(The Barabbas in all Pilgrims)

     I surmise that Barabbas never knew he was going to become a hero. I’m quite certain he had reluctantly resigned himself to the fact he was going to be nailed to a cross in the morning before Resurrection Sunday.


From what little history records about this man, most of what we know is perception and nearly all what we say is pure conjecture. This we do know, he was a leader of insurrectionists against Rome. He may have defied the religious leaders of Jerusalem by causing a great deal of trouble for their people by stirring up rebellion against the Roman Empire in the name of Jehovah, a promised Messiah, or selfish ends.


Pilgrims’, do you think Barabbas was the precursor to fulfill the Old Testament’s ‘Scapegoat’? The sacrificial lamb was set free outside the City gate instead of being burnt on the altar? Was it coincidental Barabbas was guilty and deserved to be punished by execution according to Roman law…but set free when another man died in his place?


Do you suppose Barabbas’ nightmares were filled with images of hundreds of men, women, and children executed on crosses by the Roman Empire, that he surely had seen from the time he was a boy? Can you relate to the imagined pain one suffered as his wrist were spiked and his feet were spiked so his body convulsed heavily against his own body’s physical frame and the strain of it brought about a point the flesh would burst?


If ever the’ Sword of Damocles’ hung over a man’s head, don’t you think Barabbas lived out his life in torture and emotional trauma as he knew an innocent man died in his place. Where could he go to escape this truth? He became a ‘cult hero’ of sorts for his good fortune: the benevolent Rome allowed a prisoner to be released during the celebration of the Jewish Passover to show their affinity to the nation’s religious life.


I think the whole death, burial and resurrection of a so-called Messiah of the Jews never allowed Barabbas to walk
into any jukebox beer joint and he’d have people buy him a drink. He may have been run out of a few joints as the plight of the Jewish people worsened after Jesus’ death.


For years I have toyed with the words of a song, but, I’ve never been able to get them right so I’m comfortable with them. The song: Half Way to Calvary.


I can close my eyes and I see this beaten man so disfigured he isn’t recognizable: “…But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5; so could Isaiah.


My question for all Pilgrims, what if Jesus had gone just half way up Calvary? What if he had climbed half way up the Hill of Skulls and announced, “Father, get yourself another boy.” We Pilgrims who celebrate each day in blessed thanksgiving that because we have a personal relationship with Christ, life really is worth the living. Don’t we mourn for all those slugs that are too stupid to believe they have been fearfully and wonderfully made by a God that loved them so much he died in their place? Don’t we arise each day eager to see what blessings our Creator will bring our way that we might have another opportunity to show our gratitude for Jesus going all the way to the top of Golgotha? If he had gone just half way, how miserable would all Pilgrims be?


Might all Pilgrims find a way to cry even louder than our Lord:  “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” Might all Pilgrims scream over and over, “My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?”


While scripture clearly teaches all that happened to Jesus was to fulfill God’s Providential Will and to fulfill bible prophecy, no greater truth is spoken than to show mankind God’s love for him. He didn’t just die to save him; he died to have a personal relationship with him.


After Jesus’s resurrection and ascension, God had just one plan for the world: One Pilgrim telling another heathen about God’s love for him. If that plan failed, so did Jesus. If you aren’t busy doing God’s bidding, aren’t you just climbing half way up Calvary? Jesus went all the way, why won’t you?



     On Calvary’s road I met a man, beaten and bruised, so weak he couldn’t stand.

His eyes met mine and it was as if the light inside me started to shine.


His crown of thorns, blood running down his face, yet, his slight smile sent me comfort and peace; it was a small gift of grace.


Why don’t you stop and rest a while, I suggested; but his pained filled eyes gazed up ahead. He pointed with his finger to the top of the Skull Hill; the appointed place for the dead.


In a whisper, “You’re they guy, aren’t you?” Blood spewed on my toga as his head moved up and down and fell to the ground.


Did you really raise a man from the dead? I asked and felt foolish for what I said.


Why go farther, very few up there care about the things you evidently dare? He winced in pain, moved past me and his gait seemed to step in time with the hammer’s chime as two thieves were already far ahead.


He made a sign with his hands: a cross. He let the sign fall and then rise again. I thought, He’s just a man with a faulty plan; a sucker if there ever was one.


“It’s ‘fools’ gold you know,” I said to him; few care if you live or die, so why don’t we leave your burden here? With a deep, painful sigh, he motioned to the blue sky.


He trudged on to the top of Golgotha’s hill where the soldiers were waiting for the kill. I sat down and mourned for I knew he was just a shill.


“Father, It is finished,” I heard him cry; I ran to the top not wanting him to die. Knocked off my feet as the earth spit up its prey, darkness, thunder, and tears of God must have washed the hill’s blood away.


Though he was a man I had met on the road that day, for a fleeting few moments, I knew he was different; he was special in a strange way.


Down from the hill rejoicing came the third day as Pilot’s grave stone had been rolled away. I ran to the hill, half way did I climb; then I understood why he passed me that day on the trek up Golgotha’s hill, for his love did kill my sins on that hill.




I still don’t have a song do I?


Ranny Grady


Dr. Christian





     I have sent out two emissaries to ask all of the Pilgrims to consider giving a donation: 25.00..or what they can give or what God places on their heart to give, to a very good friend of mine, Belinda Burdett, so she can go on a mission trip to Austria for two weeks to help TCMI (Taking Christ to the Millions). None of you have sent one red dime! I admit I’m perplexed, disappointed, and disheartened, for I expected much better from the Pilgrims. A 1000 Pilgrims and not a dime! I wonder how many Pilgrims would respond if I was seeking donations for a homeless mutt? Belinda’s work is seeking lost souls! Please reconsider a gift!


Belinda covets your prayers! She also needs funds given to the church, on her behalf, so she can go on this mission trip. PILGRIMS! Those of you who are of like mind, please send her 25.00. or what God places on your heart. You fill out the check:



On Memo line: Austria trip 2014







Send check to this address:


Belinda Sue Burdette

5705 Ensenada Ave.

Indianapolis, In. 46237






If any Pilgrim wishes to contact me, other than Family and Friends, use the comments section of the blog; or send me a message on Facebook. I’ll not open any e-mails. As far as I can tell, none can harm my computer using these methods of communication.

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     The latest Reader’s Digest has an article in it written by a renowned expert: Pamela Meyer, who teaches the corporate world how to detect people who lie; and a call for ‘more honesty’ in the world. Once again, all of the information about lying never mentioned its source: Satan. The secular world is bonkers about depicting evil and demonic behavior, as it is titillated by its ‘fright-factor’ on a human’s heart and nerves, but rejects why America…the entire world has grown more dishonest: the rejection of a Biblical Creator and his book of wisdom: the Bible.


If she had taken her fingernails and scratched that Educational Feminist Theology a bit, she’d have added a sentence or two about our morally dumbed-down educational system: for the past few decades it has used Values Clarification for its modus operandi for teaching this nation’s children about ‘right and wrong’: there are no absolutes. Contrary to popular belief, one can’t use his conscience to guide him unless his conscience has been biblically trained. Collectively, for the past fifty years, this nation’s adults, twenty and up, are the most ignorant about the bible in the history of this country.


Stephen King may have his “CHILDREN OF THE CORN” to present demonic behavior; but Jesus knows the ‘real’ horror writer is Satan.



      John’s gospel, 8:44-46 tells about Jesus’ probing question to us all: “Why is not my language clear to you? Because you belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.


The expert wrote we often can’t spot a liar because they mask body language; but we can improve our skill if we look for ‘collective’ clues: i.e. a liar will show a subtle smile as the idea of deceiving give’s a liar a sense of satisfaction. The expert could have used Eve and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden as proof positive for her observation.


She said a liar doesn’t tell a story in the same way an honest person does: cuts story short and expression is missing. Satan‘s exact ploy with Eve. A liar minimizes the truth or any consequences. Satan, “God did not say…” to Eve.  I ONLY INVADED POLAND TO PROTECT ITS GERMAN’S CITIZENS; READ MY LIPS, NO NEW TAXES; I DIDN’T HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN; IF YOU LIKE YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE, YOU CAN KEEP IT! She said we are often fooled by liars because we have ‘blind-spots’ because we are invested in things we desire. Satan knew Eve’s ‘blind-spot’: God didn’t want her to eat the forbidden fruit because when she did she’d be like God: knowing good and evil.


Perhaps, Reader Digest lied to their readers: In her article, she had a list of “last year’s biggest liars, hoaxes, and pranks. The article showed pictures of four men…no women; and the number one liar on the poll’s list: our President, Obama’s picture was missing. If you are presenting the biggest liars of last year, the President’s picture is missing, while others farther down the ‘liars’ chain’ are seen, what are the readers to think about how the magazine chose to print the article?


Might I suggest the article would have been infinitely more interesting if the writer had started her premise with it its source: the father of all liars? Also, might we have been better informed if she had provided the reader with a biblical definition of a lie? I think Satan defined a lie the best by his speech and behavior:


A person lies when all data pertaining to the lie isn’t revealed. A person lies anytime the data is maneuvered to please one’s desired outcome. A person lies anytime data is minimized or embellished. A person lies anytime data is ignored that proves truth. A person can be a liar though truth is being used (they can believe the information is a lie though it is truth) A person can be telling the truth though lies are being used (The one telling the truth may not know the information is based upon a lie). Satan used all of this definition with Eve in the Garden of



My opinion, the ‘expert’ should have researched the bible to provide a clearer understanding of why America is becoming more dishonest.


I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, my sinful ‘nature’ flesh. For I have the desire to do what is good, but, I cannot carry it out. For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I don’t want to do—this I keep on doing.


     Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it. Romans 7:18-20


My opinion, it is elementary Watson, America continues to grow more sinful, secular, and Atheist as it rejects the Creator and his holy word, thus, it becomes filled with more liars…from the halls of Congress and the White House, to Joe-blow who works next to you.


Might we all pine for yesterday when mommas used soap as a remedy; and the bible was used as the best medicine? Now Pilgrim, how many times will I need to call your Momma this week?


Dr. Christian






Download by latest Children’s book: GRANDPA’S MAGIC CARPET AND THE LOST TREASURE from Amazon Kindle books: Kindle Matchbook, for 2.99. Children eight and up, and grandparents will enjoy the biblically based fun-filled story that is in large print. It would make a cool, inexpensive Easter gift for a child!



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Brain for sale

     Pilgrims, you may think I’ve gone off into the ‘’deep end’, offering a brain for sale. Before some of you decide to un-register, allow me to explain. This isn’t your ‘average run-of-the-mill’ one. It is something that is rapidly becoming unique: a biblically train brain. It didn’t evolve over a billion years; it isn’t part of a monkey’s DNA; it was breathed into existence via the Lord’s breath: his Spirit.


I will, like my main spiritual character, Cinnamon, the cat, in my novel: TheTheophany, did. I’ll provide my potential buyers with a ‘cliff-notes’ version tutorial of the brain. I might even put a picture of a pretty girl’s brain in the ad; they seem to attract attention. This is Cinnamon’s tutorial version:


With the picture of the brain up on the large, center screen, he began to maneuver the cranium and add details that identified the different parts of the brain.

“In the back of the brain we have the Brainstem. It connects to the spinal cord. Almost all of the cranial nerves come from the brainstem. To the immediate right is the Cerebellum and moving up on the backside of the brain is the Occipital Lobe. As we move to the top of the brain we have the Parietal Lobe. Moving to the front we have the Frontal Lobe. And then, as we move full circle and to the other side underneath we have the Temporal Lobe,” Cinnamon gave them a short course in understanding the different parts of the brain.

“We are concerned about the Temporal Lobe, which actually has two sides; the right side is mainly involved in visual memory (pictures and faces). The left side is mainly involved in verbal memory (memory for words and names). This is where the Politburo interfaced the chip technology to erase the memories of the people once the chip-implant was in place.”


Now that you have a rudimentary understanding of the brain; we can peek back into history and quickly notice how a biblically trained brain works. George Washington, our first President, had one. His study of scripture certainly led him to believe Jesus’ model: he who wishes to be the greatest must be willing to be the least. Washington turned down the invitation to be this country’s first King; and, President for life.


Lincoln had such a brain. He was quoted as saying: No man could consider himself educated if he hadn’t read the bible. When Truman became President and discovered he had to make a decision about the bomb, he asked the people for prayers to the All Mighty he might make the right decision. If I didn’t venture past the 1960s, I could give you a list of prominent leaders a mile long; after that time, not so much.


Who would buy my brain? I mean, it’s grotesque looking, odd shaped. How could one advertise and market it? Why do I want to sell a brain? Easy Watson, to make money! My bright idea for getting rich, becoming a ‘Best Selling’ writer, hasn’t worked well; and I’m like Michael Combs singing his song: I’m  Drinking From Saucer Because My Cup Has Overflowed …”I never made a fortune, probably too late now; but, I don’t worry about that much any how cause I’m drinking from my saucer for my cup has overflowed.”


Last night I couldn’t sleep and I started conjugating about a sure-fire way to get rich…in my old age. Suddenly, the Lord must have grown tired of my moaning out to him, and he gave me an eureka moment. “Sell my brain” My brain started reminiscing about our once proud biblical America and how well it managed using a biblically trained brain; since our nation has shown it no longer has this type of brain, nor wants one, I knew America was the perfect demographic test-marketing place.


Just think what history has transpired when its citizens used this type of brain:  Just a handful of Englishmen, living beside the Times River, disgruntled by the Kings onerous tax system and denying them the right to worship Jesus Christ and read God’s bible rather than follow his Privately instituted church…founded solely so he could divorce his wife and marry his mistress: Ann Boleyn. They set sail for America, Landed at Plymouth Rock with the Mayflower Compact in hand and they did all right, didn’t they? After they fought the Revolutionary War, ALL of the governing documents gave credence and fealty to the Creator and his Son, Jesus Christ… No other expressions of gratitude to other gods can be found in its contents.


If you visit Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and other hoity-toity places of learning, and dust off the archives of its grand histories, you will discover their founders all used a biblically trained brain. All were established so their students could leave these places of ‘higher learning’ with such a trained brain. Today, you probably can’t find this information in their archives: they have been redacted and revised to meet the needs of its Atheists professors who turn out Secular-Humanist/ Socialist/Communists. If any has a Divinity Chair, it is to teach World Religions…minus a biblical one.


Today, the majority of our citizens are Atheists! I’m of the opinion if I can ‘target-market’ my brain I may soon rival Warren Buffet as a guru for making money. Old Doctor Christian, how will anyone be fool enough to want a brain you are selling? I admit it won’t be easy; but, if I can demonstrate why one needs a biblically trained brain, it should be as easy as shooting ducks on a pond.


The latest data gathered by our crack-government sleuths concerning how they can find new citizens, or non-citizens to sign up for Welfare Benefits (our elected officials refer to them as “Entitlements”)…not counting Social Security, for it can’t be considered Welfare or an ‘Entitlement’, gives me great hope. The funding of Social Security can be considered a part of the greatest Ponzi Scam the world has ever witnessed, by our elected officials over the past seventy plus years, because our money was never invested to earn a return, it was just used to buy votes. Our congress was kind enough to put an I.O.U. chit in the pot. Compound interest at three percent would have given every senior a monthly stipend of about 10,000! I digress; our Socialist Government is presently touting there are about forty-nine percent of its citizens on welfare; and about fifty-one percent working. Not counting the majority of our elected officials who don’t possess a brain; but, still don’t want a biblically trained brain, there are still fifty-one percent of the people who need one.


I’ll run a series of ads showing those people working: the poor schleps that get up in the dark, most of the year,, too late to eat a decent breakfast, grab a cup of coffee, perhaps something filled with sugar, jump on the freeway and dream of retirement while doing their best to manage a series of stalled cars, a wreck, and a host of rude drivers. They arrive early and work late. They rub shoulders with morons, often their boss, and with genius…sometimes. Work, work, work, work, work, work, work! They get to go home and then do it all over again the next day…for the next thirty or forty plus years. I’ll run an ads showing various I.R.S. employees, i.e Joyce Lerner taking the Fifth, and with a lecherous smile collecting our government’s idea of what they consider your financial obligation to provide for the ‘less fortunate’ in our midst. I’ll run some ads using some real ‘unfortunate’ people, with their faces blacked out for legal protection, using their ‘Entitlement’ money buying drugs, alcohol, and demonstrating their ‘entrepreneurial’ acumen: a newspaper in Memphis enlightened America about this type of acumen when it ran an article with one such business man as he explained to the journalist his definition of what that ‘three dollar word’ meant. He had five or six women he kept pregnant and each time the woman had a baby, the government upped their benefits. The more money our government gave to his harem, their money helped generate the economy. Sadly, I can’t sell this type of people a brain; they don’t need one. Though statistically, the forty-nine percenters are the least educated and certainly least motivated to find success, they have proven they are smart enough: they get pilgrims to work for them and pay them for doing nothing! They hold immense political clout: all of them vote for politicians that seek ways to enlarge their ‘Entitlements’. These people prove that don’t need a brain; our elected officials continue to prove they don’t have one; but don’t want one because they can guarantee the politicians will remain in power. I’d say it’s a ‘sweetheart deal’, wouldn’t you?


I’m sure you live in a city with enlightened Socialist Educators and elected officials like mine, so I will run some ads showing all of the students eating breakfast and lunch…even millionaires’ kids are eligible. We couldn’t want any parent to get upset they might be singled out as a parasite to the working people.


If none of those ads do the trick, I’ll give them my coup de graceI’ll run ads showing those non-working Entitlement people, in various stages of dress that clearly indicates they don’t need to ‘dress-up’ for work, opening up their Mailbox and retrieving their monthly “Entitlement’ check. My spokespersons will say:


The sluggard says “There is a lion in the road, a fierce lion roaming the streets!’

     As the door turns on its hinges, so a sluggard turns on his bed.

     The sluggard buries his hand in the dish; he is too lazy to bring it back to his mouth.


     DISCREETLY.  Proverbs 26:13-16


I admit I may be too optimistic about my brain sales, for those poor working schleps have continued to send back to Congress those same inept representatives for nearly eighty years that continue to find new and inventive ways to give away their hard-earned money. They continue to vote against themselves and assuredly against the Creator and his offer of free sage counsel from his Book of Wisdom: the bible.


I’m counting on the ‘Tipping-point’! It won’t be long before the ‘Entitlement’ gang possesses the larger demographic percentile: fifty-one to forty-nine in favor of those who choose not to work. When that happens, I think my brain sales will find a market and the dough is going to start rolling in. Pilgrims, you can send a note to Warren for me…”Move over Warren you’ve got company.”


My company will need some ‘Angel investors’. I’m counting on all those Pilgrims who have been little more than wolves dressed in sheep clothing when they mark their ballot for their ‘favorite’ politicians; that spit in the face of God, fail to use their biblically trained brain, and become bedfellows with Satan, to recognize they need my special type of brain.


Doctor Christian signing off with Paul’s edict: “If a man does not work, he shall not eat.” II Thessalonians 3:10


Doctor Christian





 38 New Pilgrims registered last week.


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     Our preacher is using the theme: HOW TO FINISH WELL, for his Easter messages. This theme started ole/old Doctor Christian thinking about how I might improve ‘Finishing well’ with the time my Lord has for me on planet earth. How long? I don’t know.


In the movie with George Burns playing the role of God, he used a Pay-phone booth to contact his ‘man on a mission’ to let the world know God exists. Pilgrim, what if God sent you an angel messenger to tell you your Heavenly calendar would reach zero in thirty days, how would this message change your life?


From old Doctor Christian’s perspective, might I suggest a few things that I’d do; and perhaps Pilgrim, you might choose to do also.


I’d stop watching Direct T.V. It consumes too much of my time, even though I seldom ever watch the major network stations: other than sports, they are an enemy of God and his holy word. I’d read my bible more; not to increase the odds for me spending an eternity in Heaven, but to seek how I might increase my gratitude for God’s grace to me.


I’d take more time wafting the aromas of life: smells and scents that entice our passions: Oscar de La Rental, our taste buds: a slightly pink filet served with a large sweet potato swimming in hot butter and sprinkled with Cinnamon; a steaming hot cup of cappuccino sipped while watching the sun rise on my screened-in back porch that over-looks the forest; I’d spend more time outside at night so I could gaze at the wonders of the celestial heavens our Lord has provided for our visual grandeur; especially basking under one more full moon.


I’d put an extra bucket of feed corn out each day of that last month for the deer and turkey that come to feed each morning. I might even put an additional bucket out for the squirrels and birds that feed during the day.


I’d write a letter to each of my sons that I have had an adult relationship with that has been more formal than I’d desire. I’m a biblical man and I think they see me as too uncompromising and too demanding. I suppose I have been. I’d tell them how much I love them and how each has given me joy because they are men of high integrity. Each has made his own ‘mark’ on the world and they have made a difference. I’d want them to know, if I had it to do again, I’d choose more family and less me. I’d have chased God’s mission field from a different vantage point so they might not have thought I was lost too often. I’d have sought to build a spiritual compound for our family rather than live great distances apart. I’d have spoken less and listened more.


I’d write letters to each of my five grandchildren and do my best to instill a passion in them to seek the wisdom of God found only in the bible. I’d encourage them to be like Paul told Timothy: fan the flame of the spirit that is in you and demonstrate Jesus is your Lord and savior. I’d want them to know how bright and creative I believe them to be; and they can know I’ll will cheer them on to accomplish great things; probably not on the ‘big stage of life’, but every small finished deed in Jesus’ name will be considered huge in Heaven. I’d want them to know that from Heaven’s point of view, every special event in their lives, from marriage to children, they could know I’d be jumping for joy in celebration; rooting them on to better things in the name of Jesus. Since their Mi Mi would be alone, I’d ask them to make sure she was loved and nurtured until she too entered into the presence of the All Mighty.


I’d write a letter to my one daughter-in law that has never liked me. I’d plead for her to attend my funeral and I’d want her to know that I sought her forgiveness for any sins or her perceived sins I have committed against her. I’d ask her to let the poison out and share this blessed feeling with my grandchildren.


I’d write a letter to old friends that I often thought about, but failed to connect with. I’d forgive them for any wrongs they may have done against me; and seek forgiveness from them.

Am I the exception or is it true we graduate from high school and only a handful of fellow students remain in our lives? The few I did have are dead.


I’d send notes of encouragement to some members of our church that are often treated as the ‘invisible ones’. Every church has members like this. Usually, for spiritually immature reasons on behalf of the congregation, they are an awkward fit and often fall through the cracks of a church’s nurturing life.


In my yet to be published novel: The Theophany (Son-light Restored to a Dark World), one of the dynamic characters is a man named Polycarp. He’s an old preacher who the enemy tortured to get him to recant his loyalty to Jesus, and he refused to do so. After his memory is restored, he goes to the center of the busiest market place and begins to preach messages to the heathens. He is martyred for Christ. I’d Polycarp my community! There is a famous Dough Boy statue in the middle of our small town, and I’d start preaching a sermon standing by that statue at noon for my last thirty days. I always have the urge to do this; I guess I don’t do it now because my wife would be mortified and it would cause her undue embarrassment when the wagon with men wearing white coats arrived to get me off the street.


Though he won’t read it, I’d write one last letter to my deceased father and tell him how much I still miss him. I’d want him to know how grateful I’m because God chose me to be his son. Possessing little formal education; nor ever being a man of our community others considered ‘successful’, his Godly model enriched my life in ways words fail me to count or describe. I’m quite sure he was a far better father than I.


Over the years, she lived for nearly ninety-nine of them, I have written various letters, poems and short stories to my mother to help her celebrate some special occasion, and I’d like to spend some time in sweet reverie reading a few to remind me of how wonderful it was being a boy reared in her home. It was a place other kids loved to visit.


One of my worship highlights comes during our weekly Communion time. Before my wife and I partake, we hold hands and we use our fingers to communicate how much we love each other. After our Communion, we continue to hold hands until the offering plate is passed. I want to savor all the delicious moments that special time can afford as we gratefully, humbly and mutually bend our knees before our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ as we remember his great sacrifice on our behalf. If any of my Pilgrim couples are at odds with their relationship, I’d recommend this spiritual exercise to open the door for reconciliation. A marriage in mutual submission to Christ can never fail!


On my last Sunday of worship, I’d walk up to the front of the congregation and make a declaration: If you vote for Liberal Socialists, you are voting for God’s enemies! I’ve wanted to do this for forty years! My opinion, the reason why America has rejected the Creator and his Son, Jesus Christ, in every public venue is because people who claim to be Christians voted atheists into public offices. They have voted Party over God’s kingdom until God’s kingdom lost its place of prominence in our once great Biblical nation.


People tell me I’ am a pretty fair whistler, and when I’m out in public, I usually whistle Gospel songs. A few years ago I won a black Titleist Ball cap that had “Jesus Christ” on it, and “I love Jesus” on its bill in a golf scramble: closet to the pin on a 205 yard par three, and I wear it all the time in public. Since Walmart no longer has Christmas carol songs in its stores, during the month of December, I go there every day and walk the aisles and whistle old time favorites. Since I have just thirty days to live, I’d go to Walmart each day and spend several hours whistling Christmas songs.


I think I’d consider myself ‘Finishing Well’, if I’d linger in my wife’s arms more and get lost in the beauty of her eyes and charms. To spend quiet moments in reflection of this ‘Tiger in a tank’ beauty I married while she was yet in high school so I could ‘fall in love’ all over again each of the thirty days left for me. I’d tell the ‘alarm clock’ in my head to wake me an hour earlier so I could just lie next to her and listen to her breathing. I don’t need to be next to her; just knowing she is nearby gives me comfort. I’d spend time watching her do all the simple things she does to enrich my life, and I’d tell her how much I love her. I’d go around shouting her praises and thanking God for allowing me the high privilege of having this woman as my companion for over fifty years of marriage while she’d laugh and call me ‘crazy’. I’d write her a few notes, poems, and vignettes she’d be able to revisit, cry about, and recognize how much I loved her. My opinion, I don’t think a human is capable of true appreciation of another human until they are out of their life. My messages would be those of urging my wife I know that ‘life is only for the living; and my greatest prayer for her is that she can find happiness as she lives on.


I know it will sound impertinent and ungrateful of me; perhaps, even sacrilegious, but when I leave my wife behind, nothing will ever be the same. Jesus said there wouldn’t be marriage relationships in Heaven. Paul guarantees the faithful Pilgrim they will be given a resurrected and glorified body like Christ. What that will be; none on earth knows. Paul indicates we will know our family for on earth we see the spiritual looking glass mirror murkily, but in heaven we will see clearly. Perhaps, like the wonderful song: Faces, we will see all those we have won to the Lord standing in our line greeting us when we arrive in Heaven, and we will rejoice.


I get chills each time I read the passage of scripture from Hebrews  twelve where Paul says we will be surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses when we arrive in Heaven. I like to think it will be like a great coliseum, like the Parthenon of Rome, or a Super Bowl and it will be filled with Pilgrims who have already gone ahead and now they have filled that coliseum to welcome the newbies. My parents are there! It makes me laugh and cry at the same time when I consider what it will be like for me to have gone on ahead of my wife, and be in that great crowd when she follows me. I’ll want to cry, but can’t in Heaven, because I won’t be able to hold her and caress her and tell her how I’ve missed her; I’ll laugh because I know I’ll emulate her as a little girl standing on a chair in the church Fellowship Hall, as her daddy, playing Santa, entered the room and started “Ho, ho hoing.”; she started yelling; “That’s my daddy, that’s my daddy.” It may break Heaven’s protocol, but I know when I see her come into that great arena, I’m going to start shouting: “That’s my wife, that’s my wife.”


Pilgrims, perhaps you need a spiritually cathartic ‘wake-up’ call? If you are lost for words, methods, and courage, might I suggest scripture? I Corinthians 13:1-13


Dr. Christian









For those Pilgrims who might have been a bit offended by my seeking mission funds for Belinda, let me share a little information about this Godly woman.


Five years ago she went through a difficult divorce. She entered her Church’s Divorce Care program and now she is one of its leaders. She calls herself an Army Brat, as her father gallantly serve our country to secure our freedoms. She has lived in many foreign countries and has an appreciation of how deprivation starves the human soul and harms God’s spiritual work. Despite every biblical truth taught to Pilgrims, the average Pilgrims still trusts God with only two percent of what he bless them with. I want you to embrace God’s grace and practice Radical generosity. I would encourage you to visit TCM’s website: http://www.tcmi.org/history


Belinda covets your prayers! She also needs funds given to the church, on her behalf, so she can go on this mission trip. PILGRIMS! Those of you who are of like mind, please send her 25.00. You fill out the check:



On Memo line: Austria trip 2014



Send check to this address:


Belinda Sue Burdette

5705 Ensenada Ave.

Indianapolis, In. 46237




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Dear Pilgrims,


Before I post my new article, I want to address two important items: my new blog formula, and a personal plea for help.


In the past, I have always sent a ‘Welcome’ to each new Pilgrim that joined my blog. Since I’m having some nefarious, interloper registers bent on doing harm to me and my computer, I won’t send any more e-mails. It is sad but true, Atheist and people who disagree with the truth of scripture never live with the ‘Golden Rule’ as a moral foundation.


My blog continues to grow despite all opposition. If you are a Pilgrim that enjoys what I post on the blog, consider recruiting one new member each month. Why should you have all the fun/angst of my biblical challenge? My blog has had 41 new Pilgrims since last Friday’s post. This is about my average number of new Pilgrims each week I post.



My wife and I have a personal friend who is dealing with some serious illnesses: Diabetes and cirrhosis of Liver (she has never smoked; doesn’t use alcohol), and has recently undergone back surgery. Despite these challenges, she is determined to be a member of Indian Creek Christian Church’s fourteen days mission trip to Austria in July. They are going to be a part of a ministry/mission group to work at Haus Edelweiss. Joining with TCM (taking Christ to millions) and their team will be assisting with housekeeping, food preparation, house and grounds, and help with hosting of adult students.  

Belinda covets your prayers! She also needs funds given to the church, on her behalf, so she can go on this mission trip. PILGRIMS! Those of you who are of like mind, please send her 25.00. You fill out the check:


On Memo line: Austria trip 2014


Send check to this address:

Belinda Sue Burdette

5705 Ensenada Ave.

Indianapolis, In. 46237




      As an Elementary student, I fondly recall how I would race home after school so I could listen to the adventures of that ‘masked man and his faithful ‘sidekick’, Tonto: The Lone Ranger. I was intrigued by the ‘mild mannered’ cowboy that mixed and mingled with common folk…until some nasty, vicious crooks and robbers arrived on the scene and pillaged innocent people; and he would don his black mask, put on his guns, ride his great white horse, and send for his ‘sidekick, Tonto, and they’d find a way to ‘right all wrongs’, make people believe in justice handed out by the law,  and ride off into the sunset: all the men considered him a hero; women swooned and lingered in his eyes and his heroics. All were left to ask the unsolvable question: “Who was that masked man?”


My preacher’s recent sermon started me to think about how we Pilgrims often lead a ‘double life’, and how it harms God’s witness on earth. The genesis of this article is found in the book of James.


….If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unreliable in all he does.” James 1:5-8


In more modern times, a recently passed news anchor’s seedy past was uncovered and this lovable, legendary curmudgeon, who put pins in many ‘stuffed-shirt’ buffoons, from Hollywood to the halls of Congress for their tawdry choices, was found to be a man that was a ‘double-minded’ man and lived a double-life: he was married with children to one woman and lived in a ‘shack-up’ relationship with another for twenty-five years. He epitomizes this example of a ‘double-minded’ man as he lived his life in two different life-styles: one was public; the other private. Pilgrims, I want each to recognize this spiritual truth: he was derailed by choosing to live a ‘double-life’. It was easy for him because he was a ‘double-minded’ man. Like the Docetics of the first century church, he separated that which was considered flesh from the spirit. He was a ‘righteous man’ in his public eye; to him, what he did in his private life didn’t affect this righteousness.


My opinion, as America has chosen to reject God’s truth found in the Bible, the pagan Docetics have influenced this nation’s citizens to worship at their altar. Pilgrim, are you among these…unwittingly?


What can a Pilgrim do to keep from living a ‘double-life’? Perhaps, it is best we define our terms. A ‘double’-life’ is caused by instability. If you are ‘unstable’, one isn’t trusting in one’s ability to navigate. The young colt has trouble standing, walking, certainly trotting. A pilgrim’s brain malfunctions and allows useless, un-filtered heathen knowledge to inundate the intellect used to make decisions.



James urges Pilgrims to shout for joy when beset with temptations and trials because we are given an opportunity to prove to God we are faithful. He uses the word ‘perseverance’: ‘stick to it-ness’ so we may develop the proper character: spiritual toughness. I will admit I have had several disagreements with God about the scripture found in I Corinthians 10:13, where the Pilgrim is promised God won’t allow him to be put into a threatening, life-challenging position that he can’t stand up against or endure…if faithful. Evidently, God’s estimation of what I can stand is far different than mine!


How can a Pilgrim avoid this type of derailment? You must answer the question: what type of spiritual house have you built? Jesus’s parable notes the vast difference between a house built on rock rather than sand. Matthew 7:24-28. In John’s gospel, he writes that Jesus warned the disciples: in this world they would have troubles. This means Pilgrims must expect great storms and rough seas in their lives. Often, the outcomes won’t be deserved, nor fair, because sin will usher these horrible events into your life: your spouse will choose the charms of someone else; you or your loved ones will get gravely ill or die; you will lose your job; your children will embarrass and humiliate you despite all your efforts to rear them biblically, morally, and with character; your parents needs will turn you into a ‘care-taker’; you embarrass yourself as you use drugs and alcohol to keep you from losing your faith in God; and each Pilgrim can add their own items to this dreadful list.


If you built your foundation on sand: knowledge from the world, rather than on rock: bible knowledge, your entire house will be unstable. When the huge waves crash against your house, it will collapse. James warns Pilgrims our prayers will go unanswered because we don’t have faith. Should God  care and will God meet our needs?


Does an unstable life come when one reads his bible regularly? Does it come when one isn’t just a hearer/reader of the word, but a doer? David cried out he wanted to keep God’s holy word next to his heart so he might not sin against God. Pilgrims, how often have we cried out?


Like the Lone Ranger, where do you wear your spiritual mask to fool people so they don’t recognize the ‘real you’? Do your ‘church’ folk know you enjoy ‘dirty/off-color’ jokes around the water cooler at work? Does your spouse know you can’t take your eyes off the ample cleavage your heathen women co-workers display daily, and you constantly are evaluating your spouse verses them for being desirable? Does your ‘church’ folk know how you take liberties every chance you get when ‘sealing a business deal’? Do your ‘church’ folk know you enjoy porn on the internet? Your children? Your spouse? Does anyone know you are in an adulterous relationship…or contemplating one? Have you told so many lies you can’t discern the truth and have given away your integrity?


Your ‘cloak of righteousness’ you wear on Sundays, how often do you see it when you look in the mirror during the week? James says an unstable man can’t remember what he looks like a few seconds later.


The famous writer of the book, “Pilgrims Progress”, John Bunyan, wrote about the bible: “This book will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from the book.


You can keep from being a ‘double-minded’ Pilgrim and from leading a ‘double-life’ by using the book to constantly reevaluate your personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the biblical prism of the truth, wisdom and spiritual challenges you will discover each and every time you open and read God’s holy word.


You will know you aren’t a ‘double-minded’ Pilgrim when one is unable to discern a difference in your Public…Personal, and Spiritual life. When you live this spiritual life, no one will ever ask: Who was that masked Pilgrim?


Dr. Christian





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     Sports Illustrated’s ‘Swim-suit’ issue arrived in my mail box last week; I didn’t even ‘read the interesting articles’; I threw it in the trash.


I’ll admit, I enjoy looking at a pretty woman…especially those with elegant glams, but I’ve decided to become a ‘modern-day’ Diogenes, but not a man looking for an honest man; but a Lady.


O’Reilly’s ‘Culture Warriors’ recent segment showed a few of Sport’s Illustrated pictures of this year’s models on his show and they had a discussion about the dress, in this case, un-dressed models wearing colorful ‘band aids’ (my interpretation) strategically placed to cover Mons-Venus and little else. O’Reilly and his ‘Conservative’ female pundit considered it nearly inappropriate; and the ‘Liberal’ pundit couldn’t connect any of the ‘sleaze-factor’ to the lack of any woman being considered an object of the most nefarious Rappers zingers: bitches and hos’ by the behavior.


Matthew writes that Jesus said, “You have heard that is was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” I can’t speak for Jesus, but I’m quite sure a nearly naked woman doing a ‘Pole-dance’ so men can fantasize and get an erection qualifies for a woman causing men to commit adultery; and she in turn is an adulteress.


Big name music stars performing ‘simulated-sex’…public copulation, and Movie stars performing the same, all in the name of ‘Art’ and its free expression, have lowered the bar on a definition of a Lady. Whom many of them think they are; and I have even heard them say so while being interviewed.


I recall a moment a couple of years ago I had to bite my tongue in public. I stopped at a Seven-eleven store to fill up with gas and entered it to get a coffee for the road. Behind the counter sat the woman cashier and a cute young blonde haired girl, about eight, was doing ‘homework’. As I approached the counter, the little girl asked her ‘momma’ to help her with a math problem. She told her to hush and she would in a minute. She smiled at me and took my money. My eyes fell from her smiling face to her pink tee-shirt and her ample breasts. ‘I’m not wearing any panties’ her tee-shirt message read. We exchanged looks; she stared at me; my eyes moved to her daughter sitting next to her. I shook my head and left.


I’m clueless! Can anyone, any woman explain to me how a mother could brazenly sensualize her daughter in public? What was her message to the customers she wanted them to know? Was she ‘trolling’ for business? Did she want men to know she was an ‘easy-mark’ and she didn’t wear panties because it may have just interfered or slowed down the sexual union she wanted men to know she desired? Did she not know her daughter could read the message on her shirt? Did this wantonly bold Feminist woman not care her daughter might have to handle public barbs or feel the need to defend her mother’s behavior?


I recall as a high school boy Spring was an eagerly anticipated event because not only did the flowers bloom; so did the girls. Pretty legs, covered up by winter’s hoary blast, were suddenly on display and the girls’ beauty shone as this slight physical change gave them much more appeal. While they didn’t wear pants at school, after school they wore shorts, culottes, and pegged-pants and this dress made them distinctively different than boys. Today, from the back, it is difficult to distinguish a boy or a girl by the dress. A form of Unisex style seems to be here to stay.


If the women with the greatest potential influence upon the ‘girl-culture’, i.e.s., Madonna twenty years ago… more recently, Beyoncé’s latest hit that has her trolling, at night, displaying her ample ‘wares’, being picked up by a Rolls, and soon she is moaning in the backseat, I suppose, visually with some ‘gangbanger rapper’, and she wears a prostitute’s ‘night wear’ or a whores ‘come and get it boys’ clingy-thing, of today behave as if they are entitled to a public verses private life, or that what one does physically hasn’t any bearing upon what one possess spiritually, are little more than publicly paid skanks, will Godly mothers take up the challenge to rear daughters that choose to be the type of lady once considered a ‘high-calling’ for all girls?


Question? Pilgrims, why don’t popular women of our ‘entertainment world’…especially women of color, connect the spiritual dots: 66% of all births in the black community are to unwed teens, and 80% of all abortions are from the black society? Where are the biblical women media voices? The one media ‘talking-head’, a conservative condemned this behavior…but also added these women were good mothers and love their children. I don’t know about you, but, I’ have a difficult time coinciding whorish public behavior with a ‘good’ mother. If any woman is interested, they can find a proper model in Proverbs 31:10ff.


Why do Feminist women not know about the wisdom: Monkey see monkey do? Even wiser knowledge: All behavior is Congruent! Thinking, feeling and behaving operate in a circular fashion. It doesn’t matter where one starts on the circular pattern; they are all interconnected and create the same outcomes. I.e. in about fourteen years Beyonce’s children are going to be teenagers: if she has a son, he will believe it is his duty to up-hold of Mom’s honor by having sex with all the girls he can get to climb into the back seat; if it is her daughter, she will be able to watch her Mom’s ‘entertainment’ and emulate her ‘art’. If she protests about her daughter having sex with boys, she can always show her Mom’s ‘art’…even more troubling, if her daughter’s boyfriends protest her ‘virgin drams’ they can show her Mom’s ‘art’.


With the ‘collective’ black society lying in tatters morally bankrupt, as the demographic data proves, why won’t its most talented and powerful leaders present a biblical foundation that commences with a loud condemnation of sin as defined by the Bible? God’s call to live a holy life is the only remedy!


The Apostle Paul writes to Pilgrims: “Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man (woman) commits are outside his/her body, but he/she who sins sexually sins against his/her own body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought with a price. Therefore honor God with your body.


Pilgrims, the majority of you don’t fit this profile, for you do live as if your body is a Temple of God; but, do you watch her ‘art’? Do you buy her ‘art’? More importantly, do you condemn her ‘art’? Do you refuse to pay money to see films that glorify this type of ‘free-expression’ art?


If one reads the bible’s erotic book: Songs of Solomon, my opinion, many years ago I think Hollywood used Solomon’s formula to sexually entice by showing less not more skin, and it  commanded its audience’s attention with planned ‘titillation’ that publicly showed a ‘hint’ of a woman’s charms  lurking beneath her clothes. Solomon’s words describe a woman’s beauty; but you have to engage your sexual imagination in ‘word-play’ to really appreciate its sensual message. The same can be said for the man. Perhaps, film-makers knew the portrayal of exciting sexual pleasure did really epitomize the sage’s wisdom: the most sexually satisfied man is one who has a wife who behaves like a lady in public and like a whore in the bedroom.


I fear the godless Feminist agenda has compromised Christian women so greatly they too have rejected a litany of qualifiers our society once considered necessary for a lady to know. If one names any item associated with a mother’s sense of pride taking care of her home and family, I suspect you can’t be far off.


Might the conclusion be drawn that sin, old fashioned immorality, which has been relegated to a Feminist ‘trash bin’, has left our nation bereft of being able to notice biblical ladies in public…sometimes, not even in our churches? Even our Girl Scouts have embraced Lesbians!


Pilgrims, is it important, as I think it is, for Godly mothers to rear daughters to know how to become a Godly lady? How do they counter-attack the sleaze factor that is prominent in every nook and cranny of our society? Might it start with Godly women designing creative dress that flatters a woman’s figure; but is intentionally designed to honor God’s call for purity…and leave a ‘little’ mystery in its wake?



The bible is quite clear about how God expects his pilgrims to enjoy his gift of sexual pleasure…inside marriage: the man and the woman were naked and felt no shame. While God doesn’t want any sexual secrets in marriage; I’m quite sure he’d like for Victoria to have a few.


Dr. Christian



Download my newest Children’s book: GRANDPA’S MAGIC CARPET AND THE LOST TREASURE, on Amazon Kindle Matchbook: 2.99. It will be a cool Easter gift for children 8 and up. Also a great book for grandparents to read to children: in large print.

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     Pilgrims, I take pen in hand while I’m in the final four days of finishing a Dermatology-Peel. I doubt the outcome is going to please me, for I look like a spotted leopard; a ‘red spotted owl, or a science experiment gone awry. The doctor tells me it is payback for being stupid enough to believe an Irish, Redhead could actually tan…even with the help of two years of Hawaiian sun from Waikiki Beach, compliments of Uncle Sam’s Navy, as a young man.


The many spots on my face are pointing out the many ‘potential’ future basil cell carcinoma on my face the peel is supposed to remove and cure. Three weeks of deliberately burning one’s skin, twice daily, with a high potent cream isn’t a ‘walk in the park’, and watching one’s face turn from a five in looks to a minus doesn’t help the old ego, either.


This medical treatment has given me pause about the wisdom of any type of peel to rectify an acknowledged imperfection in one’s looks or more importantly, one’s health. If this medical peel can restore one’s health; what if one applied this treatment to one’s spiritual imperfections?


Ray Steven’s classic song about warning his wife, Ethel, not to look at the naked man (a streaker) that was running loose, forces me to recognize a person’s Spiritual Peel, when finished, would require one to stand ‘naked as a jaybird’ in front of God’s spiritual mirror. This gives me a fit of anxiety just pondering the sight, before and after the peel, doesn’t it?


Before Christ’s ‘robe of righteousness’ provides spiritual covering, what do you think God sees? Like my face, it has some areas with tiny spots, other more pre-cancerous areas show large areas where the cream has burned deeper, or I have applied too much cream during earlier applications. I worry about this. Perhaps, sexual sins are easily discernable and there are diseased sores seeping puss from our privates. Maybe our tongues are coated with a mixture of white-hot molten and slimy snake-oil leave them horribly twisted from our lies, intentional spiritual murder: gossip that, our out-rageous pithy anger shoots up the out of control lava from the furnace of ‘you know who’. Could it be our eyes are bright Emerald green from our life-long sate of unceasing envy for what we think God has held back from us while showering others with ‘underserved’ blessings. We might have ‘hammer-toes’ that fill us with pain each step, and continue to widen as we too often allow our feet to walk in forbidden environments that God knows will harm rather than help our Christian walk. Could a ‘spiritual peel’ empower our witness for Christ if we denied entrance to the Chocolate Diva that seems to live ‘loud and proud’ in mankind? Does God see our ‘main’ elbow that moves smoothly to our mouth as an instrument of pleasure or devious mischievous strength he knows needs to be a weak vessel rather than a monstrous agent of harm as buckets of blubber flow like the Nile in Egypt during spring monsoons and misshapen our bodies that alter our perceptions of our self-worth and usher in many temptations we often fail to resist.. He may desire to change the color of our eyes with a peel since he gave us beautiful, clear, shinning ones that are ‘windows to our soul’s spiritual condition, as Jesus said; but, we have clouded them with all manner of sin and they are diseased and sick as our biblical consciences have been muted, the filter from the world’s putridfication has been turned off, and as James taught, the enticements of sin have led us to a precipice of a spiritual death rather than given us pure vision for only heavenly sights. I certainly think God would do a peel on our hands for they are most often the entry way to touching forbidden things: outside of marriage, a man’s or woman’s naked body, a drunks ‘one for the road’, violence to control, to brutalize, or even murder; an instrument to deceive, sway, and unduly influence a Pilgrim to sin when they are often mistaken as tools of strength rather than a harbinger of evil.

Assuredly Pilgrims would need a peel for their brains. Even before Elementary School you have been taught one view of life and the world you live in. The enemy: Atheists, have managed to control most of what you are allowed to know, as Jesus Christ has been redacted from our daily lives in the market and public-square. Junk science: Evolution, fogs the child’s mind with false ideas about how man is God, and how Ex Nihilo (Out of nothing) Matter appeared and in one great orgasmic climax the universe was formed…scans of one iota of intelligence and design; but from random confusion that produced an ever changing outcome that presents a perception of finished reality. Only a fool in his heart declares there is no God!”


It will demand a tube of Spiritual Peel cream larger than the Empire State Building to remove even the first layer of sin from one’s mind that has mocked, denigrated, and rejected the inerrant word of a holy Creator to one day see a clear complexion: washed pure by the blood of Christ, that the omnipotent I AM will not need to turn away in disgust.


Our knees might pass muster, for we might feel they have been burnished from the Creator’s artistic brush and one’s thoughts rise to lofty heavenly heights for we long for the peel to be finished; and God may feel pleasure and delight when He sees our knees. Might we dare hope, If Pilgrims have spent ‘quality time’ in supplication before the All Mighty seeking his counsel and leaning upon his every nuanced principle, he may decide our knees don’t need the peel.


Two more days of applying this wretched cream to an extremely burned face and I’ll be heading in the right direction to achieve the medical outcome the doctor and I desire: a ‘peaches and cream’ complexion that will mirror a new baby’s butt.  This is one of the many descriptions given to me by other Dermatology Peel survivors.


Wow! I finished my cream applications. I must have used too much cream when I started the peel, for a lot of my face was already undergoing flaky-edges of dead skin trying to fall off. After six hours of not having a new application, immense pain arrived. It felt like my entire face was trying to be pulled off. When I tried to smile or crinkle my forehead, hot pain shot a danger warning to my brain. I called my brother and asked him about this pain. I recall he gave me a warning about the need to use the Petroleum jelly as soon as the last application was applied: he went two days before he finally contacted his doctor to complain. He’s a better man than I am; I’d have been at the doctor’s office raising holy Ned! When the jelly was applied, my face suddenly felt like it was on fire and it looked swollen. After the initial feeling of being white-hot heated and experiencing the sensation of facial skin being pulled viciously off my face, the jelly began to massage the burned skin and ushered in blessed relief. I have fourteen days of jelly applications. Please keep me in your prayers!


This new phase of painful discovery about the peel forced me to contemplate the possible similarities between a Dermatology Peel and a Spiritual Peel. My search of the bible hasn’t turned up any examples of a potent cream used to change one’s looks, but there are analogies in abundance. The husbandry care-taker must prune the plants so new life will be seen in due time. The cutting away of dead, dying parts, and even healthy parts of a plant leaves it looking pathetic and unlovely If this isn’t done each year, new, beautiful, and healthy plants won’t be seen and appreciated by God and all of Creation. John’s gospel declares one must be ‘born again’, and his pronouncement mystifies the pagan world. Can a man be born again from his mother’s womb? Jesus is quizzed. My Peel is physical; Jesus pointed to Baptism water and the Holy Spirit’s work for a Spiritual Peel to be completed. Can there be a better one than becoming ‘a new creation in Christ’?


Pilgrims, can any deny that a Spiritual Peel is the most painful type known to man and God?

From the depths of Hell’s molten lave cauldron, stirred by Satan and his legions brewing up a frothy mix of ‘missing eternity’ soup, while accompanied by cackles of glee that turn a deaf ear, that yearns for a sound-proof environment that will lessen the noise and confusion running amuck inside a pagan’s brain, they mock the very idea of submission before the Savior’s cross. The Atheist rejects the idea a Spiritual Peel is possible.


A million, a billion advertisements showing Jesus pointing a finger towards Heaven: “I’m the way and the truth, no man come to the father except through me,” his earthly pronouncement, shakes the very foundation of Hell’s pit, and man falls prostrate in humility, as a sinner un-clean before Jesus’ feet; and one act of grace changes everything and the peel is finished. Out of the muck and mire of decadence comes a new Pilgrim; like early morning mist that shrouds that which is below it, a new Creation appears; different from any Pilgrim ever created.


Would you like a Spiritual Peel? The great Physician’s office is always open. Like eternity, his supply of cream never runs out.


I’m happy to report the peel is complete and it has delivered what it was designed to do! I look like my old self; but, with a better defense against skin cancer, and a smoother complexion. It was unable to provide me with a miracle: I don’t look like a movie star. In fact, my barber lifted my spirits: he told me I had gone from ‘butt ugly’ to just ugly.


Dr. Christian



I must apologize for my previous announcement about Pilgrims being able to download my latest Children’s book: GRANDPA’S MAGIC CARPET AND THE LOST TREASURE. I assumed it was finished and up on Amazon’s Kindle site; it wasn’t’. I failed to complete the things I had to do to finish the job. I can now tell you it is ready for download on Kdp (kindle Matchbook) for 2.99. It is a wonderful story about a Grandpa taking his grandkids on a magic carpet on these fantastic spiritual, fun journeys. It is the first book in a series of three. It is in large print so it is easy for children (8 and up) and especially grandparents, to read and enjoy.

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     In one of my favorite movies, “Chariots of Fire”, accompanied by the best music for a movie ever written, the great missionary to China, Erick Liddell, training for the nineteen hundred and twenty-four Olympics to represent his country, Scotland, has a conversation with his sister, who is preparing all things for the two of them to travel to China as missionaries, she is questioning his motives, attitude, and work ethic about the preparations for the journey, and she wants him to stop  training for the Olympics and devote all his time for the trip. She considers his training as being less devoted to God and more devoted to self-promotion for his running ability. During this conversation, he acknowledges he is torn between serving these two goals, and he is troubled he is disappointing her and leaving her with the ‘lions-share’ of the work. She asks him to stop training. He tells her that he sees his running as part of God’s plan for his life, and not a distraction. He says: “God has made me fast; and when I run, ‘I feel his pleasure’.”


This was part of a Communion Meditation one of our elders gave last Sunday, and it started me thinking about an article for my Pilgrims. What do we do while living our daily lives that allows us to ‘feel God’s pleasure’? Eric connected his gift of foot-speed for the entire sports world to see as his way of ‘feeling God’s pleasure’: his head held up, stretching his neck into the wind, shoulders back, and his limbs moving in harmony, the graceful movement of his lithe body sent a personal spiritual message his running allowed him to ‘feel God’s pleasure. Little did he know at the time his ‘foot-speed’ wouldn’t be the main reason why he would ‘feel God’s Pleasure’ at the Olympics, though he would win a Gold Medal in the four-hundred meters; but, his refusal to transgress the Sabbath by running a hundred meters race on that day, forced the ‘Heads of State’ to re-arranged the athletes schedule to help him honor his God’s commandment. He became one of his country’s beloved Olympic heroes; and he honored God as a servant in China for many years.


How does a Pilgrim settle on a biblical principle that gives one  a measure of comfort that you have chosen those things that give you more than a fleeting sensation and you ‘feel God’s pleasure’? Might I be so bold to suggest, for me, it is writing the blog; or writing any of my stories; or it will pertain to any future ones I write. I believe, for me, the writing surpasses the opportunity to preach. I know the bible doesn’t consider this proper theology, for it is the preaching of the gospel to men dying in sin that validates Jesus’ sacrifice. Like Eric, it is my opinion that of all the gifts God has blessed me with, it is being able to write in a fashion that presents a bold witness for Christ, but provides many shades, hues, and even esoteric ways to demonstrate this love of Christ for Pilgrims seeking a closer walk with God and for drawing closer to the savior for a pagan world, is when I ‘feel God’s pleasure’ the most.


Often, when I write, especially stories, my fingers seem to take on a glow and they effortlessly glide over the keys. It is as if my mind has been pre-programed and the characters come alive and stand-up before my mind’s eyes. They smile at me and beckon me to join them on a journey to a place I’ve never visited. After writing for a few hours, I will often be amazed by what has been written on the pages. Often, during the night I’ll awaken and nuances will be added to existing stories or articles for this blog, and I’ll go and write for a while. During all these times, I’m positive I ‘feel God’s pleasure’. Can you understand this? Can you identify?


Pilgrims, perhaps, this happens to you when you pick up an artist’s brush and a light airy stroke fashions images you didn’t intend, but are overwhelmed with the unexpected discovery;  you operate you sewing machine and fit a mannequin with your design, and as it fits the body’s frame, your artist imagination whisk you into a pool of cloth more beckoning and dazzling than you ever dreamed about ;  you tickle the piano keys and suddenly you are hymning lyrics and a new piece of music is heard and a smile creases your face and inspiration is felt as your creative juices reeve up; you start the engine you have overhauled and in the midst of the smell of grease and oil, the purr of its motor lights up your eyes with joy;  you finish the last line of poetry you wrote; and you test its soundness as you dare put lyrics to it, and you search for musical sounds to accompany it; you bask in an ‘eureka –moment’ as you solved a math problem that a second ago was an enigma; an inner celebration breaks out as your bat hits the baseball up the middle and the winning run crosses home-plate; your tireless scientific experiments bring forth evidence you sought, but also opened new vistas you didn’t know existed; your husbandry efforts bring forth a bower of color that gives your yard a glow, and you set and repose in the moment as you lift up a praise to the Maker of all things; your refusal to quit allows you to read a newspaper effortlessly, none need tell you why it was one of the best trials you endured; your goal of finishing the Marathon so you can force your victorious spirit to present a decorum of behavior that sends a signal: “you never doubted you could do it,” keeps your aching bones churning in freezing cold weather; and each Pilgrim has other vignettes that specify your unique affinities, gifts, and graces God gave you.


How may Pilgrims better define this act so we might find more opportunities to rejoice and celebrate those occasions when we ‘feel God’s pleasure’? Like Eric Liddell, I believe it must contain certain spiritual qualities: it must emanate from a gift God has given you. It might be a secret delight; rather than a public one. When you are busy in it, it must process an inward spiritual sensation only you can feel; but people close to you may see. My opinion, I think it must come from an ‘attitude of gratitude’ about God’s grace in your life you don’t deny and you embrace. If only you and the Creator enjoy the use of this gift, it is enough. Since you know you have received this gift from God, if he opens the door for you to use it as a witness for your love for him, you won’t allow fear to keep you from offering it to Christ for his kingdom’s advancement on earth.


It is possible Pilgrims miss the opportunity to ‘feel God’s pleasure’ because we are confused about how one demonstrates this feeling of pleasure? Could we all learn a lesson from Mr. Liddell as he knew for certain when he felt the pleasure of God in his life? Was it not at the exact moments he was maximizing his gifts? Pilgrims, I want all to recognize a biblical principle: God has gifted you for a purpose. When you are busy using those gifts and seeking ways to enhance them, he gives you an incredible blessing: He allows you to ‘feel his pleasure’. For Eric, I’m sure it was a ‘runner’s high’ that lasted for the Olympic races…even for decades in China, and for his life-time.


Might scripture offer another interpretation?  Matthew records a time I believe Jesus ‘feels God’s pleasure’: when he was baptized by John the Baptist: “…This is my son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” Another time might have been when Jesus spent time in the wilderness with Satan. After he was tempted as a man and was challenged to use his Divine powers, which was temptation for this ‘fully-God’ and ‘fully-man, Jesus said, “Away from me Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’” What Pilgrim could deny Luke declares Jesus ‘feels God’s pleasure’ at the foot of the cross? “…Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Is it possible to ‘feel God’s pleasure more than when one day all Pilgrims will hear: “Well done my good and faithful servant, enter into the kingdom of heaven…”?


Dr. Christian




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Fondly I recall my ‘Cowboys, crooks and Indians’ days as a boy. We never wanted to wear the ‘Black hat’; but sometimes it was our turn in the game. Our Roy Roger’s cap gun and leather hostler gave us an air of invincibility. We jumped off the roof of garages and climbed high into big oak trees: especially when we were the Indians. With guns a blazing, we took fatal hits and fell down dead…until the laughter commenced and ruined the moment.


I have a young grandson and adult nephews that will brag about their exploits of being great basketball, football, and golf players. The first time I heard this, I was intrigued and I asked them if they would like to play a round of golf sometime. “Oh, I don’t actually play the game of golf; I just play on my Game site, or participate in fantasy Football or Basketball,” they informed me.


I must confess I have never played a game on any internet device. I realize I’m a Neanderthal and have been fossilized, but when one can’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time; I suspect a majority of ‘gamers’ fit this description, how can one have a sense of accomplishment for moving digits quickly?


I survey the landscape of ‘America’s manhood and frankly it doesn’t inspire me to believe our Nation’s future defense is secure. In a few decades, women will be in charge of our defense. The military has been so feminized and ‘gender-bendered’: witness the most recent easing of physical military readiness by our Congress: all of them are loons for allowing this to happen.


My opinion, it has been a stain on our Nation’s heritage for allowing pregnant women to serve in the military; to allow them to ship out and leave their young children to be nurtured and cared for by others less qualified. Now, they are to be less fit for combat! Yes! Any feminist may rant and rave about my statement, but, in future wars (Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars until he returns), many a mother’s sons will die in combat because they had to rely upon a less physically fit ‘woman’ comrade to save their life. Lowering the standards will guarantee this! Evidently, this means the Navy can do away with 4013, the standards don’t matter in todays’ military.


If you take a hundred teenage boys and a hundred teenage girls and you put them through pre-feminist military training, seventy-five boys and maybe ten girls would pass the test. The others would wash out. Even if the girls passed the test; often their times and physical skills would be slower and less fit than the average boys. One only needs to watch girls’ sports to understand there is a big difference between men and women physically. Only in our military does this large discrepancy magically disappear. In today’s military, in my boot camp, we probably had to do more pushups for being late or failed personal inspection than they require now.


I wonder if the military brass and our buffoon Congress ever reads the conclusive corporate data that continues to be churned about whom people think make the best and worst bosses: a hint for best bosses…it is women. Women prefer men; men prefer men. Is it ironic or very odd, only in our feminized military do men prefer women officers and women prefer women officers? I suppose one must add our Congress and President!


I’d like to see an Amendment to our Constitution passed: any person campaigning for Congress/President is required to possess a resume that includes three years of active military duty. If this was a requirement, you wouldn’t have loons like we have forcing ill-fated decisions upon a military that is forced to be PC. Nary is a word of dissent is heard because all officers know a public dissent means one’s military career has just been flushed down the toilet.


Evidently, our military isn’t fit to train young men to be men anymore. How can they when Congress and a ‘Nanny-gate society prefers women in combat? In my day, even the juvenile delinquents were thought to have a better shot at success in life because of military discipline and training. Now, they are only fit for prisons.


Why don’t we embrace this ‘equality’ gig to the max: let’s re-install the Military draft? We can at least measure up to those European countries military requirements: all native sons must serve a number of years in the Queen’s military…even royalty. If we had the same military I served in…and we certainly don’t, our prisons wouldn’t be over-crowded, our schools wouldn’t graduate less than sixty-five percent of its freshman class, and our corporate world wouldn’t be saddled with –remedial’ workers; and it wouldn’t lust after better educated foreigners.


Can one measure the depths America has fallen into a briny pit of P C by its Game-world?

While we still have super macho examples of gladiators proving tests of courage in the world of sports; and even women have donned gloves and are duking it out…to my chagrin, the majority of Gameboys would all end up in Company 4013: unfit for military duty until undergoing rigorous discipline and extra training. In my Boot Camp military training at Long Beach, 4013 was the designated number assigned to those who couldn’t or wouldn’t finish the training. They were given several opportunities to conform; but, if they persisted, they were ‘washed out’ and sent home.


I have never played any Action Game advertised for ‘adults only’, on my T.V.; but, the ‘trailers’ tell me all I need to see to know they are harming our society. When you have men and a few women finding pleasure in murder and mayhem, and even blurred lines for killing cops, or alien monsters, as if it were ‘another work day’(i.e. “Dark Souls”), devoid of feelings of regret and possibly shame, society is rearing potential madmen. The expressions on the faces of the conquering ‘sham’ heroes makes this Vet sick at his stomach. My opinion, I fear it is also rearing boys who will gladly send the women into combat while they play war.


America has become a nation filled with ‘sissified’ men. The Feminist agenda created ‘gangsta’ think/behavior:  boys without fathers in their lives, and they constructed their own mecca of manhood. Void of biblical knowledge: the Feminist agenda has rejected the bible and its teachings; fed with degenerate humanistic philosophy and psychology from Atheists, they found comfort in violence for it delivered power and established a ‘sick’ type of authority for a ‘band of brothers’: The Hoods and hoodlums, recognized and obeyed this authority via intimidation and physical threats. Lost was the ‘man o man’ valor of yesterday where men settled differences with dukes…one on one…not eight against one. Lost was the shame of ‘cowardness’ for thinking brutality against a person by a collective group of thugs, by boys searching for meaning for their lives and coming up empty…while its society made excuses for their sin, has changed men in our nation into submissive ‘ask permission’ men rather than leaders. One need not look any farther than our Congress of elected representatives to see a clear example.


My opinion, God is about to wreak-havoc upon America because it has become a Matriarchal Society and there has been a reversal of roles of men and women he assigned them when he created man and woman. I don’t think he will rescue this once great biblical nation from its own destruction.


I wonder what part of “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church…. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything,” (Eph. 5:23-24) Pilgrims don’t understand? I do know it won’t happen unless Pilgrims heed God’s holy word: “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the RENEWING of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2


Pilgrims, one biblically renews his mind by using scripture as a filter to know how to make decisions about all choices in one’s life.  If one allows garbage: i.e. these adult type war games filled with all manner of sin, to reside inside your brain without a filter to morally guide your thinking and behavior, you will choose pleasure verses discipline; you’ll serve Satan rather than the great I AM.


As a boy playing Cowboys and Indians, we knew it was just ‘fun’ for a while; never did we think we could measure our abilities in a fantasy tech-world or we’d take on the persona of a Gameboy hero and step into a world beyond reality.


Dr. Christian




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What is love? Sure, it’s hot-bodies, great sex, and a spiritual glow. Apt descriptions one might hear applied to God’s creation: mankind.


It might be ‘hearts and flowers’ that match the color of a lover’s eyes, it might be decadent chocolate melting in a lover’s mouth, and wishing at that instant their lover was sharing its intimate space.


Perhaps, it is a note penned that speaks to a lover’s most intimate reflections where their love blossomed and bloomed, and the sparks of sensual electricity, if allowed to get out of control, might have burnt down the town; for it certainly sizzled their souls.


Might it be the rush of life flying so rapidly neither lover can catch their breath; but, regardless of the whirly-dervish speed, they manage to grab ahold of one another and celebrate the ride.


It often becomes a place where egos, needs, and desires fight for ‘personal space’, though, marriage was never designed by God to accommodate these perceived needs outside a mutual submission before the cross of Christ.


Love is a gift from God that dulls vision, heightens vistas of beauty not seen before, and only uses ‘Love Dope’ to marinate lovers in the winter of life.


From wonderful sexual spontaneity fueled by youth, to lovers’ planned attack that would have challenged Patton’s Tank brigades’ military tactics: removal or put in place teeth or Night-guards; apply special creams to handle a variety of skin problems or to ward them off; warm and wool clothing accommodated, though ugly doesn’t begin to describe it’s chic, and even socks that seldom match, special pillows to accommodate sleeping positions; last minute visits to handle personal needs to keep from suffering leaks or other such failures; remember not to forget your lover’s bad back, leg, shoulder etc. that Mr. Arthur loves to visit; a ready supply of lubricants, jells, and other ‘helpful’ medicinal supplies are some of the many necessary accoutrements old lovers deem valuable to find sexual satisfaction where lovers can bask in the glow of God’s great gift. Perhaps, accepting the ‘will for the deed’ and accepting God’s humor about old age, creates the proper environment for lovers to celebrate their passion.


Like comfortable underwear or old slippers, opening fifty-three Valentines, filled with prose and other bonbon’s about a love, strengthens the cords that binds two hearts for the hear-and-now…and for an eternity.


My precious Denny, you have not only been my ‘lucky penny’, you have been my rock when I was a mere pebble; you were the wind in my sails when there was no wind; you were my light when all I knew was darkness; you were my laugh when I couldn’t smile; you warmed my soul when it was frozen by disappointments; like our sons’, you nursed me when I was too sick to live; your cheers were nectar for my vision; when I was sure God had abandoned me; your gentle reminder of his grace lifted my sights and I once again focused upon important goals rather than dross that weighed me down, slowed me down; it was your touch that steered me to safe harbor in the midst of raging storms; and my path to safety was measured by your foot-prints; in the winter of my life I grow more contented in the throes of my reflections as just the sound of your breathing lying next to me calms my fears; happiness has traveled from time and space to sublime contentment of your whispers of  love and the shine from your smile doesn’t halt me for our final mile.


From the second my eyes fell upon your frame and your almond-chocolate-drop eyes met mine, I was a captive. Though a ‘free man’, I pierced my ear and you put the ring in it; we were fashioned as one. Funny how a man chases a woman until she catches him; then, you always were my Funny Valentine.


Happy Valentine darling,


Dr. Christian



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