“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Proverbs 17:17

Yesterday Pilgrims, my wife and Old Doc made a trip to Nashville to take my brother to catch a plane so he could return home, Cedar Hills, Texas. He has spent the past two months visiting in our ‘little piece of heaven’ in Kentucky:

I really needed for him to go home because my muscles in my gut need a rest. Even the good Book says laughter is good medicine, but, too much may be just on the precipice of harming one’s self. Non-stop laughter for two months is also about all the entertainment I can stand for this year!

Young folks can’t understand; but, old folks do understand how just about all in one’s life produces an opportunity to laugh or cry. I admit that once in a while a good cry does wonders for you, but laughter, usually at your dignity’s expense, is priceless, Laughter’s medicine can be a spoon full of joy whether one is riding a Stationary Bike on a journey that doesn’t have a destination, walking a steep hill that provides one’s body with an array of creaks, moans, grunts, sighs, heaves, and smiles as old bodies struggle to reach the summit one more day, and yes, even shouts of hallelujah for the damn hill has been conquered one more time.

Since my brain evidently works like Hillary’s: she said she had a ‘disconnect’ regarding her many lies about her e-mails, because my brain has so many infarctions I have earned the ‘old age’ moniker: Nat One: I have the attention span of a Nat. My younger brother: he turned seventy-three this month, was soon called Nat Two. A little later, my wife became known as Nat Three. She is the youngest by one year.

Cinema history has its Three Musketeers; Doc’s clan has the Three Nats.

Pilgrims, I learned the truth about this brother ‘adversity gig’ detailed in the book of Proverb’s early in life. My younger brother was afraid to venture out to our ‘Outhouse’ at night…so I often accompanied him…when I didn’t need to go. Wasps didn’t like to have a light shined on them during the night!

Pilgrims, Old Doc is writing this letter to send out a warning about the possibility a Pilgrim out there may allow one of the greatest adventures of his life to pass by because years ago there may have been hurt feelings or miss-conceptions about a brother’s relationship’s purpose to enhance one’s value within a familia setting; I know, I nearly was a causality.

Life happens and one can’t control where children are placed in a family’s life. I was the oldest boy; my brother was its youngest. As I graduated from High school, he enrolled as a freshman in the fall. When men are seventy-six and seventy-three, this time-span seems insignificant, but, when there is that span of time difference in children’s lives, it seems like an eternity.

As boys, he was ‘too little’ and often a nuisance to ‘hang with’ that I felt I was too often saddled with him to appease my parent’s wishes or assuage my sibling biblical conscience guilt. He wasn’t gifted with sports; I was. He had some major medical problems; I didn’t. I helped my parents by earning money to pay family debts; he was too young. These were my perceptions at I was headed for college on a Basketball Scholarship.

Until we both returned from serving in the Navy, we met one time in Subic Bay when our ships became part of the same West Pac flotilla, and he married, I was married, and we both had children and lived in the same city: Oklahoma City, did we have an opportunity to re-connect.

At the time, neither of us was committed to live a biblical life where church and worship was our first priority. We were moral men, but not Godly men. Golf was our relationship connecter, and we played weekly. In a short time, he realized he didn’t love his wife. His marriage went south and after a while he remarried. His wife had children and he also had two children, they never added to the family. He moved to California; I move d to Florida. It would be years before we were together again. Once in a ‘blue moon’ we would talk on the phone for a few minutes. My mother blamed his new wife for his divorce; I guess I thought that way too.

Our father’s death brought us together. We mourned differently. I was a minister preaching the word: I preached my father’s funeral message. I tried to witness to him; it didn’t go well. Later, he reconnected with his boyhood biblical roots and became a committed man for Jesus Christ; but, not then. It would be years later before I learned this wonderful truth about him and his wife.

Our mother never liked any of our family’s spouses, and especially those who were from a divorced situation. I realize now that she jaundiced me towards my brother and his second wife, and it colored my urgency to reconcile with my brother. I discovered, nearly too late, her prejudices were often unfounded and sometimes vindictive.

I want the world to know what a great guy my brother is! If for no other reason than he was willing to forgive me for being a ‘lousy’ one.

I want to thank Jesus for serving as our advocate…that is what is does best, Right? Six years ago we were invited and we accepted my brother and his wife’s invitation to visit. It’s not like we made a special trip because we were passing through Dallas on our way home from conducting business. It was a wonderful visit! They came for a visit the next spring.

Perhaps some Pilgrims have experienced a time when something unexpectedly happens, and when it does, your mind gets this tiny premonition of the future, and it makes you feel sad, this happened shortly after they arrived. His wife’s ankle failed her and she turned it, badly. She remarked she didn’t feel a thing. It was as if she didn’t have control over her muscles. My brother said she has been having a few unexpected falls…for no good reason. Despite her injury…that didn’t slow her down, we had a good visit and our fellowship was sweet and we grew much closer as couples…and as brothers. As they bide us goodbye, my brother promised he was going to have her to a doctor to get checked-out.

I told my wife I didn’t have a good feeling about her health, and I feared bad news was in the offing. I think many of us have had a ‘doctor’s experience where the diagnosis was given to us and the definition confused us and we looked for a ‘simple’ way to tell others what the doctor found. Often, it became a type of silly joke.

In a week we called to check on her, and my bother said she did see the doctor, but he wanted to do more tests. “You have not because you asked not, and when you ask, you ask with improper motives,” Jesus told us. We asked! We pleaded! We prayed!

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: ALS: Lou Gehrig’s disease is more than a mouthful…way more than a heart-full.

In the five years Linda, my brother’s wife, has been riding on a large harp and singing to the Lord, there have been a hundred times my wife and I have been watching a movie or a TV drama and its story is about a couple’s love experiencing death and dying, I would remark, “I hope Danny isn’t watching this show.” On his most recent visit, he told me when he sees those shows, he just sits and cries. He said it hurts, but it helps. Linda chose to go home to the Lord! She said she wasn’t going to be a ‘butterfly’: this describes an ALS patient that is alive but can only blink to communicate, and she refused a Tracheotomy, died a horrible death, and went home to be with the Lord for eternity. As my brother can testify, death only harms the living.

Pilgrims, it just sucks the wind right out of me when I stop to think what an incredible brothers’ journey of love I could have missed if I hadn’t taken the time to learn about my adult brother’s life. Perhaps, even more importantly, how void my wife’s life would have been without my brother’s love for her. He’s our Executor of our Wills and he has promised to take care of my wife if I should go home to the Lord before she does. I am his Executor of his will and he knows his home will always be ready for him when he needs it or desires to come home. My wife, Mrs. Nurse Goodbody, and old Doc can handle what life brings for my brother and me.

I have often contemplated just how many brothers in America are at this very hour existing in a state of ‘less than grace’ because one or both brothers have failed to seek love rather than indifference, forgiveness rather that possess the unrighteous ‘high-ground’ for words, deeds, and behaviors they have demonstrated to others, but draw the line for family.

The foul smell and taint from the gurgling, bubbling poison that continues to spread decay from the unforgiven sins, you and your brother continue to hold dear as if it were silver or gold that shuts out any tiny speck of spiritual light that might seep in and heal your soul. Tomorrow may be too late! You might get the bad news from the doctor. You might not even get to the doctor. Jesus is the Great Physician, he can heal you this very minute.

My fervent prayer for all brothers’ is that they may know the special bond and love I am blessed with!

Doc Christian

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Old Doc was in my local Kroger store the other day and I saw a woman I have known for a few years. She sang at one of our Church Community-wide Singsprations. Her head was bald as a Cue ball: she was recovering from the big C, and I wrote a letter about her courage and her witness for Christ. The local paper: The Outlook, refused to print it. I found her address and sent it to her. A few days later, she called and thanked me for the letter. We have been friends since. She spied my Trump/Spence ‘Make America Great Again button on my baseball hat: it has a red heart on it with the white lettering: “I Love Jesus” on its front and bill. She pointed to the button. “I like your hat and button,” she said.  I told her I was selling them for 2.00, but, I didn’t have many people buy them. “Do you want one?” I pointed to the button. Yes. I handed her the button. “Wear it proudly,” I said. She sort of stared at me, and I could see her ‘wheels were churning’. “Trumps the only answer for us,” I added. “I don’t know, Trump scares me,” she confided. I looked at her shocked, she smiled, a bit embarrassed. Why does he scare you?” I asked. “Oh, he says things,” she replied.


Pilgrims, I proceeded to give her a Political History Lesson, and when I was finished, she said, “You are right’’! Nothing could be scarier than four more years of Obama.” She pined on the button. “Remember, Christians need to wear it proudly,” I said as we went down different aisles.


Pilgrims, since that chance encounter, I’ve been doing some heavy-lifting: thinking, and there is no doubt America has become a country filled with weak-kneed milk-toast Political Fence Sitters. Christians, especially, have been straddling the Fence of light and darkness. Dreading the light and yearning for the darkness, but snagged on the horns of a great ethical dilemma that God’s holy bible has ingrained in their ‘taught’ conscience, since the early days of Sunday School, that taught them sin drives the entertainment wagon down the road with two forks: one turn leads to Hell, the other to Heaven. Any poll will tell you nearly all people want to go to heaven…but, they prefer a leisurely stroll through Satan’s ‘Redlight district, first.


This isn’t Old Doc’s imagination running wild it is God’s description of the nation of Israel’s open rejection of him as their God. When they chose sin rather than righteousness, he called them whores for chasing lovers: idols.


The Apostle John, in Revelation 3:15-16, writes about the spiritual charges Jesus has against the Church of Laodicea: “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”


God’s earthly church in America, that in the past had biblical men who wrote great documents that engendered the Creator steadfast to its people of the book: God’s Bible, that championed a spiritually ingrained conscience that produced ethical outcomes, has been replaced by an open rejection of the Creator of this world, his only Son, Jesus Christ, and their divinely inspired word, our Bible.


Led by godless, atheist Feminist agenda driven women, followed by weak, follow-a-long men who had their place usurped in the home, at church, and in society, have set the example of  how professing Christians have become little more that Fence Sitters.


Like the Babylonians that set up a two year siege around Jerusalem so they could starve the Jewish Nation until it surrendered and eventually turn them into slaves, in America, God’s enemies came and encamped our country with the idea of straining out the last vistage of the Bible’s influence. It began with Prayer…it has ended with Same Sex Marriage and a Transgender battle.


Old Doc wants to give those wayward Christians the benefit of the doubt, so he will just call them naïve when it came to recognizing what their votes for elected officials that held a dark dirty secret: they too wanted to see the Bible’s influence diminished, restricted, and removed from the hearts and minds of America’s children, so, they couldn’t see how harmful their political support for this type of Liberal Party-thought could eventually harm and change a once great biblical Nation, so, they voted for the Democrat Party.


It is too bad the good Lord didn’t spring that sharp barb wire between the legs of the Fence Sitters, perhaps, they would have been more cautious about trying to live a biblical life while balancing on a fence that was constructed with half-light and half-darkness. Jesus told believers we couldn’t serve two masters: Satan or God. In reference to a once great biblical country: America, He was correct, we ended up hating him and loving Satan


Ensconced in my ‘little piece of heaven’, nestled in the woods of Kentucky, when I go up top-side and mix and mingle with the folks in my neck of the woods, I think I have the same feeling the Creator must have felt when he couldn’t deny a people who once called Him their God have spurned his attempt to love them and to counsel them with wisdom only he can provide


The enticing ideology from the lips of self-anointed ‘Rain-makers’ and physicians promising healing from all manner of ‘self-made human diseases, which are sin, gave Fence Sitters ‘itchy-ears’ (The Apostle Paul’s words for religious non-religious humans seeking Nirvana while standing at the temple door offering sacrifices to any god so they wouldn’t be harmed) because decades of ‘Self-esteem’ failures couldn’t accept a God that would punish and discipline those he loved. Somehow, the personal sacrifice of his only son on a cruel cross didn’t count with the Fence Sitters.


Man made himself in his own image! Though he started with a one cell amoeba, doesn’t count with Fence Sitters. They are self-acclaimed Christians who call upon the Lord…when it doesn’t contradict their spurious brand of the Gospel.


When Jesus trod this earth, he chose to spit this type of believer out of his mouth. He hated Fence Sitters! Unfortunately, in America, that is about the only kind one can find.


Come this November, our Nation will discover if it is a country filled with biblical believers or Fence Sitters. America is in this quagmire of sin because Christians failed to honor Jesus Christ and defend his inspirited word: the Bible at the ballot box.


Old Doc closes with this note: Christians don’t kill babies; they don’t support any candidate that does.


Doc Christian



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Old Doc is certain Pilgrims that the original signers of the Constitution are turning over in their graves as they witness the new Traitors to America signing a letter pledging to stop Trump from becoming President…because he is too dangerous for our country’s future. The majority of them are ‘lifers’ in the Republican Party.


While the SSR media waxes eloquently how they agree with the fools, we of the New Political Revolution…Trumpeters, want America to know a ‘new day has dawned in the world of politics, and it will never be the same.


If these miscreants think they can still influence the outcome for the game of politics, they are in for a rude awakening. God forbid, Hillary should win in November…the Creator couldn’t possibly allow such a woman of such low repute…could He? Regardless…if Trump wins or Hillary steals the election, like Kennedy did, as ten thousand dead people in Chicago voted for him, and he vanquished Nixon, the Republican Party, in its present condition, has out-lived its usefulness. If setting Republicans failed to endorse Trump, their political careers are finished…unless they choose to run as a Democrat.


The new voice and face of the Republican Party will be able to run ‘local Dogcatchers’ as a candidate and it will be a landslide for the Trumpeters. We will punish…punitively, any Republican that tries to run on a different Republican stage.


The Bushes…that I supported and gave hard earned money to their campaigns have wounded me deeply. Old Doc has discovered…too late, he was a fool believing that particular type of Republican gang that couldn’t shoot straight’ was ever really interested in Making America Great. The entire world now can see the wolves clothing they wore while doing ‘sleight of hand’ tricks designed to make us think they really were working for the best interest for all Americans, and not just the moneyed ‘fat-cats’ in the halls of congress (where leech blood sucking Lobbyists prey on America’s citizens good will and pocketbooks), Boardrooms and Wall Street.


My opinion, these fifty Traitors to our Republican Party and to all of America’s citizens could teach Aron Burr a few lessons! Bush forty-one couldn’t be re-elected because he proved he didn’t know the definition of a lie; and when he lied to the citizens about raising taxes, he was ash-canned. Evidently, now all of these people have learned to love a liar!


Though Hillary is one of the world’s foremost liars, and has been guilty of treason for exposing our country’s most Top Secret confidential information, and has blood on her hands for the deaths of our secret Agent spies, these self-knighted’ enlightened people are deathly afraid that Trump will be careless with our nation’s secrets. I guess EXCEEDLINGLY CARELESS isn’t as bad…aka: Hillary’s track record. If this gang of ‘cutthroats’ can’t understand Trump hasn’t been guilty of any breach of security, while all of our allies and enemies know it is true regarding Hillary, why would they wish to vote for one that is so ditzy, incompetent, and EXCEEDLINGLY CARELESS…unless they have been ‘closet’ Democrats all this time.


As one staunch Republican ‘lifer’ that has been trundled through the muck and mire for decades by weak-kneed’ ‘milk-toast’ Republican elected officials…and we ‘played nice’…as our proverbial face was shoved in dung, I’m proud to see the party finally has a ‘fighter’ who will give as good as he gets!


In the aftermath of this group of cowards willing to play ‘rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic, as it sinks into history’s abyss, because they don’t like the cut of the jib of our next President’s sometimes ‘rough shod’ demeanor, let me sound the alarm and make it perfectly clear what this gang of blowhards want all American’s to know about them. In reality, I doubt seriously they do want us to know this awful truth.


For those ‘scardy-cat’ Republicans and biblical people who claim to honor Jesus Christ with their life, if you support these losers and support our enemy: Hillary and the Democrat Party, the following is what you support, and put a check mark by each one.


  • You want America to become a Socialist country where the government determines all of its citizens outcomes.
  • You wish to punish innovation and risk taking by business visionaries…and you want them taxed so they will seldom find success.
  • You want the government to control your Health Care.
  • You want your taxes to increase so you can give more money to the government because they are frugal and smart with how they spend the money.
  • You want your money to be given to any illegal…for any reason…and you are willing to build an addition on to your home to shelter them so you can help better provide for them.
  • You are overjoyed about the political direction America is heading.
  • You are thrilled about the religious direction America is heading.
  • You don’t think Education is being fairly judged by its critics…and you trust our government to do what is best for our schools and country.
  • You like the college climate on their campuses concerning religious and political freedom.
  • You support the election of more of the same type of Supreme Court Judges now sitting on the court.
  • You support more welfare for people who choose to live off your sweat.
  • You encourage and not discourage more Americans to be given more welfare.
  • You are very happy our Capitalist economic system will cease to exist, where merit isn’t rewarded and sloth is solicited.
  • You support the killing of babies and the marketing of baby parts for profit.
  • You like your tax dollars being given to Planned Parenthood.


  • You trust a liar… the FBI director said she was EXCEEDINGLY CARELESS WITH THE TURTH, and you are comfortable teaching your children it’s OK to lie.
  • Hillary has proven she is worthy of your trust because she has shown she has personal integrity.
  • You think a woman should be President.


  • Hillary’s personal and professional failures don’t deter you from giving her your support.
  • The fact the Clinton Foundation is a ‘charity’ and it gives only 10% of its money to charitable causes, doesn’t bother your sense of righteous indignation.
  • You are glad major Republican political players are supporting Hillary.


  • As a Christian, you don’t think it is anyone’s business who you vote for or whom you support…including Jesus Christ.


  • As a Christian, you don’t think the Bible has any right to play a part in your political life.


  • As a Christian, you are content with how the Bible has been treated by the Democrat Party for the past forty years.


  • As a Christian, you support Black Lives Matter, and you support the murder of white/black/brown/yellow and red skinned cops for political purposes.


  • As a Christian, you are okay with the Black Lives Matter being supported by the Democrat Party.



For the ‘gang that couldn’t shoot straight’ Washington ‘insider’ Republicans that want to derail Trump and our new political revolution, you can withhold your support, but you are only guaranteeing the sun has set on the ‘Grand Old Party’s backside. If Hillary wins, you will have the blood on your hands from the great men that chased a dream to secure freedom for this country’s people, as they gave the full measure of what they had to win freedom. Your support for a Socialist/communist regime that has been working feverishly for the past eight years to dismantle all their sacrifices, will present a fiat ac-compli’ whereby America will certainly be changed for the ever.


Doc Christian


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I didn’t watch much of the Socialist/Soviet Republic/Democrat Convention because at age seventy-six, I have a delicate stomach. When the world’s bile piles up, I have a problem: you guess?


I did catch one of my favorite (past tense) actresses, Meryl Streep; give a performance of utter glee of the type I haven’t ever seen in one of her movies, as she put up her hands in a field-goal sign, ha ha… or it was a praise for Jesus, or a celebration that she just couldn’t contain another second for Hillary’s coronation.


Knowing what a great actress she is, and knowing I’ll never see another movie of her’s, I was sad for a moment; then, I began to reflect upon the real reasons why she acted like a ‘giddy school girl’ when the Captain of the Football team glanced her way.


Since I can’t read her mind, I just allowed myself to use her history, the history of her party, and draw my conclusions.


Perhaps, she was celebrating how she could now tell the young, Feminist women of the country how wonderful it is to vote for a un-repented liar about nearly everything she has ever been involved with since Bill and her teamed up. She was ‘letting loose’ the last shackle that had moored her to some sense of personal integrity, for she wants the world to know she prefers a Woman Liar and traitor as her country’s President. She celebrated that lying isn’t wrong; lying is actually a good thing. After all, look where it has gotten her favorite candidate.


Perhaps, she was celebrating the ‘good news’ that Hillary will one day soon bring back the ‘standard-bearer’ for women’s dress: pants only, and even gaudy ‘combat boots’, the type the first Unisex feminist wore in the seventies.


Perhaps, she celebrated that children should be taught that telling the truth is for ‘suckers’. She wants each parent to recognize that being known as a liar, even by our now discredited F.B.I. Director, isn’t a ‘bad thing’, and actually it is often rewarded by the country’s citizens, and especially feminist Atheist women and the government Perhaps, she the wants the country to know the Muslim terrorists aren’t to be feared, and that she and most of her Hollywood friends don’t think National Security is a thing to be protected, since they are going to help elected a woman who couldn’t be hired by our government for any intelligence job.


Perhaps, she was celebrating women can finally retire from their tried and true ‘traditional’ job of providing a moral compass for the children of this nation, since she is publicly supporting a candidate that excelled in nothing and proved incompetent in nearly everything she put her hand to: including the safe guarding of our Nation’s most Top Secret and confidential information.


Perhaps, her mind couldn’t keep from seeing two or three more blacked robed corrupt Atheist Supreme Courts Judges passing down unconstitutional edicts that will usher in Polygamy, while ‘hunting season’ opens up on the persecution of biblical citizens. She celebrated the Bible will soon be considered ‘hate speech’, and those who dare use scripture will be marginalized at work, denigrated in public, harassed constantly by race-baiters, and end up in prison.


Perhaps, she is a ‘closet’ hunter and she knows the election will be decided before Deer and Turkey Seasons come, and she will be able to shoot her guns and put meat on her table. I guess that would be more like a nightmare, huh?



Perhaps, she saved her most gargentum celebration for those things she most prized?


Perhaps, what she really wanted to celebrate was the complete removal of all restrictions on killing babies…even seconds before they entered the world. Maybe she was filled with glee because Planned Parenthood, come 2017, would soon be able to openly advertise baby parts for sale, and the organization could in earnest start creating huge profits for their Executives. Perhaps, with Hillary as President, she could now turn her attention to those babies who really needed protection: P.E.T.A’S animal world…plant world…sea world… and of course America’s greatest enemy: Global Warming.


Perhaps, it was her cum-bay-ah moment for her love for Black Lives Matter organization, and she too wanted to join this Communist fronted group: New Black Panther Party, as they target the killing of police…especially WHITE cops. Why not? The Democrat Party praised them and supports them…and Obama is see with them in public.


Perhaps, she couldn’t contain herself because the dull, listless boring speech delivered by Hilary…that couldn’t even keep her husband awake, was finally over.


Old Doc’s opinion, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, and you live your life using biblical principles, and this Godless demonic spectacle didn’t make you cringe and moan about what America has become, you need to check in the book of Revelations to see if your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of life.


Doc Christian


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     Biblical people in America need not operate under a ‘false illusion’ that the political process holds out hope for our future. Regardless of political party, Jesus Christ isn’t high on the agenda to be honored in this once great biblical country

When the Republican Party has a ‘standing-O’ for Trump’s acknowledgment of the homosexuals…which means, overtly or covertly, we support Same Sex Marriage, God isn’t going to be overjoyed by this public announcement.

From old Doc’s vantage point, America has just chosen to go the way of the Nation of Israel: as the Creator punished these unfaithful people for rejecting Him and choosing to worship gods make of flesh, stone, and wood, rather than his holiness, with four hundred years of Egyptian bondage. The Bible implicitly states God isn’t pleased when his people call things that are good bad and things that are evil, good.

Listless and careless Christians of the past five decades have been spiritually lulled to sleep while God’s enemies worked diligently and even way-into-the night’ to tare down the biblical foundation our country was founded upon. Ignorant Christians who thought their ‘political’ support couldn’t possibly harm God’s kingdom and his earthly church, like a whore passing out favors to gain popularity, worshipped on Sunday and danced with the Devil weekdays. Like a mute, they sat silent as the Bible was ripped from it foundation, scripture reading and prayer in classrooms were stricken and forbidden, the Ten Commandments were removed from our public venues, including our court rooms and court yards, Christ was taken out of Christ-mas and we were given Happy Holidays, that included all false gods structured around fallen men and even despots, and we helped empower God’s enemy agents: an Atheist dominated Supreme Court that hands down edicts according to their particular brand and flavor of political party bias, rather than cling to the Founding Fathers’ of this country’s sacred documents: particularly our Constitution, as people professing to love Jesus more than self, voted into office congressional officials that openly mocked the wisdom of the Bible and God the Creator’s claim for creating this universe.

Like the sinister ‘Angel of Death’ of Moses’ time, God’s church on earth looked the other way when acknowledged ‘Church Leaders’ fell asleep at their post, and allowed a secular disease to metastasize inside sacred ground, under the guise of seeking a ‘Fair God’, rather than a ‘Righteous God’, and they incrementally changed God’s commands and instructions…including the leadership positon of women in his church, and changed, on a personal whim, the jots and tittles they deemed unsuitable and unclean. They added praise and support for those things God called un-natural and an abomination, and even ordained it to be holy.

There were several times biblical people stood up and raised some ‘righteous indignation’, but only for a season, and the ire soon dissipated. The true biblical people didn’t think it was important to separate from those who used an amalgam form of Christian worship, and those who supported heathens were treated like-wise by those who never faltered from God’s Bible. One might suggest this was a dysfunctional form of worship: claiming to love and serve Jesus as their King, while actually engaged in spiritual infidelity with Satan’s whores. If you challenge old Doc’s allegory, read the book of Ezekiel and the story about the Two Sisters in chapter twenty-three.

If one cares to insert the name of America into the place of one of the sisters, I think it will shock and possibly amaze you about the demise of these women. I don’t pretend to know the mind of God. I don’t pretend to understand his will for America, but, I can use his word to forecast America’s brightest days, biblically, have come and gone. While I’m in agreement that President Obama often lies to the citizens of this country, he spoke the truth when he publicly announced: America is no longer a Christian Nation.

History is never the fool! Rome may have burned because Nero needed a way to punish his enemies and blame it on the ‘People of the Way’, but its time had passed because its leaders had become so corrupt they too called evil good and called good evil. Its moral foundation eroded away and it was the linchpin that held it together.

To be honest and blunt, the Presidential Election is about the history of America’s future. We have reached the precipice of our nation choosing to travel one road from a choice of two roads: either we will choose to travel the road to Sodom or the road to the Promised Land.

Women, not men, will decide who the winner will be! The men of this country have been so Feminized they have lost self-respect and are listless about the future of the country… and aren’t engaged politically. As long as they can find their pleasures of choice, they won’t rock the boat.  For five decades, they have lost so often in the public arena; they don’t think they can win. Women, who reject God’s Bible, have won so often, at the expense of men, they don’t think they can lose. When was the last time you heard an advertisement about ‘BOY POWER’? When did the government last announce they are an ‘advocate’ for boys?

The really good man, Pence, has been added as flavoring for biblical people, none need to get your ‘scripture’ hopes high, for the Republican Party is also secular rather than biblical. We too, have been seduced by an Atheist agenda in the making for hundreds of years. The Angel of Death passed by those Jewish homes of the faithful that were marked with animal blood, and it seems, in 2016, few Christians have marked their homes so that God can recognize them and empower them…especially when they go to the polls for we are inundated by heathens of every stripe that want to not only removed every scintilla of God’s biblical wisdom and influence, but to persecute those who dare challenge their right to dictate our religious faith and practice.

While each party tries to claim the ‘high-ground’, as it portrays the other as a ‘ship of fools’, America’s biblical voters must choose whom they will serve? The Democrats have given up any pretense that God’s Bible influences its decisions and political platform, and the Republican Party still tries to present some form of biblical influence when it makes decisions, but, just a little.

Old Doc could easily pare this down to the truth for those voters who claim they have been washed by the blood of Jesus: we must choose the lesser of two evils: Trump or Hillary.

Perhaps, Old Doc’s test of Common Sense might help. If you had fifty thousand dollars to invest for your retirement, whom would you trust and whom would you choose: Trump or Hillary, to help you reach your retirement goal? Would honesty and integrity matter? Would the person’s ‘track-record’ be important? Would their talents to produce the best investment returns matter? Would the counsel from a second party be important to help you reach your goal? How would you vet a person’s ability? Would you use results or promises to choose this person to safe-guard your retirement funds? Would it matter if the person was a man or a woman?

Another test: If you had a secret you didn’t want the world to ever know, but, you had to choose to tell either Hillary or Trump, whom would you choose? Your choice, why did you choose that particular one?

If you were a professional soldier, whom would you trust to be your Commander In Chief? If you were one of our secret agents serving to protect our nation’s safety, and to protect your life, whom would you trust: Trump or Hillary?

Might that be the real reason why America is in the mess it is today: our citizens didn’t think these simple, common sense answers mattered when it came to our elected officials?

Doc Christian


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     Pilgrims, the political pundits are telling all that Hillary Clinton will be our next President. I pray not, but, it is in the Lord’s hands.

If she wins, Feminist women will elect her, or Feminist Independent women, often masquerading as Christians, will elect her is more accurate. Knowing what the entire world knows about Hillary, I have been mulling around in my head what these women will tell their daughters why they chose her when they exercised their right to vote. Perhaps, this is how it would sound.

Girl:  addressing her mother. “Good morning Momma, did you have a wonderful time at the political rally?’

Mother: “Oh it was so exciting! Just think… America is going to elect its first woman to be President. Isn’t that great, dear?”

Girl: “Yes. Most of my friends at school would vote for Hillary if they could vote,”

Mother: “Yes! Every woman should vote for her. Even our Supreme Court, women judges said so.”

Girl: “She can then really boss men around, huh?”

Mother: “Well, I guess one might say she could, but, that isn’t the reason why she needs to become President.”

Girl:  “Some people say she doesn’t deserve to be President. Why do they say that?”

Mother: “Many people question her honesty; but, that doesn’t really matter, they are just poor losers.”

Girl: “Do you think she lies? People on the T.V. are always discussing this, we kids do some.”

Mother: “Don’t pay them any mind, all politicians lie, it is expected in a ‘grown-ups’ world.”

Girl: “So, it’s okay to lie?”

Mother: No! “It isn’t okay to lie.”

Girl: “But, you just said”…

Mother: “It’s complicated, dear. When you are older, you’ll understand better.”

Girl: “The FBI Director said she did lie, and he said she was extremely carless. When you catch me in a lie, will I be extremely careless or just telling a lie?”

Mother: “We women need to focus upon what is important: a woman winning the election.”

Girl: “So, being honest isn’t important for America? How will we trust her not to lie when she speaks to us?”

Mother: “When she becomes President, she will not lie again. I know I can trust her.” (Proverbs 12:22 “The Lord detests lying lips, but, he delights in men (women) who are truthful.”)

Girl: “But, Momma, you told me that Susie is a ‘natural born liar’ and anyone would be foolish to believe anything she said Remember, you told me people that have a history of lying, never change.”

Mother: “Can we change the subject? Aren’t you going to be late for school?

A week later

Mother, “Hurry, I think it is time you went with me to the protest rally against the Anti-abortion crazies at Planned Parenthood.”

Girl: “Momma, I see the signs: Prolife and Prochoice, what’s the difference?”

Mother: The Prolife people want to force the woman to have a baby rather than be able to choose to have an abortion on demand.”

Girl: “So, we are for babies dying before they are born?”

Mother: No! “We aren’t wishing for babies to die, we just want a woman to have the right to choose to have an abortion if she doesn’t want it or can’t care for the baby.”

Girl: looking up as her mother in shock. “So, the women carrying those Prochoice signs want the right to kill a baby?”

Mother: “It’s not a real baby until it is born.”

Girl: “But, Momma, you told me you sung to me when I was in your tummy. If I couldn’t hear you, why did you sing? (Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.”)

Mother: “Yes, I did sing and I’m sure you heard me. It’s very complicated.”

Girl: “So, Hillary wants to kill babies?”

Mother: No! “She doesn’t want to kill babies! She just wants to protect the rights of women not to have a baby.”

Girl: “This is very confusing to me, huh Momma?”

Mother: “When you are older, you’ll be able to understand better.”

Girl: “Did you want to have an abortion before I was born?”

Mother: “Oh no darling. I never ever thought about having an abortion when you were born.”

Girl: “Lucky thing for me, huh? If you are in support for women to have an abortion, do you wish your mother had one before you were born?”

Mother: “That’s a silly thing to say.”

Girl: “Momma, Jill’s mother said she is a Christian, and she told her the woman should have thought about the consequences of having sex before she got pregnant. She said it was a sin and even murder. Is she right?”

Mother: “Jill’s mother is stupid to believe anything in a Bible. An abortion isn’t about killing; it’s about a woman’s choice.”

Girl: “Does the baby die?”

Mother: “It’s awfully complicated.”

Girl: “I know, I know, it’s like lying, right?”


Girl: “I heard you and daddy arguing. Are you mad at daddy?”

Mother: No! Sighing, “Sometimes it’s difficult for a man and a woman to agree on some things.”

Girl: “Daddy said you’ve’ changed. He told me not to go with you for your rallies at Planned Parenthood. He said I’m too young. Am I too young?”

Mother: What!

Girl: “He said you use to go to church. He said since you quit, your parents are frosty with our family.”

Mother: “He told you that? I’m going to…. Sometimes children believe things that adults don’t.”

Girl: “Like your mom and dad believe in Jesus and you don’t? Daddy is for Trump, did you know that?”

Mother: “He has made it obvious, don’t you think?”

Girl: “He said Hillary will be bad for us. What does he mean… an economic disaster? He said she’s never created a job in her life, and Trump has created hundreds of thousands, is that true?”

Mother: “He’s talking about our nation’s debt, and out of both sides of his big mouth.”

Girl: laughing, “He said it was about our family’s taxes we owe.”

Mother: “He is a worry-wart. He thinks Hillary can’t fix things.”

Girl: “He said she couldn’t fix anything. Is that like your brother who you say can’t fix a light bulb?”

Mother: “As the first woman to be president, she’ll do a lot more than a man.”

Girl: “Daddy said the only reason why she could get elected is because she has ‘indoor plumbing’. I thought everybody in America had that.”

Mother: scoffing, “Your daddy thinks he soooo clever sometimes.”

Girl: “This does seem confusing.”

Dear Pilgrims,

400 of you have recently resigned from my blog. Thank you! Your disagreement with God’s Bible and his truth is what I wished all professing Christians, that choose to ignore the parts of the Bible they don’t agree with, should do. Just leave God’s church. Your bad behavior model as Christians harms God’s earthly church and dishonors the Savior of the world.

America is in this biblical mess because Pilgrims like them have refused to use their vote to honor God, rather than serve Satan’s work on earth.

300 new Pilgrims have recently signed up, so we will soon replace those wolves in sheep clothing Christians. Perhaps, those who believe the Bible is divine will send out the word about the blog and many more will join.

Doc Christian




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Pilgrims, I sat nearly mesmerized by our President’s eulogy in Dallas for the fallen cops  murdered by a ‘New Black Panther Party’ thug hungry to kill white cops and white people, as his message was sent out to all Americans. WOW! It was the best one I have heard from him during his time in office! For the very first time in my life (seventy-six years), a Liberal Democrat held an honest conversation about race and the racial divide in America. You offered little in the way to find solutions, but it was a eulogy.

What if our President had delivered that speech seven years ago?

Mr. President, today, you demonstrated you possess the qualities of leadership…for all American’s, and not just for people of color. As I watched your speech unfold, my heart felt faint because I couldn’t help think about all the times you chose to be the President for a few, rather than all of us, and each time the racial divide widened.

President Obama, you held the ‘bully pulpit’ and you had the power to persuade and greatly influence the people of America…and especially America’s black society, but too often, my personal opinion, you chose to excuse bad behavior and even criminal choices by bad-actors in America’s black society.

You failed to rebuke sinful lifestyles that have left two-thirds of a black society tethered to Generational Welfare and enslaved by a unionized teaching profession that care little about the semi-illiterates they continue to usher into an adult’s life. I do believe you agree with me that ignorance abounds when education isn’t present, and often is discounted as “Uncle Tom’ when a black society considers education of little importance. If in fact, we do agree with this truth, why haven’t you insisted all children be given an equal opportunity for success by demanding change: support for Charter Schools in poor neighborhoods, especially, provide taxpayers’ money for Home Schooling and work to defang the Teacher’s Union so local School Boards can hire and fire the best teachers they can hire? I suggest you publicly announce: “Washington can’t be as wise about education as the cities and town leaders, because they are intrinsically bound by Bureaucratic politics machine that favors tyranny: the use of taxpayers’ money to force America’s Schools to conform to what an ego driven group of ‘educators’ desire.”

Mr.  President, what if, when Ferguson blew up over a black people’s truth…that proved to be built on a house of lies, you showed up and gave a speech that tamped down hot rhetoric and you scolded the lawlessness and made a plea for all to allow our laws to work things out and sort out the truth and lies for a fair judicial outcome? What if, after the lies were told that burned down much of the city, you made a national speech, and called out the black people who were responsible for this terrible deed? What if, you used the scriptures and pointed out the failure of that thug’s parents rearing him to be a useful young man all black/white people could be proud of, rather than present him in public as a ‘good/decent’ boy…when everyone in Ferguson knew he wasn’t? What if, you had invited the white policeman who was falsely accused to come to the White House for a P.R. session with you and the Attorney General to do what could be done to rectify the wrongs that had been done by the black leaders of this city to that man? What if, you had traveled to North Carolina and did another P.R. session with the La Cross, men’s team that Al Sharpton and a corrupt State’s attorney nearly sent to jail because of false testimonies from public whores that told the world they had been sexually assaulted and raped, when, it was all fabricated lies. You could have told the world you didn’t support Sharpton and his lying, racist ilk, and you should have told the people your Attorney General was going to do all that could be done to prosecute the women and all involved with the lies. You could have demanded Sharpton write public apologies to each students parents, and had a front page, local newspaper story run about the lies and tell about the exoneration by our judicial system. You could have refused to keep him in the public eye in your administration. When Baton Rouge ignited, and the Black Lives Matter hooligans forced a police and civil confrontation, you could have come, unannounced, and talked about the need to be law-abiding citizens who knew it was wrong to disobey police because nothing they could do would change the future outcomes of police shootings. What if, you had traveled to Baltimore and stood with the police against teenage thugs run amuck raising hell…for no real good reason. Perhaps, your wise counsel about taking all the proper steps to get judicial verdicts those black people were screaming for, you could have kept the Baltimore District Attorney from ending up with judicial egg on her pimply (too young) face as none of the police criminal charges were proven to be true. Acquittals don’t look good on her resume; and, especially when they are handed down by a strict Constitutionalist, black judge.

Mr.  President, what if, you had invited Black Lives Matter leaders to travel with you to Chicago, on a Saturday night, so they could march and protest the constant carnage that takes place each week as black people kill other black people? You could have given a speech to implore and energize them to take up this cause that has great potential to do a lot of good for all black people in America, rather than spend all their time and energy on a few isolated white/black cop confrontations with mostly criminals.

Mr.  President, why didn’t you help Sharpton and Jessie and other black leaders and preachers, conduct some on going ‘old time’ revivals that didn’t wink at sexual licentious behavior, foul sounding and smelling Rap Music that encourages the killing of cops by hooligan people of all colors. Your ‘bully-pulpit’ could have brought public shame for such choices? Why didn’t you use that Bully Pulpit and insist the goal for black people was to be responsible for their choices, and to work diligently to get off welfare and find self-worth in the dignity of work. Mr. President, you could have inspired an entire black society to accept only excellence as the mark of success for one’s life. None can control or even stop evil people from doing heinous bad deeds, but you could have spent time in Chicago, on weekends, and impressed upon the people to resist the temptation to do evil and encouraged the congressional black leaders to not support it by their silence.

It is my opinion, your insertion of a ‘political football’: the Second Amendment was in poor taste during the eulogy for the five murdered cops, fueled by Black Lives Matter leaders. Will the ‘far left’ ever use common sense? If ordinary citizens are disarmed, how many cops are there to protect us from the evil people? Right! Not enough! If only thugs like the ‘New Black Panther’ murderer have guns, what are we unarmed citizens supposed to do? Don’t you think thousands of black folks think this in Chicago and other black drug infested neighborhoods every day and night? Why don’t their BLACK LIVES MATTER?

Mr.  President, you could have given that speech, a second time and changed the nuance, and told the people that the Democrat Nominee lacked personal and professional integrity, and she has too often been found incompetent and EXTREMELY CARLESS about her sworn duties in your cabinet, rather, than lie to America and tell us she is the best Presidential candidate…ever…though she should have been forced to face a jury of her peers to answer charges she lied to Congress, overtly influenced its outcome, and made a ‘shill’ of the FBI director: a person that has a known history for playing very loose (EXTREMELY CARLESS with the truth and she isn’t investigated under oath?) My opinion, if what Clinton has done was done during World War II; she would have been branded as a ‘traitor’…and possibly shot.

In my opinion, America has an enormous racial divide problem, but it is a mole-hill compared to the political corruption that permeates our entire power base in Washington. If you had chosen to address our Nation about our political divide with the same gut-wrenching truth about our racial differences. You sir, could heal more than just what ails us black and white.

I surmise that if you had chosen to have a ‘beer’ with the citizens of America as quickly as you did that drunken Harvard professor, the HOPE AND CHANGE you promised might have rejected a political agenda that brought about a nation pulling for one another rather than rooting for separation.

Screech! Thud! That was the Clinton’s crunching the FBI director under their ‘political bus’…for the same night she was wrongly cleared of all charges, she said he (FBI DIRECTOR) really didn’t say she was a liar (EXTREMELY CARLESS) with the truth. She indicated he had ‘walked back’ from that statement. SKID MARKS ON HIS INTEGRITY! The same can be said for all Americans’ that value truth and integrity. What is that percentage? November will give us that answer!

Mr. President, after sixty years of apparent progress concerning the black/whiteness of America, it seems we are grinding to a standstill. Will we go forth or move back? White America has done about all it can do: Affirmative Action, in and out of government, despite the Supreme Court decision to strike it down, more money poured into black schools than any other school systems, and an ever increasing generational welfare programs that seemingly return little for our tax dollars. Black and Liberal political wonks that talk and accomplish little,  promise much and deliver less than the lowest expectations hoped and prayed for,  Black leaders that never publically take responsibility for failed results, but, are quick to point to Whitey as the reason for their failures

I know you are a ‘lame-duck’, but you could choose to do an enormous amount of good before you try to earn your card on the Senior Tour. Replace Sharpton as your racial divider confidant and bring Herman King to the White House and listen to his counsel about the ways a black society can change and help Trump Make America Great Again.

Doc Christian .

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     In Doc Christian’s opinion, I declare that Black Lives Don’t Matter! Unequivocally, White Lives Don’t Matter; and you can throw in Red, Brown and Yellow Lives Don’t Matter, also.

After watching the murders of five of America’s finest White police officers being slaughtered by a black racist killer fueled by Black Lives Matter communist organization fronted by George Soros that is designed to spread anarchy across our ‘fruited land’, and its hate-filled thinking targets police officers, I know, today, more than ever before that the only lives, including the President, that really matters are our heroic Police Force and Firefighters, because they are really the only linchpins standing between ‘law abiding’ citizens and the anarchist who want to burn down America, strip her of all that is decent, orderly, and good.

I contend America, particularly White people, had better get ready to live in a racially fractured country. The ‘old’ Black Panther Party was a communist fronted organization (Communist Russia confirms this after the Berlin wall was torn down) designed to be a subversive group to ferment racial unrest, but, today, the ‘New’ Black Panther Party is a far more dangerous group (the Dallas murderer was a member), and they hate whites and especially white cops. Time will prove they are a domestic terrorist menace, and it is my opinion too many black folk will consider them heroes and protect them as they carry out heinous deeds to constantly stoke the fires of racial bias and hatred.

Few of the Black Lives Matter people were alive when America was a White bigoted nation against black people. Few of them have lived with any of the foul segregation ideas of the past. If they believe they have been unfairly treated by America, they should blame their anointed black leaders of the past sixty years. They tied the political-wagon to the Democrat Party (after the Republicans gave them the Civil Rights Law…not the Democrats) and they chose a self-imposed form of slavery to appease the black political powerbrokers, who cared little about them as they fettered them to a life of doom with the government’s form of their ‘plantation life”: generational welfare families, and failed education systems ruled by unions. If you disagree, do your own research!

As surely as if they helped plan the attack by their incendiary chants to burn and fry Pigs (America’s heroic Police force), there is blood on the Black Lives Matter organizers and supporters hands. May they suffer Macbeth’s journey into a hellish night: …”Out damn spot!”, for they will never have clean hands.

May the Democrat Party suffer this same condition for they have lent public praise and support for this thuggish group that tramples any other citizen’s rights as they close down streets and create havoc so decent people can’t conduct their daily affairs, in peace. Their Atheist ‘sideshow’ forces all to kneel to their demands, whether one cares to endorse their brand of dissent.

How did this happen? Why are thousands of black people willing to trash the great progress that has been made in America for the past forty years concerning race relations? A black person can live anywhere he can afford, he can eat at any restaurant, he can stay at the Waldorf Astoria…pent house, he can send his children to any private school the child can academically handle, he can even be President of the United States. Yet, they burn down Fergusson on fabricated lies and honor a thug with a rap-sheet. This is also done to Baltimore and the charges are obviously racially unjust, and a black judge ‘spits in the D.A.’s eye because he judicates the law based upon evidence, and not racially charged rhetoric, and the cops are found ‘Not Guilty. It was the same verdict for the police officer in Ferguson, but not before his life was ruined by lying black people…including his parents.

The ‘race pimp’ Al Sharpton, on national news never mentions the black racist killer in Dallas, but pumps the racist well for two black men shot by white cops that has brought about anarchy by black people. WHEN BLACK LIVES MATTER, AND ALL THE OTHER BLACK LEADERS, ELECTED AND SELF-APPOINTED ONES, shut down Chicago because every weekend many blacks kill other blacks for drugs, power, and to demonstrate how evil one can be given a free hand to do damage, all of America may be more sympathetic to the cause. Until that day arrives, they will be seen as racist HYPOCRITES.

I’m not privy to all the details concerning the two black men that were shot in the line of duty by white police officers; but, I have seen enough video to recognize that a man carrying a concealed gun, who has a rap-sheet of thirty confrontations with the law, and gets into a wrestling match with cops when he chose to not follow commands given by the cops so they could arrest him, peacefully, shouldn’t be surprised he got shot. Why do black people think a cop should risk his life to make sure the person being arrested doesn’t harm him? The goal of every police officer is to go home in one piece at the end of the day.

How many of those Black Lives Matter protesters would like to confront and try to reason with a criminal…while taking the risk he wouldn’t harm them…knowing he has a gun…because a 911 call came in telling them there was a wild man brandishing a gun and threatening people? I can tell you! NONE

The incident with the man in Minnesota, I just don’t have a clue about how that came down…accept, the officer was told the man had a gun, a permit, and the driver did something foolish: he moved away from the open car window and reached out towards the glove-box. The woman said he was just reaching for the gun and his permit. It all seems quite innocent, until you have to handle the hard questions: when he heard the word ‘gun’, do you think the cop’s adrenalin system was running on ‘high’ Is it possible his adrenalin caused him to focus upon the potential threat to his life  he couldn’t hear the added words: ‘he has a permit’? Unless one has been in a ‘life-threatening’ situation, one can’t identify with one person failing to understand the intended communication. Do the black people think this cop just wanted to kill a black man…for sport? If they do, they are evil.

When did black people, who are imperfect, like all humans, come to the point they will only accept perfect outcomes when it comes to people in confrontation with too many disagreeable people? Who among them hasn’t been guilty of causing harm to another person? Who among them has failed to listen well, and disastrous outcomes happened? If you failed to be perfect, why do you demand that from other people?

Where are the elected officials of our land? Where are the law-keepers of our Nation? Is my right to peace and tranquility less important than a loud menacing group of mostly young people who see the gathering as a time to party, spew hate and foul language? How dangerous is it to have streets completely shut down? What has happened to ‘your freedom ends where my nose begins’?

Where are those hooligans when thirty-five blacks are murdered in Chicago, nearly every weekend? Why don’t they call out the troops and close down Chicago where the drug dealers live? Why don’t they march in front of the political powerbrokers in that corrupt city and demand that their Blacks lives Matter?

America has changed and it is fueled by hatred of white people by people of color. Certainly… not the majority, but the minority that fuels the discord carry this bad-seed deep inside sick minds and tortured souls where they blame everyone for their misdeeds.

In an interview on Fox News (the only news that provides a forum for both sides to speak) one of Black lives Matters supporters (a woman) told the world: “murders in a black neighborhood aren’t important. That is interracial and to be expected. What counts are White cops killing blacks for racial hatred reasons. Whether a policeman had any justification for the killing didn’t matter.

Since few of the past four decades of people know anything about this country’s history, it would do this type of people a great deal of good to study history. Anarchy (they are anarchist) inevitably leads to tyranny imposed by more evil people than any of them could ever imagine. Is America headed down that road? Unless these malcontents change their goals, it will happen.

If that happens, White people who are openly approving and lending them support, will wake up  one day and find they will be treated just like the white students in the aftermath of the fiasco at the University of Missouri After the black students took control of the college, They kicked the white students out of their power base. You don’t need to take old Doc’s word for it, research and find out the truth for yourself

Now that Black Lives Matter has declared they want America to return to the race relationship in the sixties and seventies, where racial hatred and bigotry reigned…on the part of a white population…and now it will be a black population’s bigotry, what is the future for America?

Recently, I have been reading from the book of Jeremiah about the devastation brought upon the nation of Israel because they chased after other gods: (Baal’s), and rejected the Creator’s blessings and protection to serve their own selfish needs, rather than a holy God.

Unless America returns to the benevolent protection of a holy God (the Creator of the universe) it is going to be punished greatly. Doc! How can you say that? What could possibly happen? My opinion, I think God is going to just allow us to stew in our juices.

This new brand of racial hatred may help burn our cities, again. Our cities will once again become places of White-Flight as white people will leave those cities heavily populated by people of color…particularly black because the environments will have become hostile. This will bring about an economic collapse because there won’t be enough highly educated workers to meet the needs of a highly global technology driven corporate world. When a black society has sixty-five percent of its youth failing to earn a High School diploma, the job problem will greatly increase. It will probably force business interests to move manufacturing to places that have better educated workers, and particularly less racial divisiveness.

The saddest part about how the racial divide is widening is that there is a guaranteed solution, and has always been available: America must return to the God who created everyone. He has promised he wants to prosper and not harm us. He has told us our rejection of his guidance will only bring calamity upon this nation. Just as his only son, Jesus, sacrificed the full measure of his love: dying on the cross for our sins, he desires for us to forgive one another for our sins: past and present. Refusing to forgive trespasses of others only bottles up poison inside and distracts all from seeking to be holy…like the Holy God who created us.



          The raucous den cries for perfect when all are imperfect.

Imperfect people demand heroic effort in the face of danger.

Yet, yellow runs down backs…

Unsettled by perceived unfairness that adorns their life, they miss the mark,

while rejecting their responsible chaos and strife.

Hunkered down and shaking in their boots, rescuers that come and die.

Who gives a hoot?

Barbarians at the gate… mirror on the wall, who is responsible for the fall?

A child’s wail seeps into bone and marrow for daddy can’t come home.

Fatherless widows wake to a new day… changed and rearranged that has come to stay.

Glee in the street, it’s all about me, looking back is the history I want to see. Sins of fathers’, can they set me free?

Shots in the dark, fear all around, flee and hit the ground. Can’t someone save me?

Blood on the ground, Red, White, Black, Yellow and Brown, funny all bleed red, even when you’re dead.

Lord, save us from us, Pogo has always been wise.

Doc Christian

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Dear Pilgrims,

As our world seems to be coming apart and Americans are beginning to question outcomes, biblical and otherwise, particularly about our elected officials and President Obama’s ability to lead, all should be very interested in this article. Who do pilgrims think Obama is? Read this and draw your own conclusion. Contact your congressional reps and find answers.

Doc Christian

Thought this would be of interest.
                 An interesting little tidbit that might be of interest to you.
Checked out to be true by Snopes as seen at bottom.
The word “Dhimmitude” is found in the new health care bill; so what does it
Thought this was interesting and worth passing on.
Obama used it in the health care bill.
Now isn’t this interesting?  It is also included in the health care law.
Dhimmitude — I had never heard the word until now. I typed it into Google and started reading. Pretty interesting. It’s on page 107 of the healthcare bill. I looked this up in Google and yep,
it exists. It is a REAL word.
Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslim populations conquered through jihad (Holy War). Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-Muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence
AND as a coercive means of
converting conquered remnants to Islam.
Obama Care allows the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States .
Muslims are specifically exempted from the government
mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty
tax for being uninsured. Islam considers insurance to be
“gambling”, “risk-taking”, and “usury” and is thus banned.
Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this.
How convenient. So I, as a Christian, will have crippling IRS liens placed against all of my assets, including real estate, cattle, and even accounts receivable,
and will face hard prison time because I refuse to buy insurance or
pay the penalty tax.
Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan (the Muslim) will have no such penalty and will have
100% of his health insurance needs paid for by the de facto government
will be paying a tax to subsidize Muslims. This is
I recommend sending this on to your contacts. All American citizens need to know about it !!
Welcome to, the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation. Use the search box below to locate …

Health Insurance
Apr 13, 2010 … Dhimmitude
is the Muslim system of
controlling non-muslim populations
… The ObamaCare bill is the
establishment of Dhimmitude
Keep this
going. Every non-Muslim in the United States of America needs to know
about it


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Dear Pilgrims,

This blog article is in response to our local newspaper: The Outlook, Monticello, Ky. publishing this doctor’s column about the difficulty of curing this childhood disease: ODD. I sent the newspaper this article and asked them to print it: they refused to do so.

None need not look any farther for why America is in the mess it is in because when newspapers begin censoring biblical truths, and provide support for those who reject it, our children of this country are done a great disservice.

You can Google ODD and find out the basics of this terrible disease! I write that with ‘tongue in cheek’. If you are part of the problem, get on your knees and seek God’s forgiveness for falling under the sway of Baal’s wisdom…then repent and begin using the wisdom of God for you and your family’s spiritual health.

Dr. Robert Drake and his medical cronies can rest easy tonight because Doc Christian is going to revel the closely held secret, that was well known for over two hundred years of this nation’s history, but has been lost and forgotten for the past fifty years that is guaranteed to cure the ODD disease that has plagued this country for over fifty years

I feel I must add a ‘disclaimer’: Doc isn’t a MD or any type of high-falooting Physiatrist; but, he does have a Masters of Divinity in Theology, and is a certified Marriage and Family Therapist. I also have over thirty years of experience dealing with people with sin filled marriages that have reared ODD children.

Note to Dr. Drake: Doctor Drake this is Doc Christian’s guaranteed cure for this troubling disease that has become a plague upon our society. I confess, it was my parents parenting formula and’ prescription…handed down for generations by their parents. While you and the medical profession is flummoxed by this disease, and obviously those millions of ‘modern-day’ parents, does your research from the words of a world renown man of wisdom, who also happened to be a King and the richest man on earth: pique your interest enough to seek the intelligence and common sense found in one book? Instead of wearing yourself out trying to solve this dreaded disease, why not read the Bible, and particularly the book of Proverbs.

Doc’s opinion, the medical profession has been making a killing off of the backs of frustrated parents who relied upon the intelligence, wit, and even humor of the leading voice concerning the rearing of children for the past fifty years: Dr. Smock. This Advice Columnist…ha ha, ruined America. If you start with qualifiers that have proven to only make matters worse: leaned heavily upon the Atheist Feminist Agenda, adopted Time Out as the solution for rearing children, and received the Gold Seal of Family Success by our Public Educators; and, you reject the wisdom of God’s Bible, embrace the Self-Esteem Culture, you are forced to build more prisons, and mimic the work of our biased Supreme Court: make up things you decree will cure the people of what ails them: like ODD.

Who knew my father, a semi-illiterate, was wiser than the doctors of today! Growing up as a boy in the forties and fifties, I ‘m sure there were some children that fit your litany of reasons why the medical profession wished to embarrass themselves for not naming mostly godless parenting, as the reason for ODD. When I was a boy, if the idiotic parents hadn’t found a cure for this laughable disease: ODD, by the time the child entered First Grade, it was miraculously cured in a few weeks of school starting… the teachers had rulers and Dunce stools, and the School Principal…for sure had his draconian method: the Board of Education applied properly to the bottom of unruly, disrespectful, children with bad attitudes, and prone to fits of anger, suddenly disappeared. The harsh punishment meted out, in most cases, was followed by a harsher one awaiting the ‘little darling’ at home, took care of most of that nonsense

My mother has gone to be with the Lord, but I can attest that she knew how to cure ODD. She used a switch and a fly-swatter to reinforce her No…plus she had a stare that shot lightning through and through you: you didn’t want to get on her ‘wrong side’. Still, she was a ‘pussycat’ compared to my dad. I’m not sure how familiar he was with Solomon’s wisdom, but he sure used it. The five Grady kids grew up not wanting to step into his path of wrath for being disobedient, disrespectful to adults, and especially our mom. He punished a liar, severely and he talked about a child’s integrity and the honor of his family’s name. We respected him greatly and loved him dearly.

While the medical profession seeks to flimflam our society concerning the reasons for the improper behavior of Time Out miscreants…even in public, by telling them a bold faced lie: they have Odd!/ They don’t have a disease; they have a sin problem. The following instructions from King Solomon’s book are guaranteed to cure ODD, and are also guaranteed to work for the sin disease of Addictions.



1:8-9 “Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.”

12:1    “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.”

13:24   “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.”

19:18    “Discipline your son, for in that there is hope; do not be a willing party to his death.”

29:13    “A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.”

22:15    “Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far

from him.”

22:6      “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”


20:7       “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who missuses his name.”

20:12     “Honor your father and your mother…”

Doctor Drake, if you align your list of causes for this ODD disease with the guaranteed cures offered by King Solomon, just think how many foolish Time Out parents lives you can change…and how many children you can rescue from the real Disease: Feminist, Atheist Theology that totally rejects the wisdom of God’s Bible.

If the parents of ODD children are willing to pay an amount that is equal to a King’s ransom, old Doc Christian can guarantee he can cure your child of ODD, in a month, two at the most. I will have the child come and live with me and my wife without any interference from the parents, and they must sign a pledge to continue using Solomon’s medical/spiritual prescription for the rest of the child’s life.

Doc Christian

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