that matters is local control. His answer is the perfect model why we have a majority of Atheists on the Supreme Court. It is the reason why America will probably have its first woman President…who the majority of its citizen consider a woman of little integrity, and possessing a type of character that misses, by a mile, the woman in Proverbs, and for her inept management during Benghazi, and the exposure of our Nations’ top secrets via e-mails, would have been shot for treason during World War II.

The great writer, C.S. Lewis, remarked the Church was just a hospital where sick people go to get some healing. It is true! Sadly, though, it is a place where too often the self-proclaimed strong eat the weak…spiritually. The church remains a place for the ‘insiders’ and the ‘outsiders are left to fend for themselves. Too many soon burn out amidst this culturally unfriendly atmosphere and fade away still empty and spiritually unfulfilled. The church’s Spiritual dinner can feed just so many, evidently, so the strong cannibalize the smaller carcasses before they consume their feast.

This has been the biblical model for God’s earthly church in America for the past six decades. Those culturally, loud, demanding, anti-biblical crowd devoured the timid, intimidated, and embarrassed voice of biblical reason and truth, as they shook God’s church off its biblical foundation. Now, a majority of churches ordain Homosexuals and Lesbians…and perform Same Sex Marriages. In time, church leaders who choose not to perform such duties will be publicly fined, possibly jailed, and openly persecuted by our government.

Just like our misguided, professing Christian Democrat carpenter, America’s churches are filled with self-proclaiming Christians that eagerly cannibalize everything that is biblical truth, while assuring all who claim Jesus as Savior are one in the Lord.

Paul’s directs Christians to greet the day with the armor of God (Ephesians) and it seems most of us arrive for work naked,

I’m sad to report that the stench that is coming from the Republican Party’s attempt to choose a nominee for President is like the stench of a two-holes Out-house. The Pilgrims’ problem, if you can’t stand this stench, then if you fail to vote for the right candidate that can defeat the Democrat nominee, you will soon discover your land has become an open sewer that would make India proud.

Doc Christian,



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