Pilgrims, old Doc has often pondered what it must have been like to witness or better yet, be a member of the unarmed army of Jews, under Joshua’s command, marching around the walls of Jericho once a day for six days. Can’t you just hear the loud, profane, rude comments poured down upon the Israelite’s? Can you close your eyes and let your mind marinade the bacchanal atmosphere going on with the parties, day and night, to mock the inept weak looking demonstration for waging war that might lead to a victory at the walled-city of Jericho? The Democrats thought they had an impregnable wall, too!

Evidently, they were positive God hadn’t read Tzu’s The Art of War, and sending a rag-tag small band of men to march, not fight, was laughable for those inside the wall at Jericho. Even when the seven priests carried trumpets and a Ram’s horn before the Ark of the Covenant, it didn’t frighten their foe.  By the end of the sixth day of marching, I’m positive the leaders and the people of Jericho considered the Jews’ daily show great entertainment. They were well fortified and cock-sure they had nothing to fear from such a silly bunch of Jews.

Don’t you think the Jews marching for six days may have been questioning God’s military plan and their leader’s ability to coherently understand what the plan really was? How silly do you think the men felt? How many of the wives begged their husbands to just not go to the wall today? Doc’s mother use to say, “A little humiliation is good for the soul.”

On the seventh day, things changed dramatically, with the sound of a Ram’s horn and a collective shout to give glory to God, the unthinkable happened: the walls crumbled, Joshua and his army attacked inside the walls and defeated their enemy. Joshua 6:1-27

Note to all Pilgrims, the idea of a WALL being used to define a country or peoples’ territory to help protect and keep them safe, isn’t new. It has been used since the days of Noah.

Pilgrims, as I sat mesmerized by President Trump’s recent ‘Knock-out’ of the corrupt and dishonest Media of our country during his hastily called news conference, and I thought how delicious the event was for the long-suffering Conservative, Constitutional-loving, Bible-thumpers, and Trumpeters across this land we call America, words fail me to adequately describe how wonderful it made me feel. This group of ‘hate everything moral or biblical’ crowd has subjected Pilgrims and decent American folks to the bilge of a hedonist drama for seventy years of my life, and the ‘beat-down’ on my behalf, made we want to stand up and cheer, howl at the moon, and fall to my knees and thank the Lord for being allowed to live to see this day.

Note to Senator McCain, America doesn’t need a dishonest Media; it needs an adversarial HONEST media. If you can find one in our country, other than Fox News, let me know. America doesn’t need you to make an assessment about how our new President is doing…in one month. I don’t recall you making foolish comments on foreign soil about Obama’s first month in office that embarrasses you and our nation, do you?

My opinion, President Trump and Joshua had a lot in common. The first battle into the land of Canaan, God’s Promise Land for the nation of Israel was Jericho. Given the circumstances and the battle plan given to Joshua by Jehovah, I dare say few people would be willing to place a wager, of any amount, for success for Joshua’s army.

When Joshua and his army showed up in front of the wall, they were mocked and made fun of. When President Trump announced his candidacy, the media mocked him, Hollywood and the entire Democrat political machine laughed and he became the butt of jokes on late night T.V.

This the same type of hurtful, deliberately, mocking of Joshua’s army because they obviously weren’t intelligent enough to discern the ‘forest for the trees’ treatment would end in absolute defeat and humiliation for Obama’s ‘hope and change’ disastrous two terms of doing all he could to ruin our once great biblical nation, would unravel at the speed of light despite billions of dollars spent on their ‘sure-bet’ corrupt candidate, Hilary Clinton, by Donald J. Trump who spent his own money to become President of the United States.

Like Joshua, Trump was left to march around and over his own party’s army; and after he dispensed of seventeen foes, he still was outside the wall where the enemy of Pilgrims safely resided…with ‘smooch, smooch, their best ‘pals’ the corrupt Media who colluded to make sure President Trump couldn’t win. The entertainment maggots of our land were cozily playing ‘footsie with them, too. Even as he continued to march and his army grew larger, they mocked him, and even people from his own party came to mock him, from outside the wall. Like Joshua, he resolutely continued to march and his army grew larger and they began to march with him. Everyone but Trump and his faithful followers predicted he didn’t have a million to one chance to win; but while the ‘party was going on inside the protected wall, on Election night the wall crumbled like in Jericho. The utterly unthinkable happened and Donald J. Trump became President of the United States. Even the savior of the Progressive/Socialist/Communist Ideology Obama, couldn’t save the Democrats from suffering their most humiliating defeat, ever.

Praise the Lord! President Trump not only won, despite even some of his former opponents proving to be men of no integrity, and some from his own party who still refuse to support him, he brought to our government majorities in both houses so large Democrats can’t hamstring his agenda and the promises he made to the voters who put him into office.

Despite the Democrat Party’s Playbook, that is filled with unspeakable ‘dark deeds’ straight from the bowels of Hell, and anarchy that is amok in the streets of our land, and the racists in our nation have reached new highs for ratcheting up divisive hate and personal animus to widen the divide of our citizens instead of work to unite us, praise the good God of heaven, America has another chance to regain some of its luster: respect, integrity, moral foundation, biblical freedoms, and pride in the Red—White–Blue for old Glory around the world. Perhaps, our enemies will once again fear us and decide to seek peace instead of rattle their sabers.

The Democrat ‘lefties’ and their other Socialist/Communist cronies have even enlisted the aid of some defrocked loony-tune Psychiatrists to label our President Trump as manic and UNHINGED. The corrupt Media uses this term every chance they get to impress upon the citizens of America this is true. Since only about twenty-percent of what they write or report is true, they are failing at every attempt to delegitimize our President.

Pilgrims, don’t you think the ‘chattering classes’ behind that wall of Jericho made the same conclusion about Joshua? He had to be a lunatic to think his team could win. He must be UNHINGED to behave like he did. Well, Joshua was proven to be a brilliant military general: he was on the Lord’s side; his faith was in the Creator of the world; his victory was sweeter than candy, and in the end, with God’s help, the outcome was dandy.

Note to America’s enemies from old Doc: the DEPLORABLES love what President Trump is doing. We like it he is being labeled by the misfit ‘hate America’ crowd and the racial whore-mongers in congress and across the college abyss of Communist loving educators that claim he is unfit to be President because he is UNHINGED. What they can’t get their fat Socialist/Communist heads around is that this UNHINGED man has managed to HINGE Trump supporters close as skin. From our HINGED position, we feel energized and have a new purpose for loving our freedoms, and for a willingness to make sure no citizen loses the exercise of freedom so any certain group or group-thought’ can supersede our guaranteed religious freedoms.

Speaking of being unhinged, does America need any further proof it is the Media that is completely UNHINGED, when they mock and attack Melania Trump for reading the Lord’s Prayer to open her husband’s Thank You’ rally in Florida?

Pilgrims… don’t forget to daily swing your HINGE.  Thanks to the God in heaven, my opinion, we are connected to an UNHINGED President that is going to really accomplish what Obama promised but failed miserably to deliver: Hope and Change: back to the Constitution/back to the Bible.

Doc Christian



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     Old Doc sometimes gets a catalog in the mail: Buck Naked Underwear. I have been tempted to order a pair, but haven’t, yet.

Jehovah demonstrated his displeasure toward those wily rascals, the Jewish people, for running to Egypt and Ethiopia for an alliance to protect them, rather than depend upon the God that had pulled their chestnuts of out the fire so many times, even God had lost count of the number of times, and he sent the Assyrians to punish all three of these nations. Jehovah predicted the demise of Egypt and the Ethiopians, and when his ‘chosen people’ witnessed this carnage, they’d run back to him.

In the book of Isaiah 20: 3ff, the prophet is told to do some ‘crazy things’. During a span of three years, he was to appear before the people naked and without sandals. He was to remain mute. The original Hebrew language and many noted scholars differ about how to interpret this spiritual charge to Isaiah, but, whether a Pilgrim chooses to consider his time of parading before the people in an act of humiliation three days or three years, or he was just nearly naked, the Creator had a point to make: Again the Jewish people were searching for direction and answers for the multitude of problems facing and chasing them in all the wrong places. Building altars and offering sacrifices to Baal and all other types of false gods, and given a sense of delight to Jehovah’s promised wrath upon their godless friends by his chosen instrument: the Muslim horde.

Like a good Mystery Thriller that builds up suspense, God had his prophet parade around and even amidst the people for three years before God allowed Isaiah to speak, and then he told them the ‘bad news’ about what God was going to do to them before he punished those who punished them…years later.

My opinion, God was so disappointed in his people because every time he gave them a chance to be blessed, they ran to those who promised joy and pleasure because that ‘Meany’ Jehovah expected holiness and absolute fealty to him. His message: it is better to be seen buck naked than wear the trappings of the world where Satan plays.

Old Doc’s prediction: like CEO of Under Armour, Kevin Plank, who praised our President Trump for his plan to cut corporate taxes and remove strangling business regulations the Obama administration afflicted our country’s businesses with for eight years, he found out how difficult he would have maneuvering amidst a pack of racist SOCIAL JUSTICE black athletes who are too stupid to know that this term is CODE SPEAK for Communist Ideology. This is the genesis of the term. They demanded he recant his support for the President or they’d take their talents to a different sports company. Mr. Plank was exposed, buck naked, so to speak, for his support for their avowed enemy: anything Republican…and especially against anyone trying to help black society to look in a mirror and announce: “The fault lies not in the stars, but in us.”   None of their black, so-called leaders, including Obama did anything to rescue the people of the ghettos, but they were content to live with that outcome; after all, they live in mansions far, far, far, removed for the ‘killing fields’ of the ghettos. Insulated from the carnage and mayhem, they can protest, preen and accept accolades for being black and hating whites that seek to help.

The unpatriotic Patriots football players that have chosen to break with their team and not come to the formal meeting with the President to celebrate their Super Bowl win are cowards of the first class. Unfortunately, they just mirror the majority of black society for they refuse to expose the horrible condition of at least half of black people in America who are semi-illiterate and often marginally employable because by the time they are old enough to have a job, the boys have a criminal record and the girls are teen moms that require other people to be responsible for the outcome from their sin of a promiscuous life. Many of these same ‘Sports’ heroes are the ‘sperm donors’ for these children left to face a life with ‘two strikes’ against them, from the ‘get-go’.

The SOCIAL JUSTICE crowd, headed by the Congressional Black Caucus and race pimps, like Al Sharpton, stir up racial hatred because it is good for business: their personal business. Pilgrims, this band of hooligans are wolves in sheep clothing for Communist Ideology. As this unholy alliance coalesces and gins up a lying false narrative about their perceived injustice concerning SOCIAL JUSTICE they do to the poor and ghetto citizen a great injustice: they marginalize their plight and give substance to criminals that prey upon the weak.

While the moneyed Socialist/Democrat/Progressive/Communist Ideology lemmings ignore their own culpability for the mess of too many black and poor people in America suffering untold harm from myopic ‘you can’t ever succeed unless you can sing (Rap), dance, run, shoot, throw a ball’. Education for black children isn’t a priority because the corrupt Teachers Union would not know how to compete in the market place for the right to actually educate the Public School Students, and they wholeheartedly support the union. If they really cared, they’d have been protesting the Communist sympathizers that did their best to keep Betsy Voss from becoming the head of Education.

Since the ‘Far-left, and racist people in America have made the support for President Trump a litmus test for being worthy of having our religious and all other rights suppressed or shut down, and have signified so by demanding anyone who disagrees with their narrow vision of freedoms, it is the duty of Pilgrims and Trumpeters to prove our loyalty to our Country and our President by refusing to buy or wear any type of apparel made by any business that doesn’t support our President. If necessary to combat this type of evil, we must GO BUCK NAKED rather than enrich these weak-kneed hate-America businesses.

My opinion, since ninety percent of this type of Business-lynching is from the Atheist/Communist playbook, I’m quite sure the Creator of this universe and his Son, Jesus Christ would not be offended if even our pulpits were manned by BUCK NAKED preachers teaching the truths found only in the Bible. Pilgrims, our country is in a ‘HOLY WAR’ for the survival of the freedom to believe in the Bible and to practice its tenets.

I’m quite sure Joshua would have approved of this insertion into his declaration: “Choose this day whom you will serve (BUCK NAKED), as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

Doc Christian;wp-login.php

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 My girl is fine as Solomon’s wine.

My girl is beauty defined.

My girl knows how to put me in a spin

My girl leaves me in a thrill that marches to

the touch of love’s drill.

My girl’s name is like perfume that leaves

her fragrance in the center of my mind she

Imprints so sublime.

My girl can make the sun blush, embarrassed

because he can’t give the same rush.

My girl’s dark chocolate-drop eyes make all candy

seem less dandy for the connoisseur of sweet treats.

My girl is inhaling and exhaling my breath as just

she is a delight to gaze upon and have love’s sigh

resting on my arm, more than any man’s ‘good luck’


My girl is sight for Cupid’s arrow for she hit her

target, and I fell a happy wounded Sparrow.

My girl is lace and softness, grits and gravy, and

she rescued me from the Navy.

My girl is smooth sailing on choppy seas, and ‘love-sickness’

is my only disease.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Solo Per Sempre


Your Redhead

February 14, 2017

Blessed by God to have the joy to celebrate 53 Valentine’s days.





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      Pilgrims, Trumpeters, and all RED—WHITE—BLUE Patriotic Americans, it is past time old Doc gets his very important question answered. I mean it is imperative, I mean I’ve gone past the ‘pleading’ stage; and I’ve entered into the  BEGGING, BEGGING phase of my life; please tell me you’ll join my quest to show the enemy of this Country…you fill in the blank that doesn’t support our President Trump, that collectively, you are willing to ‘fight fire with fire,’ politically, biblically, and even monetarily, and sign a pledge that you will not knowingly spend one Red dime to enrich the coffers of any media,  Hollywood actors, or any businesses associated with the ‘hate America’ every chance you get’ Socialist/Communist crowd for the  duration of President Trump’s term in office.

As I watched Fox and Friends News this morning and listened, to the grousing bunch of ‘LOSERS’ complain about the DEPLORABLE S (patriots of our country) ruining their Communist litmus test propaganda in la la land: Hollywood; as I witnessed these Atheist/Communist-leaning Hollywood SAGA ‘’monkey see, monkey do’ bigoted, self-acclaimed elite uber rich people preen and open their mouths and tell the world how the majority of our people in America should conduct our nation’s affairs, I couldn’t help recall my Spanish teachers advice: “If you don’t know what you are talking about, don’t open your mouth and allow the world to remove all doubt concerning how poorly educated and out-right stupid you really are.” WOW! Talk about hitting the nail on the head. She really did know what she was talking about, right?

It really is amazing how little they do know about our nation’s history and our sacred documents. Now hear this Hollywood…all illegals do not have any constitutionally protected ‘right’ to be in our country; none of our laws apply to illegals. They can’t sue for any legal purpose because they aren’t a citizen of America.  Will someone tell that angry, hot tempered, congress woman: Warren, in order to serve her state’s people better, she needs to take a ‘remedial’ America History class because she is spouting lies, half-truths, and political propaganda for 2020. Note to her from Doc, “You don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell.”

Old Doc is sounding the alarm! It is past time Pilgrims change our biblical war strategy. If we are going to compete in a Global World for the soul of this nation, we must ‘fight fire with fire’. All firemen know that it is often necessary to use fire to fight a raging fire to keep it from getting out of control and wreaking suffering and loss for many in its path.

After some serious prayer and biblical reconnoitering, Doc has concluded we can’t defeat this enemy with honest communication because the media is corrupt (as they say out in Indian Country, where I grew-up: “He speaks with forked-tongue”) and they possess the power to influence what information people can access (thank you Lord for Twitter!). Hollywood possesses the power to influence how people discern the news, and they hold sway over the ‘Youth-culture’s ‘brain-washing’ that kills ‘critical thinking’ and produces ‘Group-think’ ideology that censors and restricts freedoms by using ‘peer pressure and peer review to have robotic-like lemmings following a message few really understand, but become good ‘comrades’ for the Party’s good.  The same can be said about our nation’s Public Education System. Collectively, these people are the enemy of all Pilgrims!

Washington D.C.’s Public School students have a 12% Math proficiency, despite tax-payers forking over more money per student than any city in the country; and when she tried to visit a school, the enemy has a violent protest for the new Secretary of Education: Betsy Voss Where are her Bodyguards? Why doesn’t the law arrest these thugs and punish them? Why isn’t their pictures being taken of these thugs? Why aren’t the Trump people using them as a fulcrum to force our Law and Order officials to exercise the fullest punishment allowed by our laws on behalf of the decent people of the United States? Our cops need to do some serious ‘head-cracking’ because it is the only thing criminals understand. Why aren’t the cops using ‘PEPPER BULLETS to disarm and arrest the paid protesters?

If any Pilgrim will take a second look, the only avenues left for us to defeat Satan and all his minions in America is to plan a frontal spirituals-biblical attack: pray, pray, pray unceasingly, and pray some more that God’s will may be the intervention and submission for the enemy via the Holy Spirit’s influence and harsh vexing (doing His job of convicting of sin) of the enemy. and spoil their plans; and for Pilgrims to rally and withhold our finances that add one dollar to the bottom line for all businesses that openly promote the failure of President Trump, the desire to harm America, and install more godless heathens in places of power.

Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. Romans 13:1

For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Romans 13:3

Except when a country has corrupt judges, then, Pilgrims must choose to render unto Caesar what is his and render unto God what is his: Jesus’ words.

Doc is calling for Pilgrims to join a nation-wide BOYCOTT! If these enemies believe they can be profitable while dissing sixty millions plus citizens, let’s show them how they will need to learn how to spell BANKRUPT Trumpeters, if you will sign the pledge to be faithful to this biblical battle plan, in a short time, all will be amazed how a different tune will be played. It was done once at the ballot box in November. Trust old Doc, it can be done again, again and again.

Pilgrims, old Doc ask one more thing from you to Make America Great Again: You pledge to use your Social Media and pass this information on to everyone, and encourage them to make this same pledge. Think of it this way: Charge full-bore for the Creator of this world, charge full-bore for our President, and charge full-bore for IVANKA!

Doc Christian

Pilgrims, our church grew by 1010 new members last week. Keep up your prayers going for the Lord to be honored via Doc’s writings. THANK YOU!



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     During old Doc’s sophomore year of under-grad, several young men from Hungry migrated to our university. Two of them were ‘world-class’ ping pong players and were eligible for the Olympics; but Russia had other ideas as they invaded and enslaved the people.

History and Poly-science were old Doc’s Majors. I loved History and wasn’t old enough or intelligent enough: like these Millennials that are trying to destroy our nation despite they walk around with the intellect of a gnat concerning the world and how it operates, to fully understand how horrible much dictators of the world treated people in the name of power.

A confession, I didn’t like Political Science since I didn’t see much need for it. As the Semester Final faced old Doc, the Grade Report wasn’t looking much better than the Mendoza Line. I befriended the boys from Hungary and they began to teach me about the horror of Communism. I was intensely interested; but, I had a difficult time believing all the ‘war-stories’ they told me. Surprise! The professor’s one question: Since Russia invaded Hungry and threatens the other countries in that region, declare how you think this will impact America and the rest of the world, specifically from a political spectrum, and tell me why? Old Doc aced the test! My professor called me into his office for a private session to help him understand how a floundering college basketball player could suddenly demonstrate ‘first-rate’ intelligence.

America’s future hangs in the balance of seeping farther into judicial corruption unless the people insist all our judges demonstrate ethical Common Sense rather than use their position of power to increase each judge’s fiefdom

It is time to recognize that our Judicial Branch of our government is corrupt! We need to stop trying to pretend our judges are independent and bring forth verdicts that are free of political or ideology bias, and cease appointing any judge that isn’t accountable to the citizens of America.

When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.  Proverbs 29:2

Since the Obama administration spent eight years doing all it could to increase the unAmerican ideology that denigrates the Bible, promotes all other religions…especially Muslim, and took a sharp LEFT into progressive/Communist ideology, rather than good old American Capitalism, I consider his leadership wicked

Because a majority of states chose to take our government in a different direction than the past eight years, and Donald Trump was elected President, and he has promised to undo as much as possible what Obama did to ruin our nation; plus, to create jobs, cut taxes, give the poor and the ghetto population a choice to get a decent education, and build a wall to keep illegals out of our country, Doc considers his leadership righteous.

Doc’s opinion, we are foolish and too naive for our own country’s good when we give a lawyer a platform to ‘toot his/her own horn’, and thumb their noses at those whom may disagree with their decisions. If one surveys our country’s judicial landscape one must ignore flashing neon signs that indicate the majority…by a mile, are cut from the cloth of judges who believe they are smarter than our Founding Fathers or the sacred document they structured; plus, the one they swore an oath to honor, that most have failed to do: the Constitution, and are ignoring this treasure trove of brilliance so it can defer to their personal peccadilloes and self-anointing ‘Mt. Rush More’ wisdom

The judges that have put a halt to our President’s vetting program…that is to keep America safe, are unaccountable to the citizens of our country, yet, can use a judicial edict that forces our ‘elected president to not keep his promise to the people of America: America’s interest first, especially its safety. These two ‘pointy-headed judicial Activists serve in Far-left loony-tune states, and they are biased as anyone can be for an Atheist/Secular ideology: the judge in Washington champions the Communist funded racial hate group: Black Lives Matter!

While Doc could be vexed and use many of these Liberal hate-the-Bible rebuttal positions, I choose to just use a ‘clear-head’ business ‘common sense’ approach to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt this is judicial high-jinks of the worst kind to not safe guard America, but put at risk  our citizens to be slaughtered by Muslim terrorists.

Questions all Americans need to answer: Who has access to the most relevant National Security intelligence, the President of the United States or a biased pointy-head judge? If your life depended upon it, whom do you choose to protect you and your family, these progressive secular/atheists ignoramus judges or the President of the United States?

Do you support any judge to possess the judicial power to abrogate the plans of the President of the United States to keep our nation safe from any enemies that wish to harm us or overthrow our government?

This judge or the one in Minnesota can claim they are usurping our President’s authority to ‘protect’ the best interest of the citizens of these states from being harmed fiscally; but, even Mr. Magoo could see through the blatant partisan political shield these secular/Atheist/ Far-left’ loons, disguised as black robe arbiters of the law are doing so their fanatics can do an ‘end-run’ around the Constitutional powers given to a President. They are a disgrace to the judicial system of America. If this isn’t a Partisan-hack job, why didn’t these same Judges slam the gavel down on President Obama’s exact Executive orders? What has changed since 2015?

     Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness; but rather expose them.” Ephesians 5:11

This is exactly what President Trump has promised to do: drain the swamp’. Doc’s opinion, fire the thousand EPA employees that signed a petition against his leadership!!!!!!

God help America! Please Lord, help America get a new Constitutional judge on the Supreme Court bench. When this happens, most of this Tomfoolery will be cut off at the knees.

Pilgrims, old Doc needs for American people to know that half the world is in a ‘hot-mess’ because of Muslims. These Jihadist killers of body and soul are creating mass hysteria and displacement of people from all corners of the world. Do our citizens really think it is our responsibility to save the world? The incredible amount of money and resources that have already been spent on behalf of millions and millions of displaced people, if we could actually trust our government: Federal and State, to share this truth, it would stagger the mind. If our ‘open borders’ loons get their way, we will be crushed and become insolvent.

Millions and millions of illegals will die to get into our country; but, few of them really care about assimilation as an American.

Old Doc is a biblical man and I do my best to live out Matthew 25:31-46 I even have a Jail Minstrelsy, but I didn’t sign up to provide financial support for millions of people who aren’t legal citizens. Every time I see our flag burned or another flag: i.e. Mexican flag flying during  a protest against our America values, rules, laws, and even our elected President, I want to back up the rig and fill it with those miscreants and send them back where they came from.

When our country was under siege and could have easily fallen to the Red Coats, we didn’t run, we fought and died for freedom. These refugees chose not to fight for their freedom. They fled and gave up their country to those evil forces that wanted to enslave them. When this Satanic monster, disguised as good wrapped in a sick brand of apostasy religion, attacked: they surrendered. When the enemy’s .forces was small, they could have fought and defeated the enemy, right? This entire world-on-fire war that has created a world of refugees, it seems few in the world want or can afford, and now regret allowing them into their country, must have a tipping-point or America will lose itself drowning in a sea of compassion, often misplaced, that will turn our once great biblical nation into a Third-World Country

Millions disagree with Doc; but, it won’t change the truth of my opinion. I may come to a different conclusion when those who disagree petition our government to allow them to adopt ten Muslim refugee families, and build on additions to their homes so they can financially provide for those they tell the world they desperately want to force me to help provide for them, then Doc will believe the secular haters of America are willing to put THEIR money…not mine, where their mouths are. The Pilgrims’ that live life in the COMMON SENSE LANE know I’m telling the truth.

As Pilgrims wandering around on foreign soil prepping for a new home in Beulah Land, I’m called to help provide for the poor, widows, and children; especially those who are Pilgrims; but, it is my choice. The Bible doesn’t address a redistribution of wealth from a government’s duty to its citizens. How did America become the FEED the nations’ country? It used to be FREE the nations’ country!

Note to President Trump from old Doc: Tell the enemy of our country: Democrats, they have one week to vet Gorsuch. If they haven’t salaciously denigrated him enough to satisfy their Comrades, too bad. Just use the nuclear option and get this Constitutional judge on the court. Until this is done, these Socialist/Communist unpatriotic people of this nation will force you to spend too much MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN POLITICAL capital. When the outcome favors our Constitution, all citizens that love this country can sleep better and cheer you on to accomplish what you promised you would do before you were elected. It is why you were elected!

Post note script: Now that the Ninth Circuit Judges declared they don’t care about America’s citizens’ safety, and they will crush our President’s plans to Make America Great Again, the gift from Dirty Harry Reid, Nuclear option, must be used…as soon as possible. The enemies of America are at the gate!!!

Doc Christian



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     At thirteen, old Doc viewed the magnificent Capitol and White House in Washington D.C., from the window of the first airplane I ever rode in. When the Oklahoma & Times contest for increased sales by their ‘paperboys’ winners returned to our homes, Doc viewed the oil rig that stands on Oklahoma’s capitol grounds, that is unique and its presence distinguishes it from all the other states. The view was exciting and it filled Doc with a sense of wonder and awe.

As a young man, Doc viewed the beauty of the islands of Hawaii and marveled at the color of the crystal blue water. He viewed the snow caps of Mt. Fuji, the jungles of the Philippines, and the streets of Hon Kong where millions of people live in small boats. Doc walked the streets of Nagasaki and Hiroshima fifteen years after the atomic bomb crashed to the earth and changed the fortunes of World War II for it brought about an immediate surrender by Japan. Each of these views left Doc with a reflection that his previous world had been extremely small.

Walking inside President Teddy Roosevelt’s enormous Log Cabin at beautiful Glacier National Park, standing before the History giants at Mt. Rushmore, and viewing Old Faithful as it erupted one more time, viewing the Golden Gate Bridge and the hundreds of miles of the Pacific Ocean coast line, and viewing a calm like glass China Sea from the fantail of a ship, provided thrills for a lifetime.

Floating down the Times River listening to our guide tell about the history of this unique river, and knowing that the majority of this nation’s Pilgrims, fleeing religious persecution, were not England’s  social upper-crust’ aristocracy, but ‘blue-collar’ people seeking an opportunity to pursue freedom, success, and happiness, made the view extra special to old Doc.

Walking down the often cobble streets of Ireland, and viewing many of the artifacts left from  the Protestant and Catholic hundred  war, and seeing the different type of green grass and meadows of Doc’s homeland: County Cork, made Doc’s parents’ legacy more valued.

Doc’s view of this myriad of special places, he refers to as THE BEAUTY. Unfortunately, for Pilgrims and America, there is the BEAST: the T.V. show known as THE VIEW. Doc’s opinion, it is an undeniable proof of the dregs of the outcome from the  hate the God of the Bible, mock Jesus Christ, and love everything that Satan can cook up to destroy the lives of men, women, and children, of America. Unfortunately, for America, it offers proof that the ‘Classy Lady’ of yesterday has passed into history, and left in its wake a concoction of female/male that offends half of America’s population that don’t live in California or New York.

These ‘ladies’ are equal-opportunity-offenders of all that is moral, up-right, and biblically principled. They, daily, demonstrate they collectively possess the education that is equivalent to the dolt Hollywood actors and actresses who think Communism is a preferable choice for America. While each practice heightened levels of Capitalism, they publicly advocate for the Socialist/Communist Economic way of life. Nowhere in America can one find a larger class of HYPOCRITES!

Doc’s opinion, These champions for the right to KILL BABIES and SELL THEIR BODY PARTS TO THE HIGHEST BIDDERS, while demanding murders not be executed for unspeakable crimes, clearly demonstrates how dazed and confused these woman are in a faux political world is a clear indication of how morally bankrupt they are. Sadly, the millions of women that watch their rancid brand of hate for anything biblical are cheered on by the collective residue from this emasculating men-haters fuzzy pea-sized brain women entertainment. If one can think of anything that can harm America and its children, they are certainly going to be ‘cheerleaders’

When it comes to the use of the wisdom found in the Bible, they are a seething, angry raging group of women who couldn’t be feminine if their lives depended upon it. Their brand of hate- speech, lack of common sense, and critical–thinking ability, plus public behavior enlightens none about America’s greatness or its potential to become even greater.

Un-like President Trump, whom they despise, the View championed Obama as he looked upon his people living in our cities filled with ghettos, and did nothing to improve their lot in life. Regardless, they cheered for his every step. He gave our greatest enemy (it wasn’t climate change) 150 Billion dollars, plus a ransom of 40 Billion to get them to a ‘laughable’ weapons agreement…which they broke many times, and he did nothing about it. Still, the View cheered for him as he put our citizens in harm’s way

Collectively, there isn’t a beauty among them, but there is a great deal of darkness. They don’t possess a smidgen of ‘the life by the Spirit’ as referred to in the book of Galatians: for they champion what the darkness reveals

The Apostle Paul writes:

The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy, drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Galatians 5:19-21

Doc’s opinion, on any given day of this repugnant show, one can witness many of these sins being committed against people they don’t like. The sad outcome about this UBER POLITICALLY CORRECT and BIBLICALLY INCORRECT show is millions of American women are hooked on this stuff.

But, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self- control. Against such things there is no law

     Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires.” Galatians 5:22-24

If one doesn’t agree with their particular brand of Socialist/Communist ideology, one will never witness this latter scripture. Living out on the View’s stage.

Their ‘brand of politics’ is inciting anarchy in our streets. Their hatful spurious rhetoric is responsible for people being harmed and criminals being championed (thug anarchist destroying property and brutalizing people) to demonstrate they are POOR LOOSERS about life and its unforeseen outcomes. The sad lessons they are teaching spoils our nation’s patriotic…RED—WHITE—BLUE broth that is actually the glue that  holds this country together. They are instilling in our children a visceral hate for what they couldn’t win with a democratic process, still must be won by divisiveness and a refusal to respect their fellow citizens whom that disagree with. They quickly discard the civil idea: “We will agree to disagree without being disagreeable” and disrespect fellow citizens for being alive and they wish them harm. They even refuse to respect and honor the office of the President of the United States.

The one thing all Pilgrims know and they can’t deny is they are a pack of bold faced liars! They told the world they would move to another country if Trump was elected. Why haven’t we seen the Moving Vans? If it’s a matter of money, Doc is sure he can get the DEPLORABLE S to pony-up the cash!

Pilgrims, how odious are the women on the View? They support the racist hateful Black lives Matter communist funded group that advocates for the murder of our cops. How many cops have been murdered? Enough said!

“This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved the darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.” John 3:19

Only Jesus can change hearts, but Pilgrims can BOYCOTT this show’s advertisers! Pilgrims, Doc says, “Forward march”.

One more thing, Ugly is the best description of the views from the View!

Doc Christian

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     Pilgrims, Doc Christian sometimes finds reverie in a boy’s past that was very distasteful, but, still praises Jesus for the experience. For instance, my family’s outhouse.

As a boy of six growing up in a ‘one-horse’ tiny town in rural Kansas: Ramona, for me, the scariest part of living in our tiny house where a family of six resided, was our outhouse. My Pop told me I had ‘bragging rights’ because we had a two holer. He always did have an odd sense of humor.

It didn’t seem to matter much, although the summers were the worst, our outhouse gave off a stench that curdled my nose. It seemed I made a lot of extra trips to our outhouse, because I was the oldest boy in the family and I became an unofficial body-guard, safe passage to and fro, and just ‘company’ when the urge came at night for my siblings.  I did complain, but, it didn’t do any good.

During the winter all in the family did just about anything to keep from making that nighttime visit; during the summer, the wasps were so mean and didn’t like to be disturbed at night…or the daytime, and they gave all visitors holy-hell when a visit was made. And then, there were those pesky, stinging flies: they didn’t help. Added to this scenario was story that circulated…and gave a majority of our town-folk great pause: supposedly, one elderly woman discovered a huge snake had taken up residency in her outhouse. Thankfully, she noticed it before she sat down  It wasn’t all bad, during the early summer our Sears and Roebuck catalog arrived, and we had a new supply of toilet paper: we could start using last years, and the new one became our ‘Wish-book’ for school clothes, which we  seldom wore because Mamma made most of our clothes.. The one constant about our outhouse was the smell! My Pop said it was enough to chase maggots off a ‘gut-wagon’, and he was telling the truth.

Old Doc Christian chose to share this personal anecdote with my church because each day the danger and smell emanating from the halls of our Democrat politicians remind me of that terrible stench from our outhouse.

I have seen some pitiful ‘pity-parties’ in my seventy-six years on God’s grand earth, but these whiny, poor-sport LOSERS from the Democrat party of Socialist/Communist ilk are beyond the pale. I suppose Trump is going to have to build ‘cry-rooms…like our ‘laughable universities that are supposed to be graduating semi-adult students ready for the ‘meat-grinder’: the real business world, but are turning out mushy headed Communists protesters unfit for any corporate consumption.

The Emperor without clothes: Obama… has left the building…well the DEPORABLES gave him a lovely ‘parting-gift’. It is odd. Those left behind are setting in the OUTHOUSE contemplating what LOSERS SHOULD DO, and fretting that any  sign of ‘doing the job they were elected to do will only embolden their arch enemy: Trump and his DEPLORABLE S. They should be very afraid indeed, since the political stench that is oozing from their American and unpatriotic behavior is dooming this ragtag bunch of Socialist/Communist lovers to decades of being relegated to ‘second skimmings’ from the citizens of America.

That loud cacophony of dolts out of Hollywood and their ‘comrades in arms’ the Media, have their’ knickers in a knot’ because America finally has a President that is fulfilling his campaign promises: drain the swamp. If old Doc doesn’t miss my prediction: Trump is going to send more Senators and Representatives to congress in 2018 because those formerly ‘Blue’ states that  are now Red, will just continue to become more entrenched in Red.’

Keeping with Doc’s theme of an outhouse, Pilgrims, did you know the word, dung (offal) is mentioned 4639 times in the Bible? In Malachi 2:1-3

          And now this admonition is for you O priests. If you do not listen, and if you do not set your heart to honor my name,” says the Lord Almighty, “I will send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings. Yes, I have already cursed them, because you have not set your heat to honor me.

          Because of you I will rebuke your descendants; I will spread on your faces offal (dung) from your festival sacrifices, and you will be carried off with it.”

     Madam Secretary Albright, when you told the world you are going to convert to being a Muslim, do think the Lord Almighty will consider your words a way to honor him?

The political diatribe that flows from the Democrats in congress, Doc’s opinion, looks like and smells like dung. Pilgrims, perhaps, if we all pray unceasingly to the Creator of us all, the  Lord Almighty might spread dung on their faces and they will be carried away with it.

I recall as a boy of about eight, there was an elderly man that lived near us. He loved to fish and he didn’t mind to ‘take a nip’ now and then. He told me it was to ward off snakes that often frequented his garden. One day I saw him busy digging a hole. I asked him what he was doing He motioned to his outhouse. “Red’, he called me that and I hated it. “Son, he said, when your S…… is full, all a man can do is dig a new hole and move your outhouse.”

In the light of the incredible turn of political events in our country’s Presidential Election History, and President Trump is busy ‘draining the swamp’, he might discern his great victory as digging a new hole: turning many blue states red…excluding ‘loony-land: California coast and the upper coast of New York, no Red State wants them anyway, and moving the White House away from the Democrats’ outhouse.

Pilgrims, is it ironic or what? The Democrat Party’s ‘true-blue’ supporters evidently could tell when the smell from their past Democrat Washington D.C. headquarters became so rancid, gaseous, and a danger to God’s earth, they sounded the alarm and told America the S…… was full and they quickly deduced the only thing intelligent, patriotic FORMERLY BLUE STATE voters could do was dig a new a hole and move the OUTHOUSE to the RED STATE SIDE of America’s…White House.

Take heart Pilgrims, as we continue to pray for the enemy: the Democrat Party, that they soon choose to have a ‘Come to Jesus Meeting’ where the Holy Spirit can have access to their hearts, we can take solace it will be a long time before America will need and new OUTHOUSE.

Doc Christian

Pilgrims, our church had 1265 new members in the past week! Continue to pray for God’s blessings for growth.

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     Pilgrims, old Doc has seen the Nazi Concentration camps where millions of Jews were dehumanized, gassed and cremated. Stepping into the room of those burners, one can’t help but hear the frantic screams of those being murdered. I recall walking out of that torture chamber, I just couldn’t fathom how one human could treat another human in such an evil manner. I swear one can still smell the stench of burnt flesh!

Marie Jana Korbelova was born in Czechoslovakia in 1937 and escaped to America in 1939 before her family was taken captive and murdered by the Nazi regime. The world knows her as Madeline Albright, our country’s first woman Secretary of State.

She must be Jewish only in blood, and must be an Atheist because just last week she told the world she was going to become a Muslim…as part of her protest towards President Trump’s Executive Order to have ‘extreme vetting’ of Muslims that are entering our country from known Islamic Jihadist Terrorist countries. And, all along, d Doc thought she was intelligent and had been a true patriot for us. Evidently, my assumption was false. Note to Madeline, Muslims want all Jews dead! Since the time of Abraham, this has been their goal! Who are you? Evidently, you are a confused, dazed, Liberal that has lost even her ancestral roots. When it comes to sorting out who is an American Patriot, you have lots of company.

The cardinal priority of a President is to keep the country safe and secure…by any means necessary, right?

You probably saw the political ‘dust-up’ at our airports as our President’s order was carried out. Did you see that sign by some loon: We are all Muslims? The woman holding the sign is a moron and she just proved to the world she is dumber than a rock. Does she really think Muslims in America are culturally different religiously than the Muslims around the world? All Muslims use the Koran for their moral guide. This book calls for Gentiles (that is everyone who isn’t a Muslim) to submit to Allah, pay a tax or tribute to Allah, deny any other faith, or be killed. This isn’t Doc’s word; it is the Koran’s instructions. Of course, I realize, just like most American’s that use the Bible as a ‘prop’ rather than a moral guide, they too make a distinction about its meaning: people reject what they find intrusive.

How can a supposedly brilliant woman, Madeleine Albright, a Jew, want to convert to a Muslim? Do all those un-patriotic people protesting on behalf of Muslims against our President and the safety of our country really want to be a Muslim? Do the women, and most of them protesting were women, want to live in a Muslim country that has Sharia Law? Do these nitwits really want to be in a family that celebrates HONOR KILLINGS, CLITORIS SURGERY TO ENSURE VIRGINITY, WHERE WOMEN CANT BE OUT IN PUBLIC WIITOUT THEIR FACE COVERED, THEY CAN’T DRIVE A CAR, CAN’T GET A LICENSE, CAN’T OWN PROPERTY, HAVE ARRANGED MARRIAGES, USUALLY YOUNG GIRLS TO OLDER MEN, AND THEY CAN’T GET AN EDUCATION?

Note to all those women protesters, and those dunce men who are protesting this safe, sane, and constitutionally protected order from our President concerning Muslims from terrorist countries being extremely vetted  your behavior tells the world you agree with the above Muslim religious order for their women; I’m not sure they are allowed to actually be citizens!

Note to Madelyn and all protesters, all of these Muslims are coming to America and they have followed the Koran that directs them to use the above religious and cultural profile for their families. How do you want to help them celebrate?

We Trump supporters will gladly give you a plane ticket to any Muslim country you’d like to move to! This also applies to any people from Hollywood or the media.

I swear, oh, I don’t swear, Doc is amazed, daily, to learn how poorly educated the people of America really are. Evidently, our education system is a more dismal failure than even Doc can imagine.  Evidently, if it doesn’t reek with Socialist/Communist jargon, our teachers are just turning the page on our America History

Question for all American’s: why do our laws apply to people who aren’t citizens?  Why to aliens have legal rights and legal standing? Our Constitution does not declare it is so! Why can any ‘pointed-headed’ judge, who was appointed not elected, in this case, an Obama appointment, have any legal jurisprudence authority that is greater than our President’s? Note to President Trump, fire this judge that put a ‘temporary’ halt to the vetting for Muslims coming from known terrorist countries, and appoint your own Constitutional judge.

Our Constitution forbids Sharia Law; but, take a gander at Dearborn, Mi.; if it could, this Muslim city would enact Sharia Law. The Muslims, more than any aliens, refuse to assimilate and be an American acculturated people. Their birth rate is estimated to be forty percent higher than America’s white population! We don’t know for sure because they don’t, and evidently our government doesn’t require it from them, their birth data or school data. Why did Obama allow them to avoid and obfuscate our laws? Old Doc prays that President Trump will require this information for the safety of our country.


Doc Christian





     Unless you have been living in a deep dark cave for the past few weeks, you have had some media information providing clarity between two diametrically opposition foes: women who advocate for life and women who advocate for death. It is a false misnomer for the women wanting to kill babies displaying signs that scream Pro-choice, when it really means one thing: death for the unborn child.

Whether one is watching a couple on Fox Friends and News, as I did recently, that told the story about a couple using their talents and gifts to provide  succor and healing for military families that are usually left by our government to handle the horrible outcomes from a warrior defending our country, and in this profiled story the wife told how, her husband was a  wounded warrior blinded by a bomb, old Doc submits to all only a blind person could miss the obvious light shining through their countenance, words, and behavior: they are unabashedly proud to tell the world they are Christians, verses  seeing the Pro-Death women’s march last weekend that spewed hate, gutter-talk, threats of anarchy, and just a celebration of a bacchanal mind and lifestyle, the contrast of seeing their darkness on display verses the women who possess the light of Christ, is amazing when one considers just the elementary properties of Light and Darkness.

     In the beginning was the Word, and Word was with God; and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.

          Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the LIGHT of men. The LIGHT shines in the DARKNESS, but the DARKNESS has not understood it.  John 1:1-5

Pilgrims, only Children of the DARKNESS could see a new baby being born and not give one thought about killing it a month earlier…or three months earlier….or two minutes before it comes down the Birth canal. Hillary Clinton championed this cause.

Old Doc witnessed this ‘Death culture’ protest, listened to the rhetoric that the gates of Hell celebrated, and mourned the passing of Mary Tyler Moore. She was a lady of class! She entertained the world without smut, sexual innuendo, or taking off her clothes. Her humor was fit for the entire family to watch together  Unfortunately, off  screen her life was  a mess; but, one can’t fathom her dramatically performing ‘NASTY WOMAN’ before thousands of berserk-like women who chanted for the right to murder an innocent child to protect her body’s rights. Mothers with preteen children lionized Madonna who has ‘simulated’ sex white men during her concerts, she wants to blow up the White House…like the Islamic Terrorist did to our Trade Center and Pentagon because America chose President Trump to take our godless country in a new direction, and these women cheered her and gladly indoctrinated their children into a future warrior for our country’s Death Culture. How dark is DARKNESS?

When the media scanned the huge crowd, it was easy to detect that the sage with the golden mic has been prescient for decades: “The Feminist Movement was necessary to give ugly women a chance to compete in the world.”  My opinion, never in our country’s history have a collection of ugly women been together at one place at one time!

Who is this motley crew? Old Doc’s opinion, since I’m a child of the forties, fifties, and as an adult, I have been at the epoch-center of every major progressive social change that has ruined America. As a veteran returning to college, I witnessed, first hand, the treasonous treatment by the Mary Jane, free-love, hate your country, defy all authority, generation low-life potheads. Unfortunately, for America, these are the same godless heathens that have matriculated into the most prestigious Universities and Colleges that today fill young minds with pro-Communist mush, and teach them to reject biblical values and patriotic traditions. Like Judd, they flaunt their ‘Nasty woman’ with their sewer talk and adulteress joins, as they worship their bodies, and cover them with satanic tattoos that just ugly-up our landscape.  God the creator associates them with sorcery and divination:  “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.” Leviticus 19:28

Pilgrims, Doc’s opinion based upon life experience, women of Darkness can be profiled, collectively, not individually, in this way:

Those who were teens and young adults during the sixties and early seventies are devotees of the Second generation Feminist. Unlike the first Feminist, they rejected the Bible and its biblical principles. The five Atheist Jewish women who were the foundation of this movement’s goals were structured for the demise of the masculine leadership; out-right usurpation of a man’s place in his home, corporate world, and society. The formula used was to convince women men weren’t necessary for a satisfied life; neither were children: six decades of Zero population growth! The traditional role for a woman became shameful and even traitorous for their cause. Masculinity was preferred or at the least, Unisex, to demonstrate to the world feminine culture was bad for women. Combat boots were fashionable; sexy ‘bedroom-eyes’ clothing was a ‘sell-out for the cause.

Today, younger Feminist have betrayed their counterparts of the past for these women are into the ‘skank’ bitches-hos’ style, and the more one can display their wares in pubic, the more empowerment they believe they possess. Men are ‘sex toys’, and there are few complaints, even though men have been emasculated and no longer have a leadership role in the marriage, home, corporate world, and society. Like pieces of choice furniture, they are placed as décor where women want them.

Who are these women that march and profanely protest to have an active Death culture in America?  This is old Doc’s profile for them:

The women of my life are women that live with great disappointment, daily, and much regret. Why? The majority of them are alienated from their parents because they loosened the shackles of biblical religion and conventional morality that disappointed their fathers and mothers to the point the relationship was fractured and often not repaired. The majority of these women have been divorced twice, a multitude three times: divorced in their twenties and late thirties, divorced in fifties or sixties, and many are shacking-up and not married, today. They created the ‘Latch-key kids and their childrens’ lives are messier than theirs’. They are highly educated and financially able to take care of their needs. Their affluency allowed them to spoil their children from various marriages, but they have distant relationships because the children are still dazed and confused about life and what their purpose should be.

This group of women have more numerous and serious health problems than the women of Light. Their early drug use and abusing of alcohol has given them a higher rate of cancer, of all types, than the Conservative women. Without cosmetics, they are showing their age more than women of the Light because a life of ‘not taking care of one’s temple: body, leads to one having to pay the fiddler for the tune.

These women are vulgar in speech and manner, and seem proud of it. They, as much as Black culture, adopted the F word and it is used in public as often as one uses salt to flavor food. A third of their signs at the recent protest march used that word to express their sentiments. Women of Darkness are filled with venom that curdles and boils waiting for the opportunity to spew out its filth to shock and awe. They will tell you, publicly, they are happy and satisfied with their life; but our nation’s ‘shrink’s will tell you it is a lie. Why?  Doc’s opinion, based upon four decades of counseling depressed and unhappy women: Marriage & Family Therapist, the mess they have made of their life has left them un-fulfilled and extremely lonely. Too late, like some of their Feminist icons who recanted their wise, thought so at the time, Feminist counsel:, they realized the money, power, and trappings of success can’t replace what the Creator of this world designed: a man and a women to be: devoted to each other until death do them part is his guarantee for a contented life, so they sought it in the arms of a man who would cherish and love them.

These women of Darkness’’ Achilles- heel is that they worshipped ‘self’. Nothing else mattered: not a husband, children, just pleasure for self. Atheist to the core, Monkey’s Aunts, and if there was a form of worship, it was the earth, animals without souls, and even the climate.

They suspend and defy common logic: they demand the right to kill babies; they demand people protect animals. They give more funds to animal shelters than to orphanages or for adoption of unwanted children.

Women of Light, at one time, may have been a woman of Darkness, may have supported the Death culture, but, when Jesus Christ changed their lives and the Holy Spirit’s light came to live and shine from inside them, they had a ‘renewing of the mind’ The Apostle Paul described their ‘former life’: “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; Neither the sexually immoral nor adulterers nor prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves no the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. I Corinthians 6:9-11

The Bible’s truth about foolish, stupid, immoral, even evil choices: Abortion… was exposed by the Spirit as sin, and they were convicted of its eternal consequences. They repented and the blood of Jesus washed it all away. A renewed mind changes everything about a person’s life: how they think, how they talk, how they behave, now they relate, and most importantly, how they perceive who they are and how valuable they are to their maker. The role of a wife who respects and loves her husband, and a mother that nourishes, protects and loves her children and she considers that role in life is more important than personal success is her calling from God, is a WOMAN OF LIGHT. They worship God, Jesus Christ, and believe the Bible is true and good for them to be an authentic feminine woman. They reject gender identity politics and Political Correctness because God does.

The women of light march and protest judicial high-jacking of the failure to protect the innocent and most vulnerable in our society: unborn children verses the favoring of those who make stupid decisions, with rare exceptions, that lead to an unborn child having its brains sucked out to placate selfish women who don’t care to be inconvenienced by the outcome of a sexual relationship, usually licentious fornication or via adulteress behavior.

If you don’t agree with old Doc, Pilgrims, just take a gander at the countenances of the two different types of women I have profiled.

Doc Christian,

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     Pilgrims, I must confess as I watched the helicopter soar into the sky with the President and his wife leaving the White House, for the last time, and knowing President Trump[ was now our President, my heart leapt with joy. I must also confess my heart was tinged with sadness for what America lost and how different it could have been if Obama  had just followed Martin Luther King’s biblical principles.

I have given this a lot of thought, some prayer, and some searching through the scriptures to get a better sense of how much Obama missed the mark of uniting our country.  Instead of leaving a country focused upon our similarities, we  are signaling our differences. My opinion, we are  edgy, divisive ebony and ivory keys that don’t believe we need each other to make beautiful music, any longer. If Obama had taken his oath on the Bible rather than the Koran, how different would America be today?

Doc Christian believes these things would have changed Obama’s legacy all of America would have been proud of.

To protect his integrity, he refused to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.

He could have said, “I’m deeply humbled you desire to name me as the winner of the Peace Prize, but I cannot accept it. To do so would somehow condone the idea it was awarded because of the color of my skin rather than the content of my accomplishments and personal character.

I have not yet taken the oath to be President of the United States. There are many other candidates more worthy. Thanks, but no thanks.” In the future, and if my accomplishments warrant it, you wish to award me this coveted prize, I’ll be humbled to be the recipient of this cherished and honored prize.”

He refused to play the ‘race-card’.

When the drunken Harvard professor and the Boston police collided, and it turned into a divisive racial tete a tete, and Obama had chided the Professor rather than the police, how would it helped our country’s race relations?

Obama, after a thorough investigation by his ‘Top Cop,  could have said, “I think my old Professor needs to apologize to the Boston Police, and to the arresting officers, to his University President, faculty and student body for his drunken behavior. If a man is unable to recognize he is trying to enter  into his house  at the wrong address, and frightened the neighbor lady so much she called the police, perhaps, he needs some TLC from AA.”, does anyone believe it would have become a racial issue and taken a ‘pow-wow’ over beers to settle things down?

He refused to put gasoline on a racial fire.

The time Ferguson nearly burned down and was looted by anarchist to defend a well- known black thug reared by a criminal family. What if he had said, once it was discovered the story told by the media was a fabricated lie by a few racist people with a political/social agenda: white cops want to kill black people: the thug the white cop shot was defending his life…and our laws

How different would the racial climate be in America if he had said and done these things:

  • A tragedy happened today in Ferguson where a young black man was shot by a white policeman. I’ve been in close touch with the authorities in Ferguson and their Top Cop has assured me there will be a fair and honest investigation to get to the bottom of this tragic event. As your President, I’m asking that all citizens of Ferguson keep a cool head and allow the rule of justice to work. I have full confidence that the leaders of the city and the law officers of Ferguson will find justice all will be satisfied with.

I would ask that the people of America keep this horrible event in your prayers. That our prayers will extend to the dead boy’s family, and to the white cop’s, too.

After President Obama sent his ‘Top Cop to Ferguson, following the looting and burning and killing of innocent people, despite Sharpton’s phony pack of lies and misplaced loyalties: he named the white cop as a murderer, the Justice Department found that the entire event was built upon a pack of lies: the white cop’s career was ruined, and the mourning and praise for the family of the thug was gravely misplaced. The Grand Jury failed do to their job: they didn’t send to prison those who created this false narrative!

If President Obama hadn’t played the ‘race-card’, and he told the media and the citizens of America this story, how would our racial divide be different, today?

President Obama: “My fellow Americans, and especially the citizens of Ferguson, I’m compelled to come before you and set the record straight about the violent event in Ferguson. The Attorney General, Mr. Holder, has given me a full report that I want to share with you. I have chosen to do this on National T.V. for one reason; I want parents to watch this broadcast with their children so you and they can learn a positive Civics Lesson about the proper use and the improper use of our laws.

A series of scenes are shown so all can see what can happen when people choose to tell a lie. When Brown was shot, we now know the boy was not on his knees with his hands held above his head as if he was begging for mercy and wanting to surrender: a side barb, would someone convey this message to LeBron and the other misguided NBA players who have made a spectacle of themselves and are guilty of perpetuating a lie, he was in fact trying to take the cop’s gun away from him when he was shot and killed. The officer did nothing wrong. If any citizen, let alone another officer, had been in that dangerous place, all of us would have done the same thing, wouldn’t we? In hind-sight, I regret my decision to be too hasty to seek an answer to a perceived racial injustice, where none was done.

Ferguson, and even my justice department  owe the white cop and his family an apology. I’m asking all black citizens in Ferguson to do the same. You can send a card in care of the  Chief of Police and he has assured me he will forward them…unfortunately, to his new address because his life was threatened and he left for  his family’s safety. I feel I need to say a few words to the late  Mr. Brown’s parents. According to your sons arrest record, he has been less than a ‘good son’ which nearly all of Ferguson claimed he was. You knew that your son was an unsavory character and you did nothing to train him to be a man of integrity and high moral character.  Those are the very qualities Martin Luther King dreamed about for all of us Americans, black or white.

If President Obama had used his ‘bully-pulpit’ in Baltimore, how different would be the city be?

What if he had said: “I am deeply distressed, as all our citizens are with the recent lawlessness that has taken place on the streets of Baltimore. Once again, we have witnessed hooligans, the majority of them teenagers who evidently don’t have responsible parents, teachers, or other adults to teach them right from wrong for they have created another racial unrest without allowing the law to handle perceived criminal acts of cops, white and colored, against an unarmed black man.

In the light of how misguided many people of color and the media, plus outside agitators were in an attempt to seek judicial justice for a perceived black victim, and the story that was told ended up being a bunch of lies, I have ask the civil authorities in Baltimore to be very cautious how you proceed to appease people who may have a political agenda that isn’t in Baltimore’s best interest. Law officers were injured doing the peoples’ work: keep the peace. I trust that the Attorney General will take every precaution to bring about a fair and just verdict for all of the people of Baltimore, and by the recent rhetoric by her latest ‘promises’ to ‘get justice for the black man’, I’m personally worried her words have none little to calm things down. We certainly don’t need another Ferguson!

If President Obama had used his ‘bully-pulpit’ in Dallas, how different would the racial tenor be in America?

Speaking before a national audience of concerned American citizens in Dallas, what if he had said: “My fellow Americans, Michelle and I are here in Dallas to show our support for the law officers who have suffered a great tragedy with the murders of five police personnel. The racial divide in our country has reached a ‘tipping—point’ that has shamed us as a people and as a nation. I feel I must apologize to the citizens of our country because I and my administration have failed to take very seriously the evil a political group, disguised as doing good, but have proven to be people who wish to divide and fracture the racial relations of our citizens: Black Lives Matter; and who need to be held accountable for the deaths of cops because they have done great damage to our country with their hateful protests calling for the killing of our nation’s law officers. I want the nation to know their President, Obama and his administration is publicly denouncing their ‘call to action’. I have today, started an investigation into this ‘hate group’s funding. In the recent past racial events, we have noticed the same people are showing up to be anarchist and agitators. When we know this truth, we will expose its sinister underbelly, and see if we can’t use the federal might to see it has a quick death.  It is a time to mourn our heroes that put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe from criminals and evil people, and we should be grateful they do. We, as a nation, need to heed the profound words of President Lincoln; ‘A nation divided against its self cannot stand’. Peaceful civil protest is a ‘right’ of all citizens…as long as it isn’t a march to call for treasonous acts against our elected government; but, anarchy and violence should be harshly dealt with and severely punished. I pledge my administration will use this plan going forward to help our law officers do their job.

Pilgrims, this same type of political and racial healing could have been attached to the racial violence in Charlotte. Unfortunately, President Obama did little to help heal the racial tensions ginned up by mostly agitators who are being paid by foreign money; George Soros is an enemy to America, as witnessed the most recent acts of anarchy during the weekend President Trump and Vice President Pence were sworn in as our new ‘power-brokers’, for the anarchists that were arrested confessed they were being paid by Soros’ money to create havoc and public disruption of the inaugural’s public demonstration of the peaceful transition of political power in America.

Old Doc believes that the God of the universe has reared up another man like Nehemiah: he was a BUILDER. Jehovah gave him the biblical charge to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the wall that King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed and took Jewish captives back to Babylon, but after seventy years of captivity, the new king allowed Nehemiah and ten percent of those Jews in captivity to return to rebuild the ravaged Jerusalem. Only ten percent of the Jews chose to return with Nehemiah. His task was daunting and dangerous because he had to convince the people they would have to work and be ready to fight at the same time. The established political, social, and religious people were not in favor of change, especially by people whom the majority considered interlopers and sub-human: might be called DEPLORABLES. Despite great opposition and even the enlistment of Muslims, the building was done and God was honored. Need old Doc say any more about how I see President Trump’s providential calling for America?

Old Doc will make a bold prediction: President Trump will accomplish more good for the citizens of America in one year than President Obama did in eight. He will bring the country together and the many factions that are trying to harm him (actually our entire country) will discover they are on the wrong side of America’s history. And will be shunned by all decent folk.

Pilgrims, how prophetic is the book of Proverbs: “When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan. 29: 2.When a nation’s government supports the Atheist/Secularist/Communist ideology against a once great biblical nation’s foundation of a belief that God’s Bible has all of the necessary answers for a nation’s problems, it is a good thing to see the righteous rejoice and the wicked groan. Praise Jesus!

Personally, Doc’s opinion, President Obama could have achieved much more for America despite his Socialist agenda if he had just been a man of integrity and told the truth about the need for all citizens to accept personal responsibility for their choices that too often force others to pay for their foolish, sinful indulgences. Instead, he chose to coddle the people of sloth and rewarded them for this selfish attitude,  because his illogical belief system created a much larger welfare system that does nothing to change the government’s slave plantation mentality where able bodied citizens demand taxpayers provide for their living while  adding to this country’s increasingly growing tax  burden.

Pilgrims, old Doc has been told that America is a nation of people who believe in prayer. Now is a great time to pray, daily, for our new President and his team to lead us with God the creator as our pilot and Trump as his co-pilot.

Doc Christian

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