A farcical movie by this name was made in 1994 to entertain people, particularly the teenage and young adults. In Doc’s day, Laurel and Hardy, Bud and Costello, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin were our Dumb and Dumber entertainers. Since the show mocks people with low I Q, I’m surprised our Political Correctness Police didn’t force the ‘shut-down’ of the movie.

Pilgrims, if one applied this same logic to certain people residing in Congress: i.e. the Never Trumpers (from both parties) and the entire Democrat Party, I’m sure they could have been cast as actors in any movie that enhances the behavior of stupid people acting like morons without a lick of common sense.

While Doc could direct this specifically to politics, I will not.  I’m writing this article to high-light how America and its leaders have changed their attitude about the use of the Bible as the cardinal source of counsel and wisdom to provide moral leadership for America and the world: President Obama restricted and even forbid it use in the military, and the name of Jesus Christ was treated as a swear word. President Trump and Vice President Pence have made it public, again.

Every Atheist/Socialist/Communist in America should take a few hours and read and study the writings of our Founding Fathers’ sacred documents that provided a clear path to the hearts and minds of these men regarding their belief about the God of creation and his only son, Jesus Christ’s mission on earth. Praise and thanksgiving to the All Mighty God are present in all of our Nation’s documents: Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and every State’s Charter and Constitution. There aren’t any exceptions!

For the first two hundred years of our country’s existence, every town, city, or pioneer hamlet, in their charter, provided for a public School…where the Bible was used as part of the education curriculum.  The English language: reading and writing, was taught using the Bible. Our entire Judicial System was based upon the Bible’s Ten Commandments.

In 2017, in America, this same Judicial System, for our schools, forbids the use of the Bible, public prayer to Jesus Christ, even Nativity plays about the incarnate birth of Jesus. We have a ‘watch-dog’ legal arm of the law: ACLU, and is funded by our tax dollars that punishes those who dare transgress this edict by nine unelected, the majority are heathens disconnected with the real American people, judges appointed for life. Pilgrims, this is one example how the people are Dumb and Dumber, even down right stupid because the Supreme Court system has always been more about politics than the law.

Who is to blame? Unfortunately, Pilgrims are the ones that allowed this awful outcome to be the ‘law of the land’ in America. Like naïve boobs, we listened to even more than boobs, we listened to fools from our pulpits and church leaders that warned Pilgrims not to allow the mix of politics and religion inside the church walls. Noted Christian publications, with even national repute, added their wrongheaded support for a separation of church and state in the public arenas of our lives: God’s enemies gave a roar of approval! Consequently, Atheist politicians hostile to the Bible and its ardent followers, gained political power as Pilgrims felt free to vote for a particular political party without a hint of guilt for joining God’s enemies as they worked to dismantle America’s biblical heritage.  In a few decades, Presidents’, giving little more than ‘lip service’ to the Bible, appointed Atheist/Socialist/anti-Bible judges throughout the fruited plain of America, and they considered our Constitution a relic of the past, and these unelected judges, became Activist nincompoops that made new laws from ‘out of nothing’ jurisprudence cloth but their own hubris that sought to deconstruct America’s biblical foundation, unique culture and our sacred Constitution. Unfortunately, they have done a ‘bang-up’ job! Today, this same group of judges is using this power to deny President Trump the Executive branch’s Constitutional authority to decide who can come to America!

In the light of this undeniable outcome, Pilgrims seldom can hear a sermon about the need for one to not vote his Political Party’s history, but to examine God’s Bible and vote to give power to only those who publicly honor Jesus Christ and his Bible’s commands that pledge public support for a Creating God rather than any human. Pilgrims have failed to demand this type of fealty to God to be eligible and elected…or appointed to positions of church leadership. This blatant disregard for the Bible’s instructions have seen America’s churches lend its support for Abortion and against Capital punishment, elect women Elders, embrace the hate- the-Bible Feminist Theology, support homosexuals, Same Sex Marriage and Gender identity politics, and the ordination of homosexual clergy, with little protest or outrage from biblical people. Now, after all this sin has been condoned by Pilgrims, in 2017, God’s churches in America are going through a time of church splits: those who have discovered the enemies of God have been interlopers working to dismantle the Bible and its ardent believers from those who have brazenly rejected the Bible’s instructions and its righteousness, in favor of sins that deadens the mind, kills the Spirit, destroys the Soul, and condemns to Hell those who practice these ‘dark arts’.

But my people do not know the requirements of the Lord.

     How can you say, “We are wise, for we have the law of the Lord,” When actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely?

     The wise will be put to shame; they will be dismayed and trapped.

     Since they have rejected the word of the Lord, what kind of wisdom do they have? Jeremiah 8-8-9

Old Doc sends out the same type of warning to America that the ‘weeping prophet’, Jeremiah preached to the sinful nation of Israel; they rejected his message; and I’m fearful God’s Christian churches in America have done the same. What was God’s divine retribution for the sin and the rejection? God raised up a murdering horde of Muslim/Assyrians (Esau’s linage) to slaughter Israel and put them into slavery for decades.

Like the Trojan horse sent as a ‘gift’, filled with evil intent, America has opened its borders to all manner of immigrants that don’t embrace our biblical foundation, do not wish to assimilate into our unique American culture and language, nor respect the past blood sacrifices our country has made to provide freedoms no other country in the world enjoys. They come to our shores dragging their particular brand of Baal that become open conflict with what America stands for. America’s Atheist/Socialist Bible haters are gleeful and openly champion this cultural and religious change in our country.

What has been God’s church in America reply? Pilgrims, collectively we are docile, weak, cowardly in the face of the Bible’s enemies, and we have lost the ability to even blush with shame for joining forces with those who read the Bible and call sin good and call good sin.

Doc’s conclusion: Pilgrims in America earn the title of DUMB and DUMBER because it was our failure to be faithful to the living God in the midst of his enemies. How severe will be the Creator’s punishment for us?

Doc Christian


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     Yesterday, sadly, our nation was subjected to another example of pure evil by one of our citizens. This time it was a hate filled disgruntled political ideologue: a hate and destroy President Trump and the Republican Party’s agenda to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington, tried to assassinate members of our congress. Though a few Democrats were among the mostly Republican congressmen on that ball field, the now dead killer was targeting Republicans. His searched Social Media rants proved this was a calculated attempt to commit murder.

Yesterday, America once again saw a display of non-partisan cooperation of our two political parties concerning the unified declared outrage for this horrible act of violence. I recall it also happened immediately after the World Trade Center’s twin-towers came down amidst ashes.

Speaker Ryan declared an attack on one of the members of congress was an attack on all members. He called for all in congress and our country to pray for those who were shot and injured: Representative Scalise, an aide, and the Washington Security Police that saved others from being murdered, who were injured by the gunman.

Minority leader Nancy Pelosi told the world she too applauded Ryan’s sentiments. She confessed she weekly prayed for all members of Congress and even President Trump. Doc prays she won’t be drummed out of the Democrat Party for that last confession! She also called for our people in America to pray for the victims.

Pilgrims, this confession forced old Doc to start reflecting about this whole idea of prayers for people. If one is an unbeliever in the Bible and the God of Creation; but, is an avowed Atheist by word and deed, why is prayer a part of their lexicon during times of tragic events and stressful times?

Democrats and Republican often, by word and deed, demonstrate the Bible is a book of fiction and it isn’t useful when governing this nation. If this wasn’t so, the Bible wouldn’t be banned from our schools, courts, and public venues. Public prayer that mentions Jesus Christ wouldn’t be considered ‘hate-speech’ by the Atheist in our land.

Nancy Pelosi’s political party champions the killing of unborn children! They are the foremost lobbyist for the homosexual gender identity crowd that God’s Bible condemns as sin. Republicans helped usher in the dishonest, patently, corrupt judicial ruling that demands a separation of Church/State that you can’t find in our Constitution. The Republican Party’s hands aren’t clean: they allowed this corruption to happen by not doing all things possible to keep it from happening. By the time they recognized its harm, their choice of silence in the face of the enemy, proved to be ‘too little to late’.

Congress woman Pelosi’s plea for prayer, who was she praying to? The prayers she asked American’s to say, to what God were they to direct the prayers to? Baal is the word the Bible uses to describe False Gods’. Its’ vernacular covers any god that isn’t the God of the Bible! Atheist, who profess they don’t believe in any god still pray? The evil ACLU spends our tax dollars doing all it can to punish anyone that prays to the God of the Bible; other gods, not so much.

For the sake of America, for the purpose of providing a proper non-partisan show for the citizens of our country, the Democrat and Republican baseball teams gathered around the second base area, knelt on one knee and held a group prayer to honor congressman Scalise who was the most injured victim of the assassination attempt, before the game started. Old Doc is curious: which god did they pray to? How many gods were mentioned in the prayer or prayers? Why it is okay to commence every meeting of congress with a prayer, many of them to the God of the Bible, but our children are prohibited from doing so in their schools, makes little sense to Doc.

When America was much younger, its citizens enjoyed reading and hearing about God’s prophet, Elijah’s battle with the recognized ‘false gods of the world (Baal).  I  Kings 18 tell the story that should thrill all Pilgrims. I encourage all to read this scripture. There are two salient points Pilgrims should glean from Elijah’s servanthood:  After the believers in Baal have exhausted their ‘their bag of tricks’ to prove their god is superior to Elijah’s, and they acknowledge their gods can’t and won’t answer their pleas to defeat Elijah’s God, Elijah takes ‘center-stage’. First he prays. “Answer me, O’ Lord, answer me, so these people will know that you, O’ Lord, are God, and that you are turning their hearts back again.”  God answers! Then, the fire of the Lord fell and burned up the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and the soil, and also licked up the water in the trench.”

Doc’s suggestion, before the citizens of this country completely slip into the primordial slime of the Atheist/Socialist/Communist rejection of the Bible and its magnificent rules for living and maintaining law and order, perhaps, we might consider heeding the God of the bible’s command:

to the children of Israel…that applies to every human in the world:

I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt {For America, replace with the King of England’s submissive oppression} out of the land of slavery. {For America, replace with the freedom to control your own destiny and the freedom to worship Jesus Christ and evangelize America}

     You shall have no other gods before me.

     You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in the heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them, for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God” {America’s people should add, including Buddha, a cow, Voodoo Doll, Horoscope Allah, or your personal, particular ‘ Higher power’ type of Nirvana, which might be the telephone pole in your back yard.} Exodus 20: 2-4

Pilgrims, God’s Bible is abundantly clear: Christians must not acknowledge any religion that teaches people to supplant the Creator, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit by choosing to worship any false gods. My opinion, America must not allow any religious freedom for any religion that has as a goal the desire to replace our Constitution, i.e. Sharia Law as taught in the Koran.

“Our thoughts and prayers,” is a phrase America often hears for nearly every public occasion, often in relation with some sporting event and for a player that has been hurt, what does this mean? Until a few decades ago, none needed to explain its inference or direct reference: it meant it was asking for Americans to pray to the God of the Bible’s Savior, Jesus Christ, to answer prayers.

Pilgrims, Doc’s suggestion, let us begin to ask questions about these glib public pronouncements: which gods or God do you request we pray to? Like Elijah’s duel at the altar with the gods of Baal, their lesson learned: only the God of the bible can change the outcomes. How so? The God of the Bible is the only God that gave a blood sacrifice, Gods only son, Jesus Christ himself. All other ‘man-made’ religions require nothing but blind obedience to a dead god.

Doc Christian










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The entire country looked on with horror as we became a voyeuristic audience, with a ‘ringside seat’, to a planned massacre of our Republican Congress by one of millions of hate President Trump and hate-America far-left Democrat lemmings that wanted to murder their enemy in cold blood…purely for political reasons.

The enemy of all Pilgrims that claims Jesus Christ as Lord, recently produced a mock public beheading of our duly elected President; more recently, on our Taxpayers dime, Atheists ‘far-left’ loons presented a play that depicted the assassination of President Donald Trump. The FAKE NEWS media, who hates the President and his promise to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington conflicts with their hate-America agenda, so they think it is ‘art and drama’. Evidently, it’s good for the kiddies to see their President murdered…under the guise of Shakespeare’s’ work.

Pilgrims, Doc finds it quite odd and rather frightening to know that through all the many media interviews of those congressional people on that baseball field that were little more than ‘setting ducks’ for the killer, none mentioned he was going to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Are you kidding me! I’m helpless and at the mercy of a killer, I’m unable to aid those who have been shot because a baseball bat isn’t much of a weapon against a rifle. My life flashed before me as I was either exposed or seeking cover from a madman, and I’m not thinking: Never again! I’ll never allow myself to be put into this dangerous environment? I may die at the hands of my enemies; but, I’ll at least have a weapon on me to prevent it.

     Pilgrims, as a veteran, any soldier learns that ‘War is Hell’. Whether we want to admit it or not, America is in a cultural, religious, political war. We Pilgrims, and Trumpers are the ’last man standing’ Constitutional/biblical warriors in America. We are determined to hold on to the last vistage of what America used to be and what it used to stand for: most importantly, our Constitution and our religious freedom.


With the last election, we have invaded the enemy’s territory. Now, we must press on and rout them out. As they continue to demonstrate they hate what America stands for, we must divide and conquer as we chip away, piece by piece, their followers that will soon recognize this shabby political class of Atheist/Socialist Democrats is out to harm America, not help it.

For the God of the Bible’s people, we must not accept Activist Judicial Supreme Court edicts that are contrary to what God’s’ word teaches or our Constitution states. The idea of Atheist judgments being ‘settled law’ that fails to align itself with what the Bible or the Constitution reads must be challenged, again and again.

Doc’s opinion, if any people in congress have an I.Q higher than sixty-five, they will introduce a bill that allows any Congressional Representative to have a permit to carry a concealed weapon…PDQ….anywhere, and it shall be written, it shall be done. Doc lives in an isolated part of the country, and he is even thinking about getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon. None can deny that the various states government idea of restricting ownership of guns contains flawed reasoning since only the criminal class end up owning guns they use to harm America’s citizens. The law and our government can’t provide us with ‘around the clock’ protection against evil people, but your gun may give you a ‘fighting chance’ when you are forced to confront evil and dangerous challenges.

May all Pilgrims pray to the God of the Bible our congressional people will pass old Doc’s test. LONG LIVE THE SECOND AMENDMENT!

Doc Christian



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     Pilgrims, I recently watched an event unfold on Tucker Carlson’s news show on Fox News I couldn’t imagine I’d witness in my life: a self-named political ‘talking-head’ activist, Lisa Durden, supporter for the racially communist funded Black Lives Matter (they enjoy killing our cops…especially white ones) defended the-segregation of our college campuses for black students that are demanding they live in Segregated Housing. I’m not making this up! When Tucker questioned her about this Segregation idea, and pointed out to her how the very idea of it was repugnant to all people of all races, and it was illegal and unconstitutional (unequal application of our laws based upon skin color by our government) paraphrasing, “Boo hoo, hoo, poor Whitey is upset because black people want to exclude people like you from our world,” she remarked. If Durden and her posse want to live a segregated life, as long as the college isn’t able to have access to any Federal money (my tax dollars), Doc doesn’t care what her particular brand of black folk do.

Old Mr. King must be turning over in his grave! All those black men that were hung…by white Southern Democrats, and those young men from the North that traveled to Mississippi that were tortured and murdered as they fought against a black/white segregated life, Rosa Parks feet must be killing her, and Harriet Tubman must think her Underground Railroad has just derailed, and must be moaning in utter disbelief by Durden’s comments and antics defending and supporting black college students demand to have administrators give them segregated housing that excludes anyone not black.  When I was teaching at Northeast High in Oklahoma City, (a black ghetto high school before integration was forced into the schools) it will be interesting to note if this group of haters will do what my ghetto black kids did way back in 1967: they marginalized kids that were considered not black enough; though, those black kids that looked more white, were admired and even envied.

Unlike Durden and her specific brand of racists’ ilk that really know nothing about living in a segregated society in America, old Doc is a child of this sad history in America. Unlike Durden and her today’s uneducated young black folk about segregation, Doc was in the middle of it pernicious fruit. Durden wasn’t alive when I stood in front of five classes of American History students, ninety-nine percent were black, and faced the anger, rage, and pain emanating from those dark brown eyes, filled with tears, when I announced that Martin Luther King had been assassinated by a white, KKK, member of the Democrat Political Party.

In the America I grew up in, I expected our most prominent media to top their Front Pages with a resounding denouncement of this hateful idea and publicly excoriate anyone, particularly a black person, for even suggesting America allow any form of government supported Re-segregation on our college campuses, or any place in our country; but, no, our Russia, Russia, corrupt Fake News consortium who have just been shown to be a pack of liars publishing false news about President Trump by ex-FBI director, Comey’s testimony before our Congressional Intelligence Committee , instead of exposing this racial hatred they will provide cover for these racists and will attack anyone bold enough to disagree, my opinion. Where is Isaiah’s voice when America needs him? Where is the Congressional Black Caucus leadership America’s black people need?

The black comedian, Chris Rock, gained fame and fortune with his routine: ‘Negro verses Niggas’ It was wildly funny and poignantly sad, but was a true depiction of the immense difference between a black skinned man (mostly) being a worthless person (Nigga) and a man that handled his responsibilities with class and dignity (Negro). He chastised black men that bragged about not being in jail, as they compared themselves with the men that were: Rock made fun of them, and showed just how much of a Nigga they were when this was the ‘mark’ for them to be considered successful. He disparaged the easy, lazy Welfare Class among his people. He used words to clearly depict responsible verse irresponsible behavior by black people: thus, Negro verses Niggas was used as political and social commentary to encourage his people to change their thinking and behaviors. He portrayed the good, the bad and the ugly underbelly in a black segregated society, within the black society, and in an integrated one, also. Regrettably, years later, under great political pressure, he changed his routine and stopped using the word Nigga, and black society has stopped using the term: Negro. Since 66% of all births in black society are out of wedlock and most of the women are on welfare on the taxpayers dime, his comedy routine is true more today than when he first created it.

For many years, around the world, ironically, the words for Negro, Nigger and Niggas were not used in a pejorative racial manner. It carried a ‘neutral’ connotation that at most described one’s skin color; black. It was used to describe slaves, but the slaves of the world were of many colors, including black. This changed when the slaves were imported into America. While the black people used the words often to covey endearment, the white owners used them in a very derogatory manner to keep the black man in his place.

The despicable (this is lower than Deplorables) Bill Mayer has come under P.C pressure when he remarked he wasn’t a ‘House Nigger’, as he tried to entertain his guest and audience. Since the word Nigger has been banned from our education Lexicon, for White people, but is quite actively used by blacks, only a ‘far-left’ loon could use this word (it is considered hate speech) and survive intact with his show still on the air. If any Conservative media head had done this, his/her career would have ended that day.

Back in my hometown in Oklahoma, “He’s off the reservation” was a term often used to describe an Indian that refused to obey the Indian laws and obey their chiefs. Mayer was off the reservation because he refused to remain docile and compliant with the P.C crowd when it came to the use of the highly offensive word: Nigger. Personally, why anyone is offended by words that produce various opinions that are good for intellectual and historical education and debate is something I have a problem understanding.

America is racially polarized and more politically correct as I have ever witnessed in my nearly seventy-seven years, and it is killing the moral foundation of our country. Sixty plus million citizens have ‘gone off the reservation’ as we disagree about nearly everything that has to do with politics and our society’s mores. We can’t even agree to show respect for our nation’s highest elected office: the President of the United States. President Trump has more respect in a majority of the world’s countries than he does in America!

Doc finds it ludicrous that an entire country has been kowtowed by racial and political pressure to provide a ‘safe-haven’ for its citizens to live without being ‘offended’ by ANYTHING they disagree with. How did America get to this unholy place?

My opinion, the correct answer never changes! If one bothers to do a historical time-line to root out its ‘Cause and Effect’ social disease, you will find the Feminist Movement. When our ‘pointy-headed, ACLU backed, Teacher Union, embraced the Self-esteem formula (Values Clarification), public education teachers taught generations of students that Feelings trump merit and Critical Thinking. They taught their students their heart was more important than their head. Fifty years later, America is awash with bratty, ignorant, mostly poorly educated college students that don’t think it is right for anyone to offend their  preconceived position…about anything that causes their ‘self-esteem’ to take a hit. Doc Christian sounds an alarm and sends out a ‘wake-up call: these are some of the inconvenient truths about life: i.e. your college degree will guarantee you nothing! The majority of the business world doesn’t care what you are offended by. If you can’t produce merit, you’ll soon be out of a job. No! George Soros won’t hire you for his corporate world. Yes, if you are willing to put a hold on your future ambitions and dream, he will hire you for his Socialist/Communist Political Activist Team. For a hundred dollars a day they will teach you to loathe and hate people.

For Pilgrims, our spiritual work for Christ is to be less tolerant for those who mock the Creator and denigrate the divine work of Jesus. We must remain steadfast and resolute with our bold witness for Jesus. We must emulate his evangelistic model: tell the world the gospel has been designed to offend the world, convict it of sin for the rejection of the Creator, and because Jesus is the bridge between Heaven and Hell. Other than our choice to use our free will to believe he is the savior of the world, it costs us nothing. We can’t buy it, earn it, we can accept this gift of love…that’s it. For this to happen there must be a renewing of the mind.

My opinion, America is in great need to have a renewed mind “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 1:2-3-4 Today one can enter any sphere of our country’s political, social, religious, education, or judicial confines and discover the biblical foundation that was once a bulwark for its people’s morality, mores, and governance have been eroded and will soon be eradicated by a public rejection of a God that created every living creature. In addition, these same people chase after every false god and even champion certain ones: Islam.

My prediction, multiculturalism will be the death of America! When a country loses its uniqueness and its standards become common refuse for aliens from other countries who care little for America’s past or for its values that caused untold treasure of blood and sacrifices to be made on behalf of ungrateful citizens and immigrants, the third generation of these people will envelope the ‘last man standing’ for what America used to represent, and the history of the United States will pass into a forgotten one. Don’t tell me it isn’t happening! A majority of our schools no longer require American History for a diploma or a degree. In addition, those who hate our country are busy writing Revisionist American History that suits these same types of people living in our country. Don’t take Doc’s word for it… check out the information being taught in our public schools about America’s foundation. I e. there is more information about the Feminist Movement in our schools history books than about our country’s Founding Fathers! Racist teachers show open disdain for George Washington because he was a slave owner…in 1775. Pilgrims, it is true: America has gone mad! You don’t have a clue or a problem with: PRESS ONE FOR ENGLISH?

My people, Irish immigrants, when we came to America fleeing the potato famine, we were called ‘’white-niggers’ When we first arrived, we would take jobs even black folk wouldn’t do; so, the black people and other ethnic groups gave us the ‘moniker’ to show their disdain for Irish people.

Have the young black people reached a point in our history that they see Re-segregation as the best solution for black folk to gain power and prominence in the New America Social Justice (Communist) political future? How long will it be before they are ready to just drop the American from their African American signification?

Where is Mr. Rock when America needs him? He needs to create a comedian’s ‘home run’…again; only, this time he needs to group all those who hate America and want to see it racially divided, into  groups of Negroes, Niggers and Niggas. The color of one’s skin can’t be a qualifier; but, one’s allegiance to America will determine which group they will be put into. While old Doc can easily provide detailed qualifiers for how one qualifies for each group, Doc will leave it to each Pilgrim to determine your moniker: Negro, Nigger, or Nigga.

Doc Christian


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      “Woe to you teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.” Matthew 23:27

The data gathered about God’s church in America continues to send off dismal signals about a church that is failing to accomplish its mission for Jesus Christ. Each decade the youth of America continue to spurn Jesus’ call and reject him and his holy Bible as spiritual linchpins for their lives.

In the recent Presidential Election sixty-three million citizens in America voted to support a political party that chooses to kill innocent babies, and sell their body parts to the highest bidders. If anyone dares to threaten their right to murder the unborn, hundreds of thousands march in public to register their protest America’s own government has blood on their hands as they force taxpayers to pony-up money to lend their financial support for this ‘killing machine’. This same group of citizens lent their political support for Black lives Matter, a racial/communist funded hate-group that advocates the murder of our nation’s law officers. The party leaders even stood with them on their Dias at their political convention. We have soldiers who are traitors to America and presidents pardon them. Our military spends a quarter of a million dollars on transgender surgery for the traitor and God’s people are silent in the face of a loud, proud, angry intolerant homosexual political agenda.

All of the above can be expected to be acceptable to heathens for they don’t possess the spiritual light to discern right from wrong; but, Doc’s opinion, it should be unacceptable to God’s people and his church in America, don’t you think, Pilgrims?

I suspect your church isn’t any different than mine, the Bible is preached, but, it sends God’s people home from church feeling good and not convicted about the sin in our lives. Even many Evangelical churches are growing (the only biblical churches that are growing), but they too remain antiseptically clean. God’s Bible didn’t and doesn’t, but our churches do. God’s word doesn’t skip the gory, sinful details about sin, but our churches do. God’s word doesn’t cower in the face of religious or political ‘group-think’ hatred and ‘Identity-politics’, but, our churches do. God’s Bible doesn’t recognize Political Party allegiance, but, our churches do. God’s Bible doesn’t hesitate to offend these allegiances, but, our churches do. God’s Bible demands fealty to Christ and warns about serving two masters; but, when it comes to politics, our churches don’t.

Statistics show that one in six children are sexually molested by family and friends, when was the last time you heard a sermon on Pedophilia? When did the church teach how Pilgrims can be a part of the solution rather remain silent and remain part of the problem? What is the appropriate age to teach our youth about the sin of homosexuality? At what age does the church think youth recruitment commences? How can the church equip its youth to take a stand against this horrible lifestyle when our schools promote its acceptance? Has your church taught your children parents how to biblically lead concerning the world’s view verse God’s?  Has your church taught all members how to defend a belief in Creation verses Evolution…from the pulpit? Has your church voiced public outrage and opposition about Gender/transgender politics? Has it taught, from the pulpit, why it is a sin and against God’s will? Has your church, from the pulpit, taught about the sin of adultery, fornication, and how this sin has grave consequences: were they named? If Doc reads the ‘biblical’ temperature of America’s churches, the answer is No.

For the past sixty years God’s church in America has chosen to behave in a naïve fashion and it just ignored and enabled the influence of religiosity of sin to seep into the foundation of God’s church. Until the stench of homosexual sin and abortion rose to a spiritual level God’s people couldn’t stand, we refused to be public about this outcome that has stained God’s church in America so badly the question must be asked: who can tell the difference between churches that mock God and his Son, Jesus Christ, and those who wear the cloak of righteousness?

God’s Bible is a book that doesn’t recognize Political Correctness or political affiliation. Churches that do are dung-holes that will send members to hell. Churches that condone sin and help promote those who do will miss heaven. This isn’t Doc’s judgment; Jesus said so in Matthew 25: when he taught about the separation of the sheep and the goats.

Even Evangelical churches often give ‘lip service’ to politically sensitive topics. They will make an announcement: “Our church is against abortion,” and then one never learns why? Announcement is made, “We believe in baptism by immersion, then one never learns why? “We don’t support Gender identity or the homosexual agenda”, then one never learns why?

God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Apostles offended everyone with the gospel. Seldom does a church offend even their members with the gospel.

Doc’s opinion, until America’s churches have their own ‘Come to Jesus Meeting’ God’s church in America will continue to wane and have its biblical light and spiritual vitality drained from its core foundation. The ‘Watchman’ has shined his lantern for nearly two-hundred and fifty years, Once it shone bright and its people could see God’s light, especially in the darkness; but, today, it is a flicker that even most of God’s people can’t see. If we did, we’d no longer be antiseptically clean. We’d be in the streets, crowding into our School systems meetings, we’d march on Washington and the Supreme Court, We’d use the power of God’s word and we’d bring the bible back into our children’s lives. In a public outcry of moral indignation we’d demand a hearing concerning the flawed rules and laws that dare suggest Jesus lovers can separate any part of their lives to a politically stupid position of Church/State. This conclusion comes from a flawed interpretation of our Constitution. Our Constitution prohibits no religion from the free and unfettered expression anywhere, anytime, anyplace. It does prohibit government from establishing its own brand of Government Religion. Every immoral ruling by our inept Supreme Court concerning its ability to make laws or dictate outcomes from Activists Judges that infringe upon the free expression of any religion, especially when it favors one over the others, is unconstitutional. You don’t need to take Doc’s word, read the Constitution and see if Doc is a liar or our government’s judges are the real liars.

ALERT! It seems once every few years an artist brings a song to the world that is so different in its essence, its influence reaches places the artist could not have imagined. Doc recently heard such a song: Natalie Green’s incredible song: I Am Clean. Its core message is about sin and about how one recognizes they are dirty; but, Jesus, and he alone, can wash you clean.

Doc’s opinion, God’s church in America needs to know they are dirty, for they consider themselves pristine, for they have rejected scriptures that don’t fit their fancy, and they act as if they can clean themselves

Doc Christian


Pilgrims, our church just added 1724 new members during the month of May! Please continue to make a difference and recruit new members who want to know how Pilgrims can use God’s word to make sense of this godless, evil world we live in.

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     Bob Beckel on Fox News, The Five, called President Trump a ‘buffoon’ on the show recently. I thought it might be instructive for all Pilgrims to gain a thorough understanding of this word; so the entire viewing audience might know who the real Buffoon is.

What is a Buffoon? Mr. Webster says a Buffoon is a silly person, moron, dolt or idiot. Others include jerk, uncool person, uneducated, even an asshole. There are many other words that aren’t fit for public consumption.

Doc wants President Trump to know he has a lot of company; I’ve been called all those names…and worse.

First, let me dispense with Mr. Beckel’s claim. Bob claims to be a man in love with Jesus, as he alluded to him at Easter and told the world he was blessed to have him as his Savior. Since the Bible instructs believers to honor and respect elected authorities who rule; oh, my bad, it didn’t mention ‘elected’ people, it said all rulers because God had placed them in that position for he raises up and removes rulers at his good pleasure (yes, this perplexes me too…especially after eight years of President Obama)  Matthew 6:24

Bob and every Democrat that claims to have Jesus as his Lord, will discover they are trying to straddle a barbed wire fence with one foot standing on the Bible and the other seated in their political party that denies the existence of Jesus as Lord, mocks all biblical principles, and champions even the murder of cops. Their refusal to publicly condemn the anarchists in our streets and harshly convict those who would restrict freedom of speech clearly demonstrates who the Buffoons are in this country. Bob must recognize one salient truth: “No man can serve two masters, he will either love the one or hate the other, he cannot serve both God and mammon.” Mr. Bickel, who is the Buffoon?

Does this word apply to President Trump? Trump Tower is one of the world’s most recognized buildings in the world because President Trump has his imprimatur on buildings, Resort hotels, golf courses all over the world (where he mixed and mingled with ‘blue collar’ men and women of all races, hired them, fired them and promoted them to help him build his Real Estate empire. I dare to say he has spent more time, energy, and effort trying to make Middle Class peoples’ live better than Beckel and his entire Democrat Party ever has; and he did it on his ‘dime’, not the Taxpayers money), as far as I know, Bob worked for President Carter’s political campaign, and Bob has his address on his mail box.  President Trump has the greatest portion of his education from the ‘School of hard-knocks’ and Common Sense, plus a fine formal education (New York Military School {entire Democrat Party is in dire need of} Wharton School of Finance. My opinion, Bob does have some fine credentials for he has been a political organizer and pundit for a Socialist/Communist agenda for half a century, and today, is a clarion voice for America’s Fake-News’ media supporting the highly intelligent political canard: The Russians used mental telepathy (Doc’s idea from his recent novel, The Theophany, Sonlight Restored to a Dark World) and worked its technology magic on sixty million voters that voted for President Trump, while excluding another sixty-three million voters that chose the loser.

Bob’s esteemed political party leader, Nancy Pelosi, declared: “We need to hurry up and pass Obama Health Care so we can read it (two thousand pages) so we can know what’s in it.”  Maxine Watters on national T.V. accused President Trump of being in collusion with Russia’s Putin for his invasion of Korea. Which one, North or South, she wasn’t sure! Yes, these two ladies are the fruit from California!

Asshole! The word ‘Jerk’ usually quickly follows any time it is used. In reference to President Trump, Bob uses it regularly, don’t you think? If and when Republicans and Trumpers use it in reference to President Trump, it is a term of ‘endearment’ For President Trump to ‘drain the Swamp’ and dismantle every iota of President Obama’s failed legacy, it requires a Political Asshole! God and all Trump believers know it will take a leader that is willing to ‘cut off at the knees’ any enemy that wished to thwart the people’s agenda: Make America Great Again. President Trump is well equipped to do the job because he has been forced to learn how to finish the ‘Art of the Deal’ with all types of Assholes in the business world. In reference to his avowed corrupt political enemy: Democrat Party, Media, and Judicial branch, who are far more ‘biggly’ type of Assholes: they trample our Constitution and laws) it will take a big-time JERK to do the peoples’ will. THANK YOU LORD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!

A Buffoon is also a ‘dolt’. Bob and his deaf, dumb, blind cohort Democrat Party can’t deny that our most disadvantaged citizens live in ‘war zones’ manned by Drug Lords, crooked politicians, and PC hamstrung cops, and unionized educators that keep their jobs as long as the students remain ignorant and in need of more government money to continue to fail at educating ghetto students. Bob can survey this educational failure and still call for more of the same. He and all liberals don’t give a tinkers-damn about those poor, mostly black kids…just their parents who vote.

School Choice, headed up by Betsy De Voss, the Education czar is booed and vilified by the Black Caucus and every other racist organization because when School Choice becomes available the Democrats are going to lose many black voters because the incredible results brought about by School Choice will be amazing; and it will expose the Education Unionized Teachers for what they are: incompetent boobs masquerading as educators. If you doubt Doc’s assessment, check out the news  when the Mexican or many others countries flags are being flown by our schools students as they seem to protest everything about America, including our flag.

Let Doc add one more definition for a Buffoon. When a person knows what is true and right and does wrong, that person is a Buffoon.

Doc Christian


Way to go Church!! Our membership increased 1284 members in the past two weeks.





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     A friend of mine rejoiced when he witnessed his teenage son being baptized. A few weeks later, he mentioned that he was disappointed with his son’s behavior because he had stated he would honor his father and mother because God’s word taught him so, but when he was asked to clean up the dogs poop in the back yard, he refused to obey the father’s orders. The punishment: loss of his phone and games, and sleeping on the floor didn’t change his mind.

Pilgrims, unfortunately, this boy’s attitude about heeding God’s instructions mimics the majority of America’s believers: we spend money in places that promote everything unholy, we compromise biblical principles to be tolerant with those who hate the Creator, and we refuse to use God’s Bible in our public arenas so not to offend. The boy told his dad I WON’T DO THAT. Pilgrims, what things do you tell God I WON’T DO THAT?

Pilgrims around the world, we just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ last Sunday, and our world is a far, far better place for its spiritual fruit that possesses the potential to change a world because it believes God’s only son died to save mankind. And, he proved he is capable of the task when he rolled away the stone and rose from the dead. Thus, Pilgrims serve a risen Savior! All other religions serve a god of Baal who is dead.

Doc’s opinion, when you boil it down to its most common denominator, serving Jesus Christ is little more than living out your commitment to announce to the world, concerning your fealty to God’s Bible, “I WILL DO THAT; I WON’T DO THAT.”

America has just about reached its ‘breaking-point’ regarding its future greatness, based upon how much it will obey or disobey God’s word from the Bible, don’t you think? Our streets are filled with young adults, old adults, and children that are, and have been given, and continue to be given an education that is so ‘dumbed-down’ about our great history, our colleges and streets are filled with people who hate our country, disrespect its past history of sacrifice, and prefer the gods of heathens verses the God that divinely blessed America. Our streets are filled with cowards who are paid stooges that promote any type of Communist Ideology that seeks to destroy our freedoms and our Capitalist way of living, for they foment anarchy and lawlessness. They are avowed enemies of a Creating God and his Bible.

Amidst this utter chaos, have you stopped to wonder how this has happened in America? When you put your head on your pillow at night, does your brain fizzle as it works to sort out this undeniable truth?

In the past history of America, our entire public institutions once operated upon the acceptance or rejection of God’s biblical truths. Our country’s moral-compass marked its direction according to the Biblical compass that marked the correct path to follow. While there were many seductive sirens’ calling America to take new paths that were filled with promises of untold satisfaction, for the most part, it kept to the ‘straight and narrow’ road, and God blessed this nation beyond any in the world.

Today, America has moved away from the Creator’s leading. False gods from every land in this world are vying for America’s spiritual soul. How can Pilgrims help the Creator win the hearts of our people back?

Doc thinks it is ‘quite elementary’ whatever your name might be. I don’t wish to get bogged down into a very long list of essentials that will bore all to death for they seem so obvious, but, I believe we Pilgrims need to be r \reminded of how far we fall short of honoring our Lord each day, so here are my list of priorities…biblical or  not.


  • I won’t live my life with any type of Separation of Church/State mandate.
  • I won’t put my political party before God’s word.
  • I will resign from my political party because it has become an enemy of God’s Bible.
  • I won’t stop telling people why I resigned.
  • I will obey God’s word whether it costs me family, friends or business.
  • I won’t keep quite in public as I fight for Biblical principles in my community.
  • I will reject any and all tenets associated with Same Sex Marriage.
  • I will shun any church that supports any tenets of Sam Sex Marriage.
  • I won’t stop advocating for shuttering all Abortion clinics: Planned Parenthood: this is a blatant lie: Planned Parenthood is only about KILLING BABIES.
  • I won’t cease my vigilance to keep the Islam religion out of America’s Public school curriculum.
  • I won’t spend my money for people or with businesses that openly support a political agenda that mocks the Creator, rejects Jesus, and openly advocates sinful things.
  • I will change the channel when anti-American ideas are being promoted.
  • I will rejoice when I’m persecuted for Jesus Christ’s sake.
  • I won’t change my life because I’m persecuted for advocating and living biblical truths.
  • I will teach my children biblical principles every day.

Pilgrims, I believe this is the minimum list of things we should do and not do to serve our Jesus with pride. I suggest you print this and give it to your church leadership.

Doc Christian



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     I recall as a young boy Momma always canned foods each summer. My favorite was her delicious Dill Pickles. Even today, I seldom eat a lunch, at home, without a Dill Pickle. To love a Dill pickle, one must love sour things! I do and always have.

Old Doc’s conservative foundation has been rocked a mite this past week as one of our country’s most influential voices was silenced: Bill O’Reilly of Fox news. His ‘fair and balanced’ news show, The Factor, has influenced millions of people, from all political persuasions, to get educated about the events that ultimately change and even rearrange our country.

My darling sweetheart of fifty-four years put a caption on the whole sordid mess: “He’s in a pickle with his pickle.”

It makes me laugh and boil as the same time, as I recall the first Feminist women, even in our Congress, being aghast at the notion our business world would be forever changed when women entered the workforce and sane people predicted this new sexually charged environment would lead to disaster for the American family. Those embryo feminist resented just the hint that the ‘new Feminist woman’ could ever be a part of some libido-driven work place where they would stoop so low as to allow a man to use her as a sexual toy.

Fast-forward fifty years and the biblical formula our society had agreement about concerning marriage and family, legally, don’t exist. Same Sex marriage has replaced it. From a divorce rate, for Pilgrims, of less than five percent in the sixties, it lies in ruins hovering near the National average: fifty percent, today. Millions and millions of today’s adult children are part of the past generations ‘lost children’ that have never put Humpty Dumpty together again after experiencing life in a marriage that possessed so much promise for success, yet, failed so spectacularly it made Satan into the ‘original’ Party Animal in America.

Pickle is a word used for a number of different scenarios. In baseball, it describes, usually, a ‘bone-head’ play for a base runner. It happens when the runner missed the signal the coach gave for a pitch; he failed to advance to the next base when a certain play had been called. He failed to keep his eye on the fielder or his Base coach, he ran past the coach’s stop sign; he thought he could be a hero and take the base on his merits. Since he failed to have the correct baseball smarts, he is put into a ‘run-down’ by the opponent. They run him back and forth moving closer and closer until he is tagged out. Sometimes, he is fast enough, smart enough to bait them to make a foolish throw or fails to cover a base, and he ends up safe when he should have been out.

Being in a pickle is most often a word used as a substitute for dilemma. One must make a choice between two alternatives. Often the choice isn’t a good one, just the lesser of two evils. People call this ‘being in a pickle’

While the world’s languages may color or just black/white it, the word pickle is most often associated with sexual misdeeds.

God himself is quite aware that his creatures, men and women, too often transgress on the sexual-front: fornication and adultery, and leave a trail of sin-filled pickles from here to eternity. The reason I say that is because the pickle a man and woman end up sharing, unfortunately, end up with many others being forced to live in their lust made pickle.

For example:  In the book of Judges we see a variety of pickles fueled by lust. The one salient point I want Pilgrims to note: one’s personal choices put them in a pickle.

Samson was an incorrigible son with little respect for God, his parents, or his Jewish faith. He was a wanton whore-monger and laughed at his parent’s Puritan ways: date and marry only girls from your faith. He evidently was incapable of thinking with any body organ above his waist, and his roving eye soon fell upon a woman who worshipped Baal. Evidently, he considered himself ‘smarter than everyone else’ and his first Heathen marriage was a disaster complete with murder when she betrayed him concerning a riddle. His ego was so damaged he gave her away to another man. If find it disgustingly curious Samson evidently didn’t think he was ever in a pickle with his pickle, don’t you?

Later, he was mesmerized by another woman’s beauty: Delilah…a pagan. Unable to think wisely with any organ above his waist, and cocksure of his amazing physical strength: he slew a thousand men with the jawbone of an ass, he toyed with his wife; she toyed with him, in a deadly manner, as she was paid to uncover the secret of his great physical strength. Evidently, his brain was incapable of sending out any type of ‘warning signals’ concerning the pickle he chose to remain in as he tested his ability to be a hero…to himself more than anyone:: He was sure there wasn’t a pickle her couldn’t handle.

Pilgrims, Doc’s opinion, if one adds the trappings of a king’s authority and royalty to Samson’s pickle you can peek inside King David’s pickle with his pickle. When his pickle saw Bathsheba, from her rooftop taking a bath, it wasn’t long before he used his power as king to dishonor the God that put him on the throne, his parents, and gave his integrity away for the sake of lust for a beautiful woman. Before David found himself prostrate and naked before God and overcome with grief for his sin, he was an accomplice to murder: Bathsheba’s military husband. He fathered a bastard son, who died young, and lived for a long time out of the favor of his God, Jehovah.

Though Samson found himself with is eyes gouged out and was treated like a donkey churning grain, he finally called upon the Lord to help him get revenge upon the Jewish nation’s hated heathen enemy, and God answered and he used his newly restored strength and he killed many thousands of the enemy to the glory of his God.

After King David had disgraced himself, his family, betrayed his wife/wives, undone by his wickedness, convicted by his great sins, he called upon Jehovah to heal him, restore him, and God answered his prayers.

Doc’s opinion, after being faithful and loving one woman for fifty-four years and counting, and using God’s holy word to try and provide biblical preaching, teaching, and counseling for broken marriages that failed, ninety percent because of a pickle or a perceived lack of a pickle filtered through the Atheist Feminist Agenda’s cry of “ She was the victim”, is often a fabricated lie. The often quoted: ‘The woman is the weaker sex”, is also a lie. With few exceptions, the woman controls the relationship with her body and beauty, perceived as it may be. From biblical days and before, history is replete with proof that the entire sexual playground of humans depends upon man to move it forward, but it takes the woman to entice the man…that takes little coaxing, to complete the job.

O’Reilly contends he is innocent of any charges of ‘Sexual Harassment. Since the days of Silent movies, the ‘Casting-couch’ has been a prominent player in the lives of movie stars and corporate America. Only naïve people dispute this fact. Only God knows how many actresses and actors careers were dashed or made by their decisions to submit to another person’s Pickle parade.

Doc Christian continues to contend our legal system isn’t much brighter than an Ass! How can anyone pay millions of dollars to a person our judicial system says has been wronged,  are forced to pay damages, often settle out of court, and the legal system gets a ‘black-eye’ because the loser can pay the money, yet legally not be found guilty of the crime  because they refused to admit guilt. How is this different than ‘blackmail’?

Pilgrims, I’m inclined to believe that the whole idea of sexual harassment is often little more than he said, she said, legal blackmail…for both sexes, today. Smoke Theory! Pertaining to Fox News and their apparent ‘Casting-couch’ scheme, where the top dogs paid out millions to women who claim they were sexually harassed for various reasons, many having to do with one’s career, in our highly sin-filled and fueled ‘anything sexually is Ok society where our media promotes this type of behavior, and champions our Feminist, ‘bad-girl’ image woman, how can Pilgrims sort out who you believe and whom to root for?

Doc’s suggestion, do what all good Crime detectives do: follow the money. If money has been used to pay-off’ or hide outcomes, particularly multiple times or over a long period of time, chances are good the one defending is guilty of the transgression.

Since corporate America seldom has a professional ‘dress-code’ for its employee and women can and often do dress like the local hooker on any well-known street in any town in America, and God’s Bible teaches that men are visual sexually energized Pickle-bunnies, sexual corporate politics are often part of the business world’s ugly underbelly. In a majority of cases both sexes play the game and both parties believe they win. Unfortunately, seldom does either really win, because living without integrity and self-respect is very damaging to God’s ‘Crown of Creation’.

Fox News has recently cleaned-house of its top executive corps, so, if Doc was a betting man, he’d bet his money that sexual harassment has been a well-known part of this company’s Work-DNA for a long time. A charge of sexual harassment can and I’m sure often is made when the entire mess was much more ‘consensual’; but, emotions and behaviors, after the fornication or adulteress affair passed into history, leads to a sense of betrayal that leads to regret, anger, and a need for revenge: “Nothing worse than a woman scorned,” or a man losing respect.

Money, money, money, money honey! Bill may be innocent, this time, but, when millions of dollars have been already paid to keep this seedy type of moral failure out of the public spotlight, and women have been ‘bought off’ in the past, Doc thinks there is way too much smoke to not believe there is an active fire or has been active.

While we Conservatives are deeply chagrined by the Atheist/Socialist, Communist celebrating Far-left loons in our country for a once solid rock voice pontificating our VALUES, being publicly defrocked, does any honest person have one iota of doubt this sexual game is rampant amidst the majority of their corporate led world? Hollywood is little more than Sexual Bingo, right?

I’ll close with this note from Mrs. Christian: “O’Reilly had a fall as great as Humpty did because he had PICKLE-ITIS  Since America’s corporate world will soon be dominated by women, I wonder what ‘code name’ they will use…or have used?

Doc Christian


Way to go church! In the past month, we have had over two thousand new members join our blog

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     Old Doc doesn’t know how many times it has happened before; but, he knows it is happening again: While the first century Christians slept, Rome burned as the Emperor, Nero, played his fiddle, and in the morning Christians were blamed for the fire: brutal persecution followed and they were fed to the lions in the arena.

During Doc’s lifetime, this is an apt description of what has happened to God’s church in America and to his once proud biblical nation, today.

God’s church and his people have proven they been naïve boobs, shills and ‘political-hacks’ that clung only to their God (lip service only) guns and the Bible (made great ‘Coffee Table’ decorations, as the Creator’s enemies dismantled his only son, Jesus Christ’s work on the cross in the eyes of America’s people.

America today is a hot cauldron political mess of sixty million people so filled with hate and venom because they lost in the recent Presidential Election they are rooting against America’s future success. They hate our president and his Deplorables so greatly they would rather see our country go down in flames rather than President Trump succeed in Making America Great Again…which after the Obama reign is sorely needed, Doc’s opinion.

The question on America’s mind: Will it take a War to allow America to move forward and seek success, at home and across the world? Are the people of this nation ready to sacrifice blood and treasure to accomplish desired ends? What are the qualifiers in play that will trigger a war? Will the Democrat Socialist/Communist far-left’s Fascist Ideology: using violence and intimidation to silence Free Speech be enough for those Americans who are willing to fight and die for this simple but sacred freedom? Will those who believe in the Bible and the Creator’s only son, Jesus Christ be willing to defend this religious liberty, even unto death?

It seems impossible, but history is getting ready to repeat itself! A Communist Ideology has penetrated the once thought impregnable biblical social fabric of America, and using a ruse: (Civil Rights) our nation is on the precipice of another Civil War contending once again for States’ Rights verses Federal Rights. Rogue States have decided to establish their own state as independent from a united Federal authority so they might exercise Socialist//Communist Ideology in America. This imminent threat isn’t about black slavery, it is even more dangerous: it is about Fascist/Communist ideology that becomes a Revolution out of the ashes of anarchy’s violence and blood: research history’s story concerning any Communist country: i.e. the latest ‘darling’, Venezuela

My opinion, the Atheist Democrat Party people (there are some exceptions) need to re-think their future plans that include cheering for the murder of our wonderful peace keepers: cops: Black Lives Matter is a ‘killing machine Communist funded political hate group, black masked paid anarchist who are the spear point for the Communist Revolution that is coming unless America’s people wake up and use force, if necessary, to demolish its nefarious goals.

For sixty years God’s church in America has chosen the evangelist mode of wining for God a spiritual victory using the well-known Ostrich modus operandi: politically keep your head inside the church and discount what is happening outside its walls. Pretend it doesn’t matter how the Bible is being politically engineered and dismantled in the public arena of America, as long as the preachers and leaders don’t have to acknowledge what biblical carnage is being done to the body of Christ’s church; just preach a version of a watered-down Bible and ignore the ‘noise’ of Satan’s forces as he swallows a once proud to be a Biblical Nation, America, whole.

Doc’s opinion, since America’s people are possibly the most stupid people in the ‘free world’ concerning knowledge about history, American History foremost, few know anything about the evil political schemes conducted by the killers of the Russian Revolution. The Russian people thought they had leaders who cared about them; too late, after they became serfs…at best, of the Communist machine, they realized Communism is akin to slavery by those in authority.

Our major universities and lesser known colleges are manned by professors that champion a Socialist/Communist ideology with one goal: to revolutionize America’s democratic, Republic and its Capitalist economic system and do away with it. Every Communist regime promises ‘womb to the tomb’ care; but is fails to detail how terrible this type of coverage will be until it is too late to re-direct its course.

Jesus taught that no one knows the day or time God is going to pull the curtain down on this long-running spiritual drama we call the  History of the World; but, he did say there will always be wars and rumor of wars until the day of his ‘second coming’.

He also taught his disciples that a man’s enemies will even be in his own house. Since murder and mayhem are prevalent on the streets of America in the name of ‘diversity’ all types, and political skulduggery, rooting for its demise, Doc believes we are in a ‘yet to be called’ State of War’.

Since the Bible taught there will be wars and rumors of wars someplace on earth. Doc has accepted this truth, for, even today, there are a many wars being conducted, that we know about, and how many more we don’t, only God knows. Since our country’s Civil War was fought to determine if we would be a nation of States verses ‘E pluribus Unum’ Federal Union, never in my wildest imagination did I think one day we’d have  a number of states declaring war on our union…for the sake of criminal illegal immigrants.

While the majority of American citizens, including Pilgrims, think my writings and conclusions are from a lunatic, I say it is past time Christians to WAKE UP! Regardless of how one cares to handle the truth from the Bible, even if it doesn’t mean a war with casualties and great suffering, America is at war:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of the dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12

Pilgrims, the easy part in identifying the enemy: everyone who champions sin: lawlessness of any kind that doesn’t glorify Jesus Christ. The difficult part is disassociation with the ‘flesh and blood’, and to blame Satan rather than humans. Why? It is quite elementary, isn’t it? We see the sinner and can’t see the one who causes the sin. While God the Creator cannot cause sin: “When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone. “James 1:13 Satan does nothing but tempt mankind to sin:

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

     Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings. I Peter 5:8-9

Doc’s opinion, the Preachers, church leaders, and all ancillary types of media have failed to sound-the-alarm for Pilgrims to come to the battle-field dressed with the armor of God, as detailed by Paul in Ephesians six. Because the game-of-politics was deferred to instead of teaching and preaching only what the Bible has written, we became a part of the spiritual problem in America rather than its one and only solution.

Wearing the Bible’s spiritual armor that should have produced warriors, we have become weak, cowardly, and submissive to any and all of Satan’s schemes to disarm God’s army. My opinion, either our recognized ‘spiritual leaders’ are too fearful, too indifferent, too much of fence-setters, lack common sense, or have been persuaded that Christians must assimilate with the heathen and compromise with them if we desire to win them to Christ. After all, they say, Jesus spent more time with people of little repute than he did with the recognized ‘out-standing’ citizens. This is a true statement! But, he never failed to point out sin, and he never failed to spell out its consequences.

Those Pilgrims that disagree with me, point out that this may be one piece of God’s master plan for America: suffer public persecution for our faith. I cannot deny this is a possibility; it could also be part of Satan’s plan. As Pilgrims living in America, can we sit idly by and take the chance it is the Creator’s plan?

Doc Christian




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     “A wife of noble character who can find?

     “She is worth far more than rubies

     “Her husband has full confidence in her

and lacks nothing of value.” Proverbs 31:10-11

Just watching the show: Marriage Boot Camp’s advertising ‘trailers’ is enough to make me emotionally and spiritually sick, so, I confess I’ve never viewed the show. I have read about their ‘so called’ experts that don’t hold a Marriage & Family Therapist license, and since biblical principles are seldom in view, I would encourage all Pilgrims and Deplorables to change the channel.

The bible teaches that the all mighty God and Creator made man and woman so he might have fellowship with mankind. He instituted the sacred ceremony of marriage so his creatures might have sexual pleasure and procreate so God’s mandate to multiple might be accomplished.

So, marriage is a Spiritual act; and any other type of marriage is a commitment on the altar of Baal.

When heathens set out to accomplish biblical outcomes, and they reject biblical truths, the end is predictable: band aide solutions for a sin-sick soul is like putting salve on Cancer.

The show embraces the Feminist agenda, which is an anathema to the one and only holy God who created the world The Bible doesn’t acknowledge Feminist Theology or any type of spiritual dynamic that places a woman in a position of authority above a man in marriage. Ephesians 5:21-ff

The Marriage Boot Camp ‘trailers’ demonstrate  that the couples’ marriage troubles reek of ‘gutter speak’, by the men and women, and in each relationship there is an obvious ‘power-struggle’ in the relationship. For any biblically trained therapist, it is easy to spot that the women in the show are ardent Feminist…and the men have become indoctrinated Feminist men who chafe at the outcome, continuously, but are too weak to lead in the marriage.

From a ring-side seat, and for 54 years of wedded bliss, this old man has watched America disintegrate into a land of proud powerful women who have usurped man’s position in every place in our society, and men have been feminized to the point young boys’ have nearly given up on the idea of competing with girls for our country’s future greatness. If you doubt the veracity of my statement, pick up a pad and pen or use your phone notes, and for a week, chart the advertising from all types of media and note how many times a man is placed in a subservient role to the woman in any walk of life in  our society. How many times is the man depicted as a buffoon or an incompetent man verses the girl or the woman? What messages do our schools teach our children about the role of a boy and a girl in life?

Today, every type of research that has been done about the near death-spiral of the institution of marriage in America brought about by the adoption of Feminist Theology, produces  similar results: the Feminist women are unhappy in their marriage: they prefer European men/ and, Feminized men are more unhappy, and they too prefer European women. How can this be?

The Bible’s teachings provide the answer.

Submit to one another out of reverence to Christ.

     Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as

Christ is head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior/ Now as the church submits to Christ, so also should wives submit to their husbands in everything.

     Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing of the water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. In the same way husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. After all, no one ever hated his own body, but he feeds it and cares for it, just as Christ does the church—for we are members of one body. “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh” This a profound mystery—but, I am talking about Christ and the church. However, each one of you must love his wife as he loves himself, and his wife must respect her husband. Ephesians 5:21-33

Old Doc’s opinion about this teaching from the Holy Spirit: Pilgrims rejection of the Bible’s defined roles and marriage formula, and the acceptance of the Atheist, humanist anti-Bible, Feminist Theology has changed America into a country filled with socially, sexually, and religiously dissatisfied men and women; and their solutions transgress God’s Roles, Rules, and formula for a blissful, contented marriage relationship. This is why fifty percent of PILGRIM marriages fail!

If Pilgrims will just step back and gaze upon the plethora of solutions bandied about by humanist Philosophy and Psychology concerning the man and woman relationship, it is quite easy to detect the root cause of non-marital bliss: Women are to be the Nester and Nurturer, men the Provider and Protector. When a woman demands she usurp the man’s God given role in marriage, and the man is told what to do and when to do it…even how to do it, King Solomon wrote for the man: It was better to live on a corner of the roof of his house than with the constant dripping/nagging of his wife. Doc’s opinion, when we peek around the corner of this sages’ wisdom, he is teaching that men who are not respected in their own home, don’t care to be home. The Feminist Theology is not about biblical submission to a man’s leadership, but empowerment that strips the man of respect and dents his dignity and manhood, greatly.

The scripture also teaches the one thing a woman desires the most is to be loved and valued, and protected, but, when she creates an environment that usurps man’s spiritual obligation to his God, and his wife refuses to be in submission to that leading, her emotional needs don’t rise very far on his priority list. Women must never forget man’s greatest need is Respect.

The Bible teaches when man’s respect needs are met, and he realizes his Spiritual obligation to his God have been met, God’s command to love his wife as Christ loved the church is an easier thing to do. Many Pilgrim men do not understand the full measure and weight of this scripture. I do believe women do, but don’t communicate its intended meaning very well to their husbands’ Pilgrim men, this is God’s biblical command: To love your wife as Christ loved the church the man is to be a willing sacrificial lamb on her behalf. She is first, he is last; children are second, he is last I believe few women will kick against the goad if she has a husband that makes his decisions based upon what she needs and what would please her…first, right?

If a marriage contains a man and a woman that believes the world’s intellect possesses the correct answers about a marriage relationship rather than God, then the marriage is just a power struggle of selfish ends. My opinion, the Feminist Marriage Theology is a tool of the Devil because it demands a change in the God given roles for man and woman in a marriage. Equality, meaning equal value is never a question in a Godly marriage. But, that doesn’t mean it allows for a change in the biblical assigned roles of men and women in a Godly marriage.

She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands.

      She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar.

      She gets up while it is still night; she provides food for her family

      and portions for her female servants.

      She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.

      She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.

      She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night.” Proverbs 13-18

My interpretation, this is a perfect biblical picture and demonstration of a business woman, wife, and mother busy with life as she keeps her priorities biblically straight. Its model and biblical formula do not dismiss the ‘business woman using her gifts, talents, and acumen to run a successful business and a biblical home, plus a household for her husband and children.

Contrary to what the Feminist Theology espouses: for a woman to be truly free and empowered: she had to be equal to a man’s place in society, which could only be accomplished by the usurpation of man’s place in society, this scripture proves this tenet isn’t and never has been necessary to allow the woman to maximize her gifts. If the woman depicted in Proverbs could be this business tycoon, thousands of years ago, it still applies to the biblical woman of today.

From my many years of marital counseling experience and presenting Marriage Enrichment Seminars, when men and women learn the truth about a biblical marriage and become submissive to the assigned roles God has given man and woman in marriage, and their goal is to please Jesus with their marriage, things rapidly change as the Holy Spirit is given control of the marriage outcome.

The Feminist Theology strives to remove the obvious difference between the sexes as they work to blur God’s assigned roles in life. If one pauses to consider how this godless formula has ruined the covenant of a biblical marriage, how can they count themselves among those who deny its harm?

Pilgrims, old Doc believes the more feminized men have become, the less desirable they are to women, even feminized women. So, today, women’s roles have become visually filled with powerful images that depict violence and evil. Women have also become the Super-heroes’ and men are either stooges or subservient.

Doc’s Marriage Boot Camp includes biblical communication skills that are sorely missing in the T.V show. Doc’s teaching emphasizes the great difference between the sexes concerning how men and women communicate, visualize the world, interpret it, and live out its reality. At every step of the lesson, it will draw the stark difference between a Feminist Theology Communication model and a biblical model for men and women during communication. Since Doc’s communication will flow from scripture and with a reliance upon the ‘renewing of the mind by the Holy Spirit, the goal will be completely different and the outcome will be produced by the leading of the Holy Spirit, not the dark deeds of Satan’s world.

Pilgrim, if your marriage has nearly been captured by Satan’s lies about the formula for a successful marriage because you have mixed the Atheist Feminist Theology with God’s scriptural marriage formula, then you need to book a weekend with Doc Christian. You need to recognize that your marriage if full of SIN. You are in desperate need to have your minds renewed by the Holy Spirit’s truth. You need to discern that you can’t stop sinful knowledge from entering into your brain because the majority of all information you receive is sinful, Godless drivel designed to push you farther away from Jesus; but, you can use God’s Bible as a filter.

When you realize the choice about the solution for your dysfunctional marriage lies between the choice of listening to God’s instructions and heeding them, verses to a million Satanic ones, and you choose to serve your Savior, Jesus Christ, you will have taken the first step to healing your sin-sick marriage.

A personal note, a woman commented on my page I needed to be respectful for she was in a “Committed Relationship”. Please! When half of the Pilgrim marriages fail, and far more Heathen marriages fail, what does she expect out of her ‘Committed Relationship?’ God considers Shacking-up couples as living in sin, so should Pilgrims.

Doc Christian



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