Pilgrims, I’m again caught on the horns of a dilemma about the false-positive analysis old Doc can’t step over, step around or pretend it is just a figment of my imagination concerning the looming Presidential Election.

I’m going to be bold and announce my voting preference, and then use scripture to defend my vote. It is a herculean task! After much prayer, I’ve decided I’ll cast my vote akin to the attitude found in the little boy who asked for a pony for his birthday. His father, ever the prankster, had a large box delivered to their house on his birthday. After the celebration and all had cake and ice cream, he was allowed to open the box. After ripping the paper and bows off the box, he opened it. It was a box filled with manure. Gasps, giggles, and shock filled the room. The little boy paused… then he jumped into the box and began slinging dung everywhere. He was ordered to stop. “What are you doing?” his father asked. Innocently, the boy replied. “I’m digging! I figure under all this poop there has to be a pony in this box someplace.”

Like the little boy in the dung-heap, I’m going to hold my nose and cast my vote for Trump. It will be the lesser of two evils.

Do I think there are more traditional, conservative, even biblically principled candidates in the race? Yes. I would love to support a candidate that quoted scripture and walked the talk. The list of candidates is slim.

I’m casting my vote for Trump for one reason: demographics. I know you can’t find that word in the Bible, but it is the one word all Christians must understand, before we vote.

God’s church on earth in the past fifty years paid little heed to this word. In fact, the only time we know about its truth and impact on our lives is when our preachers tell us about surveys and government statistics that are used to govern our lives. While the church spent its time seeking outcomes that were pleasing to heathens, Social Justice, save the Rain Forest, Feminist education, abortion on demand, rejection of Capital Punishment, are a few; Zero Population Control brought about a crisis biblical people don’t understand, don’t care about, and quickly dismiss as of little importance verses Global Warming and Ethical Treatment of Animals…which is an anathema to the Creator. If you differ, study the first few chapters of the book of Genesis.

Even today, it is said that eighty plus percent of Americans believe in God. I wonder why people lie so much. Christians and Atheists often vote for the same candidates that are avowed enemies of God and his Holy Word. Little can be ascertained by eye or ear that could convict any Republican candidate of being guilty of using the Bible to guide decisions one makes. Far less can be said about Democrats. One must look high and low to find an iota in their political platform that can be construed to come from the Bible’s principles. I’ll give them credit for accepting one biblical declaration. Jesus said, “The poor you will have with you always.” If you run a Political Plantation to enslave people, I don’t think this is what Jesus meant… then you use other peoples’ money to pay for the welfare slaves. This womb to the tomb care buys you votes, votes buys you power, and gives authority to dismiss and discount the majority’s wishes. If the majority is disgruntled, you corrupt the legal system and get favorable outcomes.

If one wanted to stretch the concept of a candidate emulating people of the Bible, Trump fits nicely. He would be comfortable at the Tower of Babble, a sympathizer with King David, only he has had several Bathsheba’s, and he could palsy-walsy with Solomon, the riches man of his time. As distasteful as that may sound, he is like a saint when put into juxtaposition with the Democrats and their ‘front-runner’ candidate and husband.

America is at a tipping-point in its history and Christians in this country will decide which direction it moves: deeper into bed with Atheists and Communist/Socialist ideology or recant and move back closer to its biblical roots.

Thanks to an aggressive Socialist President and a anti biblical government agenda, our laws now provide more protection and financial support for aliens than it does its naturalized citizens. The Muslim faith is an enemy of biblical people, and their worst Muslims, Terrorists, are waging war on a global front, and soon it will explode amongst our good people. It isn’t a matter of if, only when!

The average American citizen is quite ignorant of how the government operates, but, they do know something is ‘fishy in Denmark’ when it affects their lives. They know that their elected Congress does little to help, but too often hinders their pursuit of happiness. Their disenchantment with these elected officials has reached the point they want to emulate the Creator and blow up the entire system. Decade after decade these same political hucksters and hustlers use our tax dollars to buy votes that are usually used against the average citizen’s needs.

A Drill Instructor told me, “Son, if you take a knife to a gun fight, you’re going to lose every time.” It was his way of sending me a message about my less than stellar shooting at the range.

For most of my life, the Republican Party has not heeded those sage words of advice. The Democrats came to make war…even when all their signs said, “Make Love, not war’. Often the Republicans showed up with ‘pea shooters’ not even a knife.

The Republicans have held the majority in both houses for a year, what can our side show for its power? Nothing! We don’t even have the balls to force the President to issue a public veto on major news media.

As a Christian, I have fought diligently to keep amoral, Atheists Socialist out of Congress, with little success. I have supported candidates I thought would demonstrate the use of biblical principles and they would challenge others to follow suit, I have been greatly disappointed!

Trump needs to be a Christian’s candidate because he is the only candidate that can win in 2016. He will conduct a ‘scorched earth’ campaign and not care about body-count. When it comes to the Democrats and their candidate, he will celebrate the body-count. With a few exceptions, during my life, all Republican candidates refused to meet the enemy on the battle field and entered the arena with mixed emotions about winning the war.

Our milk-toast political campaigns have netted biblical people outcomes that God is surely unhappy with. The Bible and public prayer…except for Muslim’s, are forbidden by our own government. The debate about the origins of life does not include Creation. Condom cheerleaders (Sex Education) are in our schools, but they don’t teach abstinence as a better biblical moral choice. The Supreme Court is an enemy of biblical people.

I’m not a naïve boob that believes Trump can right this biblical ship. In fact, I don’t think anyone can or will until Christ returns. Trump can slow down the degenerate freight train that continues to change everything about America that once a citizen could be proud about. He can recognize a enemy verses an ally of America. He can negotiate. At the present time, we only compromise. He can inspire people! He doesn’t need a teleprompter to lead publically. He won’t go to Washington with the same ‘beholding’ pacts to special interests. He will rely upon the corporate business world to create decent paying jobs, and he doesn’t think it is the government’s job or that it has the ability to accomplish this task. He won’t bow to any other Countries leaders or dictators.

Independents will choose the next President. The majority of Independents usually find they are more comfortable under the Democrat liberalism/socialism flag, than a perceived restricted conservative/biblical political one. They want less government…but also less religion…especially if it comes from perceived ‘Bible-thumpers’. Trump isn’t biblical enough for a majority of Republicans, and he isn’t liberal enough for Democrats, but, he is a ‘middle-road’ candidate that will suit the political fancy of the Independents.

He says he believes in God. Even the demons do this. I’m not sure what he thinks about Jesus. If he attends church, I guess he is a C & E member. I don’t judge him because it isn’t my job as a Christian to do so.

Back to that word, demographic. Bernie Sanders, an Atheist old war horse will give Hillary a battle. Why? Because in the past three decades the millennial youth are Agnostics or Atheists, and the Conservative/biblical pool has shrunk greatly. They have rejected biblical thought. All Pilgrims can thank the Feminist agenda for this outcome. Like the foolish Democrats of the sixties, they are the new unwashed, airheads that don’t really understand anything about the world, but are determined to change it…not to please God, but Satan. Sanders’ has recruits that don’t even know who won the Civil War! Hillary does too…and any Republican candidate will too.

In my church, half the membership is Democrats! Since our spiritual leaders are part of the problem, the chances a conservative/biblical candidate can be elected is less than a snowball’s in Hell. Our goal is we must win! If we elect a person less desirable than millions of Republicans might choose, so be it. If Pilgrims demand the candidate meet the establishment’s conservative qualifiers, then we will lose.

One can howl at the moon in protest about not wanting to be a part of this fight if we abandon our perceived principles, but all that will do is hand us a trouncing at the voting booth. We must keep our eye on the target. Nothing biblical people and Conservative Republicans can ever be accomplished if we don’t defeat the enemy of the Creator.

Cruz won in Iowa, he or Rubio may win in New Hampshire, none of that matter. Iowa has six votes, New Hampshire has four. It takes two hundred-seventy votes to win an election. Our candidate must win where the Electoral votes count. Trump can deliver this vote.

If the biblical people in the Republican Party don’t unite and move forward together, America will become a Socialist/Atheist country where Biblical people will be persecuted. It is our choice. Trump is the man for the Republican Party at this time in America’s history. If we fail in this political task, we won’t get a ‘do-over’.

Doc Christian

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Dear Pilgrims,

I’d like to introduce you to a fellow writer and good writing buddy, Mary Wilkinson. During the past decade, we have taken turns being mentors and cheerleaders for each other. I think Pilgrims will find her article quite interesting as she develops a historical perspective of how America has changed how it teaches the Bible in our schools.

She has recently published her first novel: Call Me Lizzy. It is a wonderful story about a girl coming of  age. Your Middle School readers…and up will enjoy her insights. It is available on Amazon. Enjoy!

Me and Lizzy


Checking Your Christianity at the School Door


By Mary T. Wilkinson


Before I went to college, I went to a public school in a small town in Indiana that did not have a problem with talking about religion in the classroom. I sang Christian and secular songs in the choir. We had Christmas and Easter parties and got out of school on Good Friday because it started our Easter/Spring break. There was prayer in our locker rooms and in my Graduation in 1972.

When I went to college, I became aware of a subtle change in the attitudes of society towards anything Christian. A group called the American Civil Liberty Union or ACLU began attacking Christian doctrine on Creation in textbooks. These are the same people who defended the teaching of evolution in the classroom during the Scopes Trial of 1925. At that time, they were a handful of “civil libertarians” as their website calls them. But by 1973, they were powerful enough to convince the Supreme Court that a woman had a right to abort her unborn child in Roe vs wade.

Today they have over 500,000 members, who case by case, have given legal help to anyone they deem as a champion for liberalism including Atheists, the American Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, Muslims, gays and lesbians, and everything in-between. Many times they attacked schools hoping to bully administrations into removing all resemblance of Christianity to appease the desires of groups who live in ways opposite of how the Bible says we should live. School policy began to be structured around the liberal idea that says, “Everyone should be able to live how he or she wants no matter what the Bible says about it.” At that time I had no idea what damage would be done to public education by the time my own children would enter its doors.

I received my elementary teaching degree from Ball State University in 1976. I had given my life to Christ in college and married a Christian man. “Now I will have Christ’s help in the classroom and my husband’s support,” I thought. Teaching was going to be great. I couldn’t foresee any problems with parents or administration especially over religion. Didn’t we live in a Christian nation? Wasn’t all the anti-Christian rhetoric going on in California? They were on the other side of the country. What was there to worry about?

I began my teaching experience at an Indiana Children’s Home in 1977 opperated by the State. I had 28 at-risk 6th grade students who had no desire to learn. They were hateful and bitter for being dropped off and forgotten by their parents. Who wouldn’t be? They needed love and hope more than learning to spell. The former 6th grade teacher had experienced an emotional breakdown. Now they intended to drive me out, and almost accomplished it.  I told my struggles to my husband, Paul.

“You’re a good teacher,” Paul told me. He taught Industrial Education in the same Children’s Home. “Don’t let them get to you. You are not there to be their friend. Show them you are the boss and that their past doesn’t have to be their future. Love them like Jesus.”

I took his suggestion and began disciplining those who were disrespectful. Then I taught them how to treat everyone with respect. Religious topics were not forbidden in this school. I prayed for my class. I prayed with them when they were hurting. The Children’s Home had a chapel and students were encouraged to attend services. The administration was supportive, but during the 1980’s, corporal punishment was taken out of the classroom by decree of the State Board of Health.

My students knew I couldn’t touch them and they began to try and rule the classroom. I stayed there for nine years until I had children of my own who went to a rural public school down the road from our house. A big change awaited me as I left the Children’s Home and started substituting in public school. It took five years of subbing to get my foot in the door, but I was finally hired as a 5th grade teacher in the small rural school my children attended.

When the principal interviewed me, she said, “I hear you are a religious person. I want to hire you, but you are not to bring religion into your classroom, do you understand?”

I told her that I understood, but knew in my heart that my faith did not have to take a backseat at the door of the school. I was still going to pray silently for my students. I still hoped to be a poster child for Jesus in the way I acted and responded to them. I knew that most of the teachers in this school were Christians. Each classroom had a black Gideon Bible that had been there since the 1950’s. I felt I was pretty secure there among my peers.

One day I noticed a trash can with 10 or 12 classroom Bibles in it. I asked another teacher what was going on and he told me the principal was purging the classrooms of their Bibles. For some reason, she had not gotten the one from my room yet.

“Do you think I could have them for my Sunday school class at church?” I asked him.

“I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. She’s throwing them away, isn’t she?”

So I took the Bibles to my classroom in order to take them home that afternoon. Not long afterward, I got a call from the secretary that I was to go to the Principal’s office. The Principal was furious with me.

“Why did you take those Bibles, and where did you take them,” she demanded. I explained my actions to her in a calm voice. “Well, you can take them to your church, but I don’t want to see them back in this building!” Then she dismissed me to my classroom. I guess that is when it really hit me that the administration was anti-Christian.

I had done my Master’s Thesis in 1981 on Creation being taken out of Science textbooks. When I was in high school, Evolution was still taught as a theory. But by the late 1980’s textbooks all over the country were treating evolution as a fact. I knew I was expected to teach evolution in my classroom, but I found a way to avoid teaching something I knew was not true.

I told the “Science Guy” in the building that I disagreed with evolution. He said he would teach it for me. After he would have a lesson with my class, I would tell them that the Science Guy and I didn’t have the same opinion on how the world began. I didn’t tell them I believed in Creation, but I gave them a writing assignment that would give their parents a chance to weigh in on the subject.  I assigned the students to go home and ask their parents how they thought the world began. The majority of my students came back reporting that their parents thought God created the world. It didn’t come out of my mouth, but out of the parents’ answer to their children’s questions.

I loved to teach World History to my 6th graders. Every religion in the world was studied in that textbook. Some religions got more paragraphs in the book. Christianity got very little. I made two timelines. One was based on the Jewish calendar since the Jews claim to have been on the earth from the beginning of “time.” They count their ancestry back to the Garden of Eden.  Underneath that timeline, I placed a world timeline from our textbook to compare the differences. I treated this as a history timeline activity and made sure it followed the State standards for History.

I knew I could not read to my students from the Bible, even though it is the best literature in the world. So I asked them to tell me what they remembered about Bible characters they had learned about from their parents. Then we added those people to our timeline. Sometimes the Jewish and World timelines were the same. This happened with Abraham, King David, and even Jesus Christ. Each of these men was mentioned in the history book. Today, it would be hard to do this timeline because many of the parents and children in public school do not know any Bible characters. Those who do might be afraid to talk about the Bible in front of their peers especially if their teacher was not a Christian.

I retired from teaching a couple of years ago after 29 years in 5th and 6th grade classrooms. I know the world is out of control and there is a great possibility that if I had stayed, I would have to teach about alternative lifestyles, and that homosexual marriages are just as normal as heterosexual marriages. I wouldn’t teach that.  I could be forced to leave my Christianity at the school door or have a bad evaluation that would get me fired. I decided it was a good time for me to retire and spend time with my grandchildren, helping my kids teach them about Jesus.

Last year my state, Indiana, in the “Bible Belt” started to buckle against the pressure from gays and lesbians. We had passed the Freedom of Religion Act (RIFRA), and the Governor had signed it. Suddenly our state was the subject of ridicule and threats from the LGBT.  Large groups threatened to not bring their venue to Indiana unless there was a clause protecting homosexuals. Democrats in the Indiana legislature, who wanted liberalism at all costs, and Republicans, who feared reprisals if they didn’t go along with it, chose to amend the RIFRA.  It was changed and basically nullified. We were news on the national level and I felt that our whole country had decided to take up our President’s declaration that we are not a Christian nation anymore. I personally refuse to give up. I will continue to try and vote people into Congress who will fight against anti-Christian legislation.

For all Christian teachers, you have my prayers and admiration. Be the Jesus that your students don’t know even if you can’t mention His name. I see persecution ahead for you and for all of us who follow Jesus Christ. You may have to stand your ground on some things they will want you to teach. It won’t be fun. Remind your students that they have rights under the first amendment. They don’t have to be intimidated by non-Christian teachers or curriculum. They don’t have to participate in conversations about sexual preferences. They can opt out, but they won’t know they can if someone doesn’t let them and their parents know. We need Christian educators at all levels, especially in public schools and colleges. Be the light of Christ in your classroom and God will use your efforts.


I’d like to thank Ranny Grady for allowing me to post this on his blog. I have an Author Facebook page if you would like to read about my novel, Call Me Lizzy. It was written for middle grade students like the ones I taught. Please “like” my page at and follow me on Twitter at You can read my blog posts at


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Psalm 51:7

     There is something exquisitely beautiful about newly fallen snow. I recall as a boy that when it snowed overnight, seeing the sun glistening off the white snow was as if God was being a magician. Our back yard, covered with snow, and not a footprint on it, made me think a new world had just been created. Later, I learned it is responsible for car doors frozen shut, the necessity to dig out a tunnel for your car, and the danger it brought when mixed with ice. A sled on a hill after a good snow, how can any child not want that?

As the Sun arose and its heat melted the snow, the ground beneath it soon mixed the snow… it lost its pristine beauty, and it changed its color, became ugly, and possessed little value.

King David, in agony over his sin of adultery, cried out to the Lord, “Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter that snow.” Psalm 51:7

As we come before the Lord and again honor his love for us by partaking of the Lord’s Supper. We may all rejoice that Jesus’ blood is WHITER THAN SNOW. He removes the darkest type of sin from our souls. These emblems that represent his sacrifice, the bread and the wine, allow us to share this spiritual meal and rejoice that while being baptized he not only washes us whiter than snow, he creates us new without one blemish, like new fallen snow




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Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” Eph. 5:14

O Christians, where has your righteous indignation gone? If I were to hazard a guess, fifty-percent of believers watched the Academy Awards last week. I didn’t. The next morning I saw snippets on news shows that announced the show’s Censor should have gotten an award because he blipped out the profane language spewed out of the mouths of our Hollywood elite.

If you daned to view the show, I pray that you changed the channel when it became apparent this bacchanal crowd was determined to demonstrate how crude, profane and un-biblical they could be in public.

From my perspective, I’m about to give up hope Christians are going to heed Paul’s words: “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Ephesians 5:11

Data continues to confirm Christians buy these mockers of God music; attend their plays, rejoice over their movies and read their books. Our country’s culture has coarsened so much public profanity is so common it no longer stirs us; no longer angers us, and we no longer believe it spiritually harms us as Jesus Christ name is defamed.

These people are the degenerate people in our Nation that have become the role models for our youth! I’m no ‘goodie-two-shoes’, but when ‘gang-bangers’ and former criminals are championed as success models and women preen to see if can be the best ‘skank, publicly, and when marriage is considered ‘old hat’ and children born in that relationship are role models for our culture today, the abyss our Christian culture has fallen into is horrific, spiritually.

For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for it is light that makes everything visible.” 5:13

For too many Christians, evidently, dark deeds exposed to the light means little change in how one lives. Entertainment mocks our values, advertisers discount our values, the stars laugh at our biblical principles, our politicians denigrate our worth at the Voting Booth, our Educators, the majority are atheists, censor us and even steal our Christmas joy, our children are taught by slugs (evolutionists) to ‘toe the mark’ in their classes…or fail the class…and the schools administration refuses to discipline the teachers for being dishonest about a student’s grade. My opinion, it has happened because we helped elect a corrupt Supreme Court that hates Jesus Christ and the truth of the Bible. For the past forty years Christians have elected political leaders that openly supported the removal of the Bible and public and private prayer from our schools. We don’t even use the Bible in our court system.

Like Rip Van Winkle, I fear we will awake from our forty year snooze and soon discover all our once planned ‘good intentioned’ opportunities have passed. A second chance won’t be coming. For a Christin in America, we will become too familiar with the Executioner’s Song as we live in the midst of persecution for our faith.

Doc, you are a fool with such a declaration, some might say. Beloved, you need to look around you. The qualifiers found in the ‘heyday of the Roman Empire that first persecuted Christians for their faith are in every nook and cranny of America’s social, political, economic, and educational systems. The open rejection of the Bible continues to force America to grow darker with sin as Satan’s schemes are embraced, and the light of truth found only in the Bible is snuffed.

Doc! How can you say such outlandish things? It is simple. While the public faces are lionized, they do and will change. Another example of godless living will stride across the stage to applause, and our weak-willed Christians will stand and cheer…or possibly, choose to ‘stand-in-gap’ between good and evil and do what we can to stem the evil tide that has swept across America. It chagrins me greatly that for fifty years biblical people have chosen to be a part of the ‘silent majority’ and stood obediently in place while our biblical Nation went to Hell.

One profane, loud voice drove the Bible out of our schools. One generation of Feminists did the rest. Today, Same Sex Marriage is the law of the land. Schools can’t present the story of Christ, and Hate Speech is classified for all except biblical people.

If Christ doesn’t come, one day America will emulate the prophet’s journey into the Valley of the Bones. The Nation of Israel had been rejected by God and their dead bones lie in a forsaken valley, exposed to the sun. He asked God if they could live again. God forgave them and they lived. When America has fully rejected God’s benevolent hand, and he punishes her, will we have a prophet to be our advocate?

Do you nod? Do you slumber/ Are you asleep? Arise… you spiritual slug, and man your post!

Doc Christian



If the people had never heard of the Bible, what would America be like? What lurking evil would you find? How do you think it would affect your life? What could you do to change its dark outcome? Would you care enough to be part of the revolution? What would you be willing to risk? After living many years without any memory of the Bible, if you suddenly had your memory restored about the Bible, how would it change you?

This beloved is why God gave me the story and my new book: The Theophany     Sonlight Restored To A Dark World. I want you to take the journey! Find it on Amazon! You can read it for 3.99 on Kindle. It is a journey none should miss and it will expose evil that exists in America today few can fathom. It is a warning for America as it continues to reject the Creator. The light of the Bible is growing dimmer, yes?

I can promise you it is scarier that Steven King, and more evil than any Demon story written. While all of these stories are based only upon fantasy, my story is about evil verses good and Heaven verses Hell. None of their stories include this biblical outcome. Their stories are about snatching souls, mine is about saving them.



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If Martin Luther King were to come back and see what has happened to his people since his tragic assassination on April 4, 1968 by a racist bigot, I think he would set down and weep.

Yes, I am a Conservative, Yes, I’m a biblical man (he was too), yes, I think America has reached a ‘tipping-point’ and it is growing, again, more racist, ugly, and divided than any time since his death.

Before anyone decides to pillory me from post to post, I want each reader to answer one question. Where were you the day Martin was murdered? Only a few of the political street people who are doing all they can to harm this Nation’s future were alive in 1968. Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with healing a nation. I believe if Martin was alive today, he’d spend his time holding ‘old time church revivals’ about the love of Jesus Christ and the sin of mankind. He wouldn’t champion an immoral lifestyle for his children, nor help promote hatred of any kind that would undermine this Nation’s laws.

I turned seventy-five last July, so I have lived the history, not the one that is now being presented as a  Revisionist version of the past ‘front and center’ for muddle-headed youth to use as some form of fulcrum to osmosis-like insert their lives into the past, and come off as some ‘expert’ about racism and ‘Whitey’ in America.

The day Martin’s life was cut short I was a History teacher at Northeast High in Oklahoma City. It was a black ghetto school of twelve-hundred students and faculty. There were three white faculty and twenty-one white students. It was the year before forced school integration took place in the state.

This was the school everyone forgot, including Douglas High, the best black high school in the city. It was Proto-type A for the racist, bigoted ‘handy-work’ of a white School Board of Education. Whatever minimal education needs any school had, Northeast didn’t.

The school system didn’t expect the students to learn. All the students passed…except in my classes. I only graded on effort and attitude: eighty-nine of the two-hundred-fifty-six students failed. I wasn’t a popular teacher…before I was forced to transfer to a new integrated high school, Star Spencer, the kids told me I was the most respected teacher because “Mr. Grady don’t play “ It was their way of saying they knew I cared about who they became more than what they were.. Passing American History during Summer School was necessary to get a diploma I’m positive they were given a ‘pass’, but I did my best to teach them a lesson about life: when one’s sweat, blood and tears brings a victory, the feeling lasts for a lifetime.. It too was filled with racism and bigotry, but, it was one class of black students against a more impoverished group.

My students said: “Teacher, what good does it do to get an education… no white business will hire you? If you’ll take a ‘nigger’s job, you don’t need an education.” Those were the elegant remarks from one of my brightest…actually he was scary-smart, students. In nineteen-sixty-eight, Tommy was right.

Martin’s dream was not the color of skin, but the character of a man/woman. He prayed and wept tears for the day black children could go to school and get a fine education.  Sixty years after Brown verses Topeka became law, millions of black children choose to pass through school and come out semi-illiterate. Today, in our still black ghetto schools, they have been re-segregated by families fleeing criminal enterprise, percentage wise, less black children graduate in 2015 than they did in 1969. Too often their education skills aren’t any better in a Technology, whiz-bang business world. Then, unable to find success because of the color of your skin was a terrible waste of untapped creative talent for America, Unable to find success today, because one chooses to remain ignorant, is even sadder. The school dropout rate for black children is abysmally high.

When the word came to me that fateful morning that Martin had been murdered, I spent the day facing poverty-stricken black students asking me ‘why’? Why did the white people murder their hero, their leader?

Today, why has America chosen to use the past history about those wicked days, which few white or black people, living today experienced, and yet it seems we are determined to find ways to stir up division, discord, and visceral hate because of the color of one’s skin? It is possible the tables have turned and the bigots are less white than black?

My answer to my students hasn’t changed in all those years. Racism and bigotry comes from rejection of biblical truths: We call it the Golden Rule. Hate of any kind isn’t something one is born with…it is an acquired taste. It is a ‘heart’ problem that spoils the soul. The mistreatment of another human because your vision in the mirror sickens you is what drives this sinful madness. Children learn to hate people because they have been taught to hate.

Will America’s parents break the sinful mold and begin to teach love of fellow man? Will they teach that self-reliance is the strongest good for mankind? Will they join with Mr. King as he sought people of character?

Doc Christian

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Isaiah 6:1-ff

A new year brings focus upon the ‘possibility’ for a New Beginning. A celebration that ushers in a new year is much like one of God’s ‘Shooting-Stars’. It brightens the dark skies with brilliance for a few seconds, and then disappears. All manner of robust New Year Resolutions are soon found lying in the dust of peoples’ new ‘close-hangars’, exercise equipment, as the ‘battle of the bulge’ proves once again one often accepts the ‘will’ for the deed, and the girth goes on, merrily.

While millions of people long for a ‘New Beginning’, for their loved ones, their business, their health, wealth and prosperity, only a few recognize the birth of Christ is the answer for these desires to be met.

As the time for Jesus to end his earthly journey wound down, his last act of fellowship lived out its purpose in an Upper-room where he gathered his disciples so they might have sweet fellowship, one more time. He supped with them and shared a new spiritual concept with them that echoes down the ages when Christians gathered to celebrate his birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension to be seated, once again, on his Heavenly Throne, the Lord’s Supper.

Biblical history has recorded Jesus’ physical torture leading to the Cross and his death. The focus upon it may lead believers to miss the most important part of the Lord’s sacrifice. His love for mankind manifested not in the earthly suffering, but in the spiritual suffering. The weight of all sin, past, present, and future, being ransomed away is what defines a New Beginning for all sinners. Regardless of how often you have sinned, Jesus makes all things new when his blood washes you clean. When you cry out as Isiah: “I’m a man of unclean lips,” his cross will burnish your soul and redeem you.

As you take the bread that symbolizes Jesus’ brutalized body, and you drink from the cup that represents his spilled blood, you don’t need to wait until a new year is celebrated to see a new beginning on the horizon, each time you eat and sup, your sins are scattered on the ground where the cross stood. It is your choice, each time you repent of your sins, it is a NEW BEGINNING. If you are a Christian, he invites you to his table.

Doc Christian



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Trapped in utter darkness, surrounded by chaos, confused by my lack of wisdom, I continued my pilgrimage to find me.

Weighed down with my doubts, overloaded with fear, I had just about given up any hope for me.

The search left emptiness, the directions were filled with ‘double-speak’, and I became a wanderer in a dark valley, and seemingly hopelessly lost.

I met another pilgrim searching for wealth, he asked me to join him is his quest, but I could tell he didn’t know more than I knew, and I knew little.

I passed a hut that carried a sign about how wisdom could be found inside, but I discovered their knowledge was about ‘deep’ things that wound one down farther into the blackness of the night.

Falling off a small cliff, bleeding and bruised, I came upon a man in the throes of dying. He whispered he had found the secret of life. In panic of what I might lose, I pressed him to reveal the secret.

His trembling lips mumbled something about a light in a soul.

It seemed like it had been ages spent encapsulated in near darkness. I hadn’t seen any flicker of light. I thought he was delusional, maybe mad or just plain crazy.

I continued my journey, and the darkness I lived in seeped inside my every thought. I found myself surrounded by a multitude of sojourners like me. Underneath the muck and mire of what was left of me, I began to spend my time in mourning.

Why I wept and why I seethed with a sourness that pickled… I did not know nor did I understand the change that had overtaken me.

Driven and compelled forward to rectify my feelings, I meditated for a fortnight beside a pile of stones I built.

Driven to my knees, filled with despair, I sat down and then lay down to die. All hope was gone, and too weary to care, I just wanted it to end. The journey to find me ended in failure

Then, out of the bleak darkness, my eyes noticed a faint flicker of light. I was mesmerized as I gazed into the heavens and the light rose into the sky. A twinkling star could be seen. My excitement grew and I ran stumbling, falling and clawing my way up the dark hill. I fell often for I refused to take my eyes off the light.

The people walking in the darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” Isaiah 9:2

Exhaustion brought me to my knees. Suddenly, the once small flicker of light filled the night sky and it filled up the entire area in the valley. I knew I had dwelled in the darkness too long, and I would do what it took to live in the light. As I raced to find that light, I realized it wasn’t just one place. Where mankind resided, it was there.

I cried tears of joy for I realized I didn’t need to find me, inside the light I had already been found. “…Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you…” Jeremiah 1:5

But when the time had fully come, God sent his son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive the full rights of sons”. Galatians 4:4

Ranny Grady  2015

Merry Christmas & a blessed New Year

Ranny & Denise Grady



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Our church’s preacher’s message was about why God allows anyone to walk away from him. He used Timothy II, fourth chapter to develop his message. I found it interesting he answered this question biblically, yet never mentioned the doctrinal Tulip that often creates heated exchanges and disrupts any opportunity to focus upon the most important reason for the answer for this profound question.


In the fall of 1958, I entered college as a freshman at Phillips University on a basketball scholarship. It was my first time away from my loving parents and four other siblings. Though the university had a reputation for its Divinity School, and its stated mission was to graduate students with a Liberal Arts degree and with biblical knowledge that would change the world for God. I soon discovered I was a ‘babe’ in the woods.


While most of the students seemed to have a real commitment to Christ, a few, I was one, were different and they stood out like a sore thumb after a couple of whacks with a hammer. While my buddies and I sought the solace of the local pool hall, this boy/man/child, from Missouri, Bob Dunn, was different. He walked his talk about the Bible and Jesus. It seemed all he did was study (he was an honor scholar), write, and read his Bible. He often ended up a part of our conversation, derogatory in nature, for we wondered what made him tick.


At different times, he invited us, me to stay and talk about the Bible. My freshman year I didn’t accept his invitations. During the summer, he stayed on campus, and I also spent time on campus. We would practice basketball drills, shoot around, and talk about our futures. I didn’t have a clue; Bob was going to be a doctor.


In reflection, I was one of a million Christian cowards, as nearly all young people, who have been reared in a Christian home are when it comes to demonstrating they are sold out on Christ. Secretly, I admired him. I wished I had his love for the Bible and his incredible faith. Everything about his life shouted:” I’m God’s man! Other than my church attendance at the students required twice a week chapel, and when home, my attendance with my family at our home church, little could distinguish me as “God’s man.”


Bob was bold with his witness amongst our team, and he often used scripture to make a point. He wasn’t the official Captain or one of the acknowledged ‘leaders’ of our team, but he was the most respected. As an old man, I know now it was because he had what we all needed and wanted, a righteous relationship with Jesus. The things of the world did not motivate him; but the mark off excellence to achieve great things for God’s glory did.


As the aged Apostle Paul lived out his last few days on earth, living in a prison listening for the Roman Executioner’s footsteps, he urged Timothy to hurry to his rescue. He needed certain things to ease his life and his mind. He wanted his coat for the cold nights in the cell, he wanted to see John Mark again, and he wanted his scrolls and parchment papers (we would refer to them as our Bible). In his remarks to Timothy, he noted that his once faithful worker in the ministry, Demas, left him. He said he did so because he ‘loved the world’.


Why does God allow Pilgrims to walk away? A popular movie had a very ‘catchy’ line in it…”Love never has to say I’m sorry.” This is the maladjusted world’s muddled emotional solution to this sin-sick world’s problem of handling a messy life. Pilgrims can ‘one-up’ them using biblical truth. “Ture love demands freedom.”


The analogy I have taught Pilgrims concerning why God allows you to walk away, is about you understanding how God’s plan of salvation works in his economy. If your neighborhood had a ‘bully’ who terrorized the kids, and you were faithful to him and followed his instructions, and you even allowed others to know you recognized him as your leader, if something happened and he was removed from the neighborhood, would your allegiance remain? No! Why? You agreed to support him so you didn’t suffer physical and emotional harm. When the threat was removed, so was your loyalty. The world outside your neighborhood may have thought you were a true friend of the bully, but you knew it was a lie.


God loves Pilgrims so much he is willing to allow them to change their minds and walk away from a once devout faith in his love. He knows if he has to be a ‘bully’ to keep you in his neighborhood gang, your expressed love for him is worthless. His great love is manifest only when you choose not to walk away. His love is then adorned in spiritual freedom.


Paul’s call to send John Mark to him is a significant call. It was young John Mark that chose to join Paul and Barnabas’ ministry, and midway the mission, he left and returned home. Barnabas wanted to give him a ‘second’ chance as they began another missionary journey. Paul wouldn’t hear of it; Barnabas and Paul ended their work together over the acceptance or rejection of John Mark. Reading between the lines, evidently, John Mark returned to the ministry and found favor with Paul. He walked away; he chose to return.


Little is known about Demas. It is significant that Paul names him in his last letter to Timothy, because he chose to leave his post. He left it for a specific reason: he loved the world.


A few years ago, our college basketball team held a 50th.Anniversary celebration. About half of our team came, with our wives, to celebrate. It was a grand time. When I met Bob, we hugged and it was like time hadn’t touched our relationship. I introduced my wife to him, and he introduced his wife, a dazzling looking much younger woman, to us. We agreed to dine together for the evening’s planned events.


The evening’s festivities was structured around talking about each player’s life so all could get ‘caught up’ on our lives. We knew this would be the last time would be together. We laughed and shed a few tears, as our lives unfolded before us.


My speech was about this accidental basketball player. I never played basketball until my junior year in high school. God intervened in my life because I grew six inches during the summer of my sophomore year. In April, I was a non-descript boy, with red hair; In September, I was the tallest boy in school. With the mentoring of my best buddy, who was named on Mac Donald’s first All American High School Basketball team the year after I graduated, and the privilege to play for the most noted Basketball Coach in Oklahoma’s history, and an incredible work ethic, in eighteen months I moved from the last man on the Junior Varsity team to honorable mention All-State in basketball my senior year. The team laughed at my story,  our coach agreed, and then I shifted gears.


Many were surprised to know I was a minster. I began to talk about the people that influenced my life from the team. I gave most of the kudos to Bob Dunn. I talked about his incredible mature faith in Jesus, and how I secretly wished I had it. I talked about our private conversations about how he was going to become a doctor and serve God’s kingdom. Bob seemed very embarrassed and I detected he was acting nervous. He glanced at his wife several times during my speech.


Afterwards, his wife came up and thanked me for the kind words about Bob. “He’s changed,” she said. Her remarked piqued my curiosity. “What do you mean, ‘He’s changed,’ I asked. “Bob doesn’t believe in God,” she replied. I looked into her eyes for a few seconds. “Bob’s an atheist?” In a whisper, “Yes,” she said. I laughed. “You’re joshing me, right? Bob Dunn could never be an unbeliever,” I stated. Tears welled up in her eyes, “I wished you were right. Perhaps, he will listen to you, Ranny,” she said, as her voice cracked with emotion.


Stunned beyond belief, I sought out Bob. In a few minutes, we were in a too heated exchange about his walking away from his faith. I asked him why? He said “Science taught him there is no God.” I didn’t reply for a few seconds. “Who taught Science there is no God?” I asked. He became defensive, our debate ended up with expressions of hurt and frustrations. I suppose I didn’t handle Bob any better than Paul handled John Mark on that first Missionary Journey.


The preacher’s message caused me emotional trauma as I couldn’t keep from the bitter/sweet reminisce of two college boys making different choices about God’s love. For many years, I thought my foundation was made of sand.  Until I was sixty-five, I thought Bob’s was made of rock. As I will continue to miss Bob in heaven, one day, I must reconcile myself to the truth, one chose to come nearer and find love that will last for an eternity; one chose to ‘walk away’ and will find torment for an eternity.


Bob’s wife told me he was a highly respected surgeon, but in the last few years he had suffered major heart problems, and he wasn’t practicing medicine. Bob had been a noted and highly respected doctor, until his heart failed. He had been named as one of America’s finest by the medical profession. He lived well and enjoyed the baubles wealth provides. None of those things are wrong, but Bob allowed the world’s trappings to put a wedge between him and his faith. He became a book of James descriptive man, a double minded man blown by the winds of self-professed enlightened people who are little more that vapid windbags clucking about things none have true wisdom of.




Pilgrims, are you still in love with God?  Does his only son, Jesus’ sacrifice thrill you? When you listen to Gospel music that announces his glory and praises his power and authority, does it give you goose-bumps? Are you thinking about choosing to walk away? Perhaps, you are ‘drifting’, and you are choosing to be tantalized by the seductive lure of sins plethora of pleasures that will take you from safe harbor as you drift, into the shark infested waters where Satan is waiting to sink your life-raft and devour you whole.


When it first happened, I’m sure Demas was unaware he was drifting. After Bob left college and entered Medical School, I’m sure he wasn’t aware he was drifting…until Satan confused his mind, changed the purpose of his goals, and probably challenged his ‘spiritual manhood’. He accepted the challenge and lost the war.


Pilgrims, don’t forget that the Devil is a crafty fellow. His game is rigged. When you think you are strong, he wins; when you think you are weak, he wins. Clothed in the grace of Christ is the only place he doesn’t win. Demas walked away, will you?


As I totter on into old age, my heart still holds out hope for Bob to become another John Mark. The most wonderful thing about our God is that his love is so unbounding and filled with a never ending reservoir of forgiveness, even though a Pilgrim may have ‘walked away’, you can always return. I pray that my friend Bob Dunn chooses to be another John Mark.


Doc Christian



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I’m concluding my sermon series on the Sermon on the Mount for my Friday night jail ministry, as I tackle Jesus’ call for Pilgrims to be salt for a sin filled putrid world (this week), and to be a light that can be seen so Pilgrims can lead the unbelieving world to bask in the pure light of Christ, next week.

With the Dead Sea as a well-known salt deposit by the people, Jesus ended his teaching with a call to action for his hearers. He declared his followers must consider their witness on his behalf as valuable as salt. Every adult in that audience could relate to this challenge because all knew how important salt was to everyone in the empire of Rome. Roman soldiers were often paid their (wages, the word “salary” came from the word salt), and it was often used as barter for goods and services by all peoples at this time in history. History is replete with wars and rumors of wars being conducted for the right to control salt. Beyond the culinary value of providing delightful taste to foods, more importantly it was necessary for curing meat. If salt wasn’t available to cure meat, it spoiled, became rancid and dangerous to eat, quickly.

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is not longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.”

Matthew 5:13

Pilgrims, did Jesus ask a ‘trick question’? Did anyone but him understand that salt can actually lose it saltiness? Okay, ole Doc may have a bit of a ‘trick answer’. Scientists report salt can lose its saltiness, but it is still a stretch. Unless salt loses its purity, it can’t lose its saltiness, but, if invaded by impurities (Boron, Magnesium, and Bromides) in a water solution, its taste will change. It will have a foul smell and a worse taste. It will likely make people sick…or wish they were.

It can also lose its saltiness when one’s health has changed and this illness has affected the ability to discern the taste of salt. The person’s ‘taste buds’ have gone on the fritz.

It seems about every Nano-second some Health Organization issues a warning about the use of too much salt in food, and its affect upon the health of people. I suggest these overly dramatic warnings might have seriously affected God’s kingdom on earth, because it seems less Pilgrims are using their salt to stem the tide against a constantly putrefying Sin-sick-world.

Pilgrims, I suggest biblical salt has stealthily been invaded by the corrosive impurities from a delight in sin. The Apostle Paul’s words for the Romans 1:24-32 echoes from every nook and cranny of our confused, in love with Satan culture.

I suggest that Pilgrims have shown their shakers are either running on empty, have become clogged, or just are not being used, because America continues to reject biblical light, and it seems to love the ‘glow’ of darkness. Why is this happening? My opinion, the Bible is a book of wrath and love for mankind. It isn’t a tolerant book, and we live in a society that demands tolerance. Pilgrims are evidently running for cover, for our voices are nearly silent on behalf of our Creator and his only son, Jesus. Atheists covered with sin-canker sores from serving the Devil, run amuck amongst us, and we cower in fear of being labeled a litany of names that only identify a heathen’s pleasure, a heathen’s disturbed mind that has been educated from a cesspool of rubbish, filth the world calls art, and from hack philosophers and scientists who can’t provide

simple answers to life’s most complex questions, but the Bible can.

Passive, feminized fathers have allowed feminized women to take their salt shakers away, and then an entire country bemoans the fact our families are failing because we can’t build prisons fast enough to incarcerate lawless boys who grew up without a father’s presence, without a father’s stern hand of discipline, or a father’s affection and love. The feminized woman’s solutions have been to discontinue the use of a salt shaker. A worthless and patently dishonest ‘self-esteem’ culture replaced a biblical foundation that stood this country well for over two hundred years.

If a salt shaker is used, because it has been so compromised by Satan’s impurities, the salt has lost its saltiness. A sin-sick world has grown accustom to the rancid smell of putrefying souls for little ‘curing’ of them has been happening in America for fifty years. It has harmed Pilgrims for we are at a point we have lost our ‘taste buds’. My opinion, evidently we can’t discern when salt is present…or absent.

When will Pilgrims be publically admonished by the heathen world because they hear, ‘That’s too much salt, anymore and I’ll end up being cured?”

Doc Christian

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In the rural area of southern Oregon, located near the Umpqua River, lie, Umpqua Community College, and October first, its 740 fulltime and 2,437 part-time students were waking up to another beautiful Fall day. Its interim president, Dr. Rita Cavin, was probably in her office ready to meet the day’s events.

The students arriving for the class in the Science lab, were a diverse, eclectic group of people taking on the day. One might say, “Things were ‘normal, possibly a bit mundane, as the school grind moved ahead another day.”

For one student, that formula didn’t apply. A mentally disturbed, recently discharged from the military as ‘unfit for duty’, Chris Harper Mercer, put his plan into action: he was angry, lonely, disaffected, and wanted the world to pay for his perceived lack of success. His mind had been twisted by Muslim association and terrorist propaganda, (this information was recovered when his apartment was searched, and his internet connection was found) and his hate for anything or anybody connected with the Bible and Christian religion. Evidently, he had become convinced his life would suddenly have value if he made a public statement, a lasting legacy the world couldn’t ignore and wouldn’t ever forget. He did!

He forced his way into the classroom in the Science lab, with a cache of weapons, and systematically murdered nine students and wounded many others before he was shot, wounded, and then took his own life.

The media reported this horrible carnage, but often failed to report why certain students were shot and others just wounded. It would be a while before the wounded victims would reveal, and the media would reluctantly report, when asked by the Satanist shooter, if they were a Christian, nine died when they answered in the affirmative.

What thoughts do you suppose ran through those student believers as they faced Satan’s man? “Holy God, I just came to school to get my degree. I’m never going to graduate, I’m never going to get married, have children, or become a doctor, nurse, lawyer, teacher, or live to see grandchildren. It’s not supposed to end this way! Christians are killed by terrorists…from places thousands of miles from Oregon. I’m too young to die for Jesus! Sweet Jesus, he shot Joe on my right, Jennie or my left, I’m next.” Who amongst us Pilgrims would have answered, knowing we were number nine?

At first glance, perhaps some Pilgrims consider the idea of martyrdom as some near-death- defying romantic act found in the pages of Church History, replete with torture on the rack and flayed skin, found on the shoulders of faithful warriors wearing togas and sandals. In the land of Muslims, black scarfs cover the faces of the Satan worshippers, as the heads of Christians are lopped off, then and now. Who could have spotted todays’ martyrs? Young people wearing ‘”Skinny jeans’, NFL jerseys, and any number of items from Under Armor or North Face are now targets of evil assassins marching on the orders from the Prince of the Air.

From all Doc Christian can learn about this tragic event, one remarkable fact rises above all others. The college campus doesn’t have an Inter Varsity Christian college chapter (perhaps, in the aftermath of this evil carnage attack, the President might seriously entertain the idea of inviting Inter Varsity to establish a chapter at the college), yet, in one class, there were a minimum of nine Christian students. I’d have bet you could travel to any non- Christian college campus in America and you wouldn’t find nine students who would sacrifice their life by choosing to be martyrs for Christ.

In my new novel, the main characters are tortured to see if they will recant their faith in Jesus, and to test the chip implants technology to control people and to erase their memories. Some pass, others fail and are haunted for this failure. Regardless of the outcome, their faces are branded for posterity. Christians have responded in different ways about the ‘mark of the beast’ scripture references, perhaps, the mark isn’t for Satan’s followers, but, for Christ’s. Might Christians in America one day wear a branded mark to signify they have been tortured for the sake of Jesus?

Pilgrims as martyrs! I doubt many have visited any business manager of a major Department store to complain about the lack of “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holliday” greeting being used for the celebration of the birth of Christ. I doubt many have gone to the local School Board and complained about the decision to discontinue the Christmas Play that informs the world about the birth of Christ. I doubt many have sent a Letter to the Editor of your local paper declaring your displeasure about the obvious support for the promotion of other religious practices while deliberately diminishing the nativity of Christ in the public square. I doubt many have resigned from the Democrat Party because they have consistently led the congressional charge to remove the Bible and its history from our schools, courts, and public arenas, while supporting those who would do so. I doubt many have told people there is only one religion, one faith, one baptism, and one savior: Jesus Christ.

From Peter, James and John, the extra Apostle, Paul, grafted in by Jesus as a missionary to the Gentiles, to famous names: Joan of Arc, Cromwell, and the many missionaries who lost their lives trying to convert Satan’s people, believers have died for Christ’s sake Martyrs, everyone, and they echo the words of Christ found in the Beatitude’s. “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Righteousness means a “right relationship with Jesus’. Jesus said it empathically, “It will take his righteousness to get a Pilgrim to heaven.”

Scripture teaches Pilgrims it is our duty to our savior to choose to die for him each day as we demonstrate the biblical principles we choose to live by are more important to us than anything the world has to offer. Do we believe this?

What we all can take pride in is that when given a choice to affirm or deny the deity of Christ, nine young students in Oregon chose to die with the name of Jesus’ on their lips. Might we all die as well.

Doc Christian

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If you woke up living in America and the bible’s history and its past moral influences had never happened, how spiritually dark would it be? How would it affect your life and its future? What would this country be like? If technology controlled you and your ability to succeed or fail, how would you like that? If you were suddenly one of a handful of people who secretly privy to America’s biblical history and its influence on its people, what steps would you take to change things?  What would it take for you to join a band of warriors to win back America for God? Would you care enough to sacrifice your life?

My new novel, THE THEOPHANY, SON-LIGHT RESTORED TO A DARK WORLD, takes on this spiritual task, and finds answers to these important questions. When you read my novel, you will find yourself as a warrior seeking ways to find solutions for God. This Mystery thriller will challenge your intellect in ways most Pilgrims have never been challenged.

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I’m not a doctor, but, I have discovered a useful idea for all Pilgrims who have a hard time swallowing pills. If you use ice water to swallow your pills, you can swallow five pills at a time, or even more. It works wonders with children. I don’t know why it works, it just does.






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