Church, Pilgrims, old Doc feels compelled to tell you a story, actually it is an Allegory that may be the finest Greek Drama (the heroic character dies seeking a ‘good’ ending for a moral purpose) one can find if he studies World Literature and its history. Since is seems few if any of the past three generations of Americans know anything about literature or history, it is incumbent on Doc to teach Pilgrims and America a lesson straight from the pages of the Bible.

While Doc reveals the details of this Best-seller straight from the Old Testament book of Judges, let none forget it is an Allegory about America. It is a story about a terribly flawed (sinful) man who rejects God’s wisdom and lusts after the worlds’

During the time Israel had only judges, and everyone did what was right in their eyes, Jehovah punished the Jewish people by turning them over to be ruled by the hated Philistines for forty years.

One day the Angel of the Lord appeared to Manoah’s wife, and told her she would have a son, Samson was his name. She had been barren. She was told he would be ‘special’: a Nazirite and she nor he could have any type of fermented drink or his hair cut. His parents did all that was asked of them by the Lord.

When he became a man, he chose to break with his parents’ traditions and religious practices: he favored Philistine women, especially ‘loose ones’. He married against his parents’ wishes and his first marriage was a disaster. Later, he again sought the sexual favors of a beautiful woman, Delilah, a Philistine heathen. Refusing any biblical counseling from the Torah, he married her.

Samson loved to ‘play with sin’. He loved to wallow in it! By this time in his life, he had misused his position of authority, chased after all manner of false gods, and shunned his parents’ counsel. Captivated by Delilah’s sexual enticements, as he pursued pleasure at every opportunity, he didn’t fear a holy God. Samson’s feats of impossible strength were legendary, and his people’s enemies sought to learn his ‘secret’ for his powers so they might subdue him and humiliate him and prove their Baal gods were superior to the Israelite God.

Samson was an overly proud preening peacock of a man that proved to be foolish nearly beyond common logic by even dolts.

Delilah struck different bargains with the Philistine authorities to help them discover the secret of his strength and to remove this power from his arsenal. Using her sexual favors and her obvious charms, she tried to get her husband to divulge this secret. He played her like a bad out of tune song and enjoyed seeing her frustration as he kept his strength and the enemy was unable to capture him. I guess it must have been the ‘Chinse water torture treatment’ that finally broke his resolve and resistance down and he confessed to his scheming, lying, disloyal wife the secret to his great strength. His hair!

Though Samson was captured, had is eyes gouged out, turned into a human-beast grinding wheat, and mocked and humiliated for being so stupid to trust his worthless ‘hot chick’ wife, in the end, he became the last piece of the puzzle in God’s plan to defeat Israel’s great enemy: the Philistines. He was brought out and publicly paraded before the rulers and their wives and a menagerie of other ‘ladies of the night’, Samson and God had the last laugh as he pushed the pillars in on the foundation of the arena and it brought about a great collapse of the marble and stone and all in attendance died. Samson’s great strength became his ‘weak-link’ to his Creator, and it destroyed him. God gave him one last chance to rectify his life filled with wantonly sinful choices by enabling him to defeat his country’s enemy by destroying their rulers and those in authority who hated Jehovah.

Pilgrims, remember this is an allegory about America!

From the first toe set upon Plymouth Rock in 1620, the pilgrims from England that lived along the Thames River dedicated their quest to honor Jesus Christ. From the Mayflower Pact to future sacred documents penned by America’s Founding Fathers’ the Creator’s preeminent place of importance was never questioned. The universities that sprang up to educate our country’s youth were first and foremost founded so that Christianity could flourish and spread from sea to shining sea.

From Valley Forge in 1776 to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the writing of our Constitution, God the Creator has been the cardinal authority recognized as its fount of wisdom from wench our laws have come.

Forged from the biblical kiln of a holy God, America became rooted into the principles found in the Bible. Its government and laws adopted and adapted it truths as linchpins for protecting and providing for its people. A benevolent Creator seemed to bring about divine blessings that made America different than any place on planet earth. Endowed and imbued with a clear eye for what was morally right and wrong, its expansion found a way to confront evil and defeat it.

The truths from the Bible didn’t stay inside the church walls or peoples’ homes, but entered into our schools and social institutions that became the envy of the world for it changed the social fabric of America. To prove this, a great Civil War was conducted to determine how people would evaluate one human’s worth verses another because of one’s skin color.

In Samson’s story, in reference to his first wife being disloyal to him by revealing to his enemies the answer to the riddle he bet they couldn’t solve, he announced: “If you hadn’t ploughed with my heifer,” you couldn’t have solved the riddle.” Her disloyalty to him brought about the failure of her marriage, and ultimately her death.

From a precipice over-looking our country’s beautiful Capitol building, with a street filled with angry people filled with hate because their candidate didn’t win the Presidential Election, and a government’s own people working to bring about the failure of an elected President against the wishes of half the people in America, is there a more appropriate statement than the words Samson uttered thousands of years ago? “IF YOU HADN’T OF PLOUGHED WITH MY HEIFER…”

For hundreds of years America was content to live off its biblical heritage, though most of its people gave little more than ‘lip-service’ to its value and its past historical tradition. We prided ourselves for our moral-compass and set smugly self-satisfied that our biblical armor was sufficient to ward-off any enemy that would dare challenge God’s place of importance in our country. Several times during our illustrious history we had willingly spent treasure and blood to save the world from an immoral collapse, based upon biblical truth.

With a keen-eye out for would-be enemies of a great nation operated by biblical principles, we turned a blind-eye to ‘Trojan Horses’ that infiltrated our protected walls. It was unthinkable that a nation would find ruin when it decided to ‘play with sin’, as Samson did.

The first shot across the bow by a single American woman seeking to have an Atheist’s viewpoint validated against a nation of Christians has led to the outcome that God and prayer is no longer allowed in our schools. The celebration of Christ’s birth is now a Holiday Celebration that includes Druids and Mohamed. The sacred documents: Ten Commandments’ that provided the foundation for our laws can’t be publicly displayed on our court yards, Same Sex Marriage has been an edict handed down by unelected judges that transverse thousands of years of biblical truth. The tenets of my novel: The Theophany, Son-Light Restored to a Dark World, where the enemy uses chip-implant Technology to do away with America’s currency marked with “In God we Trust” is just a stone’s throw away from becoming our model, as everything in association with biblical principles and truth is being dismantled as I write.

Samson’s troubles began when he shunned the religious practices of his parents and never considered the spiritual outcome the Apostle Paul warned Christians to heed: Do not be unequally yoked when it comes to marriage. Instead of fleeing he gleefully chased other gods and the women who worshiped them.

America has been inundated and now over-run by millions who worship false gods. They flee from persecution and come to the home of the free and the brave, but, they reject the God of America’s foundation. Generations of ungrateful, heathen American youth have embraced these new gods and have openly rejected the Creator who made America great, while their forefathers worshiped the Creator and they mock him and openly show preference for false gods. These heathen have come to America and rejected the assimilation into the Christian foundation our country was founded upon. They don’t even wish to speak our language or adopt our unique American traditions.

Samson never worried about his strength because from birth he had been taught he was ‘special’. He even was protected by the highly esteemed Nazirite Vow given to him by Jehovah and protected by his parents. When he was free to choose as an adult, he chased other gods.

Since the 1950s America has openly chased other gods. At first, the gods were those people that claimed they could be their own god; now, it is truly false gods from all ends of the planet. Even our schools favor those verses the God of the Bible.

Like Samson, our great strength (reliance upon the biblical truths) to protect us from harm, has proven to be our weakness because America has refused to stand-up and testify what great things our God the Creator has done for America. While our entire country is on fire with evil behavior and violence is considered the solution for disgruntled citizens seeking to have our country move farther away from its biblical moorings rather return to our Pilgrim’s roots, the horde of heathens coming from all over the world will continue to chip away America’s biblical foundation unless the Pilgrims of our country make a stand for God.

Once, hundreds of years ago, America was lean and mean for the gospel of Christ. We led with our exposed chins for the glory of God our Creator; today, we are fat, sassy, lazy and too intimidated by the enemy that now surrounds us evidently to recognize one salient truth: the plaudits of our biblical past won’t buy us a nickel’s worth of coffee on a cold morning. If we are going to keep America for God, we are going to have to dig trenches and become guerrilla warriors outside our church walls and inside our schools, courts, business markets, media and entertainment outlets, and above all, in our voting booths. Our church pulpits must ring out with flames of fire from the Holy Spirit’s call to action that we lead with the love of God and his only son, Jesus’s offer of grace and the assurance of eternity, but with the indomitable convicting power of the Holy Spirit as it points out our sin and flaws while being an indwelling living God that is our advocate and moral compass for living a life truly worth living.

Does any pilgrim but Doc Christian recognize that our once great biblical strength has become our weakness? Samson was given one last hurrah to prove his mettle for Jehovah, will America?

There may be a silver-lining amidst the dark foreboding omnibus spiritual clouds in America, so we need to heed the profound words of Jesus: “He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters.” Matthew 12:30

When the Apostle Paul asked God to heal him and take away the ‘thorn in his side’, as he described it, God answered: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” II Corinthians 12:9

Perhaps, our great God of the bible has come to the conclusion America has become a second Sodom and Gomorrah, and we are filled with enough sinful heathens that he is ready to rescue us.

Doc Christian’blog/wp-logiin.php

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     Pilgrims, in this unceasingly growing more godless country known as America, for its people continue to seek new ways to worship all manner of Baal’s and chase after every idea and ideology that openly mocks the Creator of all the universe and spits upon the Bible and its truth, heathens never tire of trying to use our laws to force Christians to compromise God’s commands and righteous principles.

Doc’s opinion, if Pilgrims watch any news other than Fox News, you are being brain-washed by those who hate our God and his only Son, Jesus Christ. People often counter my opinion: one needs to listen to the other news so we know how the enemy is plotting God’s demise in America. No! God commands Pilgrims to stay clear of evil.

When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; but each one is tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin, and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. James 1:13-15

Just when Pilgrims thought our laws, judges, and elected officials couldn’t possibly fall deeper into the cesspool of degradation and sin, it happened again when it slapped our holy God in the face as the ‘new’ homosexual craze seeks to reverse God’s Creation plan for mankind by forcing believers to accept the unholy edict of Same Sex Marriage, that condemns what is normal as evil and condones and praises that which is abnormal and sinful as good, comes Gender Identity. In a short while, it will be bestiality!

Are you ready for this? This brain-dead’ group of Atheist slugs expect citizens and especially Pilgrims to accept, and use our country’s laws to force our society to condone the idiotic homosexual agenda that champions the right of anyone to declare they have changed their gender, on any given day for any given occasion because Johnny feels like he wants to be Susie on Monday. Old Doc recently heard this very type of debate on Fox News!

It should be a ‘slap your knee and isn’t this a hoot to laugh about event’, but, from Coach K, and a growing horde of godless coaches and college administrators, NBA and the NFL, ET cetera, who also evidently don’t care if your daughter/son is forced to share a bathroom or locker room with one who is so confused about their life and is so blind they can’t discern indoor plumbing verses outdoor plumbing, they want to mock their Creator. They are also opening up a lurid sexual-predator’s Pandora’s Box where sexual monsters looking for prey will have an open invitation to satisfy a demon’s appetite as the assaults happen in bathrooms and locker rooms of gender confusion. If it can happen, now, in our colleges locker rooms, i.e. name the college, why not in our high schools and public businesses?

If Pilgrims don’t stand-up and shout: ‘enough is enough’, soon, we’ll have another Cause-Celeb’ expecting us to accommodate people who claim they are a tree. They will demand special environmental protections and will accept only a certain type of water, fertilizer, and amounts of shade be given them. They will expect the ‘taxpayers’ to foot the bill, too. They’ll demand we find a way to keep dogs from using them as ‘marking territory’ posts.

I know our enlightened places of ‘higher-learning’ have suspended teaching American History because it is a story about a bunch of ‘white-guys’ that didn’t know much about anything important: like the founding of America, but, have they also suspended teaching about Biology? Have they just decided to ignore Science and those pesky little Chromosomes that determine the sex of a human being? Welcome to the world of Forest Gump: “Stupid is that stupid does”. Pilgrims, these godless people may choose to reject the Creator, but they can’t reject the laws of creation.

A holy God’s relationship with man isn’t important to godless people, but, for Pilgrims, it should be of high importance.

The Creator of mankind chose a unique method to get his message across concerning how important man’s fellowship and relationship was to him for he chose man’s most cherished part of his humanity: his penis, to be bloodied as he commanded, first Abraham, and then Joshua to have every man circumcised before Jehovah set forth his grand plan to lead and free his chosen people: Israel from chasing false gods to conquering a land God’s enemies held a claim to before God declared it was the land he promised to Abraham and his seed.

In Genesis seventeen, Abraham and his son, Ishmael, his entire male household, were circumcised, Abraham was ninety-nine, Ishmael was thirteen (this is where the Jewish Bar Mitzvah celebration of a boy being recognized as a man came from) for it was Jehovah’s requirement before he began to bless Abraham: he gave him and Sarah the son that they had longed for, but Sarah has remained barren.

In Joshua five, after Moses had led the Israel Nation out from under four-hundred and thirty years of bondage by the Egyptians, and the people disobeyed God; and their punishment was to wander around the desert of Sinai for forty years until those people were dead, Joshua, their new leader, was told to circumcise all males before the battle of Jericho: the first battle into God’s Promise Land. They named this place, Gibeath Haaraloth: hill of foreskins.

When Isaac was born, Abraham was instructed to have him circumcised on the eighth day. It was a signification of a spiritual relationship and a clear indication of God’s desire for a special type of covenant relationship with man…not a woman. This is also the scripture many Pilgrims use to support ‘Infant Baptism’: old Doc doesn’t agree with the entire idea for the need for Infant Baptism because a human must be able to hear, understand, and know what sin is before they can make a decision to choose to have Jesus Christ’s blood remove that sin (Romans 10:9-18)

Old Doc’s opinion, anytime the Creator of the universe thinks something is very important, it is. To God, a man’s penis was more than a toy, it was life! It was the instrument for his declaration for man to be fruitful and multiple.

Today, from the halls of congress, Public Schools, colleges, and all of our sports arenas, God is openly mocked by fruitcakes from all walks of life demanding Pilgrims, and people of the world dispense the use of the intellect God graciously gave them to declare the penis isn’t that important. In fact, neither is the Vagina! By choice and one’s figment of illusion and imagination it is done… Like the divine holy Creator speaking the universe into being, one can just declare they are a man or woman because they have spent time with equally kook-shrinks that reject the Bible’s wisdom, and have used some type of hormone medicine to change one’s DNA. Talk about a fool’s trip to La La Land! None should be fooled, for the journey’s end is an eternity in Hell. This is Satan working his schemes that lead back to the Garden of Eden where he beguiled Adam and Eve into choosing Sin rather than obedience. The sin in the garden was humans were told they could be like God…knowing good from evil; humans created by God telling him he made a mistake they intend to correct, is an abomination, isn’t it?

This nonsense can easily be dispensed with by just using our schools basic Biology ‘show and tell’ methods. When they teach Sex Ed to our children: instead of using a banana to educate these little darlings about the use of condoms, just use a mirror for a little ‘show and tell’ truth-telling. The teacher can conscript the most honest student to accompany a boy/girl, in a curtained off place in the classroom and he can step in front of a mirror, naked, if he is missing a penis, he can be classified as an IT. If he has a penis, he is a male: nothing can change it! The ‘honest’ classmate can holler out the result! The same can be said for the female and her vagina. I do realize this very simplistic, logical solution for this apparent totally confused and dazed collection of buffoon adults on the loony-tune far-left side of the political equation of America doesn’t use common sense, but there has to be a time and place where sanity draws a ‘line-in-the-sand’.

I recall, several times, when our ship was deployed in West Pac and too many of the crew were too social while on Liberty, and these seaman were restricted to the ship, while the crew was forced to have a ‘short-arm’ inspection before a Liberty Pass was allowed, the blame game was in season. The Doctor ordered large pictures posted of the horrible consequences that might happen if untreated social diseases are left unreported and untreated right by the gangplank where the ‘Duty officer’ stood to make sure only seaman with a Liberty Pass had liberty. Scary doesn’t really justify the description of those pictures!

Perhaps, America might stop and consider what harm its support for Transgender Identity will do for our country? Thanks to an Atheist Feminist Agenda, men no longer are the leaders…anywhere in our society. Boys have been taught to believe they are bad and only sensitivity-training might save them from becoming men. America is a Matriarchal Society and men have lost their place in it. Now, the godless people want to add another group of neither ‘fish nor fowl’ people who wish to shout to the world: there is no God! I’m my own god!

Old Doc’s opinion, all of this profoundly stupid thinking can be done away with by using my simple Short-arm inspection, can’t it? The Creator thought so: he gave man a penis, and then had him slice the end of the foreskin off to mark his chosen men of Israel.

Doc Christian


Pilgrims, Church, we have had 1489 new members since my last message! Thanks!

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“Speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the head, that is, Christ.” Ephesians 4:20

Unless Jesus Christ returns in the next fifty years, the media’s headlines will still be about a broken black/white relationship in America. Charges of racism will still flow from Mt. Olympus (halls of congress) as the new generation of hate filled people will take center stage to keep our nation from being united.

Until this new generation of black people took center-stage, old Doc held out hope that one day in America its people would be satisfied with fulfilling Dr. Martin Luther king’s dream. I have given up on that dream because the new leaders, including sports heroes have come to the conversation scans the biblical principles. They come to the table with a secular/Atheist/far-left agenda that in the end is more about an ideology rather than a moral outcome. Those things a black society used to believe in and were up-front’ and proud to be associated with, are no longer the focal point of the outcome. Those things God condemns as sins are mocked and dismissed as unimportant. SOCIAL JUSTICE has replaced biblical justice and righteousness.

How did America get from Martin’s dream to where it isn’t that important because the black leaders don’t lead with the Bible’s teachings, which is the ‘playbook’ of Mr. King.?

Doc’s opinion, the answer has never really changed: Cowardice. From sports stars dissing the President of our country, to elitist professors from privileged universities writing books to ‘school’ a white race, the black race has always faced their truths with the courage of a coward.

They really aren’t the ones to blame, though. Way back when integration was forced into Public Education, it was the white educational system that used a formula that taught black people to believe they were too weak to be honest about their station in life.

With a few exceptions, every black kid integrated into a white school arrived poorly educated compared to the average white student. They matriculated from black schools that possessed poorly educated teachers, and their grasp of the world they lived in seldom was larger than the neighborhood they came from. It was a hard thing for the black society to admit that segregation, most of all, harmed the education of black children.

When the black kids arrived, few of the white teachers cared to teach them, or believed they were capable of learning. The administration didn’t know what to do with them, the truth be known, they just wanted them to go away. It was like a bad dream one has and when they wake up, things are normal, again.

The White Education system’s solution to this perplexing problem was to give them a ‘way out’ to keep some self-respect and personal dignity; so, they lied to them, they lied to the black society, they lied to our country: they patted them on the nappy head and Socially Passed them from one grade to the next so they’d be finished with schooling. The excuse for the ruse was they weren’t strong enough to handle the truth. As a white education system, who could possibly be that cruel and mean to make them face up to the truth: most black kids were ignorant, four grades behind the white students, and it was questionable if they would ever learn in a normal class room environment with superior students.

From the halls of congress to the local city Mayor’s office, white people, and many of the ‘so-called’ Washington type black, progressive educators did all they could to keep the truth from being exposed.

Old Doc was considered a racist and a bigot long before those terms were nearly synonymous with America’s education system. My black students were exposed; they were told they were poorly educated and ignorant; but, both of those conditions could be momentarily and not a permanent state. It would be a choice they get to make; work hard, and do all they could to educate what they dreamed to become. While the mostly white educators were constructing a legal brief that would pass Congress’ muster to support the wisdom for black students to be cowards by not forcing them to handle the hurtful truth about the sad state of their education, and the parents accepting what the education system had decided to give them, with little squawking, they included the major missing ingredient that has held black kids back, strict discipline, too.

If black society had been forced to acknowledge Remedial Learning was its only hope, the only education focus would have been to pour money into our Elementary Schools that only taught the three Rs. Forcing a kid to repeat the first grade or third grade would have been the right thing to do, but it didn’t happen. Affirmative Action wouldn’t have been another race forced initiative into America’s education system. Fools from Congress wouldn’t have defended idiots that gave America Ebonics rather than English, so even today, many black kids don’t know how to speak proper English. We hear it from the national Media!

Old Doc’s prediction in 1969 has blossomed it pernicious fruit: the black students are still just marginally better educated in our Public Schools; but, the White student has digressed greatly. Instead of the white student influencing the black student to reach for exceptionalism; both types have become mediocre.

Our education system let them skate. As the sage has said it well: a coward dies a thousand times; a hero once. Pilgrims, it is my belief that we can’t have a honest conversation about race because you can’t find black people who will face the truth about how the black society is still lingering with a malaise of societal self-inflected ills and a people who put little value on a proper education, yet seek to blame a white society for the outcome that demonstrates their failure in an embarrassing light.

Pilgrims, to prove my point, I’ give you the letter of correspondence I recently sent to a black college professor from Georgetown University. He chose not to reply. You be the judge for why America can’t move forward with a productive conversation about race.

January 18, 2017


To: Professor Michael Dyson

Georgetown University

3700 O St. NW

Washington D.C. 20057

Fr: Ranny Grady


Re: Publishing challenge: Oreo Experiment

Dear Professor Dyson:

I caught your recent Fox News interview with Martha. I was intrigued by your comments, but, I do think you are misinformed about the ‘ebony/ivory’ America journey.

From the time I taught American History at Northeast High in Oklahoma City, the year before  integration was forced into the state’s schools, and I was one of three white faculty trying to handle twelve –hundred black students in that ‘hell-hole’ ghetto school, and I not only survived, but thrived. I would like to suggest a black man, quite young, and a white man, quite old, collaborate and writes a book that speaks only truth…from both sides that may shake the very foundation of our racial divide in America.

I guess you are about forty-five, possibly a little older or younger, so, I was in the racial fire twenty years before you were born. Your ‘Jim Crow’ experience is mostly ‘second-hand’; mine was up close and personal. I was called a bigot before Mr. King was murdered. I had to handle the racial fallout as I announced and then discussed the tragic outcome of his death to the 265 American History students I had in five classes, each day

From the start white educators failed the black students because they were racist and bigots. That failure came from black racist out of Washington D.C via the government. Despite Affirmative Action, today, the majority of black students leave public school ignorant and semi-illiterate…like the students in my classes back in 1969. Today, this horrible outcome’s blame can be shared equally by black and white politicians, educators, and clergy.

I am a biblical man! I’m a New Testament follower. My thirty years of preaching sermons about the wrath and love of the Creator and his only son, Jesus Christ were meant to help mankind to desire a closer relationship with a holy God. I have been a Republican all my adult life. Even today, I have a jail ministry. I have been preaching to inmates for over five years, every Friday night. There are few black inmates that pass through the Wayne County Jail, but, one black inmate and I carried on a two year correspondence via letters that proved, mostly to him, that a white biblical man could understand the black one.

My opinion, since I believe you are doing more harm than good with your quite naïve thinking and writing, I’d like to offer you a publishing challenge: why don’t we use our knowledge and life experiences, plus a personal relationship that we can allow to grow, and publish a book that will be a biblical sermon both black and white America will have never heard; but, it desperately needs to hear.

If you are up for the challenge, I’ll send you all of the correspondence from the letters I wrote and the black inmate wrote. These are ‘eye-openers’! You can read them and we can discuss them, for the first stage of our research. Since you have already published a book, it should be easy for us to get a contract that will allow us to do the necessary research and grow our personal relationship as we traverse territory that hasn’t be traveled.

To give you a little insight from my perspective, I believe the Feminist Agenda/Movement ruined Black America. Any publishing venture would need to come from that perspective for it to be historically authentic and truthful. The reason is the Feminist Movement taught women to reject the biblical model for a woman’s life…and ultimately, a man’s. The outcome of this rejection is America has become a Matriarchal Society, and it is so particularly in black society.

If this intrigues your intellectual and racial joins, pray about it, and send me your reply or contact me and we can visit and explore my challenge.

If inclined, you can discover more about me by visiting my various sites; peruse our B/B, or find me in Who’s Who in Colleges and Universities 1979-80.


Ranny Grady

Doc’s opinion, this professor and many like him are also racial cowards. President Obama, who could have rescued black society from itself by refusing to allow his people to remain as cowards by forcing them to expose the ugly truths about the failures, collectively, of their leaders for many years, but, he chose to ‘blame whitey’, again. My profound statement: America’s white population will never be clear for the shame and degradation we forced upon black skinned people, but, they have chosen to set in the mess and reject their portion of the blame for why they are still rooting against an Uncle Tom education…and blame everyone but them for the lifestyle that has rejected a biblically principled life in favor of a secular/Atheist/Socialist agenda that has only pushed them far behind the ‘eight ball’ as more of their people live off welfare and the men live a life locked up for criminal behavior. Once, a black society, though mistreated terribly, leaned upon the Bible for guidance. Today, their leaders have rejected it and have embraced even gender identity that mocks the Creator and his only son Jesus Christ.

Old Doc will go one step farther, I’m issuing a challenge to any Liberal/Secular/Progressive Democrat to have a Conversation About Race, anywhere, anytime to disprove what I write isn’t true and what the established ‘Group-think’ people, Media especially, that will show how cowardice they really are. We can be hooked up to Lie Detectors. The only caveat, they must agree to abide by my definition of a lie.


     A lie is told when one piece of data known as a verifiable empirical truth is changed, by addition or subtraction. A lie is told when data is embellished or diminished to present a half-truth. A lie is told if the truth is presented as a lie, or the lie is presented as truth. It is possible for a person to tell a lie about a truth because they don’t know the truth. It is possible for a person to tell a truth about a lie because they don’t it is a lie. By omission or commission a lie can be told. The most damnable thing about lies and truth: a person’s perception determines their evaluation about a lie and truth. Though totally dishonest, a person’s perception becomes their truth…and their lie.

Like Professor Dyson, who, evidently, is too much of a coward to accept my challenge, and I believe no other defender of the black society’s ills will either. He like all of these far-left lovers of lies, can write a book directed at ‘white folks’ filled with ‘sermons’ we need to hear, but, he is too scared to write sermons his people need to hear because it requires him to be honest about what they have become since Whitey’ showed them how easy it was to be a coward.

Unfortunately for America, the Liberal/Conservative cowards in Washington and across the land of our nation’s Educational System, we have proven we haven’t learned a thing about forcing people to be cowards, for we have done this to the Mexican Immigrants. We couldn’t be cruel to force them to learn English so they’d be fitted to compete in our business world with an even playing filed, we let them keep their language and forced the Americans to accommodate: Press one for English. Today, in many schools, Spanish is the ‘choice’ for the students…from foreign lands. The new arrivals are choosing not to assimilate into our American culture. For the most part, these immigrants are hard-working people; but unable to communicate well in English, they choose to handicap themselves…or more truthful, our government has chosen to keep them remain handicapped.

My point of truth: Those mostly black Patriots Super Bowl winners, who refuse to accompany the team to spend time with President Trump, fit the bill for a black coward. Instead of taking this grand opportunity to see if they could meet with him, like the Icon, Jim Brown,  so they might discuss their concerns and possibly have their ‘closed-minds’ challenged, opened, and even rearranged, they boycott the trip. This is the sad state of our nation’s Conversation about Race: Thank you President Obama for your lovely ‘parting-gift.

The Creator of this world: God, made us with different skin color, but, we all bleed red. Might Pilgrims and all Americans heed the gospel’s words: …But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love. The entire law is summed up in a single command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If you keep on biting and devouring each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other. Galatians 5:13-15

Doc Christian

Pilgrims, our church has had 1276 new members in the past ten days!









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     Pilgrims, old Doc has often pondered what it must have been like to witness or better yet, be a member of the unarmed army of Jews, under Joshua’s command, marching around the walls of Jericho once a day for six days. Can’t you just hear the loud, profane, rude comments poured down upon the Israelite’s? Can you close your eyes and let your mind marinade the bacchanal atmosphere going on with the parties, day and night, to mock the inept weak looking demonstration for waging war that might lead to a victory at the walled-city of Jericho? The Democrats thought they had an impregnable wall, too!

Evidently, they were positive God hadn’t read Tzu’s The Art of War, and sending a rag-tag small band of men to march, not fight, was laughable for those inside the wall at Jericho. Even when the seven priests carried trumpets and a Ram’s horn before the Ark of the Covenant, it didn’t frighten their foe.  By the end of the sixth day of marching, I’m positive the leaders and the people of Jericho considered the Jews’ daily show great entertainment. They were well fortified and cock-sure they had nothing to fear from such a silly bunch of Jews.

Don’t you think the Jews marching for six days may have been questioning God’s military plan and their leader’s ability to coherently understand what the plan really was? How silly do you think the men felt? How many of the wives begged their husbands to just not go to the wall today? Doc’s mother use to say, “A little humiliation is good for the soul.”

On the seventh day, things changed dramatically, with the sound of a Ram’s horn and a collective shout to give glory to God, the unthinkable happened: the walls crumbled, Joshua and his army attacked inside the walls and defeated their enemy. Joshua 6:1-27

Note to all Pilgrims, the idea of a WALL being used to define a country or peoples’ territory to help protect and keep them safe, isn’t new. It has been used since the days of Noah.

Pilgrims, as I sat mesmerized by President Trump’s recent ‘Knock-out’ of the corrupt and dishonest Media of our country during his hastily called news conference, and I thought how delicious the event was for the long-suffering Conservative, Constitutional-loving, Bible-thumpers, and Trumpeters across this land we call America, words fail me to adequately describe how wonderful it made me feel. This group of ‘hate everything moral or biblical’ crowd has subjected Pilgrims and decent American folks to the bilge of a hedonist drama for seventy years of my life, and the ‘beat-down’ on my behalf, made we want to stand up and cheer, howl at the moon, and fall to my knees and thank the Lord for being allowed to live to see this day.

Note to Senator McCain, America doesn’t need a dishonest Media; it needs an adversarial HONEST media. If you can find one in our country, other than Fox News, let me know. America doesn’t need you to make an assessment about how our new President is doing…in one month. I don’t recall you making foolish comments on foreign soil about Obama’s first month in office that embarrasses you and our nation, do you?

My opinion, President Trump and Joshua had a lot in common. The first battle into the land of Canaan, God’s Promise Land for the nation of Israel was Jericho. Given the circumstances and the battle plan given to Joshua by Jehovah, I dare say few people would be willing to place a wager, of any amount, for success for Joshua’s army.

When Joshua and his army showed up in front of the wall, they were mocked and made fun of. When President Trump announced his candidacy, the media mocked him, Hollywood and the entire Democrat political machine laughed and he became the butt of jokes on late night T.V.

This the same type of hurtful, deliberately, mocking of Joshua’s army because they obviously weren’t intelligent enough to discern the ‘forest for the trees’ treatment would end in absolute defeat and humiliation for Obama’s ‘hope and change’ disastrous two terms of doing all he could to ruin our once great biblical nation, would unravel at the speed of light despite billions of dollars spent on their ‘sure-bet’ corrupt candidate, Hilary Clinton, by Donald J. Trump who spent his own money to become President of the United States.

Like Joshua, Trump was left to march around and over his own party’s army; and after he dispensed of seventeen foes, he still was outside the wall where the enemy of Pilgrims safely resided…with ‘smooch, smooch, their best ‘pals’ the corrupt Media who colluded to make sure President Trump couldn’t win. The entertainment maggots of our land were cozily playing ‘footsie with them, too. Even as he continued to march and his army grew larger, they mocked him, and even people from his own party came to mock him, from outside the wall. Like Joshua, he resolutely continued to march and his army grew larger and they began to march with him. Everyone but Trump and his faithful followers predicted he didn’t have a million to one chance to win; but while the ‘party was going on inside the protected wall, on Election night the wall crumbled like in Jericho. The utterly unthinkable happened and Donald J. Trump became President of the United States. Even the savior of the Progressive/Socialist/Communist Ideology Obama, couldn’t save the Democrats from suffering their most humiliating defeat, ever.

Praise the Lord! President Trump not only won, despite even some of his former opponents proving to be men of no integrity, and some from his own party who still refuse to support him, he brought to our government majorities in both houses so large Democrats can’t hamstring his agenda and the promises he made to the voters who put him into office.

Despite the Democrat Party’s Playbook, that is filled with unspeakable ‘dark deeds’ straight from the bowels of Hell, and anarchy that is amok in the streets of our land, and the racists in our nation have reached new highs for ratcheting up divisive hate and personal animus to widen the divide of our citizens instead of work to unite us, praise the good God of heaven, America has another chance to regain some of its luster: respect, integrity, moral foundation, biblical freedoms, and pride in the Red—White–Blue for old Glory around the world. Perhaps, our enemies will once again fear us and decide to seek peace instead of rattle their sabers.

The Democrat ‘lefties’ and their other Socialist/Communist cronies have even enlisted the aid of some defrocked loony-tune Psychiatrists to label our President Trump as manic and UNHINGED. The corrupt Media uses this term every chance they get to impress upon the citizens of America this is true. Since only about twenty-percent of what they write or report is true, they are failing at every attempt to delegitimize our President.

Pilgrims, don’t you think the ‘chattering classes’ behind that wall of Jericho made the same conclusion about Joshua? He had to be a lunatic to think his team could win. He must be UNHINGED to behave like he did. Well, Joshua was proven to be a brilliant military general: he was on the Lord’s side; his faith was in the Creator of the world; his victory was sweeter than candy, and in the end, with God’s help, the outcome was dandy.

Note to America’s enemies from old Doc: the DEPLORABLES love what President Trump is doing. We like it he is being labeled by the misfit ‘hate America’ crowd and the racial whore-mongers in congress and across the college abyss of Communist loving educators that claim he is unfit to be President because he is UNHINGED. What they can’t get their fat Socialist/Communist heads around is that this UNHINGED man has managed to HINGE Trump supporters close as skin. From our HINGED position, we feel energized and have a new purpose for loving our freedoms, and for a willingness to make sure no citizen loses the exercise of freedom so any certain group or group-thought’ can supersede our guaranteed religious freedoms.

Speaking of being unhinged, does America need any further proof it is the Media that is completely UNHINGED, when they mock and attack Melania Trump for reading the Lord’s Prayer to open her husband’s Thank You’ rally in Florida?

Pilgrims… don’t forget to daily swing your HINGE.  Thanks to the God in heaven, my opinion, we are connected to an UNHINGED President that is going to really accomplish what Obama promised but failed miserably to deliver: Hope and Change: back to the Constitution/back to the Bible.

Doc Christian



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     Old Doc sometimes gets a catalog in the mail: Buck Naked Underwear. I have been tempted to order a pair, but haven’t, yet.

Jehovah demonstrated his displeasure toward those wily rascals, the Jewish people, for running to Egypt and Ethiopia for an alliance to protect them, rather than depend upon the God that had pulled their chestnuts of out the fire so many times, even God had lost count of the number of times, and he sent the Assyrians to punish all three of these nations. Jehovah predicted the demise of Egypt and the Ethiopians, and when his ‘chosen people’ witnessed this carnage, they’d run back to him.

In the book of Isaiah 20: 3ff, the prophet is told to do some ‘crazy things’. During a span of three years, he was to appear before the people naked and without sandals. He was to remain mute. The original Hebrew language and many noted scholars differ about how to interpret this spiritual charge to Isaiah, but, whether a Pilgrim chooses to consider his time of parading before the people in an act of humiliation three days or three years, or he was just nearly naked, the Creator had a point to make: Again the Jewish people were searching for direction and answers for the multitude of problems facing and chasing them in all the wrong places. Building altars and offering sacrifices to Baal and all other types of false gods, and given a sense of delight to Jehovah’s promised wrath upon their godless friends by his chosen instrument: the Muslim horde.

Like a good Mystery Thriller that builds up suspense, God had his prophet parade around and even amidst the people for three years before God allowed Isaiah to speak, and then he told them the ‘bad news’ about what God was going to do to them before he punished those who punished them…years later.

My opinion, God was so disappointed in his people because every time he gave them a chance to be blessed, they ran to those who promised joy and pleasure because that ‘Meany’ Jehovah expected holiness and absolute fealty to him. His message: it is better to be seen buck naked than wear the trappings of the world where Satan plays.

Old Doc’s prediction: like CEO of Under Armour, Kevin Plank, who praised our President Trump for his plan to cut corporate taxes and remove strangling business regulations the Obama administration afflicted our country’s businesses with for eight years, he found out how difficult he would have maneuvering amidst a pack of racist SOCIAL JUSTICE black athletes who are too stupid to know that this term is CODE SPEAK for Communist Ideology. This is the genesis of the term. They demanded he recant his support for the President or they’d take their talents to a different sports company. Mr. Plank was exposed, buck naked, so to speak, for his support for their avowed enemy: anything Republican…and especially against anyone trying to help black society to look in a mirror and announce: “The fault lies not in the stars, but in us.”   None of their black, so-called leaders, including Obama did anything to rescue the people of the ghettos, but they were content to live with that outcome; after all, they live in mansions far, far, far, removed for the ‘killing fields’ of the ghettos. Insulated from the carnage and mayhem, they can protest, preen and accept accolades for being black and hating whites that seek to help.

The unpatriotic Patriots football players that have chosen to break with their team and not come to the formal meeting with the President to celebrate their Super Bowl win are cowards of the first class. Unfortunately, they just mirror the majority of black society for they refuse to expose the horrible condition of at least half of black people in America who are semi-illiterate and often marginally employable because by the time they are old enough to have a job, the boys have a criminal record and the girls are teen moms that require other people to be responsible for the outcome from their sin of a promiscuous life. Many of these same ‘Sports’ heroes are the ‘sperm donors’ for these children left to face a life with ‘two strikes’ against them, from the ‘get-go’.

The SOCIAL JUSTICE crowd, headed by the Congressional Black Caucus and race pimps, like Al Sharpton, stir up racial hatred because it is good for business: their personal business. Pilgrims, this band of hooligans are wolves in sheep clothing for Communist Ideology. As this unholy alliance coalesces and gins up a lying false narrative about their perceived injustice concerning SOCIAL JUSTICE they do to the poor and ghetto citizen a great injustice: they marginalize their plight and give substance to criminals that prey upon the weak.

While the moneyed Socialist/Democrat/Progressive/Communist Ideology lemmings ignore their own culpability for the mess of too many black and poor people in America suffering untold harm from myopic ‘you can’t ever succeed unless you can sing (Rap), dance, run, shoot, throw a ball’. Education for black children isn’t a priority because the corrupt Teachers Union would not know how to compete in the market place for the right to actually educate the Public School Students, and they wholeheartedly support the union. If they really cared, they’d have been protesting the Communist sympathizers that did their best to keep Betsy Voss from becoming the head of Education.

Since the ‘Far-left, and racist people in America have made the support for President Trump a litmus test for being worthy of having our religious and all other rights suppressed or shut down, and have signified so by demanding anyone who disagrees with their narrow vision of freedoms, it is the duty of Pilgrims and Trumpeters to prove our loyalty to our Country and our President by refusing to buy or wear any type of apparel made by any business that doesn’t support our President. If necessary to combat this type of evil, we must GO BUCK NAKED rather than enrich these weak-kneed hate-America businesses.

My opinion, since ninety percent of this type of Business-lynching is from the Atheist/Communist playbook, I’m quite sure the Creator of this universe and his Son, Jesus Christ would not be offended if even our pulpits were manned by BUCK NAKED preachers teaching the truths found only in the Bible. Pilgrims, our country is in a ‘HOLY WAR’ for the survival of the freedom to believe in the Bible and to practice its tenets.

I’m quite sure Joshua would have approved of this insertion into his declaration: “Choose this day whom you will serve (BUCK NAKED), as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

Doc Christian;wp-login.php

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 My girl is fine as Solomon’s wine.

My girl is beauty defined.

My girl knows how to put me in a spin

My girl leaves me in a thrill that marches to

the touch of love’s drill.

My girl’s name is like perfume that leaves

her fragrance in the center of my mind she

Imprints so sublime.

My girl can make the sun blush, embarrassed

because he can’t give the same rush.

My girl’s dark chocolate-drop eyes make all candy

seem less dandy for the connoisseur of sweet treats.

My girl is inhaling and exhaling my breath as just

she is a delight to gaze upon and have love’s sigh

resting on my arm, more than any man’s ‘good luck’


My girl is sight for Cupid’s arrow for she hit her

target, and I fell a happy wounded Sparrow.

My girl is lace and softness, grits and gravy, and

she rescued me from the Navy.

My girl is smooth sailing on choppy seas, and ‘love-sickness’

is my only disease.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Solo Per Sempre


Your Redhead

February 14, 2017

Blessed by God to have the joy to celebrate 53 Valentine’s days.





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      Pilgrims, Trumpeters, and all RED—WHITE—BLUE Patriotic Americans, it is past time old Doc gets his very important question answered. I mean it is imperative, I mean I’ve gone past the ‘pleading’ stage; and I’ve entered into the  BEGGING, BEGGING phase of my life; please tell me you’ll join my quest to show the enemy of this Country…you fill in the blank that doesn’t support our President Trump, that collectively, you are willing to ‘fight fire with fire,’ politically, biblically, and even monetarily, and sign a pledge that you will not knowingly spend one Red dime to enrich the coffers of any media,  Hollywood actors, or any businesses associated with the ‘hate America’ every chance you get’ Socialist/Communist crowd for the  duration of President Trump’s term in office.

As I watched Fox and Friends News this morning and listened, to the grousing bunch of ‘LOSERS’ complain about the DEPLORABLE S (patriots of our country) ruining their Communist litmus test propaganda in la la land: Hollywood; as I witnessed these Atheist/Communist-leaning Hollywood SAGA ‘’monkey see, monkey do’ bigoted, self-acclaimed elite uber rich people preen and open their mouths and tell the world how the majority of our people in America should conduct our nation’s affairs, I couldn’t help recall my Spanish teachers advice: “If you don’t know what you are talking about, don’t open your mouth and allow the world to remove all doubt concerning how poorly educated and out-right stupid you really are.” WOW! Talk about hitting the nail on the head. She really did know what she was talking about, right?

It really is amazing how little they do know about our nation’s history and our sacred documents. Now hear this Hollywood…all illegals do not have any constitutionally protected ‘right’ to be in our country; none of our laws apply to illegals. They can’t sue for any legal purpose because they aren’t a citizen of America.  Will someone tell that angry, hot tempered, congress woman: Warren, in order to serve her state’s people better, she needs to take a ‘remedial’ America History class because she is spouting lies, half-truths, and political propaganda for 2020. Note to her from Doc, “You don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell.”

Old Doc is sounding the alarm! It is past time Pilgrims change our biblical war strategy. If we are going to compete in a Global World for the soul of this nation, we must ‘fight fire with fire’. All firemen know that it is often necessary to use fire to fight a raging fire to keep it from getting out of control and wreaking suffering and loss for many in its path.

After some serious prayer and biblical reconnoitering, Doc has concluded we can’t defeat this enemy with honest communication because the media is corrupt (as they say out in Indian Country, where I grew-up: “He speaks with forked-tongue”) and they possess the power to influence what information people can access (thank you Lord for Twitter!). Hollywood possesses the power to influence how people discern the news, and they hold sway over the ‘Youth-culture’s ‘brain-washing’ that kills ‘critical thinking’ and produces ‘Group-think’ ideology that censors and restricts freedoms by using ‘peer pressure and peer review to have robotic-like lemmings following a message few really understand, but become good ‘comrades’ for the Party’s good.  The same can be said about our nation’s Public Education System. Collectively, these people are the enemy of all Pilgrims!

Washington D.C.’s Public School students have a 12% Math proficiency, despite tax-payers forking over more money per student than any city in the country; and when she tried to visit a school, the enemy has a violent protest for the new Secretary of Education: Betsy Voss Where are her Bodyguards? Why doesn’t the law arrest these thugs and punish them? Why isn’t their pictures being taken of these thugs? Why aren’t the Trump people using them as a fulcrum to force our Law and Order officials to exercise the fullest punishment allowed by our laws on behalf of the decent people of the United States? Our cops need to do some serious ‘head-cracking’ because it is the only thing criminals understand. Why aren’t the cops using ‘PEPPER BULLETS to disarm and arrest the paid protesters?

If any Pilgrim will take a second look, the only avenues left for us to defeat Satan and all his minions in America is to plan a frontal spirituals-biblical attack: pray, pray, pray unceasingly, and pray some more that God’s will may be the intervention and submission for the enemy via the Holy Spirit’s influence and harsh vexing (doing His job of convicting of sin) of the enemy. and spoil their plans; and for Pilgrims to rally and withhold our finances that add one dollar to the bottom line for all businesses that openly promote the failure of President Trump, the desire to harm America, and install more godless heathens in places of power.

Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. Romans 13:1

For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Romans 13:3

Except when a country has corrupt judges, then, Pilgrims must choose to render unto Caesar what is his and render unto God what is his: Jesus’ words.

Doc is calling for Pilgrims to join a nation-wide BOYCOTT! If these enemies believe they can be profitable while dissing sixty millions plus citizens, let’s show them how they will need to learn how to spell BANKRUPT Trumpeters, if you will sign the pledge to be faithful to this biblical battle plan, in a short time, all will be amazed how a different tune will be played. It was done once at the ballot box in November. Trust old Doc, it can be done again, again and again.

Pilgrims, old Doc ask one more thing from you to Make America Great Again: You pledge to use your Social Media and pass this information on to everyone, and encourage them to make this same pledge. Think of it this way: Charge full-bore for the Creator of this world, charge full-bore for our President, and charge full-bore for IVANKA!

Doc Christian

Pilgrims, our church grew by 1010 new members last week. Keep up your prayers going for the Lord to be honored via Doc’s writings. THANK YOU!



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     During old Doc’s sophomore year of under-grad, several young men from Hungry migrated to our university. Two of them were ‘world-class’ ping pong players and were eligible for the Olympics; but Russia had other ideas as they invaded and enslaved the people.

History and Poly-science were old Doc’s Majors. I loved History and wasn’t old enough or intelligent enough: like these Millennials that are trying to destroy our nation despite they walk around with the intellect of a gnat concerning the world and how it operates, to fully understand how horrible much dictators of the world treated people in the name of power.

A confession, I didn’t like Political Science since I didn’t see much need for it. As the Semester Final faced old Doc, the Grade Report wasn’t looking much better than the Mendoza Line. I befriended the boys from Hungary and they began to teach me about the horror of Communism. I was intensely interested; but, I had a difficult time believing all the ‘war-stories’ they told me. Surprise! The professor’s one question: Since Russia invaded Hungry and threatens the other countries in that region, declare how you think this will impact America and the rest of the world, specifically from a political spectrum, and tell me why? Old Doc aced the test! My professor called me into his office for a private session to help him understand how a floundering college basketball player could suddenly demonstrate ‘first-rate’ intelligence.

America’s future hangs in the balance of seeping farther into judicial corruption unless the people insist all our judges demonstrate ethical Common Sense rather than use their position of power to increase each judge’s fiefdom

It is time to recognize that our Judicial Branch of our government is corrupt! We need to stop trying to pretend our judges are independent and bring forth verdicts that are free of political or ideology bias, and cease appointing any judge that isn’t accountable to the citizens of America.

When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.  Proverbs 29:2

Since the Obama administration spent eight years doing all it could to increase the unAmerican ideology that denigrates the Bible, promotes all other religions…especially Muslim, and took a sharp LEFT into progressive/Communist ideology, rather than good old American Capitalism, I consider his leadership wicked

Because a majority of states chose to take our government in a different direction than the past eight years, and Donald Trump was elected President, and he has promised to undo as much as possible what Obama did to ruin our nation; plus, to create jobs, cut taxes, give the poor and the ghetto population a choice to get a decent education, and build a wall to keep illegals out of our country, Doc considers his leadership righteous.

Doc’s opinion, we are foolish and too naive for our own country’s good when we give a lawyer a platform to ‘toot his/her own horn’, and thumb their noses at those whom may disagree with their decisions. If one surveys our country’s judicial landscape one must ignore flashing neon signs that indicate the majority…by a mile, are cut from the cloth of judges who believe they are smarter than our Founding Fathers or the sacred document they structured; plus, the one they swore an oath to honor, that most have failed to do: the Constitution, and are ignoring this treasure trove of brilliance so it can defer to their personal peccadilloes and self-anointing ‘Mt. Rush More’ wisdom

The judges that have put a halt to our President’s vetting program…that is to keep America safe, are unaccountable to the citizens of our country, yet, can use a judicial edict that forces our ‘elected president to not keep his promise to the people of America: America’s interest first, especially its safety. These two ‘pointy-headed judicial Activists serve in Far-left loony-tune states, and they are biased as anyone can be for an Atheist/Secular ideology: the judge in Washington champions the Communist funded racial hate group: Black Lives Matter!

While Doc could be vexed and use many of these Liberal hate-the-Bible rebuttal positions, I choose to just use a ‘clear-head’ business ‘common sense’ approach to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt this is judicial high-jinks of the worst kind to not safe guard America, but put at risk  our citizens to be slaughtered by Muslim terrorists.

Questions all Americans need to answer: Who has access to the most relevant National Security intelligence, the President of the United States or a biased pointy-head judge? If your life depended upon it, whom do you choose to protect you and your family, these progressive secular/atheists ignoramus judges or the President of the United States?

Do you support any judge to possess the judicial power to abrogate the plans of the President of the United States to keep our nation safe from any enemies that wish to harm us or overthrow our government?

This judge or the one in Minnesota can claim they are usurping our President’s authority to ‘protect’ the best interest of the citizens of these states from being harmed fiscally; but, even Mr. Magoo could see through the blatant partisan political shield these secular/Atheist/ Far-left’ loons, disguised as black robe arbiters of the law are doing so their fanatics can do an ‘end-run’ around the Constitutional powers given to a President. They are a disgrace to the judicial system of America. If this isn’t a Partisan-hack job, why didn’t these same Judges slam the gavel down on President Obama’s exact Executive orders? What has changed since 2015?

     Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness; but rather expose them.” Ephesians 5:11

This is exactly what President Trump has promised to do: drain the swamp’. Doc’s opinion, fire the thousand EPA employees that signed a petition against his leadership!!!!!!

God help America! Please Lord, help America get a new Constitutional judge on the Supreme Court bench. When this happens, most of this Tomfoolery will be cut off at the knees.

Pilgrims, old Doc needs for American people to know that half the world is in a ‘hot-mess’ because of Muslims. These Jihadist killers of body and soul are creating mass hysteria and displacement of people from all corners of the world. Do our citizens really think it is our responsibility to save the world? The incredible amount of money and resources that have already been spent on behalf of millions and millions of displaced people, if we could actually trust our government: Federal and State, to share this truth, it would stagger the mind. If our ‘open borders’ loons get their way, we will be crushed and become insolvent.

Millions and millions of illegals will die to get into our country; but, few of them really care about assimilation as an American.

Old Doc is a biblical man and I do my best to live out Matthew 25:31-46 I even have a Jail Minstrelsy, but I didn’t sign up to provide financial support for millions of people who aren’t legal citizens. Every time I see our flag burned or another flag: i.e. Mexican flag flying during  a protest against our America values, rules, laws, and even our elected President, I want to back up the rig and fill it with those miscreants and send them back where they came from.

When our country was under siege and could have easily fallen to the Red Coats, we didn’t run, we fought and died for freedom. These refugees chose not to fight for their freedom. They fled and gave up their country to those evil forces that wanted to enslave them. When this Satanic monster, disguised as good wrapped in a sick brand of apostasy religion, attacked: they surrendered. When the enemy’s .forces was small, they could have fought and defeated the enemy, right? This entire world-on-fire war that has created a world of refugees, it seems few in the world want or can afford, and now regret allowing them into their country, must have a tipping-point or America will lose itself drowning in a sea of compassion, often misplaced, that will turn our once great biblical nation into a Third-World Country

Millions disagree with Doc; but, it won’t change the truth of my opinion. I may come to a different conclusion when those who disagree petition our government to allow them to adopt ten Muslim refugee families, and build on additions to their homes so they can financially provide for those they tell the world they desperately want to force me to help provide for them, then Doc will believe the secular haters of America are willing to put THEIR money…not mine, where their mouths are. The Pilgrims’ that live life in the COMMON SENSE LANE know I’m telling the truth.

As Pilgrims wandering around on foreign soil prepping for a new home in Beulah Land, I’m called to help provide for the poor, widows, and children; especially those who are Pilgrims; but, it is my choice. The Bible doesn’t address a redistribution of wealth from a government’s duty to its citizens. How did America become the FEED the nations’ country? It used to be FREE the nations’ country!

Note to President Trump from old Doc: Tell the enemy of our country: Democrats, they have one week to vet Gorsuch. If they haven’t salaciously denigrated him enough to satisfy their Comrades, too bad. Just use the nuclear option and get this Constitutional judge on the court. Until this is done, these Socialist/Communist unpatriotic people of this nation will force you to spend too much MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN POLITICAL capital. When the outcome favors our Constitution, all citizens that love this country can sleep better and cheer you on to accomplish what you promised you would do before you were elected. It is why you were elected!

Post note script: Now that the Ninth Circuit Judges declared they don’t care about America’s citizens’ safety, and they will crush our President’s plans to Make America Great Again, the gift from Dirty Harry Reid, Nuclear option, must be used…as soon as possible. The enemies of America are at the gate!!!

Doc Christian



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     At thirteen, old Doc viewed the magnificent Capitol and White House in Washington D.C., from the window of the first airplane I ever rode in. When the Oklahoma & Times contest for increased sales by their ‘paperboys’ winners returned to our homes, Doc viewed the oil rig that stands on Oklahoma’s capitol grounds, that is unique and its presence distinguishes it from all the other states. The view was exciting and it filled Doc with a sense of wonder and awe.

As a young man, Doc viewed the beauty of the islands of Hawaii and marveled at the color of the crystal blue water. He viewed the snow caps of Mt. Fuji, the jungles of the Philippines, and the streets of Hon Kong where millions of people live in small boats. Doc walked the streets of Nagasaki and Hiroshima fifteen years after the atomic bomb crashed to the earth and changed the fortunes of World War II for it brought about an immediate surrender by Japan. Each of these views left Doc with a reflection that his previous world had been extremely small.

Walking inside President Teddy Roosevelt’s enormous Log Cabin at beautiful Glacier National Park, standing before the History giants at Mt. Rushmore, and viewing Old Faithful as it erupted one more time, viewing the Golden Gate Bridge and the hundreds of miles of the Pacific Ocean coast line, and viewing a calm like glass China Sea from the fantail of a ship, provided thrills for a lifetime.

Floating down the Times River listening to our guide tell about the history of this unique river, and knowing that the majority of this nation’s Pilgrims, fleeing religious persecution, were not England’s  social upper-crust’ aristocracy, but ‘blue-collar’ people seeking an opportunity to pursue freedom, success, and happiness, made the view extra special to old Doc.

Walking down the often cobble streets of Ireland, and viewing many of the artifacts left from  the Protestant and Catholic hundred  war, and seeing the different type of green grass and meadows of Doc’s homeland: County Cork, made Doc’s parents’ legacy more valued.

Doc’s view of this myriad of special places, he refers to as THE BEAUTY. Unfortunately, for Pilgrims and America, there is the BEAST: the T.V. show known as THE VIEW. Doc’s opinion, it is an undeniable proof of the dregs of the outcome from the  hate the God of the Bible, mock Jesus Christ, and love everything that Satan can cook up to destroy the lives of men, women, and children, of America. Unfortunately, for America, it offers proof that the ‘Classy Lady’ of yesterday has passed into history, and left in its wake a concoction of female/male that offends half of America’s population that don’t live in California or New York.

These ‘ladies’ are equal-opportunity-offenders of all that is moral, up-right, and biblically principled. They, daily, demonstrate they collectively possess the education that is equivalent to the dolt Hollywood actors and actresses who think Communism is a preferable choice for America. While each practice heightened levels of Capitalism, they publicly advocate for the Socialist/Communist Economic way of life. Nowhere in America can one find a larger class of HYPOCRITES!

Doc’s opinion, These champions for the right to KILL BABIES and SELL THEIR BODY PARTS TO THE HIGHEST BIDDERS, while demanding murders not be executed for unspeakable crimes, clearly demonstrates how dazed and confused these woman are in a faux political world is a clear indication of how morally bankrupt they are. Sadly, the millions of women that watch their rancid brand of hate for anything biblical are cheered on by the collective residue from this emasculating men-haters fuzzy pea-sized brain women entertainment. If one can think of anything that can harm America and its children, they are certainly going to be ‘cheerleaders’

When it comes to the use of the wisdom found in the Bible, they are a seething, angry raging group of women who couldn’t be feminine if their lives depended upon it. Their brand of hate- speech, lack of common sense, and critical–thinking ability, plus public behavior enlightens none about America’s greatness or its potential to become even greater.

Un-like President Trump, whom they despise, the View championed Obama as he looked upon his people living in our cities filled with ghettos, and did nothing to improve their lot in life. Regardless, they cheered for his every step. He gave our greatest enemy (it wasn’t climate change) 150 Billion dollars, plus a ransom of 40 Billion to get them to a ‘laughable’ weapons agreement…which they broke many times, and he did nothing about it. Still, the View cheered for him as he put our citizens in harm’s way

Collectively, there isn’t a beauty among them, but there is a great deal of darkness. They don’t possess a smidgen of ‘the life by the Spirit’ as referred to in the book of Galatians: for they champion what the darkness reveals

The Apostle Paul writes:

The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy, drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Galatians 5:19-21

Doc’s opinion, on any given day of this repugnant show, one can witness many of these sins being committed against people they don’t like. The sad outcome about this UBER POLITICALLY CORRECT and BIBLICALLY INCORRECT show is millions of American women are hooked on this stuff.

But, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self- control. Against such things there is no law

     Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires.” Galatians 5:22-24

If one doesn’t agree with their particular brand of Socialist/Communist ideology, one will never witness this latter scripture. Living out on the View’s stage.

Their ‘brand of politics’ is inciting anarchy in our streets. Their hatful spurious rhetoric is responsible for people being harmed and criminals being championed (thug anarchist destroying property and brutalizing people) to demonstrate they are POOR LOOSERS about life and its unforeseen outcomes. The sad lessons they are teaching spoils our nation’s patriotic…RED—WHITE—BLUE broth that is actually the glue that  holds this country together. They are instilling in our children a visceral hate for what they couldn’t win with a democratic process, still must be won by divisiveness and a refusal to respect their fellow citizens whom that disagree with. They quickly discard the civil idea: “We will agree to disagree without being disagreeable” and disrespect fellow citizens for being alive and they wish them harm. They even refuse to respect and honor the office of the President of the United States.

The one thing all Pilgrims know and they can’t deny is they are a pack of bold faced liars! They told the world they would move to another country if Trump was elected. Why haven’t we seen the Moving Vans? If it’s a matter of money, Doc is sure he can get the DEPLORABLE S to pony-up the cash!

Pilgrims, how odious are the women on the View? They support the racist hateful Black lives Matter communist funded group that advocates for the murder of our cops. How many cops have been murdered? Enough said!

“This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved the darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.” John 3:19

Only Jesus can change hearts, but Pilgrims can BOYCOTT this show’s advertisers! Pilgrims, Doc says, “Forward march”.

One more thing, Ugly is the best description of the views from the View!

Doc Christian

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     Pilgrims, Doc Christian sometimes finds reverie in a boy’s past that was very distasteful, but, still praises Jesus for the experience. For instance, my family’s outhouse.

As a boy of six growing up in a ‘one-horse’ tiny town in rural Kansas: Ramona, for me, the scariest part of living in our tiny house where a family of six resided, was our outhouse. My Pop told me I had ‘bragging rights’ because we had a two holer. He always did have an odd sense of humor.

It didn’t seem to matter much, although the summers were the worst, our outhouse gave off a stench that curdled my nose. It seemed I made a lot of extra trips to our outhouse, because I was the oldest boy in the family and I became an unofficial body-guard, safe passage to and fro, and just ‘company’ when the urge came at night for my siblings.  I did complain, but, it didn’t do any good.

During the winter all in the family did just about anything to keep from making that nighttime visit; during the summer, the wasps were so mean and didn’t like to be disturbed at night…or the daytime, and they gave all visitors holy-hell when a visit was made. And then, there were those pesky, stinging flies: they didn’t help. Added to this scenario was story that circulated…and gave a majority of our town-folk great pause: supposedly, one elderly woman discovered a huge snake had taken up residency in her outhouse. Thankfully, she noticed it before she sat down  It wasn’t all bad, during the early summer our Sears and Roebuck catalog arrived, and we had a new supply of toilet paper: we could start using last years, and the new one became our ‘Wish-book’ for school clothes, which we  seldom wore because Mamma made most of our clothes.. The one constant about our outhouse was the smell! My Pop said it was enough to chase maggots off a ‘gut-wagon’, and he was telling the truth.

Old Doc Christian chose to share this personal anecdote with my church because each day the danger and smell emanating from the halls of our Democrat politicians remind me of that terrible stench from our outhouse.

I have seen some pitiful ‘pity-parties’ in my seventy-six years on God’s grand earth, but these whiny, poor-sport LOSERS from the Democrat party of Socialist/Communist ilk are beyond the pale. I suppose Trump is going to have to build ‘cry-rooms…like our ‘laughable universities that are supposed to be graduating semi-adult students ready for the ‘meat-grinder’: the real business world, but are turning out mushy headed Communists protesters unfit for any corporate consumption.

The Emperor without clothes: Obama… has left the building…well the DEPORABLES gave him a lovely ‘parting-gift’. It is odd. Those left behind are setting in the OUTHOUSE contemplating what LOSERS SHOULD DO, and fretting that any  sign of ‘doing the job they were elected to do will only embolden their arch enemy: Trump and his DEPLORABLE S. They should be very afraid indeed, since the political stench that is oozing from their American and unpatriotic behavior is dooming this ragtag bunch of Socialist/Communist lovers to decades of being relegated to ‘second skimmings’ from the citizens of America.

That loud cacophony of dolts out of Hollywood and their ‘comrades in arms’ the Media, have their’ knickers in a knot’ because America finally has a President that is fulfilling his campaign promises: drain the swamp. If old Doc doesn’t miss my prediction: Trump is going to send more Senators and Representatives to congress in 2018 because those formerly ‘Blue’ states that  are now Red, will just continue to become more entrenched in Red.’

Keeping with Doc’s theme of an outhouse, Pilgrims, did you know the word, dung (offal) is mentioned 4639 times in the Bible? In Malachi 2:1-3

          And now this admonition is for you O priests. If you do not listen, and if you do not set your heart to honor my name,” says the Lord Almighty, “I will send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings. Yes, I have already cursed them, because you have not set your heat to honor me.

          Because of you I will rebuke your descendants; I will spread on your faces offal (dung) from your festival sacrifices, and you will be carried off with it.”

     Madam Secretary Albright, when you told the world you are going to convert to being a Muslim, do think the Lord Almighty will consider your words a way to honor him?

The political diatribe that flows from the Democrats in congress, Doc’s opinion, looks like and smells like dung. Pilgrims, perhaps, if we all pray unceasingly to the Creator of us all, the  Lord Almighty might spread dung on their faces and they will be carried away with it.

I recall as a boy of about eight, there was an elderly man that lived near us. He loved to fish and he didn’t mind to ‘take a nip’ now and then. He told me it was to ward off snakes that often frequented his garden. One day I saw him busy digging a hole. I asked him what he was doing He motioned to his outhouse. “Red’, he called me that and I hated it. “Son, he said, when your S…… is full, all a man can do is dig a new hole and move your outhouse.”

In the light of the incredible turn of political events in our country’s Presidential Election History, and President Trump is busy ‘draining the swamp’, he might discern his great victory as digging a new hole: turning many blue states red…excluding ‘loony-land: California coast and the upper coast of New York, no Red State wants them anyway, and moving the White House away from the Democrats’ outhouse.

Pilgrims, is it ironic or what? The Democrat Party’s ‘true-blue’ supporters evidently could tell when the smell from their past Democrat Washington D.C. headquarters became so rancid, gaseous, and a danger to God’s earth, they sounded the alarm and told America the S…… was full and they quickly deduced the only thing intelligent, patriotic FORMERLY BLUE STATE voters could do was dig a new a hole and move the OUTHOUSE to the RED STATE SIDE of America’s…White House.

Take heart Pilgrims, as we continue to pray for the enemy: the Democrat Party, that they soon choose to have a ‘Come to Jesus Meeting’ where the Holy Spirit can have access to their hearts, we can take solace it will be a long time before America will need and new OUTHOUSE.

Doc Christian

Pilgrims, our church had 1265 new members in the past week! Continue to pray for God’s blessings for growth.

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