While half the country continues to ‘go nuts’, wear ‘sack cloth and ashes’, and ring up a billion dollar tab to America’s Psychiatric profession for depression over the election of Donald Trump as our new President, old Doc recently witnessed a T.V. news spectacle in some town meeting someplace in our Nation that defines perfectly why America is in the political mess it is.

A woman clone of ‘Olive Oil’ threw a ranting fit in a public meeting. She held her hands above her head, in a tear filled voice, and screamed, “This is my country, and this can’t happen in my country.” Her screams were her disbelief and great fear for HER America because the vast majority of its citizens across this land of freedom chose a President she didn’t vote for.

Pilgrims, old Doc believes that when America’s history is written about this specific time in our Nation’s history, honest historians, and they grow mighty scarcer every year, will note the essence of this poor losers lament is why our nation is a divided one. She isn’t bright enough to understand that her particular brand and ilk of people who have removed nearly every scintilla of evidence America was once a great biblical Nation has harmed this country nearly beyond repair.

Her country and Doc’s country are vastly different lands. For the past six decades, she helped her country become a place where decent folks don’t understand how a biblical Nation could become a godless one…and celebrate it. She can’t name one thing that Atheist/Secular thinking has accomplished that has enhanced America and its citizens. By every demographic and data measurement concerning the outcomes about our people, the cost to pay the fiddler for playing has been more than we could imagine. Doc offers the following as proof America has fallen off its moral rails and has suffered a spiritual ‘train-wreck’.

Our society has moved from marriage being important and legal, to Same Sex Marriage, and it not being important, legally or otherwise. Divorce was a sin and an embarrassment, and considered harmful to children, to it doesn’t matter. A woman’s greatest role was wife and mother, to neither; Children were important and part of God’s plan for mankind, to children are an inconvenience and God’s plan for mankind’s future isn’t important; Schools were places for learning and preparing for life; and discipline was the ‘hallmark’ for its accomplishment, to places where little learning is done because discipline isn’t administered;  Women were role models for girls who would become wives, to women who model skank behavior and encourage girls to emulate them; Sexual abstinence was taught,  and encouraged by our entire society, to one that thinks the use of condoms is the right answer while sixty percent of births are out of wedlock; Abortion was a sin, wrong, and a blood spot on a Nation’s history (Republican Party core values) thinking, to a government funded organization that celebrates killing babies and selling their baby parts for profit (Democrat Party platform), a Nation’s people rejected the idea of welfare because it stigmatized them, to fifty million citizens living off the sweat of their fellow citizens; un-elected judges rule our lives, and they hand down edicts that strip us of biblical light and freedoms; after World War II, fifty-five percent of our citizens filled our churches; less than thirty percent attend church, today; the Ten Commandments were used for display and learning in every educational place in America, today, you can’t display them on public, government controlled spaces; Scripture and prayer were part of a students’ day in our schools, today, they are forbidden; Our government used biblical principles to enhance its citizens, today, it rejects all public appearances of its use; Media and entertainment sought to tell stories that gave you a feeling good could win over evil; today, evil is promoted and glorified; our laws and those who defended them were considered our heroes, today, we often support those who advocate their murder; America elected a black skinned President, twice, to prove its people had found a way to get past racist and bigotry ideas; today, race and hate for the Bible has divided us, again; for forty-four Presidential elections America has had a peaceful transition to demonstrate to the world America is a unique place where democracy reigns; today, this woman’s cry” “This is my country,” is a possible fulcrum to bring about a violent non-acceptance of the peoples’ choice.

This lunatic behaving woman may shout all she wants, but she should recognize that these drastic changes in America’s social fabric were pleasing to her Atheist joins, but they were anathema and a stench in my biblical nostrils. She and her godless horde of Socialist/Communist ideology lemmings have ruined America. I want to see America restored to a country where the Constitution is a sacred document our jurisprudence system adheres to; and where true religious freedom is once again allowed and exercised in every facet of our land. I want to know that all Atheist influence must have to compete openly in the religious freedom market for the souls of mankind, and no longer can hide its moronic theology behind a myth: separation of Church/State. I want our education system to be required to teach the THEORIES of EVOLUTION and CREATION, side by side, since neither THEORY can be empirically proven, and both must be accepted on FAITH alone. It is an American idea that each citizen should have the right and opportunity to decide if they have been CREATED or come from a long line of Apes, don’t you think?

The results of the recent election of Donald Trump is a ‘shot across the bow’ for those citizens who have forced me to digest a long litany of indigestible, anti-biblical outcomes that have turned America into a Nation filled with unspeakable spiritual darkness. I’m not a naive boob that believes America will ever return to its biblical roots. We are unfortunately mired in a Secular/Atheist quagmire that spits out human souls as fast as it rejects the Creator of this universe; but, there is a grand opportunity for those who are the winners in the election to return to the rule of law and our Constitution. When we do this, many of these Socialist/Communist ideas can be defeated and removed from our daily life.

That lamenting screamer woman who has just been given a long over-due wake-up notice by the Conservative people in America, and to those unstintingly loyal millions of people like her, l want them to  know this isn’t HER country; it is OUR COUNTRY. She shouldn’t have any more influence that I do, and her worthless ideas shouldn’t be given any more weight than mine. While many countries have blood-fest coups that decide who will rule the people, thank the God of Heaven, in America, in our country, we have chosen the Voting Booth as our ‘fair and balanced’ weapon to decide who will run our country. Besides, elections have consequences; those are choice words right out of her favorite Socialist: President Obama’s mouth, so in football vernacular, “THERE IS A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN. Get used to it!

Doc Christian



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     Old Doc will be seventy-seven come July of this new year, and I can tell the world he has never been more proud of America for turning away the vermin that masquerades as ‘citizens’ from the seat of power that resides in Washington, D.C.. It is truly an historic moment in America’s history because those enemies of a holy God have been denied access to continue to ruin this once great biblical Nation. While I‘d love to know this election’s outcome is a ‘Back to the Bible’ political Reformation, I know it isn’t; and it probably never will be; I can take solace that it won’t continue to mock our country’s Founding Fathers’ brilliance and will turn back to elevating the proud tradition of our Constitution.

     “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17 Ephesians 4: 20 declare we should communicate thus: “Speaking the truth in love.”

Pilgrims, America has just ended a time in a political desert that has left biblical believing Christians fell oppressed. Since American voters have turned the Visigoths away from the ‘city-gate’, we can emulate the wisdom of Solomon: “When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.”  Pilgrims, old Doc says we need to get busy and do a whole lot of rejoicing!

Doc’s opinion, since the ‘good guys’ hold the political power: a majority in the House and Senate, plus the number one domino: President Trump, if old Doc was asked for counsel concerning how to proceed with ruling America in the best interest of all its citizens, this is what I would tell him.

I would invite the major political poohbahs of the Democratic Party to a parley. I’d include the head-honchos of the most prestigious media to join us. The first thing I’d do is have a little ‘show and tell’ exposition using the political map of our country. It would show the Red and Blue Political states of the past election. I’d have a picture of the Clintons’ behind prison bars, and a shadow of our recently defrocked dictator: Obama.

In a few choice words, I’d spell out the political reality of the new Political Movement that has razed the Liberal/Socialist/Communist political landscape: The Trump voters. I’d have a second ‘show and tell’ Political Map that clearly demonstrates how much more Red America’s states will be in four years; and, if they choose to stall, delay, and try to defeat the will of the people who ushered the Republican Party into power, they will guarantee they will lose more House and Senate seats in 2018. You need not tell them this will happen, anyway.

I would encourage Trump to tell them if they don’t approve of his cabinet in a week, he will instruct his new Attorney General to open a new investigation in Hillary’s acts of treason and into the Slush-fund’ Clinton Foundation for criminal charges. At the very least hint President Obama will be expected to testify in court before a Grand jury. You might choose to say, “My voters are encouraging me to open an investigation into the IRS to see how close to the White House this scandal reached

While the uber-left loonies are in a tizzy about Russia hacking the corrupt Democrat Party’s exposure of its very dirty Political linen, prior to this event, President Obama and the majority of Democrats’ expressed little concern, let alone any outrage about  our government’s employees being hacked by China or other enemies; or that we hacked Germany.

The zany foolish, Atheists from Hollywood rejoiced when millions of dollars were with-held from St. Jude’s Hospital for Children so they could depict Eric Trump’s Foundation as less than honorable and merely a ruse for Trumps’ to gain money and power, and Eric shut down his foundation to keep the enemy from using his foundation for political fodder to disrupt his father’s administration.  Those gut-wrenching ads so many of the Hollywood elites do, in the end, when it came to politics, those crippled children didn’t mean a thing, did they?

Give the whole kit and caboodle lot of political wonks, including the media honchos the opportunity to climb aboard the Trump Express or promise them they will all go down in flames as the Trump administration will by-pass all and speak directly to the Nation. By the time the heat is boiling the water and their feet will be held to the political firestorm fire, they will grudgingly come aboard. In this way, they will hold the fate of the corrupt Clintons’ in their hands. If they buck Trump and his Make America Great Again program, the law will be loosed upon the entire group, and they will ultimately be responsible for the sad outcome that comes from the long-arm of the law.

One last thing must be done before they aren’t made to ‘walk the plank’ They must issue Eric a public apology for harming all of the children that have benefited so much from the charity funds that have been given to places like St. Jude’s Hospital for Children. Meryl Streep should be the spokesperson that tells the world she is sorry for harming the children. The media can run front page stories supporting this sudden ‘change of heart, and why it is so.’

I suggest you get a signed Chicago Cubs baseball and roll it onto the table/ then roll a softball alongside of it. Tell them this is the choice they must make come January twentieth: play ‘hardball’ or softball’ with the voters’ choice. Give your party a future or watch it push-up Daises and be swallowed up by the multi-multiculturalism, European bent ideology that is akin to the Communist Party…and become more irrelevant than it is today. Personally, Old Doc prefers they choose the Cubbies because it will guarantee the Democrats will lose biggly, again, in 2018.

As a bonafide Pilgrim, old Doc has to admit either the acceptance or carrying-out scripture’s truth sometimes gives me a real challenge. Paul writes in Ephesians six “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.” Ephesians 6:12

But, doggone, I can’t see the authorities in the heavenly realm; I can see the evil from the enemies against a holy God carrying out Satan’s bidding, daily. In fact, these same enemies have been busy deconstructing America’s biblical foundation since I was a boy.

Mr. President, these people aren’t just people we politically disagree with; they are our enemies because they see a future for America that pleases Satan and hates the God of the Bible. Pilgrims, wake up! The future of America is in our hands…and in our votes.

Oh! That scripture challenge thing, we are to pray for our enemies. Yes! We do need to pray that the light of Jesus, that shines in Pilgrims, might chase away the darkness that resides in America’s enemies, and they will turn to Jesus and be saved.

Doc Christian



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     Old Doc Christian has been busy surveying the biblical landscape of America and he has decided there is an opportunity to ‘make some real money, quick as a wink; so, he is opening a Spiritual Fitness Camp, just in time for the onslaught of New Year’s Resolutions nearly two thirds of America’s Christians make about this time each year.

No, Doc doesn’t have any money to run those fancy Diet and lose fifty pounds in the next thirty days, eating their food menu ads, but, like those odd looking fancy ‘clothes hangers’ decorating Pilgrims homes: every type of exercise doodads imaginable that Pilgrims, and infidels purchased with high hopes of being miraculously changed before the new year was finished, I’m looking for recruits that want to gain weight and build muscle.

Welcome to Doc’s Spiritual Fitness Camp! Meet our D I instructor, Samson. Pay no mind to that jawbone of an ass he drags along with him, he really is a ‘pussy cat’ at heart.

Shouting, “Okay you fatsos, you are going to learn to love the sound of my voice. My graduates tell me I’m really a loveable guy, once you get to know me and are able to pass my fitness test,” he growls and smiles, menacingly.

Pointing to one obviously grossly over-weight recruit, “Come over here,” he beckons with his finger. He runs his eyes up and down the recruit. “I’d say you are at least a hundred pounds this side of healthy, wouldn’t you?”

Snapping his fingers, an assistant appears carrying a large sack filled with potatoes. “This weighs thirty pounds. While in Doc’s camp, you will carry this every step you are awake. This little ‘show and tell’ exercise will help you gain a realistic perspective of how much this extra weight is burdening your body; and it is just one third of how much over-weight you really are.” We have ‘parting gifts’ for all the tubbies. We certainly plan to reshape your shape, but as the Apostle Paul wrote, paraphrasing, ‘a little exercise is beneficial, but spiritual fitness is what is important to God. He listed a long litany of spiritual sins Pilgrims are often guilty of and fail to confess and seek repentance for. Paul added we suppress the truth by our wickedness. Among them are the following:

  • Just seeing the universe we live in and rejecting his authority and ownership leaves us lost in sin without an excuse.
  • Living amongst living creatures: birds and animals and reptiles, we built idols in their images rather than worship the God that made us all.
  • Men and women exchanged their natural sexual relations for unnatural ones, and have sex with each other.
  • God gave them over to a depraved mind
  • This depravity looked like the following: greed, envy, murder, gossip slanders, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful, strife, deceit, disobeying parents, no fidelity, no love, no mercy.

The most damming thing: Pilgrims approved of those who practiced them!

Pilgrims, Doc is certain, in some instances, Pilgrims were naïve, for a time, as the Atheists of America dismantled our biblical structure; but, when Pilgrims kept silent when the Bible and prayer was banned from our schools, how did this not incite great righteous indignation? How did we remain in a stoic silence? Why didn’t we storm our State houses, our Federal house, Washington, and demand this outrage cease? Why didn’t we band together and vote out any person, Political Party that openly or covertly worked to enhance this demise of God’s holy Bible in America? Why didn’t our church pulpits burn like a holy flame with sermons from preachers that possessed Spiritual Muscles? Why were we supporting messengers that, at best, could be described as, Wimpy, weak, pathetic heralds that did little to marshal the biblical troops to carry the fight for God’s side until God’s avowed enemies had won the battle for a Nation’s soul? Why didn’t the Pilgrims that believed that the Bible was from God’s Spirit, openly expose any and all that treated the Bible as a ‘man-thing’. When people professed to be a Pilgrim openly defied the truth from the Bible, why didn’t we collectively, expose their lies and tell the world they were a half-breed’ type of godless people wearing sheep clothing as a disguise for a wolf seeking to destroy God’s biblical foundation and earthly church? God’s church, in America, is guilty of breaking the covenant with God. We committed adultery and defiled the ‘marriage-bed’ with a holy God. Our lips said we loved God, but our hearts ran after those who took us away from the Bible and its rules for living, and moved us next door to Satan’s pit.

Samson: “Give each volunteer one of those monster sized Bibles. I’d say it weighs thirty pounds.” Balancing a Bible on one pinkie, “You are to carry this book with you every waking hour. It has two purposes: one, for those who could stand to lose a few pounds, it will be a ‘little miracle’ worker, and in a short time, you will shed some pounds; secondly, with the Bible in your hands and on your body, for you will struggle to handle its weight as you conduct your daily life, God’s holy presence won’t stray far from your mind or heart.”

All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. II Timothy 3:16

          …But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Galatians 5:22-23

         …Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about these things. Philippians 4:8

Recruit: “I just don’t have the strength to carry this book!”

Samson: “You will! You’ll be surprised what a time of intensive work with that book can do for you. In no time, you’ll have muscles where you never knew you had muscles. In the near future, you’ll be singing along with Timothy after his mentor, Paul, gave him good advice concerning the biblical legacy he received from his grandmother and mother, as a boy:

…For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of hands. For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a Spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. Do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord… II Timothy 1:6-8

Samson: “Right now, when you look into the Spiritual Mirror and the reflection is one you don’t care to see…and rightly so, it will pain you to know the ugly truth. After many intensive training sessions with God’s word, you’ll be amazed how the Spirit will begin to round off your curves to make you more attractive to the mirror and the world you live in.

…When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.

          Now we see but a poor reflection; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

          And, now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. I Corinthians 13:11-13

Old Doc’s opinion, in the light of the recent Presidential election outcome, it is very apparent the greatest need for God’s church in America is to train up ‘Muscular Christians’. God’s Kingdom is bursting at the seams with wimpy noodle-armed Pilgrims professing to be devoted to Jesus Christ. If so, it is during Sunday worship… but it is seldom seen outside the churches Politically Correct safe confines. I’m convinced we, collectively, in America, aren’t strong enough to put on the full armor the Bible expects Christians to wear, daily. Our Biblical muscles have atrophied from not being exercised regularly outside the church walls. We must have forgotten how strong one needs to be to handle Satan!

…Stand firm them, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition, to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the world of God. And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. Ephesians 6:14-18

Doc’s litmus test for a Pilgrim graduating from Samson’s Bible muscle building training: did you and your church protest, publically, and speak out against Abortion, Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage this past year? Did your pulpits ring loudly with sermons denouncing these great sins? Was the Bible’s truth used to defend the Christians’ position? Did your church openly discuss the biblical differences between the candidates running for the office of America’s Presidency? Did your church and its leaders point out that each Christian’s vote would ultimately be cast for a secular winner?  Since the idea of the Bible being a focal part of the winner’s platform wasn’t in the offing, was there a discussion about choosing the lesser of two evils?

You marked ‘none of the above’! You had lots of company! Drop down and give Doc fifty push-ups.

In 2017, will the Lord need to constantly ask: Who is on the Lord’s side?

Doc Christian


Pilgrims, 1567 new blog members since the beginning of 2017! We are over ten thousand strong! Our church is growing! Keep up the good work!

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     Since the George Washington University professors voted to no longer require American History as a prerequisite for graduation: it is considered P. C correct, and is superfluous since the First President of our country was wealthy, and he owned slaves, the information about how our country was founded…including its blood sacrifice, including Atticus’, would be harmful to a college student’s future academic success; and old Doc adds, confuse them with non-Communist Ideology.

Doc’s opinion, the answer for who are the dumbest parents in America, just might be those who pay nearly seventy thousand dollars a year to send their children to a college such as George Washington University.

Since it seems no educator in America can or will teach American History, Doc Christian’s America History, 101 is in session.

Why did President Obama/Kerry vote to ‘abstain’ at the recent U. N. confab that has evidently disturbed the normally placid Foreign Relations agreement with the U.S. and Israel (until Obama), and has created turmoil, again, with Israel and Palestine…and for President elect Donald Trump’s new Administration?

This is going to be quite insufferable for any Democrat that might accidently read what old Doc writes, but it is a BIBLICAL thing. Yep, it goes all the way back to the days of the capture of the Jews by the Babylon King, Nebuchadnezzar. It was how God Jehovah chose to punish his ‘Chosen People’ for their constant disobedience and rejection of his benevolence and protection, and their love of chasing after idols to worship, especially those that required sexual orgies for purification purposes. After four-hundred years of bondage in Egypt, he gave them another seventy years in captivity, for the same sin, and they saw the temple in Jerusalem burned.

The King left behind those he thought wouldn’t qualify for a ‘good slave’, and took the ‘best of the lot’ with him to Babylon.  The Jews that ended up in Babylon remained ‘pure blood’, those left, mingled and intermarried with the pagans (Muslims). After old Neb died, King Darius allowed Nehemiah and those who chose to leave Babylon, to return to their homeland: ten percent chose to return, particularly to rebuild the walls of the Temple and restore it. While the rebuilding was in process, those Jews that had been left behind by the King, came and asked if they might help with the work. Because they were a ‘half-breed’ people, and it started with Abraham’s son, Ishmael, their petition was refused: they were not considered worthy because they had mixed blood in their veins: blood from Isaac was considered pure, blood from Ishmael’s lineage, impure. The ‘bad-blood’ commenced to present relationship problems that exist today.

That pesky Bible! Isaac was chosen by God to be the blood line that would one day lead to the birth of the Messiah: Jesus Christ, though, ironically, the Jews never accepted him as God’s only son; they still don’t. But, biblical people across the world use the history of the Jewish Nation and the Bible to draw their conclusion that when Jesus returns to earth to judge everyone, the Jewish Nation will be the seat of his authority, because they are the ‘Chosen People’ since the days of Abraham.

After the end of World War II, 1947, a ship, Exodus, filled with Holocaust survivors from Germany, was denied entrance to Palestine or other ports. The British boarded the ship, killed some, and eventually they were escorted back to Germany and lived in internment camps: they were homeless. The British had earlier made an agreement to help Palestine control the territory known as the “Promised Land’ divinely given to the Jews by God, which Moses and Johnathan fought the Muslim world to claim for Israel.

The United Nations pressured England to separate itself from providing Palestine patronage while keeping quasi control. In May of 1948, the disaffected Jews were allowed to return to Jerusalem and became an independent state. The Muslim side of the equation: Palestine, grudgingly accepted this change, but, it set into motion disputes about territory and ownership that exist today.

America’s biblical heritage concerning these two countries is one of great intrigue and treachery, particularly politically. The great majority of Americans favored Israel verses Palestine for the same reasons God favored them: they were his chosen people; the Muslims people with mixed blood, were God’s enemies for these ‘half-breeds’ disobeyed God and mingled and married heathens that worshipped idols.

Blame this mess on the Bible, again! Millions of Christian believers accept an Eschatology theme concerning the ‘end times’ when Jesus will return: His second coming. Ultimately, its origin is about the interpretation of the Bible and its Doctrine of Theology. Revelation, that loved/hated book in the New Testament stirs up large goo of discontent, amongst believers, regarding how one handles the idea of God’s Sovereignty: God controls everything and causes everything. Pilgrims, it is way too complicated for old Doc to try and illuminate most neophytes about the T U L I P doctrinally. If you are of a mind to know, then seek out this Tulip doctrinal information.

In a few words as possible, America’s strong support of Israel is tied to the belief that the day Jesus returns to earth, he will again anoint the Jews as the ‘favored’ people and he will rule and judge from the Temple in Jerusalem, for a thousand years or whatever.

I must confess that old Doc is at odds with this biblical prophecy. I do believe Jesus will one day return, but I don’t believe he will occupy Jerusalem and live there. I don’t believe unbelieving Jews, or anyone who is still living, but is unrepentant of sin and hasn’t publicly accepted Jesus Christ as savior, will be saved.  All unbelievers will be judged and will spend an eternity in Hell

America’s fractured political alliance with Israel, my opinion, regarding our staunch loyalty to Israel comes from a flawed biblical interpretation, more so than from a political debacle. Our Christian voters have demanded we remain loyal to Israel because of their belief regarding Jesus’ return, and their return to power as a nation because they are considered all of this particular type of ‘end times’ biblical believers to be God’s ‘chosen people’.

While I could wax eloquent about this topic, and still have a multitude of dissenters about my biblical interpretation, I will just note a few things that leads me to the conclusion today’s Israel and the Jews there, have nothing to do with Jesus’ return or their being given a favored place in his new Kingdom. I don’t believe the bible teaches the Doctrine of ‘Original sin’. I don’t believe the Bible teaches children inherit their parent’s sin. I don’t believe acknowledging God is in control demands the belief he causes everything that happens: Question? Does ‘knowing’ demand ‘causation? I believe God is Omniscient and Omnipotent all powerful and in control, and knows everything, but, I believe he has given mankind ‘free will’. To become a child of God and to spend an eternity with Jesus Christ, one must choose to do so (Rom. 10:5-17 Jesus himself said ‘who so ever will, come.”

I believe the Creator is a Holy God! He is incapable of sin: Ontologically: essence. If he changed the requirements for salvation and Heaven, any time after the resurrection of Christ, he wouldn’t be a God of righteousness; if he gave the nation of Israel a different set of rules for receiving the gift of eternity, would he be a God of righteousness? No!  Therefore the remnant isn’t Israel, but the Christian of the New Testament age. All Jews can go to Heaven; but, they too must acknowledge Jesus as savior before they physically die. Jesus himself said there is only one way to Heaven, and it goes through him. “I’m the way the truth and the light, and no man (person) comes to the Father except through me.” John. 14:6

Pilgrims, while there are many legitimate political reasons for the United States to treat Israel like a ‘favored son’, and I don’t have a problem with it, if only for how these people have suffered at the hands of killers throughout Europe for centuries; but, its political standing with us shouldn’t be tied to the Bible’s interpretation or future prophecy.

Since the days of Abraham, the idea of a Palestine Nation or Jerusalem being its capital, are missing from the historic annals of the Bible. In fact, the Muslims have never been considered legitimate owners of any part of the ‘Promised Land’, which they now occupy, in part, in God’s economy.

Is it ironic that a son of Muslims chose to stick a political dagger into Israel with a vote for America to abstain concerning our support for a long-time ally, and to choose to favor the Muslim verses the Jew politically and historically? The United Nations is given tacit support for a people who have never held a legal right to the land they claim, according to the Bible’s recorded history, and voted to deny the legitimate owners access to the use of their land according to the Bible’s Old Testament history. Thus, England, who ruled this part of the world for many years, never legally owned the land; and they didn’t have the right, except by might, to give it to Palestine for political reasons.

Fast forward to 2016 and you have two types of people who are arch-enemies: Israel and Palestine. It is a contested convoluted political mess that probably will never be resolved, unless a war is waged and a victor claims the prize, principally because of biblical or non-biblical reasons. The majority of our people don’t have a clue about the biblical reason, and it is the most important one.

Our representative at the recent United Nations meeting castigated Israel for its unflinching positIon that they, not Palestine had the right to conduct their affairs as they saw fit. Israel. Israel, the only Democracy amongst a Muslim horde of countries surrounding it, was politically stripped naked, and exposed as a State, not a nation that had gone from an ally to our enemy. Oh! You can ameliorate the words and their meaning, but this is exactly what our non-vote declared to the world.

Kerry mentioned in his wind-bag’ speech that if the United States voted to support Israel, it would be against our values and principles; and since I’m quite sure he wasn’t referring to the biblical principles our government used to be known for, it must be in reference to the Muslim’s Koran. Since those countries that surround Israel are all part of the Islamic Terrorists that plague our world, we have chosen to give aid and comfort to these evil dictators rather than lend support to one of our most staunch ally’s. Our non-vote told the world we are O K with women being treated as ‘sex slaves’ and living without any ‘standing’ in a moral universe. Honestly, our Obama led ‘get even’ at any cost non-vote exposed an ugly political truth: Politically speaking, we had a chance to go to bed with a virgin and we chose one of many ugly whores of this world to bed-down with. Will someone from Obama’s administration, please, tell old Doc what values and principles did Kerry refer to as not our country’s?

President Obama’s vote to abstain is much like the words Jesus’ declared to the church at Laodicea where he lamented about their deeds: paraphrasing, “I wish you were either cold or hot, since you are neither, I’m going to spit you out of my mouth.” I doubt many Jewish leaders are going to be quoting Jesus, but, old Doc can imagine these are apt words about their feelings toward Obama, America and the entire United Nation’s gang of thieves.

Old Doc’s thinking hasn’t wavered for many years: defund the United Nations and use our political muscle against those who are our enemies. These worthless people have accomplished…what? Get rid of Obama! Oh, I forgot, we did! Praise God! God is good all the time.

Doc Christian


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     The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? Jeremiah’s words seem appropriate to old Doc as he writes about the sad state of affairs of God’s ‘crown of creation’, mankind.

Pilgrims, you don’t need to look any farther than our country’s own personal pit of sin and degradation: Hollywood, to gain a clear perspective about how man chooses to die because his soul starved to death.

In 2016, self-proclaimed and media-proclaimed icons of the cinema world found a way to finally starve their soul to death, and instead of consuming the ‘bread of life’ that would have kept them alive, they chose to die.

In recent months, Robin Williams, Prince Roger Nelson, George Michael, and Carrie Fisher, all died. While the media world is spinning stories about these special icons of our entertainment history, and their cadre of so-called friends and associates provide soliloquies that cast their shadow much larger than life, it seems few or none of these cohorts have the strength to speak the truth: the world’s stuffers can’t stuff enough for anyone to feel full, complete, and satisfied. What the world cooks up isn’t fit for consumption, and I suspect these people, who dined on the announced ‘delicacies’ from the world’s menu, finally came to a resolute decision that no amount of sin-food could fill the growling, empty stomach: their spiritual soul. Doc’s opinion, when this undeniable outcome smacked them in the nose, life became an endless journey into hell; and they chose to take a detour and run off the road into the unknown: usually it was suicide or a life-time of self-indulgence and self-abusing of one’s physical well-being, that caused their body to break down, and Satan’s food hastened their demise.

Robin Williams could make anyone laugh until your sides hurt; yet, he didn’t believe his value as a man, as a human being, as a ‘child of God (he was created) was worth living for. Doc’s opinion, his best comedy was ‘clean’: i.e. the Martian, Mork; but, his greatest audiences were those who came to hear lewd, profane shtick. I often pondered how great of an influence he could have been upon children if he had used his talent to honor the Bible and Jesus Christ.

Robin tried to use the ‘stuffing’ offered by the world, and he ended up so sick he couldn’t remember that a man and a woman sexually loved him into the world. The stuffing offered by the world fried his brain, harmed his heart, and caused him to war with his self’s worth to the point he lost track of who he once was: a uniquely, highly talented man that lifted the hard-knocks of life off the shoulders of thousands of ‘every day Joes/Janes, if for only an hour or two, as he took them of journeys that sometimes ‘tripped the light fantastic’, and they forgot their disappoints and felt better because they had a good ‘belly-laugh’. He could make the world laugh, but all, evidently, all he could do was cry.

Prince (parents have to be very sure of the child’s potential to stick it with that name, don’t you think)? He became such a recognized music icon the world didn’t need to use anything but his first name. After his suicidal death: drug overdose, all knew he had also failed to find ‘stuffers’ from the world that left him full and satisfied. He too, starved his soul to death! Satan’s

Sirens’ seductive calls blinded him to the spiritual food offered by the Creator of the world: Jesus Christ, and like the Prodigal son, before he died, by his own hand, he fed off the husks and slopped with the pigs in Satan’s trough. His voice was octaves higher than normal men, and evidently, he kept music score by how ‘high’ his mind could get on drugs. He often remarked he did his best work high on drugs. Satan thought he did: he took his life high on drugs.

Did anyone in his life try to point him to Jesus? Who were those, like him, who helped him starve his soul to death? Are they, now, also on his ‘Starvation diet’?

George Michael died by his own hand, too. His music thrilled the world (Satan’s fans) and he often used his music to champion his favorite charity: seeking the un-natural pleasure of the world, and though his soul starved to death, he chose to use the world’s ‘stuffers’ to find meaning for his life. Even his highly acclaimed strident ‘coming out’ for his homosexuality, in the end, his professed ultimate ‘stuffer’, didn’t satisfy his need for thinking he was important to himself, to his Creator, or even to his loved ones and fans. His chosen ‘stuffers’ robbed him of dignity and he died un-necessarily

Doc wonders if he ever once thought about the ‘standing invitation’ from Jesus: “I stand at door and knock, if you open it, I’ll come in and sup with you.” He also said he’d heal all of his infirmities. Did any of his close friends point him in Jesus’ direction?

Leia: Carrie Fisher died suddenly from a destroyed heart. Drugs of all kinds were the ‘stuffers’ she chose to slowly ruin her body and starve her soul to death. One of the world’s most recognized names and faces, since she was a mega star in the Star Wars Saga movies, sought meaning for her life, and she used Satan’s stuffers to find the longed for secret for her life. An evil of a thousand disguises that fill a human’s mind with hubris, usually about the special gifts and opportunities God gives certain people, and they are blinded, spiritually to the purpose for Why me?, and they set forth on a journey to discover the answer to this quest. Satan sends his minions to blow up the mind of these gifted ones, and they often buy-in to the slick salesmanship for the deadly ‘stuffers’ he sends their way…and their lives become spiritual debacles and personal ‘train-wrecks’.

When fame came in a flash, did she once think about the truism from Jesus: “If the blind lead the blind, they will both fall into the pit”? Jesus was teaching a practical truth, but, a spiritual, biblical truth, also. If one doesn’t know Jesus, and they rely upon those who don’t know him to provide ‘stuffers’ for one’s starving soul, they will both end up in the ‘pit’: Satan’s Hell.

Old Doc isn’t announcing these icons are in Hell; for he doesn’t know what each one did minutes before they died; but, from the information known, sin and seeking redemption from Jesus might have been something less than desirable.

Rosaria Butterfield, a name most of the world has never heard, possesses the ‘stuffer’ all of the above needed, my opinion. Her book, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely convert: A English Professor’s Journey Into Christian Faith is a true personal story about a woman who thought she had the correct ‘stuffer’ for her starving soul, but, once she began to read the Bible (seven times in two years) her once highly successful life became merely a lump of coal in a place where diamonds could be found. Her ardent defense and support for the Lesbian community, and her lover, met Jesus in the pages of the Bible, and before she finished her research: she wanted to know more about her avowed enemy so she could use her superior knowledge to debunk the adversary, enhance her substantial, and exponentially growing reputation for defending the ‘high moral’ ground for all things homosexual; but, when she read the Bible and allowed herself to intellectually absorb and interact with its profound truth, she became undone by the Holy Spirit. In her book, she said the moment she became convinced that her lesbian life was one of sin, she commenced her journey to a place where she stood in a long line of other Godly women: the Mary Magdalene line, and today she is a Godly, Christian woman, wife, and mother, and she is a nationally known speaker that tells others how they can get off Satan’s starvation diet for the soul, and seek Jesus, the only ‘stuffer’ that satisfies the seemingly unquenchable need for a person’s answer for significance.

If Prince and Michael had accepted Rosaria’s challenge, perhaps the truth found in the Bible might have kept them from dying so young…and so needlessly. None can say it more profoundly than Jesus: “No one can serve two masters…”

Doc Christian


If you have a loved one or a friend who believes homosexuality is something one is born with, get Rosaria’s book and give it to them (It is on Amazon download). Challenge them to accept her challenge: read the Bible and see if the Holy Spirit doesn’t change their life.


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Pilgrims, since Donald J. Trump won the recent Presidential Election and turned all Democrats ‘Happy Holidays’ in to a lump of coal, it seems the entire world is searching for the answer for how Crooked Hillary was flummoxed at the voting booth. Our communist crazed college professors are about to go mad and will soon need ‘rubber-rooms’ for their pudding, mushy headed, Stalin/Linskey devotes, but, more importantly, for them to come to grips with the fact their corrupt, flawed candidate and the entire Democrat Party had their kiesters kicked so badly it may take generations, or possibly never, for them to again gain political relevancy in America. This hoary lot is establishing ‘therapy sessions’, and I have heard, on the Q T, each college will soon be building ‘Cry Rooms’ to provide Voter-shock-outcome ‘feel good’ about your being a world class loser for staff and students.


Our long ‘Red-line’ (Nation’s Socialist/communist media) that colluded with the Corrupt Democrat Party to defeat Trump and the new political revolution ‘Trumpeters’ are undergoing severe withdrawal pains from being denied access to the Obama mama failed ‘Hope and Change’ political fortunes any longer. The very idea of having to write news that is honest and empty of prejudicial ‘Party’ favors have created a crisis because once again, under the Trump administration, they will have to actually report the news rather than make it up to fit their ‘pointed-headed’ ideology that traces its roots back to the Russian Revolution and today, Cuba.


It will be laughingly interesting to see the outcome where the effete snobs of the two coast states, and the media prominent on each coast: Hollywood and the publishing industry, find they have become as useless as teats of a bore hog, or in their vernacular, ‘fly over’ contributors: those dashingly handsome Red States that made Red the favorite color for America, again. Even the ‘Big Blue’ nation rejected the political color: blue.


Speaking of black and blue, Michelle recently told the news media America was now a country without ‘hope’, and the majority of the citizens are in a ‘blue-funk’ (Doc’s words). Note to Mrs. Obama, before Trump was elected, all of America was in a ‘blue-funk’ because the ‘Hope and Change’ your husband promised is about all that is left in his wake. There never was any hope, and there is now only a little change left in our treasury: twenty trillion in debt!


The defeated Democrat Party, the defeated Democrat Party (I just love to say that) is in dire need of a visit from Sherlock and Watson. They are evidently suffering from that ‘mind-glitch’ Clinton confessed to possess when the FBI investigators asked her questions about her Private Server, because before the election, the incompetent (Doc’s opinion) Director was the most astute man on planet earth: he failed to indict her criminal and treasonous behavior, which gave her political fortunes a major boost. When the Director’s lemmings forced him to re-visit the investigation a few days before the election, he was dumb as Balaam’s ass when he again declared her innocent, he was just a dunce.


Since Hillary lost the election, a litany of things have been named to justify her defeat: Comey and the FBI derailed her, Trump and the corrupt Republicans rigged the voting machines, all Wiki leaks came from Russia’s KGB intelligence to undermine the Democrat Party, and most recently, the Russians’ hacked our security and helped Trump win. In a last ditch drive to assuage their sinking political ship, they spent millions to gin up an ‘honest’ recount. The first state that held a recount: the outcome gave Trump more votes than on election night. The news buzzed with a secretly touted ‘missing’ seventy-thousand votes in Michigan. Doc’s opinion, since Trump gained more votes in Wisconsin’s recount, I think the specter of the nation discovering those votes were part of the Democrat Party’s crooked election scheme, and an ‘honest’ recount would have exposed the corruption; it was quietly dampened down the nonsense of a recount, and the media moved on and it was soon forgotten.


Pilgrims, have you been sitting on pins and needles, nearly dying to hear old Doc’s answer that will solve the Democrat’s mystery concerning their loss for this Presidential Election?


Meet Opie-Dopee, a programed robot from Mars.


Using a Darth-Vader sounding voice, “The noise on earth is so loud we aliens on Mars cannot get good eons’ sleep. The collective moaning and groaning by the losers in the election have forced our Mars mothers to use light therapy to rock the little ones to sleep. It seems that just about the time our mothers’ have won the battle and the little darlings are going to get the rest they need, a loud cacophony from college professors, who have stopped teaching their classes and have turned them into ‘cry fests’ for the disgruntled and weak in mind students, we lose control of our environment. My ‘Superiors’ have sent me on a special mission to ‘to put to rest’ forever any foolish talk about the Democrats thinking about accusing aliens for Hilary election loss; they are constantly searching for another reason gullible people will accept for why they lost the election, despite spending a Billion dollars on their failed candidate. We want the universe to know the Russians’ didn’t hack America’s intelligence or even her silly server; and, my people from Mars, though we do possess all of earth’s knowledge, we have integrity, and would never attempt to use crooked methodology to influence any election…unlike the Democrats did with one of their ‘far-left’ loon candidate that tried to run against her and the crooked established Democrat Party. PLEASE LET US GET SOME SLEEP; GET OVER IT, YOUR TEAM LOST!


So, Pilgrims, there you have it, straight from the horse’s (robot from Mars’) mouth. I told you politics make for strange bed-fellows.


Doc Christian


http://www.ogradypublishingcompany.com/blog/wp-login.php .



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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, and America, the land of the home and the free, is a nation under duress as it fights amongst its people for its true identity amidst a cacophony of signs and symbols that produce mixed signals about whom we are and who we want to become. Apparently, about half of its citizens desire to forget Old Glory and the country’s past history of greatness brought by immeasurable sacrifice that gave the opportunity for freedom to nearly the entire world; and they are also willing to fight the other half so they can’t continue to remain steadfast in the foundation our country’s ‘Founding-Fathers- legacy left for posterity.


Pilgrims, Old Doc has come to this ‘breaking-point’ for America with the sense its two diametrically different types of people are clamoring to shout: “We are the authentic American citizens.” I fear this raging battle has really just reached the ‘battle-field’. America’s future will be determined during the coming war that will be defined by one absolute: do you believe you were created or do you believe you are a Monkey’s Uncle? One group’s answer will be proven to be a canard, the other will be authentic. Doc, when will we know? How can we know? Pilgrims, probably not in our lifetime; but, it may be next week: when Jesus Christ returns to earth to judge who will spend an eternity in Hell or Heaven, then, the entire world will know.


Old Doc recently met a young father who was connected with a group of volunteers who were helping a good friend prepare her store: A Southern Accent, Christmas Parade float, and he and old Doc struck up a conversation that began because of the hat I wear, everywhere in public: a baseball cap that has embroidered lettering: “I love Jesus” on its façade and bill, plus, this year, a Trump/Pence election button on it “I like your hat,” he said, pointing to it. He moved closer and read the election button, “I also like your button,” he added. “The hat’s message is the most important one,” I said, “but, the button is vital for the biblical health of our nation,” I added.


He chuckled and smiled. ‘You are an Authentic Christian.”  I looked into his eyes, “How so”?

He again pointed to my hat. “Most Christians don’t have the guts to wear the hat, or the button,” he replied. I laughed. “Trump may not be our biblical answer, but, he’s the best chance believers have,” I said. He reached out his hand. “I’d like to shake your hand, “he said, as we shook hands. ‘You don’t see many Christians willing to tell the world your savior is Jesus Christ, except at church; and if you try to mix Party Politics, I seldom hear it from the pulpit, anymore,” he added.

“When it comes to being a ‘bold’ Christian’ for the Lord, I’m embarrassed by my lack of boldness,” he confessed.


I don’t think of myself as bold; but, I do know American Christians have allowed God’s enemies to ban the Bible and prayer inside our school houses doors, changed our Merry Christmas greeting to HAPPY HOLIDAYS, banned our Christmas plays and choirs songs about the birth of Christ, banned the Ten Commandments from our Court House lawns, and are now determined to tell us which bathroom door our children can use because a few people are confused about their gender. Our military is just as confused, for they are recruiting these mixed up people and forcing all of the military to condone and accept their weirdness, instead of keeping their focus upon ‘Military Readiness’. Pilgrims, old Doc’s question for believers: If it isn’t time to stand up and draw a line in the sand, when will it be time?


That accidental…perhaps it wasn’t, meeting led me to seriously think about his declarative perception about old Doc: ‘You are an Authentic Christian.


Pilgrims, I became quite curious about the moniker he stuck me with, and I decided to visit ole Mr. Webster to get a deeper understanding about that word: genuine, bona fide, exactly as stated, were some of the words I discovered. Jesus might have added: no guile.


My ‘inspector Clouseau’ jones kicked in and with my ‘Mr. Magoo’ s magnifier in hand, I  tore a page out of Diogenes’ journey, and set out to find ten Authentic Pilgrims.


To refresh my mind concerning what an Authentic Pilgrim would look like, I revisited the Ten Commandments. After ruminating about the commandments that pertained to man’s relationship and obligation to God, and the six that related to man and his neighbor, I felt better prepared for my spiritual trip.


Since America was founded upon the biblical principles written in the Bible, I paid a visit to our State and Federal courts. I shined my Authentic spiritual light to celebrate the wisdom our system of laws possesses. I was shocked to learn, today, the Bible isn’t used for swearing in a witness, our elected officials, not even the President. The Ten Commandments were missing from our courts and court yards; in fact, they are forbidden to be displayed. If Pilgrims wonder how this is possible, there is always one answer: Pilgrims professing to be Authentic believers voted for Atheist/Secular candidates who hated the Bible: Party Politics was more important than Jesus Christ.


I was pleasantly surprised for in a wink I found three Authentic Christians: Roy Moore, a Chief Judge in Alabama that was illegally stripped of his position because he refused to give up the fight to display the Ten commandments on the courthouse lawn; Kim Davis, a Court Clerk in Kentucky that refused to sign a marriage license for a Same Sex Marriage couple, after the Supreme Court created a law that legalized homosexual marriage; and Robert Jeffress, a pastor for  a large Baptist church in Dallas that boldly told the world his members would reject the Democrat candidate that openly rejected the Bible and its truths, and openly championed a platform that supported ‘hate’ groups that mocked Jesus Christ.


As my journey became more arduous and my corns began to bother me, I decided it was time to return to my home town and visit my high school. I fondly recalled the great delight our students parents showed when the students put on a dramatic Christmas play about the birth of Christ, and the amazing choir’s songs about the celebration of his birth, that entertained and thrilled a majority of the people of our town. Shock and awe best describes my feelings to learn the school, and every Public School in America no longer celebrates Christmas; it is now officially Happy Holidays’. Since our schools no longer teach about God’s creation, only about Apes, these enemies of the Creator want the world to know they think it is superfluous to pretend Jesus is the Savior of the world. Easter is Spring Break! How did this happen? Professing Authentic Pilgrims voted Party Politics rather than honor Jesus Christ. Atheist/secular elected officials that hate the Bible and God’s son, mocked God’s light and chose to run to the darkness of sin and Satan’s lair.


I decided I was in need of Gilead’s Balm so I began to visit many churches to get my Spiritual battery recharged. After nearly every visit, I became more sad and disillusioned for the pulpits were collectively ‘wastelands’ of secular treatises void of the danger of Hell for unrepentant sinners, and little if any condemnation for sins that God weeps over. Abortion, Homosexuality, Same Sex Marriage, missions without being Christ Centered, women Elders, and a thorough Feminization of church congregations were in the majority, and the ordination of Homosexual clergy was common. The sermons were clever adaptions, swarmy with ‘feel-good’ ‘I’m Okay, you’re Okay’ subtle closings that leave the sinner feeling good about their goodness, but not wounded deeply about  their sin that leads to repentance and finally submission and to the cross of salvation.


Buoyed by my visit to Pastor Jeffress’s church, I thought I’d check out Washington. Sadly, I learned President Obama, almost gloatingly, declared: “America isn’t a ‘Christian Nation’ any longer”; and he forbid the use of the Bible by chaplains in our military; promoted all gender recruiting, including surgeries for our military and the regulations included our Federal Prisons, gave his blessing and threatened the use of Federal Funds for states that fought the perverts bathroom battles. He did away with the National Prayer Breakfast because it was too biblical and Christian. How did it happen? Authentic professing Pilgrims voted for Party Politics rather than honor Jesus Christ. Those Atheist/secular officials championed the Bible-haters of America.


When I dared to ask questions on our country’s college campuses, I was looking for Authentic believers, and I even sat in on some of the students’ professors’ classes, and asked them to give me an answer concerning finding Authentic Pilgrims, they nearly tarred and feathered me and ran me off campus on a rail. I tried to shine my light, but they smashed it and begged for the darkness to completely engulf them. There aren’t any places in America more hostile to the Gospel than our college campuses. How did it happen? Authentic Pilgrim parents who professed to honor Christ voted Party Politics rather than honor Jesus Christ. Their godless parents sent them to college to be indoctrinated with Communist Theology.


Doc trasped the breadth of this land, from coast to coast, and once in a while he found a small pocket of Christians who proved to be Authentic, but, for a great majority of our churches their published publications to edify the believers, fail to point the biblical light into this country’s dark soul. The pulpits remained silent when it came to providing biblical truths for the professing Authentic Pilgrims as they again went to vote for elected National leaders. Don’t make waves; don’t rock the boat, stay away from politics; “friends don’t talk about religion and politics,” and, ‘this too shall pass’ was the favorite formula chosen by preachers that voted for Party Politics rather than honor Jesus Christ. How did it happen? Clergy, dressed as sheep in wolves clothing, and charlatans using the second book of Isaiah diluted God’s truths, took Jesus off the cross, and nailed a suffering homosexual to it, and chose to only teach about the love of God verses the wrath of God to coax sinners into Heaven. Confused, dazed, and ill-informed, biblically, professing Authentic Pilgrims voted for a new and different SECULAR solution for what ails America. Party Politics still won!



After many years of searching for Authentic Pilgrims, I gave up on America, and I went abroad into foreign lands. Professing Authentic Pilgrims are being murdered, heads cut off, imprisoned, families torn asunder, children impoverished and starved, yet they gladly suffer, sacrifice and die for the cause of Jesus Christ. Soon, if not already, there will be more spiritual light in these foreign lands than in America. They run to the light; America runs away from the light.




I climbed the rugged hill and let my light shine so the world could see the light that lives inside me.


Though smarting from the sting of a hand on my cheek, I turned to love instead of hate so others might see the Savior’s behavior in me.


My shaker was handy and I spread salt around so that sin’s putridfication from Jesus’ cross cleansed the rancid smelling ground.


I spoke about God’s wrath so the lost might find pure love.


I revered scripture and handle it with care, not one jot or tittle did I change so I could share faith, hope, and love, do you dare?


I signified sin and named myself as lost and less than redeemed until I knelt at the cross and celebrated my loss and Heaven’s gain.


Amidst the roar of competing voices that tried to drown out truth, confuse my plans, and serve two Masters, I focused upon the empty tomb and the abode with one more room.


While the world pondered the light from heaven, I worshipped it be it word or flesh, and took up the sword to cut asunder Church and State, for it wasn’t fate but God who delivered me from this sin drenched sod.


Christmas is a day on a calendar, but the boy who is King is the date for marking time when perfection became Heaven’s chime.

Merry Christmas


Ranny Grady


In Christian love,




Ranny and Denise Grady















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     Pilgrims, old Doc has had 1,500 new blog members sign up in the past two weeks. My blog continues to grow exponentially, and Word Press tells me I now have 8440 blog members. I’m am humbled and very grateful for the support from my existing blog members, and since I’m also posting the articles I write on Facebook, I believe this is also reaching a much larger group of Pilgrims world-wide.

If the Pilgrims and even non-Pilgrims awoke on day to discover they had been living in spiritual darkness for many years, what would America look like? What would average citizens expect to find after the Bible’s history had been removed from the country’s history books? How would you react to learn the government had used their technology: ‘Chip Implants’ to control what you know and what you are allowed to know? When you discovered they had erased your memory about the Bible, how would you react?

The following is a personal testimony. Every word is the truth! I can’t explain the outcome. If a majority of people don’t believe it, I easily can understand why.

One of my dreams for my retirement from the preaching ministry and the business world was to be able to live in a log cabin in the forest surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation and write stories for Pilgrims (Christians) and even non-believers that would glorify Jesus Christ. If one cares to check out our fantastic bed and breakfast: www.ravens-nest.cc they will clearly see God abundantly fulfilled my dream.

Thirteen years ago, God sent his messenger to visit me in the middle of the night. Perhaps it was more like a dream, but he told me to write a story for God. Pilgrims, at first, I thought it was a bad dream; but, the messenger came a second time, the next night. I was given the title for the book: The Theophany, Son light Restored to a Dark World. I vividly recall asking: what does the title mean? By this time this communication had gone further past my thinking I had indigestion or was suffering from illusions of grandeur. I told my wife about the night visits; she was apprehensive and very skeptical about the condition of my mind. Really, who could blame her?

Two more nights passed and the messenger failed to visit me. I immediately began to think I had just had a series of ‘bad dreams’ that seemed to be real. I told my wife how I felt and we laughed about the return of my sanity.

Then, the very next night, the messenger returned. He told me to get up and get to my office so I could write as he gave me a complete outline for a story that would reach nearly four hundred pages. I obeyed, and for the next four hours I wrote the outline for the story. I waited for the messenger to come again so Id’ know what to write.

Old Doc was spooked and mighty confused, and for a few weeks, I just didn’t write anything, which is very unusual for me. I’m a ‘word-smith’ and I have to write. After a month of not writing, I awoke at four AM and went to my office. I read scripture and prayed for wisdom and counsel, and particularly about my recent night visits with a messenger that told me God had sent him. God didn’t suddenly talk to me or give me some secret spiritual sign or hand-signal, but, I was prompted to write. I put my fingers on the keys and I began to write a story I knew nothing about. It was as if my fingers and my brain were in total agreement. I didn’t really have to think about what I was writing for the words just flowed from my brain and my fingers obeyed the command. Following the outline I had been given, I wrote the first draft in six months. I was amazed and quite proud of myself, and I waited to hear from God or his special messenger for further instructions: none came. A decade passed.

In the meantime, I wrote a novel about my mother’s incredible mother’s life: Lou’s Dirty Dozen. She was a widow with a dozen children during the Great Depression. I also wrote another novel: The Rookie, and two children’s books about a Grandpa that has a magic carpet that he takes his grandchildren on incredible biblical journeys: Grandpa’s Magic Carpet & the Lost Treasure (2013, Grandpa’s Magic Carpet & The First Christmas (2015 These are all on my website: www.ogradypublishingcompany./com . Lou’s enjoyed some success and thousands of libraries have it in their collections. I was unable to find a major publisher or an agent who thought my stories were worthy of their efforts.

The first story that God’s messenger gave me languished in my files. I often prayed about the purpose for the story. Since I hadn’t had a follow-up visit from the messenger, I thought it would remain an ‘unfinished’ project that would possess a great deal of mystery about its very existence.

Then in November of 2013, the messenger came again. He told me to get the story ready for publication. I obeyed and published it in 2015. I was so positive this book would become a best seller and the entire world would one day know about God’s story; but, I have to admit the outcome, so far, is far less than great, to my mind, it’s terrible. I don’t mind sharing with the Pilgrims I’m more confused by the outcome than ever before. It may remain an unanswered question of mine until I reach Heaven.

I wished that the messenger had returned, and what I’m about to write was unequivocally God’s desire, but, I can’t  speak for him, since I’m asking for Pilgrims to help me find an answer for the purpose of my book. I want you to download my novel from Amazon’s Kindle Books. It will cost you one penny less than four dollars: 3.99. I pledge to give one dollar from each download to St. Jude’s Hospital and to Shriner’s Hospital for Children.

To possibly pique Pilgrims throughout the entire world interest in reading God’s story, I put before you this question. How could God expect a Drunk (main character), an old preacher, a beautiful senior aged woman, a black woman cosmetic tycoon, a secular priest/pastor, a small cadre of recruits from the Fish Community, a mole from the enemy’s camp, and a mangy looking, irreverent cat that possesses special spiritual powers (the Theophany) to restore biblical light to a dark demonic world: America?

What I can promise each Pilgrim or reader that does download the book… it will be a story like none you have ever read. You will become fearful, angry, suffer emotionally, laugh often, cry much, and rejoice and celebrate with the incredible ending as God’s story restores Son light to America.

When a multitude of Pilgrim readers across this entire world become part of my biblical writing mission designed to give glory to Jesus Christ, discomfort his enemies, and provide a biblical path for sinners to possess the grace of salvation for an eternity, perhaps, old Doc’s confusion about the purpose for this story will be discovered.

If Pilgrims from my blog and those across the entire world choose not to join my mission, then, perhaps, God will use them to give me my answer. I’d really like to have an answer concerning the purpose for the story.

Doc Christian


Download the story for 3.99


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Pilgrims, enjoy and pass it on. Only a fool says their is no God! The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. O’reilly told his viewers the words, Merry Christmas, has won the ‘culture war’. I have yet to have an employee from a large store, Walmart or Lowes, wish me a Merry Christmas, have you? Doc predicts the war will heat up! We haven’t won anything, yet.

Our Atheist college professors are churning out empty headed clones that hate the Bible, mock Jesus, and are at war with Christians as fast as a programmed robot from Hell. We must recognize we Pilgrims are at WAR, and the war is about to heat up with the election of Donald Trump. Jesus told believers he came not to bring peace but a sword. A man’s enemies will be from his own family. Those who follow him will find they are amongst enemies: a father against his son, daughter against her mother, etc. It is a Country against  its own people: Atheists verses Christians. Have you put on your spiritual armor? Have you signed up for the war? Are you willing to suffer and die for the Lord?

From the evidence old Doc can see and know about, so far, the majority of our pulpits are silent. It is because our preachers can’t recognize God’s enemies? Is it because our pews are filled with too many of the enemy none care to ‘rock the boat’? Is it we are too naive to know what the enemy plans for us: our demise?

Doc Christian


If the only God of this universe created these creatures for his pleasure and mankind’s, what has he done for the ‘crown of all his creation? Please enjoy and pass it on!

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     Pilgrims, old Doc thinks it is appropriate for me to send a ‘congratulatory letter’ to our soon to be new Secretary of Defense to welcome him into the Trump camp where our soon to be elected President will Make America Great Again.

I realize General Mattis doesn’t care for the Marine ‘moniker’ he has been stuck with: ‘Mad Dog’, but, I’m afraid he will have to get used to it: President elect Donald Trump introduced him in that manner. I suggest you rejoice because that nickname is like the Junk Yard owner who has a dog meaner than a junk yard. Profitable junk yards have a barrier or a fence around the property to protect it from ‘low-life’ criminal stealing things. Mad Dog, meaner than a junk yard dog!

General, this is exactly what America needs after eight years of the wusses in Washington using our military as a place of Social Engineering to soothe the wants of a ‘Nanny-gate’ Matriarchal America ushered in by the misfit Obama administration. We don’t need a coach that works with the J V team; we need a Varsity coach that will win with great defense that will allow a gifted offense to put victories upon the scoreboard.

You are too much of a ‘gentlemen’ to publicly gloat, so old Doc will do it for you. I’m especially pleased for the Trump supporters to know that while President Obama didn’t value you, your wisdom and experience, and therefore ushered you out of the military: nice way to say he fired you, like a sharp stick in the eye, President elect Trump has restored you to the position of being in charge of all military personnel, including the Pentagon. Your visions of how to Make America Safe Again will help make us safe again.

President elect Trump and Pence continue to speak about our depleted military readiness so we can have peace through strength rather than appeasement and compromise. I am requesting one of your first orders should be stop the terrible waste of my tax dollars to fund the surgery and treatments of ‘Transitioning Gender recruits. This is not only a terrible waste of my tax dollars; it is a frontal attack upon my faith and religion: the Bible

If any recruit is so confused they can’t recognize whether they possess out-door or in-door plumbing, they are unfit for military duty. If our military forces this abnormal behavior upon our warriors, we are telling the American tax payers we don’t value your hard earned money; and we are going to please those who hate our military and for what it stands, we are determined to change its rules and regulations. I have heard, read over the radio, King of Kings Radio, the onerous and stupefyingly, dunce-like, moronic, lacking in common sense new rules and regulations being implemented into our military about this horrible ‘gender’ mess. For our military’s readiness, you need to nip this in the bud.

As a veteran, Navy, I have seen, if recall correctly, my seventy-six old brain goes on the fritz sometimes, the eleven marks, probably one used some type of a knife, on the bulkhead of the Arizona at Pearl Harbor that signified the one seaman lived 11 days in the bowels of that sunken ship before he died. I have walked the streets of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and I saw the strange looking humans on the streets where half of their face was nothing but scar tissue and the other half normal: they were at the exact distance from the explosion of the Atomic Bomb where the effects of its power left them in this condition. I was in the Philippine’s in sixty-three when President Kennedy was assassinated, so I have seen a thing or two about our military’s history, up close and personal.

I pray, yes, I pray you will rescind Obama’s orders to stop using the Bible and preaching about Jesus Christ’s salvation. Our great country has been uniquely blessed, Doc’s opinion, by the Creator of this universe, because we have been a biblical nation, a Christian nation since our ‘founding Fathers’ declared it so, and this truth can be found in our nations’ most sacred documents.

Regardless of what our feminized elected Congressional leaders may desire, you and I both know ‘women in combat’ is a bad idea. If the physical requirement hadn’t been watered-down to please the Feminist agenda, few could pass the qualifiers to get out of Boot Camp that you and I had to pass.

Body-bags filled with women corpses just isn’t what a ‘warrior-class’ nation needs to deal with. Women who can’t rescue a two hundred pound man from enemy fire isn’t the type of warriors our military needs to rely upon during a ‘fire-fight’ Regardless of how jury-rigged’ Hollywood might lead Americans to believe women are equal to men in combat, it just isn’t true. There will always be exceptions, but our military can’t function properly on the ‘exception’.

Your first duty should be for you to ‘clean-house’ and ‘play by Obama’s rules’ and get rid of all military Brass lemmings that gave support, comfort and a cover for Obama and his crew. You need to do the same at the Pentagon. Like my high school coach taught our basketball team when we practiced, you need to know who the best players were on the team: skins or shirts. The starting five, we were the skins. Just do what your new boss told his supporters he was going to do: drain the swamp.

From my personal experiences talking with some of our military warriors, President Obama was loathed by the vast majority of our military ‘grunts’. You are faced with a morale problem on day one! But, take heart, just the mention of your name being announced as the new Secretary of Defense has lifted the spirits of our warriors, and our nation.

In Doc’s humble opinion, the past eight years we have had a fox guarding the hen-house; our future looks brighter: we now have a Mad Dog guarding it. Semper Fidelis!

Doc Christian