I must confess that as a biblical man, I’m not particularly pleased with our president’s ‘colorful’ language; but, since, as a boy, I was very familiar with this specific type of hole: when you don’t have indoor plumbing and you do have an ‘outhouse’ to take care of ‘necessary business’, I can easily identify with a particular item being referred to as a S*** Hole as something no one cares for or desires

I find it insulting, hypocritical, and amusing that the collective Atheists/Socialist/Communist/Democrat Party and their collective Fake News Media lemmings are feigning moral outrage about President Trump’s salty description of places everyone, evidently, except ‘far-left loonies, consider some of the world’s worst ‘arm-pits’ of the universe with truthful references.

With their Hollywood cronies, collectively, Doc’s opinion, they are directly responsible for nearly all movies that are so filled with S*** Hole language decent, Pilgrims, DEPLORABLES, and all Trump supporters should be embarrassed to see. They have introduced a level of sex, violence, and human degradation into their movies they have enhanced the very worst mankind has to offer while handing out awards to people that should be forced to live in the S*** Holes they have created for America’s entertainment. Hollywood couldn’t make a movie if they censured the F*** word!

Since I was a boy, over seven decades ago, America’s churches have been sending millions of dollars to the same ‘arm-pits’ with the expectation that taking Jesus to the world with a cool cup of water might change their lives. I’m sure a few have been changed, but the vast majority of funds never reached their intended destinations: nothing has changed in the past fifteen years; corrupt governments and vicious dictators have thwarted our efforts to help those poor unfortunate people.

Our government’s efforts have been less successful than the churches! When you send millions to Hattie and your emissary is named Clinton, those funds disappear faster than those that dictators’ control. Most Haitians in America might choose to use the frank term, S*** Hole when speaking of the Clintons’ corrupt active supervision of our government’s funds we taxpayers entrusted him with, that led to hundreds of  thousands of their country’s people coming to America as illegals with temporary status because of natural disasters.

If we could deport some of our well known S*** Holes to foreign countries, how much better off would America be? Can anyone declare that certain parts of our nation’s major cities rival any S*** Holes of the ‘third-world countries? Chicago (murder capital of America) Baltimore (willing to burn down its own city to support known criminal/drug/gang-infested city, St Louis (so dangerous, government puts out a warning to visitors) several cities in California…San Francisco, L A, Oakland, are cities either too dangerous to live in, or too politically correct, and one can’t walk the streets without being accosted by people living on streets in tents, and protected by Sanctuary for illegals and even its criminal class. Nearly ALL are politically run by corrupt black appointed and elected officials. Interestingly, some of the largest cities: N.Y, Chicago, have white Mayors, and mostly black titular officials that preen and make all kinds of raciest noise that keeps America dysfunctional and racially divided: I.e. Mad Maxine and too cool Lewis stoke the nation’s noxious bigotry poison.

During old Doc’s life, the trillions of dollars taxpayers’ have spent on these cities to help change the lives of these unfortunate citizens living in these S*** Holes has done little to change them. In many cases, they have progressively grown worse. President Trump has done more to change the lives of people living in these horrible places, in his first year of service, than the past twenty-five years of presidential governance: Lowest unemployment in black society in the history of America’s existence! Doc’s prediction: before President Trump’s first term expires, his agenda will have added five million new jobs to super-charge our economy.

Doc’s prediction: President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda will change America so dramatically…only the Socialist/Communist Fake News Media will still be spouting negatives about how wonderful our nation’s economic and social ‘bench-marks’ have changed since he led our country. He should be awarded the Nobel Prize for the following: Peace, and Economic. President Obama won a Peace Prize for being black! When he left office, the entire world was a more dangerous place, and America was just a short fall from becoming an S*** Hole. I take that back! Before his administration is done being investigated for political corruption, and people go to jail, America might think it has become an S*** Hole…led by his corrupt FBI and DOJ.

Pilgrims, the one thing that disturbs the far-left and the Democrat Party is that President Trump, unlike any other one, tells the truth. He doesn’t ‘sugar-coat’ a pack of lies to feed his ego or to remain less than transparent to the citizens of our country. He speaks his mind! America knows more about our government under his watch than we have been allowed to know during my life.

Doc’s question: where has the Republican Party’s leadership been for the past thirty years concerning the disaster known as illegal immigration? Why did it take you twenty-five years to speak about Chain-migration and the horrific Visa Lottery? How did you remain silent in the face of this idiotic political boondoggle where you allowed our country to be inundated and over-run by other countries people who broke our laws without impunity? IF REPUBLICANS had been as transparent as President Trump, America wouldn’t be in this illegal immigrant conundrum. We would have voted out all Republicans that supported ‘free-range’ types of illegals, many years ago.

Pilgrims, DEPLORABLES, and other sane people of America, take heart about the President’s ‘salty-language’, even the Apostle Paul used it! SKUBALA (Greek for S***, and also for Dung…milder tone: Garbage. Paul used this word in correlation to what he considered the value of his life on earth compared to the heavenly kingdom awaiting him one day: Philippians 3:8.

Doc’s dire prediction: while Republicans, Conservatives, Pilgrims, and DEPLORABLES are rejoicing that God has blessed America with the election of President Trump, Doc cannot deny the future political outcomes that harbinger frightful outcomes we will not be able to stop. DEMOGRAPHICS have sealed America’s future to that of a Communist Venezuela twin.

Regardless of how great a fight we DEPLORABLES put up, at some point in the next ten to fifteen years, all of the illegals will gain citizenship, and ninety percent of them will elect Socialist leaders to govern America. The past three decades of youth are decidedly Socialist liberals who favor Communist Theology rather than our Constitution.

Since white women have practiced Zero Population growth for six decades, the white voter population will disappear amidst an interracial mullato colored people that will be so culturally assimilated among languages, ethnicity, religions other than biblical, the World War II, and JFK Democrat generations would not be able to recognize their America.

President Trump, my opinion, is little more than the little boy’s thumb in the dike: he can only hold back the rushing, crushing Socialist/Communist ‘Third-World flood that will burst the dam and turn America into what I consider a SKUBALA/ S*** Hole.

Doc Christian

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     The NBA coach, “Pop’ as he is fondly called, Popovich, of the Spurs has recently made it known he is thinking about running for president in 2020. He cites his main reason is because he is frightened that our country’s values are being destroyed by the Trump presidency.

Personally, old Doc hopes “Pop” will run! It would be nice to see him suffer his worst humiliating defeat…something he knows little about since he has coached the Spurs to many NBA titles.

Pilgrims, DEPLORABLES, and any disaffected Dems that have recently jumped on the Trump-train, in the light of “Pop’s” hubris pronouncement about how America’s values are under stress and in danger of changing via President Trump’s presidency, old Doc would like to take “Pop” down the ‘memory-lane’ of America’s CORE VALUES…that were nearly lost before the DEPLORABLES elected President Trump, and demonstrated just how horrible the loss of our old CORE VALUES have harmed America.

To preface my remarks, I want every reader to understand where my head and my heart lies concerning my unfailing support for America’s Core Values of yesterday verses those of 2018.  I also want each reader to know that behind all the changes lay two ‘group-think’ changers: Feminist Theology and Communist Theology, and for old Doc, both nearly destroyed our country and its future greatness until President Trump was elected.

I’m nine years older than ‘Pop” so I have a better ‘first-hand’ knowledge of what America’s core values were before he was born.  I will endeavor to accomplish this task using a THEN and NOW scenario formula. This will allow each reader to conduct his or her own evaluation and draw their own conclusions that support old Doc or favor the soon to be announced Presidential candidate for 2020.

THEN; when I was five, nearly seventy percent of families attended worship regularly, and they professed a belief in the Bible and Jesus Christ.

NOW: forty-six percent of families attend worship regularly, and a third of them don’t believe the Bible is always true, and Jesus Christ was a good man more than a Savior. This means fifty-six percent of America’s citizens are heathens and don’t believe in a biblical God; they don’t believe in any god.

THEN: Marriage was a sacrosanct covenant between a man and a woman…ordained by our Creator. Homosexuals were a peripheral matter and mainly remained ‘in the closet. The idea that America’s Supreme Court, without the will of the people, would condone and even promote Same Sex Marriage was considered immoral and unthinkable. It was against every moral principle the citizens of this nation used to navigate life…regardless of race, religion, or color of skin.

NOW: It seems the only people who want to get married are religious people and homosexuals. Same Sex Marriage has replaced biblical marriage with sexual unions found in the Bible from the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. The sexual identity people have now added a new plank to their odious sinful hate the Bible agenda: the IT WORLD. Regardless if one has a ‘sex change’, they can choose to be Susie one day and John the next, and they want to punish any normal American citizens if they dare disagree with their sick twisted minds. What they cannot win via Congress or the ballot box, they have bullied our nation into submission via our corrupt legal system that continues to discover legal pearls that don’t exist in our Constitution.

THEN: America’s education system sometimes used the Bible for classroom assignments. School days commenced with reading of scripture and prayer, plus the pledge to the nation’s flag. Christmas and Easter were celebrated as times of worship and holy reverence by our schools. The nations’ school children prepared Christmas programs that were designed to focus America’s attention upon Jesus Christ’ birth and his resurrection, and students’ parents enjoyed their programs. Teachers’ were held to a biblical moral code of ethics protected by school authorities.

NOW: The Bible is forbidden to be read in classrooms, and Muslim religion tenets are more apt to be discussed than the Bible’s. Prayer has been restricted to ‘student initiated’ prayers. The pledge is often not used to start the school day. Teachers and staff can be fired for leading students in prayer. A Biblical moral code of ethics has been removed and replaced by a Feminist Theology one. Now there is Sexting by students and teachers!

THEN: Eighty percent of students graduated from high school. The diploma equipped the student to work in the business world. Since a small percentage of students earned a college degree, few high school students graduated as functional illiterates.

NOW: Sixty-five percent graduate from high school. Because of a Socialist/Communist bent indoctrinating the students, few are equipped for the business world. Because the Feminist agenda has been implemented into the schools, processed by authorities and staff, promoting ‘self-esteem’; rather than merit based education, the students aren’t equipped to accomplish great things. They see themselves as victims oppressed by people who have become successful. The average graduate couldn’t pass the exam of a 1950s’ junior high grad. These students know more about the Feminist movement than the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Average high school graduates that work in a Walmart, if the computer goes down, can’t make simple change without taking off their shoes. The average college graduate couldn’t pass a high school exam from the 1950s.  A third of today’s students leave with a diploma that should be marked: “Functional Illiterate”.

From Old Doc’s personal experience teaching and even substituting in schools during the late seventies and early eighties, while in grad school, a third of all faculties should be fired for malfeasance upon unsuspecting students, a third should be remanded to remedial learning, and a third should have their salaries increased three-fold. In 2018, the percentages should be raised in every category.

THEN: America was a horribly racist, bigoted country! Unfortunately for black America and our entire country, the Socialist/Communist agenda was used as the elixir to fix this sin. Misplaced compassion verses merit application was applied by our government and education authorities White/black privilege formulas by liberal and mushy-headed conservative leaders, practicing the worst type of racist bigotry: their single conclusion for the nation was the black student was too dumb to learn or too weak to compete if it demanded discipline, self-sacrifice, and great effort to achieve excellence, so money was deemed the only answer to solve the inequality problem that existed since the days of slavery and the Civil War. Despite Affirmative Action, evidently, too many in black societies still are caught in a paradox that left them feeling like they were still on the outside looking in.

Our mutton-headed congressional leaders, out of misplaced compassion, again tried to fix the black society’s problem with money as they funded, to the tune of trillions of dollars, a Generational Welfare System that robbed its people of experiencing the joy of knowing how great it feels to earn your success via your self-sacrifice and personal discipline, rather than depend upon the government’s misplaced compassion for choices that brought horrible outcomes that harm them and all in their family and their society. Before the government’s educational ‘social pass’ education and paying unmarried women to have illegitimate children with tax payers money that created a Government Slave Plantation system, the Black family was more intact than the white family.

NOW:  It seems the only racist and bigots in our country are people of color. Instead of being grateful they live in a country where they can achieve what they are willing to determine, they are ready to play the ‘race-card’ and cry I’m a victim…of you name the issue…and their legions are growing stronger and larger year by year.

THEN: A small percentage of people of color were incarcerated. Black crime wasn’t something black society worried about. The idea of black people committing horrendous crimes against other black people wasn’t a serious concern for the average person of color, and certainly not white people.

NOW: America has a hard time building prisons fast enough to hold the criminals that prey upon the citizens of our nation. Though these animals kill, torture, maim, murder, rob and steal from their own people, it is the cops that are the ‘bad guys’ according to social black activists, NFL, and the Democrat Party…and all the Socialist/Communist haters in America.

A hate mongering political anti-police group of people, masquerading as victims of Social Injustice: BLM (black live matter) advocates the murder of cops; and the Democrat Party not only condones it, they support its political garbage. The NFL also lends it support for this evil organization, unwittingly, perhaps, as they cow-tow to their disgruntled black players view of disrespecting our flag, Anthem, dead warriors, and our country for personal grievances, that have filtered from their personal run-ins with the law as they fought their way out of drug infested gang related atmospheres to find success and fame, but earlier in their lives, they were more the problem than the solution to the black ‘killing fields’ that exist in our major cities in America.

Their ludicrous thinking is akin to finding yourself in a war and your forces are continually being killed by ‘Friendly-fire’, but you only concentrate upon the named enemy outside the foxhole: cops of all colors sacrificing their lives to keep your law abiding black people safe from the thugs: eighty percent of all crime comes from their own colored people in their neighborhoods.

THEN: America was a place where immigrants came to chase freedom and success. The country welcomed them, but, they didn’t expect tax payers to provide for them: clothe, educate, and pay for health care, or collect welfare and other types of aid. They didn’t demand their culture and language be honored and assimilated into America’s. They wanted to be American citizens…not a citizen enjoying the blessing of our country, but maintaining their allegiance to the one that left. All immigrants were means tested. You had to prove you were skilled, had a job, or another American family would vouched for you and provide for you.

NOW: Immigrants come to America…too many of them illegally. Once here, they demand that our country give them womb to tomb care. They expect to receive welfare and other types of aid from the tax payers. They don’t care to assimilate and they want to keep their cultures alive and public. They want to fly their old country’s flag, protest and march in our streets if they aren’t provided what they desire. They have dumbed down our education system to the point English is a ‘second’ language in many parts of our nation. Half of the illegal immigrants don’t have a grade school education, and they can’t compete for jobs that pay well.

We have socialist/Communist political leaders who are hell-bent to change America into a Communist type of country, and they want all illegals to come to America so one day they can be eligible to vote for this type of miscreant citizen and government.

THEN: Under FDR’s leadership, the idea of Socialism was introduced to ostensibly find a way to survive the Great Depression. The government’s Alphabet Soup was implemented to provide jobs for boys and men to build and care for things our government deemed worthy of tax payers dollars. It clashed greatly with our system of Capitalism, but the outcomes were ignored. The idea of an economic system didn’t save America! When America declared war on Japan and Germany, this business juggernaut providing war supplies, changed America’s economic formula away from a Socialist model to a Capitalist one…again.

NOW: A bastardized form of Socialism was reintroduced by the Democrats and President Johnson in the sixties as America faced its demons with working to correct the racist and bigotry towards black people with the passing of the Civil Rights Law. Unfortunately, for black society, white people, suffering from the guilt of the residue from that war chose to use money that was a ‘hand out’ rather than a ‘hand-up’ and it guaranteed welfare would ruin personal incentives to challenge black people to find success rather than remain a victim of unfortunate circumstances when their kin were bought and sold from black African Kings to white slave traders and shipped to America. Today, we have millions of people, of all colors living off the taxpayers’ dime. It has become so bad, most of America’s children eat two free meals a day at school; and the stigma of living off welfare has been removed to the point our stupid government and education systems provide free lunches for every kid so none will be embarrassed.

Our Communist education system is graduating students that reject the Constitution in favor of any Communist type of legal and economic system. The latest group of dolts (Millennials) is the most dangerous of the new breed of American that will one day turn America into a Third World Country: Doc’s prediction. Forty years from now most of the Constitutional biblical people of this generation will be dead, and Mao will be praised and promoted by our country’s leading citizens. Perhaps, there will be new education bumper stickers: If you are a Communist, thank a teacher.

As the reader can surmise, Pop’s world and old Doc’s is quite different. His is void of any biblical principles. He supports any and all political identity platforms that demean mankind’s spiritual survival or personal relationship with the Creator of this universe. It is quite odd that a famous coach would present this flawed view of America, and he supports all manner of Socialist group-think when his very livelihood demands a strict Capitalist form of life. His life is based solely on merit, rather than any Socialist/progressive ideology that rewards sloth and stupid decisions about one’s life. In the NBA, excellence is the only survival of ‘cut-throat’ competition between various levels of talent. Those who can’t and don’t produce are out in the cold. Too bad he doesn’t apply the same formula to the ever increasing Socialist/Communist Democrat Party conundrum that is doing all it can to turn America into a place of godless, immoral Atheist citizens that reward people who can’t use common sense and expect the government to provide them womb to the tomb care.

Old Doc ponders whether men like Pop recognize that if he is in for a penny he is in for dollar. If you tie your horse to the wagon of the far-left, you stand for and support the following items:

  1. You favor a Socialist/Communist form of government rather than our Constitution.
  2. You support racist hate groups: Black Lives Matter, who hate our cops and promote the murder of them: over a hundred cops were murdered in the line of duty in 2017.
  3. You reject the bible and its principles; but, support Atheist Theology.
  4. You support a welfare state rather than a merit based society.
  5. You support the killing of innocent babies before they are born, but you won’t support Capital punishment.
  6. You are pleased that biblical moral values aren’t part of our education system, and you are unable to recognize cause and effect outcomes of how different, morally our country has become since the Bible, prayer, and moral codes have been restricted from our school house doors, our government and courts.
  7. You praise and welcome the IT WORLD of gender identity that allows parents to objectify CHILD ABUSE upon innocent children.
  8. You openly root for America to fail…regardless of the category one might choose.
  9. You aren’t a patriot because you don’t revere our flag, our Anthem, and the warriors who died to allow you the freedom to rant and rave about how horrible sixty plus million fellow citizens are in your eyes.
  10. You support the now named terrorist group: Antifa, that burns down buildings, and uses violence to cease free speech for any group they deem a threat to their ‘group-think’ ideology.

Pop and his minions know one thing for sure: his ilk is all going to die…no one gets out alive! For sure he is going to reap what he sows:

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”

     They are corrupt, and their ways are vile; there is no one who does good.

God looks down from heaven on all mankind to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.

     Everyone has turned away, all have become corrupt; there is no one who does good, not even one.

   Do all these evildoers know nothing?  Psalm 53:1-4

As old Doc has said a million times, I’ll take THEN rather than NOW! One day, if historians are honest, they will write that America took the first step into oblivion in 1960. Look it up!

Pilgrims and Deplorables old Doc knows one thing for sure: Pop and his merry band of loonies will one day be accountable for the answer to the question: Who do people say I am? Jesus asked his disciples this question. There are three answers: LIAR, LUNATIC…OR LORD.

Doc Christian

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     DEPLORABLES, there is actually two tests! If we will take this blog article of old
Doc’s and make sure a million or so people receive it, so they can pass it on in their personal Social Media world, we might be able to shake the NFL, Hollywood and their liberal world to its foundation. It is in your hands.

In one of my children’s stories that probably will never be published: Grandpa’s Magic Carpet & The Kings Fitness Camp, grandpa’s grandchildren and the animal children that visit the camp to learn about spiritual/biblical fitness, face a daunting spiritual task that requires all team members to put aside their petty differences and goals, that forces each player to use his or her uniquely given Godly gifts, to enable them to finish the requirements set forth by the King in order to win the coveted Warriors Armor’ and receive a certificate for completing the King’s fitness camp.

DEPLORABLES! This is old Doc Christian, your official D.I. (Drill instructor) sending you an invitation to compete for the King’s ‘Warrior’s Armor’ certificate that you can show your kids and grandkids, and they may well tell your story for generations, and hold you up as a hero or a heroine for helping to save the Republic; America.

I must tell you, from the shaky data gathered and publicly decimated, from the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, and old Doc is positive the information isn’t truthful, by at least 50%, we DEPLORABLES still don’t look good when it comes to personal sacrifices for the good of our country’s future.

Regards to the NFL and its disrespectful players dishonoring our flag and our Anthem, they will admit to only a 9% decrease in attendance or TV viewers. I do believe these percentages are much larger, but I also know that too many professing DEPLORABLES have fed the enemy while watching games.

In every war there is a pivotal battle that either leads to victory or defeat! Old Doc is issuing a ‘call to arms’,  I want all DEPLORABLES  to know, while we have done only a mediocre job of punishing those who disrespect our country, we have another opportunity to show the world that Trump supporters are nothing to trifle with: we can refuse to watch the Playoffs and boycott the Super Bowl.

If all DEPLORABLES tuned out these important games, stop and ponder the chilling, undeniable effect that our support for President Trump would do to the NFL and half the people in America that hate him and all DEPLORABLES, The results would be so dramatic even the FAKE NEWS couldn’t make a silk purse out of that sow’s ear.

Like the children in the King’s camp, the first thing they had to learn during the last week of the camp’s fitness competition, for each team wore their team colors, if you didn’t wear your team colors, you really weren’t a part of the team striving for a designated ‘team goal’. The question: whose team are you on?

I invite all DEPLORABLES to search for the Packers and Oakland game on the net. Old Doc wants to call your attention to what I saw on the net, Rogers and his team is shown standing for the Anthem. With a few exceptions, and he wasn’t one, the team did not stand at attention, they didn’t look at the flag, some were messing with their hair, helmets, and looking at the ground. A few put the ‘Black Power’ fist into the air. DEPLORABLES, they think they are winning this phony Social Justice war. Why wouldn’t they? Half the country voted to elect President Trump; and half the country, most assuredly the petulant disrespectful NFL, players and owners, with a couple of exceptions, hate us. If the Trump supporters and DEPLORABLES don’t have the will to battle, every day, for the biblical soul of America, what good are we? If we can’t demonstrate that we will not submit to Democrat Communist Theology, what good are? If we will not show the country our Constitution is worth fighting for, what good are we? If we refuse to personally sacrifice our NFL entertainment pleasures, which they certainly are, what good are we?

What all DEPLORABLES must do is recognize that this war and our daily battles will not cease. The smoke and fire from the NFL is still raging and now, come on the horizon is the godless Gender Identity war: the winter Olympics just announced that gender identity will not be questioned for all contestants. Morons! Doc’s prediction, this newly processed puke will come back to bite these idiots in the behind…soon. When Title Nine passes from our nation’s history, the hue and cry of ‘foul’ will be deafening…from the Feminist. Get ready for all women’s sports records to be broken by men named ‘Susie’ masquerading as women! Broadway called their productions: The Hit Parade; the homosexual/gender/benders will call their productions: The IT parade.

But for Adam no suitable helper was found.

     So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. Genesis 2:19-22

Now DEPLORABLES, the only thing you need to do to discount the bible’s story of the creation of man and woman…different in gender, is to rationalize it took the Big Bang’s, ‘nothing from nothing’ formula that they say evolved into our universe via a process known as evolution, over billions of years that produced a man and a woman… and no human can explain how mankind survived as one type of human: male, lived long enough for evolution to also make a female (evolution theory doesn’t provide for two different genders to be evolved at the same time, does it?) so the human race might live, and for you to believe that gender really isn’t important for the survival of mankind.

DEPLORABLES! Do you really want to live in a country that condones this horrific type of ‘group-think’?

Once a nation slides down the slippery slope of Atheist godless heathen behavior, the murder of innocent babies soon coincides with extreme CHILD ABUSE: parents choosing to rear the child with their choice of gender identity…never mind how it will harm the future of that child to be normal and assimilate into the parenting culture of our nation.

I’m not sure if these ‘hate-America’ NFL kneelers, Social Justice warriors were aware of just how many ‘social’ issues have and will be attached and entangled with every type of abnormal behaviors and Identity-politics ‘group-think’ causes will be attached to their ‘band-wagon’, but they are going to become a ‘celeb’ cause’ landing place for all these godless kooks. When it comes to these ‘far-left’ loons, the horizon always brings the Communist flag into view, and it always shows the flag of the Constitution burning.

The NFL test looms closer for we DEPLORABLES! The question to be answered: Will we be little more than ‘milk-toast’, with 12.00 beers in hand while we watch the NFL as our ticket is punched, or will we send a frightening signal that all Americans must choose which team they root for: America or those who diss it.

The Apostle John quoting Jesus: “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”  Revelation 3:15-16

Doc Christian



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     It is two minutes to six, and old Father Time is rapidly winding his was down to zero for 2017. So no one can accuse Doc of being ‘faint-hearted’ and too chicken-lilly-livered to let the world know his predictions for the new year, I wanted to pen this article and put it up on Facebook before the clock strikes midnight.

One more thing! I predicted President, then candidate Trump, would win the election the minute he announced his intentions to run for the office of President. It is on my blog!

Pilgrims, as old Doc peers into his Biblical prophetic ball, based upon what the DEPLORABLES have already accomplished to give America a ‘values’ reset, these are my predictions.

President Trump will be cleared of all Russian Collusion charges. A number of Democrats that ponied up this deliberate political ruse to try and impeach him, will fail, and the world will be able to ‘see under the hood’ of a corrupt political class that hates DEPLORABLES and America.

President Trump will see the GDP reach five and higher. The economy will roar like it has never roared in the past twenty-five years. Five million jobs will be created as government ‘red-tape’ will be gone, and the business of business will astound its critics and please its supporters.

President Trump will see corrupt members of the FBI, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, and other Deep State operatives charged with ‘high crimes’ and misdemeanors by Congress and after a ‘shake-out’ of the DOJ, our entire intelligence agencies will be purged so there is equal justice for all criminals regardless of power, wealth, or political position.

President Obama’s legacy will be left on the White House floor in tatters as his administration will be shown to be corrupt to the bone as the Iran and Hezbollah nuclear deal will blow up in America’s face. Families loved ones that died from drug over-doses provided by the Obama protection scheme to favor our enemy: Iran, may sue for compensation.

President Trump will get to nominate another Supreme Court Judge that follows the Constitution rather than make up legal decisions from ‘whole-cloth’. This appointment will secure religious liberty for all citizens of America. The Supreme Court will over-turn the Appellate court’s ruling against the Christian Bakers, and our freedoms of speech and religion will be up held.

President Trump will appoint conservative Constitutional Federal Judges, about a hundred during his first term.

School Choice will begin to be implemented and every kid in America will have an opportunity to get a good education that isn’t controlled by unions. This will not please the established Black leaders, but, it will thrill the average parent rearing children in schools with politically motivated administrations that hire poorly skilled teachers.

America will politicize the Olympics and the Gender Identity issue will find the DEPLORABLES tuning out the games.

The NFL and Hollywood will discover the power of the DEPLORABLES as their ticket sales for 2018 will plummet greatly. Since the majority of Liberals and Millennials don’t care about live sports, and evidently movies, unless it is Soccer, the fortunes of this league and movie makers will cause even greater trauma in the entire sports and entertainment world, and it will send a shot across the bow of the NFL and Hollywood that clearly signals there won’t be ‘business as usual’.

The caustic rhetoric of our cultural and political divide will widen. President Trump and his band of DEPLORABLES will thrash the Democrats in the mid-term elections. The Senate will increase their majority and the House will gain a larger majority than it now enjoys. Regardless of all the hot-air political hubris, when the voter steps inside the voting booth: IT IS THE ECONOMY STUPID, coined, I believe, by President Clinton, long ago, that will rule the day, and it will be the far-left loons of our country that will once again need cookies and milk to sleep at night.

There will be many more great changes to America that will allow each citizen to exercise their God given talents to maximize their opportunities to find success. I pray that, particularly, our government, will also punish those who refuse to reach for the brass ring.

One more thing! The construction of the wall will be underway.

Since ninety percent of all Liberals are Atheists, old Doc agrees with Paul: If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:3

Doc Christian





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     Micah presents evidence about Israel’s sin and corruption.

What misery is mine! I am like one who gathers summer fruit at the gleaning of the vineyard; there is no cluster of grapes to eat, none of the early figs that I crave.

     The faithful have been swept from the land; not one upright person remains.

     Everyone lies in wait to shed blood; they hunt each other with nets.

     Both hands are skilled in doing evil; the ruler demands gifts, the judge accepts bribes, the powerful dictate what they desire—all conspire together.

     The best of them is like a brier, the most upright worse that a thorn hedge.

     The day God visits you has come, the day your watchmen sound the alarm.

     Now is the time of your confusion.

     Do not trust a neighbor; put no confidence in a friend.

     Even with the woman who lies in your embrace guard your words of your lips.

     For a son dishonors his father, a daughter rises up against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—a man’s enemies are the members of his own household. Micah 1:1-6

Pilgrims, old Doc’s opinion, if you used America in place of the nation of Israel, this would be very applicable to our country, today.

The feared and evil State Security Committee, morphed from the early days of the Russian Revolution of 1917 into the hated KGB spy agency that turned ordinary Russian citizens lives into living hellish nightmares, as they pretended to provide necessary protections for them, all the while, even using children’s testimonies against their parents to imprison, torture, and executed millions of people for the ‘security’ and safety of the Russian Communist regimes that ruled Russia for decades, evidently, has come to the shores of America.

For the Pilgrims interested in American History…post World War II, this same agency infiltrated the United States highest echelons of our FBI and CIA administrations charged to keep us safe. After the Berlin Wall fell, and we had access to their data, we learned about these failures of our intelligent agencies too naïve and perhaps, too cavalier attitude about our superior ‘fail safe’ intelligence operatives.

Millions of James Bond fans ‘fantasied’ about how England’s intelligence Agency out-witted evil doers…especially from Communist countries, but, in the end, we discovered, too late, we were less than nimble to keep them ignorant of our security plans.

“What are we? A third-world Banana Republic?” is now bantered around as America, unfortunately, is discovering our country has and has had, how long, no one knows, our own special KGB in Washington.

While the Russian KGB worked diligently to keep the existing corrupt government in power; America’s KGB has been working diligently to remove the duly elected constitutionally mandated President from office.  Despite sixty plus million American citizens that voted to elect President Trump as the leader of the free world, they thought they knew better than us. Now, we learn America’s own FBI and DOJ, plus many other intelligent agencies, including those of the past eight years, and including today’s operatives of  the Clinton’s corrupt foundation and Democrat Party, by their own previously secret testimonies, are no different nor better than the KGB of Russia’s yesterday.

Now, we hear rumblings of anarchist in congress and their foolish lemmings, warn the Deplorables, if the corrupt Special Prosecutor is fired, especially by President Trump, which he has the authority to do, they will take to the streets. What actually does that mean? Are they threatening to use violence to get their way? The pathetic Democrats and their communist followers: hello Hanoi Jane, really should reconsider this political tactic. Once you get outside the black ghettos, few Socialist/Communist know how to use a gun. Nearly all Red States citizens have guns and are very proficient with them!

Pilgrims, Doc’s opinion, Mueller has tainted the Russian Collusion investigation so badly his outcomes will not be received well by either political party. Doc’s prediction: Mueller’s investigation is corrupt, and when he tries to indict and convict anyone, the Supreme Court will rule them unconstitutional based upon political bias and malfeasance for gathering the evidence to punish.

It seems incredulous to old Doc that our elected Congress is incapable of adjudicating on behalf of our citizens. They are like old, nearly useless hounds that can do a tremendous amount of barking, but can’t hunt nor tree the coon. The political criminal class laughs in their face! People who were appointed, rule our country, or think they do. If our legal system worked, the people could refuse a subpoena, take the fifth: Lois Learner, but, Congress should put them into jail until they are willing to testify. If our Civil Servant servants are free to ignore them, why have laws?

America needs, President Trump needs a justice department reset! If Jeff Sessions really cared about our country, he’d give our president a Merry Christmas present: resign and go home to Alabama. In my life time, no one man has ever caused our country more political chaos than Mr. Sessions. My opinion, he should resign so President Trump can appoint a new Attorney General who actually has the authority to conduct his very important judicial duties. His needless recusal has set into place a toothless tiger trying to put some fear into a criminal political class of treasonous people that were just a hair from bringing down our Constitutional Presidential process by nefarious and evil people working in consort with our own intelligence people to remove President Trump from office.

There is a principle in the business world that, if ignored, is a fatal blow to any management structure: insubordination. Since Mr. Sessions has failed to fire this entire corrupt group of underlings, he must go. If he is too timid and ‘clueless’ to know that you don’t reward evil behavior because the lack of swift punishment breeds lawless behavior, he must go. Old Doc does not question his integrity! I question his fitness for the job! If the ‘crack’ detective can’t track an elephant in the snow, what good is he?

From my many years of experience watching our government reject plain ole common horse sense pertaining to just about everything political, the collective inane boobs in Washington have accomplished little more than preening Peacocks that look good, but don’t have utility: TERM LIMITS CAN FIX THIS MESS!

Doc’s prediction, our justice system is facing one, if not the greatest, test regarding its ability to ‘do the right thing’ in the face of a relentless enemy of our nation: the non DEPLORABLES! If our political will is too weak to put a noose around this despicable group of ‘lefties’ that favor Communist Theology, and our judicial system is too politicized to punish those who would subvert our Constitutional mandates, the America I knew for seven decades will pass from history…in fact, it may have already passed Go and is headed straight to a hellish self-imprisonment.

Few citizens of America are old enough to remember the profound statement by the Russian, Communist leader: Khrushchev: “We will bury you (meaning America) without firing a shot.” According to the latest research data, the past three generations of youth favor Communist Theology verses our Constitution.

Old Doc’s sad prediction: President Trump’s two terms, possibly one for Mike Pence, serving as America’s president is just a blip on the radar screen for RED—WHITE—BLUE patriots, because after a decade of ‘baby-boomers’ dying, the Millennials (forty plus percent) don’t love America, don’t respect our past sacrifices to keep the citizens freedoms intact via our sacred Constitution, including religion, and will turn this nation into an a-moral cesspool void of biblical truth and principles. The Democrat Party has already done a ‘bang-up-job’ doing this in the past fifty years! If any Pilgrim wants to see a description of what this will look like, check out my novel: The Theophany:  Son-light restored to a Dark World.

And no! I don’t expect the God of creation to bail America out from this hoary froth of godless goo. If history has taught Pilgrims one thing, God’s work thrives best during periods of evil suppression to exercise our rights to worship Jesus Christ as the savior of the world.

Doc Christia



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     I recall the time when our NAIA basketball team: Phillips University traveled to a tournament in Kansas. One of the reasons why our coach accepted the invitation was because the place we were booked to stay  was a cut-above our regular type of accommodations: luxurious by most peoples’ standards. After traveling many hours on an uncomfortable bus, we arrived to learn our reservations had been changed: we ended up in a dirty, messy place with little service and disgruntled employees.

Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it. The earth and the heavens fled from his presence; and there was no place for them. And I saw the dead, great and small standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books. The sea gave up dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what they had done. Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death. Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire. Revelation 20:11-15

I know, silly old Doc! Imagine, a man foolish enough to believe he isn’t the advanced stage of a billion year old amoeba, but was uniquely and wonderfully made by the Creator of the universe, and thus he believes that every soul that has ever lived will one day experience what this scripture portrays.

Perhaps Pilgrims, only a few really care that no soul dies; but, will live forever. Do you? When was the last time you were involved in planning, creating, crafting a project, and half way through, you realized it wasn’t going to accomplish your goal, so you scrapped it, and reluctantly, started over?

History, that pesky little thing that our modern-day hate ourselves and America people are trying to redact and re-write to cleanse us of our past sins, while refusing to acknowledge they may be the chief sinners among us, has recorded that the Creator went back to the ‘blackboard’ with his eraser in hand, and finally gave up on the humans he created and just decided he’d do all that was necessary to save his project: he didn’t want any soul to suffer needlessly in Hell.

The prophet Isiah’s words of prophecy described how God’s plan was set into motion. “For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6 He also announced that God’s ways are different than ours: Boy was he right! Who knows, this plan may have been drawn up in the dirt like a neighborhood football play The Father called the play. He sent his only son on a down and out route to transcend the heavens and earth to score and win a great victory, and he sent the Holy Spirit to run an ‘end run’ in secret to bring forth a baby who would become the ‘savior’ of the world.

For centuries, most ‘Monday morning quarterbacks’ have questioned the wisdom of the Father’s play that was drawn up and run on their neighborhood playground. The vision of a great victory didn’t match anyone’s idea of what a victory looked like. How can one claim a victory if there isn’t any pomp and splendor for the victorious? If you win, how can you feel a sense of abject humiliation? A pregnant betrothed woman not of his seed, should have brought out the Father’s blackboard eraser, right? A king’s son born in a dirty, drafty, smelly barn nestled in hay isn’t my idea of any king I have heard or read about in all of mankind’s history, right? No family to high-five, no special announcement, other than some angels lighting up the night and telling a bunch of illiterate sheep herders something great has happened. Many days later, some ‘wise men’ that used a special star to guide them, paid homage to a little boy with a name none of his kin ever had: Jesus: in Hebrew it means Yahweh is with us.

Talk about a ‘failed mission’! This one seemingly didn’t even get off the ground. The Holy Spirit spirited him off to Egypt while hundreds of baby boys, under the age of two, were slaughtered to appease King Herod’s paranoia of having his kingdom taken from him…by a baby boy.

I imagined the Father, with eraser in hand, decided that his Noah experiment had been a drastic play to run, but he no longer could ignore the truth: his desired goal wasn’t achievable using the same old playbook, and if it was going to be accomplished, he would be the one to ‘get err done’.

B.C, the politically incorrect dating of the life of Christ, was a time before Jesus came express mail to earth. Before he arrived, people suffered the same ‘end game’ outcome: you died, your soul lived, you were worm food, and your life purpose was the span of years the Creator allotted. After Jesus (A.D. (after Jesus’ death) completed his mission for the Father, you had an opportunity to change the narrative’s outcome: you could choose to believe Jesus was God’s only son; you could accept his gift of salvation and live forever in his presence…despite a life filled with sin.

Jesus changed everything! Your sin condemned you to Hell; your faith in Jesus’ work on the cross, removed your sin, and rendered your death sentence null and void. At the moment you believed and accepted Jesus as your savior, as you walked out of the watery grave of baptism and was washed clean of your sin, Christ justified you with his sacrificial blood from the hill of the skulls (Golgotha).

Jesus, the Transcendent God from heaven appeared as a man (fully man), yet, ‘fully God’ and fully divine. He was qualitatively different than anything living or has ever lived. Regardless of whether on earth or in heaven, he is different than mankind. Jesus changed everything!

Man’s sin and his spiritual relationship with his Father brought forth a plan of salvation that no longer needed animal sacrifice. Man didn’t need to spill an animal’s blood to experience a closer relationship with Yahweh. One man’s sacrifice, God’s only son was the one sacrifice that saved the hangman’s noose from ending a criminal’s life: mine and yours.

Luke 16:19-31 tells the story why people should desire to have their final reservation changed. A rich man and a beggar die. The beggar resides in comfort at father Abraham’s side; the rich man is in constant torment in Hell. Still expecting to rely upon the trappings of his class and superior position he enjoyed on earth, he ask for Lazarus to dip his finger into water to minister to his parched tongue. He is told it can’t be done. He then seeks permission for Lazarus to return to earth and warn his family about rejecting the offer of having their final reservation changed, but he is told: “If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.”

When Jesus arrived on earth, he discovered a world filled with hate and he chose love to teach his creation master piece a new way of thinking and behaving. For mankind, though all things of this world disappear in time, love never ages, it never loses its strength, it never loses its power and it never loses its purpose.

As America enters into another season of Christmas celebration, where for the first time in a decade or more, citizens feel free to say ‘Merry Christmas’ as a sincere greeting, the question for all Pilgrims, and Atheist to answer: If Jesus changed the world’s reservation: Hell to Heaven, why haven’t you changed? If Jesus’ love for you changed his perspective of you, why are you stubbornly refusing to change? If you harbor sin and unforgiveness in your heart and it is eating into the marrow of your soul because you can’t get past your pride, why can’t you change? If your sin has you captured, and you enjoy wallowing in it, when will you take Jesus down from the cross?

Doc Christian

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Congratulations church! The blog church averaged a thousand new members each month for 2017! God knows and I’m anxious to know what growth we will see in 2018.




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     Sports Illustrated’s article on Colin Kaepernick, the magazine’s Ali Legacy Award winner, by Michael Rosenberg, was different than I expected, and way more interesting and informative than I would have thought possible by a far-left cheerleader for Liberal politics.

While I demurely smile at Kaepernick’s 1970s afro that looks like he may soon have to turn side ways to get through a door, I like how he spends most of the money he chooses to give to charities.

Pilgrims, I’d enjoy the opportunity to sit down and have a long conversation with him about his very public protest against our nation’s flag, anthem, and, like it or not, our military and law keepers.

If we were to have that opportunity to communicate I’d expect us to put our credentials on the table for America to see, wouldn’t you? At first blush, the majority of people would surely side with Colin, don’t you think? He’s black, I’m white! It is true, I/m not black and I can never really walk a mile in his shoes; but, he’s not white and he can’t walk in mine, right?

Pilgrims, these things I know are true because I witnessed them, and Colin didn’t. Colin never lived in a segregated society. Colin was never forced to attend a segregated school. Colin never had ‘colored’ drinking fountains. Colin never was denied the use of a public swimming pool because he was black. Colin never had to ride in the back of the bus. Colin never was refused service in a restaurant because of the color of his skin. Colin never was forced to get a reservation at a hotel…for coloreds only. Colin never was denied a college education because he was black. Colin did not have to meet the ‘blue-law’ number of Negroes on any professional sports team. Colin was not limited by the color of his skin regarding his ability to earn millions for his football skills. Colin’s choice to live where he wanted and could afford was not restricted by the color of his skin, are a few of the things he never was faced with as a black man in America. Neither did his parents…they were white.

As a seventy-seven year old white man, neither was I. I submit that Colin really knows little or nothing about real racial segregation. If he is a student of history, he may have knowledge about it; but, since so few of the younger generations of black/white/brown people know anything relevant about America’s history, I doubt he does.

In January of 1969, before integration was forced into the State’s schools, I was an American History teacher at Northeast High in Oklahoma City. It was a nearly all black ghetto school of 1200 students, and a large faculty with three white people on it. I was one of them. Because of racial bigotry and hatred by a white society, my students lived in the midst of racial inequality and Social Injustice. Yet, they were still eager to stand for the pledge for the flag each morning as the day’s work began.

Though he is black and I’m white, I suggest the day Martin Luther King was murdered, and I stood before my students and we discussed, as much as possible, this tragic event, we had an honest, frank conversation about race that America hasn’t had since, and neither has Colin, my opinion.

Old Doc has to admit that he is impressed by some of the types of charitable works Colin favors, but, some of the more Liberal/political causes, not so much. If I had an opportunity to have a talk with Colin, I’d ask him to explain why he chose to wear a tee shirt with a prominent Communist’s leaders face on it. I want him to explain why he championed a killer rather than dead warriors that fought to keep men like Chavez from committing more atrocities on innocent people. I’d want him to tell me about the truth verses the political fiction regarding police brutality where he believes cops are out to kill black men. I’d asked him if he was acquainted with a black man, Peter Krisanow? If not, why not? Google him!

Colin is quick to point out inequality and a lack of Social Justice has driven him to take a drastic stand to speak for those who can’t. His main focus is upon police brutality for innocent black men. The question that begs for an honest answer from the magazine’s article title: Truth Teller, is this a truth or mostly a fiction conclusion?

If Colin is really serious about tackling his perceived Social Justice/injustice platform, old Doc suggest he get out of ‘boot camp’ and enter into the real ‘battle field’. I suggest he form a collation of the NFL anthem protesters, in the off season, and arrange to get permission for each one to be a volunteer to ride with cops for a month, and especially in gang infested areas of predominately black neighborhoods. They will get to see the dangerous job our wonderful peace keepers do and they will be able to get an up-front and very personal look at the criminal world that they rail against as being unfairly treated and given inhumane and deliberately brutal treatment. My prediction, if they would undergo this experience, they’d come away with a completely different view of our cops and their criminal class.

Since 80% of the crime that happens in black society is done by black criminals, they may learn how and why this one data disarms all their public protest about our cops.

If they are still honest ‘Truth Tellers’, they can visit ghetto schools and experience, first hand, why 65% of black kids don’t graduate from high school; and if they do, they are handicapped by being taught by less than gifted and talented teachers. They might take the time to visit the local School Board and witness their political decisions that prop up a worthless union that takes hard earned money from teachers and operates with the authority to take care of the union, the Democrat Party, but, not the  kids or their parents.

I noticed Colin gave money to private/public-private schools to even teach a new generation of Activists, but not just regular public schools. Why Colin?  Is it the same reason Oprah’s money didn’t go to public, ghetto schools in America? Like Oprah trying to do good with her billions for children, and she gave up on America’s ghetto schools and found her nirvana in Africa, it was too much union red-tape to accomplish any worthwhile education goal, right?

Colin, if you really are serious about a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting that will dramatically change black and white societies, get your NFL buddies to visit the ghetto schools and use the Bible as a primer to teach abstinence and sexual purity for both genders. You could teach the boys about manhood that has a moral and biblical foundation that holds a guaranteed promise that your peoples’ worst nightmare will end: Abortion on demand, when you confront the great sin that forces a woman/ girl to decide to kill the unborn or give it birth and because the majority of black/white societies favor the murder of babies, those that aren’t snuffed out, are reared in a life of poverty, welfare, and among a black criminal class, which I’m sure many of your fellow NFL protesters have first-hand experience.

You could really enhance your ‘street crede’ by protesting on weekends in the major black cities in America that are little more than ‘killing-fields’, and demand a political change that will bring about safer neighborhoods for kids, better schools for kids: School Choice, and less political corruption for burdened tax paying parents.

From old Doc’s perspective, Colin, if you could manage to accomplish these vitally necessary goals, by the way, this is what President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda is all about; your ‘Truth Teller’ story might have a beneficial outcome for America.

Colin, my definition of Social Justice is a far cry from yours. My definition doesn’t start with Communist Theology, or  a rush to judgment for how to save black society by guaranteeing it will be less safe by targeting and killing cops…like Black Lives Matter does, it calls for every citizen in our country to be accountable for their choices and decisions, and for none to expect others to clean up their messes by expecting fellow citizens to support Generational Welfare Families: For when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” II Thessalonians 3:10-11; “We hear that some among you are idle and disruptive,” that don’t work, won’t work and can’t work because they are disqualified before the interview for drugs and ignorance about the world they live in. Sperm donors and whorish women having unwanted and unaffordable babies that one day fill America’s prisons, is what processes Social Injustice…for all law abiding citizens: “Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body; but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.” I Corinthians 6:18. Since, it is clear your folk aren’t interested in my type of Social Justice, I doubt your type will ever see the light of day.

Colin, you and your Social Justice warriors could really bring about the type of change the black society needs by encouraging biblical covenant marriage between a man and a woman determined to rear children that they are responsible for and can financially support. The Welfare Plan sponsored by our ‘airhead’ congress, after forty years and untold trillions of dollars of aid for your people, precious little improvement has happened. Colin, why? Doc’s has the answer: core biblical principles have been rejected, and Atheist Theology has been implemented. I think even you might agree, the outcome has been disastrous!

My prayer for Colin is that he will one day be considered a ‘Truth Teller’ by American citizens that is based upon what is true, not some Communist Theology that is mixed with Atheist a-moral bilge that dehumanizes man and renders him believing everything wrong about America is someone else’s fault

One more thing Colin, God…not the big bang theory, gave you a million dollar arm. It is up to you to prove to the country you don’t have a ten-cent brain.

Sports Illustrated, my opinion, you do a great disservice to America when you honor people that reject undeniable truths and don’t use common sense. When you dis your largest segment of your buying audience, you also display foolish business practices.

Doc Christian

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“Here is your king,” Pilate said to the Jews.

But they shouted, “Take him away! Take him away!”

“Shall I crucify your king?” Pilate asked.

“We have no king but Caesar,” the chief priests answered.

Finally Pilate handed him over to them to be crucified. John 19:14-16

Before anyone gets too hot under the collar for my article, let me remind all I fully understand my standing in God’s economy: “About three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eli, Eli Lema sabachthani”” (which means “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”) Matthew 27:46 at that moment in time Jesus had the weight of mankind’s sin…past, present, and future, placed upon him. It is evident that this spiritual burden was so great he thought his Father had abandoned him. Actually, he recognized that despicable people, like old Doc Christian and his multitude of sins crucified him.

As a partisan man of the Bible that believes fervently a follower of Christ cannot separate Church/State and be loyal to God; but, he can be loyal to any government authorities that govern with moral values based upon Judeo/Christian laws and principles, and especially our Constitution that was forged from the crucible found in Holy Writ, and unfortunately, old Doc believes our country is over-flowing with DESPICABLE people that are busy killing the soul of America because they have abandoned the Bible.

Old Doc’s bold prediction…i.e. I predicted Donald Trump would be our President before the first Republican debate, so my political track record is sound. When this entire phony Russian Collusion witch hunt ends, and it ends in infamous shame and a shroud of ignominy of Democrat corruption that prayerfully will be prosecuted and guilty parties will go to jail: corrupt FBI and DOJ, we will learn these things:

  • Adam Shiff and the major honchos of the Democrat Party will be shown to have had prior knowledge of the planned over-throw of President Trump’s administration by the collusion of the Clinton’s, the FBI, STATE DEPARTMENT, AND THE DOJ JUSTICE SYSTEM, plus ninety percent of our American media working in an orchestrated fashion to destroy our election process by deliberately concocting a story based only upon lies that forced the country to try and sort out truth from fiction about the 2016 election.
  • The FBI will be proven to be corrupt from the top down, and Mueller and Comey and other nefarious actors will be proven to be a major part of this plot to overthrow our government.
  • The State Department will be proven to be a highly partisan group of disloyal Americans seeking to remove President Trump from office by leaking sensitive, classified material that endangers our nation’s safety.
  • The fake Trump Dossier will be proven was constructed by President Obama, Clinton and the Democrat Party to get Fisa warrants to unmask American citizens for political purposes.
  • President Obama will be proven to be a liar for he denied President Trump was being surveilled by his corrupt administration.
  • Clapper and Brennon will be proven to be corrupt leaders of our Intelligence agencies.

Doc’s winner of America’s most despicable person is none other than our past President: Barack Obama. My prediction: before this Russian corrupt investigation is finished, the shameful residue of evil acts and behaviors by citizens of our country will be dumped at his administration’s front door. When the dirty linen is finally hung out on the line so the entire world can see how much corruption was done in the name of his Socialist/Communist agenda, all will be aghast.

My prediction, by the time President Trump, God willing, serves a second term, his trans-formative changes in black Society will be so dramatic, younger black parents will shun the Black Caucus and the Democrat Party because they will have jobs and job training, higher incomes, because of a vastly improved education for their children brought about via School Choice that will either force the failed education systems that are managed and operated by failed black politicians that rule black ghetto cities, or the idea of heightened education competition will close these horrible schools. With jobs comes more money, black parents will move out of the crime infested ghettos. The dwindling tax base from the ghetto schools will strip these political mavens of funds to rule their slave voting plantations.

Even more change and success will become evident in the Spanish society!

President Trump’s War on Crime’ will change the ghetto outcomes, and the average black person and parent will shun those who fight for the status quo for racial divisiveness that is determined to keep black society stalled in the 1960’s racial divide: hello congressman Lewis!

It seems that once or twice a day I pause and thank the God above for the blessing he gave our country by allowing President Trump to be elected in 2016. I pray that every citizen, every Deplorable, every biblical, every RED—WHITE–BLUE PATRIOT in our nation fully realizes how close America came to tipping over the line of justice meted out by our Constitution, rather than falling into the immoral abyss of a Socialist/Communist administration managed by the Clinton’s and the corrupt Democrat Party. If Hillary had won, none of this government corruption that is being revealed to America and the world would have ever seen the light of day! America would have been deep Stated, deep sixed, by a collective group of corrupt politicians and ‘laughable’ Civil Servant employees with a ‘not so secret…any more’ agenda to undue the 2016 election.

America is filled with despicable people that would like nothing better than to see our country fail! If it meant President Trump’s Make America Great Agenda would find fruition, it seems the entire Democrat Party would rather see our nation in total moral collapse and total anarchy. It is sad to think that one political party hates half of this country’s citizens.

By every measurable data, President Obama left office leaving America in worse shape than when he arrived. Under his watch, every social and financial measurement left his black people worse off. After eight years in office, more people were depending upon aid and welfare to eke out a ‘bare bones’ living.  Black teenagers had more illegitimate children that were forced to be reared by their Village, rather than by responsible black, mostly boys…sperm donors. Sixty-five percent of black kids still don’t graduate from high school. The list is endless concerning what President Obama and the Democrat Party failed to accomplish.

Colin may be an exception, for he was adopted and reared by white parents; but, probably three hundred of the four-hundred and fifty NFL players that protest police brutality are okay with being sperm donors while the children are forced to live in poverty as more and more irresponsible women have bastards (actually, it is the unmarried, fornicating couple) that have three strikes against them for finding success. Nearly every Sports Illustrated story about a new sports hero tell the sad sick story about a past that includes criminal acts from gang membership against mostly their own black people.

Yo! COLIN, the horrible residue from the lives of many ‘sports heroes’ from the NFL, before they became celebrities on a football field, as they terrorized their own people for the sake of ‘gang’ crede, was much worse than any perceived police brutality. At lease the police was trying to maintain and keep law and order; your compadres were doing all they could to bring about anarchy and disorder. Do you not recognize that your protest has done nothing to improve America; you remain willing accomplices to further divide America along a purely racial divide that is spewing out hate based upon Congress’ Lewis’s 1960s’ prism.

Just think, Colin, under President Trump’s leadership, in less than a year, black home ownership has reached its highest mark in black society’s history! Where were you and your protesters the last nine years? Oh! I forgot, President Obama has black skin, right? He left your people, broke or financially bankrupt, without hope, and his change was the little you people have in their pockets to buy a Coke or Pepsi. Why don’t you celebrate your fellow citizens’ good fortune and blessings from the Lord? If your racial glass is viewed as being ‘half-empty’, you nor any of your discontented lemmings will ever recognize all the great things that have happened and will happen under President’s agenda.

Pilgrims, Doc’s suggestion is that we all focus upon the scripture I led with for my article. The message is that everyone is despicable…some like President Obama, a little more so because he proves nearly every day that he doesn’t respect the Office of the President, which he once held, as he travels abroad and demeans our country in the eyes of mostly a Socialist/Communist or Muslim world. His behavior, in my eyes, makes him the most despicable citizen in our nation.

I’m not sure what color he bleeds, but I question it is RED—WHITE—AND BLUE!

Doc Christian

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     We recently purchased a new vacuum cleaner. Before it arrived, one night I had a bad dream the mean old ugly Shark was going to shred me like a filet, but, it has become my latest helper and menace. It sucks up dirt and grime, from rugs and hardwood floors better than anything we have ever had to keep our house clean; but, my wife has vision problems (diabetic retinopathy) and I’m six feet four inches tall and have a bad back. It does have an easy empty dirtbag container, so we can know just how much filth we have accumulated and more importantly, gotten rid of. Since she can’t see the dirt, I’m the one manning the machine; and my back ends up giving me pain.

My opinion Pilgrims, America has suddenly discovered it is littered with Dirtbags, from the four-corners of this country and from all walks of life that have forced our citizens to reevaluate our ying/yang culture that has been given, in the past, a cavalier approach to sexual misconduct by biblical believers and atheists of all stripe.

Jesse Waters might consider doing a show, from the ‘man on the street’ perspective and ask people to define: Dirtbag. I believe he would elicit some interesting and awkward replies. If he finished that segment with men and then did a segment with women, I think it would be especially interesting. If he asked the question: Can you name some of history’s greatest Dirtbags? Do you think they could provide answers that sound more intelligent than the usual ‘airheads’ he interviews for his show?

Perhaps, what we citizens of America need to do is to send Congress a bunch of Sharks!

Come, let us reason together, Pilgrims, can we agree that the following are Dirtbags: Judas, Nero, Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Jezebel, Delilah, Princess Salome, pedophile priests, people that practice infanticide, and any man that would use his wealth, authority or position to intimidate women for their own sinful sick sexual pleasure?

For centuries, many nations of the world militaries have used sexual abuse, rape, and pillaging as a sick type of reward for the conquering hordes of men; and most importantly, as a weapon to inflict embarrassment and humiliation upon the loser for it signified the conquered nation couldn’t even protect their women. This was a great blow to the men’s self-respect.

     “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Ephesians 5:11

Pilgrims, what does the newly unearthed sexual abuse against women say about our Atheist culture, or about our biblical culture that has chosen to remain silent as churches and podiums are filled with deviants and Dirtbags of the caliber found in Hollywood, media, Congress, and your neighborhoods?

While few of any in Congress will admit it, Congress has always been a ‘sexual play-land’: think JFK, where men snort and preen, and women flaunt and titillate and carry out various types of dalliances. A very large percentage of sexual shenanigans are consensual. Besides the recently discovered Hush Fund payouts for those predators that didn’t have the common sense to limit their roving to those many, many willing women seeking to please for a higher notch on the sexual power and money pleasure train, we have also discovered that it is true: power corrupts, absolute power completely corrupts. Doc’s suggestion: perhaps, the Congressional Cafeteria can start serving finely chopped licorice root in their entree’s.

Some pundits and ‘so-called’ experts are telling all that Congress’s mess can be solved by sending more women to its once hallowed halls. I absolutely refute this assertion! What Congress needs is men who actually believe and live the biblical principles to model manly Godliness as they work with women. What Congress needs is women who are biblically principled and know how to conduct themselves in a virtuous manner around men.


Neither political party can call the ‘kettle black’, for each one has their own Dirtbags. While some Dirtbags have been exposed and are slinking away like rats aboard a ship, others are apologetic and clueless about their sins. Politics and Dirtbags are thrust into the limelight as our political process has come to the sad sorry state where each party’s Dirtbags are being balanced against the needs of the party verses the country’s needs. It has become a choice of ‘lesser’ evils. Old Doc would like to rail against the idea of this odious outcome, but, he knows it is true…and will remain so as long as one party champions causes they publicly support, but secretly doesn’t.

Like a roaring lion or a charging bear is a wicked ruler over a helpless people.” Proverbs 28:15

Given the choice, would pilgrims rather have a possible Dirtbag in Congress that supports our Constitution or disregards it as un-necessary? Would you rather have a Dirtbag that believes it is the nation’s duty to protect the unborn or remove any restraints and champion the killing of the unborn? Would you rather have a Dirtbag in Congress that believes our nation must have a judiciary that makes decisions based upon established law and our Constitution or have rogue, renegade judges that believe they possess the authority to pass judgment upon our nation’s duly elected President, or make new law not based upon our Constitution? Would you rather have a Dirtbag that believes in a secure border for America which will provide an additional measure of safety for all its citizens or have a Dirtbag that doesn’t believe America needs a border to protect its citizens? Would you rather have a Dirtbag that believes America must vet all immigrants on merit or religious persecution or have a Dirtbag that believes America must allow any person from any country in the world to come to the United States…for any reason? Would you rather have a Dirtbag that champions law and order and is proud to be a red—white—blue patriot or have a Dirtbag that champions Black Lives Matter, showing open disdain and disrespect for our law keepers, our flag, our anthem and our military? Would you rather have a Dirtbag that believes Social Justice begins when black people march against the killers and drug dealers living in their midst, and protest how little police work gets done in black ghettos because black people fear for their safety, and if they help the cops take out the thugs and dope killers, they will face a black back-lash from their peers or a Dirtbag that refuses to pronounce Social Justice is merely a ruse to blame others, mainly white people, for the sorry mess far too many people in  black society is forced to live in because of corrupt black politicians that rule their lives…Chicago, and care not a whit about their children’s’ education or success as long as they vote for the plantation owners who keep them enslaved…particularly our government’s welfare programs.

Doc’s opinion, it is obvious there are different types of Dirtbags! Some are more harmful than others for the future success and greatness of our country. Can any pilgrim deny that the supreme Dirtbags in our country carry the moniker: media in all its forms, and 95% of all entertainment that slithers out of Hollywood?

Doc warns what the word of God declares: “When the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding; but, when the wicked perish, the righteous thrive.” Proverbs 28:28

Doc’s opinion, perhaps, what we need the most is a military force of Transformers that turn into Sharks to clean up the filth and sin of the self-proclaimed biblical Christians who don’t model what they profess, and a plethora of Atheists/hedonists doing all they can to biblically ruin  our nation. If biblical people have the courage to face the wrath of the ungodly, they can become part of the biblical reformation that Godly men and women of America can bring.

Doc Christian


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     Mene, Mene, Tekel, Peres, the prophetic words from the lips of Daniel from the mouth of God: Daniel 5:26-27, Pilgrims. Are appropriate to encourage all citizens of America to take action towards our collective Congress in both House and Senate, so we begin to drain the sewer of the political rats that run amok in Washington that has embarrassed and shammed our God and every voter in our country by their bold audacious sexual predator behavior…and has created a “Hush Fund” to pay victims off with our tax dollars.

The prophecy from Daniel was directed at the rich and powerful king, Nebuchadnezzar. He assured him his reign, in God’s economy, had come to an end. For old Doc Christian, it is a warning shot across America’s bow! Since the King had mocked God, and even had the golden goblets taken from the temple of Jerusalem and drank wine from them to show his disdain and open disrespect, God ended his authority. Evidently, God isn’t pleased when the rulers he puts into place reject him and his authority, like our elected officials in Washington have done for the past seven decades. His wrath was loosened upon Nebuchadnezzar, and America’s ruling class will be next.

Mene: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end. Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting. Peres: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

Pilgrims, please join old Doc as he sends out an urgent call for Larry the Cable Guy. I’m confident he could just open a map of the United States and throw darts and he could muster a better class of people than we have in Washington. I realize there are some very qualified and men and women of high character and impeccable integrity walking the halls of Congress, but it is apparent to all living homo sapiens we need the Cable guy for one reason: ‘HE CAN GET-ER DONE.

Larry will force Congress to spit out those sexual Cretans masquerading as officials that care about our citizens, particularly the women folk, for few do. I can detect none seated on the Democrat side of the aisle, and expose the corrupt officials that kept the sunshine/Son-shine from shedding light upon great acts of sin and debauchery…often enabled and covered-up by Congressional Women (hello Pelosi/Feinstein) that aided and abetted the sexual abuse of women by high muckety-mucks that behave like there are entitled and titled kings/queens of their own fiefdoms.

According to Ms. Pelosi, we even have ‘icons’ among the sexual abusers: Conyers. I may have to give him a pass on the story about him showing up to work in his undershorts! He’s eighty eight, and he’s suffering from some form of dementia at that age…I’m eleven years younger and I can’t remember why I suddenly rushed into a particular room in my house until I pause and retrace my…thoughts. He may have just not remembered to put his pants on that day, and Congress has proven it is a place where the ‘Emperor has no clothes’.

Everyone is tossing about all types of answers for why this sudden sexual unveiling Armageddon is happening, and none of the women or men will face the truth of one answer: Toxic Feminist Theology.

When a nation of women declares they demand to behave like men and they force men to play by these rules or face huge political and cultural consequences, the idea of a women being treated as a lady is thrown out the biblical window. The idea that men should treat women with deference and as special because she is the ‘weaker sex’ becomes laughable, and soon passes from history and is replaced with a crude, coarse, profane, ‘easy woman’ model (think Hollywood and Mad Men), A-moral men are going to take advantage of opportunities to engage hyper sexually active women who flaunt her sexual wares and power in the face of men. The problem arrives when some moral women, who haven’t given up the idea of being a ‘lady’ with charm and character, are thrown into the cesspool with all the other women using their best assets to advance any and all of their causes or self-gratification needs.

The Feminist Theology changed the rules of the game men and women play in the public arena, and have always played (think David and Bathsheba), and now they are reaping the fruit of a rotten harvest, and they don’t like the outcome or are willing to take the responsibility for its outcome.

Today, in America, anyone can observe young or old women looking like freaks show tattooed people that speak and behave like long-shore men that are often given an A for using profanity as an art form, and America wonders how our entire society has become a place where godless, Atheist driven agendas rule our culture.

Many moons ago when I taught in public schools, I used ‘group punishment’ to teach my classes. I learned early on that if a few students tried to keep the majority of students from learning, if one student’s bad behavior caused all students in the class to suffer…guess what? The majority of students made the offenders lives miserable…they policed the class for me.

Old Doc’s opinion, the citizens of America must seriously consider that the only way we are going to get the Congressional Sewer drained is to pass Term Limits. Six terms for the House and two for the Senate would be the right amount of time for elected officials to either help or harm our nation. Conyers and too many other elected officials have created a sewer that even rats won’t venture in. We need to sweep them out and start over. If and when this happened, the signal to these entrenched ‘warthogs’ would be swift, just, and right for our country’s future success.

For those pundits that don’t know the difference between a ‘slush’ and ‘hush’ fund, I’ll enlighten you. From my military experience, a slush fund was an illegally operated Payday Loan business. You borrowed ten and paid back fifteen, and the interest escalated for larger amounts. I never was desperate for a loan that was usury, but, I knew many sailors who were. With few exceptions, the loans covered the expenses for wine, women and song.

The illegal Congressional “Hush Fund’ was a CYA operation for a sundry of reasons, including sexual predatory practices and deviant behavior from irresponsible and unaccountable officials that needed help hoodwinking the tax payers, for we paid for these gutless, worthless, Visigoths to have their cake and eat it too.

As the God of the universe stripped old Neb of his reign and divided it into two kingdoms, and gave it to his enemies, we taxpayers should follow suit: strip the Democrats and Republicans that are both guilty of hiding these many years of sexual misconduct from the citizens of America. The Black Caucus should be disbanded for they knew what was going on and they provided aid and cover for Conyers and others, that will soon be named…as well as some Republicans.

There is only one solution!  Isiah declared it: “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.” Godly men and virtuous women can change Washington and America. The question left to be answered: do they want to?

Doc Christian


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