Pilgrims, if you could send a list of things you desired our new President would do in the first one hundred days, what would you write? These are mine, and the reasons why they are on my list.

  • Rescind all government and military orders that restrict freedom of religion. Allow the preaching and teaching of the Bible in our military.
  • Use and encourage the use of MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  • Stop all taxpayers’ money being used for military ‘transitioning of Gender’ recruits: 250,000. A pop! Remove all Gender recruits from our military. Fire any officers who refuse to comply.
  • Rescind all Gender rules and regulation concerning our Federal Prison system. It is so foolish and ugly, you don’t want to know.
  • Remove all legal edicts for our schools and government rules and regulations about Gender Identity.
  • Appoint and add new Constitutional Judges to the Supreme Court. This would give America a majority for a strict interpretation of our laws governed by what is written in our Constitution rather than judges using mystical legal ‘mumbo-jumbo’, made out of ‘whole-cloth Socialist imaginations. Doc suggests Ted Cruz is the right man for the job!
  • Repeal Obama Care and give our people a better, cheaper plan. Ask Pelosi to read it before she votes!
  • Round up all known illegal criminals: drug dealers especially, and deport them. If they refuse to go, or our A.C.L.U ites seek to use our courts to stop it, put them on a plane and give them parachutes, flyover their country of origin and push them out of the plane.
  • Close all Sanctuary Cities! If they refuse, cut all federal funding. America must know our government won’t knowingly allow lawlessness to go un-checked without suffering the consequences for lawlessness. If our colleges and Universities choose to join these lawless places, cut all funding until compliance is assured.
  • Commence building the Wall and don’t allow any nepotism from any elected or appointed politician’s kin to be in the bidding for building it. Hire your own vetting people.
  • Restore Biblical marriage and strike down Same Sex Marriage. Allow Civil Unions for homosexuals.
  • Close our borders to all people originating from Muslim countries for an indefinite period of time. If we can find a way to vet these refugees, then make a decision with great intelligence and deliberate, sober judgement on a case by case basis.
  • Share your plans for rebuilding our inner cities and decaying infrastructure with the people of America. Share the vetting and bidding process, too.
  • Demand all government departments present a cost and spend analysis report be on your desk in one thirty days. Demand they defend their outcomes! Send in your own ‘efficiency experts to investigate each department so you will be armed and ready to debunk the department’s outcomes that will be rife with waste, sloth, and fraud.
  • Reinstall Presidential, using new technology, ‘Fire-side chats’, monthly to give the people an accounting of where your leadership is headed and what you expect of us.
  • Rescind all Executive orders and remove all obstacles for energy independence. If necessary, use our military to get the job done.
  • Restore the National Prayer Breakfast. This will send a signal to the world America once again is relying upon the Creator of the Bible for guidance and blessings.
  • Continue the Clinton Foundation FBI investigation. Our country can ill-afford our State Department being used for private gain and foreign nations having undue access to its National Security… If the Clinton’s don’t face the consequences of the law, how many other ‘sham’ charities will arise?
  • If the anarchy from Communist funded money doesn’t cease, use the National Guard and Military to restore order. Any threat upon the life of our new President, treat it as duplicity to commit murder: a call to assassinate the President: put them in prison and throw away the key. Investigate and expose funding and ideology of the racist hate group: Black Lives Matter.

Doc Christian

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Dear Mr. Vice President: Mike Pence,


Old Doc Christian feels compelled to write this letter to your attention because he believes you are a ‘Modern-day’ Joseph. Our newly elected President, Donald J. Trump and you are joined at the hip for America’s future greatness, and prayerfully for an eternity.


It makes me chuckled a little when I pause to contemplate the ‘rocket-ride’ you signed on for. I can imagine you sometimes think it is a shot to Mars.


Old Doc hasn’t personally spoken to God the Creator, verbally, but I’m inclined to believe the past election results were providential. I can tell you I was mighty worried the God of this Universe had decided to remove his divine blessings and protective shield from America because we have chosen to do Satan’s bidding for the past seventy years. Those things He called holy were labeled un-holy; and those things He called un-holy have been promoted as holy. Satan rejoices; God weeps.


Just as Joseph was placed in history at the right place for God to be praised, and was allowed to demonstrate how man’s relationship with him enhanced all in its wake: second in command in all of Egypt next to Pharaoh, to save his family and his people so they might survive a deadly drought, Old Doc is positive he has put you next to President Trump for reasons too numerous to count, but, most importantly, to win him to Christ.


Perhaps, there are many others you will win, but you are there in the White House to be God’s champion, to be God’s Paul, to be Jesus’ light and salt. You already have demonstrated you possess these spiritual gifts, before the election results, and after them.


Pilgrim’s, old Doc is very sure few of the past fifty years of Congressional elected officials heard the proclamation or heeded the wisdom of Lincoln: he said a man couldn’t consider himself educated if he hadn’t read the Bible. It warms old Doc’s heart to know we have one person in the White House that has not only read the Bible, but puts it into practice, daily.


It may be a moot point since Mr. Trump told a media ‘talking-head’ he considered Same Sex Marriage ‘settled law’, set in cement {Doc’s words}. I’m greatly disappointed to know this. How any citizen can support something that isn’t normal is beyond me. Regardless of how vitriol the debate is concerning homosexuality, none can deny this type of human relationship is un-natural. If it was an edict from our gover4nment and enforced by our jurisprudence that this day forward the only sexual relations allowed were homosexual, Ame4rica would last another hundred and twenty-five years, give or take a few years. It would be the end of our country! Like the Gospel song says, “Come on down to the farm, come on out to the barn, you want see two Roosters arm and arm…”  Regardless of what the homosexual community declares it isn’t what the Creator of the world designed. Marriage is between one man and one woman!



In the Bible…yeah, that book, God’s calls this an un-natural relationship an abomination. Mr. Pence, you might not be able to rectify this mess, but I’m sure you can point out the folly of allowing the government to punish Christians for not accepting this sin. You can make sure the homosexual lobbyist and agenda can do no more harm, and you can make sure they aren’t able to gain any more leverage to force biblical people to adhere to their un-holy agenda. Obama and his un-washed anti-Bible horde have run roughshod over biblical rights to stake out homosexual territory that is akin to denying biblical people religious freedom. The Sports world, academia, our business and corporate world, and our education world have been invaded by this group and under Obama’s watch, have feverishly worked to force acceptance of homosexual and Gender Diversity goals that harm all Americans. It has even reached our military, for these fools are in the midst of implementing new rules and regulations forcing our military to include ‘special’ handling and privileges for ‘transitioning-gender’ recruits. Are you kidding me!


For any students of American History, it is plain to see that the Homosexual political agenda will never rest until they have found a way to use the judicial branch of our government to declare the Bible ‘hate-speech’ because its condemns homosexuality. If you and Mr. Trump don’t call a cease and desist to this stealth group’s sinister intent on stripping believers of their Religious Freedoms, Christians will end up on the wrong side of the law. As a grandparent, I’m appalled by the idea our government thinks it’s OK for males to shower with my grand-daughters, or share the bathrooms with them. Has America gone completely nuts?


Perhaps, you can persuade Trump to recognize a biblical truth: the vast majority of Christians find Same Sex Marriage odious, as well as sinful. It is an audacious affront to Christians that are forced to support the sin of homosexuality since corporate America uses their profits, from our money as consumers, to provide benefits for homosexuals.


Mike, biblical people, ones’ that actually believes the Bible is inerrant; want you to help us from being duplicit in Murder…or an accomplice in ‘attempted’ murder. Abortion on demand is murder! These women, who refuse to use ‘safe-sex’ methods, knowingly know they are playing Russian roulette with a human being. One often hears the phrase, “I made a mistake, or we made a mistake,” No! You chose sin and you chose death to cover your selfish sin. I can’t legislate morality; but, our government could provide those of us who consider this a great sin, some scriptural cover by no longer forcing us to pay taxes to fund this horrible event.


The godless heathens can’t use emotional suffering as a cover, because science has undone their excuses. A baby in the womb can be taken out of the womb after the first trimester, and the child will grow, mature, and live as long as it is fed properly. Please help Christians stop having to close our ears and minds when we can’t stop the ‘Silent Scream’ of a baby having its head punctured and sucked out by a vacuum. The Feminist women are so frightened by the specter of not having Abortion on Demand they warn the Country of ‘dire’ consequences’. Why don’t they spend their efforts on behalf of the innocent? Why don’t they spend their efforts educating women about the irresponsibility of having casual sex without protection?


Childless couples spend untold amounts of money to travel internationally to adopt a child from ‘third world’ countries where children possess little value, why isn’t there a concerted effort to implement a National Adoption Agency where little ‘red tape’ is required? This agency would be funded by the couples that adopt, and it would be at least one place were a government backed business would operate in the black.  Planned Parenthood could morph into a place where life is celebrated. Why doesn’t our Government embrace the culture of Life rather than Death?


Mr. Vice President, America must return back to a nation of law and order! Under the Obama reign, this has been a ‘non-starter’ and our streets aren’t safe. We must create an environment where peaceful dissent happens, but those who do so shouldn’t have any more rights than those who don’t. If their dissent disrupts my rights, then our laws must punish the law breakers. Those who commit crimes must be held accountable. We have the technology, and the personal media to sift out those who harm the ‘greater-good’. Why don’t we punish?


The Gender madness is also creating great stress and frustration in our Federal Prison system. Few Americans would believe the sexual nonsense our Obama led Government is forcing upon the people who risk their lives to keep vicious criminals behind bars so you and I can sleep better. This heathen horde is also a public promotion for things un-natural, and is a ‘sharp-stick’ in the eye of their Maker. Jeremiah notes God knew us before we were born and yet in the womb.


You and President Trump can end this un-holy alliance and, if necessary, rescind all of these Homosexual/Lesbian/ Gay, Both Genders, and Transitioning Gender rules and regulations handed down by Obama. You must do this to protect religious freedoms for all citizens in America. You must do this so you will remove the oppressive enforcement, which is happening as I write, upon people of faith that are expected to carry out duties that are against God’s laws. .Christians, as citizens of America are expected to obey our Government Laws, unless, those laws expect us to violate our conscience regarding our obedience to the Creator, his only son, Jesus, and the infallible word of the Bible.



Mr. Pence, old Doc, prays for these confused, lost souls. I want each one to have an encounter with the risen savior, Jesus Christ so they too might live in Heaven for an eternity. It is foolish to believe this will happen, since mankind has turned his back on the Bible’s truth since Jesus arrived on earth, but it still does happen each day. Though this a an undeniable truth, I still don’t want my government to dictate my religious freedoms; and, I don’t want my government to allow any people who disagree with my faith to use my government against me to hinder or restrict one iota of my religious freedoms. Though I may mourn about the heathen excess of sin, I can’t legislate morality; but, I can expect my government to keep my safe from their un-natural agendas.


While millions of Americans’ may want to run-and-hide from this political/social/sexual/biblical/atheist debacle, none can. You and Trump must recognize the battles have been brewing for seventy-years, and now it has turned into a war. Atheist verses people of the Bible; foreign flags verses Old Glory; legal verses illegal people living in America; Communist sympathizers verses Red-White-Blue patriots; anarchy and lawlessness verses law and order; restricted religious freedoms (confined to houses of worship) verse religious freedom (everywhere, including our government, Military, education system…and the government’s reinforcement for those rights to be granted and protected; strong belief and support for our Constitution verses ‘Activist’ Supreme Court justices who reject our Constitution’s  guidance and wisdom, and prayerfully will seek the counsel found in the Bible to lead our Nation in a different direction it has headed for the past decade and half.


If you conduct your leadership with military conduct, America will change. Our nation is filled with lawless people and only the might of our laws can correct this social outrage. Our education system has failed our peoples’ great need for they have failed to educate their students to believe America is the greatest country in the world! They have failed to instill in them an attitude of gratitude for the past heroic sacrifices others made so they could have the freedom to live in this country. They failed to instill in their students a sense of pride about the nation’s flag and what it represents. They failed to teach their students about America’s exceptionalism and to have a sense of dignity and pride about this undeniable truth. If it were not so, then why do millions of illegals continue to sneak into our country?


Mr. Pence, old Doc and his Pilgrims will continue to pray for Trump and your success. You continue to witness to Trump and his cabinet. The world will be amazed at what our all mighty God will do!


Doc Christian

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     Pilgrims, if one bothered to interview returning vets from the Vietnam Conflict (it was never declared a War, in fact, America hasn’t officially declared War since World War II, you will discover the hatred for fighting in this murderous conflict, by our heroes, was always front and center because it was nearly impossible to tell who the enemy was for they looked alike, they just had different ideologies about freedom. After our political hacks pulled out of the conflict, the people from the North murdered over two million people from the South. Like all the other ‘killing fields’ conflict,  America has been involved in, up to our  present day Iraq and other Muslim countries, our military isn’t allowed to Win. It is our job to fight, die, and maintain: i.e.  Korea’s38th parallel…until some form of truce is bartered, or in President Obama’s case, just pull out for political ‘legacy’ reasons. ISIS should send us lovely ‘parting-gifts’. Oh, they have, self-imploding’ bombers on a suicide mission.

America is now facing a new enemy, a ‘home-grown’ one that might well turn out to be even more deadly than any of the wars or conflicts we have ever fought. Our streets are filled with them! They are a motley crew of people from the past three generations. They are from privileged homes and hold residence on some of our most reputable institutions of learning. They are the people Huxley wrote about in his novel. They are the ‘Group-think’ lot of indoctrinated Communists masquerading as Progressive Socialists/Democrats.

Where did they come from? Like the fools’ gold of the Theory of Evolution, their tale is a long winding one, too. They are the product of the spoiled fruit of the Third stage of the Feminist Movement’s agenda that has restructured America from a Patriarch into a Matriarch nation. From the forgotten ‘latchkey’ kids that left those children to fend for their selves while mommy left home to ‘find her’, her brain, her vagina, and whatever else she could find. It usually ended up sans her husband…until a new and more Feminized model arrived. Then, she found she couldn’t respect that type!

The moral-compass was lost or thrown out, and her children drifted into an abyss of abandonment that led them to seek the world’s stuff to fill up the void mom’s absence left in their hearts and souls. Absence their father’s discipline and love, they became psychologically warped and narcissistic to the core. Our Feminized Education System forgot about discipline and opted for ‘Self-esteem’ enhancement lessons. Foolish parents rejected the Bible’s wisdom about rearing children and embraced ‘Time-out’, which taught children life didn’t include ‘punishment and reward’, just lollypops and ‘if it feels good, do it’ decision-making rules.

Despite screwing up America, the Feminized women found success in the business world. With their wussy husbands or ‘shack –up’ lovers, children were sifted through this unholy mess and their nearly ‘absentee-parents’ had money to ship them off to a ‘haughty-taughty’ high-flahooten’ college to get some ‘learning’. I don’t know if these parents were ready for their type of ‘learning’ they would get, but it didn’t matter where parents sent their children, unless it was a Conservative, even Bible based school, they were taught by ‘far-left leaning Communist professing professors. Their heroes were Fidel, Chavez, Mao, Stalin, rather than Washington, Lincoln, Truman, and even Kennedy.

Doc’s willing to wager ninety percent of these mushy-headed ill logical students couldn’t pass a high school America History test, or have read the Constitution, .but they know they can protest and demonstrate their dissent with our government or anything that conflicts with their idea of freedom. The fact they pick and choose when other people get to have the same freedoms, using mob-rule doesn’t bother them.

Their teachers/professors have taught them to hate America’s exceptionalism, to defy authority, and disrespect America’s past. They have been taught to embrace every type of bacchanal, hedonistic, licentious sexual perversion, and cheer for their success. They have turned their backs on the idea of America’s unique structure and culture, and have embraced multiculturalism. Though they have never faced discrimination, they feign it and act like people of color, who have experienced it. The idea of a belief in the Bible is a joke. They believe in nothing that refuses to allow them to become a god…even if it is just a ‘hot-house’ plant or a cow.

Unfortunately, Pilgrims, they are the ‘after-birth’ from our corrupt Supreme Court edicts that laid the ‘Yellow brick-road’ that has produced millions of dazed and confused, mostly young people under thirty-five who, if they don’t get their way, become lawless. It seems our law enforcement is tethered and impotent to punish these lawbreakers. Our law keepers have decided one group’s rights are more important and have refused to punish the lawless people who are hell-bent on destroying our Republic. I John wrote that ‘lawlessness’ is Sin.

Pilgrims, the Apostle Peter warned us that Satan is like a prowling lion, and he is looking for someone to devour. My money’s on America and the hooligans running amuck in our lawless streets.

While our National Security people and our Pentagon continue to map out plans to deal with our Islamic Terrorists and keep America safe, it may require the use of our military to restore order on the streets of America. Praise the Lord! America was smart enough to elect new leaders who believe in law and order, and support the Constitution. Old Doc thinks it is way past time our country had a ‘wake-up call.

Doc Christian






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     Pilgrims, you know there has been a great change in America when the enemy has taken to the streets to protest that the Bible is back in play. Conservative Constitutional Supreme Court Judges are on their way! Roy Moore is going to get his judgeship back in Alabama since it was stripped from him by Atheist/Socialist judges who hate our Constitution. It is a great day for the Lord!

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice in be glad in it, because old Doc considers the election’s outcome as positive proof our great God hasn’t removed his divine blessings and protection from America. Why? Od Doc doesn’t know because the Lord himself surely knows we don’t deserve his un-merited favor, for our Nation has done about all it could to thumb our collective, biblical noses at the Creator for the past five decades.

America has millions of ignorant, Socialist/Atheist Bible-haters in our land; there are millions of un-patriotic citizens…thank to the same type of educators of our children, and the gutless ‘silent pulpits’ in God’s churches that refuse to confront their ‘self-professing’ members who support Jesus’ enemies and still wear the cloak of righteousness without nary a hint of shame for being two-faced towards the Bible and God’s truth. Check out Paul’s letter to the Romans in chapter one for further instructions considering these odious people.

As old Doc pauses and closes his eyes and allows his mind to travel back in time, he can hear the roar of the guns as a million men went ashore at Normandy, half a million men slugged through the jungles of Vietnam, and hundreds of thousands suffered from the desert heat in Muslim countries that now have stealth murders that are terrorizing the world. I recall my days on the South China seas, and I’m ashamed to know we have a collection of ungrateful people; many of them aren’t citizens, marching and protesting a Presidential Election because their candidate lost. Dear hearts and gentle people, this is the residue from the stench of the Feminist agenda: Self-Esteem ideology that has reared five decades of nearly useless children because they can’t cope with the world without being stoned or handle adversity because things didn’t go their way…

Our sacred document: Constitution allows peaceful dissent. I long for the return to the days where one citizen’s discontent, and their right to exercise their protest ends with my nose. Why has our government allowed people to diminish my rights? None should be allowed to usurp my rights so they can exercise theirs! If they feel compelled to protest, their mode of demonstration should not interfere with my life. They should not be allowed to shut down traffic or be a violent threat to my peace and tranquility. Todays, uncouth anarchists don’t care about other peoples’ rights. Our weak fuzzy-headed law enforcement has forgotten their duty to all America’s citizens. The first rule should be ‘Do no harm’. Black Lives Matter advocates the murder of cops. They shouldn’t be allowed on our streets. Sedition is still a crime and should be punished!

We are either going to be a country of laws or one of lawlessness.

If you took the time to notice, many of the protesters are carrying Communist flags, flags of other countries, and are burning Old Glory. These people aren’t just protesters; they are an enemy to our country. They aren’t here to provide peaceful dissent and an opportunity to open a dialogue about America’s future; they are anarchists who seek to destroy our laws, customs, and culture. They want a revolution that ushers in a Communist ideology. It is what their racist, Communist college professors have brain-washed them into believing will enhance America.

Just the other day, I had a short, civil debate with a professing Christian, who supports these people, and voted for Hillary and openly championed the protesters, and he quickly exited the room declaring: “Friends don’t talk about politics and religion. I told him I did because I can’t separate CHURCH AND STATE.

Pilgrims, this sums up the sorry state of God’s church in America! We have had the guts of our biblical foundation ripped from our government’s leadership because some very ill-logical haters of the Bible convinced America’s citizens you can, and must separate religion from government. For Christians that honor Christ, it is impossible to do this.

I just heard Hillary’s concession speech and Pilgrims need to be aware of code’ words so we can make sure our religious freedoms aren’t railroaded. She talked about the ‘freedom to worship’. Naïve Pilgrims may smile and say, ‘Yes’, but notice, she didn’t say: freedom of religion. They will continue to seek ways to limit our freedom to use and celebrate our religious freedom…not just in our houses of worship, but in our workplaces, our government, schools, and all across America. This is part of what Christians have fought for when we worked to elect Donald Trump.

Pilgrims, we must pray for our enemies that the truth of the Bible and the love of Jesus Christ might penetrate their foolish and Satanic filled minds and hardened hearts and seek forgiveness for their sins and find the un-merited salvation he offers. We must heed Paul’s words and put on the full armor of a Christian warrior, for the slings and arrows from the dark underbelly of Hell will be coming our direction. His minions are already evident in our lawless streets.

It is our turn to change America! We can soon use the courts to stop partial-birth abortion and use my tax money to support the horrible Planned Parenthood that kills babies and sells their parts for profit, put the Bible and Prayer back into our education, and erect the Ten Commandments on the lawns of our court houses and use the Bible for an Oath in them. There isn’t anything in our Constitution that forbids this. We can use the ‘bully-power’ of our government to punish those who choose to disobey the allowance for these rights. We can dehorn the fallacious Church/State and let religious freedom ring throughout the halls of Congress to the halls of our public schools. We can once again harden our hearts against any support for Communism and its ideology in America. We can narrow the targets for the uber-Socialist A.C.L.U. and make sure they can’t bring frivolous lawsuits against Biblical people and businesses to bankrupt them. We can even investigate this Anti-Bible organization that really hates America. They are racist at the core and need to be exposed for what their goals really stand for. We can challenge the far-left sports world and keep them out of our ‘bathrooms and showers’. We can stop the ‘witch-hunts’ being conducted by this nefarious bunch for vetting out Christians, and openly supporting homosexuals. We can expect a ‘level’ playing field where both sides have a place at the culture table.

None can deny we are a divided country about race, culture, religion, education, government, and just about anything one cares to put into our ethnic melting pot, and there will be discontent In our land unless the citizens who lost in the election decide they can’t rule America without the winners leading.

None need look further than to see these nincompoops throwing a political Socialist/Communist fit because they have been told ‘no’. Their empty headed, mostly Communist professors promised them they wouldn’t have to handle that equation. Be a good Socialist/Communist lemming and America will accept your diversity: Ha ha

Doc would be willing to bet that these new media ‘darlings’ of anarchists on our T.V. screens nightly will soon find life has just become much more difficult, BIGGLY. Half of them are unemployable because they couldn’t pass a drug test to be hired. Our Education system might ‘wink’ at their being stoned in classes, but the business world won’t and can’t afford the legal liability. Communist money might keep you on our streets looting, burning, killing innocent people, and creating mayhem, but Trump’s Law and Order regime will change how these criminals are handled and punished. I say, it is about time!

Doc’s opinion, two years of conscripted military service for all boys and girls before they are allowed to attend college or seek other educational opportunities, would change America for the better. I’m positive we wouldn’t see all these ‘bad-actors’ after undergoing rigid discipline lessons and learning to accept those in authority who hold rank over you, whether you like it or not.…although I’m not sure we can rely upon our military to do this job any more: they seem to be too busy with the ‘transitioning of gender’ recruits to actually prepare warriors to defend our country: A PARTING GIFT FROM OBAMA!

I’m not sure if black America supports these Socialist/Communist hooligans: Black Lives Matter  is the prime example, but they need to speak up soon or they will be responsible for the demise of a ‘Can’t we all get along<” after math plea from the drug thug (Rodney was his name) that was responsible for nearly burning down parts of California when the cops beast him to arrest him, and the black politicians used him as fodder for their nefarious schemes’ to drive a wider breach between the races.

Is it ironic or what? Trump looks at the black society’s, mostly self-made ghetto mess, and he says he will fix it; The Socialist Democrat party looks at the same view and has ignored the mess for fifty years; and then , they chastise Trump for wanting to fix it. His starting point is education: School Choice, Charter Schools, and vouchers which aren’t controlled by Unions; and the popular and most vocal black voices don’t want them. What more proof does it take for Black America to wake up and realize the Democrat Party has been your enemy not your friend for seven decades?

America is celebrating a liberating time with the election of President Trump. old Doc thinks it would be an even greater celebration if the Welfare Mommas could join in the party. They can, if they allow our new President to change their childrens’ lives.

Doc Christian

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I recently watched PARDON THE INTERRUPTION’S Wilbon spout off about the black NFL and NBA players being so distraught over Trump’s election, some of them could barely carry on to finish the game last night. He sent out a tiny warning: The black players aren’t happy and they aren’t going to keep their feelings or mouth shut about their dislike for this…he used a litany of terms Trump has been called by the ‘far’ left loons and the media for the past year and half to demonstrate he is a racist.


Perhaps, our far-left sports world is in need of the ‘wake-up’ call the rest of America just received from last night’s election. President Trump was elected by a large majority of White males…of all ages. If I’m not mistaken, these are the same men that buy the majority of tickets to see the games, and to view them in the home. At this present time, all minorities don’t possess the qualified demographics to financially support the NFL and the NBA. I’m a figuring it must rely upon the white men to keep their multi-billions dollar enterprise afloat. If they should decide to boycott this group of mostly black athlete entertainers because they are sick and tired of putting up with the malcontents who see a bigot under every one-hundred dollar seat, it won’t be long and Colon and many other un-patriotic players, and the owners and coaches who foolishly support their ‘false narrative/, will be earning peanuts compared to the multi-million dollar contracts they now possess.


When anyone takes a gander at the muck and mire emanating from the large black ghetto cities dotting our ‘fruited-land’…that are controlled by black politicians, and see the social, economic, and spiritual devastation, in plain sight, and seventy-five percent, if not higher, of the multi-million dollar athletes that found a way to climb out of their gang-infested drug neighborhoods to find success in professional sports, none should forget, with a few exceptions, they were part of America’s problem, when they were youths, not the part of the solution.


For forty years my wife and I worked sixty or more hours a week and were blessed by God for our efforts, so our corrupt government could extract usury type taxes so they could give welfare support to most of the Mommas of these multi-million dollar athletes as youths’ growing up in horrible environments; and instead of loving America, they are un-happy because too many of their people have been ‘left-behind’. Their ‘gang-world’ relationships are directly responsible for the sorry plight too many people of color are forced to live with. This ‘underclass’ of criminal thugs….from which many of the multi-million dollar athletes came from, stifle most of the initiative and courage to buck the ‘Uncle Tom’ system and choose to get educated, first. If these athletes really cared about their people who live in the ghettos they matriculated from, they’d build a mansion in the neighborhood, rather than move as far away as possible, and uses their wealth and gravitas to change living conditions. I suspect, in a short time, they’d change their tune and begin to point out how the foolish decisions their people continue to make dooms much of their opportunity to escape the ghetto. Doc doesn’t think he needs to list them!


Doc’s opinion, if the professional sports world seeks to ‘fall on its own sword’, this public demonstration to show dissatisfaction with America’s willingness to meet poor peoples’ needs, by forcing taxpayers to handle the bill…without nary a word of dissent or an opportunity to establish parameters or qualifiers, while refusing to stand for the National Anthem and salute the flag, they are doing a ‘bang-up job to ensure America’s white men will soon tune you out…like old Doc has already done.


Evidently, it has become easy and way too frequent to blame ‘whitey’ for all the ills society and especially black society experiences. It is time for black society to  put on their ‘big-boy’ pants, roll up their sleeves and start ‘naming names’ that aren’t related to a white person. They need to go to the Pogo School of Philosophy: “The trouble lies not in the stars, but in us.” Until the black people of America begin to tackle the problem: how did we get into this mess? And, the first declaration is ‘we are own worst enemy; little will change because there are too many easy targets to blame for their choices that continue to produce bad outcomes. Witness, their recent support for the Democrats who have happily allowed them to remain on the big Government’s ‘entitlement’ slave plantation…as long as they remain ignorant and vote in lock-step’ for the failed Socialist/Communist ideology.


Pilgrims, from old Doc’s perspective, America is a divided people. It will remain that way until the Socialist/Communist ideology is turned back and our Nation returns to its biblical, capitalist, and Conservative roots.


The ‘far-left’ sports feminist media must now deal with the Trump Revolution! We are here; we aren’t going away! Professional sports can come along side us or choose to be our enemy and rely upon the ‘Gamers’ who don’t actually play sports, but consider themselves ‘masters’ of sports…using their phones and X Box gizmos, the millennials, who still live with momma, and the Latinos that don’t like Football, unless it is round, to feed their financial empire needs.


I say BOYCOTT them! If they don’t bleed ‘Red-White- Blue, none are worth spending a dime on.


Doc Christian



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Dear Pilgrims,

     I wrote this post before I knew about Trumps great victory. The message and the mission still stand.



The famous Navy Admiral John Paul Jones, when he was near defeat and ask to surrender, declared: “I’ve just begun to fight”: He stayed the course against great odds and defeated the enemy.


Pilgrims, if Trump should lose the election, we must recognize what Trump has started is bigger than any political party, bigger than any political wonks in Washington, and even bigger than America’s people can recognize at this moment in time. It is a Revolution! The Trump supporters are the only sane people in America, and we are going to do our best to drive all others insane.


Pilgrims, scripture entreats us to love our enemies, pray for them, and seek ways to convert them to a belief in Jesus Christ; but, it doesn’t call for believers to accept their godless ideology. In fact, it calls for believers to fight against Satan’s schemes with all our might.


If the majority of America’s citizens choose to support heathens and Atheists who deny the existence of the Creator of the world, then we must frustrate every effort by them to enhance their godless agenda.


Pilgrims, I’m open to suggestions, do you have any? I have spent considerable time thinking about a plan to accomplish this goal, have you? We can rant and rave and be stubborn when it comes to our government setting forth plans that will only increase our citizens’ sloth and dependency, and probably accomplish little. If we collectively used the means within our control, might we achieve things none can imagine? What power do we possess that can cripple the enemy of God?


Pocket-purse power can change the outcome of what America’s future will be. If we boycott Hollywood, except for the few biblically valued films, we can destroy this Atheist hot-bed of Satan’s henchmen. If we boycott the Sports and entertainment industries that mock and demean our Nation’s unique biblical values, these ingrates will soon discover the people are extremely proud of the Red-White- and Blue that runs through the blood that has been shed for the freedoms we enjoy; and the enemy is trying to restrict and ban, and they will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. If we became filled with righteous anger and indignation because the merchants love our money, but, won’t offend any Atheists who don’t want America to celebrate our high holy days: Christmas and Easter; and they forbid their help to celebrate the birth of Christ with a simple: “Merry Christmas”, and stopped patronizing their shops, things would change, BIGGLY!

If our corrupt, Atheists Supreme Court Judges handed down edicts that curtailed our religious freedoms while expanding the enemy’s rights to restrict ours, we could begin a National biblical protest movement. We could take to the streets…from the halls of our biblical churches, and demand our religious freedoms be honored. That would be a great blessing! If for no other reason that believers could demonstrate to the world what a Christian protest movement looks like in comparison to Black Lives Matter, or any other godless, Socialists/Communist protest does.


We could collectively put up money to start a media network. Several times during Trumps campaign, Trump supporters raised a hundred million from small donations. If Trump people and America’s Christians refused to buy the enemy’s newspapers, they’d go bankrupt quicker than they are. If we refused to buy the advertisers products that gave comfort to the enemy, they’d soon begin to cater to the class of people who have money to spend…and it isn’t the Democrat welfare class.


If our actions sent shock waves and frightened the Congressional boobs in Washington to recognize we are no longer the ‘silent majority’, things in Washington would change. In time, the changes would reach all the way to the Supreme Court.


If we demanded a place at the ‘grown-ups’ table concerning the education of our children and the hiring of its teachers, and demand an equal opportunity to influence young minds about Creation verses Evolution, or storm the schools and our courts, things would change. Pocket change from all Trump supporters could bring the Atheist A.C.L.U. to its legal knees, since they win too often because the opponent can’t afford the evil legal fees to fight them to a fair decision.


If we refused to use our panoply of resources to support any business or organization that treated believers in an intolerant manner, and used the legal system to force our compliance to adhere to any ideology contrary to the truth found in the Bible, we’d route the small minority that want’s to control our lives.


If Trump’s campaign makes it possible for the Republican’s to keep Congressional power, we biblical people must demand they unite to appoint strict Constitutional judges, or refuse to confirm the appointment…indefinitely regardless of any of the enemy’s insufferable pressure.


Ecclesia (God’s called out people) is what believers must get busy and do. We must separate the wheat from the chaff from those religious bodies that claim they are doing the work of the Lord, but, serve Satan. If the church marks that which is false true, and gives its ‘stamp of approval’ for that which is evil, then those of us who believe the Bible is the very word and spirit of a holy God that created the world, must cut them out, cull them from the sheep and expose them as the goats and heretics they be. We don’t need ecumenical works; we need New Testament, Bible only living. There is no other God! ONE NATION UNDER ONE GOD FOR AMERICA! We support religious freedom for all, but, our children need to be educated to know we have always been one Nation under the God of the universe.


Pilgrims, now, it is left for us to do our part: Pray! Pray that the God of heaven will hear our millions of prayers and delivers us from the clutches of the godless horde who seeks to force us to comply with their idea of religious freedom by constricting and restricting what parts of the Bible they will tolerate.


Doc Christian


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Ensconced in my log cabin nestled in the foothills of Lake Cumberland, as I just celebrated my seventy-sixth birthday in July, and the imminent Presidential Election’s outcome will seal America’s direction: back to the Constitution and the Bible or towards the Communist Manifesto, it gives me pause to reflect upon the history that has passed by my life.


Pilgrims, since the majority of our citizens, and especially the aliens of the past thirty years, and most of today’s media ‘talking-heads’ never experienced the historical ride, I thought I’d let you go on a journey with me. As a lover of American History, a college degreed student of World History, as a teacher of American History, and a keen observer of politics, I’m well qualified to be your guide.


First, a little resume work. As a boy I grew up in rural Kansas and lived there through my Elementary school days; then, I moved to rural Oklahoma and graduated from high school. El Reno.


Before I was married and had children, I earned a college degree in History, served in the Navy and traveled to half the countries in the far-east. After I was married, I taught school and coached, I taught in a ghetto high school before integration was forced into the Oklahoma schools, and after they were integrated. I was a Sales/Marketing rep for a major publishing company, and later, I earned a Master of Divinity and preached the Bible for over thirty years.


As a boy and teenager, I can clearly recall…Hillary can’t recall much…every school day started the same way: Scripture was read, our teacher said a prayer, we stood for the Salute to the flag, before our first class commenced. Our first class was a short one, it was our Homeroom class. In Junior High, the Homerooms competed quarterly for the prize of an ‘all you can eat pancake breakfast’ at our best restaurant based upon our Sunday School Attendance at our church of choice.


As a boy, I can recall…Hillary can’t recall her criminal treasonous misdeeds…listening to the adults make declarations regarding what could never happen in America.


Morsels and tidbits: You never have to worry about the Bible being taken out of our schools; Christians will always have prayer in public;  Christmas will always be celebrated in our schools; there will never be a day where an American won’t salute the flag, the Supreme Court will always protect free speech and religious freedoms; women will always choose ‘motherhood’ over business; Taxpayers will never pay for abortions; teachers will always protect children; the government will never give money to those who won’t work; Homosexuals will always remain in the ‘closet’; Biblical Marriage will always be the foundation for American families; churches will never allow homosexuals to preach; A boy could never be a girl,  no Americans would ever  consider electing a known lying corrupt dishonest candidate for President are some of the most strident claims  that have been proven incorrect.


Grimes’ Fairy Tales have all become ‘dark’ ones!


Pilgrims, how did this happen? Surprise! You can’t blame the Atheists. This ‘hates the Bible, Jesus Christ, and God the Creator happened on American CHRISTIANS’ watch. Our cocky over-confident, self-assured selves took our eyes off of Jesus and allowed the enemies of God to infiltrate his church and his earthly Kingdom in America. We were asleep at the wheel and Satan and his evil doers ran us into a ditch so deep believers are convinced they can’t be rescued.


With each vote for Socialist/Communist minions’ from the decadent Democrat Party…from the past twenty years, these heathens have dismantled a once great biblical Nation’s: America, foundation, and replaced it with a godless one that seeks to replace everything in America that points to its past uniqueness and greatness with a goo of Global Warming’, celebrate gay-pride//Gender/bender, hedonist, mock the flag, disrespect our laws and Constitution multi-cultural illegals, that care nothing about our heritage or the blood sacrifice that was made for these Visigoths to create anarchy in our streets and schools.


Light, which is Jesus Christ, and the Bible’s principles are the only qualifiers that will fix our problems, and it has been rejected as a ‘possible’ remedy by a majority of our citizens.


America’s churches are filled with members that look upon this devastation, wring their hands and emit loud laments, but still vote their Party Politics, and empower God’s enemies, while denying they are the problem.


Christians in America emulate the children of Israel as they were great sinners and openly rejected Jehovah, but, refused to accept the blame for the horrible consequences they received from God’s wrath.


Pilgrims, in old Doc’s humble opinion, if Hillary wins the election, it will be a clear signal that Almighty God in heaven is about to unleash the fury of his wrath upon America and the Christians are going to suffer the most. If and when it happens, none of the Liberal believers have any room to complain. Unfortunately, those who never politically supported the enemy will also suffer the coming wrath of God.


Did you hear the deafening ‘silence’ from a majority of our churches pulpits on Sunday? I’m sure God did.  In the not so distant future, if Hillary wins, America’s biblical people may experience Martin Niemoller’s poignant words from his Nazi occupation that I paraphrase: They came for the Catholics, but I wasn’t a Catholic, they came for Jews, but I wasn’t a Jew, they came for me, a believer in Jesus Christ, and there wasn’t anyone to protect me.


At this point in America’s history, all any believer can do is pray. James indicates the fervent prayer of a righteous man gaineth much. Perhaps, God will hear our prayers and change the outcome of the election and America’s future.


Doc Christian


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Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. Matthew 7:15


Pilgrims, have you ever experienced a moment where you realized you had ‘come-undone’; you woke up and knew you had been cuckold and became the ‘butt’ of the joke, and it turned your stomach and made you feel queasy, and there wasn’t anything you could do about?


That happened to me recently when I saw the faces of the three Bushes on Fox News telling America they supported Hillary.


I have never been naïve enough to not know the entire Bush clan have never really been comfortable in the Conservative Republican wing of the party, but, to realize they have always been ‘closet’ Liberals who silently, evidently, rooted for the Bible, school prayer,  and the Ten Commandments to be stricken from our public institutions, for Atheist Supreme Court Justices to change the biblical definition of marriage, and usher in Same sex Marriage, to wink at the evil misdeeds of Planned Parenthood that kills babies, and to condone thirty years of malfeasance and even criminal conduct that compromised our National Security by their once avowed political adversaries: Hillary, Bill and the Democrat Party is beyond the pale.


Isn’t this the same Bush clan that demonstrated a pious life and demonstrated God’s Bible was important for their spiritual health and the Nation’s?  Didn’t the Bushes, unlike Obama, champion the National Prayer Breakfast? Didn’t “W” make constant references to the Creator and his blessings?


Doc’s opinion, any professing Christian that supports the Socialist/Communist driven ideology found ,in-plain-sight’ in Hillary’s and the Democrat Party’s platform is an enemy of God Almighty, his only Son, Jesus Christ, and mocks the truth of the Bible. They are truly masquerading as ‘wolves in sheep’ clothing…for the following reasons:


  • They support Atheist Socialist, non-Constitutional judges
  • They support the demise of biblical marriage
  • They support those that will punish, restrict, and forbid all dissent about homosexuals and their choice of abnormal behavior.
  • They support the killing of babies and the selling of their parts for profit.
  • They champion the removal of all things biblical from our schools, government and public arenas.
  • They don’t really care about the welfare of America’s children because Atheists seek to remove all moral boundaries; especially those found in the Bible.
  • They don’t care if America loses its unique Red, White, and blue identification because they champion cultural diversity from all angels.
  • They don’t care if our flag is dishonored.
  • It isn’t important if elected officials possess integrity or honesty, as long as their political agenda wins.
  • If their ends are met, they can justify anything including treason and compromising our National Security.
  • They are more comfortable in the company of those who seek to tear down America’s biblical foundation rather than protect and build it up.


Since the Bush clan has announced they will vote for Hillary, none can deny they have been wolves in sheep clothing regarding their leadership for the Republican Party and its future greatness. My opinion, if their public support for our enemy: Hillary and the Democrat Party agenda, sweeps her into office…and she survives the judicial system’s criminal conduct investigation, they will be largely responsible for the death of the Republican Party. The Trumpeters will never acquiesce from its political agenda! We are a Revolution and all party politics have changed regardless of who wins. Doc and his minions that will grow into a great multitude of political warriors of all colors, races, and ethnicity that love the bible and Jesus Christ are not going away. We will also punish those who chose to oppose us via the market place. It has already started, look at the NFL’S T.V. ratings.


For the past twenty-five years, but more so in the past decade, every day I’m forced to watch how a once great biblical Nation is being dismantled and rebuilt as an Atheist country, I want to have a ‘good’ cry. To know my Republican heroes: Bushs’ that I loved for the past fifty years are ‘turncoats’ saddens me so deeply my biblical soul mourns.


Old Doc may be a loon that is proven to be too crazy for his own good, but, I think not.


Doc Christian

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Pilgrims, old Doc is taking his pen in hand today to school most of America concerning today’s ‘buzz-word’ that is doing a bang-up job of spreading hate and discontent for America and its past glory: Social Justice. I’m positive our confused and dazed college students, from our elite universities and even high schools, know all about this word; but, they have been given a lesson in semantics so the masses aren’t too riled-up over being directly associated with being branded a Communist.


I find it amusing as I watch a few misguided mostly empty-headed professional athletes make a spectacle of themselves as they protest our Flag and National Anthem…and will be directly responsible for the future demise of the NFL, NBA, and any other sport that decides to be a part of demeaning and trashing the blood-sacrifice of past generations to allow ‘knuckle-heads’ like these people to dishonor America. Perhaps, Doc is wrong, and there are a large majority of our country’s citizens that choose to join the malcontents, and our sports world will rock on; but, I believe the evidence is clear that a majority of fans, like me, have decided to tune-out the games. Because I can’t stand the politics of these uneducated declarations by jocks that are, collectively, poorly educated and know little about the world they live in.


Colon and all your simple-minded followers, this article is for your enlightenment! It is also for all you ‘lemmings’ that think the only thing of importance is skin color.


Contrary to Al Sharpton and any other raciest preachers who want the world to believe, one can’t find the words Social Justice in the Bible. I can hear Pilgrims now: Why Doc, that isn’t true! Jesus taught about giving to the needy, visiting the sick in jail, treating everyone with love and dignity. He was race, class, and ethnic blind. All these things are true, but if fails to qualify for fitting the formula for what Social Justice means.


While Colon, La Bron and many others cry: “No justice, no peace’, I doubt any realize this is jargon associated directly with the Communist Manifest, published by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848. You can fast-forward to 2016 and one can find George Soros and his minions: Black Lives Matter hate group carrying out this Communist ideology.


When one pulls back the curtain from the ‘bad stuff’ hiding behind this ‘killing field’, you will find Lenin, Stalin, Mao and his Little Red Book, Castro brothers, Chavez, and a host of dictators from China, North Korea, Africa, and the ends of the earth. Today, you’ll find their comrades in arms in our most prestigious universities!


Pilgrims, you choose the tyrant and Communist murder that fits your particular ideology and delve into the history of how these people came to power. I some cases, it was ancestral, but usually they became a dictator using the Marx/Engel’s ‘game plan’. Find a ‘red-hot-humane’ problem and create a sympathetic false-narrative about its cause and effect. The focused goal is Revolution! Change what is known and what is in place with their idea of how the people and government should coexist. The ‘Fairness Doctrine’ pushes the needle and with the right amount of political ‘gasoline’ poured upon the disaffection of the people’s plight in contrast to the rich and powerful, they foment violence, fear of personal safety, and find thugs to create havoc and anarchy in the streets. Like the WikiLeaks’ emails show the Democrat Party did to Trump’s rallies!


The ‘propaganda machine’ churns up imagined doom and gloom if things remain the same. It paints a dark and sinister future for the people if Social Justice isn’t implemented. Soldiers to the cause are recruited: paid assassins, who will do anything for money, become the leaders of evil and suppression of people’s rights.


Violence and mayhem are used to remove the ruling authority; and, the new rulers soon become more ruthless and evil. Their ideology of ‘equality’ applies to everyone…except those who wield power. The utopian idea of shared-equality’ according to needs is their political modus operandi, in theory, but, it impoverishes all that aren’t in the ‘New’ ruling authority. All freedoms are restricted according to the new ruler’s ideology; dissent is forbidden, and those who refuse to obey are sent to slave labor camps, or shot as traitors. Religious freedom is considered an enemy and is harshly punished.


The country’s government and economic system is replaced with a Communist formula that considers the people as ‘serfs’ for the good of the party. After millions of ‘traitors’ are murdered and enslaved, the new authority has become fabulously wealthy, and the people live on ‘rations’ for their existence, they look back and wonder how this great tragedy could have happened.


Today, you can see this Communist formula living loud and proud in Venezuela as people stand in ‘bread’ lines to buy bread under the dictatorship of Chavez. This is the same man the Socialist/Communists in America have been championing for the model of what they want America to become. This is what the Communist front: BLACK LIVES MATTER is all about. Race and bigotry are the fuel to produce a ‘false-narrative’ about the targeting of blacks by police: it is a lie! And they can then create anarchy in our streets. This Communist organization, financially backed by men like George Soros, who hates our democratic, Capitalist Republic country, pays these thugs to travel to ‘hot-spots’ to create fear and intimidation for innocent people. Their goal is to make people believe the existing authorities can’t protect them and keep them safe.


The cardinal rule about the ideology of Social Justice is none can be held accountable for their stupid, immoral, and evil choices. All outcomes of bad-fruit are others’ fault. In 2016, the black political machine makes this claim…despite trillions of Taxpayers’ dollars being spent to help black Americans find success.


Pilgrims, I’ll give you one, and their hundreds of examples, to prove this is just Social

Justice masquerading as Communist Theology: Eighty percent of all crime in Black Society is committed by blacks. The police have to find a way to protect and serve all of the black society, and if they fail to do this, they fail to protect the innocent. A majority of black people want the police to protect them from the criminals; but, half the black people refuse to acknowledge the black criminals create a constant criminal atmosphere that forces the law and the criminals to be in open confrontation for the police to do their duty. It is the black people who choose an immoral life: two-thirds of all black children are born out of wedlock and the children grow up without a father in their lives. They fail to be educated, though more money is spent in black schools than white ones, they have created a ‘Generational Welfare’ lifestyle that limits and even prohibits the black people from finding success since the government takes care of them…on our Taxpayers’ dime.


They protect the criminals by using each failed, their perception, police confrontation with mostly black gangsters and thugs, and they molly-coddle these criminals parents who lie and create a ‘false narrative’ about the person who forced the cops hand.


Once this racial divide has reached this ‘boiling point’, the Communist move in: Black Lives Matter (a new batch of anarchist from the previous Black Panther Party of the sixties and seventies), create fear and mayhem. They loot and burn, kill, and change innocent peoples’ lives. They want the racial divide to widen! This new group of Communist that produces killers: target cops, and have had many murdered this year, to incite visceral hatred towards all authority and, to destabilize existing authority. Pilgrims, they are succeeding! Recently, a police woman, who isn’t qualified, refused to use physical force to arrest a black man, He tried to kill her as he bashed her head into the ground. She later confessed she failed to do her duty: arrest the lawless man with any force necessary, because she didn’t want to incite a black back lash from Black Lives Matter.


Colon and his cohorts of confused and poorly educated henchman, who don’t have a clue about what Social Justice means, should know that if their utopian idea of Social Justice was implemented, he’d have his hundred million dollars NFL contract with the Forty-niners, confiscated by the Communist government and doled out to   whomever they considered useful to enhance their cause. His freedom to dishonor his country’s flag would get him jail time…if not shot. He’d find himself in a ‘slave labor camp’ for the good of the ruling party.


Pilgrims, if any of you wish to use the Bible to disagree with old Doc, remember, all of Jesus’ teachings related to ‘personal’ responsibilities and collectively to the church. The idea of government being involved to help solve problems concerning personal needs isn’t mentioned. It is true, the First century church gathered and dispersed according to people who loved Jesus, needs, but it was voluntary.


The disgruntled citizens of America who have created the majority of the profound mess they live in, and seek Social Justice as the way to solve their problems, need to start with their own personal accountability…and not expect the government4 to take your money and give it to those whom refuse to help themselves.


Pilgrims, this is the core issue of the Presidential Election! The Socialist, Liberals, wear feathers that mark them akin to the Communist ideology, rather than show an identification as Capitalist Americans who see communism as our arch enemy. Does God care? The Creator’s plan of salvation thrived during Rome’s persecution of the first century church!


My suggestion, Pilgrims and all Red, White, and Blue Americans’ should boycott the NFL, NBA, and any other sport that champions these ungrateful whelps. We should become very selective where we choose to spend our money. If businesses mock, reject, and disdain the God of heaven, Jesus his only Son, and the inerrant word of the Bible, we should seek other services and products from those who share our biblical values. MAKE DO MISTAKE ABOUT IT…WE ARE AT WAR WITH SATAN!


Doc Christian



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     In our local newspaper, one of my favorite writers wrote a eulogy about an elderly woman that recently died. She was a member of my church. It was easy to see that the deceased woman and she had a great friendship. It started accidently around their mutual love for ‘Garage sales’.

The article was informative and entertaining…until the writer told the story about how she loved the Democrat Party and carried on a constant ‘Political diatribe’ with a past preacher who did his best to convert her to God’s side.

Pilgrims, this ‘cutesy’ story is a perfect example why the Apostle Paul wrote harsh words to the Galatians.

 I’m astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel—which is no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. Gal. 1:6-7

     …If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other that what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse… Gal. 1: 9

Paul was writing in reference to ‘Judaizers’ that joined the church and began telling the Gentiles they had to be circumcised.

Pilgrims, God’s church in America is awash with unholy people who profess with their mouth they love Jesus, and use their fingers to prove to the world they don’t: they vote for God’s, Jesus’ and the Bible’s enemies to gain and possess power to defrock this country of its once great biblical roots.

For six decades, Christians of all political persuasion have heard God’s call: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14, and ignored Him and have suffered the consequences of rejecting his call to obedience and holiness.

The Ten Commandments can’t be displayed on our courts’ front lawns, public prayer is forbidden at our schools’ events, school Bible groups are restricted, but homosexual ones are championed, biblical abstinence isn’t found in our schools ‘sex education’, but they hand out condoms, Christmas is still a ‘school-break, but you can’t have a biblical Christmas drama in our schools, you can have a ‘Meet me at the flag’ Bible rally…outside the school, but not inside: Church and State, cops are being murdered in our streets, millionaire black athletes refuse to stand and salute our flag, the military has implemented new strict regulations about treatment for ‘Transitioning” Gender people, your’ daughters will soon be sharing bathroom and shower accommodations with males of unspecified gender (the type of plumbing doesn’t matter)…and the government will punish those who dare protest,: North Carolina! Where is Kentucky?  The Bible and Jesus’ plan of salvation is forbidden to be preached in our military, Communist have funded racial hate groups to disrupt and create a black people’s revolution in America: Black Lives Matter, political corruption has reached to the White House and America may elect a crooked, corrupt woman as its President, our universities and colleges are the most intolerant environments in America; and they are avowed enemies of God’s Bible,  Christian parents who want to save their children from being educated by Atheist, are forced to Home School them, churches that reject the inerrancy of the bible mock God and dishonor his son, Jesus, as they champion the murder of babies, selling their parts to highest bidders,  and promote Same Sex Marriage.

Just like that lovely, but very confused Christian woman in the article, she was too naïve and unable to handle simple logic: “If you lie down with dogs, you’ll end up with fleas.”, and she marked her ballot for God’s enemies all her life. I know she didn’t plan to help support this radical, heathen outcome, but her votes did. If one tried to pin her down and show her how she was culpable in the rejection and demise of the Bible’s influence in America, she’d refute your supposition.

America, the land of the brave and the free! A population of nearly three-hundred and fifty million people is reduced to being dictated to and controlled by nine people in black robes: Supreme Court. This election is America’s professing Christians last chance to save ourselves. If God’s enemies gain the political power to appoint one more Atheist judge to the Supreme Court, we will lose our religious freedoms. Our legal system and our government have already curtailed them a great deal…and I suspect few Pilgrims really know how much harm has already been done.

Christians shouldn’t ignore James’ words: “You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.” James 4:4


Jesus declared a believer can’t serve two masters. If Christians put their party politics above honoring Jesus, your Master is Satan. You have become like Demas, he left the faith because he loved the world.

Brown, Yellow, Red, Black and White Christians will decide the future of America! Will it remain a country where citizens can worship their religion freely? Will it once again become a country of laws? Will it once again become a country where people tolerate their differences and not punish those who believe in God and the Bible? Will our biblically supported Constitution be the sacred document that guides us? Will our Maker be honored in our land after this election?

Socialist/Liberals/ Conservatives, Independents, and other voters in-between have been trying to ignore LOGIC for most of my life. It isn’t possible! Cause and effect is the fruit of a nation’s decisions. THE ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS!

Pilgrims, the most frightening aspect of all this chaos, is the ‘silence from our churches’ pulpits. Naïve and confused preachers, often seeking to appease the Liberals and Conservatives in the church, they don’t have the stomach to use the Bible’s truth to preach the biblical principles regardless of whose feelings are hurt or threats of pending doom for this ‘type’ of message in a ‘house divided’ politically  in God’s house. AMERICA IS THIS MESS PRECISELY FOR THIS REASON!

Satan is prowling looking for someone to devour! America looks like a ‘tasty’ dessert; he already has consumed a seven-course meal.

Pilgrims, may our Lord Jesus not classify you as ‘FOOLISH’ next Wednesday!

Doc Christian





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